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5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival May 14 and 15, Riverfront Plaza

I am a huge fan of foodie festivals, especially when there's fun music attached which is why I have to share my friend's fun 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival happening on May 14 and 15, at the Riverfront Plaza in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Marcia 2022 IIMarcia and I have known each other forever and often collaborated on all my short film festivals and other events I produced. So naturally, I have to return the favor now that she and her friends are hosting such an amazing event. She moved to Louisiana a few years ago and never looked back. She's surrounded by amazing musicians, delicious food, interesting scenery and the band she publicizes has an amazing listening room where she can hear live music nightly. What's not to love?

Now back to the 5th Annual Soul Food Festival Baton Rouge, LA

Three days of Fabulous Southern Cuisine and Live Music

Smoke and MamieA Sneak Peek of the Festival Talent Lineup on Thursday and

 A Vendor’s Village, Pioneer Award and Soul Food Cooking Contest with judges 

The 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival will take place Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at Riverfront Plaza located at 300 River Road South, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

If you're dying to get out town, then pop on over to Baton Rouge and get your soul on. For travel arrangements, contact Dee at Deech Global Travel 225-747-0057,  [email protected]. She's local and comes recommended.

Festival hours are 11:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday and 11:00am to 8:00pm on Sunday. The family friendly event is free to the public. It features blues, soul, R&B and gospel music, a Vendor’s Village, a Pioneer Award and judged soul food cooking contest. Lawn seating so bring your chairs. 

The Pioneer Award was established by the Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the soul food industry.​ Do fried chicken, chicken wings, greens, cornbread, chitterlings, smothered liver, oxtails short ribs, fried fish, mac and cheese, potato salad, and barbecue baked beans all sound good to you? Then you know your southern cooking!

image from
This years’ Pioneer Award Recipient is Deborah Dickerson of D’s “Southern Soul” Café in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The award was established to honor outstanding contributions to the soul food industry. Miss D, as she’s called, founded the café in 2015. In addition to serving great food, it also provides a safe haven for youth, providing free meals and tutoring. Some of her most requested dishes are Chitterlings, Smothered Liver and the only place you can get Peppergrass in the world. For more information call 225-238-5044 or visit  

Soul Foodie tickets include two food and soft drinks and photo ops for $25.00 per person. Soul Food-RFP II VIP tickets for two that include four food and drink tickets, T-shirts, CD’s and additional perks are $100.00. For additional information call 225-802-9681 or visit

A Pre-Party will be held Thursday, May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.s’ Listening Room from 8pm to midnight. Here's a sneak peek.

The venue is located at 2733 North Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Tickets are $25.00 and include a buffet and soft drinks. The show is a sneak peek of the talent lineup for the festival.

KB & Turmpet (2)Some of the talent lineup includes bands and solo artists like the blues, soul, funk reggae band Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor and the Listening Room All-Stars featuring singer/songwriter Larry “LZ” Dillon, spoken word artist ‘Nspire and the Inspiration band, comedian Eddie “Cool” Deemer's ability to string movie titles, candy and household products into stories always make people laugh; gospel/soul singer Pastor Leon Hutchins  is also known for his upbeat personality and comedy songs; guitarist and singer Owen Scott, R&B singer/songwriter and crooner Xavie Shorts crosses the charts with musical outlets that include R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. One of his classic songs and often requested songs is “Blocked List.” He is guaranteed to make the girls smile with his heartfelt delivery and suave style.  KB & the Backbeat (featured) is a New Orleans influenced Soul Band founded by horn player Kasey Ball. 

The Soul Food Cooking Contest, highlighting regional favorites from Louisiana, Texas, Food Judges TableMississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida include Meats, Vegetable and Side Dishes, Breads and Desserts, Appetizers and Soups, Beverage and Ices. Criteria includes Presentation, Taste, and the Story or History behind each dish. Ten entrants in each category will be pre-selected by the Soul Food screening committee.

Cooking David Hatcher (2)Upon acceptance the entry fee is $20.00, $30.00 for walk-ups, if slots are available. Contestants need to bring enough food for six people the day of their judging. First, second and third place prizes will be awarded in each category. The contest is now open and downloadable forms and additional instructions are available on the website. Vendor slots are also still available.

Soul Food Plain Logo JPeg (3)So get ready for three days of great food from Louisiana and its surrounding southern neighbors, incredible music from local and national touring acts and lots of fun on May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room and next to the USS Kidd on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at the 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival!

5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival May 14 and 15, Riverfront Plaza

I am a huge fan of foodie festivals, especially when there's fun music attached which is why I have to share my friend's fun 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival happening on May 14 and 15, at the Riverfront Plaza in Baton Rouge, LA. 

SFF-Wiiners and Marcia (2)Marcia and I have known each other forever and often collaborated on all my short film festivals and other events I produced. So naturally, I have to return the favor now that she and her friends are hosting such an amazing event. She moved to Louisiana a few years ago and never looked back. She's surrounded by amazing musicians, delicious food, interesting scenery and the band she publicizes has an amazing listening room where she can hear live music nightly.

What's not to love?

Now back to the 5th Annual Soul Food Festival Baton Rouge, LA

Three days of Fabulous Southern Cuisine and Live Music

Smoke and MamieA Sneak Peek of the Festival Talent Lineup on Thursday and

 A Vendor’s Village, Pioneer Award and Soul Food Cooking Contest with judges 

The 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival will take place Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at Riverfront Plaza located at 300 River Road South, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

If you're dying to get out town, then pop on over to Baton Rouge and get your soul on. For travel arrangements, contact Dee at Deech Global Travel 225-747-0057,  [email protected]. She's from there and will hook you up.

Festival hours are 11:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday and 11:00am to 8:00pm on Sunday. The family friendly event is free to the public. It features blues, soul, R&B and gospel music, a Vendor’s Village, a Pioneer Award and judged soul food cooking contest. Lawn seating so bring your chairs. 

The Pioneer Award was established by the Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the soul food industry.​ Do fried chicken, chicken wings, greens, cornbread, chitterlings, smothered liver, oxtails short ribs, fried fish, mac and cheese, potato salad, and barbecue baked beans all sound good to you? Then you know your southern cooking!

image from
This years’ Pioneer Award Recipient is Deborah Dickerson of D’s “Southern Soul” Café in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The award was established to honor outstanding contributions to the soul food industry. Miss D, as she’s called, founded the café in 2015. In addition to serving great food, it also provides a safe haven for youth, providing free meals and tutoring. Some of her most requested dishes are Chitterlings, Smothered Liver and the only place you can get Peppergrass in the world. For more information call 225-238-5044 or visit  

Soul Foodie tickets include two food and soft drinks and photo ops for $25.00 per person. Soul Food-RFP II VIP tickets for two that include four food and drink tickets, T-shirts, CD’s and additional perks are $100.00. For additional information call 225-802-9681 or visit

A Pre-Party will be held Thursday, May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.s’ Listening Room from 8pm to midnight. Check this out!

The venue is located at 2733 North Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Tickets are $25.00 and include a buffet and soft drinks. The show is a sneak peek of the talent lineup for the festival.

KB & Turmpet (2)Some of the talent lineup includes bands and solo artists like the blues, soul, funk reggae band Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor and the Listening Room All-Stars featuring singer/songwriter Larry “LZ” Dillon, spoken word artist ‘Nspire and the Inspiration band, comedian Eddie “Cool” Deemer's ability to string movie titles, candy and household products into stories always make people laugh; gospel/soul singer Pastor Leon Hutchins  is also known for his upbeat personality and comedy songs; guitarist and singer Owen Scott, R&B singer/songwriter and crooner Xavie Shorts crosses the charts with musical outlets that include R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. One of his classic songs and often requested songs is “Blocked List.” He is guaranteed to make the girls smile with his heartfelt delivery and suave style.  KB & the Backbeat (featured) is a New Orleans influenced Soul Band founded by horn player Kasey Ball. 

The Soul Food Cooking Contest, highlighting regional favorites from Louisiana, Texas, Food Judges TableMississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida include Meats, Vegetable and Side Dishes, Breads and Desserts, Appetizers and Soups, Beverage and Ices. Criteria includes Presentation, Taste, and the Story or History behind each dish. Ten entrants in each category will be pre-selected by the Soul Food screening committee.

Cooking David Hatcher (2)Upon acceptance the entry fee is $20.00, $30.00 for walk-ups, if slots are available. Contestants need to bring enough food for six people the day of their judging. First, second and third place prizes will be awarded in each category. The contest is now open and downloadable forms and additional instructions are available on the website. Vendor slots are also still available.

Soul Food Plain Logo JPeg (3)So get ready for three days of great food from Louisiana and its surrounding southern neighbors, incredible music from local and national touring acts and lots of fun on May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room and next to the USS Kidd on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at the 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival!

Railroad Park Resort - All aboard! Visit Siskiyou County and experience #train #travel like never done before.

By Joy A. Kennelly


My review of the Railroad Park Resort is biased because I've known the owners, Mark & Mary Lilley, for a very long time and know they ran a very successful campground elsewhere for about 30 years. They know what they're doing and it makes me happy to see them take on this very fun adventure here in Dunsmuir. For those who don’t know where Dunsmuir is, it’s just below the Oregon border, past Medford, on the northernmost part of California, above Shasta Lake in an area called Siskiyou (Siss Kew.)

According to the visitor site for Siskiyou: “Presiding over it all is Mount Shasta – the 14,179′ strato volcano that towers 10,000 over the surrounding area – and provides a ready playground for climbers, skiers, hikers and sightseers of all stripes.” 

Mt Shasta
Lezlie Sterling The Sacramento Bee photo credit

Learn more of the nearby fun activities here
To me, the Railroad Park Resortlooks like a perfect place for a HUGE children's party because kids LOVE trains. I wonder if any of the celebrities with children would consider renting out the entire place? LOL Sandra Bullock? Charlize Theron? Chris Pratt? He's a big kid himself! Can't you just see Angelina Jolie's brood enjoying this? How about it folks?
Railroad Park Resort, Dunsmuir CA
Family size caboose with a special climb-up Cupola
Or what about a press junket stop for Murder on the Orient Express?! Doesn't that film look fabulous? In theaters November 10th. 
It reminds me a little of The Grand Budapest Hotel film, although Grand Budapest is hilarious! If you haven't seen it yet, you simply must! The views of the countryside are sumptuous, the acting superb, the cinematography amazing and the plot-line hysterical. For mature audiences only. Helps if you're a fan of Wes Anderson's directing too.

I also thought the Railroad Park Resort would be a great place for a conference because each of the 23 cabooses are independent, there's also six large cabins, an RV Park attached, multiple attached fine dining cars, and a very cute gift shop. Many of the cabooses include double beds, queen and king if memory holds true. Check out the website for exact details though because all the real details are there:  

Railroad Park Resort grounds

We enjoyed breakfast the next day and it was very hearty. Can you tell I like hearty?:) You don't have to stay here to dine either so if you're craving a unique night out with the Mrs., pop in.
Railroad Park Resort dining car
Joy goofing around
P1150069 P1150074

Railroad Park Resort
Owners Mark & Mary Lilley enjoying breakfast here
Breakfast, dinner and a bar. What more could you want?
Dining car Bar Boxcar20.jpg.1024x0
Each caboose is as it was originally, but with some enhancements to the restrooms because apparently when they were working cabooses your restroom would have been the size of a closet! LOL Now they're normal size and come with a shower or bathtub depending on your preference. Again, check the website because then you can choose which one suits you.  P1150102 P1150111 P1150091
Just know, it's a little hard to find when driving north because semi's often block the signs for the exit. I would mark it on your GPS to keep an eye out to make it simple. There's great signage heading south and it's very easy to find. Just look for Railroad Park Road exit. There's also a RV camp so pick your poison!:)
It's a fun, unique experience as you're driving between CA and the Pacific Northwest. It's reasonably priced, there's specials and I would encourage you to check it out! Mary and Mark are great and will take great care of you! 
And for a few unbiased reviews of the place, read Buzzfeed's article here! We Found The Quirkiest Vacation Spots In California And Actually Stayed There


Having each lived in New York City at one point, we've both definitely dozed off inside trains before.

But sleeping on the subway or on a commuter train definitely lacks the romance of yesteryear. So when we discovered Railroad Park Resort — a lodge made entirely of antique railroad cars — we signed up pretty much immediately.

We got there right before sunset and asked the friendly desk agent where the best place to get a view of nearby Mount Shasta would be, and she literally just pointed up the road. 

This place was pretty much a one-stop shop of gorgeous views. Continue reading here.

Here's another fun travel video produced by Go There Media which gives a nice overview of everything there is to see and do in and around the Railroad Park Resort, but please note, there are now 23 cabooses since this was filmed:

Quick Update on #Life, #Startup, #Education, #Friends and #Travel

By Joy A. Kennelly

Life has gotten progressively better and better. Had a wonderful visit with my Aunt and Cousins in Colorado while exploring opportunities for group travel in Glenwood Springs and Boulder. Having difficulty transferring pix from my phones to my computer and for awhile lost my camera, but it's coming back together soon. Thus, no pix for now unfortunately.

Also, been reading great books that are inspirational like Jessica Jackley's Clay, Water, Brick about her experiences with co-founding and ProFounder, which opened the door politically for current crowdfunding being approved by the government. She's extremely gifted, articulate, informative and connected.

Highly recommend reading her book if you're an entrepreneur seeking to do a global business like we are. What I enjoyed is the similarities in our backgrounds - raised in Christian homes, love East Africa, love helping disadvantaged people and more...

Read it.:)

I really love learning and enjoyed hearing and learning from the British Social Media guru - Vincent Dignan who is really out there fashion-wise and how he conducts social media, but I'm telling you it works. Brilliant! Here's a tip for Instagram: Follow, like, like, like. Try it you'll like it.:)

Then, last weekend just completed another intensive media training program taught by Ann DeVere called Turn Your Interviews into Cash and met some really interesting people. Learned a lot too and can't wait to apply it.

May work with one woman I met to produce a business cruise if we decide to move forward with that idea. Another woman and I might collaborate on medical tourism. You never know what comes out of attending events is what I find.:)

My motto is Always be Learning and Growing.

Otherwise, living my life and enjoying each day despite having a leg injury that the ER docs haven't been able to explain or discover why I have it. All I know is I thought I was better, went out with my crutches for an evening event, and then was worse immediately.

Needless to say, even though I'm feeling better, sticking on my crutches until I see my new Dr this week. Despite the toll it plays on my hands too. I'm falling apart I tell ya.:)

Sometimes I think we're given challenges to make us slow down and have time to process what we're doing in life and who should be in our circles. I chose to separate from certain people while bringing other people closer and continuing good relationships I value which has been very healthy and healing.

Doesn't mean the difficult ones will be gone forever, but as I'm healing from my Mom's death, needed the mental space to focus on taking care of myself and get my life going again. You can't build when you're surrounded by negative energy that's always tearing you down. Feel much lighter now.

Busy pitching agents, angels, friends and others in an effort to get funding underway. There's so much more I could be doing if I could afford to bring in help and ramp up certain technological and marketing aspects.

In the meantime, just plugging away and grateful to Ariel Barco for his technical support and friendship as we change things up behind-the-scenes. Hire him! Great IT professional:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read my book on The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan S. Kennedy.

Always be learning people. Always be learning.:) 


Lukas Rossi & Juke Kartel w/Wooden Robot @ Brixton South Bay w/Ara & Angelique

By Joy A. Kennelly

Since I've been so serious covering politics thought you might enjoy a change of pace. I know I needed one this weekend!

Had a great time today. Hit the MB Hometown Fair for a few hours, saw Love Happens (which I loved; especially Aaron Eckhart's performance, but even Ms. Jennifer Aniston was enjoyable which was a pleasant surprise), and then dashed off to Brixton South Bay to watch Lukas Rossi & Juke Kartel w/Wooden Robot perform courtesy of my friend, Kim Koury, SPIN PR publicist extraordinaire and the ever amazing Koffeehouse.


I invited Ara and Angelique to join me because we always have a great time hanging out together. We're all so different in so many ways that it's a good mix with fun energy whenever we get together.

Here's a few pictorial highlights from the evening. May I just say quickly that I'd never really heard any of these bands play and absolutely loved Juke Kartel. I was so surprised since it's not my normal taste in music, but must have been one of those nights.:)

Lukas Rossi you may recall, won Rockstar Super Nova contest, and was theatrical as always. Check 'em out!

IMG_7646 Ara Gougher aka Beyonce. All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Put your hands up...

IMG_7648  Angelique Chacon aka Joan Jet. I love rock n roll. Put another dime in the jukebox...

IMG_7673 Myself, Joy Kennelly aka Sugarland. I just want to oooooo, oooooh, ooooh, oooooo, oh just want to love you.

IMG_7650 IMG_7645

IMG_7656 My long-time friend and colleague, Kim Koury joined us later that evening.

IMG_7660 IMG_7679

IMG_7671 IMG_7676
Now for tomorrow, I mean today! Another fun one planned. Good morning...:)


Sad news, but happier times soon. Mark 5/21 on your calendars!

By Joy A. Kennelly

For those of you who are interested in the latest news regarding all the cool projects and people I'm working with on a freelance basis, check out my professional blog:

I haven't written such a good long one in a long time so please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think ok?:)

Today has been kind of gloomy day and as a result I have been a little down. Doesn't help that earlier I was reading the book, The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade (Hardcover) which brought up emotions because I could relate to so many of these women's stories despite my adoption being open and  a totally different experience.

I think loss is loss not matter how you slice it. Sometimes it just hits a little harder than others.

Speaking of which, just learned that someone I enjoyed parrying with on our local This is Hermosa forum, Gary Mallette, died on May 7, 2009 which is very sad news.

Here's a link to his obituary - Gary M. Mallette.

If you knew him, please consider clicking through to the link and leaving a condolence message for his family. I'm sure they'd appreciate it. A memorial service is planned later this summer.

Now just because generally I'm a happy person, here's an article to ponder: Happiness Is ... Being Old, Male and Republican

How do you like them apples LV? I guess one out of three aint bad. lol

Moving right along. Here's a link with news on who and what to vote for on Tuesday, May 19th special election (Vote for Teresa Hernandez!) and I quote from the site:

The Southern California Republican Coalition is taking the lead in the grassroots opposition to Proposition 1A.

The Governor may want to increase your taxes....  The California legislature's Democrats may want to increase your taxes....  The California Republican Party and its Chairman may not be willing to take a position....  The Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County may not be willing to take a position....

But make no mistake grassroots Republicans know a HUGE TAX INCREASE when they see one -- and so does the Southern California Republican CoalitionThe SCRC emphatically OPPOSES Proposition 1A.  It is a tax increase disguised as a spending cap that has not teeth.  The public employee unions may love it, but every tax payer in this state knows better.  The SCRC is leading an advertising campaign against 1A - Please click to donate today online.

"Prop 1A is a huge tax increase disguised as a shame, weak spending cap. The voters are not as ill-informed as legislative and party leaders may wish them to be.  The tax payers of California are not buying their lies.  The Democrats lied, and the Economy Died - and we refuse to go along to get along!" says Southern California Republican Coalition Chairman, James Crean.

"We oppose raising taxes for so many reasons.  We are in a serious economic downturn and increased taxes means there is less money to spend to spur the economy which is needed to lead to real job growth.

"The legislature just increased our taxes by $42 Billion dollars and now they want to add another $16B in tax increases.  That will do only one thing - cause everyone who pays taxes to look at moving out of California, especially those that run businesses in order to lower their product costs in order to stay competitive when prices are dropping across the country," says Crean.

There were no real cuts made in the legislature's prior budget, nearly all cuts were shame cuts in job positions with no one in the job or they were reductions in the year to year growth without any real decrease.  The Democrat legislature does not have any backbone for real cuts and the more taxes we give them, the more ways they will find to grow government and continue to pay off the public employee unions, such as the California Prison Guards union, the California Teachers Association union, and the Service Employees International Union.

In a time when real citizen's 401K and retirement savings accounts values are dropping, the unions are bankrupting the state with enormous retirement benefits that often lead to union employees earning more in retirement than when they were employed by the state of California.  Yet the unions are making no concessions, preferring to raise everyone else's taxes to pay their addiction to tax payer's money.

"The only informed vote on Proposition 1A is NO," says SCRC Chairman Crean, "and we are taking a lead position with grassroots voters to inform voters to vote NO on 1A along with NO on the other propositions.  I hope folks will go to and make even a small contribution to save us from more tax increases."


If you want to hear a great speaker, consider putting this on your list of things to do for Thursday, May 21:

Beach Cities Republican Club Next Meeting

Club President: Peter Kesterson

Next Regular Meeting: Thursday May 21st, 6PM Dinner (no host), 7PM Speaker

Speaker: Ron Prentice, CEO, California Family Council

Topic: Ron Prentice is the CEO of California Family Council, formally associated with Focus on the Family and also working alongside Family Research Council.  California Family Council (CFC) was formed in 2003 with Ron as the founding director.  With offices in Southern California and Sacramento, CFC’s mission is to protect and promote Judeo-Christian principles in California’s culture.  They do so by communicating the analysis of current legislation, creating pastor and grassroots coalitions, and educating the general population on the issues of the day.  Ron also serves as the Chairman of the – Yes on 8 Coalition, working with dozens of national, state, and local groups to bring about a victory for traditional marriage in California.

Location: Sizzler Torrance, 2880 Sepulveda Bl. (Between Crenshaw & Hawthorne).  NOTE: we now have the full meeting room due to the large monthly turnouts.  No more standing room only!

All are welcome - Members and non-members alike! This event is Free

Click Here for Membership Information

And for those of you interested in making positive changes in your life, don't forget to sign up for the Standup Leadership seminar entitled Leading Change at which will feature Coach Lori Ketkar and distinguished Naval officers, CAPT Luke and First Brigade Commander, Juliane, at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

Here's a link to a recent teleseminar so you have a taste of what to expect from this amazing evening:

Lastly, for those who want to learn more about our upcoming TLC Empowerment Group which starts June 3, 2009 at TLC Pharmacy, join Business and Life Coach Sherry Marshall, TLC Pharmacists' Annabell and Mindy, me and Perfect Body from 4pm - 6pm at Luna G located at 323 Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach, CA that same Thursday night, May 21.

Check out Luna G's latest designer clothing for men and women and unique gifts, taste GoChi Juice and TAIslim, meet Perfect Body trainers and the rest of us and have fun mixing and mingling.

Just think? Two great events on the same night! Hermosa Beach is the place to be Thursday night!

Back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

I've been enjoying mine since I rode my neighbor's bike to the Healthy Living Festival in Manhattan Beach at the Metlox Plaza and blogging. 

Time to go home and get ready to go out for drinks at that new Redondo Beach restaurant named Maison Riz.

That's my kind of place if you're taking notes. :) Gotta run!

Bo Bridges Art Opening, and other stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly

There are certain times of the month when things seem so much more serious than they really are and women, you know what I'm talking about. Last week was one of those times, but once Friday hit I was feeling so much better.

Helped to commensurate with another girlfriend who was going through something similar. I had planned to hit the after-party of the Surf Fest, but just wasn't in the mood. Rather melancholy to be honest - not up to socializing.

However, Saturday was a new day. Woke up feeling great and ready to have fun with friends. Washed that man right out of my hair. lol Still stings, but not as much now that I know I want to be right with God more than with him. Guess another lesson to learn on the road to true love.

Hit the local Surfer Walk of Fame celebration and Surf fest down at the Pier Plaza which was fun to see. Wasn't in the mood to stand in the lines and only hit a few booths as a result. Very cool to see all the young kids out and about though.

We have some amazing surfers who have come out of this area. We also have some amazing surf brands down here - Body Glove, Spyder anyone? I'm sure there are others, but those are the two I've had personal connection with so there you have it.

Visited with a few local retailers and then finished reading The One: Finding Soulmate love and Making it Last by Kathy Freston one last time before throwing clothes on to go out that night. Not sure if I believe it, but thought it would help me move on faster which I think it has. We'll see.

I took a ton of pix yesterday and had a really great time. I've uploaded the majority on my Facebook and Myspace sites so check 'em out there.

Here's a few highlights though just for fun:

OBAMA truck sign Whoops, how did that get there? Here's the real ones...
Pier plaza Summer is just around the corner.
Stage Timmy Curan and his brother performed I believe.
Pier plaza3
Bday party Hit a new friend, Vic's bday party at The Shore
Bob If you're a fan of Big Bob and Cafe Bugaloo better come on down soon because it's under new ownership and going to change.

What a big loss to our community. I hope whoever has bought it realizes there is going to be a lot of upset people once word gets out. BOYCOTT!!!!:)
Brad Recognize Bradley from KROQ? Don't take my picture you pap you!:)
Me2 He made me laugh so hard - what a crazy guy. Rumor has it he's considering running for Hermosa Beach City Council. That would certainly make things interesting to say the least. He totally reminds me of John Pieplow. Doesn't he? Only I'm sure John wouldn't be caught dead in a pimp daddy coat like that, or would he? LOL
Annie2 Local runner, Annie Seawright, and organizer of the Surf Fest I believe, catching a wave at the upper lounge of Bo Bridge's Spit Studio. Kudos to her and the entire group . Very cool to see Hermosa recognizing Surfers more than drinkers! Thanks!
Best friends5 Lovebirds, Jason and Greycie, below the wave in the downstairs art gallery. He's part owner of The Shore and they own Luna G together. Very sweet couple.
Trio6 The man of the hour, Bo Bridges with me and Darcy.
Goup We just moved the party over from The Shore...
Dj sleeper DJ Sleeper really set the tone for the party.

Thanks for praying; Free Life International, Beach Cities Professionals

By Joy A. Kennelly

Tony is recovering in stable condition at the hospital which is a huge relief. Apparently, he could have died, but the doctors caught the blockage in the nick of time (his ex-wife demanded he go to the hospital which basically saved his life! Got to love her for that.)

He is one of my friends from church and my Free Life International business. Unfortunately, he won't be able to join us in Ontario for the huge launch event they're hosting for our latest weight loss product this Saturday (which you're all invited to! Click here for the location nearest you.), but I'm sure he'll hear all about it from us soon enough.

Makes you really appreciate taking care of your health because we think drinking GoChi Juice really helped him with its anti-inflammatory and healthy immune functions. Go to my website here to see all the scientific back-up for it's amazing health benefits yourself!

I can't wait to try the new weight loss drinks because I'm ready to shed some poundage in time for the inauguration. Maybe combined with Jenny Craig... We'll see. I know I talk a lot about weight loss, but this year I think I'm going to really do it.:)

I must say, being part of my SoCal Business Networking International Beach Cities Professional chapter located in the wonderful Manhattan Country Club has really inspired me to do a lot of things differently this year with my business.

I've always helped other people create their marketing image, but felt I didn't really need a brochure or other marketing materials myself because I normally generate business through word-of-mouth referrals. Other people have usually talked me up and I didn't have to.

However, attending weekly business meetings where each time I must share something that sets me apart from other PR firms in the area and really acknowledging my successes publicly in verbal fashion has made me realize it's time to step up my game and create my own marketing materials to give to people to read and pass on too.

What's cool is my group has so many great people who have been screened and reviewed by our very thorough, discriminating membership committee, I have numerous resources to turn to for help in this area.

My "Power Team" partner, Ryan Gagajena of My Website Design Source, is going to help me revamp and re-design my current website to make it easier for me to update and utilize which has been bothering me forever.

If any of you have websites that you haven't been able to update because it's too complicated, or requires additional web assistance that you simply don't have the time or money to do so, then I highly recommend contacting Ryan for his services. He's also an expert in e-commerce site building. Great person to know.:)

I also love the fact that we have so many professionals in our group who are tops in their field because then you're learning from really quality people on the way they present their businesses. When you work independently, you don't always have the opportunity to share resources and information as readily as you might in the corporate world which is the other reason I love my Beach Cities Professionals Group.

Also, when I have questions on how to handle an account, or whatever issue related to my business I can ask any of the qualified professionals in my group who have successfully been running their companies, services, projects for advice which is freely given.

My other "Power Partner", Chuck Weiner of Computing Solutions, is always giving us little bits of cool information pertaining to our computers which is invaluable. Recently, he announced the basically free Quick Books that Staples was offering and numerous people took advantage of this generous rebate opportunity just because of his generous insider advice.

This week he offered free online back-up of all our computer hard drives which is something I'm definitely taking him up on. He's been doing this type work for over 30 years and really knows his computer stuff - if you need help, call him!He's confidential, accurate and takes care of you.

That's all for now. Just had to share because even though getting up early is one of my least favorite things to do, I have to say this BNI experience is changing my life, the way I do business and growing my business exponentially!

Have a great week and get thee to a local BNI chapter - my chapter, Beach Cities Professionals, meets every Tuesday at 7am -8:30am at the Manhattan Country Club. Visitors pay $10 per visit and if your industry isn't listed in the membership on the site, we'd love to have you come and check us out! Most visitors who've visited normally join. We're that good.:)

Now to get back to work. Have a good week everyone!

My birthday, New Year's Eve and Rose Parade

By Joy A. Kennelly

Normally I would give you the blow-by-blow account of my feelings and birthday and New Year's Eve, but I don't feel like doing that today. Just know, I had a very nice day, got a lot accomplished, enjoyed watching Yes Man (great way to bring in the new year - saying yes to life!), and then the next day enjoyed the Rose Parade and shopping with my dad and friends.

Lovely, lovely, lovely time.

I used to go all the time with my family when we were younger and it was really special to spend another parade with my Dad. Here's some highlights from the Rose Parade of floats, horses, bands and other things I particularly liked:

My friend kept yelling, "I can see Russia" which made me laugh.
Band6 Who knew Hawaii had a marching band who wore pants?
Bulldog2 If you look closely in the right corner you can see the skateboarding bulldog. I absolutely LOVE bull dogs!
Dad My dapper Dad who has been going to this parade for over 50 years! He's an expert and we had no problem getting in and out quickly and easily. I should rent out his services...:)
Dad & jim He and his skiing buddy (yes, they still ski at 70 plus years of age) enjoyed the parade together.

Dancers2 I can't remember which city they were from, but this is for my male readers.
FavoriteThis float brought tears to my eyes. I really felt very patriotic the entire morning because it seems such an American thing to do - watch a parade and there was so much civic pride in each of the float displays. Really was a special time.
Float14 Horses8 Me2 I loved my vantage point on top of the ladder we brought because then I could see everything really well. A little homeless woman was camped out in the doorway we chose and she changed behind us on the street. I was surprised at how happy the parade made her though and she seemed fairly normal overall.

There was a woman walking around recruiting volunteers to count the homeless soon after and I just couldn't do it. If you'd like to help though, here's the link:

Float21 Horses5 Band14 
Car  Float8 Usc4 Float27 Horses11 Grand marshall Robot
Torrance2 Happy baby Happy attendees.
Lions club Horses12 Jack - best

This one was Jack in the Box and so much fun to dance along to the music with. They were having a great time!

 Kiwanis Me and dad2 Trader joes

Los angeles 


India2 India3 The India one was one of my favorites.

New mex 


The Mexican floats and activities drew the loudest applause from our section because we were with predominantly Hispanic parade viewers. We figured out other whitey's must have paid $85 to sit in the bleachers because they certainly weren't anywhere near us. Too funny. Really gave you a different perspective of the parade!

 Rose queen 

Rose queen - main 



Surfin' Garden of oz 

These were not in order of the parade, but I hope you enjoyed them nonetheless! Happy New Year and enjoy your weekend!

Griffith Observatory is really interesting and other stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly

Seeing as certain people seem to be hanging on my every post, I thought I might point out that I've taken to sharing my opinion on Prop 8 on another site with quite a lively discourse (that I won't be sharing here to avoid more cyber stalking by a very angry female - why can't I have one male cyber stalker? Why is it always the crazy women? Oy vey. Oh, wait I forgot - I do have males too. Nice to be popular I guess. Yeah right.)

In any case, tonight was fun. Hooked up with some new friends up at the newly renovated Griffith Observatory and really enjoyed viewing the film called the Center of the Universe or something like that (until the sound went out) and exploring the exhibits afterward.

I used to live a few blocks away and walked the dog I was taking care of underneath that area all the time. Those were good times. I wonder how old Ace is doing? What a great dog he was/is.

More and more lately I've been thinking I want to get a dog. I keep debating on a little Bichon Friese because I really like that I wouldn't be allergic, but they seem to bark a lot and that drives me crazy. However, maybe if I get my friend Rebecca of Dog's Best Friend to train my dog in her positive training manner, I won't have that as an issue.

Dogs really do give you unconditional love. I miss that companionship. Had a nice visit with a friend who took care of me while I was sick. Surprise visit actually - it was nice to see him after so long. Loved my pie too J! Thanks big guy if you're reading.

Now to get some rest. My brain is a little tired after trying to absorb so much science. My allergies are still kicking my butt too, but at least my cold seems to have healed up.

Now if only my nose would stop looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Last Chance Harvey, LACC event and other stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly

I had a lot of fun this week in addition to getting a lot done too. I hit the Los Angeles Creative Club's participation in the "ihaveanidea D & D Awards 2008 Screening" and after-party which was really a lot of fun.

Tanzore was a great restaurant for the after-party - the food was delicious, the drinks were free flowing (I especially enjoyed the pomengrate champagne and chocatini), the dancers were sexy, and the people were very creative. Just what the doctor ordered.

The work shown during the awards show was so cutting edge too. I think my favorite was the light show above the streets in England that passersby could manipulate in a store. There were quite a few interesting ones though. Hard to decide.

"D&AD is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to celebrating the very best in creative communication. Most famous for the D&AD Awards -- the Yellow Pencils -- these trophies celebrate the very best in design and advertising across 30 disciplines. Pencil winners are recognized worldwide as the people who set the benchmarks of commercial creative excellence.

Work entered into the D&AD Awards can be anything from an advertising commercial, to a video game, or a music video. Past winners include; TV ads for Guinness -- 'Surfer', Music Videos for Bjork -- "All Is Full of Love", Digital work -- Nike+, Product Design -- the iPod, Architecture -- The London Eye and Viral Films --'Evolution' for Dove."

If you want to submit your work for 2009, then go to:

Then last night hit my friend, Artist George Stoll's art opening before hitting the Last Chance Harvey screening debut at the AFI Fest. I love his whimsey and artwork. Here's some examples from the show at Kim Light/Lightbox Gallery.

Alisa2 Front
My new friend, Alisa, admires the back of the art project and this is the front.
Boobs Boobs2
A bowl of breasts - doncha love it? It's cheaper by the dozen.
Sculptures Wall George
Gossamer Trio

These last two pieces were hidden away from the general public, but we had a private viewing because we appreciated his work so much. Doncha love the gossamer art? All the circles are hand-sewn, very intricate and exceptionally beautiful.

We then dashed off to the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood to view Last Chance Harvey starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. We saw this sign on the way and I just had to have a shot of it.


After we settled into our seats, we first heard the AFI President speak and then he invited up both of them and the young woman who plays his daughter, the beautiful Liane Balaban, who sat only a few rows ahead of us.

Emma was so funny and Dustin is absolutely adorable. He was sick and Emma said to be careful because he had germs on him the size of prawns. You could tell they had a great time making the film together. Their lightheartedness in person belied the serious concept of the film, although there is humor in it.

It's also very sad and filled with pathos and charm. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. I teased my friend that I normally am not attracted to older men, but for Dustin, I would make an exception!:) He's so charming and adorable. I love short men and he's a perfect size. lol

The film itself has beautiful cinematography and the scenes set the story as much as the words. I fell in love with England again just watching the scenery.

I think everyone can relate to the fears and awkwardness you can feel when you are falling in love. These two consummate actors relay and play with these feelings so well, you really feel the story. I loved it. The script was so clever - the writing made the story come alive whereas the actors made you feel the emotion.

I have always said that writer/directors are the best filmmakers because not only do they think of the story, they make it come to fruition and visualize it. Joel Hopkins is extremely talented. It's hard to believe this is only his 2nd film. Congratulations!

Okay, that's all for now. Oh, but before I go, did I show you the pix from the police stronghold in front of Hollywood and Highland? I don't think so. In any case, here they are. Shocking isn't it? Amazing what we've had to go through just to manage the protests against Prop 8. What a waste of money.

And that's all I'll say about this now because a picture speaks a thousand words.


El capitan 

Police line up2 

Police line up


Hollywood blvd 


Tonight was an interesting mish mosh of events, oh I mean morning.

By Joy A. Kennelly

Ok. I'm done. No more cougaring for me. Only real men need apply. Wasted more time on the stupid 26 year old only to learn he has a girlfriend. Typical.

Then the 31 year old said he was going to come over tonight after his night out like it was his right to do so. I didn't feel like being his hotel and left to hang out with my friend instead. I am not into men who don't treat you to dinner and just expect sex. So over that attitude and action it's not even funny.

Deliberately left my phone at home to have a break from everyone and returned to find 9 text messages and 7 voicemails from the 31 year old, each one progressively drunker.  Then he shows up at 1:30am, barges his way in my apt., strips down, gets into my bed, and refuses to leave because he's too drunk to drive! Acting like I owe him to stay over so he won't get a DUI!

So over you dude. Not into drunks. Get a DUI and maybe you'll change.

Fortunately, I have a great group of neighbors I'd been hanging with for most of the morning when I got back tonight and they came up to help me kick his butt out when he refused to leave. My one neighbor Duke was hoping this guy would put up more resistance because he was in the mood to fight, but I'm glad he just left.

Didn't hurt that Duke is very tall and spoke authoritatively in his deepest voice. Thanks Duke! You're my hero. Really you are.

I'm telling you, the South Bay is feeling a little claustrophobic because all the guys I'm meeting are either young or alcoholic. So over it! Time to start going back to the gym now that my back is healing and throwing more parties because I always meet nice people then.

Now it's 3am and I really must get some sleep.

Church in the morning! I mean in 6 hours. It already is morning. Tonight was really fun despite that one little episode. Felt real nice to have my neighbors support me when this guy was being such a jerk. Sorry Ry, you know it's true. Don't call me and I won't call you. Thank you very much.

Okay, I need to hear the Bible in the morning to cleanse my mind.

I gots to go.

It's good to get out of the Hood! (Hermosa Beach hood that is...)

By Joy A. Kennelly

My back has been out of commission for so long I haven't been able to leave Hermosa Beach or the South Bay for weeks. Never realized how important the escape was until this past week.

Ventured down to the Santa Monica Pier to catch their free concerts on the pier, but just wasn't feeling the music. Some Italian woman was singing soulful, sad sounding songs by the time we got there. We enjoyed the rasta band playing in Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Pier so much more!

Even the armless guy playing guitar with his toes begging for money on the sidewalk was better in our minds. Sad, but true.

I had grabbed a friend for company and we ended up taking quite a nice little tour of Santa Monica Pier. Here's me on the beach. Me
It had been so long since I'd been to the pier, I didn't even know there was a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant there!

That was fun to check out. I bought a t-shirt for my son (who lives with his adoptive parents in DC) and then we flitted in and out of a couple places to check out the scene. Loved the bathroom mosaic tilework at Shutters Hotel on the Beach.

Here's us goofing around inside. What's the guys bathroom like? 

Me in shutters bathroom

Also, the decorations at Casa Del Mar - two of my absolute favorite places in Santa Monica to hang out, meet people for drinks, enjoy a nice meal and conversation, or just read. 
Me at cdm

Me at cdm bar
Me at cdm lobby close up I love nice hotels even when I don't stay there, but just visit. We really felt like we were on vacation because we'd both been cooped up for a bit - her with a cold and me with my back.

Good to get out is all I have to say.

Then my friend/client, Arlene, was very sweet and treated me to high tea at my favorite Beverly Hills hotel - The Four Seasons on Doheny. Recognize these stars? lol We did see an actor there, but everyone's famous in BH, so who cares right? Just kidding. Me at 4 seasons I don't know what it is about that place, but it's my favorite hang. Plus, their high tea is really, really wonderful. We had a great time catching up and she was busting a gut at some of my recent pix which made me happy.

Isn't the elevator tilework pretty? I'm a sucker for good artistry.
4 seasons elevator

Popped over to visit my married Cougar friend Shana afterwards for a quick minute who informed me this morning after going out last night with her friends some 27 year old is after her now. We crack each other up with our young guy tales. She's very happily married and I just like to have fun with the whole concept.

My friend Adrienne keeps telling me I should pitch a cougar reality show, but I figure if I'm that interesting, people will find me. Plus, do I really want superficial, sex-driven, go nowhere relationships showcased on TV? Not really. I just like goofing around and being silly. Helps break up the stress of real life. LOL I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille! Me at shanas
Okay, that's all the fun recap for now.

Please pray for my friend Deborah's dad who's in surgery today from 12-5pm. It's extremely serious and he could die. Sorry for the downer, but sometimes life interrupts and requires a quiet moment, or two. Thanks for your prayers. She's very scared for him. Me too.

Now this really is good day.

Enjoy yourselves! And pray for Deborah's dad!

Last night at The Shore's Kick Off Party for the Hermosa Shorts Fest!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Okay, I cheated. I snuck out before uploading the pix to watch some shorts over at the Hermosa Shorts Festival, but I'm back because I remember now why I don't produce short festivals any more. Nothing against the filmmakers or anyone else, I'm just so burnt out after having done that for five years of my life I just can't watch another one no matter how good they are!

That said, I had a GREAT time at the kick off party last night. When I first arrived it was very quiet and I was a little worried, but I shouldn't have been. Before long the place was packed with happy people enjoying all the aps Chef Dave was sending out and all the drinks Mike and Heather were serving.

I was running between the red carpet and the main room all night gathering people together for pix which was fun. Here's some for your enjoyment now, but we do have others coming since they had a photographer stationed at the red carpet who got some great shots:

Hermosa shorts entry-2

Who likes Short Shorts? We like Short Shorts! Remember that old commercial?

This is the calm before the storm as event staff waits for filmmakers and other special guests to arrive on the red carpet for their close-up.

Annalise & friend enjoying shrip -sm
Annalise came back and brought a friend to enjoy Chef Dave's cooking after joining us recently for a tasting party for her engineer group's special event consideration.

Group food shot sm

These guys liked it too. The guy on the left distributes short films and was looking for fresh talent.

Alana & Mandy2

Alana and Mandy, just some of the cute waitresses from The Shore. They're the sweetest, nicest girls.

Bar2 Mike, the bartender, is the nicest guy too. Everyone at The Shore is nice.

Bar scene2  
Tom listens intently to some of the filmmakers while Actor Patrick Kilpatrick does the same in the background.

Bar scene1sm
Mike was busy all night long!

This was a light summertime snack someone ordered - caprese salad anyone?

Chef & food2
Hungry? asks Chef Dave. How about some of my signature stuffed mushrooms, filet mignon or salad?

Chef & melissa2
Chef Dave & Melissa Todd, host/model with a new look.

Chef with tattoos2
Our Chef David Linville is one bad ass. He does martial arts training six days a week. Don't mess with him!

Kit & tom2 City Council Member, Kit Bobko, and Tom Kearney.

Me & kit2 - best Me and Kit. He always makes me smile because he's so handsome and nice. Wouldn't you get involved in politics too? Thanks for coming Kit!

Joy & Joy1-sm Me with Jazz Singer, Joy Rushing. We're the Joy's of Hermosa Beach. She's performed all over Los Angeles and is one of my friends down here.

Mel & friend2 Host/Model, Melissa Todd, with her best friend whose name unfortunately escapes me. Thanks for coming Melissa!

Chef, brian, tom2
Chef David Linville, The Shore's Bostonian General Manager, Brian Kelleher, and Hermosa Shorts Festival Director, Tom Kearney

Chef, mk, ms2
Chef came out of the kitchen to have fun on the red carpet with City Council Member, Michael Keegan, who arrived later and The Shore Co-Owner, Mike Sribney. Michael Keegan owns Manhattan Bread & Bagel over in Manhattan Beach so when you're in need of some of the best, go there.

Below, Mike Sribney (who also owns Pedone's Pizzeria voted Best Pizza in the South Bay by both the Daily Breeze and The Easy Reader) is joined by his lovely wife, Kristina, and Actor Domiziano Arcangeli.

Christine, mike, domi2

Actor Domiziano Arcangeli, recent recipient of the Golden Halo Award, was surrounded by beautiful women of the Hermosa Shorts Festival.

Domi with women-sm
 Equinox Corporate Executive, Shayline; Actress Melinda Bennett; Kiwanis Member, Pat Love; Volunteer Extraordinary, Vicki Hanson; and Hermosa Shorts Co-Founder, Maura Kearney.

Filmmakers2 Happy attendees.

Happy waiter2 Happy waiter.:)

Jr, pete & sienna2
Happy Hermosa Beach Mayor, JR Reviczky, and City Council Member, Pete Tucker and his lovely wife, Sienna all came to support the Hermosa Shorts Festival. Thanks for coming!

Patrick & guest2 

Happy Actor/Producer, Patrick Kilpatrick with a beautiful fan. Thanks for coming Patrick! He and I have been friends for a long time. He was one of the original board members of my shorts fest, Short Pictures International Film Festival years ago. Very good guy.

Cop & christina2

Even a happy po po came to check out the Hermosa Shorts Festival. Keep him busy Kristina!:)
Almost all of Hermosa Beach City Council came to show support. Back row - City Council Members, Kit Bobko, Mayor JR Reviczky, Peter Tucker and his wife, Sienna. Front row - Hermosa Shorts Festival Founders, Tom & Maura Kearney, Beach Cities Health District Board Member, Joanne Edgerton (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong),The Shore Co-Owners, Kristina and Mike Sribney and Actor/Producer, Patrick Kilpatrick.

We have another pic with more people that I'll upload once I receive it too ok? Below are the Owners, Jason & Mike, with Kristina, Melissa and Patrick. We all agreed, Jason was the hardest working man of the evening.

Owners, mel, pat2  

Me & sam2

Former City Council Member/Mayor, Sam Edgerton, even came out to show his support. He sat on Hermosa Beach City Council for 16 years.

Tom & art - sm Another former City Council Member (and probably Mayor too - sorry I don't remember, but if you tell me Art, I'll change this), Art Yoon, enjoyed receiving the special goody bags Equinox prepared for everyone.

Equinox & sribney2 Speaking of Equinox, here's the Equinox team, Veronica, Larry, and Shayline along with The Shore Co-Owner Mike Sribney and his lovely wife, Kristina.

Thank you Larry! Thank you Equinox! I'll be curious to see how many people turn in their golf ball gifts for their free one week pass.

James playing guitar2
James McKenna entertained everyone acoustically until about 9pm then the dueling drummer/DJ began kickin' it up a notch. After that everyone was dancing and just having a blast. Even the LA Kings came in towards the end. Very nice hunky guys. My camera battery died and I really didn't want to disturb their privacy so it's just as well.
Drummer & dancing2 Crowd2 Group3

I caught HB Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Carla Merriman, on her way out to snap this shot with Mike and Larry.
Mike, carla, larry2 Tom & guests
Tom did not mind his job as Festival Director one bit last night despite having recently had foot surgery to mend a ripped Achilles I believe. Whatever it is, it was extremely painful. The injury, not posing with these beautiful women. Probably made the pain go away a little more too, right Tom? :)

Rox & guests-sm
In the pic above is Tom's surgeon on the left and Roxanne Messina Captor in red, who used to run the SFO International Film Festival, Ken Unger on her right, and her friends, Harold and his wife, on her left.

Roxanne had a film showcased in last year's Hermosa Shorts Festival featuring Harry Shearer and Shelly Long and is good friends with Francis Ford Coppola if I remember correctly. We've been friends for awhile, but I'm tired so bear with me.
Larry & roxanne2
Don't you love Larry's shirt? The body is a temple - Attract worshipers. I'll worship you Larry! LOL He's the GM of Equinox and such a great guy. We're going to start doing more events together soon. Can't wait!

Roxanne teaches yoga and other classes at Equinox when she's not busy writing and doing entertainment stuff. I'm sure she's quite good at yoga because she was a dancer all her life too. Very interesting woman.

Tom, joy, domi, chef, patrick, maura3-best

These folks are fun and interesting too. Tom, Joy, Domiziano, Patrick, Chef, and Maura.

And with this pic, I close.

Tom & Maura
Hermosa Beach Shorts Festival Founders and Husband and Wife team, Tom & Maura Kearney - some great people who are making Hermosa Beach popular with filmmakers and the world.

Don't forget, this Sunday is a free beach screening of all the best shorts of the festival as soon as the sun goes down. Also, there's a closing night party at the Hermosa Beach Community Center where all the films are screening at 10pm Saturday night.

You know where you'll find me!:)

Have a good one everyone. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics! . Very cool to have so many South Bay residents competing in the Olympics this year too!

Oh, and here's a few links to websites with the results of the International Surf Festival last weekend too in case you're curious: (The Beach Reporter) and (The Easy Reader)

Enjoy the read!

Tour of Manhattan Beach at night

By Joy A. Kennelly

Sometimes you just want to let off steam and not stress over everything that's on your plate. Last night was my night to do that. I called my friend Lauren who'd just returned from Florence, Italy to join me in Manhattan Beach for an unofficial "Girl's Night Out."

She was game so we chose Upper Manhattan to start our "pub crawl". (I use that term loosely because it's so not us and because those who think I have a drinking problem will really think so when they read how many places we visited in one night. Just joking around people. Totally joking. If anything it was a "looky loo" kind of evening if that.)

Upper manhattan
The entertainment for the night was this guy playing a guitar, drum, harmonica and probably some other instrument I don't remember. He was actually quite good, but I'm not into 70's folk music so...

The place is really stunning and my "Hermosa" drink was tasty. Not so sure UM deserves so much hype though when looking around at the crowd it drew around 9pm on a Wednesday. A bunch of older (60's) arrived as we were leaving and it was predominately groups of women hanging out - not my idea of fun. I like testosterone.

We did meet some nice guys who graciously agreed to take pix just for kicks - turns out these twins are some of the multiple owners. Very clever decor and very soothing environment. Will need to go back and visit on a weekend night to see the difference. And maybe even try the menu. Just wasn't hungry.

Pancho's Restaurant across the street was packed with 20 somethings while this place tilted older which was nice. Bumped into my buddy Tony from Spa Riviera who was enjoying himself by himself.

Twins & us2  Twins & us - 3
I really must buy more flat shoes, but I keep thinking my back is going to be better faster than it's been healing which really is frustrating sometimes. Damn car accident. I really needed to go out last night.

Anyway, we then decided to go visit a couple other places since the night was young and headed out the door towards 12 and Highland since I'd been hearing about it from so many people.

However, Lauren needed a snack first. I introduced her to my favorite divey Mexican place called El Tarasco on Rosecrans right above Highland- where it's always crowded with a mish mosh of people and the food is amazingly good AND cheap.

Just the way you like authentic Mexican food. I love too that it's actually run by Mexicans because they're the real deal cooks. None of this white bread fake Mexican food other places might serve - this is authentic, roadside, divey Mexican food to die for. Oh, and if you have a sticker, bring it. They'll put it up for you.

Lauren2 Lauren loves it.  I bet Mikey would too.Tarasco
We met Mike who was down visiting from Canada. He said this is the first place he comes whenever he flies in. I asked him if he'd care to join us in my hometown tour of Manhattan Beach and of course he said sure.

We then drove down to Manhattan Beach proper where we parked in the empty city hall parking lot and walked over to 12 and Highland. Walking in, the throbbing base and dance music playing loudly was rather a turn-off, but again, another beautiful venue.

This place had a small gathering of what looked like locals gathered around the bar enjoying the loud vibe. Not our scene since we were interested in actually carrying on a conversation rather than dancing, so after briefly looking around we left and walked over to Shade Hotel.

By this time we needed to use the facilities and we were a little punchy so here's the tour of Shade Hotel's ladies room for all you guys out there who ever wondered. Notice how nice Lauren's big ring is? She's very proud of that ring and her manicure too.

See Lauren - gotta get all the details in. People like details! LOL She kept teasing me all night about what I write in my blog, but what can I say? You keep reading so I keep writing!

Notice the beautiful sink and powerfully suctioning hand dryer. We won't tell you what one gentleman told us about his thoughts for what else it could be used for because we're ladies.


Shade sink


Us at shade

We liked this place, but not enough to stay. It was definitely the most crowded of the places we'd visited up till then though and I'm sure a lot of fun. Again, just interested in actually chatting rather than competing with loud music. Plus, felt a little too cougarish for the environment. Leans young.

Then I lead the way down Manhattan Beach Blvd. and over to Mucho's since I'd been there before for dinner and wanted to see what their nightlife was like on a Wednesday. It was quiet, maybe about 15 people, and the music was great. By this time we were all ready to have another drink and stop walking.

I bumped into Jayana, an acquaintance I'd made a few months back who used to be on the Age of Love Show as one of the 40 year olds, which was nice. She's super friendly and very personable waitress there. Better hurry if you want to meet her though because she's splitting the South Bay for Simi Valley soon.

If only we were into tequila we would have had numerous choices, but we weren't and the other drink selections weren't as large. However, that doesn't matter to me because I'm not a big drinker anyway. Just sharing for those of you who are. LOL

It's very stylish, sexy, and sultry with mood lighting, ample couch like seating and comfortable booths. We enjoyed kicking back and getting to know Mike a little better. Lauren kept eying the bartender, who kept looking right back. She is quite striking you have to admit. How often do you see a brunette in CA any more right?

I like going out with her because we're such opposites in appearance, but have a lot in common because she's a publicist too. Good friend too. Check out her site here. We always discuss business and what's going on which is fun. Sometimes you just need to share with someone who gets it.

Us at muchos

This picture was totally taken as a joke for the person who thinks I have a drinking problem. Next picture explains whose drink it really was. Mike is very nice and gave me some good ideas for wine tasting parties I'm planning for The Shore. He's a wine afficianado of sorts.

Drives exotic cars too. Can you spell Maserati? Not that I'm into that or anything, but gotta appreciate a guy who has nice wheels.

Isn't this a pretty bar? All amber and everything. I think this must be a trend because a lot of new places in Manhattan Beach have it. They probably all used the same contractor as The Shore did seeing as they had this style first.

Us at muchos2

So this concludes our tour of Manhattan Beach's newest and finest places to go out. I hope you've enjoyed this tour and come back when I take Lauren and Mike on a tour of Hermosa Beach's finest and newest places next.

What a fun weekend! Sharkeez pre-opening party and other stuff...

By Joy A. Kennelly

If I have to be stuck in my neighborhood because I can't drive very far right now, I guess living in Hermosa Beach aint so bad after all. I've got the beach, good friends, beautiful weather, lots of fun, free stuff to do, and great restaurants all within walking distance. Doesn't get any better than that. Right?

Saturday shopped for the perfect outfit to wear to Sharkeez Pre-opening party and a private party on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel which was fun, yet stressful too in its own way.

I need a new bathing suit now and trying to find something cute at the same time for the beach and the parties just wasn't happening. No bathing suit, but some other stuff.

Guess I'll have to skinny dip till I find something I like. JUST KIDDING.

One time when I was backpacking through Europe, I went to the beaches of Nice, France. I was all excited to go topless when for the first time the whole trip, I met this really cute guy. I was too shy then. Damn that cute guy. Just kidding.

Looking around at all the other pale English babes burning their boobies beachside (I love alliteration, don't you?) made me realize that the concept of wearing a backpack while burnt, just wasn't a smart thing to do. So, I skipped it. No regrets either.

Speaking of nakedness, what I've been experiencing lately with young guys (yes, I have that Cougar element - if you speak it, they will come...) who act interested in me who send me pix of them in just their Calvin Kleins. Whoa baby!

I'm very flattered, but I'm just not that kind of girl anymore. At least I'm trying hard not to be. But have to admit, it's getting harder and harder! I've been good for a very long time and not in the mood to falter now, but hot bods in my email box doesn't make it any easier.

It's very nice to think that young guys are sexually interested in me. But then again, they're young. Aren't they sexually interested in everyone? LOL

Just learned that another friend of mine is a bona-fide Cougar since she's in her 40's and her guy is 25. You go girl! Why should Demi have all the fun?

What cracked me up today is that casually chatting with a new friend about this recent phenomena in my life, she assumed that I only dated younger men. Then, when a guy closer to my age expressed interest in me to her, she said, "Oh, she dates younger men."

Then she tried to interest me in him saying he wasn't too old since he was just 40. She totally cracked me up, but also embarrassed me because that's totally not who I am. I may tease a lot and enjoy young men's company, but I like all kinds of guys - young, old, black, white, husky, hot, whoever...

Here's an article from Yahoo which gives you tips just in case you're curious about Dating Older Women though:;_ylt=Av6gqJFFAWxvvCpDiEIIxVwazJV4

Pretty funny, eh? But true.

Enough on this. On with the party report!

I must say, I'm getting more and more tired of the BS that goes on with Hollywood/Beverly Hills parties. My friend and I made the effort to go all the way up to the Thompson Hotel only to be told we weren't on the list and they refused to help even though she had rsvped, was an advertiser, and we requested they find our contact (as you normally do whenever the door guy is clueless.)

Well, despite our best efforts with the lame hotel staff (sorry, but it's true - total lack of customer service. OY!) and leaving a message with one of the party staff for our contact we weren't able to connect and chose to leave because Sharkeez was a' calling.

Turns out my friend's contact did have us on the list and emailed Lana twice thinking she had a blackberry and would see it, but we didn't till too late. That type of list crap just pisses me off. Oh well, it's over. Bye bye bitches. LOL

We had a great time when we got back to Hermosa at The Shore first because I wanted to show off the space for Lana to consider for one of her fashion clients. She loved the space, loved the food, and everyone there. We'll figure out all the details and then you'll be the first to know.

After a bit, walked over to Sharkeez where we were warmly greeted and treated like the VIP's we are. JUST KIDDING! I love saying that, but am totally joking. I'm not like that, but I do hate disrespect of me, or anyone else for that matter.

Back to the party.

What a hopping place! There were so many people there, many I didn't know which was fun. I also saw a lot of people I do know and some I've been curious about (like the former mayor of HB nicknamed Burgie.)

Also bumped into a guy I've wanted to meet because I think he's interesting, but never had the opportunity to do so until last night. Turns out not only is Dan an Emmy Award Winning cinematographer, he's also involved with our Public Works department in a leadership capacity.

He told me about some guy at their last meeting who became so belligerent Dan had to use the gavel for the first time ever to get back control of the meeting! All this over a stupid sidewalk! That's what cracks me up about living here in Hermosa. People are such characters!

Here's an example of one right now. Some of you may recognize him. I took a pic with him while he may not know who I am because if he knew, he probably wouldn't have been as friendly.

This man Burgie, many believe, was the guy who is responsible for all the lawlessness of all the Downtown bars because he kicked the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) out of Hermosa years ago. They're back now and really active.

Me berge2\
Burgie totally reminds of my friend's Dad because they look alike. Burgie's more wild though, that's for sure. Very fun-loving guy, but...

Here's another one of him and our local Planning Commissioner who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, but if you live here, you know him. Big kiss PH!:)

Sorry, Ron didn't take my camera away... Just know, this is all in fun ok? You are a good guy and we all love you... You're allowed to let loose too since it's been stressful for you too!:)

I think PH just told Burgie who I was. Big difference in his demeanor, eh? Or maybe he's sucking something sour. Love you Burgie!:)

Ph & Burge2

There were a lot of other fun happy people in attendance and Sharkeez is wonderful. The food was quite delicious, our bartender cute which lead me to drink more than my usual (what can I say? It's been stressful lately!), and just a great, happy vibe.

Here's some more pix from last night:

Crowd scene  

Aren't the decorations fun?

Here's the happy owners in the next pic. Very nice guys and extremely smart business men. Gotta love handsome AND smart, right? Don't be thinking anything, they're both very happily married to very beautiful women. I'm just saying...

Happy owners2  

Ron & me & Julie2 

Recognize my picketing bud, Julie? She's running SURFin Hermosa group along with a bunch of other people which, and I quote, "is a new group of civic-minded Hermosa Beach residents who have made a commitment to work together to protect and enrich the traditional quality of life in our city.

Their steering committee is comprised of former City Council candidates, long-time city activists and concerned citizens and business owners. 'SURFinHermosa' is a new link connecting members of the community to our city's various institutions, dedicated to seeing that the rights and responsibilities of every citizen are served."

This has been a public service announcement.

Ph burgie2 

More of the happy dudes enjoying the evening.

Brady & me2

This is our bartender, Brady. I wasn't lying was I? Tall too! Wonder how old he is? LOL


My good friend Lana enjoyed herself too. Doesn't she look pretty?

Joy, Julie & Bobby2 

What do you call a blonde and two red heads? Out numbered!:)


I see he liked our bartender's skills too!:) Yummy tropical drinks I must say. I recommend the Mai Tais.

Ron & sienna2

Ron Newman with his mistress. JUST KIDDING. She said I could say that. This is Sienna Tucker, our local councilman's wife. Remember her?

We all had fun last night and attempted to let bygones be bygones. Doesn't she look pretty here? She's very civic minded and heads up a lot of great groups in the city. Thanks Sienna!

Me & crowd2 

This is to give you a little idea of what more of the interior looks like. Isn't it fun? Totally cabo beach vibe. We had a great time and it made me happy to live in Hermosa Beach. Real people, real good times, and real good food.

That's all for now. Will share more about the great sermon Jim shared over at Bay Cities Community Church later. Really helps to have someone wise speak God's truth into your life is all I have to say. The only thing keeping me from being a floozy. JUST KIDDING!

Well, maybe just a little truth...

God bless everyone! Have a great week!

SBPC's Surfrider Benefit/Tasting Party at The Shore hosted by She's Got the Look Finalist, Melissa Todd

By Joy A. Kennelly



TV Land’s She’s Got the Look Finalist, Melissa Todd, Hosted

 South Bay, CA--- The Shore Restaurant’s Chef David Linville and Co-Owners, Jason Baran Jason & greycie2 and Dr. Rainer Beck, along with South Bay Professional Connection Founder, Joy A. Kennelly, Joy & rainer - sm   co–hosted a tasting party benefiting Surfrider Foundation during an evening of networking, music, internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine, environmentalism and beauty in Hermosa Beach, CA at The Shore Restaurant on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

TV Land’s She’s Got the Look Model Finalist, Melissa ToddMelissa todd long-short hosted the evening and interviewed attendees, Chef David Linville, Tom, melissa, chef2 Surfrider Environmental Coordinator, Alan Walti, Melissa interviewing alan2 and others on camera, and announced winners of the evening’s raffle prizes which included a $50 Dinner for Two to The Shore Restaurant, a designer dress donated by Luna G’s Stylist,  Greycie  Baran, Raffle winner2 and Spyder beach chairs donated by Surfrider Foundation. Melissa & Greycie2

    Chef David Linville served numerous internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine appetizers during the tasting party with the Parmesan crusted New Zealand lollipop lamb chops in port wine reduction as the hands down favorite, and the Crab Cakes served with cream sauce a close second. Food display with jl2 Guitarist James McKenna played acoustically throughout the evening.

Surfrider Foundation South Bay Chapter Chairperson, Craig Cadwallader and Environmental Coordinator, Alan Walti, explained Surfrider’s mission Alan & craig2and encouraged guests to speak out in favor of banning the use of plastic bags due to the negative environmental impact. Group shot near surfrider2 $500 was raised from entry fees and t-shirt sales for the charity.

Curly Hair and Color Specialist, Kym Chartrand of Maximus Salon in Hermosa Beach, sponsored the networking contest’s goody bag prize Kym with goody bags2 which guests: Independent Producer, Ed Sanders; Ed with filming in the background2 Senior VP Wachovia Securities, Mike Girardi; Skychick, Ramona Cox;  Restaurant Consultant, John Bowler;  and Manhattan Beach Resident, Colleen  First;Group shot near bar2 Paige & Coleman Interior Designer, Miriam Paige; Strong Project Sales Manager, Mike Pochepan; Chiropractor, Chris Ullman; Group shot with mike inside2   Creative Director, Hermosa Shorts Festival, Tom Kearney;  Manhattan Beach Stylist, Victoria Coleman; Tom kearney2 and  others enjoyed. Actor/Producer Patrick Kilpatrick was delayed casting his film, Vain Attempt, and Fitness Model, Brenda Kelly's flight delay prevented her from attending.  Julie, joy & kym2 Bar scene2

Mike & victoria2

Opened in March 2006, The Shore Restaurant and Lounge reflects the casual elegance of the South Bay, CA through its beautiful atmosphere and quality dining by Executive Chef David Linville,  Chef2 formerly of The Standard Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel and Mastros Beverly Hills. Dining at The Shore allows guests to feel relaxed and catered to as if transported to a faraway locale while enjoying fresh, internationally inspired CA comfort food.  Mushrooms2

Many famous celebrities and sports players from the Lakers, LA Kings, LA Clippers, LA Galaxy Soccer Team also enjoy the 11 plasma/projection screens, well rounded international wine list, and beachside ambiance.  Setting2 After 10pm, The Shore also offers live music, dancing and top quality DJ's. For more information, please review: or call 310 376-0414.


The South Bay Professional Connection’s (SBPC) mission is to promote the interests of the South Bay as a whole to the media, the public, businesses, and residents. SBPC provides a wide variety of community, professional, social and business opportunities for professional groups, companies, and others interested in connecting with South Bay businesses, residents, visitors, and cultural, entertainment and educational institutions.

South Bay Professional Connection achieves these goals through membership, special events, a comprehensive calendar of events, local, state and national government advocacy, public-private partnerships, and public relations/marketing for members.


Joy A. Kennelly

The Joy Writer PR & Marketing  (310) 714-2077 thejoywriterpublicity (at) gmail (dot) com

The South Bay Professional Connection's event at Verch Insurance Services & CA Associates!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Sorry for the delay in writing about the last South Bay Professional Connection event announcing the Grand Opening of CA Associates and Verch Insurance Services.

I think I've been coming down with the flu which would explain why I was sleeping so much and it finally hit full bore on Monday. Today I'm finally feeling a little better which is why I'm going to attempt to write. Finally able to sit up longer than 10 minutes!

What I loved about last week's South Bay Professional Connection event was that it really was a "Professional Connection." A friend of mine had given me the idea of creating ice breaker questions for a contest that would help people get to know each other and those who chose to participate really enjoyed themselves.

I think a lot of people got to know people they probably wouldn't have talked to either which was the whole purpose. It's hard to go somewhere and try to start a conversation with someone you don't know and this really helped. Plus, the motivation to win the goody bags we were offering sponsored by Director of Sales, Lana Leazer, and her Globiwest Hospitality Group’s Holiday Inn Express Century City and LAX helped too! Thank you Lana!

You might recognize some familiar faces among our attendees.  The yellow paper was the questionnaire and included questions like what is your favorite restaurant in the South Bay? Shark's Cove, Houstons, Chez Melange, Lido, and Blue Water Grill got a lot of kudos. People were pretty unanimous that A New Earth was their favorite book to date. Almost everyone said their favorite place to escape when not working was the beach. Of course.!:)

The verches Trio Sonja counseling
Morgana & paige Goody bag winner3Goody bag winner2Malia and yodi Thanks to Darold and Kathy Verch and their daughter, Sonja McColgan, we      Raffle drawer3 Raffle winner also did a raffle for two Dodger tickets, resume help, $100 discount off insuGoody bag winnerIMG_1746rance, and an emergency kit provided by CA Associates and Verch Insurance Services. Thank you Verch's and Sonja! 

 We were very pleased to have Shark's Cove MB provide amazing appetizers which really were more like a meal!  They  sponsored our event with some of their famous Shark Attack wraps, two wonderful salads - a Chicken, Apple & Goat Cheese Salad and a lovely Garden Salad, two delicious pastas - a Chicken penne and an alfredo penne and everyone loved it! IMG_1690 Thank you McColgan's! Shark's Cove spread Shark's Cove spread close up 

What made this evening special to me Mccolgan wives was to see all the people who came out to celebrate the Grand Opening  and to remember their son, Brent. There were people from as far away as Orange County who attended.

What was also special was to see how much love and concern this family has for the people they do business with. No wonder they're so successful right?

Why Sonja stopped what she was doing in the middle of the party to counsel people who had driven up for career advice. Right in the middle of the party!

Every beach city was represented, all ages were represented and it was really a great success. Darold verch Thanks to all of you who attended! Great meeting you and/or seeing you again!

  Now to finalize the next one! I'll keep you posted!

  Thanks for popping by. Crowd shot Early attendees IMG_1688 Enjoy the pix!  IMG_1683 IMG_1681 

Baby and balloon


IMG_1693 Party shot

Let me tell you IMG_1685
Raffle drawer Raffle drawer2

Positive South Bay Professional Connection news! (repeated on my wordpress blog too...)

By Joy A. Kennelly

Ever since returning from Miami, FL, I have been slammed with work and unable to catch my breath. (Okay, I did enjoy my Memorial Day holiday BBQ down in San Diego with a very good friend, and my lounging by the pool at the Hollywood Roosevelt on Sunday, and my playing with two hilarious dogs in Manhattan Beach, but otherwise - working!)

Really can't spare much time today, but did want to share some great news regarding my next South Bay Professional Connection event occurring tomorrow night over at CA Associates and Verch Insurance Services new office in El Segundo from 5:30pm - 7:00pm. Here's some pix to showcase what you're in store for.

Just know, next time you see this space, it's going to be packed with people!

We had a great write-up in The Beach Reporter's Business section last Thursday - Thanks Eric! Also, over 1000 postcard invites have been distributed on top of the 100's of emailed invitations and media relations we've all done to promote this event.

I passed out 40 invites alone last night at a PV mixer with lots of people saying they're planning to come. Should be a great mix of businesses, industries and people since Sonja McColgan, the owner and Career Coach extraordinaire of CA Associates, and Darold Verch, her father and owner of Verch Insurance Services, know so many people having been in business for so many years.

For 20 lucky winners of our "Who's the Best Networker?" contest, guests will receive the following beachy type goody bags courtesy of Globiwest Hospitality Group's Holiday Inn Express Century City and LAX:

944 Magazine
Nice Pen or Computer cleaner from Holiday Inn Express LAX or Century City
Lip Balm from Holiday Inn Express Century City
Scented Candle in container
Complimentary Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express LAX or Century City courtesy of Director of Sales, Lana Leazer.

Apparently, not only will you get to meet some great business and local people if you come by, you will also get to experience the local El Segundo Farmer's Market with a live band and all kinds of great produce and other stuff to buy.

However, as a result, please note you need to park behind the building since Main Street will be full. If you've never been to El Segundo, you're in for a real throwback in time. I call it the Mayberry of the South Bay. Others have called it the last real beach community of the South Bay. It's quaint, quiet, and cute. Lots of great restaurants, services, and local people call El Segundo home.

We had such a great time at our last South Bay Professional Connection, I can't wait to see who shows up for this one. For those of you who missed the last one, here's some highlights and pictures to share with you (I'm editing an original post I wrote for This is Hermosa website.)

Last month's attendees included: Sharkeez Owner, Ron Newman & UPAC Member, Kim McMullan ; Hermosa Beach City Council Member, Michael DiVirgilio; Hermosa Beach Resident, Gary Mallette; Union Cattle Owner, Jed Stanford;

Why Was I Dissed? Founder, Rachel Morton ; the Mackinga clan; Jayme Mackinga's groupies; local icon and Club 705 consultant, John Bowler; Hermosa Beach Writer's Group Representative, Gerry Althas-Vazquez; PV resident, Lane Mayhew; Beach Cities Relay for Life Volunteers, Jill Morales and Susan Cohen; Nutritionist Jayne Justice ; RB resident, Christie and HB Resident Lotus; Strong Project El Segundo Representative, Michael Pochepan; Beach Massage Business Development Representative, Kimberly Blaine; A Fresh Face Skincare Owner, Victoria Coleman; Project Touch Representative, Carol Shakely; and out-of-towners/friends like John Herzberg, Lana Leazer, Damien Carmean, and many others came to mix and mingle. Lisa Bollinger graciously managed the door.

Those who attended enjoyed the acoustic guitar of 16 year old Jayme Mackinga who has a voice akin to Corrine Bailey Rae. Everyone loved her music. What impressed me the most was the poise she exhibited while performing for around 100 people who sat in rapt attention while she sang.

Jayme performing

During the break, John Bowler entertained the crowd and invited everyone to support the Beach Cities Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society who had a table set up with all their information. What a great cause and great event coming up! Click the link for all the details and join the team.

Although we didn't raise as much money as I had hoped, it was a great start to a partnership that I hope to continue until the summer's event. Although I personally haven't experienced serious cancer, my grandmother died from lung cancer and my family suffers from non-malignant skin cancer every so often. Damn freckles!

John Pieplow gave a rousing concert which everyone enjoyed as well. He was grateful to be sharing his birthday for such a great cause and had a lot of fun visiting our little city. I'm hoping to get him back at a later date. Everyone who stayed received a free CD of his music as a thank you for coming.

Xavier and his wonderful staff served some great seafood appetizers too. A local HB Resident won the Dinner for Two at The Ardmore in our raffle. Thank you X and all your servers for helping make this a special evening at The Ardmore in 705

Bones, First Tuesday, The Riches, Cozy Faux, and Meetup

By Joy A. Kennelly

Never have watched the show Bones before and it's fun to see The Standard Downtown used as a location. If you're ever in LA you should hit it at least once. Oh good, now the The Riches are on! Now to see how sick it's become. :)

Just came from another First Tuesday group, but this time it's a 2nd Tuesday held down here in the South Bay. What another great group of women. This meeting was much smaller and more intimate which I just loved. Everyone was so honest and open with their emotions, it was more of a support group almost than business networking, but it's great.

After schmoozing over some great appetizers, we all gathered together in the living room to hear my good friend Christi Wilson of Cozy Faux share all about her wonderful luxurious, soft faux blanket and specialty collection. So lovely - check out the web site for gifts. You'll love 'em!

Then we went around the room and shared what we were about for three minutes each. Then afterwards, Alexi of Little Effort Big Results spoke on hand analysis which was really a lot of fun. I was afraid it was palm reading because I'm not into that, but this is based on more scientific ideas and very interesting.

I have gifted hands!:)  According to  Alexi, my long "head line" means I have special unique talents and like solving complex problems. Totally! Your right hand indicates how you are in the world, your left is your personal life. When compared, both of my hands were so different it was very interesting.

According to my "heart" line, I like powerful people and need to recognize that I have that same power in myself so I don't need others to fulfill that. The more I move through life, the more I realize it's true. Can't help it!:)

What always amazes me is how people have a tendency to under-estimate me though. Men think I'm demure till they get to know me and are surprised that under my soft, quiet exterior I'm really strong; clients think I'm so nice I'm a pushover until they push me too hard and disrespect my abilities then I push back.

Tonight was just what I needed. A chance to "let my hair down" so to speak with other women who are dealing with their own issues who could totally relate and support my decisions. I'm really looking forward to "doing lunch" with some of the women I've met because they're so interesting.

On another note, I've also decided to expand my social horizons with men and have signed up for all kinds of fun groups over on Have you all seen this site? My friend said it's started by the same people who began EBay and it's really great. Perfect for adults to connect with other like-minded people.

Check it out! Okay, that's all.

I want to relax and enjoy The Riches.

I love Eddie Izzard!

Pix from GenArt, Fashion Week, Cambria & Big Sur - Finally!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Finally uploaded all my pix and have them ready to be seen. Just know, this is a new camera, I haven't read the owner's manual and as a result, some of the pix aren't the best quality, but others are wonderful (if I d say so myself. LOL) Enjoy my picture diary!

Genart_fashion_show Okay, here's a bad one, but at least now you know what I meant by the stationary fashion show at GenArt's recent event. I had taken a bunch of other pics, but ended up deleting them to accommodate my scenery shots up north.


This girl totally reminded me of Kate Bosworth, doesn't she? These was real rain droplets and I thought it was such a clever display.

One of my good friends, Lana, and her brother, Erwin I believe, joined us at the GenArt event which was a lot of fun. I always have a great time with both of them!

My good friends, Lana and Melinda, joined me at the GenArt event. Oy vey! I look so pregnant and I'm so not, but boy do I feel comfortable wearing this top. Got to buy a belt.


Lana has some crazy pants just like me. Now my pants have someone to go out with on the town! LOL

Here's one of the shows I caught during LA Fashion Week by Joseph Domingo. I always love to see what the hair stylists will create to go with the clothes as much as I enjoy the fashion.


Is this wild hair or what? This is what the runway looks like at the end. This show had some really pretty dresses with unusual adornments and piping which I liked.

Sorry, had more, but again, deleted them to find space for my vacation pix since I forgot to buy a larger memory card. My bad!


This was the first place I walked to in Cambria because it sounded so unusual... Nitt Witt Ridge. Don't you agree? Of course, it didn't open till 10am and I was there much earlier. Next time I'll take a tour.

This trip, it was Hearst Castle tours instead.


This is the view from the top of Hearst Castle. Again, wish I had a telephoto lens, but I think you grasp a little of the splendor of the view right?


This is one of the side entrances to the castle. Can you believe it? How grand!


This is the first pool you come to and it's called Neptune's Pool. Once a year all the staff get to enjoy a huge pool party where they can invite their friends up to enjoy spending time with them.

A lot of the surrounding statues were especially created for Mr. Hearst and shipped in from Italy and all over the world. See the man standing in the top? Apparently, when this statue arrived it was too big so they chopped off his feet to fit it inside that area! Isn't that funny.

Also, if I'm remembering correctly, Mr. Getty copied a lot of what Mr. Hearst did with his smaller museum over in Malibu. Oh, those rich people. Always trying to keep up with one another.:)

Wouldn't you just love to swim here? Absolutely stunning.


Here's another shot of the same pool, but looking back up towards the castle itself. So regal, I just loved it! The stark white of the statues contrasts so beautifully with the clear water and blue tiles of the pool.


This is just one of the many gardens Mr. Hearst had planted. The building you see behind was one of the guest houses he built for guests that weren't invited to stay in the "big house," but enjoyed a beautiful setting nonetheless.

What I found fascinating is that every plant and trees were brought into this area and weren't here normally. What an undertaking and how beautiful now.


This the main Hearst Castle entrance. I thought my shot of this was unique, but as I look up the information, it's so not. Oh well, I tried.:)

It's nice though, right?

Here's another one straight on...

Isn't the color of the sky incredible? I did not digitally enhance it either. Just naturally beautiful. The balcony is where Mr. Hearst would watch his guests having fun. What I thought was so funny is that he was really against unmarried couples shacking up together, but personally kept a mistress for 34 years.

Her name was Marion Davies and they had adjoining rooms on the third floor where no one else was allowed to enter. I enjoyed my Tour #2 because then we toured that area also. Lots of small, winding staircases with small rooms and lots of beautiful furnishings.

Click here for some of the amazing statistics and an overview of the entire Castle property.


Here's some examples of the furnishings and his extensive art collection. Sorry this one is blurry, but you weren't allowed to use a flash. The ceilings and wall coverings were over the top too!


Isn't this just so delicate and feminine? If I could have taken t with me, I would have.:) I love pink.


This is the master dining room where everyone ate together. Again, sorry it's so blurry. According to our fast talking gay tour guide (why do they love this job so much? Just kidding. It's a gay man's dream! LOL), the longer that you stayed at Hearst Castle, the farther you would be seated away from Mr. Hearst who sat in the middle across from Marion.

One of the famous old time stars, either Carey Grant or someone else who I've forgotten, said if he was sat any further away he'd be sitting outside! One of those stars was invited back 40 times. Others were never invited back.

Oh, another interesting character twist of Mr. Hearst is that he hated his guests to get drunk. Sound familiar? HA!

He would lock up the liquor cabinet until the evening to make sure he kept things under control. Isn't that funny? I bet some  old time alcoholics weren't too happy about having their booze controlled once they realized they'd have to wait to imbibe. LOL Maybe some began packing their own just in case...:)


Tour number 1 takes you to Mr. Hearst's huge private theatre. Just like one of the grand theatres you would see Downtown LA today. Very ornate and gaudy.

This statue is one of many that graced the walls to help with acoustics I believe. We were able to enjoy home movies playing on the big screen in this room.

Mr. Hearst, because he owned so many newspapers, was always receiving films ahead of the general public and began throwing his lavish parties to entice people to drive the four hours up from LA to sit and review them with him.

Oftentimes many of the actors, actresses, directors and writers of the films were included. There was a whole mezzanine floor with shared bedrooms set up just for starlets to stay in so the gentlemen would have pleasant female  company while visiting. What that life must have been like back then. Can you imagine?

Actress Katherine Hepburn has been quoted as saying her one regret is that she didn't take up Mr. Hearst's offer to come visit his "little ranch." Now do you see why?

Both tours I took ended up in this amazing Roman style inside covered pool room. Now according to my outspoken first tour guide, oftentimes midnight love trysts occurred in the steam room. A note slipped into a pocket, a furtive glance and the next thing you know...

The bottom of the pool, although flat, creates an optical illusion and looks curved when you look straight into it. Just directly above the lamp in the foreground is a ledge where people could dive into the 10 foot deep part of the pool.

What I loved about the National Geographic movie, Hearst Castle Building the Dream which is part of Tour 1 is that it follows one starlets experience staying there and you see the place come alive with action.

You also follow little Hearst as he travels with his mother when he's only 10 years old all over Europe where art first captures his heart. Apparently, he wanted his Dad to buy the Louvre after visiting France. His mother had a great deal of influence over him and when his father died, he left his entire estate to his wife since he knew young William would squander his fortune.

Thus, when William wanted to buy something, he would have to ask his mother's permission and she would use that opportunity to make him stop dating some undesirable woman, or give up something in exchange.

Some tour guides surmise that Marion Davies played a mother figure to him. She was an amazing lady all on her own - Actress, Real Estate Investor etc etc! What I loved learning about William Randolph Hearst is that he loved and appreciated strong, career-minded females.

His architect who worked with him almost day and night to build his vision, was a female residential architect named Julia Morgan. She was also another extraordinary woman of that time and in addition to creating Hearst Castle, created and oversaw over 800 other projects in California and Hawaii. She worked nearly 28 years on Hearst Castle and numerous other residences for both Mr. Hearst and Ms. Davies.

A very humble Victorian woman, she requested all her private papers be burned upon her death, but fortunately for us, her relative refused and that's why we know what we know today. Click on her name if you want to learn more about her. Quite an extraordinary woman.

Julia_morgans_desk Here's a picture of the small studio she used when she would come to stay and oversee the project. Isn't this amazing? Such a small location for such a grand scale project, but I guess she was out in the field for a large part of this.

Notice the old timey phone too on the desk.


This is the back courtyard where she would cross to go to her "office." The backside of Hearst Castle isn't as finished as the front and the tape on the tour bus taking you back down to the bottom of the hill lets you know that if you'd like to donate you can donate to the Friends of Hearst Castle foundation.

They host some amazing special events at the Castle and if you want to enjoy some with other philanthropic minded individuals, click here for more details. Really sounds like fun. I wouldn't mind going to a few myself? Anyone care to join me?



There is only one kitchen in the entire Castle and this is it. I took these pix for my chef friends.:) I can only imagine how many people were responsible to make the wonderful meals for all the guests and workers who came to the hill.



Isn't the attention to detail adorable?


This is the pantry. I ended up touring with a family of five on this tour because I mistakenly joined them and when I figured out I was in the wrong place it was too late. They were nice about it and it was great to have the entire castle to ourselves while touring, rather than the huge group I would have been with otherwise.

You can take private tours for about $600 if I remember correctly and you're allowed to invite up to six guests with you which is actually fairly reasonable since it covers the entire castle tours on a private basis.

Click here for information on all the tours available.


I can't remember which room this is (they all blur together after awhile, but maybe it's the library. I think that's right.) William was kicked out of Harvard is one of the stories told.


This is the "Gold Room" where the infamous gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper, used to stay as a guest. It's up in the top spier of the castle (is that what the towers are called? Well, that's what I'm trying to say.) and is very small, but really pretty with the sun shining through.

Click here for a list of some of the other important people who stayed here.


This is an example of the ornate ceilings Hearst was fond of. This is also the chandelier that hangs in the Gold Room. Everything is so ornate and gaudy and so of the time, I just loved it. Not to my taste for my own personal space, but definitely something admirable in this setting.


Tour 2 ends in the same pool house just from a different viewpoint. Click here for some Behind the Scenes info on the beautiful details involved in this room and all the others.

Now do you see why this was so refreshing and just what I needed? I love art and visionary men. When the two come together... It's a beautiful thing.


The other fun thing to do while visiting Cambria and Hearst Castle is to check out all the Elephant Seals that love to laze around in the sun along the coastline. It's just a few miles past Hearst Castle and the turn-off is clearly marked. There are walking trails to allow you to walk and view closer.

There are hundreds of seals like this and they make the funniest sounds. They also seem to do the Michael Jackson moon walk as they push themselves across the sand to get back into the water.

Certain areas were quite stinky perhaps from a dead one, but otherwise, it's very pleasant although when I was there it was bitter cold and windy. These next few shots are blurry because it was too cold to stand and get a good shot!


Isn't it rugged? Just love the different seascapes Northern CA offers.


This could be further up, or in Cambria, I don't remember.


The next day I drove up to Big Sur. I had been told it was only 25 miles away, but it was actually more like 100. However, it was well worth the drive.

Stunning vistas like this all up and down the Northern coast. You really must see it for yourself because I'm not doing this half the justice.



This is my final shot heading home from Big Sur and thus ends our tour. I hope you've enjoyed your visit and make plans to come back and see me again real soon.

We'll leave a light on for you...:)

Have I convinced you now to make the trip? I'll even go back up with you! Only this time I might suggest staying at the Cambria Pines Lodge based on the referral of another friend, Jaimi Blakely who just hosted a writer's retreat there.

According to Jaimi, Cambria Pines Lodge has "24 acresthat you can hike and a free drink at their bar and a free breakfast buffet every morning. There's an organic garden on the property where they grow a lot of their own produce.

When you call Cambria Pines Lodge, say that you want their current special.Usually, the specials are from $69-$89 depending on the season. (Such a deal!) Also, if you register to receive the weekly email from, then you will see frequent specials listed that are in that area (from San Luis Obispo to Monterey).

"Jaimi" loves Black Cat Bistro and Robin's for dinner and Indigo Moon for lunch or a casual dinner. "She" heard that the Thai place is great, too, but hasn't been yet."

Okay, that's really all. Cambria isn't that big so you can find the perfect place for you just by walking through the town once. I did it in 30 minutes or so from where I was staying. It's that small. Totally reminds me of what Hermosa Beach was like so long, long, long ago...:) I'm not that old, but I can imagine.

Enjoy your Sunday. I need to get outside now.

Lovin' Mariah Carey's new song... Happy St. Paddy's Day...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Had a very nice day today seeing as I'm Irish. Hit the local Hermosa Beach Community St. Patrick's Day parade which was very cute. Reminded me of a very small version of the Rose Parade in Pasadena that my dad used to take us to every year when we were very young.

My favorite was all the groups of young children performing and the group of Irish Red Setters. Very, very cute. I made my Hollywood friend laugh when I told her what I was doing. I know. Big Hollywood red carpet events and now... but hey, it's my hometown. Give me a break ok? LOL Totally hilarious I know.

Enjoyed hitting the 10 year anniversary of the Bel Air Bar & Grill party with some friends tonight. Then hit my friend's birthday party and met a very interesting woman I knew only online through Ladies Who Brunch. I meet the most interesting women through this group. We always have a great time figuring out which posts we've written to put the name with the person.

I was telling her all about This is Hermosa and posting on there vs. Ladies Who Brunch etc. which was fun. I know sounds very boring, but it made me happy to share the latest since she's familiar with Hermosa Doesn't take much to please me right?

It's late and I don't know if this makes sense at all, but it does to me. And no, I haven't been drinking. Just tired. In any case, I'm loving Mariah Carey's new songs on SNL.  I like watching the dancers perform and how Mariah phrases her music. Jonah Hill is too funny too.

I wish there was a place where adults could go dancing. Ever since I've been taking my GoChi Juice I have so much more energy and my libido is higher. OY! What to do? What to do? I need to get out more. Time for this cougar to go on the prowl.

I'm so glad I'm throwing a party soon and going to my client's party in a few weeks. I'm also glad my Mexico trip looks like it's finally happening! More later. Now I'm just hoping my downstairs neighbor moves his little party on out of here in a bit.

Not in the mood to listen to buzzed people asking for pot and stupid stuff. If it comes up to my window... I hate the smell and it pervades this place cuz so many people toke here (is that how you spell that? Does anyone even say that any more? I haven't heard it discussed since high school.) OY!

Fortunately, it's not that often that people light up so what the hey. If it was an issue I'll just sic the landlady on them. She's worse than the police!:) I really like her style though because she doesn't take any crap. If you're wrong. You're wrong. 2 strikes you're outta here.

I'm so glad The Riches are back on. I hope I like it this season. Sometimes the writer's try to be so extreme it gets icky. I do love the dark humor though. 

I'm a huge fan of Eddie Izzard. HUGE FAN! If you know him, please tell him I say hi. Goofy I know, but hey, I'm allowed. I like who I like. He's brilliant in my mind.

Ok, that's all. I was much more inspired earlier, but now a wee bit tired. Big day tomorrow. Fun day today. Oh great - now they're yelling. Hello... It is 1am after all. Oh well. Live and let live... for now at least.

How stupid do you think I am? American Girls rock!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just had to share. Some people surprise me with their requests. Oh well!

In any case, another fun day. Hit American Girl up at The Grove with a friend and her daughter and her little friend. I had no idea this store even existed or that there were so many cute things for little girls to do, buy, eat and enjoy. I can't wait to bring my little nieces there when they come to visit. They're going to flip out!

We visited the American Girl Cafe and it was so precious --all these parents with little girls enjoying special prix fix meals and drinks. There must have been about 4 birthday parties during the course of our hour there. You have to reserve ahead of time not to wait as long as we did, but I'm glad we went.

Totally, absolutely adorable.

What especially cracked me up was the big, burly dads walking around with their daughters and wives. I told two they must love their family very much! Too funny. It's like Disneyland for little girls. If you're looking for a special little girl gift, I highly recommend shopping there.

Made me want to buy one for me! I didn't. Don't worry. Just fun to live vicariously through the little nine-year olds. I love hanging out with kids. Really helps me take my mind off things and relax.

Also bought some paint today to finally paint over my one dark canvas. Awhile back I had painted a series of large and small paintings which created the phrase "Love + Joy = Happiness." I could never find a long enough canvas to paint the word happiness and stopped after = and left the dark canvas as nothing.

No wonder my love life is black (and I'm not talking men -although I wish! LOL) I decided today to create the final happiness canvas with bright blue and white and pink. Because happiness is like living on cloud 9 right?

Singing tomorrow at Bay Cities Community Church's service in Lomita which should be interesting. Better get to bed to get up early. I hope Jim is back in the saddle preaching again! I miss his teaching!

Sounds like the soundtrack to my neighbor's lovemaking has calmed down a bit. Aaaahhhh....

Makes me wish I had someone to make sweet music with myself!:)

May you all have love in your life. Good night.

What a fun, productive day...

By Joy A. Kennelly

The Office totally cracks me up! Anyone else like this totally whacked out show? Reminds me of some people I know. Too funny. I LOVE Steve Carell.

Today's Day Spa event at A Fresh Face Skincare was fun. Victoria, the owner, is so beautiful and sweet she's a pleasure to work with. Her massage therapist, Tanne I believe is how you spell his name, is very skilled with his hands, just came over from Trilogy Spa, and very sweet too. The best part? Tanne's massages are only $45/hour! He's very good too.

AND!!!! There is a wonderful two-hour special that Victoria is offering that is just amazing. Check this out:

  • Warm ex-foliating foot massage
  • Ex-foliating hand treatment with warm paraffin dip
  • 30-minute Aromatherapy Massage
  • Aromatherapy deep cleansing facial
  • Relaxing Scalp Massage

All this for only $99! Can you believe it?  This special and the nice people who provide these services make me almost want to work on the front desk! Just kidding.  Maybe. Maybe not! It's fun to be out and about with people rather than stuck working behind a computer all day.

Although I do get paid well to do that and enjoy my clients. Got a lot of work done on their behalf before dashing out, but more to do! And I'm lovin' it! I love shaping and building people's careers to help them achieve success.

In any case back to my Day Spa day. Introduced a lot of new people to the wonders of GoChi, learned how to mix a mean GoChi/ Vodka (we forgot to buy tonic! LOL) drinks, and enjoyed a wonderful hot stone treatment for my achey breaky back and a photo-sensitive light treatment for some of my dark spots/freckles.

I'll keep you posted on the dark spot situation if you're interested. Like you care. LOL. I am curious though because I've never tried this before. Learning all kinds of new beauty, health things hanging out with my new friends.

Speaking of hanging out, bought some new bras the other day and man, what a difference new lingerie makes! I feel like a new woman! LOL My silhouette now rivals that of my friend Shana's new boobs.  (TMI I know, but I just felt like sharing and making you laugh.)

I've been way too serious lately and I just don't feel like it any more. Time for fun! I'm happy, why shouldn't my blog be? :)

Have a great night. Now back to Celebrity Apprentice. 

New event invite and other stuff...

By Joy A. Kennelly

In addition to everything else I was doing this week: i.e. attending two major art events (LA Art Show and art LA), taking new business meetings, working another freelance gig, house-sitting, and normal pro bono work for Hermosa Beach; I've also been putting together a big networking Pre-Valentine's Day Party for Spa Riviera which will take place Thursday, February 7 from 6pm - 9pm located at: 1611 South Catalina Ave., Lower Level L41, Redondo Beach.

No wonder I've been so tired!

Download 27invitefinal.doc - Click on that link for the complete invite. I am still learning how best to upload certain items and apologize this is so rudimentary. I will upload this properly once I figure out how to do so.

On another note, I think I need to clarify that I have a very quirky sense of humor and sometimes it doesn't translate well via writing. My apologies to anyone who is offended.

Also, the opinions expressed here are solely my own and should not reflect on my pastor, my church, my friends, my business partners, or anyone else I mention here as something they necessarily agree with. Oftentimes, they don't, but we agree to disagree. I just don't want you to think poorly of them - just think poorly of me ok? LOL

I've been watching this art series by PBS called art:21 which is very interesting.

Here's their welcome statement:      

"welcome to art:21

“Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century” is the only series on television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States, and it uses the medium of television to provide an experience of the visual arts that goes far beyond a gallery visit. Fascinating and intimate footage allows the viewer to observe the artists at work, watch their process as they transform inspiration         into art, and hear their thoughts as they grapple with the physical and visual challenges of achieving their artistic visions."

It's really been fascinating to learn all these contemporary artist's thought processes and what inspires and influences their art. I'm realizing more and more, that I'm more of an artist than I realized. My writing is my way of expressing part of my artistic side and my vision boarding aka treasure mapping is another.

I've also realized that there's so much more I can learn about art and artists by taking some art classes just for my personal pleasure. My heart really sang the last time I did. I've been wanting to re-paint one  large canvas forever yet know that I'm not disciplined enough to paint without the structure of a class setting.

It was very fun to see that numerous artists had pictures pulled from magazines too as inspiration. It was so nice to realize I'm not crazy, just creative! I love being around smart, creative, inspiring people.

That's why this weekend was fun. I went back to the LA Art Show again and really took my time this go-round. Last time I had been in a hurry because I needed to get home in time to take care of the dog I was babysitting and rushed through.

I'll give a full report on this show next week. I just need some space to sleep on my thoughts and feelings. I'll let you know.

Oh, and I do like the City Council people even though I don't always agree with their decisions. I just need the space to meet some new people at my event which is why I said what I did. No hard feelings ok? You probably would love a break from me too! Plus, everyone is going to be gone anyway so it's a moot point.

Enjoy your evening sans Desperate Housewives. Man, I wish these producers/CEO's realize how much they're screwing with their customers. Not a good position to be in. We need the escape ok? Get it together and stop stone-walling. Enough's enough.

I WANT MY DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!! Ok, now I feel better.

Good night everyone.

This is what being a celebrity must feel like...

By Joy A. Kennelly

What cracks me up about living in my old hometown Hermosa Beach, which is only 1 mile wide, is that it's easy to become well-known by lots of people for not doing much. Maybe I'm a little more controversial than some who move here, but for the most part I'm just living my life.

I do have fun don't I? Like today. Bike riding for the first time in 4 years - felt really good. Another first was my good friends from Hollywood visiting me since I've moved here over a year ago! Felt really good too. I just love that family. The father and son are up for a reality show called "My dad is better than your dad." I hope they get it! They'd be a riot.

Back to my analysis of small town living and instant 'celebrity." If I saw any famous athletes down here I would never know it because sports aren't my thing so those type of celebrities are safe with me!

It's funny when you go out to eat at places and it feels like people recognize you even though they've never met you before. There's the knowing looks between people, the sudden grins, the cold shoulder in certain instances and bad service in others (or maybe that's just standard?) Makes me laugh.

If I am a topic of discussion down here then this truly is a small town. Believe me. I'm truly not that interesting people. Maybe to certain people who've never left the area, or who's idea of a big night out is getting drunk at the local bar, or who are worried certain things might be revealed they're not too happy about, but seriously...

On another note, I went to my little wood church, Bay Cities Community Church, yesterday like I always do (although arriving the latest I've ever been since I was driving home from staying the night at my friend's place in Hollywood after celebrating her birthday till late the night before.)

Dam! If my pastor wasn't speaking right to me! I jokingly told my neighbor at one point that now he's meddling because it was as if everything he was saying was meant only for me. I know many of you don't see the value of organized religion, or understand the fascination with going somewhere to hear someone preach from the Bible, but I just love it.

It's a few hours each week where I can evaluate on a spiritual level, how I'm doing as a person and as a Christian. Sometimes I'm doing ok. Other times I realize the bitchy side has won out yet again leaving me with no other choice, but to rein it in and try to work on it. Pray for me. I can always use it!

Church to me, is like going to a gym for your soul. You're working on certain parts of your personality or your soul that needs to be tuned up, made better or made stronger. In my case, it's my pride. I have a lot of it. I know that.

The more I hang around with certain people who have accomplished so much more than I have, and yet remain completely humble and unassuming, the more I want to be like them. There's a reason God brings certain people into our lives at certain times in our lives too.

We can all learn from each other and realize we can either hate the person who's reflecting our weak areas back to us for bringing up issues that we need to work on, or we can accept the fact we're not perfect and maybe they're right, and/or maybe it is something to deal with.

What I always find is that the people who rub me the wrong way the most, oftentimes have similar characteristics that I have that I don't see in myself until I see it mirrored back to me by them. Does that make sense?  Like the people who love to tell me how to live my life when it's none of their business. I realized I was doing that too! Oy!

In any case, yesterday's sermon was on "Living Comfortable With God" Part 4 in the series, Making 2008 Better Than Ever. (You can read the first three parts in my last post. It's really good!)

Living Comfortable with God

Psalm 15:1:
1 LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary?
Who may live on your holy hill?

God Wants Us To:

1. Live in a way that is responsible

Psalm 15:2a

    2 He whose walk is blameless
Proverbs 20:7:

    7 The righteous man leads a blameless life;
       blessed are his children after him.

2. Do what's right.

Psalm 15:2b and who does what is righteous,

Proverbs 13:6:

    6 Righteousness guards the man of integrity,
       but wickedness overthrows the sinner.

3. Speak the truth with sincerity.

Psalm 15:2c

       who speaks the truth from his heart

Proverbs 16:13:

    13 Kings take pleasure in honest lips;
  they value a man who speaks the truth.

4. Refuse to gossip about others. (Now he was meddling...I love gossip, but if God doesn't, then...)

Psalm 15:3a

    3 and has no slander on his tongue,

Proverbs 16:28:

    28 A perverse man stirs up dissension,
       and a gossip separates close friends.(

Proverbs 20:19:

    19 A gossip betrays a confidence;
       so avoid a man who talks too much.

5. Not harm our neighbor.

Psalm 15:3b

    3 who does his neighbor no wrong

Romans 13:10:
10Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

6. Not speak evil of others.


Psalm 15:3c

    3and casts no slur on his fellowman,

Psalm 34:13:

    13 keep your tongue from evil
       and your lips from speaking lies.

7. Be disgusted by evil.
Psalm 15:4:

    4 who despises a vile man

Romans 12:9b
     9Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.


8. Honor faithful followers.

Psalm 15:4b

    4but honors those who fear the LORD,

Proverbs 21:21:

    21 He who pursues righteousness and love
       finds life, prosperity [a] and honor.

9. Keep promises even when it's painful.

Psalm 15:4c

    4who keeps his oath
       even when it hurts,

10. Be generous with what what we have.

Psalm 15:5a

    5 who lends his money without usury

Proverbs 11:25:

    25 A generous man will prosper;
       he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

11. Never take advantage of others.

Psalm 15:5b

    5and does not accept a bribe against the innocent.(oooh, this is a good one for some people... did I say that?)

Romans 12:18:
18If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

(Ok, this one's for me...Let peace begin with me... Next week. JUST KIDDING! I'll try - say a prayer. I do get passionate about certain issues. It's the Irish in me. But then the German kicks in and I become reserved again.)

12. Have stability and strength from him.

Psalm 15:5b

    5 He who does these things
       will never be shaken.

Amen and Amen!

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the philosophy lesson.

It's much better up close and personal on Sunday mornings, trust me...

New Years, My birthday, The Bucket List

By Joy A. Kennelly

For whatever reason, people keep Googling "the blond guy from TMZ" and find my blog. How long ago did I write about him and TMZ? I just think it would be hilarious if he either lives in the South Bay, or is a member of Oct 805, my biggest fans. Who knows? Who cares? I don't, but just think it would be ironic.

In any case, I actually had the most delightful birthday after all. I knew it would turn out that way - the best days always come after the worst. Plus, when there's nothing planned, then good stuff can fill in too. Like the wonderfully sweet card from one of my good friends which arrived unexpectedly.

I also joined a good girlfriend for a spontaneous celebratory birthday lunch which was great. Then dashed off to Glen Ivy Day Spa to cash in my two-for-one coupon I found recently that I'd collected over the summer during one of the AVP's. It expired 12/31 and I thought what a great way to end the year and celebrate my birthday.

Receiving an email from a very fun girlfriend who was off for the day while her husband was working prompted me to invite her to join me. By 2pm we were soaking in the generous hot tub relaxing. We pampered ourselves with the moisturizing Grotto treatment and just generally relaxed throughout the spa not leaving till almost six! Now that's my kind of day.

My other great girlfriend had heard my plight of no New Year's plans and invited me to join her at her fun married friend's New Year's open house. This couple is such an adorable contrast - she loves parties, he swears not to, but does throw margarita wrestling contests for young women which absolutely cracks me up since his wife is one of the most respected experts in her field - known world-wide for her brilliance.

To know both of them though, they're the most loving, giving, generous people who are so full of life and fun that I don't care what they do. They're my friends and his mom is great too! Even though last night wasn't anything like I had planned, it was just perfect.

My new BFF and her husband who had invited me are really wonderful to me too. They gave me the best birthday cake, presents and love. I am indebted to their generosity of spirit and heart. Thank you!!!!

Great food, great friends, great conversations, ending with fun times down at the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza - hard to believe fun too for adults over 20 out past 9pm I know, but the swing band drew a decidely older crowd which made for a nice mix of people.

What I thought was absolutely hilarious was to see a woman who was older than me wearing the shortest micro mini standing on stage proudly french kissing her husband when it struck midnight. I'd heard this woman needs attention, but didn't realize how badly till I saw her outfit and subsequent kiss. I guess if you've still got it flaunt it right? Or is it at the beach once a bleached blond bimbo, always one? I don't know.

Oh I must stop, it's not nice to speak poorly of your elders. Sorry Sienna. Whoops. Didn't mean to blow your cover, but then again you're not hiding anything so why should I? I'm such a bitch with a capital B. Can't help myself.

It just comes naturally this time of the month, but I hope you know I mean this all in good fun. If you can't poke gentle fun at politician's wives, who can you laugh at? See, you're laughing too! I see that smile. You agree. This is what makes the beach scene so entertaining to be part of if you ask me. If it's not the young bucks, it's the old babes...

We would have hit the Mermaid bar afterwards, but the line wasn't worth standing in. We really must hit it before it's torn down - one of Hermosa Beach's historic monuments for the great drinkers of our city. Just kidding, but it is historic.

For those of you who don't live down here that whole piece of property (of which the Mermaid is but one part) is going for 33 million dollars - now does it give you an idea of the size of the property for sale and the value of Hermosa Beach beachfront? We'll see what goes in there next - could make for some interesting changes to the whole Downtown scene in its entirety. Know any cool hotels looking to expand? We'd love to have one come in.

Caught The Bucket List today and it was the perfect day to see it. Great flick and great chemistry between the two men. It was really nice to see Morgan Freeman in something other than his serious films. Also, I wonder how close to Jack's real life this story really is? How many wives has he had again?

I am very emotional (you know why) and I couldn't help but cry at parts. It's very thought-provoking, funny, enjoyable and worth catching. I really liked it. Made me want to create my own "bucket list."

Let's see, in no particular order, here's my spur of the moment, off the top of my head "bucket list" -

1. visit Tahiti
2. see healing of family relationships
3. finish my PR certificate at UCLA Extension
4. fall madly and deeply in love with the man I'm to marry and spend the rest of my life with
5. get my hormones balanced out once and for all
6. lose 15 or 20 more pounds (lost 12 so far!) and keep it off
7. travel the world to exotic places I've never been like Thailand, Fiji, Bangkok, Australia, New Zealand
8. go back to Africa and visit everywhere we lived and traveled to when I was young
9. write my book on my open adoption experience and have it turned into a movie
10. have a syndicated column writing like I do for my blog on whatever I feel like
11. make a difference in my community that changes its course of history forever
12. be a good role model to my nieces and son and children who are like family to me
13. paint more
14. love more
15. share more
16. volunteer more
17. trust more
18. laugh more
19. bitch less
20. Enjoy life to the fullest in whatever I'm doing, with whoever I'm doing it with
21. See The Oprah Show and The Ellen Show live and see great guests and receive great gifts
22. See loved ones I've been praying for come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior
23.  Be a better friend in a deeper way to people in my life I care about
24. Have my life count for something bigger than myself
25. balance my life better

I had such a pleasant yesterday and today that I feel ready for whatever is thrown my way in 2008. I had such peace last night even though I was single. It just felt like it was okay for that night. I just had the distinct feeling that I should cherish being alone because once I am married I'll never be alone again.

Hard to believe I'd ever get to the place that I'm actually happy being single, but I have a real contentment and settled feeling about it all. Like 2007 was supposed to clear out all the bad relationships that were holding me back for the right one in 2008. Does that make sense?

Who knows if this makes sense, but I do know I am closer to God as a result of this year and know who I am better too. Like Philippians says in the Bible chapter 4:11-13.

"I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

I hope you have the opportunity to experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding at some point in your life too.

God bless you! Happy New Year!

Live like you were dying and consider writing your own bucket list. May make you reconsider how you'll spend 2008.

Life's short people and we're only given so much time on earth. How will you spend it this year? Make it count.

And with that... Good night... or should I say Good morning...

Sweeney Todd - Less singing; More killing. Cush Salon and other stuff...:)

By Joy A. Kennelly

Okay, remember the sweet little east Indian ticket reservationist who didn't know anything about Hawaii and spent all that time trying to get the spelling right of Kuaia? Guess who I got when I called United again tonight? Yep. Him. Isn't it a funny ironic small world?

This time I asked him about another location and when my destination wasn't allowed on my free ticket I asked about where to fly to get closest to Tahiti. Oh my goodness, he didn't know where or what Tahiti was! Oy, oy, oy! I know I'm dumb for not realizing that LA was the closest airport apparently, but I didn't have the benefit of a computer screen since I was driving and he did.

I guess my frustration with him is because I used to do his job for five years for both Alaska and Delta Airlines and know what he should know in this position. I thought it was so funny to get him again, but couldn't deal so told him I'd call back and promptly hung up.

Guess who I got when I called back? HIM!

That made me LOL because I realized then I couldn't escape my fate. I then asked to speak to his supervisor which he was nice enough to transfer me. I explained to the women that when I worked in the airline industry even when my airline didn't service the location, the computer will give you the code to figure out an itinerary regardless of which airline you're booking.

For him not to know that and waste more of my time... not good customer service United Airlines. I thought I had been so smart by going online and figuring out my original itinerary prior to calling only to learn that my ticket doesn't allow for inter-line agreements meaning I can't fly on their partners.

Makes me seriously reconsider not jumping ship next time they ask for volunteers to be bumped. Oh well, I will figure it out eventually. It is a free ticket after all. I just need to hurry up and book it! It was just too funny to hear his little sheepish voice one more time. Merry Christmas Rameesh wherever you are in India. Do they even celebrate? I wonder.

My friend Domi invited me out to the Arclight tonight for a snack and a movie. I agreed because I was traveling up to Beverly Hills to have my hair done at Cush Salon courtesy of my friend Adrienne and was also meeting my other friend Marcia who I haven't seen in a long time after that which made it worthwhile to stay up there so late. Plus, we all always have a good time together so...

I'm glad I did. Sweeney Todd was a very fun, albeit horror, movie set to music. Who knew there would be so much music to all the gore? I've never gone to see anything Stephen Sondheim has done so totally wasn't prepared to hear murder sung about so casually. Or to see so much spurting blood! Domi said it reminded him a lot of all the horror films he has done. NOT MY THING AT ALL!

For such a murderous, gory story, I was surprised the killing didn't start earlier into the film hence my blog title. Enough with the back story - get to the point Burton. Just kidding. Tim has his own unique style of filmmaking - although I'm beginning to think his art director doesn't know any other looks beyond goth, but then again neither does Tim Burton himself it seems! I guess you want his style, then you see his movies.

Ghostly white makeup with heavily made-up smudged eye makeup, weird blue tones, stark contrasts of color and black and white mixed together, bad teeth, oh I could go on, but I'm tired. You get the drift. It's really stylistic and moody which is very interesting visually actually, but almost distracts from the actors because it is so unusual. I sat through most of the killings with my eyes covered because those images, despite some looking like red paint, would stick in my brain too long.

It was fun to hang out with Domi and who knows, we may start working together again if we can come to an agreement that we're both happy with. I'm still not into horror, but as long as it's strictly red carpet escorting, that's fun so... We shall see! Stranger things have happened.

I enjoyed spending time with Marcia catching up too. We went up the block from her place to a little pizza place that was very delicious. I loved the interior since it was all stone work with pretty furniture. Can't remember the name since I'm tired and it's late, but it's near the Belmont. Check it out next time you're around.

My lovely, lovely, lovely hair took three hours to create. I say you can never be too blonde or have too much chocolate. I'm so blonde I look like a summer baby. I LOVE IT! You really must see Martine at Cush Salon for color and ask for Chassie, the owner, to cut your hair.

It's the cutest, hippest best kept secret of Beverly Hills salons. No pretension, just good hair in a relaxing, hip environment. I feel so glamorous. Just like a movie star after having them treat me to their amazing skills. I had had my hair cut previously up in Beverly Hills at a salon I just walked into because I couldn't take it any longer, but I wish I had waited.

What a difference having your hair cut and colored by people with training and expertise. Plus, they were both so humble about it too. A lovely, lovely, lovely experience. I love being pampered like this. Next week I've got to visit Glen Ivy Day Spa to follow up on today. Full pampering please. I've earned it.

Thank you Adrienne. You're such a good friend to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you get this salon lots of media hits and that they provide you with everything you ask for to help them achieve it too! They deserve some media coverage for sure.

If/when my stupid camera works again I'll take a pic of my hair and upload it. Now I'm ready for New Years Eve - watch out boys. Cougar on the prowl...

Okay, enough of that. Real quick rundown of the past week. The Manhattan Beach Christmas Fireworks display was simply fantastic. They had this really fun band leading us all in Christmas and Hanukkah carols for an hour prior. Can't you just see me dancing the Hora loudly singing the Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel song? It was so much fun being silly like that.

What was really cool is that numerous streets are closed off to turn the hill going down to the Manhattan Beach pier into a walk street and it was jam packed wall-to-wall with what seemed like thousands of people out celebrating. Yet, I didn't see one drunk. What a novel concept. Maybe they hit the streets later, but I doubt it.

Maybe because the emphasis was on children with local business, Skechers', and numerous other Downtown Manhattan Beach businesses sponsoring an adorable snow camp area. Yeah Skechers! Thank you everyone for such a delightful community event! The fireworks display went on for almost 1/2 an hour and were set to Christmas music which made it even more fun. I sent numerous friends little videos from my phone to watch. Very exciting!

The inexpensive spaghetti dinner at the MB Fire House was fun too. I wasn't hungry because it was so early when we arrived so I just watched my friend's enjoy everything. I enjoyed the eye candy collecting money though. Too bad I was with my guy friend so it looked like we were together.

Nothing against you bud, but you're cramping my style. LOL. I'm sure I'm cramping yours too. Oh well, next year should be good for both of us since it's 2008 and it's going to be great. We all had fun together. That whole night was a real blast. I love singing along loudly and just goofing around. Great time letting off steam after the hell I'd gone through only a week prior.

What's interesting about that previous hellish experience is that last night I went to a local friend's Christmas gathering and it actually came in handy. During the night she received a call and became afraid for one of her friends who lives up in Hollywood since he mentioned killing himself. Since I'd just been there myself (feeling suicidal) I offered to go with her to help calm her down and offer some of the wisdom I'd gained from my therapist and the Suicide Prevention Hotline (SPH) people to him too.

When we called their hotline (which is 310 391-1253 or toll free in Los Angeles and Orange County 877 727-4747,) they were extremely nice and knowledgable. Did you know there is a Psychiatric Mobile Response Team (PMRT) who will come and be with you within an hour if you call and need help? Their number is 1 800 854-7771 I believe. What I liked about the SPH is that they walked us through how to handle her friend since he wasn't probably going to call them himself that night.

When I called Alcoholics Anonymous' hotline, suicide prevention was beyond their abilities. However, I gave him their contact numbers too since they're a great place to go when you've hit bottom and need ongoing support dealing with your drinking problem. Call 1 866 507-6237 for the national hotline and 310 618-1180 for the local hotline if you need help too ok? You are not alone! There are people who have been where you are too. It's never too late to turn your life around and get help for this disease.

Now if you should run across someone who threatens suicide, the key questions to ask are, "When are you going to do it? Have you thought about how you will do it?" Apparently, although we think it would lead people to actually do it, it's not out of the ordinary to the person you're speaking to and just helps you gauge how serious they really are.

However, I highly recommend leaving stuff like this up to the professionals - call for your own expert advice from the SHP, don't just take mine please.

Isn't it funny how God used something that was meant for evil (me wanting to kill myself) and used it to help someone else for good? The ironies of that night just kept hitting me. Especially when we drove past my friend's old place on our way to her friend's house and it turned out I actually knew the street having known someone who lived there myself!

It also turned out I knew of this hurting man indirectly because my friend who lived on that street at the time had catered his wife's memorial service. Small world. It was just meant to be that I was there for this man I think. When we finally did reach him he kept wondering why I was there and how I knew so much about suicide prevention. When I explained I'd been right there where he was only a few weeks ago, he was blown away. I'm blown away. God has a quirky sense of timing and purpose is all I can say.

I don't think I'll be experiencing anything more like that for a bit since the doctor has prescribed birth control pills to help regulate my hormones. Yeah! Free sex! Just kidding. Although I will admit the thought crossed my mind.

One of the side effects apparently is to have your breasts become larger. If mine do, I won't be able to see my toes! I think that looks retarded on women when that happens. Sorry, no thank you. However, I will say my friend who recently underwent breast augmentation really deserves to have new breasts.

Hers looked like the African women I remember from living in Kenya who would pull this long sad narrow balloon out of their blouses to feed their nursing babies on the bus. Seriously, that bad. If anyone needed fake boobs, my friend does!

What was freaky is that although I had a lot of people praying for her never in a million years did I expect to hear from her the very night of her surgery sounding so chipper and normal. Kind of weirded me out!

She was ecstatic and said she had no pain whatsoever. Even the doctors were shocked at how well she was recovering from the surgery. I was shocked too! She sounded a little frenetic too which was weird. That was explained today when she returned my call asking after her and learned that she'd been drugged then too and barely remembered our conversation.

I'm just so relieved she's doing so well, especially after the heartbreak of Kanye West's mother's death. I was so nervous for my girlfriend because it was going to be a much more complicated surgery than she had originally thought, but I think due to her excellent condition from all her pilates training and all our prayers (two big churches were praying for her) she is doing really, really great. Thank you God.

Mama's got new boobs! Cougar's got new hair! Time to go out and celebrate! Her husband is going to be so happy. I know she's ecstatic. Now this type of re-constructive surgery I support any time any place. Oh, and I also support the new boobs Hermosa Beach is considering. Check out This is Hermosa forum under the 2 lanes vs. 4 lanes smackdown thread for my commentary on boobs in Hermosa Beach. You have to scroll down a bit...

Let's see what else? Third Tuesday was awesome as usual. I forgot how much I missed the encouragement of that group. All 300 plus of us prayed for a quick end to the Writer's Strike. It was really sad to see how many people in the audience it was affecting. I hope it ends soon. I want an awards season!

I bumped into my old friend Matilda and just felt like hanging out with her all night rather than socialize like I normally do. I'm so glad I did. After hearing another encouraging, funny message from the pastor, we generally break into small groups to pray for each other. Usually there's 4-5 people in each group, but again, this evening it was just me and Matilda. Since we'd been talking all evening we knew what to pray for each other.

However, I wasn't prepared to have her pray for my family situation because I hadn't mentioned it as a prayer request and all of sudden my floodworks began. I just stood there silently crying with crocodile tears just flowing uncontrollably down my face while she prayed for healing of my entire family because the breakdown of my family relationships deeply, deeply, deeply affects me.

I know I've hurt them too, but at a certain point there needs to be forgiveness and letting go of grudges. I can't undo the past and even Jesus forgave me my sins (which have been many!) I just need to stay away from everyone until I feel like this cloud of condemnation has passed and it's ended. May never happen, but I'm praying it does. Enough's enough. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Now to get on with living.

Or as they say in Al Anon:


Be honest with yourself
Be Humble
Take it Easy – Tension is Harmful
Play – Find recreation and hobbies
Keep on Trying whenever you fail

Learn all the facts about Alcoholism
Attend Alanon meetings often


Be Self-Righteous
Try to dominate, nag, scold or complain

Lose Your Temper
Try to push anyone but yourself
Keep bringing up the past

Keep checking up on your alcoholic
Wallow in self-pity
Make threats you don’t intend to carry out
Be over-protective
Be a doormat

Who knows how this family stuff will all resolve itself, but I have a real peace about avoiding the parent's gathering this year. Although I'll miss seeing my oldest niece and my aunts and uncles since this is the time of year I normally see the relatives.

However, I'm hoping to go to San Diego for New Years' so maybe then I'll pop by to visit or even stay over. Who knows? I can't think that far ahead right now and they're all very busy people with busy lives too.

I did receive a nice Christmas card from one set of relatives which was very comforting and sweet of them to remember me. I'm so behind on sending out cards I really must devote some time to it asap.

My visit to Niki Shadrow's 20's party at the new 86 nightclub was fun as usual. It was great to hear the old timey 20's music and see people dressed up in flapper costumes. Reminded me of the Little Rascals. Remember them? Oh tay buckwheat.

Also, the Toledo Show performed and they were amazing as usual. I'd actually written a press release promoting the Stories from the Red Room documentary about The Toledo Show and Harvelle's. Yes, we have one in Redondo Beach now. And yes, The Toledo Show performs there too! You really have to see this R & B cabaret act - they're great! A little risque, but sexy as all get out. Click on the above link for a little preview.

My ex-boyfriend used to love Harvelle's in Santa Monica and loved the blues so he got me into it too. I love that little hole-in-the-wall place on 4th. Lots of good memories there. I'm glad they're down in RB now too. I really must get a group together some night and go hit it. Too fun.

My cookie exchange party just prior was a lot of fun too. I sent some of the cookies I collected to the soldiers for them to enjoy. I've never seen so many varieties of cookies in one place before. That was a cute party since it was a lot of women from the Republican's Women's Federation. Only in the South Bay. Never, ever in Hollywood I think!:)

Here's a little blurb on them: Manhattan Beach RWF is a dynamic group of like-minded conservative women with shared values. We are a diverse mix of ages, backgrounds and professions - but share a common desire to elect Republicans! We meet every month, usually the second Tuesday at 7 p.m. in a member's home. We have a speaker each meeting, 2-3 fundraisers per year and social outings.

So, care to join? Email Rosalie at ManhattanBeachRWF (at) cfrw (dot) org. I just think it's kind of funny and wish my mom would join since this is so her thing. She's the most rabid Republican I know and just cracks me up with her passion. I guess I come by my political activism honestly. Only mine is on the local level only.

What else to tell you all. I think that's all and if it's not, oh well. I'm very tired. Can't wait to visit with my girlfriend and hear all about her breast surgery recovery. I'm going to try and make kugel as a treat since her Bubby used to make it all the time as comfort food.

Can't you see it now? A shitska baking a traditional Jewish dish? Oy vey! But she needs some comforting so I'm going to give it a whirl. Should be interesting.:)

Okay, that's really all. Have a good day (seeing as it's 2am and morning already.) Good thing I don't have anywhere pressing to go till my 1:30pm lunch tomorrow. Yeah!

Sleep well everyone!

Check out my latest posts on my wordpress blog

By Joy A. Kennelly (new link here too - check it out!)

Hi Everyone, I've been busy promoting my client, Artist Gali Rotstein's Art Opening Reception January 12, 2008 at Lois Lambert Gallery in Bergamot Station and will have more time to blog about all the fun events I've been attending later today. Check out my wordpress blog ( for recent highlights - very fun!

Hope to see you at the party!

Yeah! School is finally over! I'm getting my life back...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just had my last final exam presentation tonight at UCLA and I am so happy school is over for now. I need a break! Although I've really loved meeting all the cool speakers, getting to know Julian and Henri, my teachers/mentors, better and learning new things about the industry as it is today, but I just need some down time to enjoy Christmas and party a little.

This whole semester I couldn't really go to any of my usual social events because everything in Hollywood normally falls in the middle of the week vs. the weekend and I was too busy. I miss socializing! Tonight to celebrate the end, my friend Julie was gracious enough to meet me for a little impromptu bar hopping of our own in glorious Hermosa Beach.

We were curious about North End Bar having heard so many terrible things about the place that we decided to check it out first. Here's a quote from one web site:

"Worth Noting: Cursory research on the joint turns up a sketchy crime history in the neighborhood, so try not to bumble about hammered in the wee hours."
Interesting, eh? Otherwise all the locals have nothing but great things to say except for one resident and perhaps others a little less vocal about the noise, urination, bottles in their yards, fighting, etc. after the bar closes. Wonder what the outcome of the meeting with good 'ole Police Chief Saveli was? Inquiring minds want to know...

As we walked into the bar, there was a loud disagreement going on among some of the patrons with the young couple leaving in a huff, while the guy yelling at them remained at the counter nursing his liquor. Very exciting stuff and we just walked in on it! The female bartender was very nice, but she wasn't spilling. Who knew what kind of show we would have had if we'd only arrived a few minutes earlier! :)

Because their kitchen closed at 9pm and we were hungry we opted to go Downtown to find a place still serving. I had been so pumped up earlier I hadn't been hungry, but after my presentation I was starving. We ended up at Union Cattle for some nibbles and it was very pleasant.

Very quiet, but perhaps it was because we were downstairs vs. the upstairs bar, but we weren't there for that so it didn't really matter. I had presented my ideas for publicizing the City of Hermosa Beach in front of three PR experts as part of my final exam and was excited to share the outcome with Julie.

One of the gentleman, when I was through presenting my 18 page report, said, "In all my years of doing public relations, I've never heard of anything like this ever." Made me feel good like we were all on the right track. I'm going to be contacting him in the next few days for ideas on how to proceed based on what I've started since last July with the media and government officials . We shall see!

I have one more class ending tomorrow night which will be a little sad to end because I've really made some good friends there, but I am ready for a break! Me and some friends are planning a get-together at this weekend's Christmas boat parade in Belmont Shores which should be fun.

S'mores anyone?

I say you can never have too much chocolate. That's my drug of choice. You can have your alcohol. Not my thing since sometimes it gives me acid reflux. Bummer. Just depends on the quality though so I do enjoy certain drinks, but am not a lush - that's for sure!

Now that class is over I will have time to write about more of the speakers I heard in my other class taught by Henri Bollinger who were quite good too. I really love learning and meeting new people which is the only thing that kept me committed to attending class regularly when there were so many cool events going on in Hollywood.

However, the way my fine artist client, Gali Rotstein's Art Opening in January is shaping up I think we're going to kick off the New Year first class all the way. More details to come, but save Saturday, January 12, 2008 because it's going to knock your socks off.

Lois Lambert Gallery themselves are inviting over 4,000 guests! Then there's my list, Gali's list, Children's Action Network's high-profile entertainment industry list, all the other artist's who are included in this Group '08 show, and all the media relations I've done - this is going to be one of the better parties Bergamot Station has enjoyed in a long time if I do say so myself.

Plus, rumor has it there are other BS galleries throwing their own openings, so come early and stay late. Oh, and most important... BUY ART!!!! You know I have to say that or I wouldn't be doing my job as Gali's publicist right? There will be plenty to choose from, but buy Gali's first ok? Sometimes I make myself LOL.

I hope you LOL too.

Stay tuned, more to come...

India help, Los Feliz Village Holiday Festival, The Liquid Muse

By Joy A. Kennelly

Well that was sure funny. I just called United Airlines to find out if my free ticket I received after being bumped allows me to fly to Kauai and just spent 10 minutes with a guy in India just trying to get him to spell it properly and learn where it is in Hawaii.

I was very patient, but finally asked him if he was in India to which he didn't answer. Then I asked to speak to someone else and he said, please give me more time I'll get it. I told him I've given him 10 minutes just to learn how to spell the place and I'll call back.

Totally bummed my ticket doesn't allow me to fly to Hawaii or Alaska. When I called back I asked the girl which place I could fly to get closer and she said LA or San Diego. That made me laugh too because I live in LA. Now to check out South Beach or somewhere in the states. I'm so bummed. I was really looking forward to a free trip to Hawaii!

My parents just returned from there and had a great time. Oh well. I've enjoyed the chocolate covered macadamian nuts they brought back... There's always next year. I just have to use this ticket by 1/3/08. Where to go? Where to go?

What I don't want to do is end up like the woman in the skit at Bay Cities this past Sunday who is single and all excited about going out with her friends, but then they flake so she's sitting home alone talking to her mom. Now don't get me wrong. I love my mom very much, but that just ain't my idea of fun you know.

The whole sermon was entitled "Loneliness Is Real & Difficult - How God Wants Us to Deal With Pain." I'll share more of it later, but right now I want to share a funny embarrassing moment that happened while my friends and I were hanging out up at the Los Feliz Village Holiday Festival (which was very hip and cool and fun by the way. More about that too.)

My friend and her family came because she's totally always up for fun stuff even if last minute. My other friend came spur of the moment too and walked around wearing flip flops freezing his feet off all night as a result. At least I had a jacket to spare that looked unisex.

There was a magician performing tricks for the kids out in front of Starbucks which really entertained them. I wanted to make sure we caught a ride on the double-decker bus and asked them all to come over to wait with me a little ahead of time. We were getting bored standing around so Kirsten asked Winston if he'd mind taking her son back across the street and we'd call them when it came.

I then totally put my foot in my mouth and said, "Run across like you're an illegal alien." When I looked around after saying such a stupid thing we were totally surrounded by Mexicans. My bad. I don't know where I come up with some of this stuff. Fortunately, the young teen-agers got the joke and laughed along with me. I don't think the rest of them spoke English.:)

Maybe it was all the trips down to San Diego for Christmas and Thanksgiving where you see all those yellow signs of people running across the border on the freeway that stuck in my subconscious all these years. I don't know. I do know that this came out during a Groundlings sketch too!

Three of my classmates were given a theme and then had to create a movie poster out of the theme. They were asked to freeze and then the announcer, me, had to turn and make up a movie title on the spot based on their pose.

Well, the group I had to describe was two of my dark haired classmates acting menacing towards the blonde girl who was cowering. I turned around saw them and said to the audience, "Ladies and Gentlemen, you're in for a very special treat with this movie- "Two Mexicans attacking the blonde girl."  Everyone erupted into laughter because it was so off-the-wall and the darker haired people weren't even Mexican. Plus, I think it shocked them a little that I would say such a thing. I know it did me.

Where is this fear or humor about Mexicans coming from? I should be careful, Carlos Mencia might try to steal my material. HA HA

I guess growing up near the beach with only blonde, tanned surfers has had its effect. I hope you realize I'm only teasing and mean no harm. It was very funny at the time, but maybe you had to be there. I apologize if anyone was/is offended. It truly was funny...:)

Back to the festival. So we caught the double-decker bus and when we came to the next stop where Mariachi's were playing (I'm telling you, Hollywood is so much more multi-cultural! LOL) we waited until all the hundreds of people (ok, I may be exaggerating just a bit, but it really seemed like it at the time) got off the top deck to allow us to jump upstairs.

It was really fun riding up there in the cold and then when we got off at the next stop we caught some great shopping. Kirsten bought all kinds of cute, one-of-a-kind unique necklaces as gifts while Winston and I hit the Rosetta Stone Gallery where my friend, Denise, was working. I believe she's the gallery/store owner and chair of the Los Feliz group that put on this whole event. She has some gorgeous Asian pieces among other amazing furniture.

Just to tease Winston I made him pose near some of the Asian work because of his heritage. He has such a great sense of humor he totally went along with it. I think someone more uptight might not have enjoyed my sense of humor, but he's just as wacky as me so it works. We were totally taking the funniest pictures all night long. I'll have to upload them to my myspace page soon.

We all posed near a blow-up Santa on a motorcycle. Then we went to a really cool store called White Trash Charms which had the best decorated Christmas tree set against a very cool assemblage of Andy Warholish art with their store name emblazoned across the soup cans like his famous ones.

They were blaring rockin' Christmas dance music and it was a lot of fun. The hair salon, Transcends, where the blow-up Santa was had the cutest little Boston Terrier named Joey outside entertaining us with stupid dog tricks.

Here's a blurb from citysearch about that place: "For more than two decades Academy Award Nominees, Emmy Nominees, pop divas, producers, directors and internationally known celebrities utter the name of Bob Geevar with a sense of awe when it comes to hair." Who knew we were visiting hair royalty? They had great music and snacky poos too.

Los Feliz is mainly singles so I doubt some of them really were expecting children to visit which was fine. It was so obvious when we finally came upon the puppeteer. He TOTALLY cracked me up because he's playing this extremely depressing music, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth half smoked, while he 'raises" a seemingly dead puppet from the dead. NOT kid friendly, but Kirsten's kids were fascinated.

I made the mistake of saying out loud - I must have your picture smoking because I thought the irony was so funny, but he didn't like the joke and threw it away before I got my camera ready. Just imagine a tall, thin 30ish guy with greasy hair (at least I think so, or else I'm just making it up to make the story sound better) smoking a cigarette wearing a long winter coat standing over a small, thin table playing with a marionette to dreadfully depressing non-Christmasy music. Get the picture? This is the funniest part - billed as an activity for kids! Too funny. He was very good at it, but it was totally inappropriate.

Otherwise, everything was great. Kirsten said all the vendors were very trusting, even taking checks, and very nice to work with. Also very creative gifts. Everyone had great snacks and hot drinks throughout to warm you up. The places that were open were busy and the activities were fun. I think the free Santa pictures were a big hit as was the antique trolley dashing through the streets.

I bumped into one of my former filmmakers which was fun too. I didn't realize it had been so long ago, but he said 2001 was when he participated. We may end up working together which I hope because he's extremely talented if I remember correctly. I think all my filmmakers were to be honest.

In any case, we had a good time that night. I came away with lots of fun ideas for next year too. Great job Los Feliz Business Improvement District! I wonder if we have a similar group in Hermosa? If not, we could use one. But that's another blog at another time.

I'm tired. More details on Jim Mackinga's sermon - which was awesome as usual - later. I will say this though. I don't know why, but all of a sudden we are collecting the most attractive male and female singles I've seen in quite awhile. The 9:30am church service is packed! I've never, ever seen it that crowded before and it's awesome!

I'm going to have start blogging about how fun the 8:00am service is to get more people to come to that one next time. That service really is fun because of it being a smaller, more intimate crowd Jim just lets loose and is crazy funny sometimes. He even went a little over time this week because he got so carried away telling so many stories.

I really miss not being able to sing, but I'm still not 100%. I sound like I've been smoking for years.  Everyone thinks I am so much younger than I am when I have my regular voice because it's so much higher. Oh well, it's fun to be different.

On another note, my friend, Natalie aka The Liquid Muse's house party was fun Sunday too. She just sold her book of non-alcoholic cocktails for pregnant women called Pregitini's (sp? Natalie?) and was celebrating.

She has a real fun site with lots of interesting things for those who imbibe. Check it out and tell her I sent you.

Okay, I really must go. Hope you come again real soon.

Sharefest, Groundlings, bibi davidson, Gali Rotstein, Bay Cities Community Church, Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

By Joy A. Kennelly

This has been one packed weekend. I love times like this because I am very social and love being around lots of new people. I also like my time alone, but I needed to be around people to help deal with what I'm working through.

Hit the Sharefest Fundraiser Friday night which was a lot of fun. I was expecting to see more single guys there, but it was lots of single women and married couples. The fun part was seeing people I grew up with down here that I haven't seen in years and years because I was living in Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Some had changed and some hadn't changed at all. I also saw some people I wasn't expecting which was very surprising, but nice nonetheless. Maybe a little painful in light of the circumstances, but I dealt with it. I also enjoyed finally meeting Steve Napolitano face-to-face because I'd been contacting him regarding Hermosa Beach's crime for so long. Very nice, funny guy. Is he single? Just teasing.

I have been so cooped up working and going to classes so much I really haven't been out socializing like I normally do and man I was in rare form that night. I had my friends laughing the entire time we were greeting because I kept cutting jokes and making fun the whole time. When I'm on fire, I'm on fire. Can't help it.

My Dad has a great sense of humor and taught us to always see the humor in life. Plus, it makes you feel good to laugh right? I really needed to that night. It was fun to get dressed up too. I'm very casual and rarely dress up for work since I work from home and live a block from the beach, but love going out all decked out. Even curled my hair! Texas style if you get my lift...

I encourage everyone to come to next year's fundraiser for Sharefest because they have the best auction items - trips to exotic locations like Bali (two people bid $6,500 and each won!), amazing packages of products, great Christmas gifts, lots of stuff I was so impressed to see.

I've gone to a lot of silent auctions and this was the most extensive group of products I've seen in a long time - Laker tickets, some famous basketball player signed some sports shoes, and on and on. Very cool. Once I remember how to upload pix I'll put them in a special folder for you to see. I'm so impressed with the guys who created this entire organization - what dynamos! The entire South Bay really owes them a huge debt of gratitude for all their non-profit ventures to help the community.

Lots of people came out which was fun. I could have sworn this one guy came who looked like he was straight out of The Sopranos, only in a bright blue fedora and suit. Very handsome, distinguished gentleman who definitely wanted to be noticed. You were definitely noticed! :) There was a great mix of people. The place was packed. What a nice venue too.

The Marriott has really changed since I used to go there to dance in college with my friend Sheri. One time I wore my long African dress just because I felt like kicking back and not worrying about what guys thought. We had more fun that evening! She and I greeted people as they came in like we were the hotel greeters and then danced all night long with the guys we'd been joking around with. One guy told Sheri I looked like a dove on the dance floor. Fun memory. I love dancing. How about you?

As Sharefest volunteers we helped until the program started and then were able to join the large crowd for a nice dinner.  More auctioning went on and then the keynote speaker, Karen Ledebur began to speak. 

Here's a little blurb from her bio:

"Kären also served as Associate Director for Corporate Planning and Development for the Beach Cities Health District in Redondo Beach. Her work there transformed the Health District from a behind-the-scenes grant making organization to the dynamic public health entity it is today."

I thought she'd speak about change from more of a business perspective, but instead she shared her personal story of survival and how God had touched her life through the hardships. She used pennies as an example of the need for us to make change in our lives. It was interesting and very encouraging, but went a little long. Just being honest.

I think when you're "on" for the public (like we had been as greeters,) it's very tiring and around 9:30pm Deb and I cut out. She had volunteered with me and it was great fun to have one of my best friends to hang out with. Stephanie, my new friend from Bible Study, was there too and she's so stylish! Hardly recognize her when I see her not wearing her scrubs because that's such a unisex and plain garb.

Anyway, it was a really fun evening and exactly what I needed.

Saturday hit my final Groundlings class which was also fun, but a little sad because it was going to be the last time I saw some of these people since they're jamming on to the next workshop right now whereas I'm going to wait till January.

It's ok though because I think when you work with new people in an improv setting you learn new ways of acting with people that makes you stronger in that type work. I may be wrong, but it just seems like this change will be good. Plus, a chance to make new friends!

We all went out afterwards for drinks and apps to celebrate completing the class. I haven't been drinking in a few months and the martini I had went straight to my head immediately. Today I've been fighting a head-ache all day which makes me feel like the buzz just isn't worth it in the long run. Now maybe if I was back in my floozy days I might do it more, but now...

After a bit, dashed off to my client, bibi davidson's art opening which I believe was a huge success. So many of my friends showed up (even my former client, Domiziano Arcangeli, made a rare Santa Monica appearance) and bibi's studio was constantly packed with people. I think her space more so than some of the other artists...I was very happy to see that because I'd been doing so much publicity and inviting people it made it all worthwhile.

I'm hoping some papers I invited might have popped in too since I had a nice email from an editor indicating he liked the information I'd been sending out. We'll see.

I'm going to do a photo spread  and wrap up of that even in my other professional blog - thejoywriterpr which I started on wordpress. Again, once I figure out how to upload the pix. I'm hoping it's just like riding a bike and I'll remember right away. They are a lot of fun. bibi is such a character. I think she and her art are great.

Then Glen, my new bud, and I popped over to Bergamot Station to check out all the openings over there. Of course, James Gray Gallery had the best party as always. This one was a fundraiser for Artists for Human Rights. It was nice to see the Gallery Director and say hello. Also spoke for a bit to Artist, Stephen Bennett.

Both Glen and I could swear he was painting over the photographs he took of indigenous people, but Stephen says he paints from memory and off the pic, not on the pic. It's almost too perfect though, but whatever. I don't really care either way. It's very cool any way he creates the images - check out his link and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Then quickly ran over to Tarryn Teresa's Gallery. The more I understand about the art world, the more I'm impressed with Tarryn and Claressinka for doing what they're doing with this very cool gallery space. They're both so young and beautiful sometimes it's hard to believe that they, and Elizabeth, their counter-part, actually run this wonderful gallery. Kudos girlfriends! Keep up the good work on bringing interesting art to a younger, hip generation like you do so well.

Lastly we hit Lois Lambert's Gallery since Gali Rotstein, my other artist client, will be holding an exhibit there in January 2008. She's part of the Group '08 show and has four really cool pieces of art that will be on display. You'll have to save January 12 on your calendar and plan to join us ok? She's going to be huge, mark my words. And I'm not just saying that. Big time art people agree with me. I just have good taste what can I say? :)

Back to LLG. It was a little uncomfortable to walk in and see someone who I'd stopped being friends with years back, but we agreed to act as if the other didn't exist and I walked past without incident. It was only a matter of time before we saw each other again since she was the one who introduced me to the whole art world years back and she's the one who originally brought me to Bergamot. Oh well, thanks for the education, right? LOL

Life's too short to hold grudges, but to those of you who do, God bless you richly. I don't live like that, but if you must - hope it's working for you. LOL I guess I've just had too much therapy and healing to allow petty things hold me back any more.

I will get through the pettiness that's going on right now too, but have to admit that I was crying all morning over some of it. It just seemed like it was too much to bear any more, but my good friends I called loved me through it. My new pedicure helped too. Plus, I was able to go to a really cool Thanksgiving celebration today with Glen and his roomie Phil which really lifted my spirits.

I think it was just Jim's message on rejection really got to me. I don't cry very easily, but I just sat there crying for most of his message. However, I'm in a total different head space now. I'm glad I have good people in my life. I hope you do too. Again, life's too short to waste it on mean people.

All day was healing actually. Jim's sermon was great as always. Here's the notes since you might not have made it this morning. May it bless you as much as it blessed me - I'll tell you more about this amazing feast celebrating peace and world harmony called Snow Goose after the message.

The Answer to Rejection

"How God Wants us to Deal With Pain"

Why Rejection is so painful
(The lie - that other's opinions can determine our value.)

1. It's a form of relational murder. (Murder is the ultimate ending of a relationship. Hate is prolonged suicide.)

Matthew 5:21-23:


    21"You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, 'Do not murder,[a] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.' 22But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother[b]will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, 'Raca,[c]' is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell.

2. It's an attack on our God given value. (People feel if they can remove your value then they can disrespect you, but God says you have value and you matter.)

1 John 3:2:
2Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears,[a]we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

Romans 8:17:
17Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.

1 John 4:10:
10This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for[a] our sins.

Wisdom in dealing with rejection - know where true acceptance is found.

1. It's not based on my performance.

Titus 3:5 & 7
5he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, 7so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.

2. It's not based on the approval of others.

Proverbs 29:25:

    25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare,
       but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.

Psalm 56:11:

    11 in God I trust; I will not be afraid.
       What can man do to me?

Matthew 10:28:
28Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

3. It is based on my relationship to Christ.

Romans 8:1:

Life Through the Spirit

    1Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,[a]

Romans 5:8:
8But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

9Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through him! 10For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! 11Not only is this so, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.

Since God Accepts Me - the truth is

1. It doesn't matter what others think of me.

Romans 8:31:

    31What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

2. He has assigned to me eternal value.

Romans 8:32:
32He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

3. No one can cause God to reject me.

Romans 8:35-37:
35Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36As it is written:
   "For your sake we face death all day long;
      we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered."[a] 37No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

4. Nothing I do will cause God to reject me.

Romans 8:38-39:
38For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Steps in dealing with rejection

1. Never let approval of others control you.

Galatians 6:10:
10Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Galatians 1:10:

    10Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.

2. Grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Psalm 9:10:

    10 Those who know your name will trust in you,
       for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

3. Graciously accept others as God requires.

Romans 15:7:

    7Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

End note - People who don't fear rejection have a greater capacity to love.

Amen and amen. The special music by Steve Jordan was especially nice today too. He really does have a great voice. Sorry about being petty last week SJ. We're family so... Okay, that's the sermon from today. Hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something. I know I did. Really touched my heart today.

Another event that touched my heart today was the special Thanksgiving feast called Snow Goose my friend Glen invited me to attend today. 

Here's info from the web site:

Our Mission
To promote a celebration of peace, harmony and abundance through a festive atmosphere that embraces the beauty and solidarity among all people.
Our Goal
To implement one thousand locations with a thousand people at each site by 2012 and one million locations by 2026, moving our collective human-being-consciousness into another frequency of dreaming, thinking, and doing. Remember, we were all indigenous people at one time and wild and free and directly connected to the lifeforce of Creation. We can do this. We really can!
Our Vision
In 1992 Victor Villaseñor was giving a talk in a bookstore packed full of people in Portland, Oregon on his latest book Rain of Gold, when a local native asked him what was he going to do about Columbus.
Thanksgiving Ceremony
We’re asking each of you, to take a personal pledge that where ever you are, who ever you’re with, with or without a candle – at sunset, on Thanksgiving, you will take a moment to send peace and harmony through out the whole world.
Starting Your Own
It's easy. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. So contact your local church, your local grammar school, high school, and/or college. Get your local Rotarians and/or Soroptimists involved. Any service group that's inclusive and comes from the heart. Get together and have an old-fashion potluck on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Now imagine around 1,000 people spreading love and good will around the world at dusk tonight holding candles after hearing a great rendition of Amazing Grace. What a great way to spend today! That's what we did! Can't you just see it in your mind? All races, all ages, all socioeconomic reflected today.

We arrived at this huge estate owned by the host, Author Victor Villasenor, around 2pm, enjoyed a great turkey potluck dinner and then heard a great Latin Orchestra perform and watched people salsa dance for two hours before this ceremony. I love days like this that are totally unique and community-oriented. Lots of great music, great food, great dancing, and good times.

Plus, peace and good will to one and all. So, now I'm going to watch the American Music Awards so you have a good one y'all. Today can't get much better! Lovin' the music! One of these years I want to attend the show!

Good night and God bless.

The Gathering of Men 2007 Fall Breakfast, Joey Brucato, Daily Breeze

By Joy A. Kennelly

This year's Gathering of Men breakfast, features Dr. Ken Poure and takes place on Tuesday, November 13 from 6:45am - 8:00am at the Torrance Marriott on 3635 Fashion Way. Dr, Ken Poure, the director emeritus of Hume Lake Christian Camps, is known for his unique blend of wisdom, practical knowledge, and side-splitting humor. (They're not kidding - he's hilarious!)

He draws experience and wisdom from his 45 years of ministry, which he continues to use to enrich the lives of people everywhere. The sole purpose of The Gathering of Men is to provide an opportunity for men to investigate the Christian life and how it can impact their life. Click here to buy a ticket.

Okay, that's the marketing materials perspective - here's mine. Where else can men go and feel safe to let their guard down? It's like when women go on women's retreats, the spa together or even the Governor's Women Conference together - every gender needs time alone away from the distractions the other gender brings to just be who they really are. Plus, this one throws God in and it's great!

I have to admit, I wish I could go! Think of the possibilities ladies! Just teasing, but again, maybe not. I love men and especially those who love themselves. They're just more self-confident and I feel safe around them.

Most guys I meet are like that, but every so often you meet someone that isn't and you just want to say, go take the Gracie Academy's course on killing people. That will give you self-confidence! JUST KIDDING GRACIE ACADEMY! You know I admire you guys and am totally teasing that that's all you teach.

Do have to admit though - don't understand the fascination with Ultimate Fighting. My friend Winston is obsessed! Can't miss a fight and as a result, misses a lot of social opportunities to actually meet women. Hello? What's wrong with this picture? No wonder you're single bud!

I keep teasing him that if they ever start a dating site for Ulitimate Fighting fans, he'll find his sweetheart in a heartbeat. Where's the love Gracie Academy? You guys should look into doing something like that. Think of the money you'd pull in! I'm putting this out there for anyone else too. The sport is only going to get bigger.

Because, back to my original point, men need to be men. I think part of the reason for the success and growth of the Gracie Academy is because it's a time that men can share together and bond. Just like sports or horse racing like my friend Gus is so obsessed with. Even missed a Laker game last night for the park. He TOTALLY cracks me up! Gotta love a guy who has his priorities straight. HA!

Men wonder why they're single too. I realize I do way too many all-female activities not on purpose, but because it's natural to spend time with my girlfriends dong girl stuff which is why I'm single. Also, because maybe I'm a little bit of a work-a-holic too, but we won't go there.

I'm learning and actually took time out last night to have a group of around 25 people over for dinner which was really, really fun. I made it a potluck to make it easier and it was so much better. Usually it's just me cooking away and it was so nice to have so many people pitch in. I let those who'd attended previous parties I've thrown where they did a lot to prep with me, just come and not bring anything which they appreciated too.

It all balances out. The only bummer was that it was so cold and when we started the fire it was so smoky it was hard to be near it even though you really wanted to! But other than that, the party was great. Just what I wanted it to be - relaxed, people meeting new people and catching up with old friends, enjoying great food (my meat lasagna is gone, but there's still some veggie left if you're hungry - just teasing...:), showing off my new place, meeting my new, great neighbors, and listening to soulful music.

My new BFF's were there and we listened to Joey Brucato's music which is really great. The lyrics are totally in my head as I write this. It's the morning after of the night before or something like that. He's passionate, soulful, romantic, real... I highly recommend you get his music now!

It's like having a boyfriend on the air waves.

Now to find someone who will actually say all this to me. HA! Every time I need a little boost, I'm going to listen to his music and dream about my soul mate. Joey, what do you think? Is he out there?

Here's more of these great lyrics...

Would you wander the world beside me? Like the moon and the sun to guide me? I love how you realize me. I love being with you, I love being with you, I love being with you... People come and go, I want you to know, I will never let you go, I love it when you're here It's beautiful to me that you love me. Run to me I'm so excited I've wanted you all day and when I'm with you I'm so inspired and everything in every way

Aren't those great lyrics? What tell you hear him sing it. DAMN! Give me one of those! And he writes every song. Such a talent. World get on board! You're missing out.

Check out his myspace page to hear the real thing and you'll fall in love too. He was voted Best Vocalist at some major awards show. I totally can see why. It's only a matter of time that he hits it big I think.

Let it be me

who comes to hold you

when the world outside

has been cold to you

who sets you free

let it be me

come a little closer

let me feel you near

open up and let me feel

inside you

I would never stop

give you all the love I've got

let it go

show me

let it be me let it be me let it be me let it be me

Okay, I'll let it be you - whoever you is! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I love good music. And Joey Brucato is the real thing. Just think, we'd never have met if he hadn't joined our picket line. God is moving people! HA!

Speaking of picketing, remind me to upload some pictures of us "nasty" people picketing. You're going to laugh out loud that the Daily Breeze thought my sweet little mom was "nasty." I was smiling the whole time too because Joey was so funny, the situation was ridiculous that we even had to picket to get people out to vote and raise awareness, and because I thought it was hilarious that the Tucker camp felt threatened by our actions.

Maybe Andrea, the reporter, was referring to Peter Tucker's son, Ryan? Or the hecklers from their camp or the bar patrons? Even Ryan became nicer as the day went on because he realized what we were doing wasn't personal, just bidness. He's a good guy. I admire the whole family - Sienna stood by her man! You go girl!

Okay, gotta run.

Guys, if you're looking for the meaning in life since you've tried booze or women or drugs and gambling, and you're still not fulfilled, give The Gathering of Men a visit. You'll be glad you did. God will meet you there. I promise. Doesn't matter what your past has been, God will give you a new future. I promise you.

God loves you and so do I.

I'm singing again this Sunday at our Lomita location for my Bay Cities Community Church. Come on out! Would love to meet you in person. I mean it.

This is Joy, signing off.

Oh happy day...Random Sharp Objects, Harvest Home, LA Louver

By Joy A. Kennelly

I must share that although I'm not big on live theatre, my friend Esther Friedman's show, Random Sharp Objects, last night was really quite good - almost surprisingly so because I had no idea what to expect at all. I've linked to the review so you can learn more. I think it runs two more weeks so catch it if you can.

I've known her for years and have never seen her perform except in the infamous "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" commercial where she's giggling with friends in a limo.

We bumped into each other again at the Independent Television Festival where she and her friend were there as finalists for something or something like that (I forget and since I'm not their publicist and just sharing as a friend I don't have to get it right! Esther - add a comment at the end with the correct info ok?)

To make them both feel good I spoke to the publicist manning the red carpet at the festival and enabled them to do some publicity shots with I think one of their producers (again, not sure of the facts, just sharing as a friend) which can be seen here. They were thrilled and it made me feel good to help them out.

Ever since then she's been inviting me to see her show, but I have been so busy I wasn't traveling to Hollywood too much. I had a night free last night and since the theatre was right down the street from my good friend Shana, I thought what the hey.

I'm so glad I did! I'd had a very emotionally stressful morning and the play was funny. It was also very poignant too. Here's the blurb on the play from the postcard so you can check it out:

"Esther grew up mixed up 1/2 white, 1/2 black, 1/2 Jewish, 1/2 Christian. She must deal with her past to change her future. Hali comes form a good Jewish middle class home with some loose floor boards. She explores why she never fit in and sought her thrills outside.

In Random Sharp Objects these two women examine their lives, seeking answers to such profound questions as why Hali is attracted to bums and why Esther does not date black men. Together they peel the onion of illusions."

Here's a quote from Esther in the Jewish Journal article written on the play too:

"The play has proved cathartic for both actresses. 'I kept many of these stories secret for years, because they were so painful," Friedman says. "But keeping secrets can kill your spirit.'"

I could so relate to Esther's story! It was kind of comforting to realize I'm not the only one with these life experiences and to be honest I almost cried when I left the theatre it moved me so much. Esther really captures and shares what life was like growing up mixed in New York inhabiting all the characters of her family so well.

I especially loved the diatribe on her padunk-a-dunk (butt) which until this play I had actually never noticed! Not only because I'm a woman and don't make it a habit to check out other women's behinds, but also because Esther is so much more than her butt! However, it was very interesting to see what kind of issues were raised growing up because of her shape. Also, her mixed heritage.

I highly recommend checking it out if you can. She's an undiscovered talent who deserves a closer look. Sending you lots of love Esther! Hali, her counter-point, is great too! Here's some love for you too ok?

Enjoyed visiting with Shana afterward and introducing her to my South Bay girlfriend. Shana keeps promising me she'll come visit me, but I doubt it! Too far and she's way too busy too. (how do you like all the "too's"?)

Today hit the Harvest Home reunion which was interesting. Hard to believe I ever lived there to be honest, but it's the truth. Saw some old friends, made some new ones and also received a video on the place which I intend to share around. It's cool to see they have their marketing together.

A flood of memories came rushing back - the sewing classes, the nutrition classes, the birthing classes, having to cook for 10 women at least once a week, the chores, the room I lived in, my thoughts and dreams for the couple who would adopt my son, and the discipline and growing up I did there too. Also remembering producing my film festival from there! What chaos that part was. A lot went on there for me in more ways than one.

I'll never forget hating the 10pm curfew and having to do chores even when I was sick because they wanted me to experience what it would be like to have a child and be sick and responsible for the welfare of my household. I also remember all the times I had to run to the hospital for various complications - all the flus I had and all the sadness of that time.

My life is so completely different now it's amazing. God is good!

Drove around looking at some potential new places afterwards and then popped into LA Louver to check out their art on display. Hard to believe such an amazing art gallery is in Venice, CA within walking distance to the beach. Quite stunning venue. I love modern, contemporary style.

My favorite artist's pieces were Michael C. McMillen's sign painters' enamel;  Charles Garabedian's Willie Snake which is so huge it takes up almost one entire wall of the cavernous space;  Don Suggs Arc of Hours; Dan Ho's My Green Dreams (he isn't listed for some reason); and my favorite, Rebecca Campbell's Tangle , which I was surprised was so inexpensive comparatively. 

I was expecting a much higher price point because it's so visually arresting. Her other smaller works are wonderful and clustered together next to this huge piece which measures 102 x 76.5. 

I think she's absolutely brilliant and extremely gifted as an artist. Such variety in style and her images are so life-like. I would have Tangle in my house in a heartbeat if I had the type of house this piece deserves. It's so expansive and draws you in to take a closer look. One feels like you're peeking in on a real person taking a nap it's so life-like. You definitely must go to see this piece if you have time. They don't showcase the current exhibits online so you need to go visit regardless!

There was also a David Hockney on display in the reception area that is fun. For some reason though I resonated most with Rebecca Campbell's work. The entire gallery is filled with amazing artists and you'd do yourself a huge favor if you took the time to visit. Highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Okay, that's all. Just had to share. I need to hurry up and get ready to go out. Chow baby! 

9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life and other thoughts...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Sometimes you just need a good friend to tell it like it is and remind you that God is in control, not you. I keep saying I'm turning my life over to His will and His leading in my life, but deep down inside I keep thinking that means I'll still get to play in Hollywood with all my friends I've known for years and years.

Not so. I was reminded tonight by my good friend that when one door closes, another opens. Right now it seems like God is closing the door for me to do more personal publicity for actors and it's very sad to me. I LOVE that kind of work. I love helping people brand themselves and create business and opportunities from that identity.

I LOVE IT! It makes me very happy and I think I'm good at it. Others do too, but they can't afford my services (at least the ones I'm meeting. Maybe I need to meet more better ones. Ya think?)

For whatever reason though, it's just not happening right now and I have to accept that fact as a fact and stop living in denial. Maybe I'll go back to doing it down the road, but for now... Not happening. I'm beginning to realize I don't really know what God wants for my life anymore.

That's why my friend telling me she knows I have a gift for publicity and that maybe God wants to use my talents in representing the South Bay is a little overwhelming, but also encouraging. Maybe this is the right direction to take.

I have to admit though. When I think about living AND working down here I feel like I'm going to be bored out of my skull! What is going on at night other than bars and happy hours? Will someone please tell me? Lots of stuff to do on the weekends and during the day, but nights? WHAT IS THERE TO DO - ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE SINGLE???

Maybe I need to start planning some parties and get some events going or something. I don't know, but I do know that if I am going to stay down here I need to entertain myself. I can't deal with the thought that the highlight of my night is going to be meeting a friend of mine down at Barnes & Nobles and seeing what the latest mags are. I'll shrivel up and die! Not that there's anything wrong with it, but not all the time!

No wonder people drink so much down here. LOL. They're bored! I'm bored! Oh well. I need to stop ragging on my little home town and start doing something to make it more fun. I'm sure there's other people like me who would love to do stuff at night too.

I can only hit Java Man so often too. Love that place, but have to say, the customer service with some of the guys working there has gotten kind of bad. I don't know why. I'm not tipping any different than I have in the past. I am ordering the same stuff. I don't know. Just an fyi, mr. owner guy. Especially the Sunday closing crew. What's up their butt?

I was so bored I threw an impromptu night BBQ on Tuesday and all nine people I invited showed up. That was with two hours notice. I think they're bored too. This community needs something pulling the singles and those without children of the town together outside of bars. Just a thought.

I'm tired. Just felt like blogging. It's been awhile because I've been busy and other stuff taking up my time, but I miss sharing. Maybe it's a little too personal, but I always hope that perhaps other people will relate to what I've written and will be comforted or encouraged to know they're not alone feeling the way they do.

One of the things the former shrink from the Women of Faith conference I attended last weekend said is, "When we reveal, then we heal." (This was a very fun conference, but kind of Christian lite so you had to be there which is why I'm not covering it. Check out the link for more details. It's good, just not what I expected. Laughed a lot though!)

Back to my original thought - "When we reveal, we heal." I know, trite phrase, but it was also echoed in this book I bought that weekend by Christian clinical psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud, entitled 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life.

I kept trying to read bits and pieces of the book over the breaks because it had such an intriguing title and he's such a great author on numerous topics. I almost didn't get it because I still have a gift card from the women's retreat I attended and was going to get it later, but then I read his counseling of an overweight patient about how to effectively lose weight - one pound at a time, one week at a time (more details in the book - read it! It's really great. This is my 2nd time reading it now.) which was a concept I hadn't really grasped because I'm the "I want it now and if I can't have it right now why bother" type person.

However, that idea really resonated with me and since reading the book I've joined a gym again. Time to hit the ground running so to speak. Maybe I'll eat more salads now too. Maybe Weight Watchers is next? Who knows? :)

Back to the book though, I digress. What Dr. Cloud explains is that there are 9 certain traits and characteristics of successful people that he was able to analyze after meeting so many "de ja vu" people.
He calls them that because he kept meeting people who reminded him of other people and he thought maybe he'd met them before because there were so many similarities, but then he realized these people all addressed life in the same successful  way. That's the genesis of the book. I highly, highly recommend it. It's easy to read, lots of examples with real people not celebrities which would make you think you can't attain that life, and very informative.

There's a little study guide that goes along with it and if you bought the two together at the conference I was attending you got a discount - I bought both.:) Now I'm starting to read the daily step by step guide to changing your life in 30 days. It's very scriptural so if that's not your thing don't bother. But if you are interested in hearing God's perspective on you and your dreams, then get it. I'm enjoying reading it too.

Speaking of goal setting... A few of my friends and I are going to start the Goal Gals back up again real soon. (It's something I created back in the mid-90's which my friend Cynthia named when she was part of it where I get groups of people together to accomplish goals in three month increments.)

I'm excited about starting again because I always get so much support in groups like this and accomplish so much more than I would by myself. It's a good time to start too because pretty soon I'm going to be very busy again. I'm very excited that my producer/writer/mentor friend, Marcia, is going to help me create my adoption doc because I'm just way too close to be objective. Should be least I hope!

I'm also looking forward to taking Chris Howard's seminar again next weekend. He takes everything that's taught on goal setting and just kicks it up to a whole other level. I was so inspired last time I attended can't wait to attend this one. I think you can still sign up for free. Check it out. If you're a conference attender like I am!:)

I'm still loving working with my artist client, Gali Rotstein. She's creating some really cool new art pieces and is busy in the studio. I'm busy pitching her to more and more galleries. We have some pending, but until things are confirmed I can't really discuss them here. Just know as soon as we know, you will know. There's also a very cool women's magazine (one of my favorites actually) interested in her story too and if I get her that hit, it will be major! Say a prayer!:)

Otherwise, wrapped the car gig last week (although they're not done, but I was - HA HA) and have been busy catching up on things this week as a result. I don't know how people work 9am - 5pm. I really don't. It's so machine like. But the money's nice I guess. However, according to my Henry Cloud book, it's more important to do something that makes your heart sing.

So, I'm off to read more and learn what's going to make my heart sing! Have a good one all.

Don't be a stranger.

Enjoy the read.


Always nice to know who actually reads your blog. Seeing as I need to remove the story with the headline:

MB TOURNEY TO GO DRY here's the link as recommended.

My pleasure to remove it Mr. Sanfield. I have never been told the rules of blogging about a subject from any other newspaper before and will take this into future consideration.

The article served its purpose at the time and now that the event is over with no additional coverage of this alcohol issue on the beach issue by the Daily Breeze, I guess the point is mute, eh? Great tournament analysis of this issue. Or should I say PR?

May I suggest too that you get your sports reporter David Saunders some new glasses because I don't ever remember men in their 30's and 40's being considered youth - or is that a beach thing? Boys and their antics... Now if you don't mind, I have work to do...

Ms. Kennelly,

   I noticed that you have posted a copyrighted Daily Breeze article on your blog.

   While we allow links to our stories, we do not allow unauthorized use of our stories. It's illegal.

   Please remove the Daily Breeze story written by Andrea Woodhouse from your website.

   Here's the story that needs to be removed:


Phillip Sanfield


Daily Breeze

The Galley Restaurant - it's not too late to catch 1934 day!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just returned from hitting The Galley restaurant's 1934 day where Captain Ron, the owner, is offering food at 1934 prices. He's quite a character (you can see his pic on the Web site in full captain regalia - too fun.) I brought my mom since that was her era and she rarely visits Santa Monica which made this fun to do together.

My colleague was the publicist of note on this promotion, and I've been helping her with writing and promotional ideas. Always nice to support a fellow publicist when they have an event. There was a line when we arrived, but since it was reservation only for loyal customers, this was a manageable crowd.

The food is really good and if I still lived in the neighborhood I would eat there often. It's one of the best steak and seafood restaurants in Santa Monica, CA. There was a great press turn-out for the party which I hope the Captain appreciates! It's not too late if you live nearby to go for the first come, first serve option.

Here's the press release - doesn't it make you want to eat there? Another romantic place to take a date - for me though - "rotic" - romantic without the man since I was there with my mom during the day. Tee hee!


Sunday, July 29, 2007 12:00pm – 4:00pm

SANTA MONICA, CA –The Galley Restaurant, a California landmark serving delicious steaks and seafood in Santa Monica for 73 years and named “Best Steak” by Zagat Guide, celebrates over 70 years in business with prices from 1934, the year it opened, offering lunch specials Sunday, July 29, 2007 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm.

Menu items include: The Galley Burger w/fries 0.30 cents, Kosher Hotdog w/fries 0.25 cents, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich w/ fries 0.44 cents, and Pasta Primavera 0.35 cents. Invite only. No reservations. Walk-ins only on first come, first serve basis. Maximum party of four per table.

About The Galley Since 1934, The Galley has remained Santa Monica’s most treasured steak and seafood restaurant and a beautifully preserved California landmark. The Galley offers traditional American cuisine featuring eight selections of mouthwatering steaks, delicious seafood, chicken, pasta and vegetarian dishes. The South Seas Bar is the perfect place to catch up on the scuttlebutt while enjoying a fantastic Happy Hour menu daily from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. The large outdoor patio is one of Santa Monica’s best kept secrets for outdoor dining, cocktails and private events. The Galley is located at 2442 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 (1/2 block north of Ocean Park.) Hours of operation daily are from 5:00pm – close for dinner and Sundays 12:00pm – 4:00pm for lunch.

For reservations call (310) 452-1934. See you on Deck! For additional information, refer to the new Web site The Galley.

Off to the beach. Have a good one. BTW, King Harbor Church is celebrating their all-church luau again tonight - I went last year and really enjoyed myself (it looked like over 1,000 people were there!) - may have to hit it again tonight.

Here's the details:

"It’s that time again to celebrate that new life that can come from our rebirth in Christ! Our annual All-Church Luau and Baptism at the Seaside Lagoon will be held this Sunday, July 29th, at 6:00pm. This is a time we look forward to all year as our church family gathers together over food and fun. If you need more information or would like to volunteer to help, contact the church offices at 310.376.6555."

LA Inc, South Bay, Ralphs Grocery Store, Pavilions and the proposed Business tax hike

By Joy A. Kennelly

My stomach's upset from something I ate last night and I can't sleep so here I am. It's pretty bad when you get sick on the food you cook yourself! LOL It doesn't always happen, but sometimes it does. I think I need to learn how long you can keep uncooked meat in the fridge before it goes bad. Any chefs care to leave a comment?

Hopefully my girlfriends who came over last night aren't facing queasy stomachs too. I'm so bad. Oh well. Live and learn right? It could have been the rich chocolate cake I ate with whipped cream that Kirsten, my girlfriend, brought over too so I'll try to comfort myself with that thought. Or maybe the Martinelli's that Deborah brought over - that always affects my digestion for some odd reason too. Oy Vey!

In any case, just wanted to check in and say hi. I'm so thrilled that linking to that little address listing of Bay Cities Community Church has brought their real Web site to the forefront of Google!!! Now if any of you are interested in learning more about what my church is all about, or where it's located, check out the link ok? Would love to have you join me sometime. Seriously!

Jim Mackinga and his wife Sandy are the most loving, special people. Their whole family is really wonderful actually. Everyone I've met at this church is so friendly, open-minded and great. I just love being part of this community. Say hi to me, since I'd love to meet you as I don't know too many other people down here yet though. Who knows, if you walk through the door, maybe you'll see people you know already!

Did I tell you all that I had a meeting with the Director of Media Relations, Robin,  from LA Inc aka Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau to discuss future work together? We're in the negotiating stages so we'll see, but I'm hopeful this will work out well since they've always appreciated my work to date. It's all a blur on what I've shared here and what I haven't. Excuse me if I'm repeating myself.

I've been writing for LA Inc since 2002 and it's really helped me learn how to present the city of Los Angeles as a whole to the travel media. I've written copy for their Web site, pitched media for special events, and written numerous press releases highlighting all aspects of the city. I love it since it keeps me in the loop for the entire city and I enjoy doing the work. Plus, I'm good at it, if I do say so myself.:)

I'm planning to develop the travel aspect of my business as it applies to the South Bay since I have this experience, knowledge and connections gained from my relationship with LA Inc. Why not? Should be good.

Being away form the South Bay for so long I see it through a tourist's eyes right now. Sometimes that's good. Sometimes that bad. However, there's always room to grow in either direction so I'm excited to see where this new experience will take me and my hometown as a whole.

My Beach Writer group is excited about participating in my new endeavor which will be great because they're all very accomplished writers too. More to be revealed, but just know it's going to be good once it gets going.

I had a great meeting with Gary, my ad/marketing bud, yesterday too and we made some real progress on the concept. I'm excited to see where this all takes us since it has such great potential for positive outcomes for many people and businesses and the community as a whole. God is moving!

Just think - my public relations, Gary's design, and my Beach writers writing -- the skies the limit! I've been very fortunate to create a group of quality professionals (see my links to people I do business with  on the left of this column - those are my colleagues) who support my business in a variety of  ways which is great when I'm working with bigger clients. Now to get some interns to work with me and I'm all set.

So, for those of you still trying to decide what to do tomorrow (or should I say today since it's 4:30am in the morning Sunday - oy vey - someone give me a tranquilizer or pump my stomach...:) Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, what to do on Sunday after you've gone to church? Here's a few blurbs from the Easy Reader on a couple of fun events that only happen in the South Bay and I quote:

"Surfers Walk of Fame inductions
Eight surfing figures will be inducted into the Surfers Walk of Fame today at 4 p.m. Sunday at the base of the city pier. Inducted at the fifth annual Surfers Walk ceremony will be honorary members John “Whitney” Guild, Alf Lewis, Mike Stevenson and Donald Takayama, and pioneer members Toby Erlinger, Bev Morgan, Patrick O’Connor and Rosemarie Reimers-Rice."

The induction sounds cute and since you're down here, why don't you go to dinner, enjoy yourself and then hurry over to the beach to claim your "seat" for the huge summer Sunset Concert that happens at 6pm? Here's more details, again from the Easy Reader:

"It’s The Shondells, dude!
Hermosa Beach’s second Sunset Concert of the summer offers up the near-edible “Crimson and Clover” and “Sweet Cherry Wine” Tommy James & The Shondells. 6 p.m. on the sand, just south of the pier, and best get there early. 310-318-0280."

Now I'm not really into oldies music, but I am curious to see who is so I'll pop by for a bit. I just have this real curiosity about the people and the customs down here since some of it is new to me. I like to see what demographic these kinds of events appeal to too because then it helps me with my marketing.

If you know who you're trying to reach and what they like, then you have a better time of appealing to them. Just a little PR tip. Duh, right? But so many people just blindly create things without understanding the market and they fail as a result. That's why I'm trying to take as many meetings with influential people of the South Bay as possible so I understand where people's heads are at. We'll see.

I'm excited, more good meetings to happen soon. I'll keep you posted once there's a little more concrete plans in place. Hope you'll join me. I look forward to getting to know my South Bay neighbors better.

Ok, now that I've blogged, maybe I can go back to sleep. Have a good morning. Maybe I'll see you at the Pier events today! Just think, maybe an older, more mature, non-drunk population shows up for these events changing the demographic of the Hermosa Beach pier for once - what a novel concept, eh?

Would be nice to walk around there and not have to avoid the barf left staining the concrete from some stupid person the night before. ICKY! Since when is our Hermosa Beach Pier the place for 20 year olds to come and get wasted? Time to grow up people! 

Go to Alcoholics Anonymous, go to Rehab, go to church, go somewhere, but get your drinking under control if you're barfing in public and ruining a public place for others. YUCK. That's what I'm talking about people. The first step is accepting the fact you have a problem. If you need me to be the one to make you stop and look at yourself, then so be it.

I just hope you don't kill someone first driving home drunk before you wake up and smell the coffee. Yes Devin, everyone is responsible for their own drinking, but when it begins to affect the public and create the possibility for drunk driving, then that person's responsibility has obviously gone out the window and it's time someone speaks up. Plus, who wants to date or be married to an alcoholic? I feel like I'm doing an intervention for my city! Okay, enough of my soapbox. I need an Al Anon meeting.

I'll leave you with this cute story since it's so South Bay to me. Remember that very sweet slow boy I told you about who works at Ralphs? Well, last night I popped in for some things I needed for my dinner with the girls and he was in my check-out line.

As I was standing there waiting for the cashier to ring up the guy in front of me, all of sudden, quite loudly, I hear him say to me, "YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN PINK TONIGHT." I was really embarrassed since he said it so loudly that people were turning to me and smiling, but I thought he was so cute and sincere I responded thank you and pretended like that happens to me all the time.

Then he tells me loudly again that his birthday is December 1 and do I know how quickly 8 months goes? VERY QUICKLY, very quickly. I agreed with him and made a mental note that I want to give him a birthday card on his birthday since it obviously means a great deal to him. He seemed content that I'd acknowledged him and was nice to him and didn't speak much until he wished me a great evening as he passed me my bags.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Ralphs down on Sepulveda just up from Pier Avenue, do. I think that guy is the sweetest person he makes me shop there because I enjoy my visits so much since he's so innocent and pure in all his communications.

I remember reading in some mag about another similar slow guy at another grocery store who was challenged by his store manager to make a difference as part of a store-wide initiative to bring in new business. This directive was given to the entire store, but this little guy took it to heart.

He began writing little positive sayings on slips of paper and putting each slip into people's grocery bags as he bagged their groceries. Pretty soon people began to stand in his line to receive the sayings they were so popular. He totally changed the m.o. of people visiting that store and business flourished ten-fold as a result of his small action. They began talking to each other in line and were happier.

That's how my little Ralphs guy makes me feel when I shop there. He's always courteous, interested in how I'm doing, and obviously cares about doing a good job. I think it's great that Roger Bacon of Ralphs has hired him. I hope he keeps him around for a long time. I hope that business flourishes just like that store with the other slow guy does.

Maybe Roger should implement the sayings too? Just think, maybe then he could afford the raise in business taxes that's being proposed - LOL. Does anyone else find that funny that he's so vocal about the measure? I could see some of the smaller stores in town being upset, but a major grocery store - give me a break!

Yes, it's a bummer to have to pay more taxes, but since when does $168 a year really pay for how much business you generate Roger? Where's your sense of civic duty?  Santa Monica charges small business owners twice that amount! Why shouldn't we bring our taxes current?

Going back to my original point of customer service being key, who knows what a different community this might be if that little effort to personalize your store's service was made? I don't know. Not saying it has to be done, but hey, if it worked at another similar store, then why not give it a try? You never know.

I do know that one of the main reasons I like shopping at the Pavilions down the street even though their prices are higher is because every single time I've ever asked for help finding something, the person working there who I've asked has personally walked me over to the section for my item and told me to have a nice day. That type of customer service is unheard of up in Hollywood. I love it!

It's nice to live in a community where you see familiar faces, people are sincere in their greetings to you when they see you, and there's a real sense of community tangible in the air. It's hard to describe to people who don't live here, but trust me, it's here. That's why I moved back and that's why I enjoy it.

On another note... I'm sure there's plenty of bars that have a lot at stake in this measure to increase the business tax too. Wouldn't it be nice if they actually gave back to the community rather than just take? Just a thought from an objective public relations specialist viewpoint.

What a great publicity angle to say, "Yes, we're making a shitload of money (excuse my French as my friends always say) from this city and as a result, we've decided to do the right thing and give back to the community by being willing to pay more taxes since we obviously use a lot more of the cities resources in police, trash, and other business." What a great story that would be to the greater Los Angeles area!

I can see it now - the Los Angeles Business Journal, The LA Times, CNBC and other news outlets picking up this story. Very interesting thought, eh? Maybe they'll read my blog and find it interesting that a city that has had the same business tax for years and years is having such great difficulty even putting a measure on the ballot for the general public to vote on. What are they afraid of?

I doubt the Beach Reporter finds it a story though seeing as part of the service the Manhattan Beach Chamber offers is an article in that paper for membership. Kind makes it difficult to keep your editorial perspective clean when your advertising revenue is generated by so many of the businesses you're writing about right? So many small papers will offer you a story if you buy an ad (not saying The Beach Reporter does it though) and I find that practice despicable from a journalist standpoint.

If someone has to buy their way into a paper to have a story written what does that say about the integrity of the story? It happens all the time with small papers though. The ad department begins to control the editorial which makes the balanced ethical reporting of an issue go out the window.

That's why when people want to pay me as a PR person strictly based on whether or not I can guarantee they'll get media coverage I refuse. If the media is doing their job, then they won't be bought and I won't influence them to write a story about my client unless there's a real news story there. That's why I'm real particular about who I work with and very selective on when I send out press releases.

If I can't help you or I don't think you're newsworthy, I won't take your money. I just turned away a short filmmaker the other day who was just oozing money because I didn't think his film would get picked up as news until he got it into a festival. Now him as a filmmaker, he was very interesting and I could see him personally getting coverage now, but a short film- not so much. I used to produce film festivals for years and know this world quite well.

Plus, I bounce things off my other colleague, Marcia, who also has done lots of film publicity and she agreed with me. We always collaborate. Same with my friends Kim Koury and Adrienne Dorsey. Great people to collaborate with.

I have found it interesting that every press release I've ever sent The Beach Reporter which has been picked up by other news sources numerous times, hasn't been picked up by that paper. Makes me wonder if my letter to the editor will see the light of day since I'm not a chamber member, nor have I bought an ad to promote my services since that would defeat what my business is all about! Maybe since my letterhead has my Santa Monica mailing address there's a bias in that regards too? Who knows...LOL

Ok, back to the proposed Hermosa Beach Business Tax Increase issue at hand.

What's up with the "private" meeting on July 31? I don't get it.  Makes you wonder what the city council is thinking doesn't it? What's going on behind those closed doors? Aren't they supposed to be the ones who help the city to take care of itself? Why wouldn't this measure not be a no-brainer - raising the current tax of $168/year to something that's commensurate with your business revenue?

I'm confused and just asking that's all. I'm not into politics, but thought that's why people put these people in office-- to make the city a better place to live, not keep things status quo. Think of the money that would bring in the city! Pretty amazing things could be done then.

That's one of the things that drive me crazy about the South Bay (small town politics!), but there's a lot of good things down here too which I'd rather focus on and move forward with. Stay tuned.  But don't worry. I'm not running for office any time soon. Have you ever watched the city council meetings on TV? BORING!!!!!! It's like watching paint dry. However, the city characters do liven it up a bit when they speak their piece.

So, now I really better try to go back to sleep because I want to hit the 9:30am service of Bay Cities and get chuched. And no, I didn't misspell that word - that's a spillover from my days at my gospel church.

See ya!

AICP Awards Show, X Bar, The Liquid Muse and the Independent Television Festival,

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just returned from attending the Association of Independent Commercial Producers Awards Show tonight over at the LACMA with an actress friend. I like working the door of the show because then the rest of the night we can mix and mingle and enjoy.

Here's a link to the show in case you're curious to see which commercials won. I love this this stuff because I love cutting edge creativity which I believe the advertising industry creates over and over again. What was interesting was to discuss the state of this business since it's turned upside down right now. I never realized how many advertising events I go to till tonight.

Even though I'm in public relations, I appreciate good advertising. The ability to tell a story in 60 seconds is brilliant. That's why I think there's many talented commercial directors who move into creating amazing features as a result. I don't think it ever works the other way around though.:)

Here's a few of my favorites from tonight - watch them and you'll see why (They're all good, but these stood out the most to me.)

1. Vaseline "Sea of Skin" by Smuggler's Director Ivan Zacharis - brilliant talent - check out his reel on their site. This commercial is so artistic and all nude so it was only shown in Europe. It may offend some of you, but I love it. I think it's actually orchestrated by a famous artist, but I'm not sure. This company picked up 7 awards I believe.

2. JC Penny Crazy Beautiful - fun to watch, but you've probably seen it already. It was cute to see again.

3. Nike Zoom LeBron IV "Pool" by Epoch Films Inc's Director Stacy Wall. This one is so funny if you watch nothing else you must see this one.

There's others, but I'm tired and have a meeting with the Hermosa Beach City Manager in the morning and other meetings the rest of the day. Yes, I'm doing it. Going to see what we can do to help stop the public drunken madness one city official at a time. I'll keep you posted.

Oh yeah, the other day was interesting - here's one anecdote which should make you LOL as it did me. Met up with my new English actor friend and a group of his model, musician, director, actor friends at the Belmont again. He shared that he'd bumped into the Hotel Rwanda director at Les Deux the other night and he was wearing a t-shirt that said, "If you see the police - (then the logo) Warner bros (get it? Warn-a-brother?)

I have had such a kick sharing that with all my friends. I think it's especially ironic since it was that particular director wearing it! Too funny. Spent some time catching up with my good friend/mentor Marcia immediately after since she lives right around the corner and we rarely see each other any more, but talk on the phone all the time. Ended up borrowing a skirt from her since mine was linen and horribly wrinkled. Thanks Marcia!

The rest of the day was filled with a lunch meeting with Robin from LA Inc to discuss future media opportunities with them. While eating bumped into my technology friend Natalie Farsi who I only see when I'm dining out every few months or so - it's just uncanny how that happens.

Then dashed up to Shana's to see her since we rarely see each other any more since I'm living in the South Bay and she's still in Hollywood. Drove back down to the South Bay for a doctor's appointment which I missed so took a quick swim to cool down and mellow out before running back to Century City to the new X Bar in the Hyatt Regency in Century City to hear my other friend Natalie aka The Liquid Muse teach  a class on how to make 4 different cocktails which was very entertaining and yummy.

Ironic, eh? However, I like to support my friend's endeavors and she personally invited me to attend so... I was just careful to soak up all the alcohol with lots of delicious appetizers.:)

Met the Hyatt hotel's amazing publicist, Jennifer Barry of The Barry Group, who I'd worked with on the hotel press release for the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau aka LA Inc. We happened to sit at the same little table and enjoyed noshing all class long. A little too spicy for me at times, but yummy nonetheless.

I really must have a mixer there soon because the outdoor patio is really, really lovely - outdoor firepit, huge comfy chairs, cool, summer breezes, and nice music playing. There was a girl laughing rather obnoxiously, but otherwise, it was very quiet overall. Extremely enjoyable. This hotel is where a lot of high-end Hollywood events are held so if you're looking for a convention location - check it out.

Then, once that was over dashed cross town to Hollywood again to Raleigh Studios (where I held one of my last festivals) for the Opening Night Gala of The Independent Television Festival and the LA TV Fest with a live performance by Biz Markie who was awesome! I had no idea what to expect and the friend I had invited bailed at the last minute leaving me to attend alone.

To be honest it was really nice to be free to do what I wanted and I actually had a great time - better than I expected! The backlot was absolutely packed with young, aspiring filmmakers. There was an energy in the air I've not experienced that often at most Hollywood events - it was like they were all expecting great things to happen and the world was their oyster. That was a great vibe to be part of.

Bumped into my Actress friend Esther and her girlfriend who I learned had been finalists that night which was great for them. Gave them a little boost and got them on the red carpet which was thrilling for them. Made me happy to help. We had fun creating fun pictures in their picture booth area.

Also bumped into a friend I haven't seen in maybe 7 years and had fun catching up with her until this weirdo guy who'd been bothering me all night came up and interrupted. For some reason my friend thought I'd want to talk to him and bowed out. I quickly gave him the cold shoulder and he finally got the hint. ICKY! Not my type AT ALL.

Now Shemar Moore, the actor, he is totally more my type and he was there. Yes girls, I gave him the flirty eye, but he had a beautiful blonde bombshell with him so I left them alone. However, later on I could swear I saw him looking at me. Isn't that so silly? Give a girl a break ok? It's been too long since a handsome black man has paid me some attention and I'm taking that to the bank.

I had to wonder if he'd read my blog from awhile back when I was cooing about how adorable he was and maybe he was wondering if it was me or not. No, Mr. Moore, I am not a stalker. Just an admirer of all that's hot and sexy and that night it was you babe. Bring it on!

Whoa, be still my beating heart. Okay, enough of the silly. What I really appreciated about that night was how multi-cultural it was. Years back when I was producing my film festival I always made sure to have representation of minorities. A filmmaker friend of mine didn't think it was that big a deal until I warned him he'd see it when he went to accept an award at the Kodak building.

When he walked in, he was the only black filmmaker there. His first name is Marshall and we both thought maybe since his film wasn't like a John Singleton ghetto film, maybe the judges thought he was white and he was there by mistake. I wonder what ever happened to him? He was extremely talented and I used to have the biggest crush on him. It was just nice to see that now at least at this festival we've come a long way baby.

Oh, I just remembered that tonight I not only enjoyed a great meal prepared by Patina, but I also bumped into my Redondo Beach editor friend, Nelson Brann, who edited the PSA I did a few years back for the Tsunami Relief Benefit I helped promote.

I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me and gave me a big hug hello. I said I know your voice and I know your face, but I can't remember your name. Then it all came rushing back. He's grown his hair out and looks completely different now! It was fun to catch up with him and his wife.

I also met the Publisher of the Creative Handbook, David Shapiro - great guy. We were having a nice chat, but I was distracted because I saw another friend, Sylvia Kahn, who I hadn't seen in more than 8 years walking towards me. She was part of my film festival days before I had my son.

She remembered me too! We met when I interviewed with the production company she had been working at at the time and we stayed friends for quite awhile afterwards. Sometimes I think I go out on interviews just to make new friends! LOL!

She's now working at Technicolor and we're going to "do lunch" soon. She's got this amazing new position and maybe there's some fun stuff for us to do together again. We'll see. You just never know who you'll bump into going out which is why I love Hollywood.

Now that my back is officially well as determined by my chiro I'm back to my usual hobnobbing in a big way which I just love. Met an Executive Producer tonight who wants to talk biz. Who knows - could start repping a post house which would be very cool. I love good creative work which is why I ran my film festival for so long despite the low pay. Not no mores though - you pay, or you don't play.

Okay, this is really all. I think the coffee I drank is finally wearing off and I'm tired enough to sleep. All in all, these past two days were a lot of fun and very good for meeting new people and catching up with old friends. Lovin' the variety!

Now to see what tomorrow (or should I say today since it is almost 2am) brings... Sleep well!

Crown Jewel Club, Shade Hotel, The Party Goddess, Gali Rotstein and Age of Love

By Joy A. Kennelly

Where to begin? Spent lunch with the Crown Jewel Club Girls over at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach as a fund-raiser for this delightful organization. Here's the mission statement from their Web site:

"Crown Jewel Club is dedicated to giving at-risk, inner-city girls the opportunity to learn basic disciplines in the areas of basic manners, grooming, table etiquette, and how to conduct themselves in social settings.

The goal is to provide a positive environment that fosters improved self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for themselves and others, self-awareness, self-nurturing, the value of giving, perseverance, and the importance of education, family and friendships."

Just a wonderful organization with wonderful success stories, it brought tears to my eyes to hear the children tell NBC weatherman, Fritz Coleman, and NBC Co-Anchor, Colleen Williams, (who both co-hosted the luncheon) how "Mrs. Phillips" has changed their lives.

Mrs. Phillips is the founder of this two-year old organization which has radically changed the lives of the girls who have gone through the training. I spoke to the school counselor afterwards and she said that she's been at that school for 10 years and there were always fights and disagreements among the girls in the Spring. Now, since the program has been in place, that behavior has stopped. Also, this group helped one little girl choose not to join a gang when asked to. Man...

My two little favorite girls when asked about themselves responded - "I love sushi and Mrs. Phillips." The 2nd little girl said, "I love Mrs. Phillips. She's taught me how not to be so ghetto." How cute is that? Each little girl was wearing the cutest bonnet too. Check out the Web site for pictures and more details.

There were also some real amazing little girls who wanted to be doctors, fashion designers, investigators, and one little girl who seemed destined for politics telling us how she wanted to uncover domestic violence or something like that. This from girls ages 9-11 years old living in South Central!

Shade Hotel was a really beautiful venue for this event too. They closed down the bar area and the outdoor patio for the luncheon. Free organic manicures were offered by Green Bliss Eco Spa, a traveling spa, at one end. Delicious tea sandwiches, Caesar salad, fresh fruit and petit fours were elegantly displayed and prepared by
Marley Majcher of The Party Goddess.

Five years ago when I was in the catering business (has anyone ever avoided it completely?) I worked for her company and actually ended up serving at her wedding. She is such a fun party girl. Half the room was formal china, silver, chandeliers to represent her husband, and the other half of the room was this wild animal print chairs, brightly colored plates, cups, etc (at least that's what I remember. I also remember serving jello shots a lot too - that was one fun party for those wedding guests!)

She's extremely creative, very smart business woman. I highly recommend her company to you. You can tell her I referred you as we re-acquainted ourselves at the event. She remembered me too which was fun. She produced this event and it was top notch all the way. The goody bags are wonderful with so many sponsored gifts I can't go into them all here. Just know they are spectacular and most enjoyable.

The one funny moment of the day was seeing the former Mayor of Manhattan Beach, Steve A. Napolitano, there and mistaking him for someone who worked for the hotel because of his 60's style brown shirt and matching brown pants that looked like it could be a uniform if you glanced at him quickly. I couldn't figure out why he was walking out to join all the ladies until he was acknowledged from the stage as who he was! My bad.

I had seen him at the other women's conference event I went to and couldn't figure out why a young, handsome guy like himself would attend an obviously all-female event (Okay, not really, but why did he keep showing up though?), but when it was mentioned that he was part of some other governmental office it became clear he was schmoozing his constituency (although he's very low-key - I think he likes to be supportive too. How do I know though? I don't even know the guy - only spoke a few words to him today! I'm sure everyone else in town knows him though. He seems a little shy.)

He was very gracious to the charity and offered his office to match anyone's $5,000 grant they made that day. I don't think it was that type money crowd, but this was my first Manhattan Beach event. I'm just getting the lay of the land down here.

Who knows what goes on in the Soroptomist International of Manhattan Beach? Seems like a great organization to be part of though since they do so much charitable work. I like that. I might have to see what all is entailed to be part of it because I'm impressed with the women I have met to date.

Then drove like a mad woman to Gali's (trying to burn out the additives in my engine like the mechanic suggested this morning when I took my car in for review again.) It was rather fun speeding full bore around the curves of the Sepulveda pass in my red sports car. Fortunately, no police were around because I was booking! Just doing what my mechanic suggested. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Met with Gali to discuss strategy and next steps. Together with her designer friend, Cynthia Combs, they have created the most classy press kit from the raw press materials I gave them. I was so happy! It was beyond what I imagined it could be. Those two are EXTREMELY talented. Too bad Cynthia's moving to South Carolina to start her eco events business, but I'm sure anything she does will be first class all the way. I'm also sure you'll be hearing about her sooner than later. Mark my words.

I feel good about what Gali and I have planned now and just need to implement everything. This week is going to be extremely busy!  I'm networking like a crazy woman - chamber lunch tomorrow afternoon, Third Tuesday in the evening (don't really network there, but catch up with friends.) Wednesday night - another chamber mixer. I'm intent on checking out the local scene since I normally never hang out down here in the South Bay and am curious who participates.

Thursday morning - another networking breakfast (I overslept last week and hope to make this one - my nights can get late though!) and then that evening two events- the Simpson's movie animation art gallery opening with a cool crowd in attendance (I'm tired and not explaining it properly, but trust me it's going to be great!!!! Fred Willard anyone? How about a Flamin' Moe? I CANNOT WAIT!!!) followed by the EPPS summer mixer which is always a good time.

I pitched myself to a lot of the publicists in that organization to help with their overflow PR work. It will be nice to put the name to the faces. Also, to see old friends I don't see except for these events. Very good group of people. Highly recommend joining if you're an independent publicist, or any type actually.

Okay, I'm getting tired. I do need to say something though about the show, Age of Love. Although at one point I was hoping to like Jen, the oldest one of the bunch, as she is the spokesmodel for the clothing site I was approached to represent, can't say that I do. I think that woman is a Cougar with a capital "C." She even said it herself in tonight's episode, she only wants what she wants.

I WOULD NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER date someone 18 years younger, especially if my son was that age - that's just sick and wrong. I have gone out socially with much, much younger men, but I would NEVER, ever seriously consider dating any of them! I think the youngest I ever hung out with was 18 years and even that was a huge age difference at the time. He was a model - what can I say? First red head I ever hung out socially with too. Too much a Daddy thing since my Dad's a red head - just not my thing. I like my men dark and handsome. Know anyone? :)

BTW, took my profile off yahoo because the person's profile I hid popped up in my box as reviewing my profile and I couldn't figure out how to remove him. If he's not interested enough to contact me, then why stare at his face right? However, it would have been nice, but would have been's do not a relationship make. I think I'm taking a break from online stuff for a bit except maybe EHarmony still. Too much going on this week.

Back to age vs. beauty, whoops, 20's vs. 40's. I don't think it's a fair playing field for someone that much older to pursue someone younger like that - I think what next week's episode will reveal is that Mark (isn't that his name? I'm sorry, he's not that exciting to me - handsome, but a little too naive) is more interested in just having sex with her than having a real relationship.

Also, that woman seems more interested in adding him to her (sex) belt than having a real relationship too I think. She seems too hard and calculating to be anything other than a (fill in the blank.) Can you tell I'm over wanting to work with that company?

However, maybe I should watch what I say seeing as she's the assistant to the head coach of the Lakers and if I ever need a favor, she'd probably be the one I need to deal with!:) Jen, you're a very nice woman and I'm sure you had only the best motives on the show. Really, I do. Truce?

I have to admit though, that show cracks me up when some of the earlier 40 year old women got kicked off because they were bemoaning the fact that time was slipping away (or words to that effect.) I've been there, but not on national TV!!! No reality TV for me - thank you very much. I especially would never go on national TV and announce my age to the world. A lady never reveals her age and a gentleman never asks.

I had to teach that to the little cutie patootie four year old boy who was watching softball with me the other week. I can be real kid-like around kids because I just love playing around and being silly with them which they love too. I guess I was a little too much for his serious little mind and he asked me with great concern, "How old ARE you?" I just love how honest little kids can be.

I kept teasing him and telling him I wanted to pick him up and give him a big hug he was so cute. I told him too, not only is he handsome, but I bet he's smart too, to which he replied, "Yes I am" with all the bravado his tiny little body could muster. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! They're all coming to my BBQ so I can't wait to see him again. Very fun little boy.

Speaking of which, my little boy (9 years old now!) just sent me the sweetest thank you card for the Star Wars stamps and funny reggae head pencil I sent him for fun. He lives with his adoptive parents outside DC and he's the best little guy. I just love him. I'm going to buy some fun stationary to correspond back to him. Little boys are fun!

It's the big boys you have to watch out for. Just teasing. I wish I had a big boy in my life about now. Are you feeling me single girls? Jen? HA! LOL. In any case, today was fun. Tomorrow is going to be busy so I best be getting to bed.

Have a great night (what's left of it.)

Entourage, The Blog/Zine Network, Frontline Writing, Bay Cities Church, Trilogy Spa

By Joy A. Kennelly

Entourage was great tonight! Totally cracks me up. Can you imagine hating someone so much and then being stuck working with them over and over again? I can't! This plot line is great - can't wait for next week.The drug scene was a little excessive though. I wouldn't doubt this type BS goes on in Hollywood, but I've been very fortunate never to be a part of it. Not my scene. At all.

Moving right along.

Met with my Blog/Zine Network group today which was interesting as usual. We had more new people join us (for some reason I'm having deja vu. Did I write this last month? Oy vey!) Learned some new blogging tips which is always helpful. That's why I started this particular blog with my "byline." We'll see what happens doing that. Just curious.

David Tandet of Frontline Writing had some interesting Web sites for us to review and utilize in the future. I would tell you, but then I'd have to shoot you since you haven't joined the group yet! Just kidding. But seriously, if you want to learn about blogging, join us. I'm going to start inviting more guest speakers to come and we'll all learn how to grow this type "business" together!

Bay Cities Community Church was good as always. Sometimes music just hits my spirit and today I was tearing up again. I can just see myself on stage crying occasionally if I do sing with the worship team, but hey, I'm an emotional person and music can hit your emotions. So! We shall see!

Enjoyed hitting Trilogy Spa Hermosa Beach today after church for a bit. Was supposed to have a friend join me, but she was upset I switched day spas on her last minute so she bailed. I felt really, really bad at first, but after enjoying the rain shower and the floating water bed experience, I was feeling no pain. I really like their mango coconut sugar scrub - I smell so yummy! Don'tcha wish you were here with me right now? I smell good enough to eat! LOL

I was feeling pretty good about myself after that treat. I guess it showed because men were real attentive to me at the smog place. I must buy more dresses! It's nice to be feminine, especially since it's been so hot.

Now to get up early and take care of business. Last night some of the drunk idiots either visiting people here, or who live here were talking loudly and trying to climb our back wall at 3am. The bastards. I almost yelled, but when I opened the window wider I think they got the hint and shut up. OY VEY! More drunken idiots in the South Bay. Oh well.

I know I'd hear drunks a lot in certain parts of Hollywood too, but I've just never lived near this type behavior before - lucky I guess. At least people haven't been doing their stupid "Woo Hoo" calls since I told one of my neighbors that whoever did that at 2 and 3am were asses. Word travels fast I guess. It's not Georgia's Rules - it's Joy's Rules. JUST KIDDING!

I just find it highly disrespectful to be loud and obnoxious when people living here have small children. Maybe those "Woo Hoo" people have moved out or something. Good.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

Life is good.

I love my place, love my pool, love my friends down here, and love the beauty of the South Bay.

I just love being able to drive down PCH and look over to see the ocean whenever I'm at a crossroads of streets. There's just something majestic about an endless ocean that goes off into the horizon.

And with that, I'll bid you good night.

Sleep tight. God bless.

Always happy when good things happen to good people

Yesterday I picked up the Daily Breeze that was left laying in front of my building because Bert Reddick, one of the guys who used to run the computer lab at a government employment agency I used to visit, was on the front page.

Years ago an old girlfriend had named him as the father of her child even though she was date-raped by another man and openly admitted it to Bert half-way through this ordeal. So for the last 13 years my friend has had to pay child support for a child who wasn't his. This, in addition, to raising three children who are his own with his wife.

Last time I read about him a few years back he was fighting to have the laws changed to allow paternity testing to determine child support which made this follow up story especially nice to read. The law he's helped create now establishes a new procedure for challenging paternity, including informing a man of his right to genetic testing.

That's huge!! Can you imagine going through life having to pay child support for a child that isn't yours? I can't. That's why I'm rejoicing with Bert today here that this has been resolved. Now to hope he gets reimbursed for all the money he's had to pay out. Maybe that will be his own children's college fund!

While I was reading the paper too, I saw that a cute couple who had come to my Memorial Day BBQ were going to be featured in an article today for their children's music called The SqueeGees. So this time I grabbed the paper from my mom to find their story. If you want to read this very cute article from today's Daily Breeze, click here.

They had talked to me about possibly doing PR for them, but when I saw the huge article today I had to call our mutual friend Rachel Jane Schultz, (the one who I referred to in that picture from my BBQ as a jewelry designer, but who is actually also a fine art artist --check out her work by clicking on her name - very cool and interesting!)

I told her they need to stick with their publicist because it's really working! That type coverage is huge! I know since I've down it once or twice in my life for myself. I can't help it, sometimes I'm working on a pet project and just know that a little bit of publicity will tip it over.

Thus, I shamelessly pitch away and I've been written up twice with huge articles like that in the LA Times. That used to mean something, but now with everything that's going on there... who knows any more.

If you want to follow the decline of media in Los Angeles and now San Francisco, you absolutely must read my friend's blog, LA Observed. This is an amazing resource for all things media. Highly recommend it.

Back to me, my favorite topic. JUST KIDDING. Ok, not really, but I'm working on it. Made you smile though right? Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, friends doing well. I just got off the phone with my friend Deborah and big things are happening for her too! God is really moving in both our lives.

I'm really happy to have her as a friend because I can share my successes and my failures equally without fear of judgment or jealousy or pity and we totally get and support each other as females in business. It's hard to find female friends like that sometimes, but hey, God is part of this friendship which really helps.

I have some good stuff brewing, but won't be able to share it until we get all the details ironed out. God is moving. That's all I got to say. I think getting down on my knees praying for His help and guidance really made a difference today. I read somewhere that you should vary your prayer positions and I never bow like that so... Try it sometime, you might like it!:) All I know is that I received a call that seemed heaven sent for me professionally right after doing that!  FREAKY GOOD.

In any case, I think that's it. Big deal with Ocean's 13 premiering tonight and all. I wish them much success too. Maybe I'll even go see this one! I missed 12 because of the reviews, but this one seems more interesting. I love all those guys anyway, so what the hey. If it's bad, I still got to watch great eye candy. And it's all about the eye candy. Right girls?

Oh yeah, one more thing, today is my friend Cindy's Birthday so if you happen to know her and are reading this, shoot her an email wishing her a Happy Bday - you'll pleasantly surprise her!

So, that's all for now. Sleep well. Or whatever else you're doing right now. Ha Ha.

Dare to be happy!

Well, that was fun. Not what we expected in the least because when we saw the word vintage, fashion mavens that we are, we thought it meant vintage clothing! Man were we off! It's a new 45 unit condo project by C & S Development in the heart of Toluca Lake "with the only rooftop pool & lounge in the area." Reasonably priced for ONLY $599,000 to 1.2 million. Floor plans range from 1,475 sq ft to 2100 sq. ft.

Okay, enough of the commercial, but I felt like I had to say a little something because they plied us with free drinks and shrimp appetizers. Plus, we each received a very nice goody bag filled with a lovely white lounge towel with the Vintage logo (which I shall use at my new pool if it ever warms up!), a white baseball cap also with the logo, 944 Magazine (of course!), and some other gifty things.

We didn't stay long because it wasn't really our crowd - saw a lot of "those" guys again and knew it was totally not our scene. Plus, when you see lots of boobage that's another indication of the class or lack of at an event.

However, I love the Hotel Angeleno so visiting it again was fun. We held our final Goal Gals meeting at the bar upstairs when it first opened. (I had a gift certificate from the PR friend who publicizes the place, so why not? I'm so damn thrifty you'd think I was Scottish, but I'm not. Irish, hence the temper flare-ups. I'M WORKING ON IT! I really, really am. I don't think it's as bad as it used to be and my friends agree.)

On the way out, bumped into my new friend from LA Fashion Week, Judi Jordan, Editor of the new mag Real Talk LA. She's slammed working 12 hour days, but we're going to connect in a few weeks because she wants me to write for them. Isn't that way cool? I LOVE IT! I'm manifesting my new writing career as we speak.

There was someone I just heard speak, or someone I just read, who said to look back at your childhood to see what direction your life should take now. I've always, always written down stories about my life. Ever since I was very young. So, it feels real good to be blogging now. I'm just thrilled that any of you stop by to read me. Thank you. I'm honored and deeply humbled. It makes me want to be a better person. Is that schmaltzy or what? I can't help it though, it's the truth.

Ok, enough on that. Getting back to the boobage concept, one of these days I'm going to throw my 38 double D's out to the crowd just for the fun of it and see what kind of guys my boobs can attract for me. JUST KIDDING. I'm a good Christian girl now. I'm trying so hard to stay good. Almost had a slip-up last night, but fortunately, he had company. Lied about it because he didn't realize I'd know, but hey, no biggie.

We're really just friends and he can sleep with whoever the bleep he wants to. It did make me a little sad though to see he'd moved on so quickly. But, he's not interested in marriage, isn't a Christian, and I'm on a mission from God to settle for nothing but His will for my life. I sure hope He hurries up! I'm ready to meet "the one." Not the many, but "the one." If you know a good one, throw him my way. I may even throw a boob or two around. JUST KIDDING! SERIOUSLY! JUST KIDDING!

So, that's all. Oh yeah, I saw Dare to be happy on a billboard driving home and thought what a great way to live your life. That's going to be my new motto when my back and neck is bothering me.

I am going to my MD and chiro tomorrow to see if my head is ok. I've been forgetting things and getting real bad headaches which scares me because I'm usually sharp as a tack on appointments, calls I have to make, my schedule and right now my mind is slipping on those little things. Hopefully, it's just a phase.

When I was very young my mom said I fell out of my baby chair and hit my head. The doctors didn't find anything, but now my neice has done the same thing and it has really affected her. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe God let this car accident happen so I could find out once and for all if I have any head trauma left over from my childhood that may be causing something now.

I don't know. I LOVE thinking there's something wrong with me and I need to stop. Right now!:) (I make myself giggle when I say stuff like that. Hope you find the funny too since maybe you do the same thing!)

Say a little prayer ok? I feel better, but want to be completely fine soon. Like the billboard says, "Misery has enough company. Dare to be happy!" (Extra emphasis because I'm doing exactly what the advertisers at OMMA wanted me to do. Make their marketing concept part of my life and expression. It worked. You should hire that ad agency because that's really good ad copy.)

And with that, good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. Unless it's you John and you know why. Don't make me "out" you here! :)

I'm feeling lazy - here's my blog in picture format. Enjoy!

Hey, while I'm waiting for the pix to upload - check out this new, cool church  cFebruary_2007_009alled Paradox. I think they found me through my blog so here's a little shout out to them. I've been playing the music over and over again all morning.

Okay, first pic of me with my clients, Domiziano and Lejla at the Terrence Howard art opening we hit I told you about a bit ago. We had fun that night despite how far away it was.

Here's me and my new Blog/Zine Network friends listening to Phil share his wit and wisdom on blogging success. Join us why don't you?  We're going to join OMMA's big conference and hit their closing night cocktail reception. All the details on my Blog/Zine site. Very cool event I promise!         February_2007_0112

Okay, moving right along. This is taking longer than I expected so you might just have to wait till I finish all my meetings today. I still owe you another Oscar retreat report - I haven't forgotten! I promise.

Let me leave you with this for now. I read the most encouraging scripture this morning preparing for my Bible Study meeting on Thursday. It was just what I needed to hear. Maybe you do too, so, enjoy...

Isaiah 40:28-31:


28Do you not know? Have you not heard?
         The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth
         Does not become weary or tired
         His understanding is inscrutable.
      29He gives strength to the weary,
         And to him who lacks might He increases power.
      30Though youths grow weary and tired,
         And vigorous young men stumble badly,
      31Yet those who wait for the LORD
         Will gain new strength;
         They will mount up with wings like eagles,
         They will run and not get tired,
         They will walk and not become weary.

Oh yeah, guess what? The Daily Breeze contacted me today re: my press release for Soul Support and we're getting listed in the Rave Calendar section! YEAH! Watch out world - Soul Support for Singles is happening now! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for this ministry. I had tears in my eyes when I got the email since it's the first time I've ever put my faith in my business and I was afraid of the response, but it's all good! Who knows what God has in store? I'm just trusting Him and moving forward with everything I've got going on.

Speaking of which - better run. Lots of love to everyone.


Soul Support kick-off event

I'll do more Oscar "reporting" later on, just want to share how our first night of Soul Support turned out! Great! Thanks for asking.

I had been running around all day with my client Lejla to all the fun Oscar Retreats (which I'll go into more detail on next go round) and I was wiped out. However, it was the first night of our Soul Support Christian Singles group and since I started it I had to be there.

I'm so glad Pastor John & Cindy are the hosts. They are such special people. They set the table with these beautiful china plates with encouraging scripture on them (which I admit was a little funny - they think so too, but they were a gift so what can you say?), placemats, crystal goblets, nice silverware, and beautiful burning candles.

It would have been romantic except for all the people there! Just kidding. Just a lovely, lovely dinner. John and Cindy and Deborah, I believe, had prepared lovely salmon topped with shrimp and lemon hollandaise sauce brightened by some broccoli, a lovely green salad and bread. We were supposed to have rice too, but it didn't cook right. Oh well!

One of the guests (who shall remain nameless - it wasn't me though!) got the plate that said repent and we all had a good laugh over that one since she had been saying she didn't want to give up sex before marriage, but she's finally conceded that her way hasn't been working and now she wants to do God's will. I can so relate to her! It's hard!

Laurie, the new girl in the group, had to leave at 9:15pm to pick up her son so we skipped music this time (plus, for some reason our music leader blew us off - weird - I need to contact her and find out what happened! She'd been so happy to do it before - I just didn't have time to follow up with her!) After dinner we just went straight to the message. LaVonne had arrived a little late, but she enjoyed her dinner with us right on time.  I regaled them with some Oscar retreat escapades and then we got down to business.

Pastor John is unusual as a preacher since he came to be a preacher late in life. He was 46 years old when he became a pastor and has only been a senior pastor over at Redeemer Presbyterian for seven months! Prior to that he was an associate pastor at a huge church back in Colorado Springs, CO for many years, but this is his first real preaching job. He has ministered to a lot of young people over the years though which is why I think he fits in so well with all of us. Cindy is such a lovey too. She's great! They're both great!

John's going to upload some slides from the message as it was real pertinent to our lives. He talked about how we're all like icebergs in that we present one way to the world on top and have lots of deepness underneath the surface that no one really knows about.

God wants to heal our sorrows and bring healing to us and he does it through relationship. I am paraphrasing horribly because I was so tired when he was teaching. When we went to pray if we didn't end when we did I would have fallen asleep during the prayer!

We then enjoyed some amazing cheesecake which I never eat anymore because of my being lactose intolerant, but I was in a celebratory mood and felt like suffering the consequences. Little did I know I would wake up in the middle of the night not feeling well, but it's my own fault.

It was just a really nice relaxing way to close out a very hectic, crazy week which I really needed. Today Deborah and I hit the church again and spoke to John and Cindy afterwards. It's definitely a unique church since there's a lot of young people (married and single), and then there's a really big age gap until the older crowd who are mainly in their 60's and 70's!

One of the elders, John Reynolds, knew my Dad when he was in high school if that gives you a perspective. I was teasing him and told him he's going to have to pray for Deborah and me to find Godly men since he was responsible for the spiritual well-being of the church. You just feel like you've got a ton of grandparents to love on you there. It's fun since all mine are dead now.

Life is fun. You just have to grow where you're planted and allow God to do what He's going to do with you! Now I'm off to a fun Oscar party at some friend's home. I just want to relax today, but may need to escort my client down the red carpet of the Elton John party (which to be honest, I wouldn't mind at all. It's a great party with great publicity.) We'll see.

Now to try and get a little more organized! I haven't really been home in the last three days and my place is like a tornado flew through. So many business cards, papers, etc. I need to pull it together!