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Quick Thanksgiving Home-Cooked Meal Anyone with a Little Cooking Skills can Make!

By Joy A. Kennelly

If you're like me, visiting a new city and unsure where to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, your friends are going out of town, your sister is slammed working two jobs, and you're not sure you want to be the only single person at a restaurant, then maybe this recipe will solve your holiday dilemma. What's great is you can make it with a turkey breast and use the same rubs too.

But if you're not in the mood for turkey, then just follow this recipe from a Lifestyle and Nutrition Expert whom you may recognize from Food Network, Chef Mareya Ibrahim, who wrote a cookbook called, Eat Like You Give A Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive.

She understands the stress that comes with preparing a Thanksgiving meal.  She also understands the need for a delicious offering!

One-pot meals are easy to prepare and clean up, and they also offer the same nutritional value as a more complicated dinner. Preparing everything in one dish makes it easier to ensure that several food groups are included on everyone's plate. Chef Mareya has prepared the PERFECT Thanksgiving one-pan meal for everyone this week. 

Thanksgiving sheet pan meal 3

Garlic & Herb Roasted Young Chicken with sides of Brussels sprouts, Carrots, Wild Rice Stuffed Delicata Squash & Cinnamon Spice Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Young chicken (4 lbs)

Fresh garlic

Fresh Thyme

Sea Salt, Pepper & EVOO

Brussels sprouts 

Balsamic Vinegar

Baby Carrots

Delicata squash

Wild rice blend

Sweet potatoes


Cinnamon spice 


Prepare the Chicken by mixing fresh garlic, thyme, sea salt, oregano, pepper, and EVOO and rub it on the chicken breast (under the skin) and on top of the skin.

Toss veggies with EVOO and balsamic, salt and pepper.

Stuff delicata squash with Wild rice blend (She used a Far East packet blend and pre-cooked in the microwave until al dente; finished in the oven.)

Slice sweet potatoes and pat with a small amount of ghee and a dusting of cinnamon/pumpkin spice.

Place all on a large roasting tray.

Roast in the oven at 400F for 50 min, then turn up the heat to 450 for the last 10 minutes.  

And maybe while you're cooking, consider playing this new feel-good Thanksgiving song by Crowder!

But if that doesn't rock your boat, then check out Matthew West's Thanksgiving offering. If this doesn't make  you crack a smile...

But seriously, music does calm the nerves so try this jazz collection which plays for 3 hours and should do the trick:

And the best part, here's a bunch of recipes to create an awesome Thanksgiving dessert because is it really Thanksgiving without a fall-inspired dessert? And because watching a video makes it easier, check these delicious choices here:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy your day whatever you end up doing!

5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival May 14 and 15, Riverfront Plaza

I am a huge fan of foodie festivals, especially when there's fun music attached which is why I have to share my friend's fun 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival happening on May 14 and 15, at the Riverfront Plaza in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Marcia 2022 IIMarcia and I have known each other forever and often collaborated on all my short film festivals and other events I produced. So naturally, I have to return the favor now that she and her friends are hosting such an amazing event. She moved to Louisiana a few years ago and never looked back. She's surrounded by amazing musicians, delicious food, interesting scenery and the band she publicizes has an amazing listening room where she can hear live music nightly. What's not to love?

Now back to the 5th Annual Soul Food Festival Baton Rouge, LA

Three days of Fabulous Southern Cuisine and Live Music

Smoke and MamieA Sneak Peek of the Festival Talent Lineup on Thursday and

 A Vendor’s Village, Pioneer Award and Soul Food Cooking Contest with judges 

The 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival will take place Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at Riverfront Plaza located at 300 River Road South, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

If you're dying to get out town, then pop on over to Baton Rouge and get your soul on. For travel arrangements, contact Dee at Deech Global Travel 225-747-0057,  [email protected]. She's local and comes recommended.

Festival hours are 11:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday and 11:00am to 8:00pm on Sunday. The family friendly event is free to the public. It features blues, soul, R&B and gospel music, a Vendor’s Village, a Pioneer Award and judged soul food cooking contest. Lawn seating so bring your chairs. 

The Pioneer Award was established by the Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the soul food industry.​ Do fried chicken, chicken wings, greens, cornbread, chitterlings, smothered liver, oxtails short ribs, fried fish, mac and cheese, potato salad, and barbecue baked beans all sound good to you? Then you know your southern cooking!

image from
This years’ Pioneer Award Recipient is Deborah Dickerson of D’s “Southern Soul” Café in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The award was established to honor outstanding contributions to the soul food industry. Miss D, as she’s called, founded the café in 2015. In addition to serving great food, it also provides a safe haven for youth, providing free meals and tutoring. Some of her most requested dishes are Chitterlings, Smothered Liver and the only place you can get Peppergrass in the world. For more information call 225-238-5044 or visit  

Soul Foodie tickets include two food and soft drinks and photo ops for $25.00 per person. Soul Food-RFP II VIP tickets for two that include four food and drink tickets, T-shirts, CD’s and additional perks are $100.00. For additional information call 225-802-9681 or visit

A Pre-Party will be held Thursday, May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.s’ Listening Room from 8pm to midnight. Here's a sneak peek.

The venue is located at 2733 North Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Tickets are $25.00 and include a buffet and soft drinks. The show is a sneak peek of the talent lineup for the festival.

KB & Turmpet (2)Some of the talent lineup includes bands and solo artists like the blues, soul, funk reggae band Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor and the Listening Room All-Stars featuring singer/songwriter Larry “LZ” Dillon, spoken word artist ‘Nspire and the Inspiration band, comedian Eddie “Cool” Deemer's ability to string movie titles, candy and household products into stories always make people laugh; gospel/soul singer Pastor Leon Hutchins  is also known for his upbeat personality and comedy songs; guitarist and singer Owen Scott, R&B singer/songwriter and crooner Xavie Shorts crosses the charts with musical outlets that include R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. One of his classic songs and often requested songs is “Blocked List.” He is guaranteed to make the girls smile with his heartfelt delivery and suave style.  KB & the Backbeat (featured) is a New Orleans influenced Soul Band founded by horn player Kasey Ball. 

The Soul Food Cooking Contest, highlighting regional favorites from Louisiana, Texas, Food Judges TableMississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida include Meats, Vegetable and Side Dishes, Breads and Desserts, Appetizers and Soups, Beverage and Ices. Criteria includes Presentation, Taste, and the Story or History behind each dish. Ten entrants in each category will be pre-selected by the Soul Food screening committee.

Cooking David Hatcher (2)Upon acceptance the entry fee is $20.00, $30.00 for walk-ups, if slots are available. Contestants need to bring enough food for six people the day of their judging. First, second and third place prizes will be awarded in each category. The contest is now open and downloadable forms and additional instructions are available on the website. Vendor slots are also still available.

Soul Food Plain Logo JPeg (3)So get ready for three days of great food from Louisiana and its surrounding southern neighbors, incredible music from local and national touring acts and lots of fun on May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room and next to the USS Kidd on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at the 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival!

5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival May 14 and 15, Riverfront Plaza

I am a huge fan of foodie festivals, especially when there's fun music attached which is why I have to share my friend's fun 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival happening on May 14 and 15, at the Riverfront Plaza in Baton Rouge, LA. 

SFF-Wiiners and Marcia (2)Marcia and I have known each other forever and often collaborated on all my short film festivals and other events I produced. So naturally, I have to return the favor now that she and her friends are hosting such an amazing event. She moved to Louisiana a few years ago and never looked back. She's surrounded by amazing musicians, delicious food, interesting scenery and the band she publicizes has an amazing listening room where she can hear live music nightly.

What's not to love?

Now back to the 5th Annual Soul Food Festival Baton Rouge, LA

Three days of Fabulous Southern Cuisine and Live Music

Smoke and MamieA Sneak Peek of the Festival Talent Lineup on Thursday and

 A Vendor’s Village, Pioneer Award and Soul Food Cooking Contest with judges 

The 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival will take place Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at Riverfront Plaza located at 300 River Road South, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

If you're dying to get out town, then pop on over to Baton Rouge and get your soul on. For travel arrangements, contact Dee at Deech Global Travel 225-747-0057,  [email protected]. She's from there and will hook you up.

Festival hours are 11:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday and 11:00am to 8:00pm on Sunday. The family friendly event is free to the public. It features blues, soul, R&B and gospel music, a Vendor’s Village, a Pioneer Award and judged soul food cooking contest. Lawn seating so bring your chairs. 

The Pioneer Award was established by the Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the soul food industry.​ Do fried chicken, chicken wings, greens, cornbread, chitterlings, smothered liver, oxtails short ribs, fried fish, mac and cheese, potato salad, and barbecue baked beans all sound good to you? Then you know your southern cooking!

image from
This years’ Pioneer Award Recipient is Deborah Dickerson of D’s “Southern Soul” Café in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The award was established to honor outstanding contributions to the soul food industry. Miss D, as she’s called, founded the café in 2015. In addition to serving great food, it also provides a safe haven for youth, providing free meals and tutoring. Some of her most requested dishes are Chitterlings, Smothered Liver and the only place you can get Peppergrass in the world. For more information call 225-238-5044 or visit  

Soul Foodie tickets include two food and soft drinks and photo ops for $25.00 per person. Soul Food-RFP II VIP tickets for two that include four food and drink tickets, T-shirts, CD’s and additional perks are $100.00. For additional information call 225-802-9681 or visit

A Pre-Party will be held Thursday, May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.s’ Listening Room from 8pm to midnight. Check this out!

The venue is located at 2733 North Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. Tickets are $25.00 and include a buffet and soft drinks. The show is a sneak peek of the talent lineup for the festival.

KB & Turmpet (2)Some of the talent lineup includes bands and solo artists like the blues, soul, funk reggae band Henry Turner, Jr. & Flavor and the Listening Room All-Stars featuring singer/songwriter Larry “LZ” Dillon, spoken word artist ‘Nspire and the Inspiration band, comedian Eddie “Cool” Deemer's ability to string movie titles, candy and household products into stories always make people laugh; gospel/soul singer Pastor Leon Hutchins  is also known for his upbeat personality and comedy songs; guitarist and singer Owen Scott, R&B singer/songwriter and crooner Xavie Shorts crosses the charts with musical outlets that include R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. One of his classic songs and often requested songs is “Blocked List.” He is guaranteed to make the girls smile with his heartfelt delivery and suave style.  KB & the Backbeat (featured) is a New Orleans influenced Soul Band founded by horn player Kasey Ball. 

The Soul Food Cooking Contest, highlighting regional favorites from Louisiana, Texas, Food Judges TableMississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida include Meats, Vegetable and Side Dishes, Breads and Desserts, Appetizers and Soups, Beverage and Ices. Criteria includes Presentation, Taste, and the Story or History behind each dish. Ten entrants in each category will be pre-selected by the Soul Food screening committee.

Cooking David Hatcher (2)Upon acceptance the entry fee is $20.00, $30.00 for walk-ups, if slots are available. Contestants need to bring enough food for six people the day of their judging. First, second and third place prizes will be awarded in each category. The contest is now open and downloadable forms and additional instructions are available on the website. Vendor slots are also still available.

Soul Food Plain Logo JPeg (3)So get ready for three days of great food from Louisiana and its surrounding southern neighbors, incredible music from local and national touring acts and lots of fun on May 12 at Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room and next to the USS Kidd on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15 at the 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival!

Greensbury Market - the online sustainable way to shop organic, delicious beef, chicken and seafood. #delicious #foodie #easypeasy

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently, I had the wonderful experience of staying on a farm in the middle of Montana literally out in the middle of nowhere. It took over an hour to get into town and that was partly on dirt and gravel roads. It was heaven to be away from the smog, traffic, and certain things in LA.

P1130844While there, we had the opportunity to experience the most amazing wild caught salmon and organic skirt steak shipped directly to our door courtesy the publicist for Greensbury Market, an online grocery store with the most amazing array of fresh meats. Our order arrived frozen within a few days and as the publicist mentioned, it was in perfect condition.

You can order your own cuts here:

Greensbury Market Sockeye Salmon
Greensbury Sockeye Salmon

Having gone to school in Seattle and worked for numerous catering companies in the area that served salmon, I knew what good salmon tasted like, but this was even better tasting because of the wildness of the flavor. I prepared it with a sweet soy sauce and served it broiled with wild rice on the side. Have to admit, was so hungry and this smelled so good, completely forgot to take pictures! My bad!

I had to hit the road prior to experiencing the skirt steak, but my friend enjoyed it a few days later with her husband cooking it with onions and said it was quite delicious. Here's how Greensbury prepared it - doesn't it make you hungry?

Skirt steak tacosI was impressed at how fresh everything was and the ease in receiving this deep in the prairie. I'm sure it will be even easier to receive it in  your neighborhood! Here's a little video that describes their story: 


USDA Organic


Our organic meat satisfies all USDA organic regulatory standards. This means our cattle have year-round access to the outdoors, are never subject to genetic engineering, are fed certified organic feed, and raised on certified organic land.

Grass Fed


Our cattle are raised on small, family-run farms where they enjoy a grass-fed and grass-finished diet. They freely roam and are fed only grass and forage for their entire lives.

Humanely Raised


Our cattle live their lives the way nature intended. They spend the duration of their lives freely roaming on open pastures and are even provided with optional shelter in cases of inclement weather.

Vegetarian Fed


Our chickens are raised on feed that is made entirely from plant materials and free of animal by-products.

Wild Caught


Our seafood is sourced from oceans and fisheries that are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or rated either “Green” or “Yellow” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Sustainably Raised


Our animals are raised in a manner that conserves natural resources and biodiversity using systems and techniques that conserve and protect the environment.

If this resonates with you, then check out there website and order something today:

Railroad Park Resort - All aboard! Visit Siskiyou County and experience #train #travel like never done before.

By Joy A. Kennelly


My review of the Railroad Park Resort is biased because I've known the owners, Mark & Mary Lilley, for a very long time and know they ran a very successful campground elsewhere for about 30 years. They know what they're doing and it makes me happy to see them take on this very fun adventure here in Dunsmuir. For those who don’t know where Dunsmuir is, it’s just below the Oregon border, past Medford, on the northernmost part of California, above Shasta Lake in an area called Siskiyou (Siss Kew.)

According to the visitor site for Siskiyou: “Presiding over it all is Mount Shasta – the 14,179′ strato volcano that towers 10,000 over the surrounding area – and provides a ready playground for climbers, skiers, hikers and sightseers of all stripes.” 

Mt Shasta
Lezlie Sterling The Sacramento Bee photo credit

Learn more of the nearby fun activities here
To me, the Railroad Park Resortlooks like a perfect place for a HUGE children's party because kids LOVE trains. I wonder if any of the celebrities with children would consider renting out the entire place? LOL Sandra Bullock? Charlize Theron? Chris Pratt? He's a big kid himself! Can't you just see Angelina Jolie's brood enjoying this? How about it folks?
Railroad Park Resort, Dunsmuir CA
Family size caboose with a special climb-up Cupola
Or what about a press junket stop for Murder on the Orient Express?! Doesn't that film look fabulous? In theaters November 10th. 
It reminds me a little of The Grand Budapest Hotel film, although Grand Budapest is hilarious! If you haven't seen it yet, you simply must! The views of the countryside are sumptuous, the acting superb, the cinematography amazing and the plot-line hysterical. For mature audiences only. Helps if you're a fan of Wes Anderson's directing too.

I also thought the Railroad Park Resort would be a great place for a conference because each of the 23 cabooses are independent, there's also six large cabins, an RV Park attached, multiple attached fine dining cars, and a very cute gift shop. Many of the cabooses include double beds, queen and king if memory holds true. Check out the website for exact details though because all the real details are there:  

Railroad Park Resort grounds

We enjoyed breakfast the next day and it was very hearty. Can you tell I like hearty?:) You don't have to stay here to dine either so if you're craving a unique night out with the Mrs., pop in.
Railroad Park Resort dining car
Joy goofing around
P1150069 P1150074

Railroad Park Resort
Owners Mark & Mary Lilley enjoying breakfast here
Breakfast, dinner and a bar. What more could you want?
Dining car Bar Boxcar20.jpg.1024x0
Each caboose is as it was originally, but with some enhancements to the restrooms because apparently when they were working cabooses your restroom would have been the size of a closet! LOL Now they're normal size and come with a shower or bathtub depending on your preference. Again, check the website because then you can choose which one suits you.  P1150102 P1150111 P1150091
Just know, it's a little hard to find when driving north because semi's often block the signs for the exit. I would mark it on your GPS to keep an eye out to make it simple. There's great signage heading south and it's very easy to find. Just look for Railroad Park Road exit. There's also a RV camp so pick your poison!:)
It's a fun, unique experience as you're driving between CA and the Pacific Northwest. It's reasonably priced, there's specials and I would encourage you to check it out! Mary and Mark are great and will take great care of you! 
And for a few unbiased reviews of the place, read Buzzfeed's article here! We Found The Quirkiest Vacation Spots In California And Actually Stayed There


Having each lived in New York City at one point, we've both definitely dozed off inside trains before.

But sleeping on the subway or on a commuter train definitely lacks the romance of yesteryear. So when we discovered Railroad Park Resort — a lodge made entirely of antique railroad cars — we signed up pretty much immediately.

We got there right before sunset and asked the friendly desk agent where the best place to get a view of nearby Mount Shasta would be, and she literally just pointed up the road. 

This place was pretty much a one-stop shop of gorgeous views. Continue reading here.

Here's another fun travel video produced by Go There Media which gives a nice overview of everything there is to see and do in and around the Railroad Park Resort, but please note, there are now 23 cabooses since this was filmed:

Attn: South Bay, CA folks - there's a new classy #Italian restaurant in town! Visit @CityofRedondoBeach!

By Joy A. Kennelly


I recently visited Orlandos in Redondo Beach and was pleasantly surprised at how classy this Italian restaurant was seeing as it's in a little strip mall.


However, don't you find most of the best places are tucked away in obscure places? Orlandos is no exception.

Read on here for the rest of the story and more fun foodie pix!

#JDVTravel at the #Longines Masters Show in case you missed it on Facebook

By Joy A. Kennelly

I rotate stories throughout all my social media sites before bringing them to my blog and if you'd like a jump on what we're sharing, please like my fan page for Joie De Vivre Travel here:


We were very privileged to be included as special guests of Longines during the prestigious Longines Masters Show at the Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center a few Sundays ago.



Here's the links to the actual photo albums and stories on our fan page too:

Longines Masters Grand Slam Pre-Show

Longines Masters Series wrap-up


White Light, White Nights by Walk with Sally huge success! Guest blogged @SouthBayFoodies

By Joy A. Kennelly

Since many South Bay folks have been looking forward to my write-up on the recent White Light, White Nights cancer fundraiser review, just wanted to point you in the right direction since I am expanding my readership and guest blogged for my buddy, Micheal's site, South Bay Foodies.

Here's the intro to entice you over there.:)

Basking in the Glow of White Light White Night 2015

By  on August 31st, 2015

On Saturday, August 22nd, Walk With Sally hosted its 9th Annual White Light White Night in El Segundo, CA. Although the food and drinks are always delicious, it’s the heart of this event that brings people back year after year to experience one of the most highly anticipated parties of the South Bay summer season.


P1070089Nick Arquette started this charity in honor of his mother who passed away due to cancer and it has become a beacon of hope in the South Bay for those who have lost someone to cancer.

Fox Sports host, Jessica Rosales welcomed special guests as the evening began on the red carpet. Local notables included Supervisor for the 4th District of LA County candidate, Steve Napolitano and restaurateur Michael Zislis; Chef Deven Alexander, Cookbook author and Host of Healthy Decadence on Fit TV; and Walk With Sally Mentor, Amy Dorr.  Celebrities like James Anderson (NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys) and Carissa Rosario, International Maxim Model, were also in attendance.

To continue reading, please go here:

And for a complete photo essay review, please refer to my Facebook Fan page here: Walk With Sally Photo Album

Thanks for stopping by! More to come! Wait till you see Le Diner en Blanc pictures!:)



Le @DinerEnBlancLA returns this Thursday, 8/27 to Los Angeles - Secret location! #Foodies #TravelTuesday

UnnamedThis looks fabulous and you're all invited! Get your tickets until noon tomorrow here:

Once again, the elegant white wave of dinner guests will invade one of the most prestigious public locations in the city. Dîner en Blanc returns to Los Angeles, on Thursday, August 27, 2015. For this second edition, close to 2400 revelers are expected at a new and secret location.

The 2013 inaugural edition of this très chic picnic attracted close to 1300 cultural enthusiasts for a memorable evening on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 218c67158fc394ed3dd1991535edd131-1390328710-1024x768This annual secret affair, promises another unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty, and magic, as it takes over an undisclosed public space whose location is revealed only minutes prior to the commencement of the event.






 Here's highlights of others that have taken place around the world in the video above. Stunning, eh?

“If you were at the 2013 event, you know to circle this date! This event allows guests to enjoy some of the most prestigious and iconic public spaces in the city with elegance and flair,” says Sandy Safi, co-founder of Dîner en Blanc International. “For this new edition, we have once again searched the city high and low to find a venue that will ‘wow’ and render this night unique and magical as well as accommodate a greater number of guests.”

Launched in Paris more than 25 years ago, the original essence of Dîner en Blanc remains: friendship, elegance and gallantry. Now, more than 100,000 revelers around the world give this international event an exciting platform for participants to exhibit their fashion sense, showcase their fine taste for design and elegance, and share their gastronomic delights.

WHEN:      THURSDAY, AUGUST 27TH  from 7 - 11p.m. – rain or shine

WHERE:     Top Secret Location

The location of the event is kept secret until the very last minute adding excitement and mystique to the evening.  The mystery is part of the original Parisian concept as the Paris event takes place every year without authorization. Secrecy is key to its success!

To maintain the uniqueness of Dîner en Blanc as well as staying true to tradition, guests must observe certain requirements and follow a few key rules:

  • Registration to participate happens in three stages: Phase 1 is for members who attended the previous event; Phase 2 is for new members who are referred by Phase I  attendees; Phase 3 is for people who signed up on the waiting list via the official website:
  • Once confirmed, each guest’s participation becomes mandatory, regardless of weather conditions.  This is a rain or shine event.
  • Dress code:  elegant and white only.  Originality is encouraged as long as it is stylish and tasteful.
  • Table setting:  all white!
  • To ensure that the location secret is kept undisclosed until last minute, guests meet at an assigned departure location and are escorted by a Dîner en Blanc volunteer.
  • In order to leave the event location as clean as when they arrived, guests are required to leave with all their belongings, leftovers and litter.

 Guests Must Bring:

  • A table, two white chairs, white tablecloth.
  • A picnic basket comprising fine food and proper stemware and white dinnerware.

o   A catered picnic basket option, which can be picked up at the site, will be available for those who do not wish to pack their own. Guests wishing to do so must reserve online through Dîner en Blanc website during the initial ticket registration.

  • Wine and champagne must be pre-ordered through the event. Bringing alcohol is prohibited.

  Unnamed (1)

For full details on the event’s rules and regulations, please visit the official website:

Apothic Wine is proud to be the Official Wine Partner of the 2015 U.S. Diner en Blanc series. Celebrity Cruises is proud to be the Official Modern Luxury Vacation Partner of the 2015 U.S. Diner en Blanc series. Le Dîner en Blanc – Los Angeles gratefully acknowledges Canard-Duchêne as an official Champagne partner of the 2015 Dîner en Blanc – Los Angeles.

About Dîner en Blanc

Launched in Paris in 1988 by François Pasquier and a handful of friends, Dîner en Blanc has become a worldwide epicurean phenomenon. Dîner en Blanc - Paris now attracts nearly 15,000 people each year. What was a “friends and word-of-mouth only” event has grown into an international sensation celebrated on five continents.

While the technology behind the event may have changed over the years, the principles fueling this fantastic event have not: guests continue to gather at a secret location for the sole purpose of sharing a gourmet meal with good friends in one of their city’s most beautiful public spaces.  

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Dîner en Blanc International is responsible for developing this secret posh picnic in over 60 cities in more than 25 countries around the world. Each event is headed by passionate local organizers who fell in love with the concept and wanted to bring it to their city, giving this rendezvous a local flair.

About Apothic

Embrace the intrigue of the unexpected.  Apothic® White, the official wine of Dîner en Blanc, blends Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Grigio to create a refreshing, medium-bodied wine with flavors of peach and apricot, that leads to a crisp, balanced finish.  Named from the 13th century European Apotheca, where wine was blended and stored, the wines of Apothic fuse Old World intrigue with modern sophistication.  Our winemaker, Debbie Juergenson, crafts unique, captivating blends that create layers of complexity.  Taste a White with Darker Motives and revel in the intrigue of Dîner en Blanc.

 About Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises’ iconic “X” is the mark of modern luxury, with its cool, contemporary design and warm spaces; dining experiences where the design of the venues is as important as the cuisine; and the amazing service that only Celebrity can provide, all created to provide an unmatchable experience for vacationers’ precious time. Celebrity Cruises' 10 ships offer modern luxury vacations visiting all seven continents. Celebrity also presents immersive cruise tour experiences in Alaska and Canada.

About Canard-Duchêne
Canard-Duchêne is a Champagne House, situated in the heart of the Champagne vineyards. It was founded in 1868, and is one of the most prominent Houses or Grandes Marques in Champagne. Canard-Duchêne is unique in its origins, history and style. The brand will be showcasing 3 delicious champagnes at this year’s edition of Le Diner en Blanc – Los Angeles.

To keep up to date on event announcements:

Diner En Blanc - Los Angeles


 For all official videos of Dîner en Blanc around the world, visit YouTube Le Dîner en Blanc

For more info and photos of Dîner en Blanc events from around the world, visit the official website

See you there!:)

Announcing our "Vegas Escape" #travel video #JoysTravelAdventures - see the side of #Vegas only locals know

By Joy A.Kennelly

Very happy to share our completed "Vegas Escape" travel video with everyone. We had so many people help make this a reality and wanted to give them a shout out here, in addition to on our YouTube Channel. 

But first, without further ado, please enjoy a side of Vegas only locals know and that I reveal here in our "Vegas Escape" travel video:


I want to first thank Francis Vincent, my cameraman of Production Central Group, for catching my vision and coming alongside me to film all over Las Vegas in the quick five-day shoot we did together. It was great to have his son, Winston, and my good friend, Shawana, participate too.

We worked together so well, I'd love to go back to shoot a longer version whenever we find funding.

And now in no particular order, here are more of the wonderful companies, people and places who helped create this show with their support. Please visit their locations and tell them Joy's Travel Adventures introduced you to their services!


Las Vegas News Bureau 
Wynn / Encore Las Vegas 
The Smith Center 
MGM Resorts International
Tivoli Village 
Faiss Foley Warren PR 
Fashion Show Mall 
Marc Abelman, Arts B18 District
Las Vegas Canoe & Kayak Club
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area 
Lake Las Vegas Westin 
Michelle Olds, Lake Las Vegas
The Arts Factory
Happy Panda Toys 
Big Ern’s BBQ
Sonrisa Grill 
Artist Q – Wang Viva 
Las Vegas Skate Co 
Tesoro Imports
Winky Designs 
Cathay Las Vegas 
Jessica Galindo Fine Art & Leather Couture 
Chill Spot
Megan Barker, Singer/Songwriter 
Downtown Project
Downtown Container Park 
Jana's Red Room 
Island Girls Designs
Chris Builder, The Stratosphere 
City of Las Vegas 
Peace Art Studio 
Mingo Calloso, George Harris, Mingo Kitchen & Lounge

And if you want to visit the people we interviewed, here's their info too. Big thank you to all of them. We were sorry we couldn't include everyone we interviewed and hope to include them in the future:


Karen Sanders, Tourquoise Door 
Chef Robert Solano, Mingo Kitchen & Lounge & Mundo
Marty Walsh, Trifecta Gallery
Javier Anaya, Pinches Tacos 
Leslie Marroquin, Garden Grill 
Chef Roy Bass, Those Guys Pies

Lastly, big shout out to my Editor, Dustin Elkin, for his patience with all my tweaking and requests to pack in as much as possible to showcase everything I wanted to share with viewers. He took raw footage, b-roll, and captured my vision in his own unique way after I explained what I was going for.

I loved how he was able to get the edits to fit the beats of the songs I chose because I'm not an editor and would never have been able to do this on my own. He also had to work with technical difficulties presented with audio on all my interviews and standups which he overcame with Francis gracefully and without complaint.

We included footage from some of my past shoots and I want to thank and recognize those folks as well:


Dustin Elkin, Editor
Nelson Brann, Videographer/Editor, Film-Alchemy
Mike Tringe & Sara Akhteh, CreatorUp
Tony Le, Videographer
Steph Belsky, Associate Producer

I hope we thanked everyone and if anyone feels left out, please let me know and I'll include you because we want everyone who helped us to be recognized.

I love the music we included and want to throw out a big thank you to the artists as well. They really helped set the tone, pace and vibe. I have loved their music since first hearing it and couldn't wait to share it with the rest of the world because it's so fun and hip:


"Happy" is a song written, produced, and performed by American singer and producer Pharrell Williams from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album.

"Angel in Blue Jeans" is a song recorded by American rock band Train for their seventh studio album Bulletproof Picasso. The song was written by Pat Monahan, Amund Bjørklund, and Espen Lind, and was produced by the latter two as well as Butch Walker.

"Stolen Dance" is a song by German duo Milky Chance and was released by Lichtdicht Records and Republic Records on 9 May 2014.

"Do I Wanna Know?" is a song by English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys from their fifth studio album AM.

" Rather Be " is track #1 on the album Rather Be by British group Clean Bandit and features vocals from Jess Glynne. It was written by Napier, James John / Patterson, Jack Robert / Marshall, Nicole.

And last, but definitely not least: 


My Parents, Pat & Dianne Kennelly, for their loving financial support and belief in me

Here's to the future and creating the website for Joy's Travel Adventures next.

Stay tuned. More to come. The adventure is just beginning!

@GWRnews Guinness World Record-Holding Cheese Carver, Sarah the Cheese Lady, more popular than @theJennGarner's @ButterMovie

MV5BMTQxMjY1NzI4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTg4MTMzOA@@._V1_SX214_Received a pitch for a cheese carver which was so cute I had to post it because it instantly reminded me of Jennifer Garner's film, Butter, which apparently didn't do so well. I don't know why...

Maybe because the plot was so unbelievable?

As one commenter posted, "Why would anyone want to cheat on Jennifer Garner?" Or maybe, butter carvers take themselves very seriously and didn't like being made fun of?

Remember this film? I want to rent it now!


Well in case you didn't know, food carving is alive and well in Middle America folks. And here to tell us all about it is Cheese Carver, Sarah Kaufman, affectionately known as The Cheese Lady. She is so accomplished at this she set a a Guinness World Record for making art out of cheese. 

In 2011, Sarah Kaufmann earned a Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest cheese carving. Her 925-pound cheese roller coaster was created on site at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Pigs on Rollercoaster

Mount-Rushmore-and-SarahSarah Kaufmann’s cheese-carving achievements continue to mount and make history—literally.  During the 2013 President’s Day weekend, she recreated historic Mount Rushmore out of 160 pounds of cheddar cheese at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square, in New York City.    

Sarah Kaufmann’s sculptures promote cheese at public events around the country. After 17 years of creating  deliciously artistic cheese carvings at venues such as supermarkets, state fairs, sporting events and food shows, fans of The Cheese Lady not only appreciate her art, but also her medium—Wisconsin and American-produced cheeses.

Her work is carved live on location, displayed, and then most often, it is eaten. The Cheese Lady wouldn’t have it any other way. "My audiences can have their art and eat it, too!" laughs Kaufmann. (Kinda gross to me, but I'm not a Cheese Head, so what do I know?:)

The Wisconsin native is serious about her work and brings a unique set of credentials to her carvings.  A former creative director at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board with a degree in commercial art, she now works as a freelance artist devoted to spreading the word about quality American cheesemaking.

Sarah-and-Cows-at-state-fairAs she creates whimsical cheese carvings using her ceramic wire loop tools at public events, she also educates and informs her audience about the art and traditions of cheesemaking. When not cheese-carving live at events, she creates commissioned cheese sculptures for weddings, birthdays, tailgate parties and celebrations of all kinds at her studio and ships them across the US.

ShoeIn addition to her record-earning 925-pound roller coaster and the recent Mount Rushmore sculpture created from 160 pounds of cheddar, Sarah Kaufmann’s "cheese gallery" of carvings numbers well over one thousand including: a 40-pound high-heeled shoe, a 300-pound Green Bay Packer, a 600-pound aircraft carrier, a 1,900-pound astronaut, a 2,400-pound dairy cow and hundreds more.   


Calendar of Appearances:

May 17,18 - Madison WI - HyVee Grand Opening

June 19 - Park City, Utah - Smith's Supermarket

June 26 - 29 - Easley, South Carolina - Sam's Club Grand Opening

For more information about Sarah Kaufmann, The Cheese Lady, and to view hundreds of sculptures visit her website at  

New Media Mixer wrap-up photo album of our #NewMediaCoffeeTalk

I hope you enjoy the pictorial essay that I've created on my Facebook Fan Page here:

Please "like" it and then tag away! Thank you to everyone for coming out!

Next up, Oscar fashion review of parties, fun, and jewels...

#Foodie, #Fashion, #Film Fun in Los Angeles with @supperclub_la, @LloydKlein, @ChakaKhan, @SueWongFashion, & more

By Joy A. Kennelly

Here's a pictorial essay of some of the fun events I've attended in the past few weeks for your viewing pleasure. First up, the Supperclub LA.

If you go tomorrow, they're offering 50% off on ALL dinners this Saturday, October 6th ONLY! This includes a four-course meal, complimentary shot, performances and the Club action afterwards. This excludes additional alcohol and gratuity.

Regular dinners are $75 and the experience starts at 7:45pm this Saturday. Please call 323-466-1900 to reserve your recline dining seating and mention Valentine Group to get your 50% off. Tell 'em Joy sent you too.:) Hope you can go! We had a great time when we were there!

Supperclub dinner ad - August2012cropped

Photo (30)
My friend Debra & I enjoying the single life!:)
Photo (31)
We were all pretty cold and started goofing around with the sheet cuz it cracked us up.

 Photo (32)

It's very atmospheric and totally unlike any place I've been to in LA before.
Who knew this is what lies behind the old Vogue Theater doors? Stunning, eh? LOTS OF FUN! 

It's definitely a one-of-a-kind experience and one I recommend if you like really unusual, artsy, funky kinds of performances. Just be prepared for the unexpected is all I have to say. Totally felt like a vaudeville circus act which was extremely entertaining. Plus, the DJ is amazing and the food was delicious.

Very fun time! We did take pix with men who attended too, but these were all my friends sent me.:)

Next up, attended the wildly entertaining Lloyd Klein fashion show at Lure up in Hollywood hosted by Janice Dickenson, AnnaLynne McCord, and Lloyd Klein himself. What was fun about that event was seeing all my fashion friends who I only see at fashion events and being part of such a unique way to showcase a line. (More pix later I promise!)

Where else would you also get to hear Chaka Khan sing Happy Birthday to a guy named Mohammad?:) All while mixing and mingling with really interesting people, admiring Hotties on Ducatti's and meeting actors like hunky Geno Segers? (If he's single, tell him so am I!:)

Or always eclectic, Bai Ling? Janice Dickenson is always my favorite wild card though! You never know what's going to come out of her mouth, or what she'll do next. She's crazy fun.

(All photos courtesy Clinton H. Wallace of Photomundo International.)

 Chaka Khan 55

Chaka Khan with Designer, Lloyd Klein in the middle, and a guest
LloydKlein_Ducati 60
Just one of the hotties on a Ducati



Chaka Khan 53
Chaka Khan! I grew up singing along to her music, especially Through the Fire, and it was a thrill to see her!

I personally took some pix which I'll share next time from all these experiences, but wanted to get this blog out since I've been promising it for sooooo long!

Another really fun fashion event I was invited to attend was Sue Wong's fashion show held at the Conga Room in LA Live in conjunction with the HD Fest (or something like that. I'm not their publicist and was more interested in the fashion to be honest. However, it was very cool!)  Sue Wong 11

Iconic Fashion Designer, Sue Wong
Sue Wong Fashion Show 20   Sue Wong Fashion Show 25SueWong__8764 (Again all photos courtesy Clinton H. Wallace of Photomundo International.)Sue Wong Fashion Show 22
Sue Wong Fashion Show 26Sue Wong Fashion Show 21


Lauren_ Fashion Show 28
Just one of the many celebrity guests in attendance. Meet Lauren Mayhew, an actress and singer, who you will soon see on Dexter! Visit her fan page to learn more of this amazing talent: She's wearing a Sue Wong design in honor of the occasion.
  Sue Wong 12



Sue Wong Fashion Show 24
Lovely wedding dresses were the highlight of the Grand Finale as Sue Wong came down to applause.

Alien_8906 LittleShop_DementiaBack_001LG sponsored a special after-party and we all enjoyed delicious food and talked shop with all the filmmakers who were there as well. You may recognize some of these guys if you're into Horror.:)

My photographer friend, Clinton H. Wallace, took all the shots for me at both parties and wanted me to make sure you knew about his new 3D horror film collection called: 3-D Collection: Dementia 13/Little Shop of Horrors

He just had a screening with Warner Bros and is doing quite well with his filmmaking career as well. Click here to see pix: 

We first met when I was working with Actor/Producer, Domiziano ArcangeliClinton was one of the first photographers to shoot him before Domi became as well known as he is today. Always have a soft spot for him as a result.:) GezaDecsy_8917 Aren't these guys fun? They're both producers and/or directors Clinton knows. L Geza Decsy R John Michael Elfers 

I always enjoy hanging out with Clinton because he knows everybody in town and always includes me in his conversations. Plus, he's super laid back, does his job really well and rarely complains (unlike some photographers I've worked with in the past, or know casually.) 

Oh, and in honor of my high school reunion taking place this weekend, I thought I'd close out with a picture of some of us taken in elementary school because many of us grew up attending all the same schools together. Can you tell which one is me?:) Recognize anyone else?

251316_853083646382_933192348_nHave a great night! Off to see my Atlanta artist friend, Yunny Bunny, who is out here in Los Angeles showcasing her work at the amazing art & music show downtown.


@GiltCity @Lollapalooza Party with @monstersandmen, @JennyMcCarthy, @nadinevelazquez, @BiancaGolden

A publicist just sent me this and I thought it looked like a fun party. I remember when Lollapalooza was in San Diego and I got backstage passes through my sister 'cuz she was friends with the Beastie Boys. If memory holds true, my little neice went on stage with them then too.:)

So, for your reading pleasure - a little fashion, a little music, a little celeb sightings...

Gilt City (1)

Gilt City, the leading online luxury experience site, celebrated the 2012 Lollapalooza Music Festival, with the Better Than Backstage Rooftop Pool Party, held at the EnV apartment complex in Chicago Saturday, August 4.  

 IMG_4312Throughout the day, guests enjoyed Grey Goose cocktails, refreshments by Fiji, Pinkberry frozen yogurt and Market's delicious food.  

The party featured private performances by one of Lollapalooza’s most anticipated bands, Of Monsters and Men, and a DJ Set by Matt RoanIMG_4257 IMG_4378

Celebrity attendees included Jenny McCarthyImage001 (4) Image004Nadine Velazquez (The League, Heart of Dixie, My Name is Earl), Bianca Golden (America’s Next Top Model.)

Monsters (1)  Image007 

Life in #Atlanta and @RealMenCook fundraiser featuring @Baisdenlive, @RepJohnLewis and many more #AfricanAmerican #Charity

By Joy A. Kennelly

Always tell when I'm happy because I feel like blogging. Now that I've wrapped up work for my International Celebrity Stylist client, it's nice to have a little free time before the next opportunity. Couple things bubbling which are promising.

I've also moved to a much nicer neighborhood in a beautifully furnished house with a very sweet, respectful room-mate who's hardly ever home which makes life great too.:) 

Even my daisy plant is happier and keeps blooming as if it too agrees.

2012-06-19 12.08.48

Now that I'm ITP (Inside the Perimeter) vs. (OTP) Outside the Perimeter which in LA is like living in the South Bay vs. Hollywood, I'm much happier too because it's so much faster and easier to get to events and places I want, or need, to go. 

Traffic in Atlanta is sometimes worse than LA and every little bit of time you can shave off really helps. It's the difference between going out and staying in sometimes.

Just off the phone with a friend who was debating on whether to join me at an event launching Aeromexico's flights between Atlanta and Mexico City tonight. When he heard it might be Downtown he wasn't interested claiming too much traffic, but then as soon as he heard it was closer after all, said he'd consider it.

See what I mean? LOL


Recently I was invited to participate in the Real Men Cook Atlanta event honoring Fathers on Father's Day at the Georgia World Congress Center which was a real treat. What a fantastic complex near Phipps Arena. I liked the walkability between the different venues and as I left, enjoyed seeing an Atlanta Hawk mascot posing with fans outside.

2012-06-17 15.24.01

Radio Host Michael Baisden (pictured left) came and shared how much fathers mean to children which I felt was especially poignant when so many children nowadays are growing up fatherless. Here he is talking about it with the press at his book signing after.

Atlanta treasure,  Congressman John Lewis (pictured below) has been serving as Honorary Chair and cook for many years which I thought was really amazing and wonderful given his government responsibilities.  No wonder he's so beloved!:)2012-06-17 15.47.49

A fantastic drum line lead us into the hall boistorously and loudly which was a lot of fun. Such precision and control!  2012-06-17 14.55.11

Sweet father's serving delicious soul food to all of us were part of this wonderful fundraiser as pictured here. 2012-06-17 14.56.46

I'm hoping to receive better shots from the organizers, but couldn't wait to share because it really was special. We don't have events like this in Los Angeles that I recall which is one of the reasons I was curious to attend and learn what it was all about. 

Plus, I'm a sucker for real soul food cooking.:)  2012-06-17 15.26.13

Here's the official Real Men Cook description to give you the depth and breadth of what they're doing for men around fatherhood here in Atlanta, and across the nation:

The Crusade
Real Men Charities, Inc. presents Real Men Cook events as a national crusade to positively change the way 
the world views men in relationship to their families and the community.

The crusade includes events, which take place all on the same day, Father’s Day; in Atlanta, Chicago, Benton Harbor (MI), Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, DC.

The Crusaders
Volunteer cooks are the most valued crusaders in this movement to change the world. Local managers, nonprofit partners and radio partners are also essential to Real Men Charities, Inc.

2012-06-17 15.20.35 2012-06-17 15.32.10

2012-06-17 15.52.02















The Reality

Can an Event Change the World? Day by day, year by year, first by claiming Father’s Day in major cities and with national media attention, myths are destroyed, hope is restored, perspectives repositioned, appreciation is expressed, examples are magnified, young men strive to be real men and mature men stand up to be counted; families, no matter the configuration, begin to celebrate themselves and those who try to make a difference. 

Women love it.  2012-06-17 15.39.44

No Child is Left Behind
No child need feel empty on Father’s Day. Families attend the event and women are the number one purchasers of event tickets. Entire families celebrate beyond the biological father, and grandfathers, brothers, coaches and teachers. Reflection is placed on real men past or present. Children are celebrated, activities are planned for them and during the campaign, they benefit by the positive images, messages and role models, who happen to be every day men making a difference.

So, there you have it. How I spent Father's Day and other tidbits.

Hope you enjoyed the read! 

#Style by @NicoleJanowicz, #Fashion Flash with @Jaime_King @DitaVonTeese, #Foodie Fun with @AdrianGrenier

By Joy A. Kennelly

Int'l Stylist, Nicole Janowicz Update

Been busy behind the scenes and finally able to take a break to blog. 

I love working with Int'l Celebrity/Wedding Stylist, Nicole Janowicz, and am learning sometimes things I would normally be shouting about on the rooftops need to be kept under wraps a lot longer than anticipated.:)

I can tell you this though. Nicole has re-connected with Director Dago Gonzalez of Veneno Inc. whom she worked with on Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: World Tour Video Elements, Slash, Slash Performanceand dancers for Paulina Rubio: Nada Puede Cambiarme,  and the Spice Girls: World Tour Video Elements. 

See, it's not all Backstreet Boys and weddings all the time with her! She does other entertaining projects too!:) She is currently styling for two major World Tours with Dago and having a ball.

It's always fun when you work with people you like and who respect your work. Rare in this town, but when you find it it's a treasure which may explain why Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese and so many others keep their same teams film after film.

Remember my blog post on teams with Entourage Actor Adrian Grenier? Here's the link in case you missed it the first go round: Importance of building a team: Why Adrian Grenier, Willow Smith and Gary Oldman are successful.

In any case, back to Nicole. So, if you don't hear anything from me about her, just know great things are perculating behind-the-scenes as we work diligently together.

Her latest Huffington Post article entitled: How To Create A Consistent Style From Wedding Ceremony To Reception is live too.

Here's a brief intro to pique your interest by Nicole Janowicz: "On April 1st, I made an appearance at the "Unveiled Bridal Style Revealed" event in Beverly Hills, Calif., held at the exquisite Beverly Canon Gardens. "Unveiled" is an outdoor bridal event that brings together the best event professionals, resources, and designs for couples to enjoy as they plan for their big day.

I am not married nor am I engaged. Thus, I can only imagine what it must feel like for newly betrothed couples when the engagement haze wears off, and the reality of creating a wedding becomes, well... real. Venues, food, guests, invitations... the details and decisions are seemingly endless. Bridal events, like "Unveiled," are an invaluable resource for couples. They are like the Barneys New York women's shoe department of weddings: the best the industry has to offer, in one place, and with smiling, friendly people waiting to chat and help!

My team and I were on-site to talk with brides about all things wedding fashion and style including: upcoming trends, choosing your wedding gown, choosing bridesmaids dresses to compliment every personality and figure, how to style your groom and groomsmen, and much more.

AJ and Rochelle McLean Engagement Photo 2

One bride in particular asked my advice on how to wear different ceremony and reception dresses, while maintaining a consistent style. My conversation with said bride inspired this article because I know she is not the only woman grappling how to wear two different dresses, while maintaining one overall look.

So, let's talk it out..." Click here to continue reading:

I can also tell you she's been invited to speak before the Wedding Industry Professional Association sometime next month. Still nailing down the particulars, but it will be great. The organzier is very good at what she does and we're excited to participate. (I know, I said "we," but I get excited with my clients, what can I say?:)

Other things are bubbling and will be announced in due time. SO! That's the latest with Nicole.


Since you've been patient, I thought I would share some fashion highlights I've been receiving from other publicists because now that summer is upon us it's fun to see what all the stars are wearing and doing.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this highlight of Actress Jaime King wearing since Nicole has styled her in the past for LADirect Magazine (purchased years back by another publication.)

Isn't this a cute headband and look? Jaime looks like such a Southern belle I love it.

171Jaime King wore on a recent episode of Hart of Dixie! The model turned actress sparkled in a glam crystal headband ($225); www.shopbando.com172




My friends and I love Austin and really beautiful jewelry there. Have you heard of another Jamie named Jamie Pope? Well, Jamie decided to design her own jewelry line when she couldn't find what she liked and tcreated the Liz James collection.

Have to say, fashionista's everywhere are happy she's designing if this picture is any indication:

127If a trip to Austin isn't in your plans any time soon, shop her designs online here:

Now, since it's getting sunnier and sunnier, here's some fun shades called Lumete which means a precious object used for protection and luck, and lumen, meaning light.

One of our favorite strip tease artists, Dita Von Teese, (I know the PC term is Burlesque, but let's call a spade a spade people.:), loves 'em. If you can believe it, I actually saw her perform at a private birthday for an 80 plus year old mom of a very wealthy son's party up in Rolling Hills Estates years back.

Dita is good at what she does! The men in the crowd were cheering and all the rest of us were just amazed the mom had agreed to this performance.:)

Doesn't Dita look glamourous and mysterious in her "summer sunnies" as the publicist calls  'em? Love this look!

Dita Von Teese wearing Lumete Ulula Sunglasses

 Check them out online too here:


Oh, and I also received the news two cool people I've written about in the past, Entourage Actor, Adrian Grenier, and Stonyfield Farm chairman Gary Hirshberg were at the recent opening of a new natural and organic restaurant at Chelsea Piers last night, Chelsea’s Table, which Gary also founded.

Aren't they cute?:) Hey Adrian, Nicole would love to work with you if you're not already with a stylist!:)

Photo credit: Brian Ach /AP Images for Chelsea's Table

Chelsea’s Table features natural, organic and local ingredients in a fast-casual atmosphere proving that “healthy fast food” is not an oxymoron. (Just like Stonyfield Farm's organic yogurt I had the fun time promoting last year. You can view all the fun pix from the Family Love Fest here in my blog: just keep clicking.:)

Gary and Adrian formed their friendship two years back when Adrian launched his eco-media platform SHFT ( which supports environmentally conscious and sustainable living. 


You can view more info about Chelsea’s Table here:

Okay, that's all for now. I'm hungry and dinner's calling. Hope you enjoyed the read!

Gifts I enjoyed this season: Environ Skincare products, Sees Candy, and other goodies

By Joy A. Kennelly

You may, or may not be aware of this book entitled The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Author, Gary Chapman, but I recently read it and it made all the sense in the world to me after taking his 5 Love Languages test.

I learned my top love language is receiving gifts. Now lest you think I'm materialistic, here's the description of this love language and I quote:

"Receiving Gifts

Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. If you speak this language, the perfect gift or gesture shows that you are known, you are cared for, and you are prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you. A missed birthday or a hasty, thoughtless gift would be disastrous—so would the absence of everyday gestures."

My second highest love language is Quality Time:

"Quality Time

In the vernacular of Quality Time, nothing says, 'I love you,' like full, undivided attention. Being there for this type of person is critical, but really being there—with the TV off, fork and knife down, and all chores and tasks on standby—makes your significant other feel truly special and loved. Distractions, postponed dates, or the failure to listen can be especially hurtful."

This explained everything to me about some personal dynamics currently going on with people who shall remain nameless to protect the clueless. I know one reads my blog so perhaps this will be shared with the less informed. One can hope, eh?

Moving right along...

So, when I was invited to spend "quality time" with a renowned Plastic Surgeon and a pioneer in plastic surgery and skincare named Dr. Des Fernandez who was visiting Atlanta, GA from South Africa, I gladly agreed.

It was an invitation to learn more about Environ, "his breakthrough anti-aging skincare collection which is available in the Atlanta area as well as nationwide in spas and medical centers"  AVSTgrp1
at one of the hottest new organic restaurants in town, Miller Union.  MUoutside-500x335  Harvest-Room2-500x490
Snack Vegetable_plate-500x335
Photo credits for first images by David Naugle. The following are mine.:) Dining Burger Food Miller Union

How could I refuse? 

Despite torrential rain, I arrived at Miller Union on time and enjoyed meeting Dr. Des and his skincare colleagues which included the owner's of the distribution company, his sales rep and publicist. Here's a few of his team below. He is the tall gentleman on the far left and his delightful team is next to him.Team What was special for me was Dr. Des took the time to review a small skin cancer lesion I've had on my shoulder for a little bit now and was able to alieve my concerns about it's growth. What I wasn't aware of, but happy to learn, Environ skincare products contain Vitamin A and he said in his practice when people started applying it to issues like mine it healed them. 

He said this happened so frequently it took him awhile to realize he wasn't doing as many surgeries as before, but mainly check-ups due to the success of patient's using his products which I found fascinating. I'm willing to try anything to avoid having my shoulder incapicated for a month and have been using Environ products ever since receiving them. I will have a doctor check it of course, but in the meantime, I'm excited to experience positive results.

From the official press release, "Dr. Fernandes’ concern for skin cancer in the early 1980s was the reason why he started the research that eventually led to the conception of the Environ Original range of skin care products. He knew from his medical experience and from statistics, that skin cancer was on the increase. 

In 1991, a vitamin A retinoid reaction, experienced by a consumer, led to the development of two milder creams, and the step-up system of gradually increased doses of active ingredients was born. The step-up system of increasing strengths provide a range of light, non-greasy moisturizers containing vitamin A and a sophisticated free-radical scavenging system of powerful antioxidants to assist in normalizing and protecting skin from the ever-increasing incidence of sun damage."

Since I grew up in CA where you're constantly in the sun (unlike Atlanta which seems to be constantly raining lately! LOL) and can suffer skin cancer so much more frequently, I was especially interested in learning more about Environ. Dr. Des showed so many wonderful before and after images during his skincare presentation over lunch I believe his miracles!:) 

Here's a link to results you can view for yourself:

He had the funniest tools he uses (one is called Cosmetic Body Roll-CIT ) which almost looks like a torture device to help all the nutrients of his skincare products fully penetrate. It does prick the skin, but people swear by it. Here's a closer look:

You can't really see it in this pic, but there are numerous tiny needles all over the barrel. Now imagine rolling these type tools over your body and face. Here's the official description: "It was a world first and helps to increase the effectiveness of skin care products. The instrument is made up of a convenient handle, smooth-action roller heads and durable stainless steel micro needles."

The bigger version will help you get rid of cellulite and the smaller ones help your face wrinkles. I'm sure there's a nicer way to say this, but I'm not doing it very well...:) Now I'm not one who is a slave to products and if you know me personally you'll know I'm telling you the truth, but I will say, I'm applying this product regularly and will keep you posted on how my skin improves.

I was very impressed with the entire team of experts and they have continued to make sure I'm doing ok with everything which is also impressive. No wonder celebrities, athletes and more swear by Dr. Des Fernandez's products! I think I'll soon be joining them.:)

From the official press release: "Over the years Environ has received numerous accolades for the achievements of the Company itself, showing that it is conscious of maintaining the highest standards in every aspect. Environ is one of the few Companies in the world where research and development, manufacture, distribution and marketing are all done in house."  

Now skincare isn't the only gift I"ve received which has definitely made going to the Post Office more fun lately. Ironically enough, I received an email from a PR firm in Santa Monica I had actually interviewed with years back asking if I would like to write a story about  Sees logo. Now since this is my Dad's absolute favorite candy and it holds a special place in my heart having grown up eating it in CA, I said sure!

Because we all know, life is like a box of chocolates right?:)  Sees_asstchoc_3Doesn't this look wonderful? Here's another good present for the chocolate lover in your life....  Sees_winterwonderland
It's called the Winter Wonderland Box and is filled with such chocolates  as Scotchmallows, Butterscotch Squares, Milk Chocolate Foil Balls and Molasses Chips.  (Can you believe the price too? $6.80 for 4.8 oz) I hope there's some left because I'm sure you can order some deliciousness online to be delivered wherever here:

I'm so bummed I was sick because I missed visiting their recent Atlanta pop-up stores in Town Center and Cobb and Mall of Georgia. Did you know..."Since 1921, See's Candies has been one of America's favorite candy makers. A tradition in the West, See's has consistently maintained its old-fashioned virtues of quality, caring and friendly service. With every delicious piece of See's candy, customers are assured of 'Quality Without Compromise®.'"

I know they're one of my favorites! I received a box from the family I visited over Christmas too. Needless to say, I've been nurturing my chocoholic this season. Wouldn't it be cool if there was such a thing as a chocolate diet? I do feel happier after having a piece I must say. Ok, truth be told, it's more than one piece a day, but who's counting?:)

And for those of you not into chocolate, how about a toffee?  Toffee-ettes "Toffee-ettes  Are a bite-sized version of See’s famous Victoria Toffee, ideal to enjoy anywhere. Everyone loves this rich, crunchy butter toffee and California-grown almonds, covered in creamy milk chocolate then rolled in toasted almonds." (I think it's the almonds that make this a little more pricey maybe? $17.70 for 1 lb.)

Here's how fanatical my Dad is about his Sees. Whenever anyone gives him a box as a present he will offer us all one piece and then he hides it in his room where he will nurse a box for weeks! LOL If you dared ask him for a piece later, he would never give one and despite numerous efforts to find his hiding place (because yes, he did hide it to prevent us eating it), we never did.

I personally always enjoyed popping into the Sees store back home because they always give you another piece to taste in addition to whatever you buy. Now? I'll just have to rely on the kindness of strangers I guess.:) Needless to say, the folks who gave me Environ and Sees to try spoke my love language and I'm very happy now.

Happy New Year everyone! Eat more chocolate!:) But take care of your skin too, ok? 

Likemind Atlanta Gathering of Creatives at Octane Coffee + Little Tart Bakeshop on Friday, Dec 2 at 8am. Coffee kindly provided by @SchoolofHumans


Atlanta, GA
Normally held the third Friday of every month, Likemind Atlanta’s informal gathering of creatives in all industries will be held December 2 from 8am - 9:15am at Octane Coffee + Little Tart Bakeshop. Likemind Atlanta is sponsored by School of Humans, a multi-platform entertainment studio, located in Decatur, GA. 

Brandon BarrThe gathering is co-hosted by School of Humans' Head of Branded Content and Digital Media, Brandon Barr, a digital storyteller with a wealth of experience in the digital media, advertising and network broadcast worlds, and Chris Wojda, director of brand planning at Definition 6. 

Likemind is a casual, once-a-month coffee gathering of creative professionals in all industries which currently meets in over 50 cities worldwide. Likemind caters to young professionals in advertising, media and design who are products of the age of personal blogs, warts-and-all YouTube videos and viral marketing.  Likemind Atlanta meetings are held the third Friday of every month through May at Octane Coffee + Little Tart Bakeshop, move to Steady Hand Pour House near Emory during the summer, and then over to Octane Coffee Westside in the Fall. 

SOH_LOGO_300x300School of Humans create, write and produce awesome shows, narratives, and films, sometimes with an equally-awesome brand partner baked right into the heart of the story; this entertainment is then spread across multiple channels: broadcast, online video, the social web, mobile — anywhere audiences gather. They call it the human channel. 

School of Humans' award-winning production and development team has worked with Discovery, Science, ESPN, CBS, Food Network, and Turner as well as many of the world’s largest brands including Coca-Cola, GE, Toyota, American Airlines, Kodak, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Barclays and AT&T

For more information, please contact School of Humans Publicist, Joy Kennelly, via email: jkennelly (at) schoolofhumans (dot) com or phone: 310 714-2077.


@thejgold @LAWeeklyFood @musicconnection Time again for the Original Long Beach Lobster Festival September 9-11, 2011 Rainbow Lagoon #foodies #in


The Original Long Beach Lobster Festival will take place September 9-11, 2011 at the picturesque Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach.

Bristol Farms will serve unforgettable Maine Lobster Feasts, steamed to mouth-watering perfection in the world’s largest lobster steamers. Plates include; sweet, succulent lobster, melted butter dipping sauce, fresh cut lemons, coleslaw, dinner roll and watermelon. All lobster flown in nightly from Maine’s salty Atlantic Ocean.

Fresh out Steamer (1)

Daddy girl serving line (1)
Live Entertainment:

Friday, September 91h: Chris Anderson Group, Decades 70’s/80’s Dance Band, The Bill Magee Blues Band, Texas House Party and Bennie & The Swamp Gators.

Saturday, September 10thDecades 70’s/80’s Dance Band, The Bill Magee Blues Band, Texas House Party and Bennie & The Swamp Gators

Sunday, September 11th: Upstream, Lazy Brad Lewis, Bonne Musique Zydeco.

All Days: A.J. Gibbs: “The Mydeco Dance King,” Dancing lessons between sets.

Learn more about all confirmed musical acts:

Festival also features: international food court, arts & crafts booths, delicious desserts, beer & wine gardens, special themed cocktails and FREE Souvenir digital photos.   

Also, a Live Sports Tent courtesy of DirecTV, where you can watch your favorite sporting events on 4 flat screen TV’s while enjoying your lobster feasts. Children will love the storytellers, magicians and inflatable bounces. Free general admission to all active U.S. military personnel.



September 9-11, 2011

Friday, September 9th: 5pm - 11pm
Saturday, September 10
th: 12noon – 11pm
Sunday, September 11
th: 12noon - 10pm


Rainbow Lagoon 
[400-403] Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach, CA 90802


$13 General Admission (Does not include Lobster Feast. $15 onsite)

Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult.

Regular Presale Guaranteed Lobster Package - $25 (Includes 1 1/4 lb. lobster feast, served by Bristol Farms, and admission) $35 at the gate.

Jumbo Presale Guaranteed Lobster Package- for heartier appetites. $50 (Includes 2-1/4 lb. lobster feast, served by Bristol Farms, and admission) $55 at the gate.

Admission and Guaranteed Lobster Package advance discounts available only online at:


OC BBQ Bonanza Wrap Up & Long Beach Original Lobster Festival Launches 9/9-11 Big thanks to @alliemackay @ktlamorningnews @Feast_Monkey @thekarelshow #shareoc

By Joy A. Kennelly


What a wonderful weekend was had by all.

First off, you have to watch this great TV coverage courtesy of KTLA's own Allie MacKay extolling the virtues of this past weekend's OC BBQ Bonanza: Just click the video for OC BBQ Bonanza to see her in action.

Ever effusive, CBS Radio Open Line foodie, Mojito Mas, also had this to say about his experience in the VIP Rib Village:

"Oh my god, what an amazing night!  We had soooo much fun!  I've got rib sauce flowing in my veins now!  lol.  Sooooooo delicious and yummy.  Gotta say, the Tennessee Hickory ones were THE BEST!  They were tangy, had the most real wood smoked flavor, fell right off the bone, AND we even got a chance to talk to the two awesome cooks back there who owned it.  They were so down to earth, friendly, shared some cooking tips (like keeping the oven at 250 degrees during the cooking process), AND they even gave us a little to go box with 8 ribs inside.  They really, really got it down right.

Truly appreciative!  I did see it on Channel 5 this morning at 7am too!.. the part about the guy having to sign the waiver... priceless.  lol. 
Hope you guys get a HUGE turn out!  I'm sure you will.  Was great seeing a good mix of people at the event as well, families, couples, lots of the college crowd. Awesome, awesome event!"

And another glowing review from Entertainer, Syndicated Talk Host, Author, Political Satirist, Actor, Huffington Post Contributor, Charles Karel Bouley, which you can read in full by clicking the title, or an excerpt below:

Pigs Flying Off the Grill Aug. 18-21 in Orange County

"There are three things that don't often appear on my to-do list:

  1. Listen to lots of Country music
  2. Eat in public with my fingers tearing meat off of bones (when you have as many dinner or lunch meetings as I do, you just stop ordering something you've got to pick up and get into)
  3. Hang out in Orange County, CA (I used to live there and now that I don't I know why everyone used to joke that I lived behind the "Orange Curtain.")

So it took something pretty special to get me and a guest to gear up, hop on the Aprilia Mana 850 and ride down PCH to Warner and over to Mile Square Park at Brookhurst and Heil (The Fountain Valley Sports Park is the official name now, but when I lived across the street everyone knew, and knows it, as Mile Square Park).

That something special ended up being the lure of the best BBQ available in the area this weekend as The Orange County BBQ Bonanza takes over the Fountain Valley Sports Park (Mile Square Park, Heil Entrance off Brookhurst, Fountain Valley, CA).

(T)he OC BBQ Bonanza did not disappoint.... Aussum AussiesPorky-N-BeansCoyote RoadhouseCowboys BBQ & Rib, Johnson's Bar-B-Que, and the KC BBQ Team have each brought their "A" game, their pork ribs rubbed and marinated, their wood pits all fired up, thrown in some chicken, links, tri-tip and trimmins making for an old time country festival right in the heart of Orange County.

Coyote Roadhouse served as my favorite, with meat just falling off the bone, a sauce that was smokey and not too sweet, the absolute perfect rib. But that's like saying you like diamonds more than rubies really, since there was no bad BBQ to be had."

OC Register's coverage stated over 15,000 people attended the inaugural event with a clever title over their photo essay which you can preview by clicking the link here: Meat-up in Fountain Valley

Or for other fun pix from the weekend, check out Food Beast's: ADVENTURE: OC BBQ Bonanza 2011 

Even Fountain Valley Patch got in on the action and covered the winners which you can read by clicking here: Porky-N-Beans Dominates at OC BBQ BonanzaThe Ohio-based national traveling team took first in two of the three categories and second in the third. By Justin Petruccelli

Once I find more coverage I will share it too, but for now, onwards and upwards to our next foodie lover's festival, the ever popular, ever delicious, The Original Long Beach Lobster Festival coming to Long Beach September 9 - 11, 2011. 

LBLobsterFestweb1 lg

Welcome to Atlanta! My experiences with @samsung #Summer Splash, #Alon Bakery Market, @Comcastcares, @comcastbill @ATTCustomerCare #OC BBQ Bonanza @louiegiglio @Christomlin @passioncity and more...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Well, well, well. This blog post has been a long time coming now hasn't it? Upon arriving in Atlanta I had nothing but internet and phone troubles and am on my 3rd phone now, a Samsung Galaxy, and still experiencing battery failures, GPS screw-ups, and other hassles, but hey, whatever! (Samsung if you're reading this, hit me up. I hate this fast battery drain and need help!:)

Otherwise, life is grand out here in Hotlanta! I love the Southern hospitality and the weather is growing on me.

I do mean, HOT, HOT, HOT!:) It took me almost a week to acclimate and realize the more time I spent in air conditioning, the less time I will spend passing out or dripping wet.:) Temperatures haven't varied much from the 90's except for the occasional rain storm when the weather drops to around 80, but the balmy nights more than make up for the scorching days.

To break the heat, my friend and I decided to hit Sandy Spring's Summer Splash and inner tube down the Chattahoochee River with the rest of Georgia. I believe I heard rumor about 4000 people went? It's the 4th Annual Summer Splash and was so relaxing and fun.

Click here to see the photo album our local Sandy Springs Patch created:

It was so much fun going down the sporadic rapids and just lazily floating down a river with the most beautiful scenery we have seen in a long time. Nice people along the way too. I would have taken pix, but didn't bring my phone because I was worried about tipping over and losing it.

I caught this one at the end though. Isn't this scenery just gorgeous? LOVE IT! I've added more of my pix to the official Patch site which you can click on above to view.Getting out at Paces FerryDespite numerous promises by Comcast and AT & T to have switched our service by August 8, we are still without wireless in the house which has required me to camp out at various cafes around town until August 18.

We dislike both companies' customer service and service overall because they keep changing everything constantly and require my roomie Brenda to sit for hours on the phone while they do who knows what behind the scenes to make the switch, but when you live surrounded by trees you're somewhat limited on your choices.

Comcast Bill and ATT Customer Care help us out here! We can't deal with the incompentence of your companies much longer... Seriously!:)

That said, it's been fun to sit in various cafes and observe how people dress, speak, chat and interact while I'm working. My favorite cafes to date are Alon Bakery Market (seen below, but for the full impact, click the link!:) and Caribou Coffee, which is comfy cozy, and there's always Starbucks too.

Weird there is no Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf out here, but lots of interesting cafes still left to explore. Isn't Alon adorable? Reminds of a much bigger Joan's on Third back home.Alon Bakery

Alon Bakery2
I have been busy promoting our upcoming OC BBQ Bonanza at the Fountain Valley Sports Complex taking place August 18 - 21 across the internet and inviting foodie bloggers and media to attend our private press event on August 18, 2011 in addition to looking for work and exploring Atlanta. 

Bbq1 - smallClick the link here: for more information. We're offering special discounts to military, children and everyone else too. Plus, there's an amazing VIP Rib Village open to the public where you can buy all the ribs, drinks, and sides you want to enjoy in an exclusive area during the festival.

More details here:

If you fit the media/blogger catetory and are interested in covering this as press, please send an email to: vipribvillage (at) gmail (dot) com with a link to your site, your media outlet, what you cover and we'll send you information if you qualify. 

Other than that, real quick, I am thoroughly enjoying being out here. I was getting so bored in CA having grown up there. Now? Everything is new and fun to explore with my two CA girlfriends, Brenda and Anne, who moved out before me. We call ourselves the CA2GA girls (get it?:) and plot all kinds of fun adventures together.

Here's a pic from our recent excursion to the High Museum of Art which I particularly love because it's like art is imitating life, or is it the other way around? You tell me...:)Us at the HIGHWe're still getting asked why we moved out here, but rather than go into everything here in this particular blog, I'm going to write one specifically addressing it later. For now, just know the men are friendlier and nicer; Atlanta is extremely sophisticated and cosmopolitan contrary to the myopic belief in LA; there's plenty of opportunity to create a new life and find work; I've found a wonderful writing group:  lead by a real dynamo with amazing writers and a publishing company attached; the art scene is eclectic and varied; the food is some of the best in the nation; the music scene beats LA hands down; too many quaint towns and homes to see; lots and lots of gorgeous nature; more faith-oriented people than CA by a long shot (19% vs. 38%); there's always something going on and it's the positive change I was needing.

So much happier!:) And with that, I'm off!

Tonight is Passion City Church with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin and I need a little nappie poo today after my busy week last week.:) Enjoy this song by Chris!


@OCBBQBonanza Debuts August 18-21, Fountain Valley! Go VIP - All You Can Eat Ribs & Drinks!


It’s a Texas-sized Barbeque feast, as America’s best BBQ chefs gather together to grill juicy pork ribs, and other mouth-watering dishes.  Visitors will enjoy endless summer sides to go with their ribs, and non-stop live country-western entertainment. 

Also, a wonderful children’s area for your children to enjoy!Bbq6And don't miss the artisan exhibits, sports tent, beer and wine cantinas, and the “People’s Choice” Awards for best BBQ ribs and BBQ sauce in all of Orange County.


The VIP RIB VILLAGE experience includes all the ribs, sides, drinks and deserts you can eat, as well as exclusive, priority seating to dine and enjoy the live entertainment.  Bbq5

Buy tickets here:


August 18 – 21, 2011

Thursday, August 18th — 5 PM - 10 PM
Friday, August 19th — 11 AM - 11 PM
Saturday, August 20th — 11 AM - 11 PM
Sunday, August 21st — 11 AM - 9 PM







The Mydeco Dance King 







A.J. GIBBS The Mydeco Dance King





A.J. GIBBS The Mydeco Dance King

Click here for more details on all acts.  Links:


Aussom Aussies with over 200 awards for Best BBQ in the USA and Canada.

Bbq3Porky- N-Beans winning numerous rib cook off titles such as the prestigious Golden Rib Award and the Best Ribs in America.

Bbq9Howling Coyotes Southwest BBQ specializing in St. Louis style pork spare ribs has won many national and international cook-offs for Best Ribs, Best Sauce and Best Pulled Pork.

Cowboy’s Barbeque & Rib Company with over 150 regional, national, and international titles brings true Texas Barbecue.

Bbq15Johnson’s Bar-B-Que featuring Colonel Dan himself bringing his top secret recipe that has won over 150 awards and has been known to dare brave rib fans to take the heat and experience his infamous “Thermonuclear Sauce.”

KC BBQ Team all the way from Kansas City bringing their acclaimed KC style ribs and special BBQ sauce.

Bbq1 - smallWHERE

Fountain Valley Sports Park
16400 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708

For directions, please click here:


$5.00 per ticket

INCLUDES FREE Souvenir E-Photo and a $2 Redeemable Rib Coupon against the purchase of a sampler plate from a participating rib vendor.
Children 12 and under are FREE when accompanied by an adult.

All United States active military personnel (includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reservists) receive FREE General Admission* to the Orange County BBQ Bonanza!

*You must present valid military I.D. at the Ticket Box Office to receive Free General Admission. No purchase is necessary to receive Free General Admission. This offer does not include All You Can Eat VIP Rib Village (sold separately).

$100.00 per ticket
ONLY 18 years of age and up.
INCLUDES 1-Day General Admission to be used during regular festival hours to enjoy the day, FREE Souvenir E-Photo, VIP desginated seating at a table, service and dining to include ALL YOU CAN EAT Ribs from our National Award Winning Rib Cookers (taste them all), salad, sides, desserts and ALL YOU CAN DRINK (beer, wine, and non-alcohlic beverages).

The purchase of a VIP Rib Village Individual Ticket GUARANTEES you a seat at a table.


$900.00 per table
(10 seats per table)
ONLY 18 years of age and up.
INCLUDES (10) 1-Day General Admissions to be used during regular festival hours to enjoy the day, FREE Souvenir E-Photos, VIP desginated table, service and dining to include ALL YOU CAN EAT Ribs from our National Award Winning Rib Cookers (taste them all), salad, sides, desserts and ALL YOU CAN DRINK (beer, wine, and non-alcohlic beverages).

OPEN 4 PM - 9 PM - SAT.
OPEN 12 NOON - 5 PM - SUN.

The purchase of a VIP Rib Village Table Ticket GUARANTEES you table.

PLUS FREE Souvenir E-Picture!

Special admission discounts and packages available only online: 

For more information: (562) 495-5959

OCBBQFlyerY11web1 (1)

18th Annual @LBCrawfishFest July 30 - 31, 2011 #Rainbow Lagoon @LongBeachCity - it's Mardi Gras time in CA again!



New Orleans comes to Southern California! It's the 18th Annual Long Beach Crawfish Festival. Serving seasoned Cajun Crawfish dinners, prepared to mouth-watering perfection by Bristol Farms. Crawfish feasts include succulent red baby potatoes, buttery corn on the cob and creamy, delectable remoulade dipping sauce.

Live entertainment mixes the best Cajun, Brazilian, Zydeco, and New Orleans-style jazz and blues music.


July 30 – 31, 2011

Saturday, July 30th: 12noon – 11PM
Sunday, July 31st: 12noon – 10:00PM


DIKKI DU and The Zydeco Krewe




A.J. Gibbs- The Mydeco King (Zydeco Dancing Lessons)
The Louisiana to L.A. Society (LALA) Second Line Dancers
The High Steppers New Orleans Boogie Band

Click here for more details on all acts.

International food court featuring New Orleans- inspired cuisine, Café du Monde-style chicory coffee and beignets, children's stage featuring the comedy and magic of Kerry Ross, Storytelling, Magicians, Inflatable Impressions, Bounces and FREE E-Souvenir Picture. Get out your beads, feathers and lace...for the largest Mardi-Gras Experience west of the Mississippi!


Rainbow Lagoon
400-403 Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach, CA 90802

Learn More:

Go Metro! Take the Blue Line all the way to the last stop in Long Beach. Walk just 3 blocks west to the Rainbow Lagoon. Plan your trip here:


$13 General Admission (Valid only for advance online purchase- $15 onsite)

$25.00 1-Day General Admission, including a delicious CRAWFISH FEAST served by Bristol Farms. Feast includes 2 – 21/4lbs. fresh live steamed crawfish, red baby potatoes, corn on the cob and dipping sauce. (Valid only for advance online purchase- $33.00 onsite)

$30.00 – 1 Day General Admission, plus CRAW BUCKET FEAST, served by Bristol Farms. Crawbucket feast includes: 3 lbs. fresh live steamed crawfish, red baby potatoes, corn on the cob, and dipping sauce. (Valid only for advance online purchase- $41.50 onsite)

Special admission discounts and packages available online:

The Long Beach Crawfish Festival is proudly sponsored by Bristol Farms and the Long Beach Sea Festival. Also, The Varden – A Boutique Hotel, DirecTV, and Beer Sponsors: Smithwicks, Harp, Smirnoff, Guinness, Red Stripe and Jeremiah Weed.  See you there! LBCPic5

Downtown Culver City Kicks Off ‘Summer in the City’ on Wednesday, June 15th

Downtown Culver City Announces their Summer Series of THIRD WEDNESDAYS Kicks Off on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011.

Downtown Culver City transforms into a festive district every third Wednesday of the month. Over 25 businesses in Downtown Culver City participate in this fun monthly event. Attendees can enjoy live musical performances under the stars, drink and dine on specials, receive freebies and samples, view art at gallery openings and take in one-of-a-kind entertainment.

We encourage visitors to carpool to the event and either valet park, or park for 2 hours free in once of our 3 available public parking structures; the Ince structure near Trader Joe's is preferred. Please do not park in downtown's residential neighborhoods.

Highlights include: Street Painting Display by Artist JulioJimenez and live music from the band Smithfield BargainFree Culver Lemonade and patio music during the Sunset Hour (with appetizer purchase) at the Culver City Hotel, and live entertainment all around the Downtown area- including; a Country / Bluegrass band at Ford’s Filling Station, DJ's Johnny James & Luis Miolaro at Rush Street, Local Entertainers at Native Foods, and Frank Sinatra Sound-Alike Karaoke at LaRocco’s Pizzeria. Also, a special closing reception at the WWA Gallery for “All the Sordid Little Details.” 

A record number of Downtown Culver City Merchants will participate on Wednesday, June 15th, including:

Akasha: 1/2 off all bottles on our wine list also purchase 2 big plates, receive free order of our organic wheat free onion rings as seen on the Food Network's show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate".

Bottle Rock: ‘Rush Hour' menu

City Tavern: Summer "HAPPY HOUR" All Night - Any 32oz Beer Growler $10

Cold Stone Creamery: Free samples and $1 off on our new Frozen Yogurt flavors, any size. Not to be combined with other offers.

The Culver Hotel: Music on the patio, Free Culver Lemonade during sunset hour (7pm - 8pm) with purchase of appetizer

Dr. Heidi Fahringer, Optometrist: Sire's Crown Frame Trunk Show: Wood Eco-Friendly frames, hand crafted here in Culver City.  Drawing for free frame! Hors D'Oeuvres & Refreshments!

Fraiche Restaurant: $3 sangrias and all night happy hour.

Ford's Filling Station: Live Country-Blue Grass band and serving happy hour at the bar and patio all night long

Honey's Kettle: Buy a dinner, get one free (food only)

K - Z O: Fresh oysters $1 a piece

Kay 'N Dave's Cantina: $1 tacos at the bar all night long and other specials including; free margaritas (buy 2, we buy the third) and Oaxacan street food specialties!

Kaizuka Sushi: 50% off any beer, sake, wine including imports

La Rocco's Pizzeria: 10% off (eat in only), Free cheese samples, music on the patio of Frank Sinatra sound alike karaoke.

Libra Brazilian Steakhouse: Early Bird Specials for the entire evening!  $28.95/person only.   Regular price is $33.95.  Offer is not valid with any other offers

Lundeens: 15% off entire store, Mojito's served, prize giveaways every hour from 5 to 8pm.

The Massage Garage: $10 off any future massage or facial booked the night of June 15

Meet: All you can eat mussels, $22.95, 10 different flavors

Melrose Mac: Open House: giveaways and free diagnostic for anyone who brings in their machine for repair between 5pm-9pm ($50 value)

MOKO: Buy one, get one free of MOKO punch and/or ginger margarita.

Native Foods: Live entertainment from local performers, dessert and organic wine samples on our heated patio!

Nextspace: Free Day Pass at the workplace for the new economy! Open house 5pm-9pm, come tour our newly opened coworking space and receive a Day Pass to come back and work a day on us ($30 value)!

Novecento Pasta & Grill: Free glass of cabernet or chardonnay with purchase of an entrée.

Royal/T: FREE Performance LA Composers Project | FREE soju cocktail with purchase of entree | 20% off artist beach towels in the SHOP

Rush Street: Summer PRIX FIXE DINNER Downstairs: appetizer, entree, dessert - $23. Summer HOUSE PARTY Upstairs: $4 House Margaritas (5:00 - close) & House DJ's Johnny James & Luis Miolaro (9:00pm - close) Rush Lounge & Patio Deck

Tender Greens: 50% Off bottles of wine

Timeless Treasures: Book sale and $1 clothing rack

Ugo An Italian CaféSpend $25 or more and get a free pint of gelato (one per table)

Vanity Room: Blow out summer specials as low as $15.99

WWA Gallery: Check out the closing reception for “All the Sordid Little Details”  - Sign up on our mailing list and receive 10% off your next purchase!


June 15, 2011 every third Wednesday through August, 2011

5pm – 9pm


DowntownCulver City


Downtown Culver City transforms into a festive district every third Wednesday of the month. Over 25 businesses in Downtown Culver City participate in this fun monthly event. Attendees can enjoy live musical performances under the stars, drink and dine on specials, receive freebies and samples, view art at gallery openings and take in one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Learn more:


@MIHollywood @JinglePunks @RocketHub #Social Media Panel blogs & April 21 @Facebook Panel Speakers & Tickets

By Joy A. Kennelly

Normally when I attend conferences I take dictation and microblog what the speakers are saying while they are speaking. I couldn't do that while moderating which is why I'm very happy to share the Musicians Institute's comprehensive blog coverage of all the speakers on April 7th's social media panel which addressed viral marketing with videos, live concerts utilizing StageIt, YouTube, Facebook, personal vs. professional publicity and so much more.

Click the picture below to be stunned and amazed at the wisdom coming from these mere mortals with extreme talent, creativity and intelligence:

Blog header
And for those who didn't get to click the pic above,  you can click here:

Jingle Punks has another fun blog post and Facebook Fan Page highlighting our event as well which you can review here:

Blog_header - jingle punks
And for those who again, didn't understand to click the pic, click here:

They included more of the funny pictures taken that night which you can like here:

I'm in the camp of Jingle Punks where you can combine fun in business and life. Those who think those two can't work together, guess you haven't read Richard Branson's bio. You know, the Virgin Atlantic CEO, right?

Read his thoughts on life: 

Maybe it will change your mind.:)

And RocketHub has posted their blog coverage of our panel together too which is a nice quick overview of the most salient points which you can read by clicking the RocketHub logo or title below:


Musicians Institute Hosts The State of The New Music Industry Discussion


7:30pm - 9:00pm Musicians Institute 

This week's panel on Thursday, April 21, which I'm moderating again, covers everything you ever wanted to learn about Facebook. Speakers on this week's Facebook Marketing panel include: 

Brad Rockstar
Brad Bogus, Member of SXSW showcased band “Audio Runner” & Social Media Architect for “Speak Social
Joseph Yi VP Marketing Reward Me
Joseph Yi, Social Media & Marketing Solutions Manager – GAGA Sports & Entertainment/VPMarketing – RewardMe 
Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott, Co-Founder/President of La Famos PR & Branding firm and a Musicians Institute Music Business Teacher 
Britton Sparkman - sm
Britton Sparkman, co-founder and lead guitar player for Red Circle Underground are speaking at this week's Facebook marketing panel

You can buy tickets for the April 21 panel, or any of the ensuing panels below:

Come early to enjoy Chef Jack Harding's simply great gourmet food at his Clean Street Food Truck 5:30pm - 7:30pm across from the Concert Hall.  Jharding

#Fashion, Food and Wine Festival of #Volleyball Champions at #Raleigh Studios in #Manhattan Beach with #Dig4Kids final wrap-up

By Joy A. Kennelly

This past weekend was so packed with fun activities it's taken awhile to compile pix and information to share with you. John Mayer is amazing in concert fyi.:)

So! Without further ado... (All Photos Courtesy Photographer, Angelique Chacon.)

Last Saturday night I attended the Food, Fashion & Wine Festival honoring three amazing Volleyball Champions as part of the Dinner of Champions presented by The Trade Coach and

Brad Jacobson & Eric Fonoimoana
produced by Brad Jacobson of Civic Couch (l) and Olympic Gold Medalist, Eric Fonoimoana (r) aka "the Body" and Founder of Dig4Kids, the beneficiary of the evening.

Now here's the Beach Volleyball greats who were honored:

Linda Hanley
Linda Hanley aka Linda Robertson who has a great sense of humor and an amazing athletic career. Definitely a female trend setter on many levels. (She was wearing the jacket because it was freezing in the windy NY Backlot of Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach. Heat lamps next year please!:)

NY Backlot And the next honoree...
Chris Marlowe
Chris Marlowe aka "CI" who you might recognize if you happen to live in CO or enjoy basketball since he's the Denver Nuggets play-by-play announcer for the NBA. He's a talker!:)

Steve Obradovich
and Steve Obradovich aka "OB." What made me laugh is that those who introduced him said, You either love him or you hate him, no in between. The first beach volleyball ball buster.:)

They all are so talented and amazing athletes. It was wonderful to hear their life stories and see the videos Fox created to showcase them visually. It was also fun to see Manhattan Beach over the years and know that I've watched the very same volleyball games from that very same beach that thousands of spectators have also over the years.IMG_6467  Prior to the event launching we enjoyed a little street art by Artist Andy Brown.
IMG_6447 OB bought one of Artist Andy Brown's pieces Andy created during the evening which Chris "Geeter" McGee later auctioned  off.

IMG_6557 IMG_6593 Here Geeter's being teased by Chris Marlowe for shutting down the AVP's which Geeter also was able to joke about too (even though it must be hard to lose the job you love so much. He's so talented I'm sure he'll find something good again soon.)

Not only were these three amazing Olympic and other award-winning tournament volleyball athletes honored, there were also these amazing athlete pros in attendance (Sinjin Smith, Mike O'hara, Brent Frohoff, Gene Selznic, Larry Rundle, Barbra Fontana, Jim Menges (seen here in a clip from his risque acceptance speech at last year's event.)

Tim Hovland Tim Hovland (I believe that's him in this pic) introducing one of the honorees with some pretty funny stories, Mike Dodd, the recent, now former, AVP Commissioner, IMG_6584 and former professional volleyball player in his own right.  Mike Lambert and  Eliza Cost & Eric Fonoimoana Eric Fonoimoana shown here with his wife, Eliza Cost.

Before the main events began, guests wandered throughout the NY Backlot enjoying delicious local South Bay Cuisine and drinks.


IMG_6442  IMG_6441 
Our first stop, Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach.:)

IMG_6453 Lisa Hemmat of Lido di Manhattan Beach served delicious appetizers too. You might recognize her from Chef Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares show this past Spring.

IMG_6460This bar and El Gringo's tacos were a big hit with many guests too.

Bob Meistrell Body Glove CEO was in attendance (seen below with Angelique Chacon), as were numerous media & residents. IMG_6456 

Manhattan Beach City Council Members, Wayne Powell, Mayor Pro Tem, Richard Montgomery, & Mayor Mitch Ward enjoyed themselves too.

IMG_6445 Richard with last year's honoree, Jim Megnes.

 The biggest highlight of the pre-show was a really great fashion show. I can say that because I've covered numerous fashion shows for LA Fashion Week for the past few years.

 High quality all the way. Just ask the guys.

I've never seen any fashion show have so many whistles blown, cat calls, and hooping and hollering males. It was hilarious! They calmed down a little once they realized the girls would just keep coming out looking gorgeous. LOL

Here's a sample of the models wearing Body Glove bikinis, Meghan Fabulous dresses & cover-ups, sexy heels by Michael Antonio and jewelry by Lost Bird. I believe there were a few other designers represented, but unfortunately don't have that information available. (If you know, leave a comment and I'll incorporate it later

Volleyball Player/DJ Jeff A. Murrell kept the night moving while Miss CA Nicole Johnson introduced the entire show. IMG_6471
IMG_6477 IMG_6487
IMG_6500 IMG_6502 IMG_6507

My favorite designer of the evening was Meghan Fabulous and her latest designs. Aren't these beautiful dresses and cover-ups? I love her ethnic influences.

IMG_6516 IMG_6522 IMG_6528 IMG_6532
IMG_6536 IMG_6541  IMG_6547 IMG_6549
You can see more of the fashion show and pictures from the entire evening on Facebook at the 5th Annual Dinner of Champions Fan Page.

IMG_6560 Eric officially welcomed everyone to the honoree part of the evening before turning it back over to Geeter who teased, hugged, and welcomed the honorees up after their video had shown all their athletic achievements (of which there were many!) Numerous athletes were invited to reminisce about the honorees too.

IMG_6564 IMG_6602

IMG_6567 IMG_6568 IMG_6569 

IMG_6587 IMG_6588
IMG_6590 IMG_6591  IMG_6594 IMG_6612
We were so cold by the end we ducked out while OB was talking which is why I don't have more pictures of his experience, but I'm sure it was great too! 

You can see more pictures of the fashion show Angelique took here:

If you'd like to become a fan of this event to be kept in the loop for next year, click here:





Rusnak - Night of Luxury with Designer Kevan Hall - Part 1

By Joy A. Kennelly

In light of the recent White House party crashers who are soooo desperate for attention (shamefully so), I thought I'd share some of the amazing parties I've been to over the past few months as a legitimately invited guest.

Trust me, I thought being invited to attend this year's Inauguration couldn't be topped, but two luxurious parties held right here in Los Angeles were right up there as a thrilling experience to attend.

What was funny about Rusnak's Night of Luxury is that I really had no idea what to expect - I just knew I wanted to see Designer, Kevan Hall, since I've been attending his fashion shows since 2006 and love his designs.

After pitching the publicist all I could do was hope beyond hope I would receive an invitation it was so exclusive. Only Rusnak customers, VIP's and other select people were invited - I didn't see any of the usual fashion people I saw at other LA Fashion Week events which surprised me.

Rusnak's Night of Luxury was such a special evening. The best part was it's exclusivity and luxurious feel from the moment you arrived till the very end of the night.

Held on the backlot of Universal, you passed through a gate where your name was checked off by a guard before being directed where to park. (Maybe the White House should consider hiring studio security for their future parties. lol)

As I walked up to the entrance I was welcomed by Rusnak staff offering glasses of champagne and then this scene greeted me which only got better as I continued to walk up the hill to the first buffet and car display.

(Sorry they're a little blurry - have to admit, I was rather excited seeing all the luxury vehicles because I love cars and had no idea they would be on display. My photographer, Stefhan Gordon, arrived much earlier than I did which is why the streets aren't as busy in his shots.)

IMG_8264 100kh_con4323
100kh_con4327 100kh_con4329 100kh_con4343
IMG_8265  IMG_8266 IMG_8269
IMG_8275 IMG_8294
IMG_8295 IMG_8302
IMG_8306 My dinner mates had recently purchased a Jaguar from Rusnak which is why they were attending, but every type of luxury vehicle was on display.

Speaking of jags, the gift bags of the evening were quite a hit and everyone was wearing them. IMG_8304
I saw one boorish man walking out with ten bags,  IMG_8301 but for the most part  everyone was civilized. I love my little kitty which growls when you squeeze it. Don't you love the Jaguar key chain attached to its collar? The cat's meow! IMG_8471 The night kept getting better and better. There were multiple buffet presentations of delicious cuisine, IMG_8340
multiple bars with bartenders serving decadent cocktails, IMG_8345  and lots of amazing luxury vehicles to admire.

There was even a special unveiling of the new Rolls Royce "Shadow" by Miss California (one of the few luxury cars I have yet to take a ride in which is on my list), and the new four-door Porsche Panamera (which is now also on my list!) IMG_8290 The Rusnak family and Miss California.
IMG_8283 IMG_8292 IMG_8267 IMG_8274  IMG_8300
Here's the composite of the Porsche unveiling for your viewing pleasure - it was awe-inspiring to say the least. The crowd gasped when it was revealed since it's the first ever four-door Porsche and is still 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. COMPOSITE REVEAL
IMG_8324 IMG_8336 Please excuse the glare - it was rather hard to grab these shots because everyone was crowding around afterward it was so popular! Here's my view of the unveiling to give you a different perspective. The composite above is courtesy Photographer, Stefhan Gordon.

IMG_8308 IMG_8310 IMG_8311 IMG_8312 IMG_8313 IMG_8314 IMG_8317 IMG_8338 IMG_8339 IMG_8329 IMG_8322 I really liked Rusnak after this evening! Here's some of the sponsors who participated and their mission statement. Isn't that lovely? "Create a positive impact through community involvement, social responsibility and charity." They made a very generous donation to a local charity as part of the evening's events.

IMG_8272 During the evening Miss California was very accessible and gracious. IMG_8341 She is so friendly I'm happy she's representing our state. Here's us sharing a moment. Isn't she adorable? IMG_8342 Now if you can imagine, this was really only the first part of the evening! I saw some people leaving when I arrived probably thinking they had seen it all, but what they missed was the most fantastical fashion show of the entire season by Fashion Designer, Kevan Hall (and I don't say that lightly.)

I'm going to cover the fashion show separately because there's just too many good things to detail and this blog is already rather long.

Part II coming soon!

VOX DJs/VOX Entertainment 25th Year Celebration wrap-up

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been waiting on the professional photographer's shots from the VOX DJs/VOX Entertainment 25th Year Anniversary Celebration, but since it's taking too long I will use my images from the event to share what went on. (Mine aren't as diverse since there were two other shooters capturing the night. If you're my Facebook friend I've uploaded all I shot there - these are highlights.)

Oh what a night!

The turn-out was great with a huge mix of ages. Manhattan Country Club members were invited to join in the 25th Year Celebration because Shawn and his family have had a membership for years and many people wanted to recognize his achievement. In addition, VOX DJs CEO/MC/DJ, KC Campbell, and VOX Entertainment CEO, Shawn Sedlacek, had invited past and present clients, friends and colleagues which made it a fun mix.

Due to VOX Entertainment specializing in lighting and staging, the Manhattan Country Club was transformed into a nightclub like experience with colored lights creating a moody background for the final act of the evening - VOX DJ Raw Styles vs. Drummer Kaumyar performance which built from a slow beat into a huge crescendo with everyone dancing and having a great time.

Here's some of shots to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

IMG_8617 IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8626 IMG_8627 But that wasn't all, the guys went all out with a red carpet for arrivals IMG_8507
IMG_8523 IMG_8607
and special step and repeat wall which everyone loved posing in front of.

IMG_8522 VOX DJs CEO/MC/DJ, KC Campbell, Signature Magazine Publisher, Ian Bertrand and girlfriend, Sandra Taupin, with VOX Entertainment CEO, Shawn Sedlacek

IMG_8511 Special logo enhancements glowed on the walls while VOX DJ Andy Rossi played hip hop/dance music and everyone got their groove on. IMG_8527 IMG_8623

I helped with registration for the first part of the night with Annie from VOX Entertainment and can't tell you what went on while I was outside, but by the time I did go inside the party was rocking!IMG_8521 IMG_8533 One room was set up with couches, a private bar, appetizers and DJ Hero which was very popular with all ages. IMG_8531IMG_8532 In the main room, KC got up and entertained everyone with an acoustic rendition of a popular song on his guitar. IMG_8561IMG_8556  IMG_8559
My favorite part of the night was when Shawn got up to speak from his heart about his experience building VOX and the bittersweet feeling he felt now that VOX DJs was run by his long-time friend/DJ, KC Campbell. IMG_8535
I think in this day and age there aren't many rites of passage men go through to signify the end of one stage of their lives and the beginning of another. As a result, this 25th Year Anniversary Celebration was symbolic on many levels; a public recognition of the achievements of Shawn and all the guys who helped build VOX into the powerhouse award-winning event agency it is today and also, a public passing of the torch to KC as the sole owner of VOX DJs.

KC acknowledged the business acumen of Shawn and his friendship over the years when it was his turn to address the crowd too.

IMG_8541 Both speeches were very moving and special. Immediately following, KC invited all the past and present VOX DJs in the house to come forward. It was great to see how many had shown up in support  IMG_8549Current VOX DJs IMG_8552
IMG_8551 IMG_8587 IMG_8534 After the speeches, Shawn and his band, Run for Cover, with lead singer, Johnny G, got the party started with great rock cover songs. Who knew Johnny G, quiet banker by day, was such a rocker by night? And such a good singer too! And Shawn was a great drummer too! IMG_8518 IMG_8563 IMG_8565 IMG_8592 
It was really fun to see everyone having such a great time after all the hard work we all put into making the event happen. Throughout the night, various VOX DJs spun, keeping the party flowing.

IMG_8530 VOX DJ, Tony Hubbard

IMG_8509 VOX DJ Roderick aka Raw Styles

We pulled an impromptu gathering of all the BNI ladies and friends which KC didn't mind.:) IMG_8568 IMG_8570 KC's parents showed up after attending a wedding and were very proud of their son. IMG_8596 IMG_8598 VOX DJ CEO/DJ/MC, KC Campbell and DJ Roderick aka Raw Styles finally relaxing.

Jose, the man who kept things running smoothly behind the scenes. He was very sweet and cut the sheet cake I'd baked to celebrate the guy's anniversary into bite size pieces to share with as many as possible.
Some of the guests in attendance. IMG_8577 IMG_8581
If you missed it, there's always the 50th!:)

Blog - #Manhattan Beach-based VOX DJs & VOX Entertainment Celebration Saturday!

By Joy A. Kennelly


 Manhattan Beach, CA KC Campbell of VOX DJs,KC1SamueliEvent10.20.06
and VOX Entertainment President, Shawn Sedlacek, the founder of VOX DJs, IMG_7855 will celebrate their 25th Year Anniversary at Manhattan Country Club in Manhattan Beach, CA Saturday, November 14, 2009 from 8:00pm – 12:00am. In 1984 at the age of 12, Young shawn
Shawn Sedlacek started VOX DJs as a hobby which quickly grew into a successful business under his direction.  In 2008, VOX DJs was purchased by its most tenured DJ/MC, KC Campbell. Kc Over the past quarter century VOX DJs has performed at over 10,000 events including national MDA PICTURE-billy-bush-nancy-odell-and-shaun-robinson-at-the-mda-als-stride-and-ride-walk
and international 5 AaronKiddieHandsAir
private parties,
corporate events,  LukeDTMixing1 conventions,
college and university functions,
wedding celebrations,  DiegoLaptopBoxThumbnail  as well as, holding in-house "residencies" at some of LA's finest nightclubs, restaurants IMG_7285 Vox & girls and lounges. 
VOX DJs is a member of the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) and prides itself on a high level of customer satisfaction for their professional DJ staff, entertaining MC’s, and distinctive musical stylings. CEO/DJ/MC KC Campbell and Sales & Marketing Manager, Roderick Gaerlan aka “DJ Raw Styles,”  IMG_7703
continues the legacy of VOX DJs as a powerhouse DJ/MC entertainment company known locally and world-wide; they are a Bank of Manhattan’s “Celebration of Entrepreneurship 2009 Awards” nominee.

Recent awards presented to VOX Entertainment include: Event Marketer Magazine Top 100 Event Agencies 2009, Special Events Magazine 50 Top Event Companies 2009, Promo Magazine Top 100 Agencies 2009, and Top 50 Rental Companies 2009.

Manhattan Country Club is located at 1330 Parkview Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. A limited number, on a first come, first serve basis, will be open to the public on Nov 1.  More information on the 25th Year Anniversary Celebration is available:

Side note: Make sure to pick up this month's Signature Magazine for an article on VOX DJs! Available at the party! Image002

Luna G in Hermosa Beach - today at 4pm! Happy "Healthy" Hour early

Drop by and check out one of the more popular designer clothing stores for men and women in Hermosa Beach, Luna G, located at 323 Pier Ave. It was THE place to shop for women attending the Hearts of Hermosa recent fundraiser and three women were photographed wearing dresses Greycie helped them choose.

The Shore is also sharing wine & cheese while TLC Pharmacy is sharing TAIslim & GoChi Juice tastings, and Biz & Life Coach Sherry Marshall is sharing love and wisdom as she does so well.

You may recognize her name from the real estate world, but what you may not know is that she has been successfully coaching individuals and small business owners for over 1000 hours during the past three years.

She's helped me when I've needed an outside professional perspective which is why I asked her to run the TLC Empowerment Group which kicks off today. Weigh-in at TLC Pharmacy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays if weight loss is your goal.

We will start the official meetings on June 3 whichwill run alternate Wednesdays for six weeks. The fee is $75 non-TAIslim participant and $45 TAIslim participant.

If you're curious, come on by. It's casual, wear whatever kind of open house.

Love to meet you and share some Hermosa love.


Sad news, but happier times soon. Mark 5/21 on your calendars!

By Joy A. Kennelly

For those of you who are interested in the latest news regarding all the cool projects and people I'm working with on a freelance basis, check out my professional blog:

I haven't written such a good long one in a long time so please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think ok?:)

Today has been kind of gloomy day and as a result I have been a little down. Doesn't help that earlier I was reading the book, The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade (Hardcover) which brought up emotions because I could relate to so many of these women's stories despite my adoption being open and  a totally different experience.

I think loss is loss not matter how you slice it. Sometimes it just hits a little harder than others.

Speaking of which, just learned that someone I enjoyed parrying with on our local This is Hermosa forum, Gary Mallette, died on May 7, 2009 which is very sad news.

Here's a link to his obituary - Gary M. Mallette.

If you knew him, please consider clicking through to the link and leaving a condolence message for his family. I'm sure they'd appreciate it. A memorial service is planned later this summer.

Now just because generally I'm a happy person, here's an article to ponder: Happiness Is ... Being Old, Male and Republican

How do you like them apples LV? I guess one out of three aint bad. lol

Moving right along. Here's a link with news on who and what to vote for on Tuesday, May 19th special election (Vote for Teresa Hernandez!) and I quote from the site:

The Southern California Republican Coalition is taking the lead in the grassroots opposition to Proposition 1A.

The Governor may want to increase your taxes....  The California legislature's Democrats may want to increase your taxes....  The California Republican Party and its Chairman may not be willing to take a position....  The Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County may not be willing to take a position....

But make no mistake grassroots Republicans know a HUGE TAX INCREASE when they see one -- and so does the Southern California Republican CoalitionThe SCRC emphatically OPPOSES Proposition 1A.  It is a tax increase disguised as a spending cap that has not teeth.  The public employee unions may love it, but every tax payer in this state knows better.  The SCRC is leading an advertising campaign against 1A - Please click to donate today online.

"Prop 1A is a huge tax increase disguised as a shame, weak spending cap. The voters are not as ill-informed as legislative and party leaders may wish them to be.  The tax payers of California are not buying their lies.  The Democrats lied, and the Economy Died - and we refuse to go along to get along!" says Southern California Republican Coalition Chairman, James Crean.

"We oppose raising taxes for so many reasons.  We are in a serious economic downturn and increased taxes means there is less money to spend to spur the economy which is needed to lead to real job growth.

"The legislature just increased our taxes by $42 Billion dollars and now they want to add another $16B in tax increases.  That will do only one thing - cause everyone who pays taxes to look at moving out of California, especially those that run businesses in order to lower their product costs in order to stay competitive when prices are dropping across the country," says Crean.

There were no real cuts made in the legislature's prior budget, nearly all cuts were shame cuts in job positions with no one in the job or they were reductions in the year to year growth without any real decrease.  The Democrat legislature does not have any backbone for real cuts and the more taxes we give them, the more ways they will find to grow government and continue to pay off the public employee unions, such as the California Prison Guards union, the California Teachers Association union, and the Service Employees International Union.

In a time when real citizen's 401K and retirement savings accounts values are dropping, the unions are bankrupting the state with enormous retirement benefits that often lead to union employees earning more in retirement than when they were employed by the state of California.  Yet the unions are making no concessions, preferring to raise everyone else's taxes to pay their addiction to tax payer's money.

"The only informed vote on Proposition 1A is NO," says SCRC Chairman Crean, "and we are taking a lead position with grassroots voters to inform voters to vote NO on 1A along with NO on the other propositions.  I hope folks will go to and make even a small contribution to save us from more tax increases."


If you want to hear a great speaker, consider putting this on your list of things to do for Thursday, May 21:

Beach Cities Republican Club Next Meeting

Club President: Peter Kesterson

Next Regular Meeting: Thursday May 21st, 6PM Dinner (no host), 7PM Speaker

Speaker: Ron Prentice, CEO, California Family Council

Topic: Ron Prentice is the CEO of California Family Council, formally associated with Focus on the Family and also working alongside Family Research Council.  California Family Council (CFC) was formed in 2003 with Ron as the founding director.  With offices in Southern California and Sacramento, CFC’s mission is to protect and promote Judeo-Christian principles in California’s culture.  They do so by communicating the analysis of current legislation, creating pastor and grassroots coalitions, and educating the general population on the issues of the day.  Ron also serves as the Chairman of the – Yes on 8 Coalition, working with dozens of national, state, and local groups to bring about a victory for traditional marriage in California.

Location: Sizzler Torrance, 2880 Sepulveda Bl. (Between Crenshaw & Hawthorne).  NOTE: we now have the full meeting room due to the large monthly turnouts.  No more standing room only!

All are welcome - Members and non-members alike! This event is Free

Click Here for Membership Information

And for those of you interested in making positive changes in your life, don't forget to sign up for the Standup Leadership seminar entitled Leading Change at which will feature Coach Lori Ketkar and distinguished Naval officers, CAPT Luke and First Brigade Commander, Juliane, at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

Here's a link to a recent teleseminar so you have a taste of what to expect from this amazing evening:

Lastly, for those who want to learn more about our upcoming TLC Empowerment Group which starts June 3, 2009 at TLC Pharmacy, join Business and Life Coach Sherry Marshall, TLC Pharmacists' Annabell and Mindy, me and Perfect Body from 4pm - 6pm at Luna G located at 323 Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach, CA that same Thursday night, May 21.

Check out Luna G's latest designer clothing for men and women and unique gifts, taste GoChi Juice and TAIslim, meet Perfect Body trainers and the rest of us and have fun mixing and mingling.

Just think? Two great events on the same night! Hermosa Beach is the place to be Thursday night!

Back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

I've been enjoying mine since I rode my neighbor's bike to the Healthy Living Festival in Manhattan Beach at the Metlox Plaza and blogging. 

Time to go home and get ready to go out for drinks at that new Redondo Beach restaurant named Maison Riz.

That's my kind of place if you're taking notes. :) Gotta run!

Stand Up Leadership Coach, Lori Ketkar, and Chef David Linville at The Grand Wine & Food Affair

By Joy A. Kennelly

Seeing as some read this blog and don't read my professional one, here's the information on the upcoming leadership training you're not going to want to miss produced by my newest client, Start-up Leadership Founder/Coach, Lori Ketkar.

Leading Change Flyer_PRINT-1
Doesn't this sound like a great event? I'm very excited to be working with Lori on getting the word out. Sign up soon! Here's the Keynote Speaker's bios to give you an idea of the quality and caliber of their lectures:

Stand Up Leadership Founder and Transformational Coach Lori Ketkar offers expert coaching with a highly intuitive, compassionate, yet firm style. A former high school coach and communications specialist, Lori has successfully coached Aerospace professionals on improving and building their leadership, team building, self-assessment and organizational development skills for many years. She is currently completing an American Management Association certification.

The Keynote Speakers of the evening are Captain Francis C. “Luke” Lukenbill and Commander Juliane J. Gallina.  “Luke” is currently the Director, Space Systems Group, and the Deputy Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Space Field Activity.  CAPT “Luke” has taught at the

United States Air Force Academy

, is a graduate of the Navy Test Pilot School and has held responsibility for multi-billion dollars worth of space-based reconnaissance systems, in addition to holding overseas posts during his 25 year naval career.

In 1991, Juliane was the first woman appointed Brigade Commander of the United States Naval Academy. She currently is a consultant to the intelligence and defense communities working for the National Interest Security Company and is a Vice President for Edge Consulting. Previously, she served at the National Reconnaissance Office for ten years in a variety of government assignments.   Most recently, Juliane was the Deputy Director of the Space Systems Group, Communications Systems Acquisition and Operations Directorate.

Stand Up Leadership is dedicated to helping individuals become better leaders and better employees by developing a healthy work-life balance. Stand Up Leadership facilitates this through results-oriented leadership skills training designed to streamline work efforts in the corporate world and create more quality time at home.

Aren't they all so impressive? You can buy a ticket here:

Chef David Linville is back at The Shore after participating in the Grand Food & Wine Affair in Sugarland, TX this past weekend. He will be preparing lots of great appetizers that night too.

I believe tonight he's preparing food for a special surf event with lots of celebrities and notable surfers if rumor holds true.

Chef Dave & I enjoyed being part of the Grand Food & Wine Affair because each foodie event we've participated in is completely different. This is his third foodie event he's participated! First was LA Magazine's Food Event, next was the Scottsdale Culinary Festival and now this one.

The LA Magazine Food Event was very elegant and sophisticated on a winery in the heart of Malibu, whereas the 31st Annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival  was definitely a sexy party atmosphere. The Grand Food & Wine Affair seemed focused on the chef's and the food they were serving as evidenced by the very elaborate presentations of both food and table by everyone involved.

All events were a blast! I've decided I will die a happy woman if I marry a rich man to travel the world experiencing all the wonderful Food & Wine Events available. LOL

The more wine & food events I attend, the more wines I'm experiencing I like too.Fancy that.

I  loved all the little Mai Tai's, Peach Martini's, Mojito shooters, Mimosa's and other beverages served at the Grand Tasting on Friday night and Bistro Brunch on Sunday in Sugarland, TX.

Fortunately I know my limits, but there were definitely some people at the festivals who didn't!:) Guess that's par for the course at these type functions though right? Enough of that though, let's talk food!

I'll be focusing on the Grand Food & Wine Affair since it's so recent and because Chef David Linville's CA Style Gazpacho with roasted Bell Peppers topped with a mix of avocados, bay shrimp and cilantro was such a huge hit.

We had numerous people come back to us to say his food was their favorite, people were sent over by friends to try his gazpacho because they were raving about it, and even other chefs had to taste his food which is a HUGE compliment in the food world.

I have his permission to print his recipe in case you'd like to try making it at home. The secret is in roasting the bell peppers. For all the foodies in the house, enjoy!

Chef David Linville’s CA Style Gazpacho Recipe


6 ripe Roma tomatoes, chopped in half

1 large red onion, quartered

1 red bell pepper, split in half and seeded

1 green bell pepper, split in half and seeded 

1 yellow bell pepper, split in half and seeded

3 stalks celery 2 clove garlic, minced

Toss all above ingredients with extra virgin olive oil, light salt and fresh ground pepper. Place on sheet pan. Roast in oven 450 degrees for eight to ten minutes to help concentrate and enhance natural flavors.

Remove from oven and place in refrigerator to cool for one hour.

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

3 Tbsp olive oil

Juice of one fresh squeezed lemon

Tabasco sauce to taste (okay to substitute 1 jalapeño pepper instead).

6 more ripe Roma tomatoes

1 cucumber, seeded and chopped

Blend all ingredients with roasted vegetables on low to desired consistency. Salt and pepper to taste (preferably sea salt and fresh ground white pepper). Garnish with fresh basil and parsley. Top with fresh diced avocado.

2 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

2 Tbsp basil

1 avocado, diced

Chef Dave recommends serving this refreshing summer dish with grilled shrimp, grilled French bread and CA white wine.

 Serves 4 – 6.

Now, here's some pix to whet your appetite and encourage you to visit the Grand Food & Wine Affair next year or drop into the Shore Restaurant and Lounge to experience some of Chef David Linville's cooking.

He & I are working on a cookbook together which I am sure many people, guys especially will enjoy. Stay tuned! Now enjoy this picture essay.

Minutemaid plaza Our first night there Minutemaid threw a big promotion and flooded the city of Sugarland's plaza with orange lights and passed out drinks. This is the view from my hotel window. It's a little blurry, but catch the Minutemaid logos.

Welcome to Texas!
Minutemaid plaza2 Art
Art2 Art3
Art4 This is the artwork that was for sale throughout the weekend and the image for this year's event.
Cheese Since Chef David is a huge cheese afficiando I'm sure he loved this display. We were rather busy serving though and I'm not sure he made it over to try any. This is before the huge crowd hit. Isn't it so pretty?
Cheese2 Cheese3 Chef2 Next time I'll be more diligent in getting all the Chef's names, but we were so busy I was just dashing around shooting pix as quickly as possible to get back and help serve.:)

Here's a link to the list of participating chefs in case you're curious:

Chef3 This is for all the sushi lovers. Doesn't it look delightful? I'm not that into sushi, but this was definitely popular that night.
Chef9 Chef10 Chef6 They were serving duck in those little cones. Sorry I didn't catch the official description, I was in a rush! Just know it was delectable.
Chef5 This was our neighboring Chef''s table, Brian O'Hea , Academe | Maine Brasserie and Tavern. They served the best desserts and seafood dishes this evening and then again during the Sip & Stroll on Saturday. Here's a close-up of their shrimp sandwich from Saturday. DELICIOUS!
Chef7 I couldn't get close enough to get any food this table was so popular. They were also serving mojito shooters which probably didn't hurt either. LOL
Chef8 I heard their food was delicious though. Anyone recognize the restaurant and care to leave a comment?
Chef11 Everyone was given these cute little plates that held your wine glass which made for easy transporting. I brought a few home to give to friends which they enjoyed receiving.
Chef dave Here's Chef David Linville and his table where he served his special CA Style Gazpacho. He's worked for the Ritz Carlton and knew exactly how he wanted everything to look, simple and elegant.

What we found is it's really more about the food anyway. Right Chef? Right.
Chef dave2 All my previous catering
experience came in handy because we were so busy I had to jump in and help prepare the food while Chef schmoozed the guests.Me2
Dione, a local Texan friend of Dave's, also came out to help which was great. I don't think we could have handled everything without her!
Thanks Dione! Mouth
Crowd Chef dave7- good Stevie Wine
Chef dave5
Chef dave9 Chef dave8 Hot people This cute couple were a lot of fun. They own a hot sauce company called Big Daddy's Ass Burn
and were part of the Sip & Stroll and Bistro Brunch.

Here's some highlights of their booth on both days:
A burn  A burn2
A burn3 A burn5
A burn6 I bought some hot sauce for my mom because she loves it. The hotter, the better. Here's some pix from Sunday's Bistro Brunch where they served very spicy Bloody Mary's.
A-burn A-burn3 A-burn4 I liked their joie de vivre and wish them much success in getting into stores. Until then, why don't you buy some hot sauce from their website and try it yourself?

Ok, back to the Grand Tasting with Chef Dave Linville. He was quite the hit with the ladies. Chef & Bartender The woman to his left in the picture below, Tiffany, was there to promote an Italian cookbook and speciality olive oil. Isn't she the cutest?
Chef dave11 Here's some pix from her booth the next day during the amazing Sip & Stroll. Apparently over 4,000 people attended that event alone! I'll tell more later. I'm telling you, Texans are the friendliest people on earth! Oil
Cookbook Chef dave3 Sign
Gazpacho Chef dave12 This cute Chef, Trevor White of Oceanaire Seafood Room, travels to Alaska to participate in numerous Food & Wine Festivals up there. I wish Chef Dave would go there, but he doesn't like the cold. I keep trying to tell him Alaska summers are warm, but all he thinks about is the ice.

Guess I'll have to find another Chef to travel back to Alaska with! I used to work for Alaska Airlines and love it up there. Plus the male to female ratio aint too shabby either. lol
Couple I thought this couple was just too adorable. They were having a grand time!

Before the event began, all the Chefs were called out to the Sugarland City Plaza for a group shot. The festival organizers really treat their talent well I must say. This plaza had a fun event going every single night we were there too.
City square Chef pic Trio This is the amazing Organizer, Keri, Chef David Linville and me before it got all crazy.

The next day we were invited to just be guests at the wonderful Sienna Sip & Stroll event which we needed to shuttle over to. I thought it was funny to see Cougars are popular in TX too.
Cougar Cougar2 We didn't take this bus. I had to laugh at this poor woman (not in her face, but you know....) Grapes Bbq
These people became my friends and served the most amazing BBQ - check out

Now, because I have two events I want to attend tonight and must hurry, here's pix from the Sip & Stroll event which was most delightful. Three to four huge tents filled to the brim with vendors, wineries, restaurants, cigars, all types of alcohol and great jazz music playing.

I must say, the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce is extremely savvy because they showcased a local development called Sienna Plantation at the same time, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Wouldn't you want to live in an area that hosts amazing events like these? I would if I lived there. It's so pretty too. According to their website, Houston is the Number One Housing Market. Boy Howdy!

Enjoy the pix!
Bar Beer Chef 6 Cheese Cheese2
Dave2 Chef Chef2 Chef3 Chef4 Cigars Cigars2
Crowd Crowd2 Demo Demo2 Clothes Girls Class Class2 Giver Jazz Jazz2 Sign2 Olive Vendor Sip & stroll Trolley Girl Crowd4 Crowd3

Me As you can see, this was really lovely. Even in spite of the sudden thunderstorm! It actually felt good walking around in the rain because it was so hot and humid.

I found this festival through USA Today and am so happy Chef David Linville was able to participate. I will upload another blog on Sunday's Bistro Brunch tomorrow. It is another amazing event and needs its' own page.:)

Hope you've enjoyed this pictorial visit to the Grand Food & Wine Affair's Grand Tasting and Sip & Stroll. Don't forget to buy your ticket to Stand Up Leadership's May 21 event here:

Have a great evening! I plan to!

Scottsdale Culinary Festival, Scottsdale Mondrian, Downtown tour

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling back to Scottsdale, AZ to attend the 31st Annual Culinary Festival with Chef David Linville and his colleague, Chef Jake. I say back because I was there a year ago this past September for another conference in Phoenix.

A very kind friend had taken the time to show me Scottsdale's art galleries during a conference break at that time which helped me gain my bearings this time around. Thanks Dharma! Here's a sampling of some of the art galleries I visited this go round. Love their work, don't you? This one is called The Signature Gallery and Charles Pabst's work really spoke to me.

His collection is called Peace. Can you see why? Click on the link for more close-up images.
Art Art2 This gallery's artists were a little more whimsical and I enjoyed their work too. Isn't it fun? This gallery is called Leslie Levy Fine Art, Inc.Art43  Art3
 Art4 I also visited LeKAE Gallery which I especially liked due to the variety of blown glass art and fine art. Turns out a publicist friend of mine had represented them years back. I have good taste in art if I do say so myself. Art5 Art6
Art7 Art8 Art9 This is one of my favorite flowers, isn't it gorgeous as a painting?
Art11 Art12
This trip to Arizona I knew a little bit better what to expect and packed lots of allergy medicine. If you're allergic to dust like I am, be warned that it's very prevalent out there because you're in the desert.

Chef David Linville was participating in the Cooks & Corks event that Saturday which meant since we arrived on Friday, we were free to enjoy the Eat, Drink, Be Pretty party happening that evening --a great way to start the weekend.

Here's a Cooks & Cork promo to whet your appetite. If you look closely, you'll see Chef Dave in the corner near the pretty blonde lady.
Due to my previous writing experience for the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau, I had met representatives from the Scottsdale Convention & Visitor's Bureau a few years ago who had been emailing me interesting information on Scottsdale for months.

It felt good to finally take advantage of what this western town had to offer. And I do mean Western. They have horse drawn carriages giving tours of Downtown Scottsdale, numerous western art galleries and all kinds of western statues, memorabilia and museums. I didn't have time to check them all out, but here's a few pictorial highlights.
Downtown3 Downtwon
There is also a trolley service that runs daily until about 6pm, but I didn't take any pix - just imagine an old-fashioned San Francisco trolley and you've imagined correctly. Here's their routing. Trolley I wish the City of Hermosa Beach would do something like this because it's a nice way to get around town quickly and easily.

Now this is a community who supports their Downtown business district!Three hour free parking, free trolley service, and lots of cute shops, art galleries in addition to the bars and restaurants. Even caught a Farmer's Market while we were there. Farmers mktFarmers mkt2 Shopping Sale

Sale2 Statue
Statue3 Statue4
Very balanced Downtown experience which was very pleasant and fun to explore.

In talking to people who had traveled to Scottsdale before I knew that Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa was a place I wanted to visit. However, I was way too busy to go and also had received a wonderful invitation to experience the Mondrian Scottsdale which I couldn't refuse.

Having enjoyed the hip stylish ambiance of the Mondrian Los Angeles numerous times and the DelAno Miami this past Spring, I knew it was a perfect place to enjoy Scottsdale's Sexy Single's Scene. Say that fast three times.

According to the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau's press release and I quote, "Hollywood “It” girls like Jessica Alba, Kristin Cavallari and Vanessa Minnillo have relaxed and partied alongside celebrity hunks Nick Lachey and Brody Jenner at Mondrian Scottsdale.

The hotel also played host to Vice President Al Gore, who celebrated his win of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming awareness at the urban resort.
(You really must click the link to Al Gore's visit for a fun recap of that event.)

After staying there, I can see why it's so popular! What a lovely, lovely, lovely relaxing place to stay. I was hoping to have some official pix to share with you, but since I don't, enjoy the ones I took here ok?

My room, thank you very much. Isn't it to die for?:) I love modern contemporary spaces like this. Crisp and clean. Minimal, just like I like my men. HA HA!
Mondrian3 Not one, but two flat screen TV's - and don't you just love the sitting room area? So relaxing, I can't begin to tell you.

The bed was so comfortable I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. Forgetting I was allergic to down, I have to admit I did wake up rather congested, but that's my own fault.

And to be honest, worth every dream filled delicious moments of sleep. I haven't slept that well in ages! Feather top mattresses make you feel like you're weightless they're so comfortable.
Mondrian When I arrived there was vibey music playing loudly for guests enjoying the pool which was right outside my room making me wonder if it would be playing all night. Be warned, there is a party element due to the sophisticated stylish space geared towards young hipsters, but the hotel is always very accommodating which makes it fine.

When my room service arrived, the sweet girl assured me the music would end when the pool closed at dusk. Room service is one of those special treats I never get tired of. Especially when the person delivering your food is courteous, timely and professional like she was. My food was delivered hot and was very delicious.

She was right about the music ending soon. I was able to catch a quick catnap before getting ready for our evening out with a quick bath in this amazingly long tub. I'm tall for a woman - 5'10" to be exact and this was the first time I felt I could stretch all the way out and really relax in a tub. Amazing!
Mondrian6 Mondrian5
I liked the tile work and floral trim pattern which was repeated throughout the hotel in pathways and elsewhere. There was also a shower, another sink and mirror and toilet in an entirely separate adjacent area which was nice because if I'd been sharing it would have been easy for both of us to get ready.
As it was, I was solo on this trip. The chefs were staying off premise, but did enjoy the club and private bar with me afterwards before continuing their nightlife excursions long after I went to bed. Allergies always wipe me out and I need my rest.

Here we are in the hotel lobby that night.
Dave & jake2 Both of these guys have been Hollywood insiders for years and appreciated the sexy vibe and atmosphere of this property as much as I did.

Chef David Linville worked for the Standard Hotel in Hollywood which has been described as a "Chic Mecca" by Vanity Fair, while Chef Jake throws amazing private parties with models as live food decorations up in Santa Barbara, CA, in addition to cooking for a variety of celebrity clients who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.
Me2 I know, crazy to be wearing a jacket, but again, allergies kicking my butt make me cold. Plus, it does get a little chilly at night in Scottsdale.

I'm wearing what Project Runway Style Guru, Tim Gunn, refers to as a faux fur chubby coat in his book,
Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (Tim Gunn's Guide to Style) if I remember correctly. Read it and let me know if I got that one right.

In any case, here's some highlights from the actual Scottsdale Culinary Festival Eat, Drink, Be Pretty event we also attended earlier that night. What an amazing event. Scottsdale truly has some of the most beautiful people I've seen in a long time and they know how to party!:)
Absolut Our first stop, the Absolut Vodka bar, what can we say? Gotta love an Absolut pear vodka and soda. I really don't drink that much, but when I do, I enjoy a nice sweet drink.
Cute bags Fruits & Passions Bodycare Fragrances Home was passing out products and these cute bags which were all the rage that night. Perfect for the beach or pool. Bliss Spa had wonderful spa items to share too. The oxygen mask is so soothing and refreshing.
Fest Fest2 Fest21
Fest11 Dave6
Sexy devil, isn't he ladies? Whoops, did I just say that? I am his publicist after all. Guess I'm supposed to say that, but glad I mean it.
Fest3 Fest4 Fest5 Fest8 Fest9 Fest16 Lots of fashion shows going on inside and outside on the premises which was fun to watch.
Fest22 And of course, wine tasting and dining. I liked this "New Age" wine the best because it was sweet and carbonated - an adult pop. My mom's from Ohio, can you tell?
Plate Upon arrival you were given this plastic plate with attached cutlery and this cute souvenir wine glass you used throughout the evening while marking off the biz card with the amount of wine you had enjoyed.

These two women were the most unflappable organizers I've ever met. Kudos to you two for pulling off such a wonderful event with such gracious smiles and spirt.
Fest18 On the way out we all received a beautiful red rose and program. Here's a close up for your viewing pleasure.
Cover Brochures
Here's some highlights from the next day too. This was the calm before the storm. Imagine it packed with people later on all wining and dining and you will be right.Signage2
Setting up Setting up3 Setting up4 Setting up2 Setting up6
Setting up7 Signage
David Chef David Linville prepared CA Style Gazpacho. This weekend, he will be appearing at Grand Food & Wine Affair in Houston, TX. I make sure he keeps a busy schedule!

Back to the Scottsdale Mondrian. The next day I woke up early and decided to start my day by taking advantage of the Olympic size pool. Isn't this wonderful? I basically had it all to myself except for two business men discussing stocks in the hot tub and we mutually ignored each other.

Too early to schmooze and it's understood you want privacy when you stay at a place like this which is why I enjoyed my experience there so much.
Mondrian Mondrian2 Mondrian3 This cabana space beats any I've seen at any of the luxury hotels I've visited in Hollywood hands down. Fireplace, flat screen TV anyone?
Mondrian4 Later on in the day, I'm sure this would have been packed with guests, but for that moment in time, it was all mine. Pure relaxation and so peaceful. I loved it.
Mondrian18 After swimming a few laps, showering and packing up, I went down to enjoy breakfast at the restaurant on site.
Mondrian17 Here's a little tour to the restaurant.
Mondrian19 Care for a ride? Numerous sports cars were lined up last night because this was the place to be after the Eat, Drink and Be Pretty event. We saw quite a few people from that event had wandered over as we were leaving.
Mondrian15 Just outside the front lobby. Isn't that inviting? I enjoyed the pink and Western accents throughout the lobby too.
Mondrian13 Mondrian11
Mondrian10 Mondrian9
Mondrian12 I loved how this room glowed with a soft pink light. So welcoming and sexy!
Mondrian5 And for a completely different motif, check out the restaurant. I believe it's Asia de Cuba, but am afraid I forget which one I visited. Isn't it fun?
Mondrian6 Mondrian8 Mondrian7 I didn't see anyone famous while staying there, but that wasn't the reason I chose to stay here. I appreciate quality, excellence and exquisite surroundings which this property definitely offers. The food was delicious and the ambiance perfect.

I would wager to say, almost more than my local LA version, but having never stayed there, only attended private parties, I can't say for sure.

Maybe that will be my next visit....

Here's some highlights of our drive home. The scenery is visually stunning, although have to admit after awhile it begins to all look the same. That said, I thought some of you who have never driven this route might appreciate seeing this great land through my eyes.

Best Dinasor  Musuem2 We didn't have time to stop and visit, but there is a General George S. Patton Museum out in the middle of nowhere you might want to catch. Apparently, the cafe next door is where Chef Anthony Bourdain stopped during one of his road trip shows.

Could be a fun rest stop. We wouldn't know, although we did share some food there.
Musuem3 Musuem4 Musuem5 Mtns3 There are windmills as far as the eye can see in certain sections of the freeway. If you can believe it, I took these pix while driving because we were only going 20 mph since Coachella was happening that weekend nearby too. Everyone was driving home at the same time. We made pretty good time considering the amount of people who attend that music festival each year.
Finally, we arrived in Los Angeles and were greeted by the most amazing sunset. (For the record, I did not take these pix. lol) I love LA. No matter where I travel and live, I will always call California home. Sunset Sunset2

Questionable Politicians, taxation problems and all.:) That's all.

I hope you've enjoyed my tour of Scottsdale, AZ and have been enticed to visit this fascinating desert community. It's a quick getaway from Los Angeles and worth at least vacationing there once in your lifetime.

Have a good evening everyone. Thanks for stopping by. If you do stay at the Mondrian, tell 'em Joy sent you.:)

And people wonder why I don't cook at home...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Tonight I thought I'd be so smart and cook up the chicken breasts I've had thawing in my fridge over night. Well, my eyes are burning, I almost singed off all my eyelashes opening the oven door the first time to check on the birds, I've set off all the fire alarms in the entire building and my chicken still isn't cooked!

Just had to share because I think it's so funny. Now to get back to getting all the smoke out of my apartment and trying to appease my neighbors I've disturbed repeatedly tonight with all the fire alarm noises. OY!

Excuse me please.

The Shore Restaurant & Lounge sponsors Holiday Dessert Competition

The Shore Restaurant & Lounge has graciously agreed to host The South Bay Cooking & Culinary Meetup Group's first annual holiday dessert competition!

SHore from patio angle

The Shore is also celebrating winning First Place in California Dining on MyFoxLa and will be offering 1/2 price drinks and appetizers during the competition.

Start experimenting in your kitchen, because not only will the winner get bragging rights, but they can bring their family and friends and enjoy their dessert at The Shore Restaurant & Lounge for the month of DECEMBER!

The Shore Restaurant & Lounge offers a variety of internationally inspired entrees and salads created with authentic ingredients straight from local farmer's markets. Their A- List Executive Chef, David Linville - featured at October's Los Angeles Magazine's Food Event '08 will be judging the entrants! Chef & merrill

Stay tuned for dessert criteria! and more details!!

The winning recipe will be posted on The South Bay Cooking & Culinary Meetup Group site so it can also be enjoyed at home by all our members. When you RSVP to the Shore after our competition make sure you tell the host/hostess that you will be ordering the South Bay Dessert Winner.

The dessert competition takes place from 3:00 to 6:00 pm with the winner being announced at 5:15 pm.

Even if you aren't entering the contest come and support your fellow meetup members and join the party at The Shore Restaurant & Lounge in Hermosa Beach. We will be joined by the South Bay Professional Connection and Elite Singles By The Shore so its sure to be fun mixer, with new folks with whom we can mix and mingle as well as our old friends!

You must be signed up by November 23rd to enter a dessert. RSVP "yes" if you are entering a dessert at the site and RSVP by November 30th "maybe" if you are joining us for the party. Competition will be held on the patio.

Patio dining

To learn more about our hosts, visit their website: and and

Vote for The Shore to win Best of California Dining on MyFoxLA!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Please vote for The Shore Restaurant and Lounge to win Best of California dining on My Fox LA!

Tomorrow is the deadline - Sat. Nov 8 - sorry for the short notice, but just learned of this opportunity.

Please help us win by taking a moment to vote! Just click the link here:

Sign in and tell everyone why you think The Shore has the best internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine in Los Angeles! Thanks! Please tell your friends!

Empty shore from the front2

If we win, we will have a party to celebrate and those who vote will be invited! Thanks for helping make The Shore number one in Los Angeles for California dining!

Onto something a little more fun Domi & me out on the town - finally, right?

By Joy A. Kennelly

What I've been loving about being more vocal about my political beliefs is that it's sussing others out who normally don't say anything either. One friend teasingly (I hope she was teasing!) said she almost defriended me on Facebook when she saw who I was stumping for.

Then she said she thought most publicists were Dems to which I replied, if I only publicized things I personally agreed with life would be very boring and it's a very short-sighted way of doing business.

Another friend expressed concern that I might lose business over being so vocal. Maybe so. However, I don't mind, to be honest. If someone only doesn't want to work with me because of my politics then there's probably other reasons I wouldn't want to represent them either. If people are more evolved than just their politics, then I'm happy to work together.

Take my current Celebrity client, Domiziano Arcangeli, for instance. We're about as diametrically opposed on numerous political and moral issuse as you can get, but we respect and understand each other and appreciate those differences while learning from each other.

Same with many of my other liberal friends whom I deeply love and care about.

Just because someone disagrees with me is no reason not to be friends! That's what makes life interesting! I learn from them and they (sometimes) learn from me.:) If all we focused on were our differences then maybe we wouldn't be friends for as long as we have been, but we have so many other things in common above and beyond politics and religion it makes our friendships/relationships richer and deeper.

I LOVE hearing about the Jewish practices my friend Shana shares with me. I love it. I also love hearing people's opinions about the debate, this race, and race, gender issues in general. I think there's room in this world for all kinds of beliefs and experiences. I also believe we're all allowed to have our own opinions and express them which I will do until the day I die and support everyone else to do so too.

Apparently I'm not the only one to think so either according to this recent NY Times article entitled, Talking Politics in the Office by Journalist Lisa Belkin. Heres an excerpt I especially like which I hope I have followed, but know I probably haven't all the time.

"Jamie and Maren Showkeir, consultants specializing in workplace culture, and the authors of the book “Authentic Conversations: Moving from Manipulation to Truth and Commitment,” have some tips on what to avoid when engaging in political conversation in the office: don’t assume your co-workers share your political views and opinions; don’t abuse your power or position, avoid making politics personal; discuss rather than debate; and try to find common ground."

I do like intelligent discussions, but being battered by someone doesn't feel good. If you have felt battered by me. I'm sorry. Now that I'm more cognizant of this fact I will try to be more balanced. However, I have to admit I did send that girl from my earlier post who sent me 12 pro-Obama newsletters a big fat email with my personal opinions from recent blogs which tipped her over the edge.

I don't mind though because now she's stopped bugging me. LOL Couldn't help myself. :) Last time though I promise. (Unless she pisses me off again.)

In any case, here's some fun pix from the other night's red carpet event up at Les Deux (sp?) in Hollywood against child pornography which was a lot of fun even though it's a very serious subject.

Really helped clear the brain to have some fun and discuss something other than politics. My client Domiziano Arcangeli was interviewed because his art house Italian film, House of Flesh Mannequins, directly relates to this issue.

(The trailer is really gory, sexual and gross because it's a horror so be warned. Very artistic though.:) It's definitely causing a stir in Italy with the Catholic Church. Domi and I laugh all the time that I'm involved with him because of this. Oh well. What can I say? I try to be open-minded about repping artists. However, it's not a film I'll be watching any time soon. He knows it too. We're cool.)

Here's a little behind-the-scenes of what goes on at red carpet events in case you ever wondered.

Vip check-in Domi & interviewer Domi & camera 2nd interview 2nd interview4 Behind the scenes Domi back interview2 Me & dom Happy domi D & j Domi bumped into his Actor friend, Jeffrey James Lippold, who had been in the Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf film with him. We all had fun hanging out together. Isn't he a cutie patootie? Uh oh, I think I'm being a cougar right now. Better pull my claws back in. :)

Jeffrey Mad dom Me & g Domi's Italian friend, Giovanni, came along to keep us company too. He doesn't speak much English, but enjoys hanging out with us because we're always laughing and joking around.
Possessed d & j Wouldn't this picture make you LOL? That's what I mean. We always goof around taking pix like Japanese tourists. Sometimes Domi has to tell me to put the camera away because it's too much.:)

Trio Trio2 We sure had fun that night. Ready for the next event! Have a good one.

Oh, because I've been so consumed with politics I haven't shared the latest and the greatest regarding Free Life International! We just launched a healthy energy drink called Chi3 Energy. You can buy some at my site: It's less expensive than buying the straight GoChi Juice and has an ounce of GoChi in it too.

I recommend taking it early in the day though because I was going till 3am the couple of times I drank it. I never crashed which was nice. Just would like to get to sleep earlier!:) Here's a new website designed to answer your questions about the product called:

You can always buy it directly through me, or go to my online website to experience it and they will ship it directly to you:

What does Chi3 Energy do?

You'll feel alert, focused, and ready to go without the jitters or the sugar crash that can come from drinking high-calorie canned energy drinks. Learn more about Chi3 Energy

What's it for?

There may be other energy drinks, but there's only one king of the mountain, and that's Chi3 Energy. It's the only energy drink powered by GoChi®, the incredible goji berry super juice that's been clinically shown to increase energy, fight fatigue, and improve mental function and athletic performance. Read Chi3 Energy

What's in it?

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Okay, that's all for now. Back to my regularly scheduled day. Just felt like lightening the mood a bit. My back is feeling much better thanks to the great care of my Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Palmer. He employs active release techniques in addition to traditional chiropractic treatments and it's been working wonders!

I can't wait till I can start wearing heels again, but now I can sit on a wood chair without much pain; I can drive farther and not experience the excruciating neck pain that has been debilitating; I'm sleeping better; my TMJ is improving too.

Helps that I've also been drinking my GoChi Juice again. Great anti-inflammatory. Highly recommend it!

Have a great weekend! Let me know if you want to try some Chi3! I sell it independently, or you can buy it off my website: Thanks.

Huckabee, Obama, McCain, AVP's, & The Shore Restaurant and Lounge

By Joy A. Kennelly

Watching the new Huckabee Show - did you know it existed? I didn't till now. Very interesting. Geraldine Ferraro,  Dave Ramsey, and cute Elizabeth Hasselbeck were on it.

I've put a link to Whoopi Goldberg's opinion on racism that Elizabeth counteracts tearfully on The View. It is worth watching if you're curious about another perspective than mine. Dave is actually a Christian financial guy who has a very popular radio program.

Huckabee was asking what everyone recommended for the financial situation which I've not been listening to very closely, but wanted to tell you what type of guests he had on. The VP of Fox Business referred people to the Community Reinvestment Act to see what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were originally designed to accomplish. Click on the link if you're curious.

This is too cute. Huckabee's closing his show with what sounds like a church band what with all the guitars, doing a cover of Only in America sung a little off-key and not very passionately. Too cute. Go Huckabee. Guess he's clinging to his church roots.

Oh, and because some don't always read comments, I'm reposting some key links a friend sent me that you might not have heard or read before re: Obama's connection to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and his personal pay-out (above others who've been statesmen longer!)

I'm doing it here because generally whatever I link to rises to the top of Google and this is important. Democrats, I dare you to watch and read this then comment:

Explosive Video, Fannie Mae CEO calling Obama and the Dems the "Family" and "Conscience" of Fannie Mae

And from Investor's Business Daily, The Real Culprits In This Meltdown

From a blog called, HotAir - Whose policies led to the credit crisis?

And the Holy Grail of the newspaper world, The New York Times, from September 11, 2003 New Agency Proposed to Oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Okay, enough of that. It is Saturday after all, but didn't want to leave that thought from yesterday just hanging there. Oh, and by the way, I really enjoyed hearing Obama speak during the debate last night. Surprised me at his knowledge of foreign relations, but did feel like I was being lectured by a college professor vs. someone with actual life experience as I felt when listening to McCain.

It's going to definitely be interested. Can't wait for the Palin/Biden debate next. I'm becoming my parents - help!

Here's some pix from fun events I've either attended, or thrown recently. The first is last Sunday's AVP's Men's championships with the recent Olympic athletes (whose names I don't know, but enjoyed viewing nonetheless. Oh, you can find out more by clicking on the link. Sorry, not that into sports, just hot guys. Especially shirtless ones. Now do you know why I love living near the beach? lol)

If you scroll down the pix fast enough it's almost you were watching them play!:) I thought this year's seating arrangements for the MB AVP's were the best ever. Lots of available viewing and seating for everyone.

Thank you AVP organizers!

Avp - best
Avp & Pier

Here's some highlights. One night I hit two back-to-back with a client and then had to dash down to The Shore for another one. Needless to say, I was emotionally, physically and mentally drained by the end of the night.

One particular event was to raise awareness for Project Reina which keeps African American and Latina women and girls HIV/AIDS free through the promotion of education, prevention and wellness. Go to for more information.

Actress Gina Ravera (The Closer, ER) started this movement and was on hand to promote the artist's work and her project. If I had known who she was (she's much smaller in person), I would have taken her pic too, but didn't open the press kit till just now. That's a bummer too because I really like The Closer. Oh well...

Signage pr

Outside This was such an elegant event it was really pleasant. Hated to leave.

Bmw4 Bmw1Bmw straightBrian2Group shotPartyChefLarry, will & friend


This was The Shore's BMW/Equinox USC v. OSU football game viewing party. Bummer for USC. We're an equal opportunity venue and will be hosting UCLA's Alumni Association on October 16 at The Shore for a wine tasting. All are welcome!

Okay, I think that's all for now!:)

The Shore presents a fun Equinox/BMW hosted USC v. OSU Football viewing party tonight!

Shore-Equinox-BMW Event 9-25-08

This evening is open to everyone and begins at 6pm. Those with an Equinox Membership card or BMW key will receive one free drink ticket at the door upon arrival. We're also serving discounted GoChi Cocktails, our $5, $6, $7 menu of delectable appetizers, a raffle, and free one week passes to Equinox South Bay.

Come by and visit even if just for a bit. Cheer for USC. Meet some new friends.

Would love to have you join us.

Any questions? Call The Shore Restaurant and Lounge at 310 376-0414.

The Shore Restaurant and Lounge for your reading and dining pleasure



Restaurant and Lounge


Empty shore from the front



·       FACT SHEET




Numerous Celebrities frequent * Acclaimed Live Entertainment * Special Events Planned


Hermosa Beach, CA Opened in March 2006, The Award-Winning Shore Restaurant and Lounge reflects the casual elegance of the South Bay, CA through its beautiful atmosphere, quality live entertainment, Celebrity clientele and full-service fine dining by Executive Chef David Linville, formerly of The Standard Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel, St. Regis Hotel and Mastros Beverly Hills. One of Hollywood’s A-List Chefs, Linville now serves award-winning internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine to the South Bay community and will be a featured Chef at Los Angeles Magazine’s October Taste of LA event.

Linville was one of the top private Yacht Chefs in 2007 for numerous A-List Celebrities, and The Shore’s celebrity and local clientele also appreciate his quality, down-home cooking. Since his arrival, The Shore Restaurant has received “Hippest Dining Spot,” “Best Dinner Menu,” and “Best New Dining Establishment” recognition in the South Bay.

The Shore’s upscale mix of creative “fusion” and traditional menu items offer a variety of internationally inspired appetizers, salads, entrees, and side dishes created with authentic ingredients straight from local farmer’s markets and international sources. The basis for Chef David’s cooking always begins with quality products.

            Appetizers include a diverse mix of cuisine designed to appeal to a discerning palate and those seeking lighter fare:  Garlic shrimp sautéed in a compound butter served with goat cheese ciabatta crustinis, baby Crimini mushrooms stuffed with baby spinach, shallots and Applewood smoked bacon; Ginger soy marinated poki diced and tossed with fresh avocado served with homemade Asian shaved pickled cucumbers and fried wontons; Katsu chicken, a Japanese fried chicken served with sticky white rice and homemade ginger pineapple teriyaki sauce; and pan seared filet mignon Carpaccio seasoned with smoked pepper and garnished with aged Balsalmic reduction and fried capers served with mixed greens.

Fresh seasonal salads include: Caesar salad with wasabi Caesar dressing, The Shore salad comprised of Romaine, dried cranberries, toasted pine nuts, and shaved apples with a white balsamic raspberry goat cheese vinaigrette, and homemade mozzarella Caprese salad with organic heirloom tomatoes, served with garden fresh basil and drizzled with an aged Balsamic reduction.

Sophisticated, yet authentic entrees include: Argentine prepared Chimichuri skirt steak served with crispy fries and mixed green salad; Tabasco marinated southern fried chicken and buttermilk Belgium waffles and maple syrup; ginger miso glazed halibut served with a yakisoba noodle stir fry; pacific sea bass served with sautéed heirloom tomatoes, capers and basil Chive truffle oil; pan seared scallops with a sweet corn and huitlacoche mushroom veloute’; and pan seared filet mignon served on top of greens with a port wine reduction sauce.

          Sides include: Imported Old Amsterdam aged gouda mac and cheese, farmer’s market organic seasonal veggies sautéed with French butter tossed with Japanese bread crumbs, roasted Russian and purple Peruvian fingerlings, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and sautéed Crimini mushrooms.

The Shore offers a complete, diverse international wine list designed to complement any meal with ½ price wine bottles and wine tastings on Tuesdays. A range of all spirits, including top shelf beverages, are also available.

            The Shore is a hotspot for celebrities, sports figures, and Hollywood A-listers.  Guests have included Actor Benicio Del Toro, Mark Cuban and local South Bay resident, Model Rachel Hunter; Singer - Songwriter Alanis Morissette, Oingo Boingo, Devo, Elan, No Doubt, The Bravery, and Dramarama, and sports players from the LA Lakers (Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Jordan Farmar, former Lakers - Kwame Brown, Ronny Turiaf) the LA Kings (Derek Armstrong, Anze Kopitar, Michael Cammarelli), the Anaheim Ducks (George Parros, Sean O’Donnell), the LA Clippers (Shaun Livingston, Paul Davis), members of the LA Galaxy Soccer Team and the Buffalo Bills, World Champion Surfing brothers, Timmy and Tom Curran, and local resident, Hall of Famer, Warren Moon, who all enjoy the excellent cuisine, the Shore’s well rounded international wine list, attentive servers, and beachside ambiance.

After 10pm, The Shore offers quality live entertainment, dancing and award-winning DJ’s. The Shore’s in-house Music Stylist and Co-Owner, Jason Baran, is responsible for creating the vibe and social scene that has the South Bay jammin’ weekly. With his finger on the musical pulse of Los Angeles, Jason, along with Oren Avineri of Listen Entertainment, books acclaimed musicians and bands that have a national following rarely seen in Hermosa Beach, CA. Musical acts/performers have included: Dirty Heads, Kua Ana, Pigeon John, B Side Players, Naked Rhythm and Ricky Rocks who competes every Thursday with DJ Dini, to name a few. Cover charges vary from $5 to $10 depending on the performer.

Special event hosting is available at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge.  Recent events have included Fundraisers such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Executive Lock-up, The South Bay Professional Connection’s Surfrider Benefit, and Project Touch; Professional Industry Events such as The South Bay Professional Connection Hospitality Appreciation Evening, The Hermosa Shorts Festival Kick Off Party, Hughes Aircraft Company Happy Hour, and Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce Mixer; and private events like the Table for Six Dining group, wedding receptions, Christmas and holiday parties, birthday parties, workshops, film shoots, and others.

Future special events include: Nebraska Cornhuskers, New York Jets and Sexy Single Parent Monday Night Football viewing parties, Equinox/BMW USC/OSU Football viewing party on September 25, IAI’s Wine,Women & Wealth Seminar on September 30, LandRover Wine & Cheese Tastings Tuesdays October 7 - 28, UCLA Alumni Association Wine Tasting on October 16, the Third Annual Shore Halloween costume party October 31, and Singles Coach Katherine Bougli’s Be Open to Love Workshop on November 18, with other events to be announced.

The Shore’s 3200 square foot venue combines a chic aesthetic for relaxed dining and a sophisticated lounge experience.  The Shore seats approximately 60 in the dining room, 30 in the bar and lounge, with an additional 34 on the patio. The entire occupancy is 180.


The Shore Restaurant and Lounge Co-Owner/Manager, Mike Sribney, is an accomplished local South Bay 20 year importer/entrepreneur, and also currently owns the Award-Winning Pedone’s Restaurant in Hermosa Beach. Co-Owner, Dr. Rainer Beck, a former Environmental Scientist and owner of Harvelle’s Blues Club Santa Monica, Trio By the Bay in Manhattan Beach and others, is a 30 year veteran of the restaurant and entertainment business. Co-Owner/Music Stylist, Jason Baran, previously created soundtracks for Lion’s Gate with Joel C. High and owns 5150 Music Management Company, in addition to managing the Shore Restaurant and Lounge’s musical line-up.


The Shore Restaurant and Lounge is open seven nights a week Monday through Friday from 5:00pm until 1:30am, Saturdays from 9:00am -1:30am, and Sundays 10:00am – 1:30am. A complimentary brunch buffet is served on Sundays until 12noon and a special lunch menu is served on the weekend to appeal to the sophisticated sports fan.

The Shore Restaurant and Lounge is located at 1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. For more information, please call 310 376-0414 or review:



CUISINE:               Internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine


LOCATION:            1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

PHONE:                 310 376-0414


EXECUTIVE CHEF:  David Linville


CO-OWNERS:        Mike Sribney, Dr. Rainer Beck, and Jason Baran

 PRICE RANGE:       Appetizers: $7 - $13

                                    Main Courses: $15 - $27

                             Complimentary Breakfast Buffet until 12noon on Sundays


RESERVATIONS:    Recommended, walk-ins accepted at the bar/lounge. Reservations can be made through


DRESS CODE:        Upscale casual


CAPACITY:             The Shore seats approximately 60 in the dining room, 30 in the bar and lounge, with an additional 34 on the patio. The entire occupancy is 180.


BAR:                      Full Bar


PARKING:              There is a public parking structure directly across the street with street parking available in the vicinity.


HOURS:                 Open seven nights a week, Monday through Friday from 5:00pm until 1:30am, Saturday 9:00am – 1:30am and Sunday 10:00am – 1:30am.




Chef headshot - bl wh sm CHEF DAVID LINVILLE 

Chef David Linville grew up in the Central Valley of Northern California near the San Joaquin River where he experienced the typical Tom Sawyer country life. His early experiences in the kitchen were at the side of his grandmother as she used the garden fresh tomatoes and wild mustard greens he brought home from the fields for her to cook with.

Chef David took his first cooking job in a seafood restaurant at the age of 16 and quickly found himself at home. Traveling extensively throughout Europe, living in Amsterdam and on the Gold Coast of Spain a few years later, he absorbed the local foods and flavors. He continues to apply these experiences and foods to his cooking style today.

His background includes LA’s most prestigious restaurants and hotels, such as the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey, St. Regis Hotel, Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica, Mastros Beverly Hills and The Standard Hotel on Sunset. He has also worked as a sought after private chef on yachts for some of Hollywood's elite. He currently is the Executive Chef at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge in Hermosa Beach, CA. He resides in Venice Beach, CA.

Chef David’s deep-rooted, down home childhood is quite evident in his cooking style of internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine and his gracious table manner. He firmly believes that fresh quality ingredients combined with passion create a happy table.

What a relaxing Sunday - new friends, great food, cool music - funny searches

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today was a great day. Hit the Taste of Santa Monica with my new friend Virginia from my Elite Singles by The Shore group, who ironically enough knows that drunk guy who wouldn't leave my bed the other morning. That made us both laugh. Meetup is just too small a community. LOL

The other funny thing is that someone just Googled the online networking group I was part of with the words Right Wing to find my blog. Never been called that before - EVER. Made me LOL too. People are too funny. I guess compared to some people I am, but I prefer the word moderate.

In any case, I'm tired of the political talk. Time to move on. Now I just find it humorous. That's the thing with me. I'm Irish and I get real angry when people push me too far, but once I'm angry and express myself it's over and I forget about it.

Sometimes the people I get mad at don't forget and I really probably should apologize to that woman.

Later.... HA!

Back to something more happy. Taste of Santa Monica was DELISH! The weather was just right - not too hot, not too cold although a little overcast, but that made all the colors of everything really pop. Plus, the variety of food was wonderful. My faves were Chez Jay, Hotcakes Bakes, The Lobster, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Angelato Cafe and El Cholo. Don't I have plebian taste? LOL Can't help it. I'm not a foodie, but love food.

What was really cool to learn just a bit ago is that Virginia has the same photographic eye as I do (even better actually, but she's a professional whereas I'm just playing around. That said, it seems people like my pix.) We even took the same shots of certain things.

What a cool thing to find because that's the reason I normally take all the pix. No one has the same storytelling eye as me until now. I'm so happy about that. YEAH! Here's some of my shots from today. If you join my group, then you'll see Virginia's talents.






Alicia and marne
The girl in the pic above on the left is my friend Alicia I haven't seen in years! I bumped into another old friend, Leslie, there too which was fun. She had helped me with a few of my parties at World Cafe and The Mix back in the day. Very fun day.
Forgot to mention, I got invited to speak to students at USC regarding integrated marketing. We'll see what happens with that. Very happy about that too.

Very soon I will be able to share with you what all I've been working on which is a lot. Very happy with the way things are playing out there too. Can't wait to share. Think you'll like it too. May even surprise you. Stay tuned.

Oops, Entourage is on. Really must go. (I love the Ari character.)

Then out to hear Naked Rhythm - I worked all weekend and need a break. This band performed for Sting's birthday and I'm really curious to hear them.

Have a good one.

Sri Lanka Day 8/23 10am - 10pm Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica

Seeing as I now have pictures of this event and more information to share I thought I'd post it here. I love the Sri Lankan people and hope you will join us this Saturday for a bunch of cultural events celebrating this country and people.

Here's the official press release from The Sri Lanka Foundation: SLF_Logo

The Sri Lanka Foundation today announced that the annual ‘SRI LANKA DAY’ will take place on Saturday the 23rd August 2008 on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  Since its inception in 2006, Sri Lanka Day includes the best of Sri Lankan culture and food from Wilshire Blvd to Arizona Ave, making Sri Lanka Day the biggest event held at the Promenade.  All Sri Lanka day festivities are free to the public, and all are welcome to attend.

 Sri Lankan Food                                         

Sri Lanka Day is perhaps the only day of the year people in Los Angeles are able to have a taste of Sri Lankan food in a fun and festive environment, which is cooked live in the most exciting of ways.  Thousands of families living in Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles have fallen in love with the food offered at Sri Lanka Day since the first Sri Lankan Day in 2006 and now people from San Francisco and even Canada make this their annual pilgrimage to quench their appetite for spicy, exotic Sri Lankan food.   

The favorite Sri Lankan foods available are Hoppers- a crispy, pancake- type item made with many a twirl. The edges are crispy and the middle is soft. Hoppers are usually eaten with meat or vegetable curry. Kottu Roti-similar to a Mongolian barbecue- is made, with eggs, meat and vegetables-a treat to watch the cooking and tastes so good! String hoppers- a soft stringy- type item accompanied by curry. Sri Lankan Food Pol rotti-bread made of flour and coconut-served with spicy onions or curry. Sri Lankan savory short eats-that’s the name for Sri Lankan snacks similar to Tapas and Empanadas-once you start with these you can't stop! Of course, they’ll be lots of Rice and curry-made Sri Lankan style. And no Sri Lankan food festival would be complete without Sri Lankan Sweets-Colorful and sweet.

Sri Lanka Day Parade

At 4 P.M the Sri Lanka Day parade will take place with Sri Lankan dancers, drummers, masked performers, flag bearers and a theatre elephant to pay honor to an ancient parade that occurs annually in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Parade

 The Sri Lanka Day Parade is the most important event of Sri Lanka Day because of its ancient religious and cultural significance to Sri Lankans. The Sri Lanka Day Parade pays homage to the annual “Esala Perahera” held in the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka in which hundreds of dancers, drummers, flag bearers, masked performers and elephants adorned with beautiful garments parade through the city. All performers and elephants in the “Esala Perahera” are pledged from various Hindu kovils, Buddhist temples and individuals who volunteer their time and resources as a sacred duty.

 The religious importance of the “Esala Perahera” is that it is dedicated to the sacred tooth relic belonging to the Buddha. The sacred tooth relic is kept in custody of the “Temple of the Tooth” in the city of Kandy on behalf of the ruler of Sri Lanka and the custody of the tooth ensures the divine right to rule the land. The “Esala Perahera” is the only occasion where the sacred tooth relic is taken out of the temple and it is carried in a casket on top of an elephant.

 Sri Lanka Foundation is proud that we have been able to organize the Sri Lanka Day Parade with full support of the Sri Lankan community in Southern California and are able to share our rich heritage in America.

Miss Sri Lanka America and Miss Teen Sri Lanka America pageant

The stage on Broadway and 3rd Street corner will be hosting the Miss Sri Lanka-America and the Miss Teen Sri Lanka America beauty pageants, a fashion show and teen dance crews. Sri Lankan Beauty Pageant You will see the beauties parading in colorful traditional Sri Lankan clothing including jacket and cloth and saris, evening wear and competing in a talent contest for the crown.  The uniqueness of the Miss Sri Lanka America and Miss Teen Sri Lanka America is the focus on Sri Lankan culture and a relaxing of traditional pageant perimeters, opening the contest to all types of beauty: the conventional, the unconventional, the hidden, the incongruous, and the subjective.

Sri Lankan- American rapper DeLon will make a special stage appearance here at the Broadway and 3rd Street stage. There will be lots of dance crews and DJ’s from Los Angeles to entertain the crowds.

A fashion show featuring models adorned in Sri Lankan batiks and other Sri Lankan clothing will take place at the same stage.

 Non-stop Entertainment

The stage on Wilshire and 3rd Street corner will host Sri Lankan and American musicians and dancers that will keep the audience entertained from 10 AM-10 PM. You will see the traditional Sri Lankan “Kandyan” dancers and drummers, Bharatha Natyam dancers perform throughout the day.  These traditional Sri Lankan performers are a rare treat in Southern California and usually attract many Asian dance enthusiasts and shutterbugs to see their mesmerizing performance.

There will be special dance performances highlighting the religious and cultural events important to the Sri Lankan community. This stage will come alive with the Sri Lankan American bands “Heat”, “Beyond Asia”, “Strangers” and a performance by George Rutnam’s band playing popular Sri Lankan and western music until 10 PM.

  Information about Sri Lanka Day and Sri Lanka Foundation is available via the Internet at:


Sean Rosenthal, Benicio Del Toro and other hotties...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Everyone keeps searching to see if Sean Rosenthal is Jewish. Now I can't say for sure, but with a last name like that I wouldn't doubt, would you? Anyone watching the Olympics and care to share how he's doing? Go Sean! Click on his name for his bio - just thought I'd help you out in your search.

Speaking of hotties, just learned that last night the incredibly sexy, smokin' hot, extremely talented Actor Benicio Del Toro was hanging out at The Shore and hit Pedone's afterwards. Very cool. No, I mean hot. I don't know what I mean he's got me all aflutter. LOL

And I didn't even see him! But I heard from a very reliable source he was there. Bet you didn't know this, but we've actually had quite a few celebrities dine at The Shore. Sexy places draw sexy people, what can we say?
ShoreBar2  SHore from patio angle

Patio dining2
Maybe one of these days I'll share a list of our celebrity guests with you if you're good.

Okay, that's all for now. Just felt like sharing because it made my day to hear the news. Now to go hit the beach. Isn't this the best weather? And the ocean has been simply wonderful lately too.

Gotta love it. Happy Sunday everyone. If I feel in the mood I'll upload today's sermon which was really good. Last weeks' was good too, but it hit a little too close to home and I needed to let it digest before I posted it. Maybe I'll include it too so you can see what I mean. That Pastor Jim Mackinga - he's speaking the truth even when you don't want to hear it!:)

Last night at The Shore's Kick Off Party for the Hermosa Shorts Fest!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Okay, I cheated. I snuck out before uploading the pix to watch some shorts over at the Hermosa Shorts Festival, but I'm back because I remember now why I don't produce short festivals any more. Nothing against the filmmakers or anyone else, I'm just so burnt out after having done that for five years of my life I just can't watch another one no matter how good they are!

That said, I had a GREAT time at the kick off party last night. When I first arrived it was very quiet and I was a little worried, but I shouldn't have been. Before long the place was packed with happy people enjoying all the aps Chef Dave was sending out and all the drinks Mike and Heather were serving.

I was running between the red carpet and the main room all night gathering people together for pix which was fun. Here's some for your enjoyment now, but we do have others coming since they had a photographer stationed at the red carpet who got some great shots:

Hermosa shorts entry-2

Who likes Short Shorts? We like Short Shorts! Remember that old commercial?

This is the calm before the storm as event staff waits for filmmakers and other special guests to arrive on the red carpet for their close-up.

Annalise & friend enjoying shrip -sm
Annalise came back and brought a friend to enjoy Chef Dave's cooking after joining us recently for a tasting party for her engineer group's special event consideration.

Group food shot sm

These guys liked it too. The guy on the left distributes short films and was looking for fresh talent.

Alana & Mandy2

Alana and Mandy, just some of the cute waitresses from The Shore. They're the sweetest, nicest girls.

Bar2 Mike, the bartender, is the nicest guy too. Everyone at The Shore is nice.

Bar scene2  
Tom listens intently to some of the filmmakers while Actor Patrick Kilpatrick does the same in the background.

Bar scene1sm
Mike was busy all night long!

This was a light summertime snack someone ordered - caprese salad anyone?

Chef & food2
Hungry? asks Chef Dave. How about some of my signature stuffed mushrooms, filet mignon or salad?

Chef & melissa2
Chef Dave & Melissa Todd, host/model with a new look.

Chef with tattoos2
Our Chef David Linville is one bad ass. He does martial arts training six days a week. Don't mess with him!

Kit & tom2 City Council Member, Kit Bobko, and Tom Kearney.

Me & kit2 - best Me and Kit. He always makes me smile because he's so handsome and nice. Wouldn't you get involved in politics too? Thanks for coming Kit!

Joy & Joy1-sm Me with Jazz Singer, Joy Rushing. We're the Joy's of Hermosa Beach. She's performed all over Los Angeles and is one of my friends down here.

Mel & friend2 Host/Model, Melissa Todd, with her best friend whose name unfortunately escapes me. Thanks for coming Melissa!

Chef, brian, tom2
Chef David Linville, The Shore's Bostonian General Manager, Brian Kelleher, and Hermosa Shorts Festival Director, Tom Kearney

Chef, mk, ms2
Chef came out of the kitchen to have fun on the red carpet with City Council Member, Michael Keegan, who arrived later and The Shore Co-Owner, Mike Sribney. Michael Keegan owns Manhattan Bread & Bagel over in Manhattan Beach so when you're in need of some of the best, go there.

Below, Mike Sribney (who also owns Pedone's Pizzeria voted Best Pizza in the South Bay by both the Daily Breeze and The Easy Reader) is joined by his lovely wife, Kristina, and Actor Domiziano Arcangeli.

Christine, mike, domi2

Actor Domiziano Arcangeli, recent recipient of the Golden Halo Award, was surrounded by beautiful women of the Hermosa Shorts Festival.

Domi with women-sm
 Equinox Corporate Executive, Shayline; Actress Melinda Bennett; Kiwanis Member, Pat Love; Volunteer Extraordinary, Vicki Hanson; and Hermosa Shorts Co-Founder, Maura Kearney.

Filmmakers2 Happy attendees.

Happy waiter2 Happy waiter.:)

Jr, pete & sienna2
Happy Hermosa Beach Mayor, JR Reviczky, and City Council Member, Pete Tucker and his lovely wife, Sienna all came to support the Hermosa Shorts Festival. Thanks for coming!

Patrick & guest2 

Happy Actor/Producer, Patrick Kilpatrick with a beautiful fan. Thanks for coming Patrick! He and I have been friends for a long time. He was one of the original board members of my shorts fest, Short Pictures International Film Festival years ago. Very good guy.

Cop & christina2

Even a happy po po came to check out the Hermosa Shorts Festival. Keep him busy Kristina!:)
Almost all of Hermosa Beach City Council came to show support. Back row - City Council Members, Kit Bobko, Mayor JR Reviczky, Peter Tucker and his wife, Sienna. Front row - Hermosa Shorts Festival Founders, Tom & Maura Kearney, Beach Cities Health District Board Member, Joanne Edgerton (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong),The Shore Co-Owners, Kristina and Mike Sribney and Actor/Producer, Patrick Kilpatrick.

We have another pic with more people that I'll upload once I receive it too ok? Below are the Owners, Jason & Mike, with Kristina, Melissa and Patrick. We all agreed, Jason was the hardest working man of the evening.

Owners, mel, pat2  

Me & sam2

Former City Council Member/Mayor, Sam Edgerton, even came out to show his support. He sat on Hermosa Beach City Council for 16 years.

Tom & art - sm Another former City Council Member (and probably Mayor too - sorry I don't remember, but if you tell me Art, I'll change this), Art Yoon, enjoyed receiving the special goody bags Equinox prepared for everyone.

Equinox & sribney2 Speaking of Equinox, here's the Equinox team, Veronica, Larry, and Shayline along with The Shore Co-Owner Mike Sribney and his lovely wife, Kristina.

Thank you Larry! Thank you Equinox! I'll be curious to see how many people turn in their golf ball gifts for their free one week pass.

James playing guitar2
James McKenna entertained everyone acoustically until about 9pm then the dueling drummer/DJ began kickin' it up a notch. After that everyone was dancing and just having a blast. Even the LA Kings came in towards the end. Very nice hunky guys. My camera battery died and I really didn't want to disturb their privacy so it's just as well.
Drummer & dancing2 Crowd2 Group3

I caught HB Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Carla Merriman, on her way out to snap this shot with Mike and Larry.
Mike, carla, larry2 Tom & guests
Tom did not mind his job as Festival Director one bit last night despite having recently had foot surgery to mend a ripped Achilles I believe. Whatever it is, it was extremely painful. The injury, not posing with these beautiful women. Probably made the pain go away a little more too, right Tom? :)

Rox & guests-sm
In the pic above is Tom's surgeon on the left and Roxanne Messina Captor in red, who used to run the SFO International Film Festival, Ken Unger on her right, and her friends, Harold and his wife, on her left.

Roxanne had a film showcased in last year's Hermosa Shorts Festival featuring Harry Shearer and Shelly Long and is good friends with Francis Ford Coppola if I remember correctly. We've been friends for awhile, but I'm tired so bear with me.
Larry & roxanne2
Don't you love Larry's shirt? The body is a temple - Attract worshipers. I'll worship you Larry! LOL He's the GM of Equinox and such a great guy. We're going to start doing more events together soon. Can't wait!

Roxanne teaches yoga and other classes at Equinox when she's not busy writing and doing entertainment stuff. I'm sure she's quite good at yoga because she was a dancer all her life too. Very interesting woman.

Tom, joy, domi, chef, patrick, maura3-best

These folks are fun and interesting too. Tom, Joy, Domiziano, Patrick, Chef, and Maura.

And with this pic, I close.

Tom & Maura
Hermosa Beach Shorts Festival Founders and Husband and Wife team, Tom & Maura Kearney - some great people who are making Hermosa Beach popular with filmmakers and the world.

Don't forget, this Sunday is a free beach screening of all the best shorts of the festival as soon as the sun goes down. Also, there's a closing night party at the Hermosa Beach Community Center where all the films are screening at 10pm Saturday night.

You know where you'll find me!:)

Have a good one everyone. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics! . Very cool to have so many South Bay residents competing in the Olympics this year too!

Oh, and here's a few links to websites with the results of the International Surf Festival last weekend too in case you're curious: (The Beach Reporter) and (The Easy Reader)

Enjoy the read!

Tonight The Shore hosts the Hermosa Shorts Festival Kick Off Party!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Tonight is the Kick Off Party for the Hermosa Shorts Festival at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge in Hermosa Beach at 7pm. The Shore doesn't close till 1am. Don't forget to come!

Goody bags sponsored by Equinox include a one week's pass to their amazing brand new gym over on Rosecrans and Isis right off the 405. When you go, tell 'em Joy Kennelly sent you. And yes, I do get credit, so do it please!:)

Discounts from Pedone's Pizzeria, Lhea Beauty and Body Collection, The Shore and info on Shops@1601 (which by the way has amazing designer clothing. I don't know why they're only showing candles since that's a very small part of their clothing stores for men and women!) and the Hermosa Shorts Festival are included too.

Could be some additional surprises if certain things fall into place in time. You'll just have to come to find out for yourself! Thank you Joy and Vicki for helping stuff them yesterday!

    Executive Chef David Linville will serve his signature internally inspired CA comfort cuisine from 7:30pm - 9:30pm for filmmakers, VIP's, Sponsors, Hermosa Beach City Officials, Kiwanis members, and all the film lovers planning to attend.

I just had a tasting dinner last night with some guests at The Shore and Chef's food is to die for! Every single time I go Chef creates something new and every single time it's absolutely delicious. Last night's stand out was the Chicken and Belgium Waffles! YUMMY!!!!

Chicken & Waffles2

I'm addicted to his mushrooms too. I think I have to find a way to exercise with my back injury or I'm going to continue gaining weight quickly. Good thing the ocean is only a block away. I absolutely love floating in the cool water and ducking under waves as I swim out past the breaking water. Pure fun.Mushrooms2

No host bar tonight by the way. Please drink responsibly! This is Cougar Mama Joy ready to spank you if you get out of hand. And I do mean it young un's.
    The Kick Off party at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge launches the Hermosa Shorts Festival which runs through Sunday, August 10, 2008 in Hermosa Beach, CA with screenings, workshops and special events including a special beach screening of all the top films on Sunday evening when it gets dark. For more information on the Hermosa Shorts Festival: or call 310 430-8609.


Opened in March 2006, The Shore Restaurant and Lounge reflects the casual elegance of the South Bay, CA through its beautiful atmosphere and quality dining by Executive Chef David Linville, formerly of The Standard Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel and Mastros Beverly Hills.

Many famous celebrities and sports players from the Lakers, LA Kings, LA Clippers, LA Galaxy Soccer Team also enjoy the excellent food menu, well rounded international wine list, and beachside ambiance. After 10pm, The Shore also offers live music, dancing and top quality DJ's. 

The Shore Restaurant and Lounge is located at 1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 5:00pm - 1:00am. Saturday and Sunday 1:00pm - 1:00am. Happy Hour Specials from 5:00pm - 7:30pm. For more information, please call 310 376-0414 and review:

Hermosa Shorts Film Festival Kick Off Party at The Shore Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 7pm

 Shorts postcard




Hermosa Beach, CA The Shore Restaurant and Lounge in Hermosa Beach to host the Hermosa Shorts Festival Kick-Off Party, on Thursday, August 7, 2008 from 7:00pm – 12:00am. Executive Chef David Linville will serve his signature internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine from 7:30pm – 9:30pm Mushrooms2 for filmmakers, and VIP’s,Sponsors, Hermosa Beach City Officials, Kiwanis members, Founders Tom & Maura Kearney and Greg Wyatt, and other film lovers who will attend. No host bar, complimentary appetizers. Space is limited.

        Invited & confirmed celebrities for the The Shore's Hermosa Shorts Festival Kick Off party  include: Actor/Producer, Patrick Kilpatrick, TV Land’s She’s Got the Look Model Finalist Melissa Todd, Actors Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry, Award winning Actor, Domiziano Arcangeli, Arcangeli_Domiziano_0263 and over 80 local and international Filmmakers.

        The Kick Off party at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge launches the Hermosa Shorts Festival which runs through Sunday, August 10, 2008 in Hermosa Beach, CA with screenings, workshops and special events. For more information on the Hermosa Shorts Festival: or call 310 430-8609. 


        Opened in March 2006, The Shore Restaurant and Lounge reflects the casual elegance of the South Bay, CA through its beautiful atmosphere Empty shore from the front2 and quality dining by Executive Chef David Linville, formerly of The Standard Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel and Mastros Beverly Hills. Scallops-sm

        Many famous celebrities and sports players from the Lakers, LA Kings, LA Clippers, LA Galaxy Soccer Team also enjoy the excellent food menu, well rounded international wine list, and beachside ambiance. ShoreBar2 After 10pm, The Shore also offers live music, dancing and top quality DJ’s.        

        The Shore Restaurant and Lounge is located at  1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. For more information, please call 310 376-0414 and review:

This totally cracks me up - you'll love it too. Also, Ken & Kent's NY Deli- delish!

By Joy A. Kennelly

You never know how you come across until you see someone searching for you on Google using this description: "christian woman with a drinking problem joy kennelly"

I roared when I read that because whoever you are, you must not know me at all. I do not have a drinking problem. I joke about drinking, but that's all. Joking! I actually don't like the taste of beer or wine and only drink mixed drinks when I do (which is rarely if that.)

If anything, I have issues with other people's drinking, not my own. Your search made my day. Totally hilarious. Sorry to disappoint you person who is searching for that Christian woman with a drinking problem. You have the wrong Joy Kennelly.

I can't wait to tell my friends because they'll laugh just as hard. I love making people laugh and unfortunately, sometimes people just don't understand my sense of humor. Oh well. Can't please everyone!

Note to people who don't understand sarcasm - when I joke about drinking - it's only that. A joke. Got it? Good. I'm in Al-Anon for heaven's sake - not AA!

Wasn't going to blog right now, but after reading that, just had to. Can't have people thinking I'm a lush when I'm so not. Ask any of my friends and church members. They can vouch for me. You made my day.
On another note, popped into the new Ken & Kent's NY style deli that just opened up down here in Hermosa Beach and man is that place great! Click here for the write up in The Easy Reader - pix too!

Whoever booked their Easy Reader full page ad should be commended because that's what made me want to go there in the first place. Sometimes you just want to eat Jewish NY Style, right?

Highly recommend their pastrami sandwiches - fresh, moist, lean pastrami piled high on whatever bread you like with two sides - I had macaroni salad and baked beans- quite the carbo load meal!

My waitress was very attentive and sweet, the place itself is sparkling new with great skylights to create natural lighting, every dish looks great, their silverware is so new it sparkles too, their deli counter is huge, and prices typical of your average NY style deli.

Oh, and did you enjoy that little earthquake today? Pretty strong! At first I thought my downstairs neighbor was dropping something heavy, but when everything in my place started swaying I realized this was a pretty big earthquake.

Just another day in Sunny LA! Hope you're having a good one.

Stay out of trouble and watch out for Christian women with drinking problems. They might have a sense of humor about themselves!

I can't get enough of Coldplay's Viva La Vida! What about you?

By Joy A. Kennelly

I don't know what it is about that Coldplay song, Viva La Vida, but it always makes me speed extremely fast with the song loudly blaring with all my windows down.

Every single time.

Especially on quiet streets with 35 mph speed limits - I blast down going around 60 mph. It's like my little rebellion. I can't help it. It's like great music is my speed. Don't tell.:) It has to be the aggressively strumming violins and the chorus where I can sing at the top of my lungs to release stress.

Doesn't hurt to drive a sports car too, but that won't be for long. Plus, that song doesn't come on too often unfortunately... or fortunately.

I heard it on the way to church and then when I got out. Fortunately, it was early and hardly anyone was out on the streets. I promise to stop. Really I do.

I think if I play this song at home I'd drive my neighbor crazy playing it over and over again. Especially when I don't know all the words and only belt out the chorus. Can you relate? There is just something about that song. I just love it. It's kind of primal scream therapy or something.

Now to listen to the rest of the album. I know, what's taking me so long? If I like one song, then I don't want to ruin it with another one till I'm saturated with my favorite first.

Big sigh. It's like cheating on a boyfriend. Not that I have or will. Cheat that is, or have a boyfriend for that matter, but still - I love Viva La Vida and Coldplay!

Now, moving right along. Want to hear what I learned in church today? If not, stop reading, but if you're curious enjoy the read.

The skit was right on target as always - about driving while talking on your cell and the ensuing ticket the dad received that the wife found out about through their innocent young daughter. Too funny! I especially liked it when the dad said, "It's a ridiculous law anyway." To which I said loudly, "Amen" making people laugh.

I hate not being able to talk as I drive. Now I'm afraid to put my mascara and makeup on while driving, paint my toes, shave my legs, eat food, steer with one knee while I put my hair up in a ponytail, or anything at all! Not fair.

(Oh, and for those who don't get my sense of humor - that is sarcasm people.)

Today's sermon by Pastor Jim Mackinga of Bay Cities Community Church is called:

Avoiding the Potholes in Life

James - Practical Christian Living

Part 16

Mistakes We Can Easily Make

1. Hurting Others With Words We Say.

James 4:11a

   11 -12Don't bad-mouth each other, friends. It's God's Word, his Message, his Royal Rule, that takes a beating in that kind of talk.

I wish a former client would read this and realize that as Pastor Jim said today, "Slander is the revenge of a coward." Slander is defined as, "a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name."

Hopefully the threatening letter I sent will shut her up once and for all. It's not my fault if the public and the media doesn't find someone of interest. It just isn't. Either they like you and want more of you, or not. Brutal truth. I don't understand it either, but that's the breaks with PR folks.

I do the same type of publicity for every client and sometimes they hit, and other times, they just don't. No matter how much I want them to, or will them to, or how hard I pitch. Especially when they stop right when they should be pushing forward because they're at a tipping point, but run out of money. Oh well.

PR can be somewhat luck of the draw - if you want guaranteed placement... Buy advertising.

But I digress. Just a sore point that's all. I'm not innocent of talking badly about people either, but it does hurt when you think someone would be happy with everything you accomplished together (which was a lot of work to get her to the point she is today - trust me!)

What's weird is that I've generally only had this trouble with certain female artists. Not all, just some who think they're more than they really are.

Oh dear, is that talking bad about someone? Darn it. It's hard isn't it? Okay, this really is all. I promise.

Thinking lovely thoughts, lovely thoughts, lovely thoughts...

Ephesians 4:31:

   31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior.

Colossians 3:8:
8 But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language.

(Now Pastor Jim was meddling. Just kidding. I forgot the Bible doesn't want us swearing. Duh! Just a little reminder that Christians are supposed to live differently than the world.)

2. Improper Response to God's Law & Word.

James 4:11b

If you criticize and judge each other, then you are criticizing and judging God’s law. But your job is to obey the law, not to judge whether it applies to you.

Matthew 22:35-40:
35 One of them, an expert in religious law, tried to trap him with this question: 36 “Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law of Moses?”

   37 Jesus replied,

“‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.[b] 40

The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”

Now this chapter was very convicting because as Pastor Jim pointed out, if we really are doing God's will, we will view everyone through God's eyes and love them as He does. Jim did admit it's harder with some people than others. Truer words have never been spoken. Ha!

3. Have a Wrong View of God Himself.

James 4:12:
12 God alone, who gave the law, is the Judge. He alone has the power to save or to destroy. So what right do you have to judge your neighbor? (God doesn't need your help judging. Get it? LOL)

James 2:8:

   8 Yes indeed, it is good when you obey the royal law as found in the Scriptures: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[a]

Philippians 2:3-4:

   3 Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.

This verse is the hardest to live out, but I'm trying. Care to join me?

How To Be Careful

  1. Continue to be concerned with your words.
  2. Learn to Submit to God's word.
  3. Understand who's really in control.
  4. Stop arrogance in every way you can.
Okay, that's all for today. May the reading of God's word bless and keep you until we meet again. Isn't that a nice closing? I've only heard it in Presbyterian churches, and I like it.

Happy Sunday! Now to get some work done.

I'm excited The Shore Restaurant and Lounge has a bunch of cool events coming up which I need to prep for. Just met with the organizers of the Hermosa Beach Shorts Fest and they will be hosting their Kick Off Party at the Shore on August 7 from 7pm - closing.

Plus,Actor Domiziano Arcangeli's Golden Halo Award for Acting Achievement from the Southern CA Motion Pictures Arts Council is right around the corner, August 4. Oy!

And you're all invited to everything too ok? See ya there!