IMG_4191Sherman Oaks, CA. Director-Producer-Casting Director, James Levine of Action Casting, brings 25 years’ experience both in front of and behind the camera, to his new On-Camera Acting Auditioning class starting this Wednesday, July 24th through August 14th at 7:30 pm at On Your Mark Studios in Sherman Oaks, CA. A second Tuesday class begins on August 6th and will run through August 27. Course fee: $200 with $50 off using discount codes: BringJoy and Frontier.

 Each class teaches the tips and techniques Levine gained over 20 years as a successful actor, producer, director and casting director of 1000’s of commercials and theatrical projects for such notable clients as Apple, Microsoft, Chase, Capital One, Sears, Disney, The Voice, and Comedy Central, to name a few.

The Audition/Acting classes enforce the auditioning tips and techniques he offers in his new book co-written with Charles Carpenter entitled, Bring It! Everything You Wanted to Know About Auditioning, But Couldn't Ask. Answered by the Casting Director!,which will be provided as a FREE PDF copy as a gift to all participants.

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The 4-week course covers such topics as:

  • Comprehension, Delivery, Creativity
  • On-Camera Auditioning Techniques
  • Self-Tape Audition Tips & Tricks
  • Improv for Auditions
  • Cold Readings for Commercials


 Dates:        WEDNESDAY evenings: July 24th, 31st, August 7th, 14th

TUESDAY evenings: August 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

Time:          7:30pm-10pm

Where:       On Your Mark Studio 13425 Ventura Blvd #200 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


 Cost:          $200.00 (Receive a $50 discount with BringJoy or Frontier codes at checkout)

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Each workshop session provides students the opportunity to audition on-camera, watch themselves on playback, and receive immediate personalized coaching from James. Private coaching is offered separately online and in-person and includes audition self-taping in On Your Mark Studios on an appointment basis.

Levine has taught classes in Los Angeles and internationally with Stella Adler Academy and TVI Studios. In addition to his “Bring It!” book, he also co-hosts and produces an online interview show for Casting Frontier called The Curve which recently featured such luminaries as Bernard Hiller, April Webster, Stuart k. Robinson and many more.

James Levine (pronounced LeVINE) is a member of the Commercial Casting Director Association (CCDA)Screen Actors Guild (SAG/AFTRA), and represented by BX2 Management.

For more information, please contact bringitclass (at) gmail (dot) com.

 **Please Note: At the conclusion of the class/workshop, the instructor will NOT be taking home nor given access to your headshot, resume, or any other of your promotional materials. Your headshot/resume and any other promotional materials will be returned to you. This is not an audition or employment opportunity. **


Watch @liverealchange TV Special w/@VWOfficial @PitBull @justinbieber @ladyantebellum & more tonight! #AdoptaSchool @PencilsOfPromis


Award-winning singer and actress Vanessa Williams will host the Real Change—Artists for Education telecast airing nationally tonight, April 23. (Check your local TV listings for channel and time.*)

“Education has always played an important role throughout my life,” said Williams. “It’s important that young students are inspired to chase their dreams and feel that they can make a difference in the world.”

This one-hour program, in partnership with and presenting sponsor Office Depot, combines celebrities with philanthropy, plus exclusive musical performances, touching one-on-one interviews and more. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Pitbull and many more will celebrate educators in association with and Office Depot to raise awareness for the need of education, school supplies and hope.

Image001 “Vanessa is the perfect host for the Real Change telecast, and we are honored to have her on board,” said Liam Murphy, Founder & CEO of REAL Change Productions. “As the daughter of two teachers, Vanessa shares our desire to help educators and students by bringing necessary school supplies into the classroom.”

Watch the trailer to see all the amazing musicians who are donating their time and energy to this wonderful project. 


Real Change convenes a class of international music superstars including Justin BieberMiley Cyrus, Pitbull, Lady Antebellum, Redfoo, Jason Mraz, Quincy Jones and Glee star, Matthew Morrison. Some visit schools in their hometowns while others discuss the teachers that inspired them and surprise deserving students and organizations along the way.

Real Change will also feature other noteworthy groups: Adam Braun’s Pencils of Promise Organization, and Quincy Jones’ Musiq Consortium

Imagesall organizations that improve the availability and quality of education for children.

Those wishing to donate to Real Change can log onto For more information and to see the trailer, visit

*Real Change will premiere nationally on Tuesday, April 23 (two weeks before National Teacher Appreciation Week). Check local TV listings or watch online at

Thoughts on the CT Massacre, @QTarantino_news & DJango, @FamilyGuyonFOX, Grand Theft Auto III and the growing #violence in society. Be the change!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Sometimes I feel like a modern day philosopher because I feel things so deeply in my spirit I am compelled to share a side of an issue that isn't normally covered in the media or discussed in normal life until a tragedy occurs like the massacre at the school in CT.

I always wonder if I'm the only one to feel this way, but also don't care because there comes a point when I can't do anything else, but share.

It affects me that deeply.

And when I do, then I find many others do feel the same way as I do. They were just waiting for someone else to speak out first.

Even though I am not raising my son and technically am not a mother in the tradional sense of the word, only a "birth mother" as those of us in the adoption world are called who have placed our children with other parents to raise, I still feel deeply about protecting children from ills in society.

I only wish more people in power did too.

Pornography, alcoholism, drug abuse, the way women are portrayed in the media have all been topics I've covered here in my blog in the past and now, with the horrific shooting in CT, I feel compelled to address the growing glorification of violence in society, especially as Quentin Tarantino prepares to launch his latest killing spree film, Django, wherein Jamie Foxx, whom I normally love and will watch in anything he does, went on SNL to brag about killing white people. 

Yes, maybe Jamie was trying to be satirical, but at a certain point, that commentary ceases to be funny. It crossed a line.

He needs to apologize and SNL too. 

And now, even more so when innocent children are gunned down so horrifically after what happened in CT.

When will this glorification and mockery of the sanctity of life end in Hollywood? Why is there such a disconnect on cause and effect?

I posted a bunch of articles, books, and images yesterday on Facebook to process what has happened which helped me and many others. After sleeping on it, I feel a broader audience needs to hear this too which is why I'm sharing it here.

I know many people in Hollywood and in politics are going to be clamoring for more gun control now as they always do after something like this happens, but I hope you will read what else could be causing our society to implode upon itself with an open mind because many, many, many researchers concur that violence in TV, Film and video games is causing people to become more violent.

Aw, it's just a movie. A video game. A TV show. A music lyric.

How can Family Guy, American Family, Django, Inglorious Bastards, Grand Theft Auto III, or Postal 2 or any number of violent media or even violent music videos have this much affect on society you ask?

Thanks for asking. Well, let me tell you.

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, "While the causes of youth violence are multifactorial and include such variables as poverty, family psychopathology, child abuse, exposure to domestic and community violence, substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders, the research literature is quite compelling that children's exposure to media violence plays an important role in the etiology of violent behavior."

You can read more in this quick 1 pager overview: The Impact of Media Violence on Children and Adolescents: Opportunities for Clinical Interventions

And who can forget this tragedy and what the killer had to say: "(CNN) -- Norway's alleged mass killer testified on Thursday that he played video games as a way to train for a shooting spree that killed 77 people last summer. In particular, Anders Behring Breivik said at his trial that he played "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" as a means of shooting practice, according to CNN's report."


Read more here: Norway mass-shooting trial reopens debate on violent video games

If you're interested in more information on the cause and effect of violence in the media, review Myths and Facts About Youth and Violent Media for an intensive, comprehensive review of this issue. 

Not to harp on my sister's friend, Quientin, but did you read the review of the premiere of Django in the New York Times? It's especially chilling in light of what just happened: 

"Ms. Thurman, of course, has done numerous movies for Mr. Tarantino including 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Kill Bill.' She can’t give an exact tally of how many people she’s killed on-screen for him. 'At least 88,' she said.

Nearly everyone in the house professed to love his latest offering. 'It was three hours of Tarantino perfection,' Cameron Diaz said, though she admitted to having some trouble watching some of the bloodier scenes. 

'It was awesome' Patti Smith said. 'The guy kills 100 people and doesn’t even get wounded. I want to go see it again at midnight with a theater packed full of crazy kids screaming.'

Read more here: This Tarantino Premiere Killed

Notice how Patti Smith said "crazy kids?" Who do you think is being influenced by this film?

Yes, kids.

And this is why I feel it needs to stop. Hollywood has to stop glorifying murdering people. Did you ever stop to think about how Quentin Tarantino learned to make films? By watching videos non-stop in his video selling job in Manhattan Beach.

See the correlation? Or is it too obtuse for you?

I have nothing against the guy. I admire what he's accomplished and how he directs. However, I wonder if any Hollywood filmmaker who is making bucco bucks off this violent trend is even considering donating money to support the victims they help cause indirectly. I wonder how many even have a conscience when they see this happening more and more in our society? Are they that blinded to their influence? 

And even the Oscars will be glorifying the Family Guy creator who is one of the worst racist, offensive offenders on TV. WHEN WILL THIS STOP? CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE TO "ENTERTAIN" OUR CULTURE DURING THE OSCARS.

I am tired of the glorification of violence in society. I'm tired of the killing of innocent adults and children in real life.

I'm tired...

Aren't you?

If so, please consider reading this book, Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill : A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence which looks at the role the entertainment industry plays in socializing/training children for violent behavior.

Author, Lt. Col Dave Grossman is an expert in the field of "killology" and in his first book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society also looked at the techniques the military uses to train soldiers to kill which offers compelling evidence THAT THE MEDIA EMPLOYS THE SAME TECHNIQUES, RESULTING IN DE-SENSITIZED KIDS.

This isn't just about males though, it's affecting girls too which is why I was happy to share what my friend, Doreen Hanna is doing with her Becoming a Modern Day Princess program to mentor young women into living lives of value, purpose and strength.  970434_w185
We either address the core issues affecting our society and look at what we're doing to perpetrate this violence upon our innocent generation, or accept the consequences. We can't have it both ways. Guns, in and of themselves, aren't the issue.

It's evil people and their drugged out state too.Photo: More than coincidence? 
Original content by Bezay Noneya

So, are we going to allow our American culture to become what it is over in Israel? Will we soon see teachers carrying guns to the classroom to protect themselves like this?



I hope not. This tragedy in CT didn't have to happen. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families.


It breaks my heart.


I cried yesterday over the loss of innocent lives which didn't have to happen. We don't live in a war torn country, yet it's beginning to feel like it.


But then I remember people like Mr. Rogers and his wise sayings:

483572_4480289019531_914086174_nYou can become one of the helpers too. 

"Sympathy cards and/or letters of support and solidarity can be sent directly to the school:

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482"

I'm sure they would appreciate this.

But also, seriously consider what impact the media is having on your child, on your view of violence and what is within your power to change how our society looks at this issue. 

Will you Hollywood professionals continue to create films, TV and video games that glorify violence?

Will you pharmaceutical drug companies, continue to push drugs on society that influence this behavior?

Will you gun sellers, continue to sell guns without considering the consequences?

Where does it end?  When everyone is murdered and we live in a lawless society?

I find it ironic that the more we remove the good news of Christmas and Jesus coming to save us from our sins, the more we see this violence become prevalent.

There is a cause and effect from removing moral values from our society.

You can't have it both ways.

You either see sin and evil and do something about it, or you allow it to take over. I prefer to see evil and attempt to stop it. 

But that's just me. Or is it? Will you join me?

I was happy to see someone in Hollywood saw the need to make a change and switched out Family Guy episodes in light of what has happened: 

Fox Nixes Sunday's Original Episodes of 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad' 

So, in closing, wanted to share this beautiful image someone posted to encourage those who have lost loved ones yesterday or any time. 

12575_10151189194388137_2116075524_nAnd as President Obama shared so thoughtfully with this verse yesterday, Psalm 147:3, He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.

And here's another verse I love:

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

God bless you. Think on these things. Will you do something to make a difference?

If so, I hope you do. 

We are one nation, one community, one legacy.

Let's leave a loving one for our world and children.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 
― Mother Teresa


#Style by @NicoleJanowicz, #Fashion Flash with @Jaime_King @DitaVonTeese, #Foodie Fun with @AdrianGrenier

By Joy A. Kennelly

Int'l Stylist, Nicole Janowicz Update

Been busy behind the scenes and finally able to take a break to blog. 

I love working with Int'l Celebrity/Wedding Stylist, Nicole Janowicz, and am learning sometimes things I would normally be shouting about on the rooftops need to be kept under wraps a lot longer than anticipated.:)

I can tell you this though. Nicole has re-connected with Director Dago Gonzalez of Veneno Inc. whom she worked with on Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: World Tour Video Elements, Slash, Slash Performanceand dancers for Paulina Rubio: Nada Puede Cambiarme,  and the Spice Girls: World Tour Video Elements. 

See, it's not all Backstreet Boys and weddings all the time with her! She does other entertaining projects too!:) She is currently styling for two major World Tours with Dago and having a ball.

It's always fun when you work with people you like and who respect your work. Rare in this town, but when you find it it's a treasure which may explain why Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese and so many others keep their same teams film after film.

Remember my blog post on teams with Entourage Actor Adrian Grenier? Here's the link in case you missed it the first go round: Importance of building a team: Why Adrian Grenier, Willow Smith and Gary Oldman are successful.

In any case, back to Nicole. So, if you don't hear anything from me about her, just know great things are perculating behind-the-scenes as we work diligently together.

Her latest Huffington Post article entitled: How To Create A Consistent Style From Wedding Ceremony To Reception is live too.

Here's a brief intro to pique your interest by Nicole Janowicz: "On April 1st, I made an appearance at the "Unveiled Bridal Style Revealed" event in Beverly Hills, Calif., held at the exquisite Beverly Canon Gardens. "Unveiled" is an outdoor bridal event that brings together the best event professionals, resources, and designs for couples to enjoy as they plan for their big day.

I am not married nor am I engaged. Thus, I can only imagine what it must feel like for newly betrothed couples when the engagement haze wears off, and the reality of creating a wedding becomes, well... real. Venues, food, guests, invitations... the details and decisions are seemingly endless. Bridal events, like "Unveiled," are an invaluable resource for couples. They are like the Barneys New York women's shoe department of weddings: the best the industry has to offer, in one place, and with smiling, friendly people waiting to chat and help!

My team and I were on-site to talk with brides about all things wedding fashion and style including: upcoming trends, choosing your wedding gown, choosing bridesmaids dresses to compliment every personality and figure, how to style your groom and groomsmen, and much more.

AJ and Rochelle McLean Engagement Photo 2

One bride in particular asked my advice on how to wear different ceremony and reception dresses, while maintaining a consistent style. My conversation with said bride inspired this article because I know she is not the only woman grappling how to wear two different dresses, while maintaining one overall look.

So, let's talk it out..." Click here to continue reading:

I can also tell you she's been invited to speak before the Wedding Industry Professional Association sometime next month. Still nailing down the particulars, but it will be great. The organzier is very good at what she does and we're excited to participate. (I know, I said "we," but I get excited with my clients, what can I say?:)

Other things are bubbling and will be announced in due time. SO! That's the latest with Nicole.


Since you've been patient, I thought I would share some fashion highlights I've been receiving from other publicists because now that summer is upon us it's fun to see what all the stars are wearing and doing.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this highlight of Actress Jaime King wearing since Nicole has styled her in the past for LADirect Magazine (purchased years back by another publication.)

Isn't this a cute headband and look? Jaime looks like such a Southern belle I love it.

171Jaime King wore on a recent episode of Hart of Dixie! The model turned actress sparkled in a glam crystal headband ($225); www.shopbando.com172




My friends and I love Austin and really beautiful jewelry there. Have you heard of another Jamie named Jamie Pope? Well, Jamie decided to design her own jewelry line when she couldn't find what she liked and tcreated the Liz James collection.

Have to say, fashionista's everywhere are happy she's designing if this picture is any indication:

127If a trip to Austin isn't in your plans any time soon, shop her designs online here:

Now, since it's getting sunnier and sunnier, here's some fun shades called Lumete which means a precious object used for protection and luck, and lumen, meaning light.

One of our favorite strip tease artists, Dita Von Teese, (I know the PC term is Burlesque, but let's call a spade a spade people.:), loves 'em. If you can believe it, I actually saw her perform at a private birthday for an 80 plus year old mom of a very wealthy son's party up in Rolling Hills Estates years back.

Dita is good at what she does! The men in the crowd were cheering and all the rest of us were just amazed the mom had agreed to this performance.:)

Doesn't Dita look glamourous and mysterious in her "summer sunnies" as the publicist calls  'em? Love this look!

Dita Von Teese wearing Lumete Ulula Sunglasses

 Check them out online too here:


Oh, and I also received the news two cool people I've written about in the past, Entourage Actor, Adrian Grenier, and Stonyfield Farm chairman Gary Hirshberg were at the recent opening of a new natural and organic restaurant at Chelsea Piers last night, Chelsea’s Table, which Gary also founded.

Aren't they cute?:) Hey Adrian, Nicole would love to work with you if you're not already with a stylist!:)

Photo credit: Brian Ach /AP Images for Chelsea's Table

Chelsea’s Table features natural, organic and local ingredients in a fast-casual atmosphere proving that “healthy fast food” is not an oxymoron. (Just like Stonyfield Farm's organic yogurt I had the fun time promoting last year. You can view all the fun pix from the Family Love Fest here in my blog: just keep clicking.:)

Gary and Adrian formed their friendship two years back when Adrian launched his eco-media platform SHFT ( which supports environmentally conscious and sustainable living. 


You can view more info about Chelsea’s Table here:

Okay, that's all for now. I'm hungry and dinner's calling. Hope you enjoyed the read!

@BBC on Bush's Visit to England in 2003, Calendar Girls, @NYTimes on David Mamet's "The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture," Ringo and @SEIU

By Joy A. Kennelly

May I say how much I love the BBC reporting? It's always fair, balanced, factual, and where you can simply learn the news, rather than political posturing on either side of the parties as is so often the case here in America.

Leave it to the Brits to be dry and to the point! LOL

I love the British, can you tell?:) In fact, I'm watching Calendar Girls again starring Helen Mirren (one of my favorite actresses) and Julie Walters, a darling talented actress I was able to meet at some DGA function years past. 

  "A very British story, with a very British heart, CALENDAR GIRLS is based on an uplifting and very inspiring true story that is quirky, poignant and hilarious." Remember that film? I'm watching it again because I love the story and acting so much.

Here's the original women's site to allow you to know the actual backstory of this true story: Apparently, you can still see the play performed by much younger fully nude women now in England.

Leave it to the British!:) 

Back to my original point about the BBC and Bush. After I posted that article about Obama's visit to England I discovered the BBC had written a very interesting comparison between the two President's visits which I would like to share with you for your reading pleasure in the effort to be balanced because I will always admit when I'm wrong.

Unlike some politicians we know...:)

Obama v Bush: A tale of two state visits

By Vanessa Barford BBC News

Barack Obama and George Bush "Barack Obama has completed his three-day state visit to the UK. But how did it compare with the last state visit by a US president, when George Bush came to the country eight years ago in 2003?"
You must read the full comparison here because it's great:
The journalist who wrote this review on Mamet's book apparently doesn't live in Los Angeles, or only reports his opinion, rather than facts:
"Much of 'The Secret Knowledge' serves as an intellectual riposte to the words and deeds of militant leftists who are dead, repentant, or irrelevant. And while Mamet justly indicts the tri-pronged scourge of political radicalism, economic socialism, and ideological totalitarianism, he identifies this phenomenon not with the regimes of Venezuela, Iran, Libya, or even North Korea, but with mainstream American liberals."
Now obviously, this journalist wasn't aware of this recent communist activity here in our very own Downtown Los Angeles, or he wouldn't have written what he wrote. If he is clueless, perhaps others might not be aware either.
If you can prove this is wrong, please do, but unfortunately, I believe this is accurate. I didn't write it, merely reposting it here for your reading (dis)pleasure courtesy of someone who goes by the name Ringo...
"While we slept  ....... Pictures taken downtown Los Angeles on May Day co sponsored by the SEIU and various Communist groups
Look at the pictures below…were they taken in Cuba? Venezuela? Bolivia? Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Argentina, maybe Puerto Rico?

Nope…Los Angeles, USA just 4 days ago…this is what happened while we slept…while we went to school, went to work, while we raised our families. While we watched CNN or CBS, ABC or NBC or listened to NPR or read the New York Times and never saw, read or heard a minute of coverage of this travesty…while we let our guard down and we let the Marxist/Socialist/Communist Left and Progressives creep into our schools, the unions, the media and our government…banners and posters with the images of Ernesto “Che” Guevara (Castro’s executioner) and Lenin would make Fidel Castro, Joe Stalin or Karl Marx proud to be an American!

A May Day rally in Los Angeles, co-sponsored by the SEIU and various communist groups, as well as other unions, reflected yet another step in the normalization of self-identified communist and socialist ideologies in the Obama era. Not only did the SEIU help to organize the rally in conjunction with communists, they marched side-by-side with communists, while union members carried communist flags, communists carried union signs, and altogether there was no real way to tell the two apart.

Southern California citizen journalist and photographer “Ringo” was on hand to record the day’s events, and posted a full-length photo essay on his site Ringo’s Pictures. To bring this important photo essay to a wider audience, I present here a small selection of Ringo’s May Day picturesvisit his site to see dozens more photos from the rally.

Photo Credit: Ringo

When I tell people that public political rallies are more and more being led by communists and socialists, most folks simply don’t believe me. Aw, come on, you’re just giving decent protesters an extreme label, they say. No, actually, I’m not: The communists freely and proudly declare their affiliation.

And the SEIU has no problem marching arm-in-arm with them.

“Smash Capitalism” is a slogan the SEIU apparently endorses — or at least doesn’t mind marching behind.


Photo Credit: Ringo

In case you think the SEIU is some peripheral out-of-the-mainstream organization:

The SEIU devoted $28 million to Obama’s campaign, making the SEIU “the organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president.” Furthermore, who is Obama’s favorite White House guest and one of his closest confidants?

The individual who has visited the Obama White House the most: SEIU President Andy Stern, who has visited 53 times.

Obama is closely linked with the SEIU.

The SEIU is closely linked with communists.

You do the math.

Note how the Communists that day (like the women on the right in this photo) carried solid red flags symbolizing their ideology. Keep that in mind as you view the next photo…

Photo Credit: Ringo
Photo Credit: Ringo
One of the SEIU leaders picked up a Communist flag and led a contingent of rank-and-file SEIU members. Everyone was OK with that.
The way you can identify the SEIU members in all these pictures: They’re the ones in purple t-shirts carrying blue-and-yellow signs.

So, as you can see, the communists and the union members intermingled as the march progressed.

In case you were wondering what the SEIU was saying during all of this, the SEIU chanted “Legalization or REVOLUTION!” Clear enough?

And it wasn’t just the SEIU at the march — other “normal” unions like the AFL-CIO were on hand as well.

Photo Credit: Ringo
Photo Credit: Ringo
Photo Credit: Ringo

Until recently, the average American has regarded fascists and communists as equally noxious and equally malignant. As well they should have. But the drive these days by the left side of the spectrum is to make communism and socialism somewhat less remarkable and more palatable. For two years they angrily denied the Tea Party accusation that Obama’s policies and supporters had a socialist bent.

But in recent months, as the accusation had started to gain traction, the new leftist tactic has become: 'What’s so bad about socialism after all? You’re demonizing a very popular and respectable ideology!'”

Now do you see why I agree with this reviewer's take on his book: "
Famed playwright and screenwriter David Mamet came out of the ideological closet three years ago as a newly minted conservative.

The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture lets Mamet smash the liberal groupthink he blindly called his own for too long.

The book, a scattershot series of essays unified by Mamet’s striking prose, doesn’t read like a typical conservative manifesto. Would Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter expound on the id, the ego, and the superego in explaining how liberals brush aside inconvenient facts?"

You can read the full article here: David Mamet Demolishes the Left’s Sacred Cows

I especially enjoyed reading the NY Times review where the reviewer states: "While reading your new book, “The Secret Knowledge,” I thought, My God, in crucifying liberals, this guy is going to infuriate a huge chunk of the people who pay money to see plays. Are you concerned that you’re alienating your public?" 

 And David Mamet's answer...

"I’ve been alienating my public since I was 20 years old. When “American Buffalo” came out on Broadway, people would storm out and say, “How dare he use that kind of language!” Of course I’m alienating the public! That’s what they pay me for."

Read more here: David Mamet Explains His Shift to the Right By ANDREW GOLDMAN Published: May 27, 2011


Because folks, maybe that's why you read me too. LOL

Don't worry. I won't be covering any more deep topics for a little bit. About to become very busy and don't want to offend too many people for too long because that can become a bit boring, don't you agree?:)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I sure did! 

TED, Seth Godin, Criminal Minds, Emily Dickinson - what do they have in common?

By Joy A. Kennelly


In case you're curious where I might have written about my experience with TEDxMB, please go to my professional blog: and here: #TEDxMB's "Creating the 10K" by Body Glove President/MB Resident, Russ Lesser for the first two installments. 

Seth Godin

One of the brilliant marketing minds, Seth Godin's recent musings has been inspiring me on days when I'm not inspired which I've been dying to share with you. Here's a highlight of Seth Godin's blog entitled "Phoning It in":

"I know doctors, lawyers, waiters and insurance brokers who are honestly and truly passionate about what they do. They view it as an art form, a calling, and an important (no, an essential) thing worth doing.

In fact, I don't think there's a relationship between what you do and how important you think the work is. I think there's a relationship between who you are and how important you think the work is.

Life's too short to phone it in."

That's the way I feel about everything I do in case you haven't noticed. I live and work and love passionately. I believe what I do makes a difference, even if it's just to me.

I encourage you to live your life with passion. If you don't like your job or you're bored - Get out of it, Stop living in the past, Be grateful, or Change your attitude. It will make all the difference in the world to someone, even if it's just yourself.

Life's too short to phone it in.

I have to admit I've been a wee bit busy and not in the mood to blog much since I write a lot otherwise.

Criminal Minds

A poem I heard at the end of the show I was watching tonight, Criminal Minds, (which featured my friend, Richard Clarke Larsen as a man with five kids as a possible suspect in a child abduction case) prompted me to blog tonight however.

I'll admit, I don't like these shows normally, but Shemar Moore is so easy on the eyes I can overlook the sick depravity once in a while. "I only made one baby, but I sure made a pretty baby."  See why I, Ellen and his mama think this is true in the video.:)

And if he's still single, please tell him so am I baby. So am I.:)

I like Criminal Minds every so often, because there's always some type of heartwarming ending due to the nice blonde actress, A.J. Cook, who seems so out-of-place cuz she's so sweet. And I like the quirky research character, Kirsten Vangsness, (does every crime show need one of those - NCSI anyone - or are women who research just odd?:)) and the quirky doctor played by Matthew Gray Gubler who always reminds me of his role in 500 Days of Summer whenever I see him on this show.

Nice to see in his bio he was raised with good values.:) I enjoy the other characters too, but sometimes they can be a little intense. It's especially hard to see Dharma's husband (Thomas Gibson) in a serious role without wondering when Dharma's going to pop out.:

Emily Dickinson

Tonight's episode ended with the following poem by Emily Dickinson which actually inspired me to write this blog in the first place. The sentiment was so beautiful I just wanted to share it with the world.

And I normally don't like poetry...

I'll close with this because I think we can all use a little more hope in this day and age:


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

Good night everyone. Have a good one.

South Bay Professional Connection (SBPC) Announces June 25 Surfrider Benefit at The Shore with TVLand's She's Got the Look, Melissa Todd, hosting

By Joy A. Kennelly


The Team Pic

Hosted by TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look” Finalist, Melissa Todd; Evening benefits The Surfrider FoundationSurfrider_foundation_southbay_logo

South Bay, CA The South Bay Professional Connection (SBPC) announces a Tasting Party at The Shore Restaurant featuring Executive Chef David Linville’s menu of fresh, internationally inspired California comfort cuisine from 5:30pm – 8:00pm on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in Hermosa Beach, CA.

TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look” finalist, Melissa Todd, a Redondo Beach native, will host the evening and raffle drawing. 100% of the $20 suggested entry fee donation will be given to The Surfrider Foundation. Goody bags will be given to the top 20 winners of the SBPC networking questionnaire contest open to all attendees.

The Shore’s Executive Chef Dave’s Chef david- best Tasting menu includes: Garlic Shrimp sauteed in compound butter with goat cheese crustinis; Shrimp Crimini Mushrooms stuffed with spinach, shallots and smoked bacon; a Greek Trio served with hummus, tapenade, tiziki and toasted pita; Ginger Soy Marinated Poki served with shaved Japanese pickled cucumbers and fried wontons; Buttermilk and Tabasco marinated Southern Fried chicken with Belgium waffles and maple syrup; Parmesan crusted New Zealand lollipop lamb chops in port wine reduction; Crab Cakes served with Dijon cream sauce, and Mac & Cheese with Amsterdam imported cheese enhanced by a well-rounded international wine list. “It’s all about the food,” says Chef Dave. “I love the South Bay because people care more about enjoying my food than they do about being seen.”

An experienced TV host/model, Melissa Tank Top Pic 4 E-Mail Todd, will host the raffle offering a $50 Gift Certificate to The Shore, a designer dress donated by local retailer Luna G’s Personal Stylist, Greycie Baran, among other items. Melissa will be available for guest’s questions and comments about her appearance on TV Land’s show, “She’s Got the Look,” throughout the evening.

Surfrider Foundation information will be available for interested guests to review and additional donations will be accepted throughout the evening.

The Shore is located at 1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 and is open Monday through Friday: 5:00pm - 1:45am and Saturday and Sunday: 1:00pm - 1:45am. Executive Chef David Linville, formerly with Standard Hotel Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel, Mastros Beverly Hills, and St. Regis Hotel, offers an internationally inspired California comfort cuisine menu. For more information, please review: or call 310 376-0414.


The South Bay Professional Connection’s (TSBPC) mission is to promote the interests of the South Bay as a whole to the media, the public, businesses, and residents. TSBPC provides a wide variety of community, professional, social and business opportunities for professional groups, companies, and others interested in connecting with South Bay businesses, residents, visitors, and cultural, entertainment and educational institutions.


“She’s Got the Look” model, Melissa Todd, a sexy 38-year-old originally from Redondo Beach, CA, is a finalist on TV Land’s new series, in collaboration with Wilhelmina Models, Inc., which seeks to discover a sophisticated, beautiful and confident woman 35 or older to become the next great supermodel. Prior to her TV Land appearance, Melissa enjoyed an active hosting career as an on-camera host for the Hallmark Channel, Toyota Corp., LA Fitness and a PBS cooking show among others, in addition to commercial & film appearances. She has also graced the covers of Shape, Muscle and Fitness Magazines.

ABOUT THE SURFRIDER FOUNDATION Surfrider_foundation_southbay_logo

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 50,000 members and 80 chapters worldwide. or call Nancy Hastings 310 995-7873.


Opened in March 2006, The Shore Restaurant and Lounge reflects the casual elegance of the South Bay, CA through its beautiful atmosphere and quality dining by Executive Chef David Linville, formerly of The Standard Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel and Mastros Beverly Hills. Dining at The Shore allows guests to feel relaxed and catered to as if transported to a faraway locale while enjoying fresh, internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine. Scallops

Many famous celebrities and sports players from the Lakers, LA Kings, LA Clippers, LA Galaxy Soccer Team also enjoy the 11 plasma/projection screens, well rounded international wine list, and beachside ambiance. After 10pm, The Shore also offers live music, dancing and top quality DJ's. For more information, please review: or call 310 376-0414.

(Look for our scallop ad in the local papers!)

I have a new crush... Aaahhhh

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just caught Yahoo's wrap-up of last night's Dancing with the Stars and had to see what all the fuss was about over 21 year old Mario. OOOhhhh Baby... Be still my beating heart. He is totally my kind of guy and so fun!

I might just have to start watching that show! Never have before, but I love a man who can dance. Especially one who is as hot as he is (and humble and nice too.) OOOOOh, OOOOhhh, OOOOOH!

Okay, that's all. I need to go take a cold shower. :)

Lovin' Mariah Carey's new song... Happy St. Paddy's Day...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Had a very nice day today seeing as I'm Irish. Hit the local Hermosa Beach Community St. Patrick's Day parade which was very cute. Reminded me of a very small version of the Rose Parade in Pasadena that my dad used to take us to every year when we were very young.

My favorite was all the groups of young children performing and the group of Irish Red Setters. Very, very cute. I made my Hollywood friend laugh when I told her what I was doing. I know. Big Hollywood red carpet events and now... but hey, it's my hometown. Give me a break ok? LOL Totally hilarious I know.

Enjoyed hitting the 10 year anniversary of the Bel Air Bar & Grill party with some friends tonight. Then hit my friend's birthday party and met a very interesting woman I knew only online through Ladies Who Brunch. I meet the most interesting women through this group. We always have a great time figuring out which posts we've written to put the name with the person.

I was telling her all about This is Hermosa and posting on there vs. Ladies Who Brunch etc. which was fun. I know sounds very boring, but it made me happy to share the latest since she's familiar with Hermosa Doesn't take much to please me right?

It's late and I don't know if this makes sense at all, but it does to me. And no, I haven't been drinking. Just tired. In any case, I'm loving Mariah Carey's new songs on SNL.  I like watching the dancers perform and how Mariah phrases her music. Jonah Hill is too funny too.

I wish there was a place where adults could go dancing. Ever since I've been taking my GoChi Juice I have so much more energy and my libido is higher. OY! What to do? What to do? I need to get out more. Time for this cougar to go on the prowl.

I'm so glad I'm throwing a party soon and going to my client's party in a few weeks. I'm also glad my Mexico trip looks like it's finally happening! More later. Now I'm just hoping my downstairs neighbor moves his little party on out of here in a bit.

Not in the mood to listen to buzzed people asking for pot and stupid stuff. If it comes up to my window... I hate the smell and it pervades this place cuz so many people toke here (is that how you spell that? Does anyone even say that any more? I haven't heard it discussed since high school.) OY!

Fortunately, it's not that often that people light up so what the hey. If it was an issue I'll just sic the landlady on them. She's worse than the police!:) I really like her style though because she doesn't take any crap. If you're wrong. You're wrong. 2 strikes you're outta here.

I'm so glad The Riches are back on. I hope I like it this season. Sometimes the writer's try to be so extreme it gets icky. I do love the dark humor though. 

I'm a huge fan of Eddie Izzard. HUGE FAN! If you know him, please tell him I say hi. Goofy I know, but hey, I'm allowed. I like who I like. He's brilliant in my mind.

Ok, that's all. I was much more inspired earlier, but now a wee bit tired. Big day tomorrow. Fun day today. Oh great - now they're yelling. Hello... It is 1am after all. Oh well. Live and let live... for now at least.

Actress Maria Rangel at our Special Pre-Valentine's Day Party 2/7!

_mg_31801gold_dressNow, does Actress Maria Rangel look familiar? HOT!!! Gotta love the Latinas! Watch out Eva - there's another hottie on the loose...

(Marc Cherry, doesn't Eva need an evil sister or cousin on Desperate Housewives? Here's your girl!)

You might recognize Maria as one of top finalists from NBC's Age of Love hit reality show where 40 year olds competed against 20 year olds for the 30 year old tennis champ, Mark Philippoussis' love.

Her spunky, outspoken nature fueled the show's popularity last summer. Maria shocked the world when she made the bold decision to bow out of the show when she realized he wasn't the one for her. Women everywhere cheered!

Maria's bold attitude and love of life has inspired and empowered women everywhere with her inspirational message: 'A woman's worth' is never determined by winning a man's love.

Which is why I've invited her to participate in our Pre-Valentine's Day Party - I love her attitude!

Come talk to her about her experiences on the show, learn what's she's working on now, take a picture with her and collect her autograph (if that's what you do.)

Maria looks forward to meeting you!

Join us at Spa Riviera on
Thursday, February 7, 2008

6pm – 9pm

                            1611 South Catalina Ave., Lower level – L40, Redondo Beach, CA

(Corner of Catalina and Avenue I –free parking underneath)

Special Guest Appearance by Actress Maria Rangel, Renowned Microdermabrasion Specialist, Tony Cutrona, & Clarisonic skincare demonstrations, New GoChi – Himalayan Goji juice tastings, and lots of free Giveaways too!

 Enjoy Appetizers by Lou-e-Luey’s Restaurant


Delectable Valentine’s Day Desserts courtesy of Chef Melinda

RSVP to 310 316-2888

What an upset game today, eh? And other musings

By Joy A. Kennelly

I'm not into football at all, but today's Super Bowl game was very exciting. It's great to see the best of the best go against each other now that I understand there are two leagues. (Hey, I'm blonde, give me a break!)

Too bad the Patriots' coach was such a poor loser. Click here for a sports guy's perspective from Yahoo.
This site is even more interesting... A link to all the Super Bowl Commercials! Gotta focus on what's most important right? Just kidding.

It was fun to get out to a local party and see my good friend Brenda, but after so little sleep last night I was dragging. Plus, I think I was allergic to something in the party house so it made me tired too. Can't believe I'm still up.

In any case, was watching Celebrity Apprentice where Stephen Baldwin was defending himself. Very funny to see how his Christianity kept getting thrown into the mix.

After hearing today's sermon by my Pastor, Jim Mackinga, and singing at both services, I've come to realize I need to show more of God's love, rather than judgment. You missed another great sermon by the way. Really spoke to my heart. All about contentment. Jim keeps it real. Visit Bay Cities Community Church and see for yourself sometime!

Oh, one last bit of exciting news to share. My friend, Maria Rangel, of NBC's Age of Love series will  make a special guest appearance at my Special Pre-Valentine's Day Party at Spa Riviera this Thursday, February 7 between 6pm - 9pm. She won't stay the whole time because she's doing this as a favor, but this will be your chance to get an autograph or take a picture with her if you're so inclined.

Just don't bum rush her ok? LOL Thank you. This has been a public service announcement on the treatment of reality stars...:)

Chocolate kisses and football dreams...

Oh, and Cougar chasers...

Women's Murder Club - Paula Newsome

By Joy A. Kennelly

How fun. My friend Paula Newsome is on billboards all over town  because of her part in Women's Murder Club and now I'm watching her in the show. She played the funniest grief counselor on Little Miss Sunshine and it's been real fun to see her popping up in all kinds of shows and films over the years. Kudos to you Paula! YOU GO GIRL! You've earned it.

Otherwise, not much to report. Busy promoting bibi davidson's upcoming art opening reception at the Santa Monica Fine Arts Studio this Saturday, November 17 at 6pm. You're all invited! Check out the link for more details - SMFAS 1834 Franklin Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404. It's going to be great!

Kind of upset about some other stuff which makes me not feel like writing, but I will share that a certain someone who is keeping my security deposit illegally is messing with the wrong blonde. What's so screwy is this person, who lives on The Strand in Hermosa Beach and is worth millions, thinks nothing of keeping such a small amount (to him) that is rightfully mine. I just don't get it.

I guess thieves can live everywhere right? Time for small claims I guess. Say a prayer. I need it. I'm not happy at all about it and other stuff right now. However, this too shall pass. Just makes it difficult to trust people when you do what's right and they disregard legalities and contractual agreements. Doesn't make me feel like keeping mine, but I'm too honest not to.

Enough whining. I just hate running my own business and doing everything on my own sometimes. Where's my knight in shining armor God? I need one right now.

That's all, just felt like spewing.

I'm just sayin... Thoughts on TMZ's new show

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just caught TMZ's new show out of idle curiosity because it's so snarky online I'm curious to see how much of an appetite the general public will have for it on TV.

Anyone else find it as curious as I do that there are SO MANY Papa John commercials? Is that the only advertiser they've found to pay for time?

I'm just sayin...

Also, anyone else think the cute, long-haired blonde guy is really an aspiring actor thrown in the mix for eye candy purposes only? What's with the hair toss? I can only imagine him digging up dirt on anything - maybe he's the one who saw Jesse emptying his trash shirtless. What a scoop!

Who'd you rather ladies - Harry Levin (pushing 60) or the cute blonde guy (just turned 19)?

I'm just sayin... I thought so. I bet Harry is the one who chose the story about older men with younger women living longer too.

Also, now that TMZ has a whole 1/2 hour to fill isn't it funny that Britany's antics only go so far? The rest of the show is so much filler! Fashion?  Little boy singing? Oh, but now OJ is hot. Or let's tear down the Carter guy by tricking him into thinking we really like his music - ha ha jokes on him. We're TMZ! We hate everybody successful!

I'm just sayin...

Perez Hilton has more Hollywood gossip going on than this show.  Speaking of Hilton's, where's the gossip on Paris and all the rest of the gang? Perhaps since it's on regular TV they can't air all the juicy stuff for fear of being sued, or maybe PMK or any of the major PR firms controlling the star's careers gave an ultimatum? Or maybe they're paying Harry off privately and that's why Papa John's got all the cheap advertising?

No, I get it. Now they're competing against "real" journalists like Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollwyood, EXTRA! etc and since the other entertainment shows actually have news, this one shows its true colors for what it really is. Yellow journalism.

I'm just sayin...

Anyone else find it funny that Harry Levin aspires to be the next Ryan Seacrest? I remember the court show years ago (wasn't it People's Court or something like that?) when Harry used to stand outside the courtroom door when people would come out and ask for their opinion on their verdict.

I thought he was annoying then, I think he's annoying now. Probably really nice, but anyone who makes a living doing yellow journalism like he does deserves critique too.

I'm just sayin...

After watching that show I'm glad I'm not repping any actors right now. Did have a nice chat with my constantly working former client though. You go boy.

Oh, here's a funny note. I was commenting on a friend's pic he has on facebook and we got to discussing publicity. Because I have a tendency to tell it like it is he felt inclined to tell me what he thought of my publicity fees.

He thought I was more expensive than Rogers & Cowan! When I heard that I almost fell off my chair because my rates are really fair and relatively reasonable. If Rogers & Cowan was only charging what I'm charging then I'm glad I'm not in that line of work right now. They're a MAJOR PR firm with a huge overhead and huge staff. I'm not.

However, when he then told me that for me to charge $6,000 a month for my services was outrageous I had to laugh out loud. Yes, he's right, but he had me confused with some other publicist because I never quoted that rate! That is outrageous.

Glad to hear that he's mistaken. Glad to hear I'm not that out of line. What people always forget when they're looking for publicists to work with is that if you go with a large firm you may meet the most senior person on the team to represent you. However, the actual person doing the work on your account will be the most junior person on the team.

The senior person oversees the junior one, but you have still someone who's relatively green behind the ears making decisions for your career. I wouldn't want that. The people who've worked with me over the years understand that the person they met with (me) is the person who takes their calls, strategizes their campaign, contacts the media and others on their behalf, writes the press releases and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Not someone just out of college with no experience learning on your dime.

I know it's a difficult concept to comprehend, but imagine going to a gym meeting a "master" trainer and then being trained by a student. Same concept. You may not know it's happening. You may think you're getting good results, but when you work with a "master" then all of a sudden the light bulb comes on and you get results faster.

Plus, bigger agencies have so many accounts they're juggling if you're one of their smaller clients you're just not going to get the same amount of attention as a client who's paying more. Bottom line. A smaller agency realizes you're important to their bottom line and you receive more attention as a result. So there you have it.

I know interesting segue, but just felt like defending all the independent publicists out there who deal with this attitude all the time. It's the age old question - Is bigger better?

And with that, I'll close. Have a good one.

Donny's fans, Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach

By Joy A. Kennelly

I'm absolutely wiped out tonight - too many meetings all week long. Hoping to have more next week, but tonight I'm kickin' it.

Just had to comment though that Donny Deutsch seems to have a lot of fans! Most people who've found my blog this week are because of my writing about his Big Idea show...LOL.

In any case, had an amazing dinner and drinks with Ewa and Gary over at the Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach the other night. I didn't even recognize the property since it's been completely renovated - it was absolutely stunning.

If you haven't gone there in a few years, it's definitely worth taking a date you want to impress to their Baleen restaurant since it's extremely romantic with subdued lighting, candlelight at the table, the boats gently rocking in the harbor, a cool sea breeze coming in the open windows, and amazing food!

Here's the official description of the restaurant according to one travel site I found:

Baleen Los Angeles

"Nationally renowned for its serious food and whimsical mood, the all-new Baleen Redondo Beach brings an eclectic fine dining experience to The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club, with the Pacific Ocean offering the perfect backdrop. For outside dining, the patio overlooks the marina with dramatic drapery and firepits. Inside, the motif is balanced with dark wood flooring and accents. The upstairs bar offers a cosmopolitan-lounge vibe, with fireside sofas and chairs."

I'm not a foodie so I can't do the food justice, but trust me it was really, really good. The entire place is like this hidden jewel of the South Bay. Shhh, don't tell anyone because I want it to be my private hide-a-way when I need to get away from the world.

Very sophisticated, charming, resort-feel to this sea-side location. I just loved it and loved the company of that night. If you look at the web site you will be blown away with the renovation of the place. Very elegant - definitely my kind of hotel.

We three met at the big chamber mixer over in El Segundo and had originally planned to just get together for drinks, but pretty soon, drinks lead to appetizers which lead to me enjoying filet mignon encrusted in Roquefort on a bed of sliced short rib pieces with a side of mashed potatoes and artichoke and a caprese salad. Wonderful.

I had been so tired from driving all day to various meetings when we first met at 7:00pm I had to have two cokes to wake up. By the time we left the restaurant it  must have been around 10:30pm we were all having such a fun time getting to know each other. That was a pure dining experience.

Ewa, the controller of the hotel, is so entertaining and interesting. Gary is my new ad/marketing bud who runs Tiburon Design. Very gifted, talented guy with a great company. Highly recommend him and his work. I must say, that evening was one of my more memorable South Bay experiences to date.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm too tired.

Time to hit the hay. Have fun out there.

Remember - don't drink and drive!:)

Very honored - NAMAS acceptance!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just received an email this morning which states,"We are pleased to welcome you as an inaugural member of the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences (NAMAS).  NAMAS is a peer group of prominent executives, technologists, and creative people working in all forms of digital media including television, internet, newspapers, and magazines, as well as technology, advertising, and production companies.  It is our mission to stimulate dialogue and exchange of ideas among the burgeoning number of professionals and students active in the new media realm."

Isn't that cool? I'm very honored and feel my technology background is validated now. Nice to see they're allowing women - just kidding.:)

I'll share more later, but this is all for now...

Hope you're enjoying the absolutely gorgeous CA weather!

AICP Awards Show, X Bar, The Liquid Muse and the Independent Television Festival,

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just returned from attending the Association of Independent Commercial Producers Awards Show tonight over at the LACMA with an actress friend. I like working the door of the show because then the rest of the night we can mix and mingle and enjoy.

Here's a link to the show in case you're curious to see which commercials won. I love this this stuff because I love cutting edge creativity which I believe the advertising industry creates over and over again. What was interesting was to discuss the state of this business since it's turned upside down right now. I never realized how many advertising events I go to till tonight.

Even though I'm in public relations, I appreciate good advertising. The ability to tell a story in 60 seconds is brilliant. That's why I think there's many talented commercial directors who move into creating amazing features as a result. I don't think it ever works the other way around though.:)

Here's a few of my favorites from tonight - watch them and you'll see why (They're all good, but these stood out the most to me.)

1. Vaseline "Sea of Skin" by Smuggler's Director Ivan Zacharis - brilliant talent - check out his reel on their site. This commercial is so artistic and all nude so it was only shown in Europe. It may offend some of you, but I love it. I think it's actually orchestrated by a famous artist, but I'm not sure. This company picked up 7 awards I believe.

2. JC Penny Crazy Beautiful - fun to watch, but you've probably seen it already. It was cute to see again.

3. Nike Zoom LeBron IV "Pool" by Epoch Films Inc's Director Stacy Wall. This one is so funny if you watch nothing else you must see this one.

There's others, but I'm tired and have a meeting with the Hermosa Beach City Manager in the morning and other meetings the rest of the day. Yes, I'm doing it. Going to see what we can do to help stop the public drunken madness one city official at a time. I'll keep you posted.

Oh yeah, the other day was interesting - here's one anecdote which should make you LOL as it did me. Met up with my new English actor friend and a group of his model, musician, director, actor friends at the Belmont again. He shared that he'd bumped into the Hotel Rwanda director at Les Deux the other night and he was wearing a t-shirt that said, "If you see the police - (then the logo) Warner bros (get it? Warn-a-brother?)

I have had such a kick sharing that with all my friends. I think it's especially ironic since it was that particular director wearing it! Too funny. Spent some time catching up with my good friend/mentor Marcia immediately after since she lives right around the corner and we rarely see each other any more, but talk on the phone all the time. Ended up borrowing a skirt from her since mine was linen and horribly wrinkled. Thanks Marcia!

The rest of the day was filled with a lunch meeting with Robin from LA Inc to discuss future media opportunities with them. While eating bumped into my technology friend Natalie Farsi who I only see when I'm dining out every few months or so - it's just uncanny how that happens.

Then dashed up to Shana's to see her since we rarely see each other any more since I'm living in the South Bay and she's still in Hollywood. Drove back down to the South Bay for a doctor's appointment which I missed so took a quick swim to cool down and mellow out before running back to Century City to the new X Bar in the Hyatt Regency in Century City to hear my other friend Natalie aka The Liquid Muse teach  a class on how to make 4 different cocktails which was very entertaining and yummy.

Ironic, eh? However, I like to support my friend's endeavors and she personally invited me to attend so... I was just careful to soak up all the alcohol with lots of delicious appetizers.:)

Met the Hyatt hotel's amazing publicist, Jennifer Barry of The Barry Group, who I'd worked with on the hotel press release for the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau aka LA Inc. We happened to sit at the same little table and enjoyed noshing all class long. A little too spicy for me at times, but yummy nonetheless.

I really must have a mixer there soon because the outdoor patio is really, really lovely - outdoor firepit, huge comfy chairs, cool, summer breezes, and nice music playing. There was a girl laughing rather obnoxiously, but otherwise, it was very quiet overall. Extremely enjoyable. This hotel is where a lot of high-end Hollywood events are held so if you're looking for a convention location - check it out.

Then, once that was over dashed cross town to Hollywood again to Raleigh Studios (where I held one of my last festivals) for the Opening Night Gala of The Independent Television Festival and the LA TV Fest with a live performance by Biz Markie who was awesome! I had no idea what to expect and the friend I had invited bailed at the last minute leaving me to attend alone.

To be honest it was really nice to be free to do what I wanted and I actually had a great time - better than I expected! The backlot was absolutely packed with young, aspiring filmmakers. There was an energy in the air I've not experienced that often at most Hollywood events - it was like they were all expecting great things to happen and the world was their oyster. That was a great vibe to be part of.

Bumped into my Actress friend Esther and her girlfriend who I learned had been finalists that night which was great for them. Gave them a little boost and got them on the red carpet which was thrilling for them. Made me happy to help. We had fun creating fun pictures in their picture booth area.

Also bumped into a friend I haven't seen in maybe 7 years and had fun catching up with her until this weirdo guy who'd been bothering me all night came up and interrupted. For some reason my friend thought I'd want to talk to him and bowed out. I quickly gave him the cold shoulder and he finally got the hint. ICKY! Not my type AT ALL.

Now Shemar Moore, the actor, he is totally more my type and he was there. Yes girls, I gave him the flirty eye, but he had a beautiful blonde bombshell with him so I left them alone. However, later on I could swear I saw him looking at me. Isn't that so silly? Give a girl a break ok? It's been too long since a handsome black man has paid me some attention and I'm taking that to the bank.

I had to wonder if he'd read my blog from awhile back when I was cooing about how adorable he was and maybe he was wondering if it was me or not. No, Mr. Moore, I am not a stalker. Just an admirer of all that's hot and sexy and that night it was you babe. Bring it on!

Whoa, be still my beating heart. Okay, enough of the silly. What I really appreciated about that night was how multi-cultural it was. Years back when I was producing my film festival I always made sure to have representation of minorities. A filmmaker friend of mine didn't think it was that big a deal until I warned him he'd see it when he went to accept an award at the Kodak building.

When he walked in, he was the only black filmmaker there. His first name is Marshall and we both thought maybe since his film wasn't like a John Singleton ghetto film, maybe the judges thought he was white and he was there by mistake. I wonder what ever happened to him? He was extremely talented and I used to have the biggest crush on him. It was just nice to see that now at least at this festival we've come a long way baby.

Oh, I just remembered that tonight I not only enjoyed a great meal prepared by Patina, but I also bumped into my Redondo Beach editor friend, Nelson Brann, who edited the PSA I did a few years back for the Tsunami Relief Benefit I helped promote.

I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me and gave me a big hug hello. I said I know your voice and I know your face, but I can't remember your name. Then it all came rushing back. He's grown his hair out and looks completely different now! It was fun to catch up with him and his wife.

I also met the Publisher of the Creative Handbook, David Shapiro - great guy. We were having a nice chat, but I was distracted because I saw another friend, Sylvia Kahn, who I hadn't seen in more than 8 years walking towards me. She was part of my film festival days before I had my son.

She remembered me too! We met when I interviewed with the production company she had been working at at the time and we stayed friends for quite awhile afterwards. Sometimes I think I go out on interviews just to make new friends! LOL!

She's now working at Technicolor and we're going to "do lunch" soon. She's got this amazing new position and maybe there's some fun stuff for us to do together again. We'll see. You just never know who you'll bump into going out which is why I love Hollywood.

Now that my back is officially well as determined by my chiro I'm back to my usual hobnobbing in a big way which I just love. Met an Executive Producer tonight who wants to talk biz. Who knows - could start repping a post house which would be very cool. I love good creative work which is why I ran my film festival for so long despite the low pay. Not no mores though - you pay, or you don't play.

Okay, this is really all. I think the coffee I drank is finally wearing off and I'm tired enough to sleep. All in all, these past two days were a lot of fun and very good for meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Lovin' the variety!

Now to see what tomorrow (or should I say today since it is almost 2am) brings... Sleep well!

Simpson's Movie, Fritelli's Donuts, Gali Rotstein, The Counter restaurant, Paige Premium Denim

By Joy A. Kennelly

The Simpson's Movie cel art party was so cute. Here's a pic of me with the characters. I wanted to take Simpsons_party
them home with me they were so cute. I love animation. I used to market the World Animation Celebration that 50,000 people would attend. As a result, I knew all the coolest animation and animators. Amazing talent in that field.

This party was in celebration of the upcoming Simpson's Movie and the walls were filled with cel art from the TV show, Family Guy, and other famous animation from all eras. They served Fritelli's Gourmet Donuts which were quite yummy. I didn't try a Flamin' Moe martini, but those looked good too. There was a lady giving make-up tattoos that the kids just loved. Joe Montagna, Fred Willard and Tom Arnold were some of the celebrities in attendance.

My client, Artist Gali Rotstein, came, as well as, Interior Designer, Leslie Sachs and Graphic Designer, Cynthia Combs. Gali showed me the completed press kits and they're just stunning. It's really amazing what a difference good design makes. I LOVE IT! Now to get the approval or whatever I need to start pitching her.

I was rather bummed that I was too late to benefit from my EPPS mixer so to comfort myself went to The Counter restaurant by myself. A friend had taken me there before, but we had arrived when they were closing so I wasn't able to experience it then. Just reading the review on the place - no wonder it's so crowded! Oprah AND GQ Magazine say they're the best burgers! GQ even went so far as to call it one of "The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die."

I wasn't terribly hungry having tried a donut earlier and skipped ordering the "Build Your Own Burger" which they're known for. I sat at the counter and was joined by a very interesting South African Graphic Designer who works for Paige Premium Denim. We had a great chat and when his burger came it was definitely a concoction all his own! No wonder the place was packed with men. What a great burger joint!

My veggie burger paled in comparison, but it was delicious nonetheless. It was fun to go out for dinner alone and have a nice conversation with someone unexpected. Just what I needed to get me out of my funk for missing my mixer.

Oh well, I've decided to start a professional networking mixer for PR/marketing/design/event people since we all collaborate anyway. Should be interesting to see who attends. Looking forward to it. Last night's MB Chamber Mixer was interesting. Bumped into my sister's childhood friend there and promptly re-connected them via the phone which was fun.

Schmoozed around with my new designer friend, Gary Evans of Tiburon Design, who is extremely talented. We met at the Torrance Chamber lunch. He's one of the people I'm considering starting this mixer with. Also some of my Beach Writer friends too. It's time all of different disciplines had a mixer to support each other as a whole!

So, that's all for now. We'll see what tomorrow brings! Have a good one!

Crown Jewel Club, Shade Hotel, The Party Goddess, Gali Rotstein and Age of Love

By Joy A. Kennelly

Where to begin? Spent lunch with the Crown Jewel Club Girls over at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach as a fund-raiser for this delightful organization. Here's the mission statement from their Web site:

"Crown Jewel Club is dedicated to giving at-risk, inner-city girls the opportunity to learn basic disciplines in the areas of basic manners, grooming, table etiquette, and how to conduct themselves in social settings.

The goal is to provide a positive environment that fosters improved self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for themselves and others, self-awareness, self-nurturing, the value of giving, perseverance, and the importance of education, family and friendships."

Just a wonderful organization with wonderful success stories, it brought tears to my eyes to hear the children tell NBC weatherman, Fritz Coleman, and NBC Co-Anchor, Colleen Williams, (who both co-hosted the luncheon) how "Mrs. Phillips" has changed their lives.

Mrs. Phillips is the founder of this two-year old organization which has radically changed the lives of the girls who have gone through the training. I spoke to the school counselor afterwards and she said that she's been at that school for 10 years and there were always fights and disagreements among the girls in the Spring. Now, since the program has been in place, that behavior has stopped. Also, this group helped one little girl choose not to join a gang when asked to. Man...

My two little favorite girls when asked about themselves responded - "I love sushi and Mrs. Phillips." The 2nd little girl said, "I love Mrs. Phillips. She's taught me how not to be so ghetto." How cute is that? Each little girl was wearing the cutest bonnet too. Check out the Web site for pictures and more details.

There were also some real amazing little girls who wanted to be doctors, fashion designers, investigators, and one little girl who seemed destined for politics telling us how she wanted to uncover domestic violence or something like that. This from girls ages 9-11 years old living in South Central!

Shade Hotel was a really beautiful venue for this event too. They closed down the bar area and the outdoor patio for the luncheon. Free organic manicures were offered by Green Bliss Eco Spa, a traveling spa, at one end. Delicious tea sandwiches, Caesar salad, fresh fruit and petit fours were elegantly displayed and prepared by
Marley Majcher of The Party Goddess.

Five years ago when I was in the catering business (has anyone ever avoided it completely?) I worked for her company and actually ended up serving at her wedding. She is such a fun party girl. Half the room was formal china, silver, chandeliers to represent her husband, and the other half of the room was this wild animal print chairs, brightly colored plates, cups, etc (at least that's what I remember. I also remember serving jello shots a lot too - that was one fun party for those wedding guests!)

She's extremely creative, very smart business woman. I highly recommend her company to you. You can tell her I referred you as we re-acquainted ourselves at the event. She remembered me too which was fun. She produced this event and it was top notch all the way. The goody bags are wonderful with so many sponsored gifts I can't go into them all here. Just know they are spectacular and most enjoyable.

The one funny moment of the day was seeing the former Mayor of Manhattan Beach, Steve A. Napolitano, there and mistaking him for someone who worked for the hotel because of his 60's style brown shirt and matching brown pants that looked like it could be a uniform if you glanced at him quickly. I couldn't figure out why he was walking out to join all the ladies until he was acknowledged from the stage as who he was! My bad.

I had seen him at the other women's conference event I went to and couldn't figure out why a young, handsome guy like himself would attend an obviously all-female event (Okay, not really, but why did he keep showing up though?), but when it was mentioned that he was part of some other governmental office it became clear he was schmoozing his constituency (although he's very low-key - I think he likes to be supportive too. How do I know though? I don't even know the guy - only spoke a few words to him today! I'm sure everyone else in town knows him though. He seems a little shy.)

He was very gracious to the charity and offered his office to match anyone's $5,000 grant they made that day. I don't think it was that type money crowd, but this was my first Manhattan Beach event. I'm just getting the lay of the land down here.

Who knows what goes on in the Soroptomist International of Manhattan Beach? Seems like a great organization to be part of though since they do so much charitable work. I like that. I might have to see what all is entailed to be part of it because I'm impressed with the women I have met to date.

Then drove like a mad woman to Gali's (trying to burn out the additives in my engine like the mechanic suggested this morning when I took my car in for review again.) It was rather fun speeding full bore around the curves of the Sepulveda pass in my red sports car. Fortunately, no police were around because I was booking! Just doing what my mechanic suggested. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Met with Gali to discuss strategy and next steps. Together with her designer friend, Cynthia Combs, they have created the most classy press kit from the raw press materials I gave them. I was so happy! It was beyond what I imagined it could be. Those two are EXTREMELY talented. Too bad Cynthia's moving to South Carolina to start her eco events business, but I'm sure anything she does will be first class all the way. I'm also sure you'll be hearing about her sooner than later. Mark my words.

I feel good about what Gali and I have planned now and just need to implement everything. This week is going to be extremely busy!  I'm networking like a crazy woman - chamber lunch tomorrow afternoon, Third Tuesday in the evening (don't really network there, but catch up with friends.) Wednesday night - another chamber mixer. I'm intent on checking out the local scene since I normally never hang out down here in the South Bay and am curious who participates.

Thursday morning - another networking breakfast (I overslept last week and hope to make this one - my nights can get late though!) and then that evening two events- the Simpson's movie animation art gallery opening with a cool crowd in attendance (I'm tired and not explaining it properly, but trust me it's going to be great!!!! Fred Willard anyone? How about a Flamin' Moe? I CANNOT WAIT!!!) followed by the EPPS summer mixer which is always a good time.

I pitched myself to a lot of the publicists in that organization to help with their overflow PR work. It will be nice to put the name to the faces. Also, to see old friends I don't see except for these events. Very good group of people. Highly recommend joining if you're an independent publicist, or any type actually.

Okay, I'm getting tired. I do need to say something though about the show, Age of Love. Although at one point I was hoping to like Jen, the oldest one of the bunch, as she is the spokesmodel for the clothing site I was approached to represent, can't say that I do. I think that woman is a Cougar with a capital "C." She even said it herself in tonight's episode, she only wants what she wants.

I WOULD NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER date someone 18 years younger, especially if my son was that age - that's just sick and wrong. I have gone out socially with much, much younger men, but I would NEVER, ever seriously consider dating any of them! I think the youngest I ever hung out with was 18 years and even that was a huge age difference at the time. He was a model - what can I say? First red head I ever hung out socially with too. Too much a Daddy thing since my Dad's a red head - just not my thing. I like my men dark and handsome. Know anyone? :)

BTW, took my profile off yahoo because the person's profile I hid popped up in my box as reviewing my profile and I couldn't figure out how to remove him. If he's not interested enough to contact me, then why stare at his face right? However, it would have been nice, but would have been's do not a relationship make. I think I'm taking a break from online stuff for a bit except maybe EHarmony still. Too much going on this week.

Back to age vs. beauty, whoops, 20's vs. 40's. I don't think it's a fair playing field for someone that much older to pursue someone younger like that - I think what next week's episode will reveal is that Mark (isn't that his name? I'm sorry, he's not that exciting to me - handsome, but a little too naive) is more interested in just having sex with her than having a real relationship.

Also, that woman seems more interested in adding him to her (sex) belt than having a real relationship too I think. She seems too hard and calculating to be anything other than a (fill in the blank.) Can you tell I'm over wanting to work with that company?

However, maybe I should watch what I say seeing as she's the assistant to the head coach of the Lakers and if I ever need a favor, she'd probably be the one I need to deal with!:) Jen, you're a very nice woman and I'm sure you had only the best motives on the show. Really, I do. Truce?

I have to admit though, that show cracks me up when some of the earlier 40 year old women got kicked off because they were bemoaning the fact that time was slipping away (or words to that effect.) I've been there, but not on national TV!!! No reality TV for me - thank you very much. I especially would never go on national TV and announce my age to the world. A lady never reveals her age and a gentleman never asks.

I had to teach that to the little cutie patootie four year old boy who was watching softball with me the other week. I can be real kid-like around kids because I just love playing around and being silly with them which they love too. I guess I was a little too much for his serious little mind and he asked me with great concern, "How old ARE you?" I just love how honest little kids can be.

I kept teasing him and telling him I wanted to pick him up and give him a big hug he was so cute. I told him too, not only is he handsome, but I bet he's smart too, to which he replied, "Yes I am" with all the bravado his tiny little body could muster. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! They're all coming to my BBQ so I can't wait to see him again. Very fun little boy.

Speaking of which, my little boy (9 years old now!) just sent me the sweetest thank you card for the Star Wars stamps and funny reggae head pencil I sent him for fun. He lives with his adoptive parents outside DC and he's the best little guy. I just love him. I'm going to buy some fun stationary to correspond back to him. Little boys are fun!

It's the big boys you have to watch out for. Just teasing. I wish I had a big boy in my life about now. Are you feeling me single girls? Jen? HA! LOL. In any case, today was fun. Tomorrow is going to be busy so I best be getting to bed.

Have a great night (what's left of it.)

Entourage, The Blog/Zine Network, Frontline Writing, Bay Cities Church, Trilogy Spa

By Joy A. Kennelly

Entourage was great tonight! Totally cracks me up. Can you imagine hating someone so much and then being stuck working with them over and over again? I can't! This plot line is great - can't wait for next week.The drug scene was a little excessive though. I wouldn't doubt this type BS goes on in Hollywood, but I've been very fortunate never to be a part of it. Not my scene. At all.

Moving right along.

Met with my Blog/Zine Network group today which was interesting as usual. We had more new people join us (for some reason I'm having deja vu. Did I write this last month? Oy vey!) Learned some new blogging tips which is always helpful. That's why I started this particular blog with my "byline." We'll see what happens doing that. Just curious.

David Tandet of Frontline Writing had some interesting Web sites for us to review and utilize in the future. I would tell you, but then I'd have to shoot you since you haven't joined the group yet! Just kidding. But seriously, if you want to learn about blogging, join us. I'm going to start inviting more guest speakers to come and we'll all learn how to grow this type "business" together!

Bay Cities Community Church was good as always. Sometimes music just hits my spirit and today I was tearing up again. I can just see myself on stage crying occasionally if I do sing with the worship team, but hey, I'm an emotional person and music can hit your emotions. So! We shall see!

Enjoyed hitting Trilogy Spa Hermosa Beach today after church for a bit. Was supposed to have a friend join me, but she was upset I switched day spas on her last minute so she bailed. I felt really, really bad at first, but after enjoying the rain shower and the floating water bed experience, I was feeling no pain. I really like their mango coconut sugar scrub - I smell so yummy! Don'tcha wish you were here with me right now? I smell good enough to eat! LOL

I was feeling pretty good about myself after that treat. I guess it showed because men were real attentive to me at the smog place. I must buy more dresses! It's nice to be feminine, especially since it's been so hot.

Now to get up early and take care of business. Last night some of the drunk idiots either visiting people here, or who live here were talking loudly and trying to climb our back wall at 3am. The bastards. I almost yelled, but when I opened the window wider I think they got the hint and shut up. OY VEY! More drunken idiots in the South Bay. Oh well.

I know I'd hear drunks a lot in certain parts of Hollywood too, but I've just never lived near this type behavior before - lucky I guess. At least people haven't been doing their stupid "Woo Hoo" calls since I told one of my neighbors that whoever did that at 2 and 3am were asses. Word travels fast I guess. It's not Georgia's Rules - it's Joy's Rules. JUST KIDDING!

I just find it highly disrespectful to be loud and obnoxious when people living here have small children. Maybe those "Woo Hoo" people have moved out or something. Good.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

Life is good.

I love my place, love my pool, love my friends down here, and love the beauty of the South Bay.

I just love being able to drive down PCH and look over to see the ocean whenever I'm at a crossroads of streets. There's just something majestic about an endless ocean that goes off into the horizon.

And with that, I'll bid you good night.

Sleep tight. God bless.

I love Donny Deutsch of The Big Idea!

Anyone else catch Donny Deutsch's show tonight on The Big Idea called Destination Millions: NYC? He had the most interesting entrepreneur's discussing how they got their start in business and recommendations for how you can start your own business too.

What I absolutely loved was the end when a woman asked what the next step was to promote her business - marketing, advertising? Donny jumped in before his "Board of Directors" to say that despite his coming from the ad business, it's the worst route to travel for those wanting to promote their new product or company.

HE SAID PUBLIC RELATIONS WAS THE KEY!!! (or words to that effect, I was so thrilled to see my profession validated on live TV from an Ad guy I'm paraphrasing poorly, but you get my drift right?) Then, Liz Lange, President of her hugely successful maternity clothing line, Liz Lange, spoke up and said - PR - especially in magazines! She said editors need products to fill their pages and they're hungry for information. She said to focus on PR!

I think Liz might have a little head start over the average entrepreneur because from what I heard, I think she had magazine editor friends, but still! Also, what I always find interesting is that women who are married create these multi-million dollar businesses and I think it's because their basic needs are taken care of by their husband's income as they're building the business. It's tough to do this as a single person, but I think it can be done, just might take a little longer.

Back to the show. Donny shared that a page of editorial discussing your product was worth lots more than advertising because it's taken as an objective viewpoint! SEE!!! I'm telling all of you -- watch this show and learn! You're going to hear how to take your ideas and turn them into multi-million dollar businesses.

There's a part of me that wants to create something and sell it because with my marketing and PR background I think I could be rather successful promoting my own product. Normally I work with promoting people and their products, films, art, and whatever, but sometimes there's a part of me that wants to promote my own stuff (whatever it's going to be!)

That will come in due time. Right now I'm focusing on doing the best job possible for my clients and we'll see what happens!

Okay, that's all. Just had to share since I was so excited!

whoops! Thank you too.

I'm probably one of the few people in the industry who misspelled Marc Cherry's first name and it's only because I normally don't write about heads of shows, nor care. However, he was such a personable, nice man I dedided to write about him. Hopefully he realizes I was tired when I wrote it.:)

My bad for being lazy and not double-checking his name. Now I have that embarrassment to follow me around when people Google him. At least you know I'm human, right? ha!

Have a good one. I am determined to myself despite the brain scan today. Thanks to those who have been referring people to me for possible publicity. Always enjoy giving advice to help people's careers. If money is an issue, but you want some advice, call me for a 3 hour consultation - only $500 so act now! Just kidding about the hard sales pitch, but I do do consultations like that.

Good luck to you Pro-Athlete Greg James with your book. Love to help you get it out there. Check out his site here and send him good wishes as he hits BEA.

Happy Birthday Furonda. I would love to work with you when you have the money and more time to plan because I think it would be a lot of fun and you would get a lot of attention.  Oh, to be that young again.

I think that's all. Got some great notes back on my new website copy and need to get that finalized. Meeting with my web guy again tomorrow. Finally got my server transfered! It took forever because Go Daddy is such a big pain in the butt to deal with. At least it's done now and I can move forward quickly and easily.

Going to enter my new 5 min. promo doc on my open adoption experience to a contest and use it for BEA myself. We'll see. I think it's a story that needs to be told because not enough people understand why I chose adoption, or even how to do it. It was one of the most heart wrenching decisions I've ever made, but I think it was the right decision for me at the time I made it.

You'll have to read my book to hear all about it. Right now, I've gotta run (now that my back has been adjusted and I can move easier...)

That's all for now!

Evening with Mark Cherry - Desperate Housewives creator

Tonight was fun. I didn't have plans (for once) and was just going to putter around my apartment and try to unpack more stuff when I got a call from a friend of mine asking me if I'd like to hear Mark Cherry, the creator of Desperate Housewives speak at a dinner at USC.

I thought why not? I love the show and it would be fun to hear him up close and personal. Little did I know how intimate the space would really be. When I heard dinner, I thought of a huge auditorium with formal seating and dinner and he would be a small speck in the distance. I was so wrong!

I enter the building and see a bunch of people eating pizza. Not believing it's really the room I ask someone where RM 207 is and am directed to that very location. Apparently this was for the USC Journalism students and Mary Murphy, the SR writer of TV Guide, was to be the interviewer. It was so nice and casual I felt way overdressed. No worries though.

Mark is very humble despite having achieved such huge success with this show. He said he's probably the only person in Hollywood to be introduced as a loser who's made such a success of himself which made us all laugh. I love his comeback story - he couldn't get a writing interview in this town for three years before hitting it with DH. He also borrowed 30k from his mom before finding out his agent had been embezzling money from him! (He has since paid her back and even bought her a Lexus for Christmas - every mom should have such a great son!)

The same weekend he found out he had DH going, he got a reimbursement check for 70k for all the loss he'd incurred from his thieving agent. Pretty nice way to start over, eh? He's very philosophical about everything and feels that even when it looks the darkest there's always something positive that comes out whatever has gone down.

Because of his agent being so awful and not helping him get his script into the right hands on top of all her thievery, friends passed his script onto some agents at Paradigm who just loved it and got it sold! Just goes to show you what men meant for evil, God meant for good.

Due to his acting background, when asked certain questions, he kind of acted them out which was fun to watch.  Like when asked about the inspiration for DH, he explained he'd been watching TV with his mom about the woman who drowned all her kids, (I'm tired and it's escaping me, but you know who I'm talking about right?) and he asked his mom he didn't know how anyone could become that desperate.

Then he acted out her taking a drag on her cigarette and saying after a beat, "I can." Then he just listened to her share story after story from his childhood he never knew about and boom! DH was born.

He was looking to do a cross between Sex and the City and Six Feet Under and once the show became successful kept looking for drama writers who could write comedy. Didn't work that way. It turned out he found comedy writers who could write dark. They just had to pull their comedy back.

Apparently there are 4 female writers (all single) on the show and 13 males. He is going to hire a real desperate housewife for the upcoming seasons who he had met with while she was pregnant years back. It will be interesting to see what twists and turns come out of that!

He admitted that season 2 got away from him because he was too exhausted to put up a fight, but that's why he brought in such strong writers (who's names again escape me, but those of you in the biz reading this know who I'm talking about) for the next couple seasons. These guys have written for Frazier and other Emmy-award winning shows which makes it fun to watch too.

I thought it was sweet that he brought Dixie Carter into the show since he had been her assistant when he first came to Hollywood years back. You can tell he's from Orange County because he has manners and a kindness you don't usually see in hardened Hollywood types.

You know who you are. Admit it. You're evil and wicked and don't care. Just kidding. You do care, but don't know how to change. Just kidding again. No, really, you are evil and wicked so accept that fact and move on. Oh, you have already. I thought so. HA!

I love people who've had a rough time and then turn it around. It's so inspirational. I knew I was going there and would meet him so I brought my headshot and Domi's headshot because, hey, it's one of the top shows and even a walk-on part would be a blast to have on my resume. I just want to hang out on the set. That's all. Can't you see me now?

Domi, I wish bigger stuff for with this intro, but me, I'm happy with anything. I'll keep you posted. We just sent out a huge announcement on his behalf and hope to receive some psychological thriller scripts out of it, or some media interviews at least. We'll see. Wish us luck!

I'm uploading pix that I've taken from the LA Fashion Week shows into a new photo album so check them out when you want. I'll try to upload a video to youtube too of the DeHoghton performance and the Go Go dancers from the Sue Wong Show.

Enjoy your night! Once I get internet hooked up at home I'll add info on OMMA. I just can't write what I need to on it when I'm tired and I don't have time during the day lately with having to run around to find internet access and do stuff.

Oh, one more thing. Met a real interesting professor there who has done a research study on Actors and Narcissim (made you laugh didn't it? How true this is - can't wait to get a copy of it and read for my own education.) Also met a doctoral student who is studying celebrity and how people become famous. We're going to stay in touch because I've got some theories. Okay, that's really all for now!

Have a good one!