Weird dream time

You know the Glamour pages where they send people out on the streets with something off  - like a big roller stuck in their hair, or their skirt stuck with static cling exposing their panties and they wait for people to tell them? Well, that's what my dream was like.  Sometimes I wonder if I was an exhibitionist in another life.

I dreamt that I returned to my gym to collect my phone wearing only my panties - completely nude otherwise. The weird thing was that I had my mom with me, who in real life would have been horrified, but in my dream was just as intent on collecting my phone as I was and didn't think anything was wrong with the way I was clothed.

We enter the gym and I'm picking up my clothes off the floor, but still not getting dressed. An east indian man, who obviously watches a lot of porn, sees me and comes over to give me a big hug. YUCK. I excuse myself from his clutches quickly and go to my locker where a very cute fitness expert has decided to plant himself in front of it and give a health lecture to everyone standing around.

I sit down and patiently wait until he finishes whereupon he reaches into my locker and pulls out my big gym bag with all my clothes and my phone. That's when I wake up. Weird, eh? I wonder what it means?

I guess that quick drink of cranberry juice wiped me out because I was awake at 7am, but after drinking that juice I fell back asleep until just a bit ago! I must have needed it. Or else I'm in a sugar coma again. Oy vey. What is going on with me?

Just got off the phone with a new potential bookkeeper and when I described everything I've got going on she said, "Oh, you're a workaholic." Never thought of that before, but maybe she's right. I do feel happier when I'm busy. However, I do want my down time too.

Once this week is over I'm going to attend a travel writing seminar on Monday night through IWOSC and then meet with the travel publicist I met at UCLA to pick her brain on all the cool travel organizations she mentioned in class. I really do want to start traveling because then I clear my head and am so much more creative for my clients!

Plus, I need to restore my body too. If all goes well I should be hiring a bookkeeper, a few new interns, and bringing on some new clients. Great news, but stressful until it's all in place. Anyway. That's all. Time to focus on today. Got to get back to pitching and doing some other stuff. Lots of fun events scheduled today and I want even more to hit! We shall see. I'll tell you all about it later on when I return home.