Fall season's kick-off fashion show reviews

Good news – here’s some fun pix to share with you. The first one is Eric, my myspace friend. That was so fun to see him walk down the runway. Go Eric. Go Eric. Whoops, the pix are popping out below. Keep reading and you'll come to 'em.

Also, here’s some images from the 2BeFree show too. I’ve asked for some others because I saw brighter colors and more interesting shapes at the show that aren’t reflected here. Plus, these look like retail shots, not fashion show shots and are a little boring. Sorry, but that's the truth. Give me some Paris Hilton or whoever else was fun ok? Really now. 2befreeyogapant_2

Let’s see where to begin. How about if I share my Fashion Show experiences from Sunday first and depending how tired I am, since I’m bushed, I will go into OMMA. I promise. It really is good stuff and those of you interested in marketing anything need to know this.

Okay, moving right along. I went to my little Redeemer Presbyterian church on Sunday with my friend Debra who abruptly left me because she had an issue with the sound system affecting her hearing due to hearing trouble. No, we’re not rocking out there, but the sound was a little off and I could see why it would bother her.

I didn’t think anything of it until I realized I’d driven over with her and had left the invites to the shows in her car! Cindy, the pastor’s wife, was gracious though and offered to take me home. Thinking it would be late, I decided to leave at the break rather than wait till the end because I wanted to make sure to be on time to the first showroom.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I had accidentally locked myself out of the house and had to wait over an hour for my parent’s church to end so mom could bring me the spare and let me in. I was bummed because it was cold and I should have just stayed at my church, but whatever. Debra was nice and left2befreehoodie2_2 my invites in the mailbox.

Barely had time to eat and change before dashing off to the first of three shows that afternoon. I hadn’t really thought I’d be going to many, or any actually, because I had the two-day conference and was moving etc. etc., but it’s worked out that I’ve seen some real interesting ones.

I’m bummed I missed one tonight, but I think I was just so burnt out that’s why I accidentally left my badge at home and had to turn back. I have a lot of energy, but needed one day just to focus on myself. I have a lot of prepping to do for my Promote Yourself and Make More Money! class I'm teaching next week at the South Bay Adult School and needed to take care of that as a priority today.

So, back to fashion. Those of you in the area should check out Madewell Los Angeles store and tell me what you think. That’s the one I missed which I was bummed about because it was a brunch and private fall preview. Hopefully they’ll invite me again next time though. Apparently this store is the sister store to J. Crew and will be less expensive - cool, eh?


Aren’t the colors cool in these underwear? I think the style of underwear is very flattering (at least everything looked good on these guys. Now do you see why I was happy? It’s been too long God… Where is my knight in shining underwear?) Now do you see what I mean about a ripped body? OOH BABY!

My stylist friend, Nicole, who I’m always talking about was styling the Juan Carlos Obando show which I really wanted to see because it was so exclusive. Because I write about the shows in addition to bringing clients, I was able to attend.

I was glad because it was a very sophisticated and intimate affair. The clothing was very stream-lined, elegant and modern with striking black and white contrasts. I’ve never seen these shoes before, but there were quite a few spectator pumps with lace-ups- very cute. I also loved the slit tops that revealed, but didn’t hit you over the head with the sensuality hinting at the wonders beneath at each move.

I’m not sure how many good shots the photogs got because every time I went to shoot an image the dolly pulled camera that was filming the event on a circular track would block the model. It would be different if the models stayed a little longer to allow for still photography, but they didn’t. I’ll be curious to see what images come out of that show.

The video on it is fantastic though when watched in the lobby and you really got the feeling you were in a photo shoot since the room was set up in the round, there were only 50 or so of us, the music was haunting (Enya and Sarah McLaughlin I believe) and really set a mood. Overall, very enjoyable. I did take some pix from that one and will upload them as soon as I buy new batteries. Sorry, I forgot today. Too much else on my mind.


I also liked the simple lines of each piece. It kind of reminded me of Halston, but the fabric looked like cream wool which hangs differently than I would think his styles would. Gloves seem to be big for fall Ladies – all the way up to the elbows. I also loved the small capelets, very simple, but very elegant. You’ll see what I mean hopefully when I upload some shots.

So that show was very small, very controlled, very smooth and very sophisticated. Then I moved over to the Main Tent to catch Sue Wong. I had missed her show last season which I heard was absolutely amazing so I knew I couldn’t miss it this one too. I’m so glad I got to see her line.

It was so much fun! Her theme was Mod and all her music reflected the theme. Sue Wong did the art direction, the design, chose the music, and did the styling which I found very interesting. Very hands on. She’s Asian and apparently is very popular over there too.

I had decided to attend last minute so my seat wasn’t the greatest, but I was just glad to be inside because I thought it was a great show. Granted, since I wasn’t on the front row I didn’t see the fabrics used up close, but the designs from afar were quite stunning.

She broke up the show into eleven different sections all unique and different styles, music and theme which I just loved. My other stylist friend thought it was all over the place, but I’m beginning to think he doesn’t have imagination and couldn’t see the big picture because to me it was very cohesive under the umbrella of 60’s styling. However, the Asia, Exotica and Brides section did seem a little out of place now that I think about it. Oh well, maybe she was getting bored with the 60's and wanted to please herself.

 Sexy_pants The show opened with Go Go dancers wearing little shorts and tops with go go boots dancing up and down the runway which I filmed and will upload on my myspace page (when I get batteries – are you saying that with me now?) That was a fun touch. The Main Tent is huge and you really feel like you’re in a live theatre performance space when the shows begin.

Let me set the scene. At one end is the door the models will walk through with the name of the designer prominently displayed spotlighted. At the other end is a bank of photographers who have fought to get the best space possible because they’re either work for hire, working for the main sites, or hoping to sell what they shoot afterwards. I would say maybe 50 people are crammed into a space about 10 x 12 maybe? I don’t know exactly, but everyone’s right on top of each other.

Then along the sides of the long runway, maybe the length of a football field, you have have about 5 rows of white fold-up chairs on bleachers. Celebrities, stylists, journalists, and others usually sit in the front row and your importance diminishes as you move farther up. It’s very cool to sit in the front because then you actually become part of the scenery and drama of the night. Plus, you can see the clothing details up close and personal which really helps.

However, from where I was sitting I had a bird’s eye view of everything going on. Music plays a big part in setting the tone and stage for a fashion show and this one had great 60’s music all throughout. I love music and after awhile started noting which songs went to which section because that will help you visualize the look and feel of that design I think.

After the Go Go dance performance the first group to come out was entitled Mod Squad. Very cute, short mini shift dresses (if memory holds true – it always helps when I can see the visuals) with all kinds of beading, hot colors, and cut out straps.

Then Chelsea Girls models came out. I loved the long mod-printed maxi dress with black felt adorned yoke trimmed with chunky novelty stones and also the platinum short trapeze dress with silver metallic yoke trimmed with chunky stones. (Can you tell I'm copying the press release? HA!)

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, the next section, entitled Carnaby, really made me happy. Sue chooses the best hats to offset her designs and they really are striking when put with her clothes. I think she had the most variety in models too because this was a huge show! Each section must have had eight different looks per section which to me is amazing to have designed that many pieces.

Producing this elaborate a fashion show and pulling it off flawless is a real feat which Sue and her staff did magnificently. It’s obvious this is a line that does well despite the grumblings of my male stylist friend. He kept comparing it to the Spring line which he thought was mind-blowing in presentation and style, but hey, this was my first show and it blew me away!

Carnaby had lots of geometric prints with short swingy maxi dresses that I would wear in a heartbeat (if they were my size!:)

Liverpool, the next section, was much more elegant and featured chemise dresses with beautiful trims that made them unique and special. Hopefully you’ll be able to tell when you see my pix and hopefully I’ll receive some from the designer as well. They’re always the best ones anyway. You can always go to the official Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week site and catch all the pictures from the shows too to see what I’m talking about.

Piccadilly featured lots of beading bodices and patterns which I really liked. Imagine short, black evening dresses that swing and sparkle in the light and that’s what this section offered.

2bfree_hoodie_2 Vamps and Vixens was set to the Rolling Stones I can’t get no satisfaction and had more of a rock-n-roll vibe. I didn’t like this set as well because the fabric was gathered and tucked all over which would make anyone other than a beautifully thin model look huge! However, it too had it’s place and I did find one at the end that I liked.

Exotica seemed to be done to music from Arabian Nights if that helps you visualize the styles – lots of flowing dresses with beautiful paisley patterns with long split-fronts and beaded or jeweled midriffs. Perfect for the woman who prefers to dress very feminine and subtle, although with a little flash. There were some amazing necklaces and headpieces worn in this set. Very Arabic and exotic as the name implied. Perfect for someone who wants to be mysterious and alluring.

Asiadid seem a little out of place, but hey, Sue is Asian, so why not? This one was set to Chinese music with a singer singing you took my love away if you can imagine that in your head. Very funny. There were some amazing embroidered coats with beautiful detailing and flare – lots of big sleeves and silk. I absolutely loved this set. Very striking, dramatic and stunning. The models really worked the outfits too throwing their arms wide to display the winged sleeves with all the embrodiery and that dramatic flair really made the clothing come to life.

Then as abruptly as Asia was dropped in, just as quickly did we go back to England with Kensington! As Peggy Lee crooned You don’t Have To Say You Love Me models strutted the runway wearing plum/gold halter lace gowns with pleated skirt and a beaded seutache border worn with a matching shawl. I put two big stars next to this section because I loved it so much. These dresses were more evening wear, revealing, and sexy if memory holds true.

Victoria opened to mod music and set the stage for really beautiful dresses with lots of detailing in fabric and styling with very cute cropped embroidered, fur trimmed, trapeze jackets. I think that’s one style to keep your eye out for because that seemed to be repeated at a couple shows. I know it sounds silly to keep saying, but I loved this section too.

All the dresses were so special with tulling, crochet, beading, krinkled organza, and once again, amazing hats with feathers from Mother Plucker Feather Company Inc (How's that for a name?) that really made pieces pop.

My absolute favorite though was the Brides section. Yes, still wanting to be married and you can never dream too much about what you’ll wear. This opened to the sound of When A Man loves a Woman which was perfect. There were only three dresses, but they were absolutely lovely. I especially loved the first one which is described as vintage beige lace halter long gown & jacket with seutache embroidery and beaded accents.

My mom made my youngest sister’s wedding dress (that's why I know how to sew) and I know how long beading takes to do by hand. Seeing these dresses felt like looking at works of art and the models matched with interesting hanging flower arrangements from their stacked hairstyles.

That’s one thing that can really make or break a look of a show in my opinion. If the model’s hair doesn’t fit in with the design all you’re looking at is the awful style which is why I won’t go into critiquing the next show. Amongst other reasons. They have creativity, but it's just not my style. Enough said.

However, I will say that long, straight, simple hair was the norm for the Juan Carlos Obando show which fit perfectly with the look he was going for. Plus, he chose really stunning models who were very beautiful. The whole show had a very Calvinesque feel to it in my mind even though I haven’t watched a Calvin Klein show in quite a while.

Just pure, simple, clean and elegant. Very different than other CA designers which may be why he chose to keep his collection more private. I would love to know how much his styles go for on the open market because I’m sure they aint cheap people. The only thing that I would change is the way the jackets hung – sometimes the hems seemed to not be pressed properly or something. Otherwise, very nice.

So that’s the rundown for the shows from Sunday. I just love the drama and excitement of never knowing what you’re going to see next come down the runway. Now I have a better feel for how each designer thinks and designs it will be easier to direct clients in the right direction. I know Nicole is going to suggest some Sue Wong dresses to some of her clients who love that type of clothing. I wish Nicole would dress me!:)

I’ll give you a heads up on the OMMA conference perhaps tomorrow. Still have a lot to do and have three shows to hit tomorrow night. Can’t wait. Lots of parties, lots of variety, and lots of amazing fashion ahead! I’m lovin’ it. Like the McDonald’s commercial says.

More Oscar suite reviews and such

Sometimes I think  Hollywood is just too hard for me. People are snobby, critical, unsupportive, jealous, small-minded, selfish, you name it, I’ve met them. What’s the hardest part to accept is when someone that you thought was a friend turns out to have some of those qualities too. I guess the truth shall set you free right?

Then on the flip side, other people that you think would be snobby and difficult turn out to be the nicest, most accommodating, gracious people. Hollywood is just weird that way.

I had asked someone I thought was a friend for recommendations on Oscar suites because she reps fashion and probably would have been approached by all of the event producers, but either she was too busy, or didn’t feel like helping, or she ignored me.

She did communicate when she realized I wasn’t going to bug her about the suites and was even throwing a potential client her way that I met at another suite, but by then it was too late. I just don’t get people sometimes. I’m beginning to think I’m too nice.

I’ve always found the higher up the food chain a person is, the more gracious, kind, and considerate they are. When I used to cater years ago I would work at the most amazing mansions all over the city and the owners were always so wonderful. Our employers were another story, but that’s par for the course in that line of work.

What’s sad is when I see people I was catering with years back, still doing that kind of work while pursuing acting because I know it’s only a matter of time before they either become disenchanted and move home, or never clue in they’re not going to make it as an actor and waste the rest of their life doing small jobs waiting for their big break.

I used to be friends with someone like that and the older she gets the bitterer and more disillusioned she becomes, but she refuses to let go of acting and pursue something else because she likes the party life too much. She’s an attractive woman, but looks fade. I just wonder when she’s going to wake up and realize that it’s time to let go of the dream and get a real life? It’s not like she couldn’t be successful doing something else either, that’s the sad part.

What’s also sad is she still crashes every party in town and will never move forward doing that despite what she thinks, or who she happens to meet. She’s never learned how to capitalize on her contacts in business and spins in circles that aren’t going anywhere. I just can’t be around that energy anymore.

I’d rather stay home on a Saturday night and feel better than burn bridges in my career right now by crashing some stupid party. It's one thing to have someone bring you, it's another just to crash. That’s why I can’t understand why the person I asked for help didn’t feel like sharing information. What harm would it have done? I would never have crashed, but  contacted the producer directly to request permission for me and my clients to attend.

The other irony is that the client she was repping at the suite I happened to figure all this out in is someone I helped her land as a client! I will never do that again. It stung a little to have it thrown in my face though.

I’m not going to these Oscar Retreats for my health or for the goody bags, but to help my clients brand their image and get press, give the vendors a little publicity by my client getting their picture on wireimage at their event, and let my stylist associate know what the latest items are for her to pull from for my clients and others she works with. It’s a win win situation all the way around.

The goody bags are an added bonus, but I don’t need the stuff that’s offered. In fact, I usually give away a lot of it to my clients when they can’t attend and/or to friends if it’s appropriate. My blogging about what I receive helps, not hurts the companies I’ve received products from (unless of course it’s a stupid event or the organizer pisses me off.)

It’s work regardless of how fun it is though. I constantly have to wrangle photographers to take pictures of my clients because they're not famous yet. I have to make sure my clients are happy and feel appreciated because it's a very sensitive situation due to their images being on the line. I have to introduce them around and really don’t have a moment’s peace.

I love it though and wouldn’t trade what I’m doing because it’s a great way to make a living. I have really great clients too which makes all the difference in the world.

Otherwise, I had a very nice day. My friend Wendy is the Sales Director of the Luxe Hotel and always tells me what’s going on at her hotel. She and I have known each other for years and I’ve often thrown events at the hotels she’s worked for. I even helped her launch the Grafton on Sunset when it first opened and didn’t even have a restaurant.

That party was a lot of fun – at night around the pool with flaming desserts and other New Orleans style food catered from Louisiana (way before Katrina of course.) I knew I had to hit the Luxe again this year.

The Platinum Guild Oscar Suite on the penthouse was simply stunning. I knew the PR girls putting it on and they did an amazing job. It was so classy and elegant--top notch all the way. This is the suite that had millions of dollars of gems on display for stylists and nominees to pull from for the Oscars. Can I say ABSOLUTELY STUNNING again?!

I’m not really into jewelry, but I loved this beautiful array of exquisite jewels. The gentleman from the Platinum Guild who assisted us let me try on rings that were worth a million dollars and even had the photographer take a picture that he’ll send to me just for fun.

I’ve never seen such large gems – all kinds – and so many diamonds all in one place it was no wonder the guest list was so tight. Now that is an Oscar Suite I’m glad I visited. At the time I received the invite I thought, oh jewels, that’s nice, but that’s not really me. However, after going there and seeing all of them, I now understand why women and men go crazy for platinum and diamonds.

I’ve always wanted a platinum wedding ring because gold irritates my skin for some reason. There were so many choices to choose from. It was simply amazing the intricacy of design and uniqueness of each piece. We met one of the key people of the Guild and he was so down-to-earth and funny we had to take a picture together.

The suite was complimented by a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking downtown Beverly Hills
and we took a few pictures outside. My client, Lejla, was supposed to come, but was unable to due to other commitments. Too bad. She would have loved it. She has a very graceful, dancer type neck and everything would have looked great on her. We'll have to see what we can make happen for her for the Elton John party though.

I have a huge square cubic zirconium ring and necklace which I bought just for fun. To see even bigger real diamonds up close and personal was a little mind-blowing to say the least. I just think I would always feel a little paranoid to wear that expensive of jewelry around town.

Two Oscars ago, during other Oscar suites, I had borrowed a few pieces from another jeweler for my client and myself (the jeweler was very gracious and offered jewels to me too! Who was I to refuse?) And although the ring I wore was only $30,000 I remember feeling hugely nervous that it would slip off my finger and I would lose it the entire night. I also felt very nervous to have my client wearing his ring too because I was responsible. I just don’t need the headache!

That’s why it’s nice to have my stylist associate, Nicole, along because she takes full responsibility for anything she pulls from designers whether it is clothes, shoes, or jewels. I don’t want that liability and am happy to let her dress my clients while I just oversee the process.

I met the nicest people at the Platinum Guild too. There were some people from a spa performing some spa treatments and a guy who just launched a new eyebrow line. Very sweet, down-to-earth, no ego despite their high-profile clientele – my kind of people... I even had my eyebrows shaped and colored after looking at the jewels.

All in all that day was really relaxing. I had spent the morning listening to the Foreign Film Directing Nominees speak at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences which was very interesting. Another friend who works over at the Academy had got me tickets for my clients despite the show appearing sold out.

There were enough seats though when I arrived that I was able to enjoy the event as well. Domiziano opted out at the last minute, which was fine. Since I was feeling sick all morning I actually got up towards the end to grab some Pepto Bismol from the drugstore down the street before coming back just before everyone left.

Before I got into producing film festivals years ago, I used to soak up all types of film. I would volunteer at all types of film festivals because I just loved film. Then I ran my film festival for six years and became so burnt out on independent films I really haven’t been to any unique films lately, but stick to commercial offerings.

That’s why it was delightful to hear these directors speak and to see clips of their films. There is just a different cinematic sensibility and beauty to foreign films that I had forgotten about until this morning. The stories are always compelling, beautifully told and share deep, deep human truths.

I love art that feeds your soul. I feel so many of the films nominated this year did just that from what I saw and heard this morning. The East Indian female director, Deepa Mehta, from Canada had had a rather harrowing experience in India trying to create her film, Water, the first time she started over 7 years ago. (Click the link to read the whole story and see the film.)

Apparently, the Hindu people were so upset that she was creating this film that they mobbed the set (15,000 people!) and actually burned an effigy of her body before burning her set and throwing the remaining equipment into the river. It was chilling to hear that. That’s why it took so long for her to create the film. They ended up filming in Sri Lanka instead.

Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican Director, who created Pan’s Labyrinth (which looks visually stunning although extremely disturbing too) joked afterwards and said, “Why is that you never hear of things like that happening to Norbit?” which helped break the serious mood.

He was extremely clever and funny, but used the “F” word a lot which offended some of the older members of the audience. I don’t think he remembered or could see that half the audience was older as they’re the ones who generally like foreign films, make up the voting population, and judge them for the Academy. It was funny.

The German film director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, of The Lives of Others wouldn’t shut up and although he had some good points to make he dominated the panel which was rather frustrating as he’s a first-time film director and doesn’t have as much experience as the others. I was really frustrated with the moderator for not controlling this motor-mouth better. Florian was a cute, fun man, but enough already!

I don’t know what it is with first-time filmmakers, but they’re always so excited about what they’ve done they blabber on so much! I remember that from my film festival days and it used to irritate me then too. YOU’RE NEW! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING! LET SOMEONE MORE EXPERIENCED SHARE SOMETHING!

I have a friend whose sister is just like that too. Her sister is so hungry for attention she never takes a breath to allow anyone else to have a dialog, she just insists on carrying on a monologue for five to ten minutes straight. That drives me crazy. I can’t be friends with my friend anymore because of her sister, among other things. Shut the “F” up already! NO ONE CARES! GET A CLUE PEOPLE!

The other thing I remember from my festival days is that the filmmakers who were writers and directors of their film usually made the best films. I think it’s because they approach the story from multiple levels and see what they want to create as they write it. I believe Guillermo wrote and directed his film, as did Florian and Deepa.

The only one who didn’t was the female Danish director,Susanne Bier, of After the Wedding who said she uses scripts as guidelines, but she reserves the freedom to divert from the script if she feels it’s necessary.

All in all it was a very interesting panel. I’m glad Lejla and I went. She looked very Audrey Hepburn in her cute outfit. It’s a perfect look for her and we’ll just continue to build on that image.

I enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Luxe Hotel before hitting their Oscar Suites with my stylist Associate, Nicole. Then we went to the Sunset Hyatt to hit the Platinum Oscar Suite. That’s the same group who had done the Emmy Suites where I got the funny Paris Hilton perfume, remember?

This one was very nice and had the most amazing male cologne called Corduroy - I loved it! Very light and sexy consisting of mandarin, grapefruit, white lavender, cardamom, bay rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, woods, tonka, and vanilla. One guy liked it so much he lifted his shirt and sprayed his stomach right then and there!

My client Domiziano joined Nicole and I there and he loved it too. Wireimage took a lot of pictures of him because I think there were only reality stars while we were there.

Mark, the funny talent agent of reality stars, was there too. He’s still funny, but I think he was tired because he wasn’t as ‘on’ as he had been the last time I saw him with Lejla. He asked after her though which I thought was cute.

This suite had an amazing new premium chocolate assortment booth hosted by Hershey’s and suggested we create a chocolate testing party. If they’re giving away free chocolate to do it, then I’m there! That would be a lot of fun to create.

I also loved the Haute Moms Rule t-shirts and bags. I picked one up for Shana, my haute mom friend, because she would love it. Christine Price, the owner of the company, is very beautiful and sweet. The clothing line is extremely clever and witty. I recommend you give these as gifts to all the haute mom’s in your life!

I also really liked the Kangaroo shoe collection. Too bad my friend dissed me or I would have hooked her up with him for his Italian children’s shoe line he’s launching as it would be great with her client’s children’s clothing line, but oh well.

 There were also these amazingly cool little suitcases that hold makeup etc. When I’m not so tired I’ll look up the name and show you. Very fun. This was one of the better suites we hit. I was glad Domi came out too. He works so hard he deserves a little pampering.

Okay, gotta run. That’s all for now. Oh yeah, Friday’s suites were great too. I’ll tell you about those later.

Happy Sunday. 





Let them eat cake!

Okay, I'm going to try and wrap this up tonight for those faithful enough to keep reading. HA!

In any case, back to my conversation with my stylist friend. According to her, which I tend to agree, in LA, the order of importance is: 1. Celebrity 2. Parties 3. Designs. She commented on the fact that all last week there was free alcohol poured the entire time and in New York - it's coffee.

However, not to rag too much on poor party-driven LA Fashion Week, we do love that aspect of it just as much and maybe more so than some of the fashion! Where else in LA do you have the opportunity to see the same people almost every day for seven days (and nights) straight. The Emmy's - one day/night. The Oscars - one night. The SAG Awards - one night. And on and on.

LA Fashion Week you never know who you're going to bump into next, or who you'll meet. It might be a designer a photographer, a makeup artist, a model, an actor/actress, a stylist, and the list goes on. Then, by the time the week is up they're your new best friends who you, for the most part, won't see until the next fashion week and then bang, you're all best friends again! (Like here's some new friends I made this time out - Lisa, stylist, Deborah, makeup artist, Brett, model, and me, publicist/writer.)La_fashion_week_gloris_visit_shana_086

That happened with a hairstylist friend of mine. I met him through a makeup artist friend downtown at a fashion show on the roof of the Standard. He didn't like her always bugging him for work, but he liked the fact I write. Secretly, he would invite me (without her) to see his hair designs at Louis Verdad which lead to other invitations by other friends and soon I was caught up in the flurry surrounding it as well.

For those of you wondering why I'm at home on a Friday night blogging rather than partying I'll have you know that I went out last night and hit the Final Draft party which was interesting, especially when the busloads of 20 year-olds fresh off the bus from USC started pouring into the nightclub at 10pm. It was a riot to see the writers who'd won awards and were dressed in suits (yes, they were all men - fuckers - probably nice, but where's the female representation?) and then all the Halloween happy college kids dancing and cavorting. Me_steven_shana We, Steven, Shana and I, had a blast carrying on and reliving our distant youth. Too funny. Me_shana

All that to say, tonight all I wanted was dinner and a movie with a good friend. I guess I'm still hooked on fashion though because we saw Marie Antoinette, Sofia Coppola's movie. I don't know if the theater screened the film out of focus, or the real film is fuzzy, but it was difficult to watch after awhile. Plus, her pacing is so slow. However, the fashions and settings were stunning. I was curious to see her  filmmaking style because of the success of her last film, Lost in Translation. Curiosity is satiated. How do you like my new hair? Got it cut at Hush Hush last Monday night and then colored it myself. I like it so much better!

Okay, back to fashion.  Earlier this week I read LA  Weekly bloggers opinion of the fashions and felt a little intimidated, but after speaking to my stylist friend who works on both coasts and who spoke to her high-profile stylist friends, I feel like my opinions, although different than catty LA Weekly girls, do carry merit. For example, the Metro 7 show, which Wal-Mart produced we all thought was very well done. The LA Weekly people looked down their noses on it strictly because it was Wal-Mart. That's what I love about fashionistas. It's not about politics honey - it's about the clothes and the fashion!

We both thought it was very well done. Here's some pix I took, since my photographer opted out for political reasons as well, which show some of my stylist friends and others checking out the fashions. Speaking of professionals, I wonder how many buyers actually come out to these shows too. It seems like more regular people are there and it's a real scene, versus a business.

However, who says we have to be just like NY? That said, it would still be nice to see some menswear fashion shown. Where's all the amazing male designers in LA? I'm ready to see some hot guys stride down the runway wearing suits. Love that look! I'm sure there's men's sportswear lines that would benefit from showcasing. I'll work on that and get back to you. HA! La_fashion_week_gloris_visit_shana_031
La_fashion_week_gloris_visit_shana_036_1 Back to the Metro 7 show. Very cleverly, during the time models were changing, they would screen some highlights from the Fashion TV show that Morgan Fairchild (who was in the front row along with numerous other cast members) stars in beside Bo Derek. It was hilarious some of the campy clips screened of Bo & Morgan cat fighting. In any case, Danny, the guy in the pink, loved the eyewear and the simplicity of the lines.

Apparently, he's one of the bigger stylists who attended and we bonded over sitting behind Diana Ross at the Meghan Fabulous show. Tee Hee. Gotta admit, if you're going to gossip about a celebrity, why not one of the biggest stars? I will repeat, she was absolutely adorable. She was there to cheer on her daughter and was so cute to see her get so excited. Her daughter was ok, but looked extremely nervous. Work it baby!

Back to more shows. Let's see, I've told you about Louis Verdad, Meghan Fabulous, Metro 7. Oh yeah, Kush Cush. This show I wasn't planning on attending, but because my client showed up late and missed Metro 7, I had to schmooze him into this one. I was glad he did because he was given front row seats along with his 10 year old rap prodigy, Lil' Ace. La_fashion_week_gloris_visit_shana_032

There they are. Damien rarely smiles. That hat never comes off. He keeps promising to make my 7 year old neice one because she's such a hat girl. I had her tell him in her little voice that she really wants her hat. It's been almost a year since he promised it to her and I'm going to see that she gets it. He gets 'em specially made of mink and he has a pink one too. He has relatives who work in politics and he even has a picture of himself wearing his hat with President Bush and his uncle. Too funny - especially when he's so polar opposite of Bush.

Anyway, the bathing suits were very feminine with ruffles. Really cute. There's more samples in my LA Fashion Week photo album. The final night I went to see Kevan Hall's show. Now that was a show! Like I've said before, Jody Whatley opened by singing one of her remixes of Aquarious. That was a treat and she truly looked like a diva that night. His designs are truly amazing.

If/when I book a female client, I'm going to see if she can borrow some of the designs for red carpet appearances. He used to design for Halston and the clean line influence are evident in his creations. He is vastly theatrical and his show was a wonderful way to end Fashion Week for me.   Sit back and enjoy the view from Felle's perspective.

I'll post more once I find the missing emails the publicist sent me. I'm so bummed because this in no way represents all his designs - there were so many other variations I'm dying to show you! However, aren't they nice? But enough about fashion for awhile ok?

I think I have some male readers and I'm sure they're breathing a heavy sigh of relief.  Just check out my LA Fashion Week photo album for uploaded pix when I find it ok? Have a good night and safe Halloween! See ya!                      Kevanhall1017 Kevanhall1010

Kevanhall1019 Kevanhall1027 Kevanhall1047 Kevanhall1049

LA Fashion Week wrap-up

Just read the Daily Mini and realized one of the major differences between LA Fashion Week and any of the other Fashion Weeks around the world is that we don't have celebrity models in LA, other than one or two who are really known only in LA like Lesa Amoore and Caroline D'Amore.

The other difference I noticed is that we also don't have big fashion magazine editors critiquing everything out here. Maybe they're around, but they're not the celebrities they are in NY and elsewhere. I did see the Access Hollywood Producer at every show I attended, but no one made a big deal over her which is how I think she likes it. Maybe CA is more TV/Celebrity-oriented at our fashion shows and the designs are just background - I don't know.

The main people who get interviewed or talked about are the Smashbox brothers and they're the ones who host the shows at their studio so they better get some recognition out of it. Their makeup is given away in the goody bags, there's an area set aside for people to get made up using their products and it could be seen as a bigger publicity push for them with the designers seen as secondary. I don't know for sure because I'm not in the inner circle, but according to one photographer (who I know from numerous other red carpet events) this year there wasn't as many big celebrities in attendance, the crowds were smaller and even the designers were limited. Like I said, I'm not an industry insider on fashion, but I believe him.

However, the shows that I did attend, Louis Verdad, Meghan Fabulous, Kevan Hall, KushCush, Junker Designs, and Metro 7 were all well-attended. I don't know who all was there, but all the seats were filled! The bank of photographers seemed as robust as ever and the only issue I heard raised by another photographer was regarding the lighting during the Kevan Hall show.

Apparently, the show producer was so interested in making it exciting, he forgot that photographers need the spotlight to remain on the models for a period of time in order to give them time to shoot good pictures. The show producer also kept changing the colors of the spotlight which gave the crowd a very interesting affect from our perspective, but ran havoc with photographers who didn't have the time to adjust their settings to accomodate the change in lighting for each model. I told the publicist and hopefully she'll pass it along.

Back to the other shows... Meghan Fabulous designs were over the top and amazing. Lots of ethnic inspiration, lots of color, lots of long gowns with unique shell decorations, beading, and large, candy-like necklaces. Her show's theme was the No-Tell Motel and it began with the invitation. Enclosed was a typical motel gold key with the words, No Tel Motel on one side and Do Not Disturb on the other. This carried through with the passes given upon check-in. You were handed Do Not Disturb hanging tags with the words No Tel Motel on the other side again. La_fashion_week_gloris_visit_shana_005

Bare-chested male models wearing only motel like jackets, little pill box hats and trimmed pants handled large luggage carts at the opening of the show. La_fashion_week_gloris_visit_shana_009_1 Caroline D'Amore always draws applause just because she's a "celebrity" and is our only recognizable model due to her odd gait and flamboyant modeling. Last I heard they were doing either a reality or documentary on her life. Could be interesting.

  Felle, who shot some of the good pix, only sent me images with African American women in them so some of the choices are limited, but at least I'm giving a shout out to those who did model. That's one thing I observed with another publicist friend...  there wasn't much diversity in some of these shows. Meghan1019 I don't know if the bookers aren't sending them out to the designers, the designers aren't selecting them, but it was rather sad to see how white the models were for the most part. California of all places is so much more diverse than caucasion. Plus, some of the clothes look more beautiful against black skin. Maybe the buyers are all white, I don't know that either. In any case, here's some shots from Meghan Fabulous's show courtesy of Felle.

Having trouble uploading. Will finish later...

Okay, I'm back. The next show I hit was the Louis Verdad show. His designs are feminine also, but in a tailored way. Louisverdad1005 He also was very subdued in his choice of colors. I like how sophisticated and genteel his designs always are. Just got off the phone with one of my stylist friends and she gave me the lowdown on backstage gossip for this show. Apparently, unlike New York, LA doesn't have one person coordinating all the dressers backstage which sometimes causes havoc in a show. This week had models coming out with clothes on backwards (which my stylist friend blames on the models because they've actually worn them once properly); shoes that didn't fit; tags hanging out; hanger ribbons hanging out, etc, etc, etc. Oy vey!  However, to the untrained eye, it all looked fabulous from where I was sitting.


Louisverdad1003_2                             L_verdad_006 L_verdad_001_1