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Watching a Sex & The City Marathon. Perfect time for my Great Love Debate review.

By Joy A. Kennelly

Had a blast in LA and wasn't able to find time to write my follow-up blog until now. Summer Jam TechLA was great and I shared highlights on my Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook accounts. Look there or search #TechLA via Twitter.


I'm dictating my Vegas Great Love Debate review so hopefully won't have a lot of corrections to make cause boy sex is kind of funny. See what I mean? I said voice activation, not boy sex. LOL!!!!

The seminar itself was interesting, although it did get dominated by a 20 year old who thought he knew everything after being in one relationship which got a little annoying after awhile and should not have been allowed to speak so much.

I think I had enough when he went to the front, whipped out his cell phone and was actually reading notes he wanted all of us to know. It was all I could do not to start laughing out loud at his audacity and youthful ignorance. Instead left the room to get something to drink.

My friend got a lot out of it while I enjoyed having the books that I've read on relationships confirmed live. Plus, it was fun to hear diverse opinions from the panelists, especially the guys.


I have to admit, I was surprised at the small male turnout being that this is Vegas, but it is a very transit town and perhaps everyone isn't into relationships, more hookups. Or, the women are so easy there are guys who don't think they need help. LOL

I think I enjoyed the one-on-one conversations I had with some of the matchmakers more at the after gathering at The Yard House and hanging out with my friend.  20140712_220334

I am also looking forward to speaking to one on a more personal basis soon since I'm determined to find out what is holding me back from finding love.

Here's some fun pictorial highlights from the event. What I find hilarious is that for some reason, the second batch of solo shots all the matchmakers look sad. They were not though in person. We just caught them thinking I guess. My friend shot a lot of my pix.:)

P1050911 P1050913 P1050920  P1050929P1050921 P1050928

The Great Love Debate is coming to @CityofLasVegas this weekend! #love #dating #relationships

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been reading a lot of relationship advice books since I have the time and have enjoyed telling my girlfriends what I've learned and which books I recommend. We're keeping the library busy! And bookstores too (if you're an author.:)

You can see some of my reading suggestions on my Pinterest board here:

As a result, when I saw this event on Match and then received the press release, I knew it was a fun event to attend and cover. I used to attend "love" seminars and groups while living in Los Angeles under Dr. Pat Allen, but she's so coarse I eventually stopped going. There's only so many F-words I can tolerate, especially coming out of a 60 year old plus woman's mouth! No matter how good her advice is!

So, it will be interesting to see what this show/event reveals. I think I'm beginning to get a handle on what I've been doing wrong all these years and what I also have been doing right which is hopeful.

I believe in love. I believe in soul mates. I also believe when the time is right and you keep putting yourself out there, you will meet "The One." 

I had a good friendship with a guy I  wanted a future with because he's kind, super smart, handsome, successful, yet down-to-earth, humble and generous, but alas and alack, I ruined it which is why I'm now reading the book, It's Not Him, It's You! LOL I want to learn from my mistakes and grow as a person because I also believe it will benefit every aspect of my life, professionally and otherwise as well.

Plus, I don't want to make that mistake again. I really liked him and enjoyed the mental connection we shared which I haven't felt in a long time. Miss that and him, but trying to move on. Hence this event...

I want to meet someone special because traveling is so much more fun when you have someone to share it with which is one of the many reasons I've been working on building Joy's Travel Adventures to help women find travel partners.

If we're single, there's no reason to wait on a guy to have fun!:)

There are so many single women who never travel out of fear of the unknown, fear for their safety, and not knowing what to do and see  when they go somewhere, which is why I'm excited to help them experience the empowerment and self-knowledge that comes when you travel. Also, introduce them to all the fun things there are to do!

Travel opens your mind, your heart, and your soul in ways staying at home will never accomplish. It makes you more flexible, more tolerant, more interesting, and more open which is one of the reasons I love exploring new places. I always come back a better person for the experience, even if negative and difficult. 

This morning I dreamt I was traveling in Europe in August and meeting up with travel friends there. I hope this is one dream that comes true because I'm ready for a new adventure.:) In the meantime, I'll continue working on my travel episode for Las Vegas and introduce my fellow female travelers to the wonderful opportunities to explore Nevada they may not be aware exist. 

And share with them what I learn through attending this love debate. Maybe I'll see you there? All the details follow. Enjoy! Tell 'em Joy sent ya!Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: gld1




LAS VEGAS, NV (July 7, 2014)  –  Hello Products  in partnership with, is proud to announce THE GREAT LOVE DEBATE tour will be coming to the Baobab Stage Theatre at Town Square in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 12th.  10300045_723212184391517_1057574653270104392_n

This lively, interactive Town hall-style discussion and debate on the current state of the date will be comprised of an audience of 100 of Las Vegas’ most eligible bachelors facing off against 100 of its most dynamic single women to answer the question, “Why is everyone still single?”

‘We are thrilled that this unique, entertaining, and engaging event is coming to Las Vegas,” says the event’s moderator, Kimberly Seltzer, nationally-renowned Therapist, Image Expert, and Dating Coach. “This city’s singles are extremely passionate about love, the evening will be a really fun and exciting way to raise questions - and find answers!”

The July 12th  show continues the summer leg of a 45-city national tour, and features a panel of the region’s most prominent relationship experts and influential voices including;  Crystal Cardoso, Las Vegas Dating Expert and Relationship Specialist;  Kristine Givas, National Director at the World’s Premier Matchmaker, Kelleher InternationalBrian Howie, Award-Winning Producer and Author ofHow to Find Love in 60 Seconds; and Arden Leigh, Author, Relationship Strategist, and Women’s Coach.


Tickets for this event are $40 and are available online at Doors open at 7pm for cocktails, showtime is at 8pm.  The first 50 people to use promotional code LOVE20 at checkout receive $20 off the ticket price.

 Seating is extremely limited (100 per gender), all attendees receive admission to the “Meet, Greet, Mix, Mingle & Match” party which immediately follows the show at Yard House10513445_10152522458524222_2496803903043909572_n

 For future tour dates and panelist information, please visit


@EvaLongoria's @ReadyforLove is on tonight w/@matthewhussey! Try @LAYS #SaveGarlicBread #SaveSriracha or #SaveChickenWaffles as snacks!:)

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just to get you in the mood, here's Eva Langoria promoting the Lay Potato Chip Finalists wearing (as the jewelry publicist put it) " TACORI earrings in her new Lay's "Do Us a Flavor" Chip Finalists commercial with celebrity chef, Michael Symon. The actress glowed in TACORI  18K Yellow Gold Madeira Citrine round stud earrings (#SE105Y09, $470;"








1253Eva is also glowing because she is the Executive Producer of the new dating reality show, Ready for Love, premiering tonight on NBC at 9/8c. Here's the trailer in case you were unaware or curious:

I've been following one of the dating coaches, Matthew Hussey, who wrote the book, Get the Guy, which you can purchase on Amazon here: Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve [Hardcover]

 And here's a video you can watch to hear him before tonight's show: The show looks fun and informative. While you all enjoy this I'll be attending a very informative tech event with a hilarious founder. More on that later.:)

Now for a commercial break, Lay's! Don't forget to vote for your favorite!:)



What a difference time off and wise counsel makes... other stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly

I took some time off from everyone and everything yesterday in attempt to heal emotionally and physically which was exactly what I needed to do. Now I'm back to my old self a little wiser, a little happier and a little better. Time heals all wounds I guess.

I think I was a lot more receptive to today's sermon as a result too. Jim Mackinga over at Bay Cities Community Church is really a gifted teacher. Every single time I think that's my last Sunday there because I don't have many single friends from there to do stuff with, he gives a sermon that makes me realize I would really miss his teaching if I left. Friends I can find outside church I guess. I do love my married ones there though.

Today I actually had some cute guys (too young, but still) sitting next to me so it's all good. Guess God is throwing this old cougar a bone after all. God bless the young hotties is all I got to say. There was a really funny skit to elaborate the point that the world thinks having a man to love is going to solve all your problems when it's really only God.

The scenario was two women discussing a mutual friend who they think will be all better if she only had someone to love in her life. They think of all the guys they can set her up with which was very funny. Then one suggests EHarmony. We all laughed when the other answered, "I, I mean a "good friend" tried EHarmony with not so good results."

I've tried EHarmony too and never met anyone I'd be interested in. Sorry, I'm a little shallow, but I think physical chemistry has to be there too. I like good looking guys. What can I say? Always have, always will. Part of the reason I moved back to the beach. Those are my kind of guys.

I think if I really were a Cougar I could have such fun with all the young un's down here. Unfortunately, not into flings any more. I want a real relationship with a future. So, although it was hard to do, I cut loose the young un who has been very sweet to me lately.

If someone is drunk almost every time you speak to them, or is looking to get wasted all the time too, that doesn't bode well long term. When will young guys realize it's a big turn off to cougars? Just kidding. I really am not a Cougar, I just tease about it because I think it's funny.

My girlfriend Shana keeps telling me that getting drunk is what 30 year old guys do and just to go with the flow. Plus, she tells me she's a little jealous I'm catching the attention of a young 'un since she's married and can't do anything about it when they hit on her. She cracks me up! I might change my mind because it is nice to have male friends. We'll see.

Guess it's ok to have some fun though, right? Still trying to figure all this out since young un's aren't my usual demo. Flattering though. Hello hottie babies... Just kidding.

What was cool about today's sermon is that it really spoke to real life issues. Here's the notes in case you're interested:

How To Get What You Want

"James- Practical Christian Living"

How Normal Life Works

1. We experience turmoil then pain.

2. We try to numb the pain through pleasure.

3. We end up facing conflict and anger.

4. We watch hope for satisfaction disappear. (Jim says then we become less fun to be with. We become mad, sad and ultimately alone since no one wants to be around us. Without a solution we lose hope. Been there, done that. OY!)

Options When Facing Normal Life (How people deal with stuff...)

1. Try fixing things through other people.

(This one really spoke to me because I think I've been a little hard on my friends. My one girlfriend is married with two little kids, a demanding career, and busy social life. I just need to accept that fact and realize she can't always be the best friend I want her to be when I want her to be. Doesn't make it any easier, but does give me more compassion on this friend.

Also, the other one is really going through stuff too. It's not easy losing your job and worrying about how you'll pay your mortgage and take care of your son as a single divorced parent. I have faith we will work things out, but it will just take some time because we need to work on caring communication vs. brutal honesty. Looks like I'm getting a taste of my own medicine, but if I can change there's hope for others too.

It really helped to hear some other people's perspectives and shares yesterday and realize I'm not alone with my stuff. Very healing too. (God bless 12 step programs.)

James 4:1, 2a

What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? 2You want something but don't get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight.

Then Jim shared that no one person can fix us or meet all our needs, only God. Over time a relationship can't handle the pressure and it falls apart. So true. Jim is very funny and he said, "In the words of the great theologian Mick Jagger..." referring to the infamous song "Can't Get No Satisfaction."

The 2nd way people approach normal life is...

2. Try manipulating God to do what we want.

James 4:2b - 3 You do not have, because you do not ask God. 3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

Jim says we are a pleasure seeking people, but pleasure isn't the ultimate answer for us. Bummer. If only it was... (That's me, not him speaking and I'm being facetious!:) Only God can fill that hole in us.

3. Look for things in this world to satisfy. (Like drugs, alcohol, sex, food, material things, the list goes on and on...Isn't that a nice list? Just kidding...)

Philippians 4:9 and 19 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. (This is our guarantee if we pursue a relationship with God. Peace.)
19And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. (I've found that in my life for sure.)

Jim said the Beatles song, All you need is love should have been, all you need is God.

Here are some of the normal needs we all possess that Jim swears by:

Normal Needs We All Possess

1. To be secure in life.

2. To be loved in life.

3. To be valued in life.

4. To be significant in life.

When these needs are met through God, our life is worth living. Then we can bear fruit for God. So, that's the moral of this message everyone. Hope you enjoyed the crib notes.

If you're searching for a place to worship, then pop over and visit <"">Bay Cities Community Church sometime. I personally welcome all young hotties. JUST KIDDING! Seriously though, they have a cool 20 something group called Zoe. Call Tyler for more details: 310 877-9753.

You oldies can come too. Not to that group, but to services ok? LOL Can you see I'm really feeling better? Now to go hit the local Greek festival and get me some baklava. Then if I still feel good to hit the country music over at Polliwog Park. I need more fun.

Although this past Thursday was fun hanging out with my friend, her 18 year old son and all his young buds at a recent fun pop-up store opening - not together, just at the same event. I'm not that big of a cougar!

I told her to invite them because they'd been disappointed over something and needed some fun. They loved being there - their first "Hollywood" event. I felt a little guilty because free booze was flowing and of course, once we left they took advantage. Oh well. Can't control everything right? See, I'm learning.

I did take a funny picture of my Desperate Housewife friend with hottie Actor Jesse Metcalf, the gardener dude from Desperate Housewives and other films.  When is Desperate Housewives coming back on? Got to fill my guilty pleasure. She's probably going to kill me for sharing this with you, but I think it's funny. He can be my gardener any time. I need some bushes trimmed, or can find some! LOLJesse & colleen - sm Isn't he a cutie? Someone give that guy a job. We need to see him on screen again. Marc, you reading this? Rides a motorcycle too girls. Watch out! Cougars on the prowl! LOL

Ah, the pleasures of summer. Isn't it a beautiful day? Have a good one!

One of the bravest men I've heard in a long time...

By Joy A. Kennelly

A good friend just sent me this video and it's so beautiful, I really hope you'll take the time to watch it. I don't know how to imbed the video, but please click here to review.

What an amazing testimony to the world and to life.

Check it out and tell me what you think...

And I thought this was only a beach issue- The child Man by Kay S. Hymowitz

Shocking, but true. Alas and alack, the beach isn't the only place where boys have difficulty growing into men. And I thought it was only in CA, but apparently this is a national epidemic.

Maybe because so many women are sleeping with men outside of marriage they don't feel the urge to get married as strongly any more which is a natural launch into adulthood. Maybe guys who are searching for Jason's info will read this and stop and think that maybe, just maybe, they too need to grow up. Or get caught in perpetual adolescence. Since no one else is saying it, I will.

Be a MAN!

No wonder I admire the men serving in the military so much. They've accepted responsibility and actually care about something other than their own selfish interests. I'm only saying this because I care and because apparently none of your male buds or the general media are telling you anything different. But it's gross...

We, as women, will respect you more if you act like a man rather than a child-man. Especially those of you entering your 40's who think you're still in your 20's or that 20 year olds are right for you - get a clue.

Here's the story from the Dallas Morning News (and I quote...)

"Kay Hymowitz: The child-man

Today's single young men hang out   in a hormonal limbo between adolescence and adulthood

10:13 AM CST on Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's 1965, and you're a 26-year-old white guy. You have a factory job, or maybe you work for an insurance broker. Either way, you're married, probably have been for a few years now; you met your wife in high school, where she was in your sister's class. You've already got one kid, with another on the way. For now, you're renting an apartment in your parents' two-family house, but you're saving up for a three-bedroom ranch house in the next town. Yup, you're an adult!

Now meet the 21st-century you, also 26. You've finished college and work in a cubicle in a large Chicago financial-services firm. You live in an apartment with a few single guy friends. In your spare time, you play basketball with your buddies, download the latest indie songs from iTunes, have some fun with the Xbox 360, take a leisurely shower, massage some product into your hair and face – and then it's off to bars and parties, where you meet, and often bed, girls of widely varied hues and sizes. Wife? Kids? House? Are you kidding?

Not so long ago, the average mid-twentysomething had achieved most of adulthood's milestones – high school degree, financial independence, marriage and children. These days, he lingers – happily – in a new hybrid state of semi-hormonal adolescence and responsible self-reliance. Decades in unfolding, this limbo may not seem like news to many, but in fact it is to the early 21st century what adolescence was to the early 20th: a momentous sociological development of profound economic and cultural import. 

It's time to state what is now obvious to legions of frustrated young women: The limbo doesn't bring out the best in young men. 

With women, you could argue that adulthood is in fact emergent. Single women in their 20s and early 30s are joining an international New Girl Order, hyper-achieving in both school and an increasingly female-friendly workplace, while packing leisure hours with shopping, traveling and dining with friends. Single young males, or SYMs, by contrast, often seem to hang out in a playground of drinking, hooking up, playing Halo 3 and, in many cases, underachieving. With them, adulthood looks as though it's receding.

Freud famously asked: "What do women want?" Notice that he didn't ask what men wanted – perhaps he thought he'd figured that one out. But that's a question that ad people, media execs and cultural entrepreneurs have pondered a lot in recent years. They're particularly interested in single young men, for two reasons: There are a lot more of them than before, and they tend to have some extra change.

Consider: In 1970, 69 percent of 25-year-old and 85 percent of 30-year-old white men were married; in 2000, only 33 percent and 58 percent were, respectively. And the percentage of young guys tying the knot is declining as you read this. Census Bureau data show that the median age of marriage among men rose from 26.8 in 2000 to 27.5 in 2006 – a dramatic demographic shift for such a short time period.

That adds up to tens of millions more young men blissfully free of mortgages, wives and child-care bills. Historically, marketers have found this group an "elusive audience" – the phrase is permanently affixed to "men between 18 and 34" in adspeak – largely immune to the pleasures of magazines and television, as well as to shopping expeditions for the products advertised there.

A signal cultural moment came in April 1997, when Maxim, a popular British "lad magazine," hit American shores. Maxim plastered covers and features with pouty-lipped, tousled-haired pinups in lacy underwear and, in case that didn't do the trick, block-lettered promises of sex! lust! naughty! And it worked. What really set Maxim apart from other men's mags was its voice. It was the sound of guys hanging around the Animal House living room. MaximMaxim child-man voice has gone mainstream. You're that 26-year-old who wants sophomoric fun and macho action? Now the culture has a groaning table of entertainment with your name on it. Maxim asked the SYM what he wanted and learned that he didn't want to grow up.   

That sound you hear is women not laughing. Oh, some women get a kick out of child-men and their frat/fart jokes. But for many, the child-man is either an irritating mystery or a source of heartbreak. In contemporary female writing and conversation, the words and "men" seem united in perpetuity.

Naturally, women wonder: How did this perverse creature come to be? The most prevalent theory comes from feminist-influenced academics and cultural critics, who view dude media as symptoms of backlash, a masculinity crisis. Men feel threatened by female empowerment, these thinkers argue, and in their anxiety, they cling to outdated roles. Insofar as the new guy media reflect a backlash against feminism, they're part of the much larger story of men's long, uneasy relationship with bourgeois order.

In A Man's Place, historian John Tosh locates male resistance to bourgeois domesticity in the early 19th century, when middle-class expectations for men began to shift away from the patriarchal aloofness of the bad old days. Under the newer bourgeois regime, the home was to be a haven in a heartless world, in which affection and intimacy were guiding virtues. But in Mr. Tosh's telling, it didn't take long before men vented frustrations with bourgeois domestication: They went looking for excitement and male camaraderie in empire building, in adventure novels and in going to "the club."

By the early 20th century, the emerging mass market in the U.S. offered new outlets for the virile urges that sat awkwardly in the bourgeois parlor; hence titles like Field & Stream and Man's Adventure, as well as steamier fare like Escapade and Caper . When television sets came on the market in the late 1940s, it was the airing of heavyweight fights and football games that led Dad to make the big purchase; to this day, sports events – the battlefield made civilized – glue him to the Barcalounger when he should be folding the laundry. But this history suggests an uncomfortable fact about the new SYM: He's immature because he can be.

We can argue endlessly about whether "masculinity" is natural or constructed – whether men are innately promiscuous, restless and slobby or socialized to be that way – but there's no denying the lesson of today's media marketplace: Give young men a choice between serious drama on the one hand, and Victoria's Secret models, battling cyborgs, exploding toilets and the NFL on the other, and it's the models, cyborgs, toilets and football by a mile.

For whatever reason, adolescence appears to be the young man's default state, proving what anthropologists have discovered in cultures everywhere: It is marriage and children that turn boys into men. Now that the SYM can put off family into the hazily distant future, he can – and will – try to stay a child-man. Not only is no one asking that today's twenty- or thirtysomething become a responsible husband and father – that is, grow up – but a freewheeling marketplace gives him everything he needs to settle down in pig's heaven indefinitely.

Now, you could argue that the motley crew of Maxim, Comedy Central and Halo 3 aren't much to worry about, that extended adolescence is what the word implies: a temporary stage. Most guys have lots of other things going on and will eventually settle down. Men know the difference between entertainment and real life. At any rate, like gravity, growing up happens; nature has rules.

That's certainly a hope driving the sharpest of recent child-man & entertainments, Judd Apatow's hit movie Knocked Up. What sets Knocked Up apart from, say, Old School, is that it invites the audience to enjoy the SYM's immaturity even while insisting on its feebleness. The potheaded 23-year-old Ben Stone accidentally impregnates Alison, a gorgeous stranger he was lucky enough to score at a bar. He is clueless about what to do when she decides to have the baby, not because he's a "badass" – actually, he has a big heart – but because he dwells among social retards. In the end, though, Ben understands that he needs to grow up. He gets a job and an apartment and learns to love Alison and the baby. This is a comedy, after all.

The important question that Mr. Apatow's comedy deals with only obliquely is what extended living as a child-man does to a guy – and to the women he collides with along the way.

For the problem with child-men is that they're not very promising husbands and fathers. They suffer from a proverbial "fear of commitment," another way of saying that they can't stand to think of themselves as permanently attached to one woman. Sure, they have girlfriends; many are even willing to move in with them. But cohabiting can be just another Peter Pan delaying tactic. Women tend to see cohabiting as a potential path to marriage; men view it as another place to hang out or, as Barbara Dafoe Whitehead observes in Why There Are No Good Men Left, a way to "get the benefits of a wife without        shouldering the reciprocal obligations of a husband.

And here's what may be the deepest existential problem with the child-man – a tendency to avoid not just marriage but any deep attachments. This is British writer Nick Hornby's central insight in his novel About a Boy. The book's anti-hero, Will, is an SYM whose life is as empty of passion as of responsibility. He has no self apart from pop-culture effluvia, a fact that the author symbolizes by having the jobless 36-year-old live off the residuals of a popular Christmas song written by his late father. Mr. Hornby shows how the media-saturated limbo of contemporary guyhood makes it easy to fill your days without actually doing anything.

Will's unemployment is part of a more general passionlessness. To pick up women, for instance, he pretends to have a son and joins a single-parent organization; the plight of the single mothers means nothing to him. For Will, women are simply fleshy devices that dispense sex, and sex is just another form of entertainment, a "fantastic carnal alternative to drink, drugs and a great night out, but nothing much more than that."

The superficiality, indolence and passionlessness evoked in Mr. Hornby's novels haven't triggered any kind of cultural transformation. The SYM doesn't read much, remember, and he certainly doesn't read anything prescribing personal transformation. The child-man may be into self-mockery; self-reflection is something else entirely.

That's too bad. Young men especially need a culture that can help them define worthy aspirations.

Adults don't emerge. They're made."
Kay S. Hymowitz is a contributing editor of the Manhattan Institute's City Journal ( .org), from whose new issue this article is adapted.

New event invite and other stuff...

By Joy A. Kennelly

In addition to everything else I was doing this week: i.e. attending two major art events (LA Art Show and art LA), taking new business meetings, working another freelance gig, house-sitting, and normal pro bono work for Hermosa Beach; I've also been putting together a big networking Pre-Valentine's Day Party for Spa Riviera which will take place Thursday, February 7 from 6pm - 9pm located at: 1611 South Catalina Ave., Lower Level L41, Redondo Beach.

No wonder I've been so tired!

Download 27invitefinal.doc - Click on that link for the complete invite. I am still learning how best to upload certain items and apologize this is so rudimentary. I will upload this properly once I figure out how to do so.

On another note, I think I need to clarify that I have a very quirky sense of humor and sometimes it doesn't translate well via writing. My apologies to anyone who is offended.

Also, the opinions expressed here are solely my own and should not reflect on my pastor, my church, my friends, my business partners, or anyone else I mention here as something they necessarily agree with. Oftentimes, they don't, but we agree to disagree. I just don't want you to think poorly of them - just think poorly of me ok? LOL

I've been watching this art series by PBS called art:21 which is very interesting.

Here's their welcome statement:      

"welcome to art:21

“Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century” is the only series on television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States, and it uses the medium of television to provide an experience of the visual arts that goes far beyond a gallery visit. Fascinating and intimate footage allows the viewer to observe the artists at work, watch their process as they transform inspiration         into art, and hear their thoughts as they grapple with the physical and visual challenges of achieving their artistic visions."

It's really been fascinating to learn all these contemporary artist's thought processes and what inspires and influences their art. I'm realizing more and more, that I'm more of an artist than I realized. My writing is my way of expressing part of my artistic side and my vision boarding aka treasure mapping is another.

I've also realized that there's so much more I can learn about art and artists by taking some art classes just for my personal pleasure. My heart really sang the last time I did. I've been wanting to re-paint one  large canvas forever yet know that I'm not disciplined enough to paint without the structure of a class setting.

It was very fun to see that numerous artists had pictures pulled from magazines too as inspiration. It was so nice to realize I'm not crazy, just creative! I love being around smart, creative, inspiring people.

That's why this weekend was fun. I went back to the LA Art Show again and really took my time this go-round. Last time I had been in a hurry because I needed to get home in time to take care of the dog I was babysitting and rushed through.

I'll give a full report on this show next week. I just need some space to sleep on my thoughts and feelings. I'll let you know.

Oh, and I do like the City Council people even though I don't always agree with their decisions. I just need the space to meet some new people at my event which is why I said what I did. No hard feelings ok? You probably would love a break from me too! Plus, everyone is going to be gone anyway so it's a moot point.

Enjoy your evening sans Desperate Housewives. Man, I wish these producers/CEO's realize how much they're screwing with their customers. Not a good position to be in. We need the escape ok? Get it together and stop stone-walling. Enough's enough.

I WANT MY DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!! Ok, now I feel better.

Good night everyone.

New Years, My birthday, The Bucket List

By Joy A. Kennelly

For whatever reason, people keep Googling "the blond guy from TMZ" and find my blog. How long ago did I write about him and TMZ? I just think it would be hilarious if he either lives in the South Bay, or is a member of Oct 805, my biggest fans. Who knows? Who cares? I don't, but just think it would be ironic.

In any case, I actually had the most delightful birthday after all. I knew it would turn out that way - the best days always come after the worst. Plus, when there's nothing planned, then good stuff can fill in too. Like the wonderfully sweet card from one of my good friends which arrived unexpectedly.

I also joined a good girlfriend for a spontaneous celebratory birthday lunch which was great. Then dashed off to Glen Ivy Day Spa to cash in my two-for-one coupon I found recently that I'd collected over the summer during one of the AVP's. It expired 12/31 and I thought what a great way to end the year and celebrate my birthday.

Receiving an email from a very fun girlfriend who was off for the day while her husband was working prompted me to invite her to join me. By 2pm we were soaking in the generous hot tub relaxing. We pampered ourselves with the moisturizing Grotto treatment and just generally relaxed throughout the spa not leaving till almost six! Now that's my kind of day.

My other great girlfriend had heard my plight of no New Year's plans and invited me to join her at her fun married friend's New Year's open house. This couple is such an adorable contrast - she loves parties, he swears not to, but does throw margarita wrestling contests for young women which absolutely cracks me up since his wife is one of the most respected experts in her field - known world-wide for her brilliance.

To know both of them though, they're the most loving, giving, generous people who are so full of life and fun that I don't care what they do. They're my friends and his mom is great too! Even though last night wasn't anything like I had planned, it was just perfect.

My new BFF and her husband who had invited me are really wonderful to me too. They gave me the best birthday cake, presents and love. I am indebted to their generosity of spirit and heart. Thank you!!!!

Great food, great friends, great conversations, ending with fun times down at the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza - hard to believe fun too for adults over 20 out past 9pm I know, but the swing band drew a decidely older crowd which made for a nice mix of people.

What I thought was absolutely hilarious was to see a woman who was older than me wearing the shortest micro mini standing on stage proudly french kissing her husband when it struck midnight. I'd heard this woman needs attention, but didn't realize how badly till I saw her outfit and subsequent kiss. I guess if you've still got it flaunt it right? Or is it at the beach once a bleached blond bimbo, always one? I don't know.

Oh I must stop, it's not nice to speak poorly of your elders. Sorry Sienna. Whoops. Didn't mean to blow your cover, but then again you're not hiding anything so why should I? I'm such a bitch with a capital B. Can't help myself.

It just comes naturally this time of the month, but I hope you know I mean this all in good fun. If you can't poke gentle fun at politician's wives, who can you laugh at? See, you're laughing too! I see that smile. You agree. This is what makes the beach scene so entertaining to be part of if you ask me. If it's not the young bucks, it's the old babes...

We would have hit the Mermaid bar afterwards, but the line wasn't worth standing in. We really must hit it before it's torn down - one of Hermosa Beach's historic monuments for the great drinkers of our city. Just kidding, but it is historic.

For those of you who don't live down here that whole piece of property (of which the Mermaid is but one part) is going for 33 million dollars - now does it give you an idea of the size of the property for sale and the value of Hermosa Beach beachfront? We'll see what goes in there next - could make for some interesting changes to the whole Downtown scene in its entirety. Know any cool hotels looking to expand? We'd love to have one come in.

Caught The Bucket List today and it was the perfect day to see it. Great flick and great chemistry between the two men. It was really nice to see Morgan Freeman in something other than his serious films. Also, I wonder how close to Jack's real life this story really is? How many wives has he had again?

I am very emotional (you know why) and I couldn't help but cry at parts. It's very thought-provoking, funny, enjoyable and worth catching. I really liked it. Made me want to create my own "bucket list."

Let's see, in no particular order, here's my spur of the moment, off the top of my head "bucket list" -

1. visit Tahiti
2. see healing of family relationships
3. finish my PR certificate at UCLA Extension
4. fall madly and deeply in love with the man I'm to marry and spend the rest of my life with
5. get my hormones balanced out once and for all
6. lose 15 or 20 more pounds (lost 12 so far!) and keep it off
7. travel the world to exotic places I've never been like Thailand, Fiji, Bangkok, Australia, New Zealand
8. go back to Africa and visit everywhere we lived and traveled to when I was young
9. write my book on my open adoption experience and have it turned into a movie
10. have a syndicated column writing like I do for my blog on whatever I feel like
11. make a difference in my community that changes its course of history forever
12. be a good role model to my nieces and son and children who are like family to me
13. paint more
14. love more
15. share more
16. volunteer more
17. trust more
18. laugh more
19. bitch less
20. Enjoy life to the fullest in whatever I'm doing, with whoever I'm doing it with
21. See The Oprah Show and The Ellen Show live and see great guests and receive great gifts
22. See loved ones I've been praying for come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior
23.  Be a better friend in a deeper way to people in my life I care about
24. Have my life count for something bigger than myself
25. balance my life better

I had such a pleasant yesterday and today that I feel ready for whatever is thrown my way in 2008. I had such peace last night even though I was single. It just felt like it was okay for that night. I just had the distinct feeling that I should cherish being alone because once I am married I'll never be alone again.

Hard to believe I'd ever get to the place that I'm actually happy being single, but I have a real contentment and settled feeling about it all. Like 2007 was supposed to clear out all the bad relationships that were holding me back for the right one in 2008. Does that make sense?

Who knows if this makes sense, but I do know I am closer to God as a result of this year and know who I am better too. Like Philippians says in the Bible chapter 4:11-13.

"I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

I hope you have the opportunity to experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding at some point in your life too.

God bless you! Happy New Year!

Live like you were dying and consider writing your own bucket list. May make you reconsider how you'll spend 2008.

Life's short people and we're only given so much time on earth. How will you spend it this year? Make it count.

And with that... Good night... or should I say Good morning...

Yelp, Studio DNA, Funnel Mill, Bodega Wine Bar, Landmark Theatre, and Anna's

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today I remembered there was a Christmas block party I had rsvped for hosted by Yelp taking place down in Santa Monica right near where my old boyfriend used to live. It was too late to get anyone to join me so I headed down by myself not sure what to expect.

What a delightfully fun afternoon and evening! Total serendipity! Here's the official invite - cute or what?

It's A Holiday Block Party! - LA Yelp's Second Annual Holiday Bash!

That's right, we're takin' over an entire Santa Monica city block for a continuous flow of fun you won't wanna miss!

When is it?
Sunday, December 9th

Who's involved?
Studio DNA
Funnell Mill
Bodega Wine Bar
(Basically, the 814 to 930 block of Broadway in Santa Monica)

What's happenin'?
Awesome "spoken review" yelper performances
Complimentary salon styling sessions
Nokia phone giveaway
Discounted holiday shopping
And sooo much more!

 Click here for yelper chit chat about the event!

OH AND...ATTENTION ALL ATTENTION WHUUUWERRRS: If you are interested in being considered for a slot on the yelper "spoken review" stage, then include that in your RSVP and I will send you more info. :)

Thanks everyone and look forward to closing out '07 in true Yelp fashion with y'all!

Ciao for niao,

I hadn't ever been to a "yelp" event before, but it sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a shot. I found the site promoting my artist client, Gali Rotstein's Art Opening Reception taking place January 12, 2008 at Lois Lambert Gallery from 6pm - 9pm (gotta get the plug in there or I wouldn't be a good publicist now would I?)

I arrived at the first location, Funnell Mill, and after checking in decided to go on down the block and check out the hair salon rather than stay there. When I walked into Studio DNA everyone was very friendly, it wasn't too busy and there was a lot of interesting African Christmas ornaments, art, purses, children's table ware, shoes, necklaces, and other cool items to look over. It soon filled up with an eclectic crowd. Made me glad I came early.

I asked what they were all about today with their salon specials and the very nice woman manning the front desk said we're offering free salon treatments. At first I resisted because I didn't feel comfortable being in a party setting getting my hair washed, but after she explained it was to demonstrate the new Bumble and Bumble hair products and would deep-moisturize my hair, I thought why not?

I'm so glad I did! My hair hasn't felt this soft, or looked this good in a little while! The owner, Aubrey (whose initial is part of the salon's name along with his life and business partner, Danny - get it? "D N A" aint that special? Very nice guys.) was very wonderful and trimmed my bangs which have been bugging me forever. I felt like a new woman after his skilled touch. I really enjoyed the pampering too. Thank you Aubrey! You're the best!

After experiencing the new hydrating hair treatments specially designed by Estee Lauder Research Laboratories and Bumble and Bumble so your scalp is treated just as well as your hair, Aubrey blew my hair out all flippy and curled which was a lot of fun to wear out of there. I felt so girly pretty!

If he's this conscientious and skilled just blowing out my hair, I can't wait to have my hair cut there too! There wasn't time today, but I'll be back. They're located on the corner of Broadway and 9th and are celebrating their one-year anniversary. Very stylish salon, friendly personnel, talented stylists and reasonable prices with great South African specialty Christmas gift items you won't find elsewhere. What more could you ask for? Great reviews on Yelp too!

The party crowd was initially predominantly Asian, but there were all ages and types of very stylish people milling around. What I really liked about this crowd was that everyone was very friendly. Very interesting seeing as many people hadn't met prior, but maybe had read each other's profiles online and connected at this event for the first time.

After getting my hair done I walked down to the Bodega Wine Bar to check it out. Their motto is "wine for one & wine for all." I remember that space from years ago and it looked nothing like it does now. Great wine selection, sexy moody environment, nice lay-out and very helpful staff. The food was good too. I'm telling you I hit the jackpot on this party.

I met a very nice woman there who explained that although she lived in Long Beach, she had met a lot of her nearby neighbors just going out to attend events she learned of on Yelp which seems like a real social group. She also explained that Yelp reviewers took great pride in writing their reviews of places they visited. It was almost like the reviewers were blogging more than reviewing, but it really made places come alive as a result.

Soon, some of the "Yelpers" got up to read their reviews and it was almost as if they were local celebrities the way the crowd responded. It was very cool to see an entire bar almost quiet down completely to hear someone read their writing.

One guy was very funny and wrote Santa a letter as his way of describing the place he had gone to visit. Another guy compared his favorite bar to a long-lost girlfriend - very clever writing.

My new friend told me that many of the Yelp reviewers were from the advertising community. Very good writers, some so much so they'd been asked to write for magazines which again, I found very interesting.

Her husband had been approached numerous times, but he writes for fun and to please himself since he's a nurse and uses Yelp strictly as a creative outlet. Very fun. She's a librarian so very literary too I would assume. I can't wait to go back to the site and really read some of these reviews now that I understand the culture a little more now.

Soon after there was a drawing for a free Nokia phone which I was hoping to win because it had 8mg of storage, took pictures, had an mp3 player and all kinds of other cool features that I forget now. I didn't win, but had an enjoyable snack and conversation.

To kill time before the drawing I had returned to Funnell Mill for a cup of coffee. I wrote some Christmas cards and when I asked someone for more cream because my coffee tasted a little bitter, he took my cup away and said he would replace it.

He then brought me the cutest coffee serving, almost like a formal English tea setting, but with my  fresh brewed coffee rather than tea. He then explained that he was the owner. We had a wonderful conversation discussing his philosophy of business, all the various types of gourmet coffees he offered (including a $60 cup of Kopi Luwak from Indonesia--$600 a pound!-- You must be a coffee connoisseur for him to even consider serving you! I love it! A coffee critic!), and how he started the business with his fiance. Very nice guy.

This is definitely not Starbucks! It's a gourmet coffee house in the heart of Santa Monica that people find out about word-of-mouth which is why I'm telling you. Check it out. Relaxing music, simple surroundings, classy service, personable owners, and great freshly brewed coffee. An enjoyable way to cap off my night, but it didn't end there.

My friend Brenda called me out of the blue and asked if I was planning to hit another party in the area. I hadn't heard of it and really wasn't sure I really wanted to since I was having such an enjoyable experience just hanging out alone with the interesting people I was meeting. I told her I'd meet her there after the Nokia drawing. She went ahead because she was close by, but then called me to suggest we meet elsewhere instead.

She suggested the new Landmark Theatre over in the Westside Pavilion which I was game to experience. I'm so glad we did. It's way cool. They have three theaters that seat 40 or less people with couches! How cool is that? Plus, numerous other larger theaters with up to 300 stadium seating. All brand new, very quiet, very relaxing and with all the quality of a larger-size theater with great sound and visuals. HIGHLY recommend you check it out. Better than the Arclight and closer too! Check it out and you'll agree I promise.

It was teeming with people. Even saw my local bank teller from Hermosa.

For a film buff like myself and Brenda, we were lovin' it. Not in the mood to see a film tonight, but definitely keeping it in mind for future events and as a place to return to. Brenda plans events for a large Christian entertainment group in town called Inter-Mission and because she's so busy working over in Studio City at CBS Studio, we rarely see each other since I'm way down in Hermosa Beach. It was real special to spend time with her after so long.

We opted to catch a quick bite and since we were so close to Anna's, one of my favorite old-school Italian restaurants in the neighborhood my Goal Gal group and I had gone to in the past, we went there. Even though it had been months since my last visit, the owner acted like he remembered me and was very gracious. Brenda and I enjoyed catching up on each other's lives since she was leaving for home next week and I wouldn't have seen her otherwise. We loved our night out!

So guys, if you're looking for a romantic evening with your favorite gal, Brenda and I suggest going to Anna's for dinner then getting great seats in the smaller, intimate theaters to watch your favorite movie together cozied up next to each other on your own private, leather couch. If Brenda and I had a special guy you better believe we'd be suggesting it to them! Very romantic and low-key at the same time. FUN!

Brenda and I had a Ro-tic evening - you know - romantic without the guy. She and I wonder when God is bringing us our special guys, but we're enjoying life in the meantime. We're thinking we need to throw some cool events in the new year and invite everyone we know to catch a movie there. Ya never know. I know guys she doesn't know and vice versa so could be fun. I'll keep ya posted.

I finally feel in the Christmas spirit! I needed a day like today. I bought a few gifts, wrote some cards, decorated my little live tree, put out my Christmas decorations around my home while listening to Christmas music (now I'm hearing the all Elvis hour of Christmas music - very fun) and feel very content.

I hope you're having a great Christmas season and enjoying yourself! Like Elvis is singing - "Santa hear my plea and bring my baby back to me!" Whoever my baby is right Elvis? LOL:)

That's all for now. Busy day tomorrow and need my beauty sleep. C ya!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just waiting on my friend to pick me up for two parties and thought I'd send a shout out to y'all's.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for living in the United States. I'm thankful to the military who is serving and away from their families today.

Also thankful for all the good friends and family I have in my life. Thankful to be living near the beach. Thankful to be alive and kickin'.

Thankful for you!

Have a good one!

The Gathering of Men 2007 Fall Breakfast, Joey Brucato, Daily Breeze

By Joy A. Kennelly

This year's Gathering of Men breakfast, features Dr. Ken Poure and takes place on Tuesday, November 13 from 6:45am - 8:00am at the Torrance Marriott on 3635 Fashion Way. Dr, Ken Poure, the director emeritus of Hume Lake Christian Camps, is known for his unique blend of wisdom, practical knowledge, and side-splitting humor. (They're not kidding - he's hilarious!)

He draws experience and wisdom from his 45 years of ministry, which he continues to use to enrich the lives of people everywhere. The sole purpose of The Gathering of Men is to provide an opportunity for men to investigate the Christian life and how it can impact their life. Click here to buy a ticket.

Okay, that's the marketing materials perspective - here's mine. Where else can men go and feel safe to let their guard down? It's like when women go on women's retreats, the spa together or even the Governor's Women Conference together - every gender needs time alone away from the distractions the other gender brings to just be who they really are. Plus, this one throws God in and it's great!

I have to admit, I wish I could go! Think of the possibilities ladies! Just teasing, but again, maybe not. I love men and especially those who love themselves. They're just more self-confident and I feel safe around them.

Most guys I meet are like that, but every so often you meet someone that isn't and you just want to say, go take the Gracie Academy's course on killing people. That will give you self-confidence! JUST KIDDING GRACIE ACADEMY! You know I admire you guys and am totally teasing that that's all you teach.

Do have to admit though - don't understand the fascination with Ultimate Fighting. My friend Winston is obsessed! Can't miss a fight and as a result, misses a lot of social opportunities to actually meet women. Hello? What's wrong with this picture? No wonder you're single bud!

I keep teasing him that if they ever start a dating site for Ulitimate Fighting fans, he'll find his sweetheart in a heartbeat. Where's the love Gracie Academy? You guys should look into doing something like that. Think of the money you'd pull in! I'm putting this out there for anyone else too. The sport is only going to get bigger.

Because, back to my original point, men need to be men. I think part of the reason for the success and growth of the Gracie Academy is because it's a time that men can share together and bond. Just like sports or horse racing like my friend Gus is so obsessed with. Even missed a Laker game last night for the park. He TOTALLY cracks me up! Gotta love a guy who has his priorities straight. HA!

Men wonder why they're single too. I realize I do way too many all-female activities not on purpose, but because it's natural to spend time with my girlfriends dong girl stuff which is why I'm single. Also, because maybe I'm a little bit of a work-a-holic too, but we won't go there.

I'm learning and actually took time out last night to have a group of around 25 people over for dinner which was really, really fun. I made it a potluck to make it easier and it was so much better. Usually it's just me cooking away and it was so nice to have so many people pitch in. I let those who'd attended previous parties I've thrown where they did a lot to prep with me, just come and not bring anything which they appreciated too.

It all balances out. The only bummer was that it was so cold and when we started the fire it was so smoky it was hard to be near it even though you really wanted to! But other than that, the party was great. Just what I wanted it to be - relaxed, people meeting new people and catching up with old friends, enjoying great food (my meat lasagna is gone, but there's still some veggie left if you're hungry - just teasing...:), showing off my new place, meeting my new, great neighbors, and listening to soulful music.

My new BFF's were there and we listened to Joey Brucato's music which is really great. The lyrics are totally in my head as I write this. It's the morning after of the night before or something like that. He's passionate, soulful, romantic, real... I highly recommend you get his music now!

It's like having a boyfriend on the air waves.

Now to find someone who will actually say all this to me. HA! Every time I need a little boost, I'm going to listen to his music and dream about my soul mate. Joey, what do you think? Is he out there?

Here's more of these great lyrics...

Would you wander the world beside me? Like the moon and the sun to guide me? I love how you realize me. I love being with you, I love being with you, I love being with you... People come and go, I want you to know, I will never let you go, I love it when you're here It's beautiful to me that you love me. Run to me I'm so excited I've wanted you all day and when I'm with you I'm so inspired and everything in every way

Aren't those great lyrics? What tell you hear him sing it. DAMN! Give me one of those! And he writes every song. Such a talent. World get on board! You're missing out.

Check out his myspace page to hear the real thing and you'll fall in love too. He was voted Best Vocalist at some major awards show. I totally can see why. It's only a matter of time that he hits it big I think.

Let it be me

who comes to hold you

when the world outside

has been cold to you

who sets you free

let it be me

come a little closer

let me feel you near

open up and let me feel

inside you

I would never stop

give you all the love I've got

let it go

show me

let it be me let it be me let it be me let it be me

Okay, I'll let it be you - whoever you is! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I love good music. And Joey Brucato is the real thing. Just think, we'd never have met if he hadn't joined our picket line. God is moving people! HA!

Speaking of picketing, remind me to upload some pictures of us "nasty" people picketing. You're going to laugh out loud that the Daily Breeze thought my sweet little mom was "nasty." I was smiling the whole time too because Joey was so funny, the situation was ridiculous that we even had to picket to get people out to vote and raise awareness, and because I thought it was hilarious that the Tucker camp felt threatened by our actions.

Maybe Andrea, the reporter, was referring to Peter Tucker's son, Ryan? Or the hecklers from their camp or the bar patrons? Even Ryan became nicer as the day went on because he realized what we were doing wasn't personal, just bidness. He's a good guy. I admire the whole family - Sienna stood by her man! You go girl!

Okay, gotta run.

Guys, if you're looking for the meaning in life since you've tried booze or women or drugs and gambling, and you're still not fulfilled, give The Gathering of Men a visit. You'll be glad you did. God will meet you there. I promise. Doesn't matter what your past has been, God will give you a new future. I promise you.

God loves you and so do I.

I'm singing again this Sunday at our Lomita location for my Bay Cities Community Church. Come on out! Would love to meet you in person. I mean it.

This is Joy, signing off.

How to honor your husband - I'm learning now for later...:)


July 30, 2007 Just read this one and thought it was nice. Enjoy!

Bow to Your Partner

By Renee Myers, She Speaks! Graduate

“Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. She will not hinder him but help him all her life.”

Proverbs 31:11 (NLT)


Do you square dance? I don’t, but I love watching square dance couples here in the South. They’re usually senior couples dressed in their finest square dancing regalia, happy and having a good time. They’re enjoying each other. Isn’t that something? After what must have been many years as partners, they’re still having a good time together! And I think I know why. It’s because they “bow to their partner.”

In square dancing, couples assemble in ‘squares’, music begins, and a Caller calls out steps to lead them through their dance. The caller begins by telling the dancers to “bow to your partner,” and without missing a beat, they do. Looking their best, with smiles on their faces, they make eye contact and bow to their partner.

Can you imagine what a difference it would make if each time our “Caller” told us to bow to our partner we tried to look our best with a big smile, made eye contact with our husband, and paid him some respect without missing a beat? If I were better at bowing to my partner, I suspect we’d be having a “good ol’ time” all the time like those square dancers I’ve seen!

The Bible doesn’t teach us about square dancing, but it does tell us about the Proverbs 31 woman bowing to her husband as a “wife of noble character” in the 31st chapter of Proverbs. Being a godly wife is first priority for the Proverbs 31 woman! Making your husband second only to God is the best way to “bow to your partner.” This means putting him before children, jobs, and other priorities in your life. 

Bowing to our partner is about honoring our husband. Today’s verse teaches we can honor our husbands by being trustworthy. Our husbands should be able to depend upon and rely on us. This includes not being deceitful, hiding things from them, or doing things behind their backs. 

Proverbs 31: 11 instructs us to enrich our husbands’ lives. Ask your husband how you can do this for him. Perhaps it will be to keep his laundry done and the house organized. Maybe it will be reduce chaos in your home and create more peace. Or he might request that you put other demands aside so you can focus dedicated attention on him. 

For me, “bowing to my partner” by enriching his life means keeping my mouth shut when it wants to snap; doing something nice because it’s the right thing to do even if it doesn’t seem deserved; and expressing my love, appreciation, and respect for him. I haven’t mastered these things, but I’m trying!

Today’s verse is summed up by instructing us “not to hinder him but help him all of our life.”

It might sound one-sided or unfair that we are asked to bow to our partners in these ways, but I’ve found that when I give a little, my husband will respond and give a little, too. Bowing to your partner will become a two-way venture. You’ll soon be doing the “do-si-do” of life together into a future of love and happiness! And if it makes you feel better, 1 Peter 3:7 says, “In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives…” I have that verse circled in my Bible!

 Dear Lord, Please help me to honor my husband and be pleasing to him. In doing so, I’m not just honoring him but honoring You too, as I seek to be a godly wife. Lord, I pray for the wives who are struggling in their relationships and ask that you will put in their hearts the desire to “bow to your partner” and bless their marriages accordingly when they do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Donny's fans, Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach

By Joy A. Kennelly

I'm absolutely wiped out tonight - too many meetings all week long. Hoping to have more next week, but tonight I'm kickin' it.

Just had to comment though that Donny Deutsch seems to have a lot of fans! Most people who've found my blog this week are because of my writing about his Big Idea show...LOL.

In any case, had an amazing dinner and drinks with Ewa and Gary over at the Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club in Redondo Beach the other night. I didn't even recognize the property since it's been completely renovated - it was absolutely stunning.

If you haven't gone there in a few years, it's definitely worth taking a date you want to impress to their Baleen restaurant since it's extremely romantic with subdued lighting, candlelight at the table, the boats gently rocking in the harbor, a cool sea breeze coming in the open windows, and amazing food!

Here's the official description of the restaurant according to one travel site I found:

Baleen Los Angeles

"Nationally renowned for its serious food and whimsical mood, the all-new Baleen Redondo Beach brings an eclectic fine dining experience to The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club, with the Pacific Ocean offering the perfect backdrop. For outside dining, the patio overlooks the marina with dramatic drapery and firepits. Inside, the motif is balanced with dark wood flooring and accents. The upstairs bar offers a cosmopolitan-lounge vibe, with fireside sofas and chairs."

I'm not a foodie so I can't do the food justice, but trust me it was really, really good. The entire place is like this hidden jewel of the South Bay. Shhh, don't tell anyone because I want it to be my private hide-a-way when I need to get away from the world.

Very sophisticated, charming, resort-feel to this sea-side location. I just loved it and loved the company of that night. If you look at the web site you will be blown away with the renovation of the place. Very elegant - definitely my kind of hotel.

We three met at the big chamber mixer over in El Segundo and had originally planned to just get together for drinks, but pretty soon, drinks lead to appetizers which lead to me enjoying filet mignon encrusted in Roquefort on a bed of sliced short rib pieces with a side of mashed potatoes and artichoke and a caprese salad. Wonderful.

I had been so tired from driving all day to various meetings when we first met at 7:00pm I had to have two cokes to wake up. By the time we left the restaurant it  must have been around 10:30pm we were all having such a fun time getting to know each other. That was a pure dining experience.

Ewa, the controller of the hotel, is so entertaining and interesting. Gary is my new ad/marketing bud who runs Tiburon Design. Very gifted, talented guy with a great company. Highly recommend him and his work. I must say, that evening was one of my more memorable South Bay experiences to date.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm too tired.

Time to hit the hay. Have fun out there.

Remember - don't drink and drive!:)

Crown Jewel Club, Shade Hotel, The Party Goddess, Gali Rotstein and Age of Love

By Joy A. Kennelly

Where to begin? Spent lunch with the Crown Jewel Club Girls over at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach as a fund-raiser for this delightful organization. Here's the mission statement from their Web site:

"Crown Jewel Club is dedicated to giving at-risk, inner-city girls the opportunity to learn basic disciplines in the areas of basic manners, grooming, table etiquette, and how to conduct themselves in social settings.

The goal is to provide a positive environment that fosters improved self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for themselves and others, self-awareness, self-nurturing, the value of giving, perseverance, and the importance of education, family and friendships."

Just a wonderful organization with wonderful success stories, it brought tears to my eyes to hear the children tell NBC weatherman, Fritz Coleman, and NBC Co-Anchor, Colleen Williams, (who both co-hosted the luncheon) how "Mrs. Phillips" has changed their lives.

Mrs. Phillips is the founder of this two-year old organization which has radically changed the lives of the girls who have gone through the training. I spoke to the school counselor afterwards and she said that she's been at that school for 10 years and there were always fights and disagreements among the girls in the Spring. Now, since the program has been in place, that behavior has stopped. Also, this group helped one little girl choose not to join a gang when asked to. Man...

My two little favorite girls when asked about themselves responded - "I love sushi and Mrs. Phillips." The 2nd little girl said, "I love Mrs. Phillips. She's taught me how not to be so ghetto." How cute is that? Each little girl was wearing the cutest bonnet too. Check out the Web site for pictures and more details.

There were also some real amazing little girls who wanted to be doctors, fashion designers, investigators, and one little girl who seemed destined for politics telling us how she wanted to uncover domestic violence or something like that. This from girls ages 9-11 years old living in South Central!

Shade Hotel was a really beautiful venue for this event too. They closed down the bar area and the outdoor patio for the luncheon. Free organic manicures were offered by Green Bliss Eco Spa, a traveling spa, at one end. Delicious tea sandwiches, Caesar salad, fresh fruit and petit fours were elegantly displayed and prepared by
Marley Majcher of The Party Goddess.

Five years ago when I was in the catering business (has anyone ever avoided it completely?) I worked for her company and actually ended up serving at her wedding. She is such a fun party girl. Half the room was formal china, silver, chandeliers to represent her husband, and the other half of the room was this wild animal print chairs, brightly colored plates, cups, etc (at least that's what I remember. I also remember serving jello shots a lot too - that was one fun party for those wedding guests!)

She's extremely creative, very smart business woman. I highly recommend her company to you. You can tell her I referred you as we re-acquainted ourselves at the event. She remembered me too which was fun. She produced this event and it was top notch all the way. The goody bags are wonderful with so many sponsored gifts I can't go into them all here. Just know they are spectacular and most enjoyable.

The one funny moment of the day was seeing the former Mayor of Manhattan Beach, Steve A. Napolitano, there and mistaking him for someone who worked for the hotel because of his 60's style brown shirt and matching brown pants that looked like it could be a uniform if you glanced at him quickly. I couldn't figure out why he was walking out to join all the ladies until he was acknowledged from the stage as who he was! My bad.

I had seen him at the other women's conference event I went to and couldn't figure out why a young, handsome guy like himself would attend an obviously all-female event (Okay, not really, but why did he keep showing up though?), but when it was mentioned that he was part of some other governmental office it became clear he was schmoozing his constituency (although he's very low-key - I think he likes to be supportive too. How do I know though? I don't even know the guy - only spoke a few words to him today! I'm sure everyone else in town knows him though. He seems a little shy.)

He was very gracious to the charity and offered his office to match anyone's $5,000 grant they made that day. I don't think it was that type money crowd, but this was my first Manhattan Beach event. I'm just getting the lay of the land down here.

Who knows what goes on in the Soroptomist International of Manhattan Beach? Seems like a great organization to be part of though since they do so much charitable work. I like that. I might have to see what all is entailed to be part of it because I'm impressed with the women I have met to date.

Then drove like a mad woman to Gali's (trying to burn out the additives in my engine like the mechanic suggested this morning when I took my car in for review again.) It was rather fun speeding full bore around the curves of the Sepulveda pass in my red sports car. Fortunately, no police were around because I was booking! Just doing what my mechanic suggested. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Met with Gali to discuss strategy and next steps. Together with her designer friend, Cynthia Combs, they have created the most classy press kit from the raw press materials I gave them. I was so happy! It was beyond what I imagined it could be. Those two are EXTREMELY talented. Too bad Cynthia's moving to South Carolina to start her eco events business, but I'm sure anything she does will be first class all the way. I'm also sure you'll be hearing about her sooner than later. Mark my words.

I feel good about what Gali and I have planned now and just need to implement everything. This week is going to be extremely busy!  I'm networking like a crazy woman - chamber lunch tomorrow afternoon, Third Tuesday in the evening (don't really network there, but catch up with friends.) Wednesday night - another chamber mixer. I'm intent on checking out the local scene since I normally never hang out down here in the South Bay and am curious who participates.

Thursday morning - another networking breakfast (I overslept last week and hope to make this one - my nights can get late though!) and then that evening two events- the Simpson's movie animation art gallery opening with a cool crowd in attendance (I'm tired and not explaining it properly, but trust me it's going to be great!!!! Fred Willard anyone? How about a Flamin' Moe? I CANNOT WAIT!!!) followed by the EPPS summer mixer which is always a good time.

I pitched myself to a lot of the publicists in that organization to help with their overflow PR work. It will be nice to put the name to the faces. Also, to see old friends I don't see except for these events. Very good group of people. Highly recommend joining if you're an independent publicist, or any type actually.

Okay, I'm getting tired. I do need to say something though about the show, Age of Love. Although at one point I was hoping to like Jen, the oldest one of the bunch, as she is the spokesmodel for the clothing site I was approached to represent, can't say that I do. I think that woman is a Cougar with a capital "C." She even said it herself in tonight's episode, she only wants what she wants.

I WOULD NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER date someone 18 years younger, especially if my son was that age - that's just sick and wrong. I have gone out socially with much, much younger men, but I would NEVER, ever seriously consider dating any of them! I think the youngest I ever hung out with was 18 years and even that was a huge age difference at the time. He was a model - what can I say? First red head I ever hung out socially with too. Too much a Daddy thing since my Dad's a red head - just not my thing. I like my men dark and handsome. Know anyone? :)

BTW, took my profile off yahoo because the person's profile I hid popped up in my box as reviewing my profile and I couldn't figure out how to remove him. If he's not interested enough to contact me, then why stare at his face right? However, it would have been nice, but would have been's do not a relationship make. I think I'm taking a break from online stuff for a bit except maybe EHarmony still. Too much going on this week.

Back to age vs. beauty, whoops, 20's vs. 40's. I don't think it's a fair playing field for someone that much older to pursue someone younger like that - I think what next week's episode will reveal is that Mark (isn't that his name? I'm sorry, he's not that exciting to me - handsome, but a little too naive) is more interested in just having sex with her than having a real relationship.

Also, that woman seems more interested in adding him to her (sex) belt than having a real relationship too I think. She seems too hard and calculating to be anything other than a (fill in the blank.) Can you tell I'm over wanting to work with that company?

However, maybe I should watch what I say seeing as she's the assistant to the head coach of the Lakers and if I ever need a favor, she'd probably be the one I need to deal with!:) Jen, you're a very nice woman and I'm sure you had only the best motives on the show. Really, I do. Truce?

I have to admit though, that show cracks me up when some of the earlier 40 year old women got kicked off because they were bemoaning the fact that time was slipping away (or words to that effect.) I've been there, but not on national TV!!! No reality TV for me - thank you very much. I especially would never go on national TV and announce my age to the world. A lady never reveals her age and a gentleman never asks.

I had to teach that to the little cutie patootie four year old boy who was watching softball with me the other week. I can be real kid-like around kids because I just love playing around and being silly with them which they love too. I guess I was a little too much for his serious little mind and he asked me with great concern, "How old ARE you?" I just love how honest little kids can be.

I kept teasing him and telling him I wanted to pick him up and give him a big hug he was so cute. I told him too, not only is he handsome, but I bet he's smart too, to which he replied, "Yes I am" with all the bravado his tiny little body could muster. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! They're all coming to my BBQ so I can't wait to see him again. Very fun little boy.

Speaking of which, my little boy (9 years old now!) just sent me the sweetest thank you card for the Star Wars stamps and funny reggae head pencil I sent him for fun. He lives with his adoptive parents outside DC and he's the best little guy. I just love him. I'm going to buy some fun stationary to correspond back to him. Little boys are fun!

It's the big boys you have to watch out for. Just teasing. I wish I had a big boy in my life about now. Are you feeling me single girls? Jen? HA! LOL. In any case, today was fun. Tomorrow is going to be busy so I best be getting to bed.

Have a great night (what's left of it.)

Have you ever read Proverbs 31:10-31 before?

My friend invited me to join her at a Bible Study on Proverbs 31 and although I went, my back was too painful sitting in the chairs so I'm home now. However, it was very interesting to break this passage down and really think about the qualities I want to have in my life. I've been convicted lately of how I communicate to men I care about.

I don't know if that's where this deep sense of sadness is coming from, but it's still here even today. I am fine and then all of a sudden it's like a knife is in my heart and I'm deeply, deeply sad over what? I still don't know. It's like my heart is breaking over something and I don't know what or who yet.

I am moving forward with getting my business stuff in order though. I also had the brain scan which was similar to an MRI, but not as scary. The whole time I was on the table listening to the machine whirl above my head I couldn't stop thinking that I was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy and any minute George was going to call dibs on my brain. I know, I'm crazy. But it's what helps me through the day.

Otherwise, just pushing forward. Domi just found out a film he was in was accepted to the Cannes Film Festival which is pretty exciting. I'm going to do some publicity around that now. There's a lot of fun events to attend this week too. Hitting a photo exhibit tomorrow night. Will share on that after it happens. Should be fun.

So that's all for now. Read on if you're curious about the Christian ideal of a perfect wife. Pretty high standard, eh?

Proverbs 31:10-31:

    10  A wife of noble character who can find?
       She is worth far more than rubies.

    11 Her husband has full confidence in her
       and lacks nothing of value.

    12 She brings him good, not harm,
       all the days of her life.

    13 She selects wool and flax
       and works with eager hands.

    14 She is like the merchant ships,
       bringing her food from afar.

    15 She gets up while it is still dark;
       she provides food for her family
       and portions for her servant girls.

    16 She considers a field and buys it;
       out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.

    17 She sets about her work vigorously;
       her arms are strong for her tasks.

    18 She sees that her trading is profitable,
       and her lamp does not go out at night.

    19 In her hand she holds the distaff
       and grasps the spindle with her fingers.

    20 She opens her arms to the poor
       and extends her hands to the needy.

    21 When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
       for all of them are clothed in scarlet.

    22 She makes coverings for her bed;
       she is clothed in fine linen and purple.

    23 Her husband is respected at the city gate,
       where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.

    24 She makes linen garments and sells them,
       and supplies the merchants with sashes.

    25 She is clothed with strength and dignity;
       she can laugh at the days to come.

    26 She speaks with wisdom,
       and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

    27 She watches over the affairs of her household
       and does not eat the bread of idleness.

    28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
       her husband also, and he praises her:

    29 "Many women do noble things,
       but you surpass them all."

    30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
       but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

    31 Give her the reward she has earned,
       and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.