This is the weekend of #Acting #Success #Training! @ActorsFastTrack 7/28 10am - 3pm

By Joy A. Kennelly

Aft_SUMMERGAMES_final (1)My head is spinning a little with all the great information I've been gaining from taking James LeVine's Bring It! On-Camera class and working with him privately too.

Then you layer that with today's class taught by Actor Eric Matheny of The Acting Center where he gave the more cerebral viewpoint of how to prepare for episodic season, it's a lot!

A lot of awesomeness!:)

But that's not all, I'm diving headfirst into applying what I've heard today in Eric's class to actually bring all this home with Valorie Hubbard's 7th Annual Summer Retreat Games tomorrow!

There's only a few tickets left if you care to join me. Listen, learn and apply what you gain at this amazing 1-day event at Kenneth Hahn State Park.

Tickets are only $37 and you’ll spend the day outside with other amazing actors learning what it takes to create a brand that will get you noticed.

You’ll also get the chance to get in front of INDUSTRY GUESTS who want to find their next big thing.

$37. Act now, or regret it for the rest of your life. Just kidding, but seriously, sign up already:


If you're not currently an actor, but need to pitch your startup, your new business, or perhaps propose to your love, then you may also want to consider joining me because what I've come to see is that acting really apply to how you present yourself in the world overall.

Don't believe me? Read this article: Why Everyone (Not Just Actors) Should Take an Acting Class

See you around town!

Quick Update on #Life, #Startup, #Education, #Friends and #Travel

By Joy A. Kennelly

Life has gotten progressively better and better. Had a wonderful visit with my Aunt and Cousins in Colorado while exploring opportunities for group travel in Glenwood Springs and Boulder. Having difficulty transferring pix from my phones to my computer and for awhile lost my camera, but it's coming back together soon. Thus, no pix for now unfortunately.

Also, been reading great books that are inspirational like Jessica Jackley's Clay, Water, Brick about her experiences with co-founding and ProFounder, which opened the door politically for current crowdfunding being approved by the government. She's extremely gifted, articulate, informative and connected.

Highly recommend reading her book if you're an entrepreneur seeking to do a global business like we are. What I enjoyed is the similarities in our backgrounds - raised in Christian homes, love East Africa, love helping disadvantaged people and more...

Read it.:)

I really love learning and enjoyed hearing and learning from the British Social Media guru - Vincent Dignan who is really out there fashion-wise and how he conducts social media, but I'm telling you it works. Brilliant! Here's a tip for Instagram: Follow, like, like, like. Try it you'll like it.:)

Then, last weekend just completed another intensive media training program taught by Ann DeVere called Turn Your Interviews into Cash and met some really interesting people. Learned a lot too and can't wait to apply it.

May work with one woman I met to produce a business cruise if we decide to move forward with that idea. Another woman and I might collaborate on medical tourism. You never know what comes out of attending events is what I find.:)

My motto is Always be Learning and Growing.

Otherwise, living my life and enjoying each day despite having a leg injury that the ER docs haven't been able to explain or discover why I have it. All I know is I thought I was better, went out with my crutches for an evening event, and then was worse immediately.

Needless to say, even though I'm feeling better, sticking on my crutches until I see my new Dr this week. Despite the toll it plays on my hands too. I'm falling apart I tell ya.:)

Sometimes I think we're given challenges to make us slow down and have time to process what we're doing in life and who should be in our circles. I chose to separate from certain people while bringing other people closer and continuing good relationships I value which has been very healthy and healing.

Doesn't mean the difficult ones will be gone forever, but as I'm healing from my Mom's death, needed the mental space to focus on taking care of myself and get my life going again. You can't build when you're surrounded by negative energy that's always tearing you down. Feel much lighter now.

Busy pitching agents, angels, friends and others in an effort to get funding underway. There's so much more I could be doing if I could afford to bring in help and ramp up certain technological and marketing aspects.

In the meantime, just plugging away and grateful to Ariel Barco for his technical support and friendship as we change things up behind-the-scenes. Hire him! Great IT professional:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read my book on The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan S. Kennedy.

Always be learning people. Always be learning.:) 


Here's my pictorial essay review of the recent excellent @SoGalSummit event #IamSoGal #Startups #JDVTravel

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently had the pleasure of attending the SoGal Summit produced by Pocket Sun and Elizabeth Galbut which was really well done. It was feminine, focused and fabulous!:)  P1070655

Lots of great speakers imparting wisdom, fun activities when you needed a mental break and lots of friendly participants eager to share.

Enjoyable all the way around. 

Here's my photo essay from my Digital Marketing Specialist fan page which you can like to stay informed of other tech conferences I'll attend in the future.



Log on here for the complete pictorial review here:



Why a Publicist is invaluable to your business by Joy, a multi-award winning PR & Digital Marketing Specialist

By Joy A. Kennelly

What people may not realize about me since they see me smiling and joking around all the time and tweeting out silly tweets, is when it comes to business and getting paid, I'm dead serious. I don't take myself seriously, but business? Dead serious.

If someone doesn't pay me on time or in full, it used to cause me to become white-hot angry and react in a rage because it felt like such a violation against me, all my hard work and efforts on behalf of previous clients, but now, I'm more measured about it.

It's why I like the new Rhianna song so much. I feel you gurl!:)

It is one of the main reasons I got out of PR. When you're a sole proprietor and your business is in building people's reputations and brands, they often don't recognize the intangible components behind what helps build their company, nor do they realize their payment helps make or break you staying in business or not.

A publicist gives someone a veneer of credibility because if a publicist says someone is of value, then that usually means the client is newsworthy otherwise, why waste your time repping them? There are some unscrupulous publicists who will just take anyone's money even if they know it won't go anywhere, and some clients I took on thinking they were newsworthy which the media said, no, not interested, but for the most part, the newsworthy value of whatever you will be repping for the next few months is something you look closely at before signing someone up. 

PR is also sales and if you can't sell them, then your reputation is affected too.

You don't want the client to be mad at you, nor do you want to be mad at yourself for not getting any media hits, or opportunities. It still happens and publicists acknowledge that news cycles, interest levels, trends, and major news happening all play a part in why something doesn't get picked up, but rarely do clients because they don't understand media cycles, or that they're just not right at the moment.

I worked with a co-author team on a screenplay book they had written and pitched my heart out for them. We didn't get much during the time we worked together because it's such a niche topic, but then six months later a radio show I had pitched who does book reviews called and wanted to speak to my clients. I passed along the information and felt vindicated because I had felt that media outlet was perfect for them, it just wasn't the right time.

I also lived in NYC during the time John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed in the plane crash with his wife. Imagine having an event on the same night as his funeral! His death threw out the window all the hard work myself and the top indie entertainment publicity company I was freelancing for at the time had done because no one in the media or general public cared, it was all about JFK Jr's death and the crash.

And we had HUGE media outlets attached to come too. But our event was the same night as a moment in history and there was no way we could compete.

Stuff happens.

Art is so subjective, it's one of the reasons I quit representing artists too. I may think something is amazing, they might have had a huge following in the past, but times and interests and taste changes. It doesn't matter how many celebrity friends you have who bought your art in the past, if art critics aren't interested now, they're just not interested and it won't change their minds.

The other reason I dislike doing PR is people didn't value my connections or what I brought to the table through who I know and am connected to.

I'm a Native of California, grew up in the South Bay, have lived in Santa Monica and Hollywood almost my entire life, leaving for school in Montana and Seattle, again for work in New York City; and new experiences in Atlanta and startup goals in Vegas. I've also worked on the production of an event for Acura in New Orleans, and thrown numerous travel and entertainment events in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and numerous Los Angeles events in entertainment, technology, fashion and for clients since high school. 

As a result, my reach is broad, diverse and nation-wide. I can connect with anyone I've worked with in the past and ask for advice, referrals, recommendations and more because I have a good, solid reputation of doing good work, working hard and getting things accomplished. I work with similar caliber people and have collaborated with numerous friends and colleagues on projects, clients, events and more over the past 10 years as well.

That's why, when I build someone's brand, they're not just sitting in a vacuum where no one cares about what they're doing, people are curious because I'm involved. They know I work on projects, companies, brands and individuals I believe in.

I'm connected to over 5,000 people on Linkedin and that's in all industries, all levels of business, and across the nation. Linkedin used to list what that computed to, but I can't find it right now, but if memory holds true, if I post something as a status update, then it reaches approximately a million people by virtue of the network and inter-relationships of everyone I'm connected to.

When I was working for the JW Marriott I used to post a weekly blog I wrote about the Marriott on my Linkedin profile and the sales department saw an immediate upshot of over $1,000,000 in new business a month by virtue of being on the radar of the people I know. They didn't realize the correlation, but I know it because they'd not reached that sales goal prior to my publicity efforts.

That's why when someone thinks, oh you just took copy we provided you and posted it, there's no value in that, it makes me realize they don't understand my value and it's time to re-educate them. Any monkey can post copy. It's the style, the way it's placed, it's the grammatical correctness and everything else that goes into a presentation that makes something work or not. It's the images, the connections, the brand overall.

It's where the finished product is presented, to whom and by whom...

That goes across anything you're doing, but especially in business because people judge you on your online presence more now than ever.

If your IMDB is out-of-date, if you''re not on any of the normal social media platforms, at least one, if your name doesn't come up in search results, if nothing newsworthy is revealed when people search, then they wonder what's wrong with you and your business and if what you say is true about yourself.

But if you have a quality Linkedin profile (in certain industries) then investors take you more seriously and you find the backing you need for your company faster and easier. And if you have people vouching for you, like a publicist or representative who is well-respected, or the media covers you and your brand, even more so when you're not as well-known in certain circles the PR person runs in or the investor is new to your company and industry.

People think I play around by going to parties at night, but what they don't realize it's very strategic. When you're seen in the right circles with celebrities, then you're invited to other events with that caliber of attendees which opens other doors to new opportunities. It also legitimizes your business, your brand and you as an individual for the media, the circle of influence you're in, and in the general public.

It's all part of branding and sales.

I used to work with an actor who had been typecast as a gay character in a popular TV show for five years and couldn't find work because back then, being gay wasn't as popular and how many gay characters does a project normally need? Not that many.

As a result, he hired me and we began working on turning his brand around to that of a bad guy because that was his goal. We worked together for a year and a half and his final audition, they invited him in to audition for a gay character based on his past role that typecast him, but because we had done so much work on rebuilding his image as a bad guy, they hired him to play a bad guy after meeting him.

We did this by attending numerous red carpet, A-list events and getting him out there with beautiful women as beards, attending macho events, and creating an amazing online presence for him using my Page One Google blog and blogging about everything we were doing which raised his SEO and visibility. We used the pictures he got from the red carpet to build more buzz with media we pitched and achieved and also worked on his image for headshots too. I was the stylist on some of those shoots and events which I enjoyed.

Soon the quality of events and opportunities for him professionally became better and better. We even got him a write-up in the Los Angeles Business Journal. An actor, who knew?:)

He had been immensely famous in Italy prior to moving to the states and understood the PR game which is why he was agreeable to hitting two and three events a night just to be photographed on the red carpet as we worked to get him known as a bad guy and as someone who was viable and newsworthy.

We parted when I had a car accident that prevented me from attending future events and repping him due to my injuries which was heart breaking because I really enjoyed our working relationship and felt like I lost a best friend.

But what I've found in these situations is that every time something happens (an injury, a fight over money, or something else) that causes the end of a working relationship, it opens doors to something new and better. Eventually life comes full circle and I re-connect with the person again in a different way and for a different, forward-moving reason.

And with more mutual respect.

This actor has gone on to a tremendously successful career when he added producing and directing to his resume and used the foundation we created to build his brand awareness to launch into that realm faster too.

You may recognize the name, Domiziano Arcangeli...

I know PR & Digital Marketing like the back of my hand. However, I became tired of being disrespected, marginalized, and discounted for my hard work and decided to pursue something else that brought me more satisfaction, building my own travel brand and company.

I will still pick up an occasional freelance client here and there, but try to keep the focus on what I love, building my travel business. Plus, my hands were damaged working for the JW Marriott and I physically can't do all the work involved in that realm without a lot of pain, even a year later. I'm getting closer to finding relief, but for now, it's still an issue. If I do it now, it's with help and I manage it more than do the tedious work.

Time to do something that requires different uses of my expertise, experience and connections!  And my hands.

Like producing, hosting, and phone sales. And building a travel company where women will enjoy participating and expand their lives through the power of travel. I find the connections, experience, reputation and branding I've done in the past comes into play in this realm and also all the event producing I've done over the years as well because you operate out of knowledge, rather than fear and you're doing something at a much higher level and with higher level connections having worked up to it over time.

Reputation, connections, experience aren't built over night. They take time, nurturing, and doing the right thing. However, what's interesting is your reputation and online presence can change overnight though too. It pays to watch yourself very closely as a result. Don't damage what took you years to achieve with one stupid action. Because social media isn't forgiving, and it's immediate.

Actions you might have gotten away with in the past because no one was recording your actions or documenting the activity publicly, is now under a microscope 24/7. Being a celebrity in this day and age I think is even harder because of social media. Yes, it's a great tool to build an online presence, but man can it also damage it. 

And that's all she wrote. Wanted to get this off my chest because it has come up again and needed to vent a little.:)

Onwards and upwards. Living and learning... Always learning and growing.

Los Angeles Tech Scene alive and well; travel in Vegas going strong too! #LATechSummit #SBF #Vegas

By Joy A. Kennelly

Had a really great week, so much so, slept in till 11:30am this morning after waking up for a few hours earlier. Do I feel rested!:) 


Drove out to LA to attend back-to-back tech conferences, Silicon Beach Fest Hollywood, Idea to Screen and LA Tech Summit which were phenomenal.

You can read my pre-conference write-up of all three events on Tech Zulu here:

Saw lots of old friends from the scene, made some great new professional connections, and learned a lot too. Plus, had a great time socializing.

I will write more in-depth coverage on those events at a later date, but wanted to give a shout out to the organizers, Digital LA, Tech Zulu, David Beebe Productions and Cornerstone Media, for really amazing conferences asap.

  P1030894 P1030877 P1030920

I'm excited to bring some of my connections to Vegas and Silicon Beach to expand the tech scene in general in a positive manner to benefit all entreprenuers.

Technology is quickly changing the way so many aspects of our lives and these conferences were insights into this reality.  

I will say that one of my favorite personal highlights of attending LA Tech Summit was being hugged by Mayor Garcetti after telling him I was a Republican, but I love him and what he's saying he's going to do for LA.P1030931

What a sharp contrast to our last loser Mayor Villaragosa! 

Mayor Garcetti was described as the perfect Mayor for LA because of his Russian Jewish and Mexican background and many more unique aspects of his life, but I love his true belief in LA becoming great again.

As a native Californian who has escaped to Las Vegas for the lower cost of living, among other reasons, it would be so refreshing to see many of the things he discussed actually take effect, like lowering taxes, increasing traffic flow, keeping filming in Los Angeles, and building out more of the tech scene, among many other goals.  P1030930

We'll see, but for now, let me continue to have my love affair with him because it's not often I agree with a Democrat! LOL Although a majority of my friends and colleagues are liberals for the record. Surprised you, eh? Yes, I am a big believer in hearing all view points, not just what is parrotted among certain groups.

Part of the reason I campaigned to get two Democrats into office in Hermosa Beach a few years back thus sealing my fate of ever working with the Republican party because that's verbotten, but I stand by my efforts because it really helped Hermosa and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

(Here's the blog post I wrote when my candidates I campaigned for won:

The way I look at it, there's value to a variety of opinions, values and creeds. Pick what works, support it and make change happen. Don't get me started on Obamacare though. That my dear, is a sinking ship ala the Titantic and no amount of spin will change my mind.

I hope it dies and the plan Heritage Foundation has offered is considered instead (read it here: and

But enough politics. It's Saturday after all, right?:) 


I'm sitting in a cute new coffee shop near where I live called Avery's Coffee as I normally do. Really great people run this place, husband and wife, Sherman and Linda, and today is the Shopping Village launch with lots of fun activities happening thoughout the weekend.

Just met "Elvis" and heard Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame perform too. Come on down cuz it continues tomorrow too!  9401 West Sahara Ave near Fort Apache easily accessible via Summerlin Parkway, Rampart exit.1463960_10151895892548600_843988451_n Here's some pix from today:

This is what I love about Vegas. The entertainers are very supportive of their community and often participate in activities that benefit Vegas.

Recently, I attended the Luxury Travel Exchange conference which took place at the Sands Convention Center and was treated to a front row experience of a performance by Rock of Ages both at the event and later that night live and in person. (A little raunchy for me, but overall very fun and enjoyable entertainment.)

P1030168The conference itself was extremely informative and I enjoyed hearing "Big Data" mentioned by one travel professional as key to understanding the luxury traveler. It was amazing to see how technology has allowed travel operators to understand their clientelle so minutely down to their income, their likes and dislikes, what countries are most popular, what services are appreciated, which ones don't matter and more.

What I was also surprised to hear as the biggest feedback of luxury travelers, was the simple follow-up to ask how their trip was very important. Simple courtesy appears to go a long way!

There's a lot more to share, but I have been working on my fan page and this post all day and need to get out!

Enjoy my pictorial essay of the entire Luxury Travel Expo here:

And while you're there, like my fan page!:)


Joy's Travel Adventures: @threesquareLV @Zappos @DowntownProjLV @GirlsInTechLV @TheMobMuseum @Barrett_Jackson & more! #VegasTech #VegasFun

By Joy A. Kennelly

Long time no chat, howzit going out there?:) Since arriving in Vegas it's been a whirlwind of activity and writing opportunities that always preclude my writing here. 

Now that I've had bronchitis for almost two weeks and feel like I'm finally coming back from the dead, I feel inspired to share all the fun things that have been happening just in case you're curious.:)

I dove head first into getting involved with the tech scene and enjoyed many Downtown Podcasts with my Girls in Tech friends until I started having other events and illness affect my ability to participate. The Downtown Podcast is a fun gathering of tech entreprenuers who live in Vegas and is produced by the founders of

Here's a pic and a link to more if you're curious:


Girls in Tech is a "global non-profit organization which aims to support the collaboration, promotion, growth and success of women in the local technology sector.

It does this by offering educational workshops and lectures, panel discussions, networking functions, social engagements, and recruitment events."

I was fortunate to arrive just in time to participate in GIT's Computer Education classes for the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada and really enjoyed helping young girls develop a passion for technology.

Plus, made some new fun girlfriends in the process! You can see Christina Aldan sharing our events during a recent Downtown Podcast. She runs Lucky Girl Designs and is a great person. Connect with her on Linkedin here!

Here's a pic from that experience with a link to more too: 1240207_10152297086803849_237917020_n

There's a really supportive community for female entreprenuers out here in Vegas and I was able to participate in a recent Women of Influence seminar featuring: Jean Birch, Owner/CEO Birch Company and Former CEO of IHOP Restaurants and Romano's Macaroni Grill; Rose McKinney-James, Managing Principal of Energy Works LLC; Fafie Moore, Owner of Realty Executives of Nevada; Renee West, President/COO Luxor and Excalibur and Dr. Kate Zhong, Senior Director of Clinical Research and Development at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.


Impressive, eh? Tell me about it! Here's a pic from the event with a link to more if you're curious too:

I crashed Zappos Headquarter move to Downtown Vegas which was really cool too! 


Tony Hseih cutting the Zappos celebratory cake

Also, the Downtown Project tour given by the Pixie of Positivity, HeidyNoelle Stamper, (isn't she great!:) which gives you the overview of the vision for Downtown was interesting too.

20130906_145027I especially enjoyed the last speaker I heard during the Downtown Speaker series too. You can view those pictorial essays here: - just scroll down a bit.

I also loved participating in the DISH Las Vegas Three Square Food Bank Charity Fundraiser held at the "Palms Casino Resort (at The Palms Pool & Bungalows) with tastes from Las Vegas’ most acclaimed restaurants, including: N9NE Steakhouse, NOVE Italiano, TAO Asian Bistro, LAVO Italian Restaurant & Nightclub, rm Seafood, Border Grill and Bar+Bistro @ The Arts Factory." (As written in their press announcement.)

Talk about a feast! It was really fun and for a great cause too. Here's a little facts on Three Square Food Bank and how they help the community. They are partnered with over 650 community program partners including non-profit and faith-based organizations, schools and feeding sites; serve over 100,000 people monthly; and have provided the equivalent of roughly 18 million meals in 2011 alone!


What a wonderful event and charity! Click here for more pix:

In addition, I've enjoyed the Cowboy BBQ,
1184789_10151800983478600_2091483794_nhosted by my former employer, O Entertainment, who recently relocated here to Vegas as well!

1377577_10151798880768600_1409303840_nAnd for a change of pace, crashed The Las Vegas Biker Fest with another new Vegas BFF, Jamie, with very fun results. We never know what will happen when we hang out which always makes it fun.

Just another Adventure!:) See what I mean?:)

529136_10151798886713600_1799920117_nEarlie that day we visited The Mob Museum in Downtown Vegas which is really interesting, but very graphic too. Here's me with the cut-out of the former Mayor of Vegas, Oscar Goodman, recognize him?:) 

1380834_10151800353828600_450322504_nHis memoir was very good too by the way, although I think he kinda white-washed the criminals he represented in my humble opinion. No offense mobsters who might be reading this, but when you kill and rob people, you're not a family man, no matter how many times you say it out loud or want to believe it.


I worked the amazing Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction which I have always wanted to attend ever since an attorney I was working for years ago helped Micheal Jackson sell his Maybach there. 

Here's a teaser... It was so cool to see Siegfried and Roy on the final day make an appearance. I remember that fateful day 10 years ago when the tiger attacked Roy and was thrilled to see Vegas royalty live at the auction fully recovered and supporting the community.

P1030389View more pictures from all my adventures here:

And for my latest tech adventures with the Vegas Tech scene, check out my Social Media Strategist Facebook fan page here:

I still have to share about other adventures including the cool luxury travel show, Rock of Ages, crashing a local Harley Davidson BBQ, exploring the Strip, and much, much more...

I will as soon as I catch up on everything else I need to do! Oh, and if you want to read my latest travel article on traveling to and through Big Sur for C-Suite Magazine, you can do so here:

I also wrote an article on social media for a classy, cultured magazine out here in Vegas called BLVDS Las Vegas which I will be able to share soon. I was pleased to include my friend, Social Media Guru, Peter Shankman, and his esteemed colleague, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, of Hartstein Psychological Services in New York City whom you may recognize as a contributing psychologist for CBS’ The Early Show.

So, needless to say, I've been berry, berry busy.:) Oh, and in addition to all of this, have managed to create my budget and work on more details for Joy's Travel Adventures, despite being too sick to participate in a cool pitching event in front of a bunch of potential investors. Sad face, but there will be other opportunities.

I'm continuing to plan my next travel video now that I'm here in Vegas and reaching out to all the cool casinos for freelance and permanent work because you always create stronger relationships when you work with people.

Funding may take awhile and I'm hustling!

Wish me luck!:)

I'm also still trying to coordinate activities both here and in Los Angeles for my StartupMind group I run with my friend, KP

Become a member to stay in touch with what's happening in Silicon Beach, Silicon Valley and Vegas Tech scenes here:

Now that I'm feeling better I plan to update it more frequently, along with all my other event organizers too.

Okay, I think that's all for now.

Thanks for reading and staying in touch. Love to hear your thoughts.

Silicon Beach Fest wrap-up, Marki Costello host workshop review, and New Media Expo #Tech #Hollywood #Vegas

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been writing this wrap-up in my head for weeks and finally have time to put my thoughts down "on paper" so to speak. I had conflicted thoughts after attending the free Marki Costello hosting workshop introduction and needed time to process how to present it.

Plus, had to wait on some pix and other stuff; then the holidays came and have to admit, got distracted with all my fun events.:) 

My goal in attending the New Media Expo in Vegas next week is to learn how to create a more regular blogging schedule, develop more quality content for you, my faithful readers, and monetize the hell out of this thing. Also, meet some new collaborators, see friends I only know virtually and learn and network.

I've been blogging for seven years and it's time. Just heard one fashion blogger receives $50,000 from brands sponsoring her blogs and that's my goal!

Isn't it for everyone who blogs?:)

What I love about the tech community in Los Angeles is the openness to new ideas, new people, new concepts and new opportunities. What I found fascinating was to juxtapose the two events, Marki's hosting class vs. Silicon Beach Fest since I attended both the same day.

I was torn because I missed all the morning meetings I really wanted to hear, but I had signed up for Marki's class awhile ago and was very curious what she is like in person having interviewed her for my blog awhile back. 

Marki is just as blunt in person as she is over the phone or on TV. When she saw me and another older person in the audience she pointedly asked if either of us were guests, or there for the seminar. The guy left, but I stayed and made a point of introducing myself as her recent interviewer because I knew she felt I didn't belong. LOL

Guess hosting is a super young person's game since she controls the funnel according to her. What cracks me up is she says she's a walking conflict of interest proudly as if that's a good thing! LOL She says only people who take her class will ever become hosts because there's very few talent managers who focus on hosting which she does and E! requires all their hosts go through her class.

What I found very interesting, because I had no idea this was true even in this realm, is the fact even in hosting, your brand is key. What I really liked hearing is how Marki helps her clients shape and develop their concept, provides a safe environment for people to practice and refine their skills, shoots a demo reel you can use to find representation or shop yourself around, and introduces you to key people.

I think she's worked really hard to get to where she is today and respect her for that. However, the conflict of interest really bothers me. In no other industry is this accepted as the norm. Why Hollywood? But I don't really care in the long run because I don't intend to be a host for any entertainment channel, but if they come to me, I won't turn it down. LOL

What was fascinating to me after leaving her workshop, where the funnel for talent is so narrow and difficult almost impossible, to then enter the Silicon Beach Fest where the skies the limit, anyone with a good idea or skills can find success if they work hard, and everyone is so supportive and accepting of everyone regardless of what they look like or what age they are, was the huge contrast in approach.

Completely different vibe to be honest. It wasn't, You can't do this without me and must pay me hundreds of dollars before I help you because I control your destiny like I felt at Marki's workshop.

It was, Here let me help you. I've found success, here's how I did it, and I can help you find it too.


The irony of the entire experience was to hear Marki say all the networks constantly want her to find new talent from the web where people are just out doing their own thing. So, be encouraged host wannabe. You can make it in Hollywood too. Just think outside the box, do your own thing, believe in yourself, and pursue your dreams.

You never know what might happen!:) Disruption in the entertainment industry is happening and the old guard is just trying to protect what they feel they control, but it can't last forever.

Change is inevitable. It just is. Either go with it, or die. Simple as that.

Here's some pix highlighting Silicon Beach Fest, but first, a word from our sponsors...:)

2012-11-09 15.40.32 2012-11-09 15.40.01






2012-11-09 15.39.38What is fun about being back in Los Angeles is I often run into people I know and this event was no exception. Everyone in tech knows our fearless leader, Kevin Winston of Digital LA, because he wears a red shirt wherever he goes. He has created an incredible tech community and constantly holds amazing seminars, parties, and events like this one.  

 2012-11-09 17.13.02But if you're in tech here in Los Angeles, you already know this.:) My new friend, Espree, pictured with Kevin held an excellent seminar on finding a developer which included a friend, John Shiple, who I had no idea was so accomplished until this seminar!  2012-11-09 16.22.37

We had met years ago at a friend's BBQ and enjoyed karaoke most of the night never once talking business. LOL You can check out his website here:

  2012-11-09 15.39.19
 Bumped into other new friends, recognize these guys?:) The entire event was held at the amazing iola in Hollywood and it was fun to finally see what this co-work venue is like after hearing about it during Social Media Week. The seminars were held throughout the first floor and upper spaces too.

 Here's some more pix to give you the vibe.  2012-11-09 18.37.01 

2012-11-09 18.55.02 2012-11-09 15.39.05  2012-11-09 15.38.41  2012-11-09 15.38.11 2012-11-09 17.21.25

  2012-11-09 18.42.28  2012-11-09 15.36.42There were a lot of new businesses hosting parties, lots of great seminars, sponsors set up with tables, meetings with friends I've met at other tech events, and it was fun to bounce between seminars listening to what everyone had to say.

It truly lived up to the claim, "LA's first startup - entertainment community fest, with more than 2,500 attendees attending panels, workshops, demo days, pitch fests, hackathon, beach sports and more."    2012-11-09 19.36.43
Here's some of the fun people I met. The guy on the left and the girl on the right have a very cool company which showcased attendee's Twitter feed throughout the night. She also runs a very cool music newsletter/website called Fusicology. Click the name to learn more because it's been around forever and has the best collection of news, events, fun festivals and more. She's hilarious!

Everyone was a ton of fun. Such a difference than the life and death feel to Marki's seminar. Sad, but true.

Speaking of Hollywood, remember this show? That was what was on Sunset Boulevard as I ran between sessions. Even played tourist for a quick minute.:)     2012-11-09 18.20.55

2012-11-09 18.19.35
Back to tech.

Now do you see why Forbes Magazine wrote up Silicon Beach Fest in an article entitled, 6 Reasons Los Angeles is now booming with Startups? There's so much support, camaraderie, innovation, talent and funding it's crazy!


And catch this aticle too in case you don't believe me or Forbes: "The Startup Genome Ranks The World’s Top Startup Ecosystems: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv & L.A. Lead The Way "   2012-11-09 19.43.54

After a full day of sessions, we were all invited to visit some tech companies and I chose to check out Deviant Art because I love art. Isn't this a great entryway? Check out the owner and his dog too. Here's some highlights from the presentation and office visit. 

2012-11-09 20.19.16 2012-11-09 19.53.12  2012-11-09 19.55.25 2012-11-09 19.56.12  2012-11-09 20.21.22 2012-11-09 20.20.35  2012-11-09 20.22.222012-11-09 20.21.522012-11-09 20.20.52  2012-11-09 20.21.37   Scott Perry
 Wouldn't you like to work here? I would! Scott Perry of Sperry Media is holding the cute swag Deviant Art gave away. If you don't know him, here's something I lifted from an article about him by "As president of Sperry Media, Scott Perry works with nearly every single label to create online marketing campaigns for across a network of 40 key indie store web sites nationwide and handles the street marketing efforts for lifestyle and entertainment companies at over 400 record and lifestyle stores." I had wanted to hear his session specifically because it really interested me, but arrived too late. Darn it!:)

I won the door raffle at Deviant Art and am still trying to decide what piece of art I would like to own. I want it to be special because it will reflect this very cool time attending Silicon Beach Fest. I was hoping to have something to share with you by now, but with 23 million artists they offer on this site, it's rather difficult to choose just one. Now I understand why people hire art agents or whatever they're called.  2012-11-09 20.22.22

I'm now looking forward to attending New Media Expo next week. Here's a blurb describing it I stole from Digital LA who probably stole it from the website: "New Media Expo presented by BlogWorld is Jan 6-8, 2013 in Las Vegas. This is the world's largest conference & tradeshow for Web TV & Video creators, plus Bloggers, Podcasters and Social Media innovators!

Enjoy 3 value-packed days of sessions, networking and cutting-edge knowledge from over 170 speakers that will bring your online content quality, marketing, audience and monetization to a whole new level."  


I've gone one time before and couldn't attend last year because I was living in Atlanta. Really looking forward to attending and will share more later. Thanks for reading! 


Character lessons by @Twitter, @Uber, @Instagram, @kickstarter Investor Chris @sacca at #PandoMonthly last night

By Joy A. Kennelly

Last night I was invited to hear Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter Investor, Chris Sacca, speak at Pando Monthly by a female entrepreneur I respect and admire online and as a result, really not knowing what to expect, plunked down my $20 for a chance to experience this "fireside chat."

I had no expectations because I don't read Pando Daily and was just introduced to it with little time to research or read before arriving at Zephr's door filled with curiousity and hope. However, my friend has started numerous businesses and is very connected which made me trust her judgment.

I will admit, after hearing all the companies Chris has invested in, which if you're not familiar, are super hot right now in the tech world and elsewhere, coupled with the fact he appeared to be huge fan of Obama via reading his Twitter feed, I kinda expected him to be arrogant, full of himself and annoying, but was pleasantly surprised the opposite was true.

He was thoughtful, humble, generous, revealing, honest, kind, and inspiring.

Chris and sarah6

(Too bad the moderator didn't take a page from his book, but that's another story. We're chalking it up to the fact she's pregnant and probably doesn't realize how bitchy she comes across. Sorry lady, but someone from our gender needs to speak truth. And I'm not just saying this because you said, no questions from the seated audience after I stated mine.:)

Anyway, I was so inspired after hearing him speak for three hours, I felt compelled to share my experience with you. Although, I will admit, I slept on it because some guy called me a poser the other day (to which I responded he was a dick and an ass - good Christian that I am.:) and wondered what people would say when they heard I was privileged to hear one of the richest, smartest, coolest investors in the tech world (in my humble opinion.:)

But after sleeping on it and waking up at 4am buzzing still, I don't care. Think of me what you will because to be honest, I don't write for your opinion. I write for mine. If you're a writer, you know there are times you are compelled to share your thoughts in writing to process it yourself and this is one of those times.

Back to my story.

2012-11-01 17.33.22

When I arrived, I was super early and would have been super lost except for overhearing another guy asking directions too. Jackie was very cool and helpful which I generally find among tech heads. No pretension, just mass knowledge just like my programmer friend Paras.

(Speaking of cool, if you're looking for an interesting, smart company to support, buy from, or invest in, check out Jackie's here:

We traisped through Zephr's offices, which are very hip and sound like an incubator for digital-focused filmmakers, and out into the alley to arrive at their large warehouse space where we were promptly shushed out into the street by the zealous organizer because we were so early.

Hey, what can I say? I was excited!:)

I left briefly and when I returned the alley was filled with eager programmers, startups, entreprenuers and the friend who had originally invited me, Espree. Know her? Cool girl and reminds me a lot of one of my young GA room-mates who works in tech with Oracle whom I admire too.

2012-11-01 22.31.05

In any case, pretty soon the doors opened and we all streamed inside to enjoy pizza and beer (and in my case, Coke) before the interview began.  Jackie had been kind and saved me a seat, but Espree suggested we move to the front and pretty soon, her young skateboard friend, Dante, herself, her other lawyer friend, Damion, and myself were staring at the stage face on for the next three hours. 

2012-11-01 18.22.14

Talk about butt ache!:) But soooo worth it! Chris is amazing! (This is prior to launch during set-up.) 

Now if you don't know Chris Sacca's story, read it here: or here: Or just ask around, like I did of Jackie who gave me the Cliff Notes before the evening started. Or Google Chris Sacca. He's all over...

Seek and ye shall find.

But if you can, watch the Pando Monthly video if they share it. Not sure how that works yet, but assume they'll be doing something with the footage and/or interview. Kudos to Sarah Lacy for landing Chris because this is one of the few interviews he has given since moving down to LA part-time. (Yes, he's here! Sound the trumpets! Los Angeles is totally becoming the tech hotbed and I just love it!)

The reason I suggest watching vs. reading is because you will see the essence of who this guy really is without someone else's filter, including mine. He is nothing like I expected and totally someone I feel I could be friends with, he is that down-to-earth, funny, and real.

I also admired his integrity. He may not always have had it growing up a young, brash, arrogant investor when he day traded his student loan money in college, but losing 12 million and ending up 4 million in debt like he did has a way of humbling you. 

What I really liked hearing him say when this happened, was, he "declared I wouldn't declare bankruptcy." And took the next five years working hard to repay all the debt he owed. That impressed me immensely. He said when he paid it all off, "you have no idea how good zero feels."

He shared how he accidentally overpaid his student loans and they sent him a check for, I believe it was, $38, and to this day he says it's pinned on his fridge because he likes seeing they owe him money. lol

I thought it fascinating because Financial Guru, Dave Ramsey, always talks about how the rich don't carry debt and they live debt free. Hearing Chris say it too was only confirmation of what I'd learned in Dave's class. Makes me glad it's one of my top goals to which I'm very close except for my student loan ironically enough.

Chris and sarah

I also liked how Chris refuted the moderator when she accused him of using Goldman Sachs, to which he replied, "No money from Goldman Sachs - you should fact check."

He shared how he started day trading and when it's going great, it's easy to think it's because you're a genius, and when things go bad it's because you're unlucky, but now he's learned it's actually the opposite. When it's going right, that's when you're lucky and when it's going wrong, you're f-ed.

He shared how easy it was to fall into that trap when all his ski buddies were telling him how wonderful he was because they had been able to buy boats and homes investing through him back then, but he realized it's important to have people in your life who will call you on your BS like his wife does now.

For me, it's my parents. lol 

Moving right along.

He shared how he hustled to make money any way he could and was one of the first lawyers on Elance doing odd jobs, even once doing a VO for a famous black athlete in a low, modulated voice similar to that guy's style which cracked me up because Chris is about as white as they come.

He also wrote contracts for porn companies and said he's the only guy to make money in the business without removing his clothes. Chris is just clever with words - a writer's dream which is why I took so many notes cuz I knew I'd want to write about him once he started speaking.

Chris and sarah5

The moderator, Sarah Lacy, whom I admire for her moderating skills in asking great questions and her deep knowledge, asked him some hard hitting questions which seemed to stop the flow every so often because it seemed antagonistic rather than forward moving. Overall though, great job at moderating on one level.

That said, I'm sure her style is what tech readers love, but meeting her for the first time and hearing it in person for the first time, I was a little put off because I really felt they had a great repoire and he was opening up and sharing stories he admitted at the end he will probably regret the next day, and hearing someone ask him what he thought about negative reviews about himself is enough to make anyone shut up and mistrust the agenda of someone you're speaking to.

I loved hearing Chris reveal how hard his life had been before he made it. If you've been an entreprenuer for any length of time, like I have, you know it's not easy and it was great to hear I wasn't alone in this. Chris really had compassion on those who are struggling in this economy although he doesn't seem to compute that Obama played a part in this and appears to blindly support him, although it was encouraging to hear he invested in Uber which is run by a Libertarian and often has passionate political discussions with him.

My kinda guy.:) Not the Libertarian per se, just anyone who is willing to passionately talk politics and have intelligent discussions not filled with name calling. My style.

Chris even admitted Silicon Valley is a bunch of group thinkers politically and although that was disappointing to hear, at least now I know. Sarah did ask him if he was as disappointed in Obama as many are at the end of the interview and I appreciated her doing that, to which he spewed the party line which I hope young people will research before blindly accepting it because someone they admire said it.

But what do you expect from someone who raised 100 million for Obama and has taken meetings with the President? Maybe I might even think differently about Obama if I had been invited to give my feedback on females in the workplace and in small business at the White House too.

I did, after all, attend the man's inauguration. What?! You didn't know?:) Yes, it's true. I attended Obama's inauguration at the special invite of Rep. Jane Harmon to whom I am very grateful. I consider it one of the highlights of my life to be part of history, especially as one of the lone conservatives in the audience.

Trust me. I was a novelty! lol But enough politics. I have to leave shortly and want to get this out.

Chris and sarah3


I think that's where we left off. When asked about why he kept on going despite incredible odds against him when he first started out, he said "I didn't have a choice." It was in his dna. He said, stories of bouncing back aren't just about titans of business. People fought in wars, have lost their homes and jobs and come back, you just don't hear about them. I admire him for not being prideful about his personal comeback too.

Chris has tremendous empathy for the struggles we all face which endeared me to him because he gets it. Those who have money handed to them and have never faced failure or loss don't understand the depths of despair and self-reflection you go through when all you have is you and God (in my case) and you have to pull yourself back up from rock bottom.

Chris does. That's why my friend and I were so inspired by him. He was empathetic, compassionate, honest and very transparent on how hard it was and how he relates to those who are going through it now. He even acknowledged he knows how much $20 can be for someone when they're bootstrapping because he encountered that when he was flat broke trying to network and he used to sneak in through the kitchen to attend events because he spoke Spanish.:)

When I was younger I read a book of 100 biographies of world famous people and the running theme throughout all was those at the top gave back, they were humble and they treated all people with respect. The most successful companies, churches, institutions, and organizations are also run by these kinds of people I have observed over the years.

Now for those of you who have a company which is doing well and you're starting to receive bids because people want to buy it, here's some advice Chris gave which you might want to listen to:

"If someone offers you money for your company, walk away and think about what really matters. Money - how much do you want? Do you want to continue working in the company and if so, how does that look? Where do you want your company to be based? Who do you want your boss to be? Ask yourself all kinds of questions to allow yourself to really think about what's important to you."

Chris said, armed with that self-awareness, then go back and negotiate on your terms. He said there's no better negotiator than an engineer because they have no filter. They just tell it like it is. I agree, having grown up around so many. That's why we get along - we're both blunt.:)

What I hope every young investor will heed is this next bit of advice too. "Good investors are in the service business." Chris says he gets involved in companies to help and as long as he's helping he sticks around. He probably got more involved with Twitter than they liked at first, but when he was dragged into investing the initial $25,000 he invested, he didn't have that money to lose and wanted them to succeed which is why he was so hands on.

Now, not as much, but he continues to buy Twitter stock because he feels it's the next Google. Interesting, eh? I love smart people.:)

He also said, along those lines, a VC's role is to "empower the entrepreneur" not to be the star and take credit for stuff. It's like when a publicist jumps into every promo shot with their client on the red carpet - I hate that because it's not about the publicist, it should be about the client, just like it's not about the VC either.

Are you listening to us? STOP WITH THE SELF ADULATION.

What I also enjoyed learning is how Chris thinks about Twitter. He says the real value is in the community, the users, and it's created a venue where people communicate. So sparse and simple, it's all about what's not there vs. what it's like on Facebook. Or as Eric Schmidt, whom he quoted regarding Twitter, says, "It's the poor man's email."

Chris, having worked for years at Google, also said, "Twitter is an art problem. Google fails at social because they don't get art." Isn't that interesting? That's why even though Blogger is among the top something of websites, Google has never put money or energy into it. They don't care. They're more about the science than the look.

The part of the evening that really quieted the room, which by the way, was standing room only in a space designed to fit about 500 maybe, correct me if I'm wrong, was when Chris shared how much more people matter than money and holding grudges. You could have heard a pin drop then and also when he said he went from 12 million profit to 4 million in debt over night. 

It's life lessons like these that make powerful people resonate with their audiences. He shared how someone in Silicon Valley had once betrayed his confidence and he held a grudge for years after, even ignoring his emails when that guy wrote to tell him he was going to bike ride cross country like Chris had done in 2009, in essence, "joining his tribe" as Chris so eloquently stated. 

Then recently he learned this same guy was in an accident while riding and did a face plant at 27 mph and is now in a coma. It's made him ask, how meaningful can it be? He may still hold grudges, but it's so shallow. He passionately said, "People matter more than an investment in a company that isn't even around any more."

It was so deep there for a moment, even Chris said, can we get back to talking about the fun stuff. I think it was important for him to share this though because I know so many people who hold grudges, myself included, and I find once I let it go, I'm so much freer. It's just not worth it people. Friendships should always matter more than money.

Or politics for that matter. Get over it. That's me, not Chris saying that part.:)

Some other great words of wisdom Chris shared is don't let you inbox dictate your day. Be on the offense and look at your To Do list before your email. Make what you feel is important, your priority, not what others think is important via their email.

So true.

He also shared how he invites people over to his home for the weekend to get to know them better on a whole other level  since he moved to Truckee and counts many of those people as his closest friends. He moved because he was running out of excuses on why he couldn't go to coffee with people. LOL

He told us he was inviting so many programmers over at one time, it got to be too much and took the money he would have spent on an office and bought the house next door to host them now, calling it Camp LowerCase (lowercase?:) which I thought was brilliant. 

Chris loves helping people and said, he wants to be obsolete by Series B. He's not on any boards, he just helps them get things going and likes to fund opportunistically, under the radar. Now he's focusing on the intersection between tech and media. 

2012-11-01 19.11.08

My alarm is set to go off now telling me it's time to wake up which ends conveniently at the same time I have wrapped up my blog. I hope some of my blog helps you with your startup, your life, and your goals because after hearing Chris, and everything he's accomplished, I believe anything is possible with hard work, dedication, drive, ambition, and focus.

Have a great day! I leave you with this fun shot of the door prize he gave to the person who came the farthest...


Oh, this just in, here's the full video:  


Announcing our @SXSWedu Creative Leadership - What it is and Why it Works panel w/@MichaelSB, @RichRedmond and The Joy Writer - VOTE!

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been working behind-the-scenes with two of my favorite music experts, Michael Brandvold of Michael Brandvold Marketing, and Drummer, Rich Redmond of the award-winning Jason Aldean Band,211154_56760346946_1740338402_n to create an informative, interesting panel for the educational component of SXSW called SXSWEdu.

Here's the official blurb: "SXSWedu supports innovations in learning for education practitioners, industry leaders and policy makers who share a passion for modernizing learning from early childhood to higher education in both formal and informal environments. Join the SXSWedu community March 4-7 in Austin, Tx, for four days of compelling presentations and events."

After researching business books and trying to find leadership topics related to the creative fields, I created this panel because of the lack of information available. I felt my colleagues and I could add value to colleges, policy makers and institutions seeking diversity in business learning and leadership because entrepreneurship crosses all disciplines. 

Please vote for our panel here: < 

Our audience: Educators in Business, Music, and Liberal Arts, university professionals looking for unique speakers to come talk to their students, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in learning from experts in music marketing, promotion, branding, social media and creative leadership.

Focusing on music due to SXSW's overall emphasis on music, and my working on a book for musicians, I invited two of my book contributors, Michael and Rich, to participate because I liked the mix of rock-n-roll and country perspectives.

Here's our bios in case you're not familiar with our names and background:


Michael Brandvold is a freelance music industry consultant based in Northern California. He launched Michael Brandvold Marketing to leverage his years of experience to provide direction to large and small clients in the areas of online & social marketing, as well as, e-commerce and customer acquisition and retention.

Gene Simmons of KISS first tapped Michael’s skills as a pioneering online marketing strategist to launch and manage all aspects of’s multi-million dollar enterprise, including their ground-breaking VIP ticket program.

Michael has also managed the online efforts for Dream Theater, Andy Gibson, Greg Kihn, Motley Crüe, Rod Stewart, Madonna,Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna and Britney Spears to name only a few.


Rich Redmond has toured/recorded/performed with  a 'who's who' of recording artists including Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Lit, Ludacris, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Keith Urban, Bryan Adams, Jewel, The Pointer Sisters, Rushlow, Pam Tillis, Gene Watson, Doc Walker, Deana Carter, Jedd Hughes, Trace Adkins, Hank Williams III, Mindy McCready, Robbie Nevil, The Stellas, and Doc Walker to name a few.

Currently the drumming powerhouse behind country superstar Jason Aldean, Rich plays to millions of fans per year and has appeared numerous times on such shows as American Idol, Ellen, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, The Late Show with Jimmie Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, among others.

Rich recorded all the drums and percussion on Jason’s 5 records, selling millions of units and producing 11 #1 hits. Rich’s ‘song-friendly’ drumming style, infused with a true rock-n-roll spirit has led to these records being regarded as a unique voice in Nashville’s musical landscape.

Joy A. Kennelly is an Award-Winning Social Media Strategist, Producer, Personal Publicist and Founder of The Joy Writer. Using her expertise in social media on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Hootsuite, etc., she has successfully integrated and incorporated over one hundred additional regional online social networking sites into publicity for numerous clients.

Her marketing efforts have also successfully enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), increased attendance at events and developed business and media opportunities on behalf of clients in entertainment, travel, technology, and fashion, as well as, in promoting and supporting numerous political candidates and social causes. 

Joy has presented classes and produced seminars on social media at The Musicians Institute, American Cinematheque, and at conferences throughout the US.

Now that you know who we are, please vote to help us be selected:  < 

All the details are available once you click, but here they are again too:

Expert music industry professionals, Michael Brandvold of Michael Brandvold Marketing, and Rich Redmond, Drummer in the Award-Winning Jason Aldean Band, discuss strategy, creative leadership, branding, online marketing and secrets to success with moderator/ participant, Joy Kennelly of The Joy Writer.

With personal examples from their successful careers running creative businesses in the music industry, each panelist will share what being an entrepreneur has taught them and how they would pass that information on to future generations; how they learned how to lead a team of creatives; and how musicians use their creative leadership in bands. They will also discuss how they developed the out-of-the-box strategies that guide their careers and those they work with, and what they do to teach others those same skills.

Questions it will answer

How do creative people lead? What makes them successful? How do they appeal to a creative audience? What sets their style apart from traditional leadership styles? What do they do differently in branding, marketing and social media than other business professionals? 

Doesn't this sound cool?:) Wouldn't you want to learn what we will present? It's cool to see one of my goals moving forward which I hope you will support by voting.

Please vote here to help us be selected:  <

Thank you! Marki Costello interview and everything else coming up next!:) 

#Fashion's Night Out & Kristi Yamaguchi's interview wrap-up for your reading & viewing pleasure

By Joy A. Kennelly

Sorry for the delay in posting my Fashion's Night Out wrap-up and Kristi Yamaguchi interview. My hands have been hurting since I'd been working so much six days straight and needed to take a quick break from the computer to allow the nerves to calm down. Back to normal now.

Moving right along.

What I admire about the famous people I'm having the privilege to personally interview lately, and what I've found true in any famous person's autobiography I've ever read, is the importance of giving back.

Years ago I represented Script Consultant, Dr. Linda Seger and her book, Web Thinking: Connecting, not competing for success, Books and the basic premise was those who are relationship-oriented and share control and power, are much more successful in life than those who aren't. 

That's why I was more curious about Kristi Yamaguchi's decision to donate a portion of her new activewear line to her foundation, Always Dream, vs. the actual designs when we spoke. Learned a lot and will share some with you now.

But as I always say, since you've been so patient, here's some designs to showcase her cute clothes before I get started. This jacket was one of my favorites. Don't you love the inner lining? 

Fin6816And notice the attention to detail on this other cute jacket too. Now if only the diamond ring came with it!:) Kristi has a very supportive husband who actually works on the line and is responsible for all the licensing agreements. Good job landing Lord & Taylor! That's where you can pick up these cute items and more from her Tsu-ya line.


If you want to read a great article on her activewear line as a whole, check out her recent interview in the new Los Angeles Fashion Magazine. I picked up an issue during Fashion's Night Out and was impressed.

428632_10150638904198401_579650860_nWhen I asked Kristi why she started her charity, Always Dream, here's what she had to say:

She started it when she was 16 years old. She was inspired by Make a Wish Foundation and worked closely with them to start off. "I saw the power of giving and the ability to make a difference in children’s lives," says Kristi.

She has always been focused on children’s needs and is now focusing more on children’s literacy. "We want to create something positive to help close the gap where children don’t have access to books or to help with reading, or start school at their grade level," she continued.

Launching in kindergarten classes in CA, with six schools in Northern CA, as they see success there are plans to expand. She has a great Board of Directors and Advisory Committee in education who provided a lot of research and help designing the program.

"A big part of our motivation was to bring in technology with the younger generation by partnering with Raising a Reader, who are nation-wide, with a book bag program at the preschool and kindergarten level and give them tablets with books online to help children experience books in a new way," adds Kristi. "Times are moving so fast, there’s so much more curriculum provided online, tablets are smaller, easier and more intuitive for them to use."

She joked her kids find more things online than she knows. "Children are very good at adapting. Our 2nd program launching in schools is a language arts program to supplement the reading curriculum already in the schools to help with reading comprehension and vocabulary."

You can learn more about how you can get involved, or what it's really all about, by reviewing: 

I also asked her, "What would you say to those who want to achieve what you’ve achieved?" She answered, "Sometimes I feel like doing absolutely nothing, but always do better with a challenge to focus on. My priority is my girls and making sure they’re looked after. I will always stay involved with my foundation because it’s exciting to give back in the community."

What I liked hearing is the activewear line, Tsu-ya, donates a portion of the proceeds to Always Dream with the broader picture to create a lifestyle brand with other types of products that will fit under the Tsu-ya brand. Just think, when you buy a piece of her clothing, you're also helping children. 

In closing,  she said, "I like what Apollo Ono says, 'No regrets.' As an athlete your results are directly affected by the work you put in. As an athlete you set a goal and use it to motivate you and in the pursuit of your dream. Continue to believe in yourself and keep your ultimate goal in sight. It’s not instant gratification, but the work that leads up to it will be worth it in the end."

Isn't she inspirational? I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed speaking to her and sharing her thoughts with you.

Now, to wrap-up Fashion's Night Out in Los Angeles, here's a quick recap video, my friend/colleague, Nelson Brann of Film-Alchemy shot and edited, and I produced, for your fashion viewing pleasure.

If you look below the video, I've posted a map of everywhere we went and additional places we included in our video are the Beverly Hills Porsche fashion event and the over-the-top Beverly Center events too. 

Enjoy! If you watch closely, you may even see some people you recognize.:) Kris Jenner, anyone? 



While Kris was here in Los Angeles, Kim was busy at Lord & Taylor in NYC launching her new fragrance. Here's a video highlight. Just click the link: Kim Kardashian Reflections perfume launch at Lord & Taylor or simply enjoy her pic here.

Kim Kardashian

I just finished an amazing interview with everyone's favorite hosting coach, Marki Costello, and plan to bring that to you soon.

Also, had the best time at the Los Angeles Supper Club last night which I'll share later as well.

Thanks for popping by. Gotta run.

Team Building Case Study: School of Humans, LC Crowley and Mark Apen featuring Ben Sollee, Chris Hardwick, Janeane Garofalo, Sarah Silverman and more

By Joy A. Kennelly

I have had the privilege of working with SCHOOL OF HUMANS, a branded entertainment studio here in Atlanta these past few months writing their marketing materials and working on their online presence as their publicist. In so doing, I've gotten to know all the guys (and token female) very well which has been fun because they're all very unique and extremely talented.

Here's their demo reel highlighting some of their work:


I realized this morning, LC Crowley and Mark Apen were perfect examples of great team builders which is why I want to share their bios with you to explain further. So, without further ado, meet LC, or Chad as he's known to friends, and Mark, just two of the amazing team which comprise SCHOOL OF HUMANS:

L. C. Crowley Co-Founder, Executive Producer / Director 

LC Crowley
L.C. Crowley is a writer, director and producer with over a decade of non-traditional storytelling experience in film, advertising and multimedia entertainment. A creative visionary with a knack for building successful companies with an artistic sensibility, L.C., or Chad as he is known to friends, is best known for his artistry and storytelling talent and nurturing of creative communities in music, writing and film.

L.C. began his professional life immersed in fine art, typography, photography and design while attending college and running a small design firm which he successfully sold a few years later. His interest in art, and artists like Carvaggio and Vermeer, influence his creativity to this day. After selling his design firm, L.C. became a creative consultant with J. Walter Thompson and McRae Communications where he learned the business and client side of the advertising industry before transitioning back to the creative side for good.

He was soon recruited by the renowned ad agency Luckie & Co in Birmingham, AL and  soon rose to Associate Creative Director, where he was given wide creative control to write and direct a myriad of award-winning projects for blue chip brands including AT&T, Little Debbie, Mercedes Benz, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. As he and his team’s success grew, L.C. was instrumental in the formation of their new branded entertainment arm, Luckie Underground Productions, with the mandate to create entertainment pitches for current and new clients.

After accomplishing all he had set out to do there, L.C. returned to Atlanta to be closer to family and took a break to focus on writing screenplays and other scripted shows. When producers didn’t move fast enough with his projects, L.C. did what he does best; pulled together a team of qualified creative and business professionals to build a branded and original entertainment studio with the idea they would own and create their own shows.

Launching SCHOOL OF HUMANS in the converted Grocery on Home loft space in Grant Park in 2009, he and the company have continued to evolve and develop projects for film and TV,  often times with brands baked into the narrative. Currently Executive Producer of Discovery Network’s “Stuff You Should Know” broadcast show among other projects, L.C. is fulfilling his secret dream of becoming a circus man as he juggles ideas, stories, people, and production on this smart, character-driven, comedically-sensed, quirky, scripted project.

In his spare time, L.C. enjoys exploring obscure museums with his wife and two children, eating olives and studies American Pre-War music from his home in Atlanta, GA.

And here's Mark Apen, another talented guy Chad brought into School of Humans team to help develop their production slate which is set to explode.

MARK APEN, Executive Producer / Head of Production:

Mark Apen 2
Known for his diplomatic, calm professionalism under pressure, Mark is a well-respected producer, production manager and AD with over twenty years of experience in the Atlanta film and television industries. Mark is a member of the Georgia Production Partnership which provides a 30% tax incentive to film production in the State of Georgia. He also consults with a slate of companies on numerous nation-wide projects which keeps him in the market, relevant to crew, with a fresh Rolodex which keeps him abreast of what’s happening throughout the entertainment industry.  

Mark joined SCHOOL OF HUMANS as Head of Production in 2010, seeing it as an opportunity to do something original, creative and non-traditional. It was a mutually beneficial decision, as his reputation and experience opens many doors for their full slate of network shows, co-productions and web series.

Prior to this, Mark was responsible for organizing, budgeting, scheduling and producing numerous productions ranging from commercials for such major networks and brands as ESPN, Electronic Arts, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cadillac and Ford. An avid foodie and nature lover, Mark also worked on numerous episodes for such television shows as Food Network’s Feasting on Asphalt, a full season of Food Network’s Good Eats, and the fast-paced season finale of CBS’s The Amazing Race.

 Mark studied Radio/TV/Film at the Journalism School at the University of Georgia, which he continues to support as an Executive in Residence, and speaks on storytelling as a former Southern Order of Storytellers member. Mark enjoys the 360 degree integrated storytelling across all web, broadcast and social media platforms SCHOOL OF HUMANS employs and brings his own unique story telling ability to every project.

Now if you're curious how they all came to work together, their unique story and work, keep reading because I'm about to tell you.:)

SCHOOL OF HUMANS was founded in 2009 as a ‘next generation’ storytelling entertainment company by L.C. Crowley, LC Crowley Marc Savoie Marc Savoie and Brandon Barr  Brandon Barrafter meeting for months over lunch and discovering a shared sense of rebellion against the ad industry’s status quo. Deciding to leave the traditional ad world behind them once and for all, Crowley came up with the idea to combine their storytelling and marketing prowess to create SCHOOL OF HUMANS and create entertainment properties they owned which people would actually want to watch.


The three principals’ advertising credits included designing and creating award-winning campaigns for cable and network television productions on ESPN, CBS, Food Network and Turner, as well as working on accounts for some of the world’s largest international companies such as Coca-Cola, GE, Toyota, American Airlines, Kodak, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Barclay’s Bank and AT&T.

Executive Producer/Director, Crowley; Managing Director, Savoie; and Head of Branded Content & Digital Media, Barr were joined by accomplished Producer Mark Apen, Mark Apen 2 who consulted in the early stages until coming on board full-time as Executive Producer and Head of Production in 2011.

After the core team was established, Crowley and the humans decided to share a converted neighborhood grocery store in Grant Park with friend and art dealer Matt Arnett. This new hipster hangout and part time music speakeasy became known as “Grocery on Home” - and the launching point for the business. 

In the course of six weeks, L.C.’s brother built out the first floor with a stage that soon became filled with artists, musicians, discussion groups and film screenings on a monthly basis. L.C., Marc, Brandon, Mark and a qualified team of freelance professionals brainstormed and worked on video, broadcast and web series productions for such clients as Coke, Toyota and the viral video juggernaut band OK Go, among others.


Renewing their creative juices at night in their in-house salon, a highlight was having genre bending vocalist and cellist Ben Sollee come in to perform which led SCHOOL OF HUMANS to create a music video with over eighty people involved in the artistry. 

 NPR and Atlanta InTown picked up the story, showcasing the co-owners and Grocery as a venue for artists.

As the SCHOOL OF HUMANS production roster grew, so did its team. Soon outgrowing the Grocery location, Matt took over the bookings. In 2010, the Humans moved into their current production facility in Decatur, Georgia adding Associate Producer, Mary Puchalski; Development Executive, Tom Lofthouse; and Media Strategist, Rick Shaughnessy in the process.

Music and creativity continues to play an integral part in their business. Barr describes their work as one part “band” – artists who like to make their own shows as they are currently doing with Discovery Networks on the first half-hour, scripted, non-fiction show, Stuff You Should Know featuring popular podcasters, Josh & Chuck of How Stuff Works. This project started out as a 26 episode broadcast micro-series which launched the Toyota web series and has grown into the full-length broadcast pilot inproduction due to its success. 

SCHOOL OF HUMANS is also one part executive production label, connecting select entertainment properties and production partners with brand funding that helps underwrite those projects – as they have done with Funny by Nature, a branded online comedy series featuring such name comedians as Chris Hardwick, Janeane Garofalo, Sarah Silverman, Aisha Tyler, Jeff Ross, and others. 

FUNNY BY NATURE: Season 1 Trailer from School of Humans.

Another success was their work with WowWee on their Light Strike Arena laser tag game launch, bringing the online gaming experience to the real world through the company’s first branching YouTube animated video experience. 



SCHOOL OF HUMANS is really good at taking their own ideas and making them marketable to both brands and networks. They make brands central characters in awesome entertainment — in a believable,organic way. Characters tweeting from the road, appearing at dealerships across the country, games on mobile, and other 360 degree story integration and transmedia immersion, they simply create assets around a show that are valuable to a brand because they are desired by their consumers.

They believe in marrying brand intent to riveting entertainment content by partnering with brands in the early stages of the creation process. But they don’t just place products, or create corporate mouthpieces that fail as entertainment. They stretch the boundaries and work with people who are willing to take risks and do something they haven’t done before in an entertaining, unique, clever and engaging manner.

As the barriers between advertising and content/media and the difference between the web and TV are coalescing into a single thing, SCHOOL OF HUMANS remains at the forefront in the ways in which stories can be told in this space and creating the next thing that can be.


What Every Musician Needs to Know According to the Driven Music Conference Part II

By Joy A. Kennelly

I attended the Driven Music Conference recently and was blown away by the level of expertise of the panelists, many who had flown in from out-of-state to participate. California too, can you believe it? Who knew they made music there?:)

Seriously though, I hear that about Georgia all the time and it's crazy because there is SOOOO much music here! And so many big names have huge homes and studios here too. Why are people so ignorant when so many huge bands and individual artists have come from Georgia? I don't get it....

But I digress. Back to the Driven Music Conference. Recognize any of these panelists? 

Michael Brandvold/Michael Brandvold Marketing; Bram/Indiehitmaker; Heather Badower & Steven Weber/BFM Digital; Tony "Bravo" Buttitta/; Bryan Calhoun/SoundExchange; David Codr/; Isaac Heyman/Leverage Records; Kevin Lyman/Vans Warped Tour; Omar McCallop/Full Circle Entertainment Group; Mike Mowery/Outerloop Management; Lou Plais/ReverbNation; Steve "Stevo" Robertson/Atlantic Records; Neil Sheehand/Standby Records and more...

Panel Panel2 Panel3 Panel4 Panel6

Well, they're all my new best friends. Just teasing again, but on a serious note, many have agreed to be part of my upcoming book on social media marketing which bodes well for my readers and what you will be able to learn when you pick it up once it's published.

What I liked about this conference is that although it was small, it was powerful. I was able to sit through all the panels and heard a variety of topics like music licensing, guerilla marketing, promotion and more. So many panels were so full, it was often difficult to hear each person's perspective there was so much information to disseminate. 

The ONLY recommendation I would have for future events is to train whoever does moderating to not interject their opinion so often as it made it difficult to hear all the speakers and it became like grandstanding after awhile. Moderators have that tendency for some reason...

Otherwise, the Driven Music Conference was fantastic.

Wish you were there. Seriously.:)

Learned there are a variety of ways for musicians to make money off their music which I had no idea about before and am sure many other musicians do not also which is why I want to give you a little insights based on this newly found knowledge.

Did you know you can "sync" aka license your music for film and TV which above and beyond the misc. background music played, or the soundtrack itself, also includes music libraries, buy-out libraries, main title, opening and closing credits, source cue (my favorite - did you know musicians get paid when their music is played in a car in a film? I didn't realize even this minute detail is paid and could be pitched. Silly me.), and live performance (another one I didn't realize could be similar to product placement and would be great to see more indie bands try to get into.)

One of the reasons I believe Greys Anatomy has done well as a show is their inclusion of various new music artists people have never heard before. I used to enjoy hearing all the new music and the show in general, but haven't watched it in years. Just a great example that came to mind while writing and was in my notes.

Now the other bit of information I picked up that I believe many indie musicians would benefit from is taking advantage of the free service the non-profit, SoundExchange, offers to musicians to collect their rates and royalty fees on behalf of copyright owners. 

"SoundExchange is the non-profit performance rights organization that collects statutory royalties from satellite radio (such as SIRIUS XM), internet radio, cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings.  The Copyright Royalty Board, which is appointed by The U.S. Library of Congress, has entrusted SoundExchange as the sole entity in the United States to collect and distribute these digital performance royalties on behalf of featured recording artists, master rights owners (like record labels), and independent artists who record and own their masters."

All you need to do is register. Simple, eh? Check SoundExchange out and let me know if you do it. They will help track your music when it originally airs, reruns, where it plays, etc. Apparently they distributed 250 million dollars thus far and there is a lot of additional money waiting to be claimed, but since musicians haven't registered, it's just sitting there.

What are you waiting for? SIGN UP!

Now if you decide to work with BFM Digital, they will also do it for you. I had the pleasure of sitting with Heather Badower of BFM Digital to learn a little more in depth on what they offer clients. 

A boutique agency, they've been around for 7 years and provide digital distribution, PR & marketing for over 500 indie artists and labels to such places as Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, 250 digital stores and more. Heather explained their approach is very individualized and personal to each artist which I liked. The split seemed fair too: 80/20.

I asked her about all the musicians you hear just giving away their music and she said, "Don't give away your lead song during the first week of release. It's ok to give it away once the first wave dies down." Now, on the other hand, urban music is completely the opposite according to Neil Sheehand of Standby Records who said you need to develop streed cred first and music is given away for free more in this genre. 

She had many other great suggestions for artists like bundling items through BandCamp which helps you sell your music and merchandise too; post something an artist is doing in the studio across all the social media platforms, and one thing that was repeated often, get a team to help you develop a strategy.

There's more, but you'll need to contact them because I have so much other information to cover from the conference I must move right along. Just call them though. It will be worth your time to check BFM Digital out in more detail. They look for great music, an artist who is driven, has a willingness to learn, good fan engagement and appreciation, performs well live and has great audience interaction. If this is you, contact them to see what they can do to help you!

One thing anyone can do instantly to improve their success potential is make sure when you're submitting yourself anywhere, whether it be the media, a venue, a music library, or anywhere you want people to consider your music, is to make sure it's properly labeled. This was also repeated quite often. Include the name of the song and all contact info - name, address, phone and email on everything you submit to make it easy for the busy person receiving it to respond to you.

A new site which is becoming popular is called One Sheet. Since you're probably not much of a reader, here's a video to make it easy to learn what it's about and how easy it will simplify your life as a musician on so many levels:


Don't you agree? Simplify your life and use technology because that's what it's there for. 

Back to the Driven Music Conference....

Dave Codr of had a lot of great guerilla marketing tips for indie musicians to employ, but one of the first both of us recommend is listing yourself in his music directory/community. Based on some of his suggestions I would highly suggest tapping into his wealth of information in this regard. Unlike most musicians I've personally met, he's "Mr. Sales" and had all kinds of subtle and not-so-subtle ways to build relationships with fans. 

Can you imagine calling fans to personally thank them? Neither can I, but apparently he's done it for clients and it works. Just one example.

Did you know 60% of all indie music is sold at a show and 75% is sold immediately after a set? That's why it's crazy when bands retire to the green room and don't take the opportunity to press the flesh with their adoring fans before the next set goes up. Scary, I know, but what do you have to lose by meeting people who actually like you and your music up close and personal, right?

And the cool thing is, did you know IndieHitMaker will track your live performance sales for SoundScan to raise your "Industry Accepted Metric" when labels want to know your viability as a musician and which the Billboard Charts are based on?

I didn't know that, but Bram and Tony "Bravo" Buttitta want to help you. Tony runs and they have over 400,000 listeners on his online radio station. He is constantly looking for new music and artists to showcase so what are you waiting for? Contact both of these guys! Tell 'em Joy sent you, but don't expect using my name is going to guarantee you play with Tony.

I do believe Bram will take of you though since there is a small fee, but what price fame right?:) MTV, VH1, CMT & all major media regularly use Nielsen SoundScan data and IndieHitMaker legitimizes your sales. Sounds good to me!

Stay tuned. I still have more to share, but don't want to overwhelm you. Plus, I want to go hit the Candler Festival to hear some live music before it closes, or hit an Oktoberfest Fundraiser for City of Refuge which I'm leaning towards so there you have it. Had a really fun day with new Fusion friends at Taste of Roswell. Southern men are so hilarious!

More, I promise and sooner too now that I know how I want to present this information. For those of you who don't write, sometimes it takes awhile to wrap your head around what, and how, you want to write about something. This conference was so full of information I couldn't decide where to begin, but now... I'm in the flow.

Have a great night! More soon! Promise!


My experience speaking at the Rome International Film Festival wrap-up & #Rome, GA sightseeing photo essay

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently I was invited by North Avenue Post Director of Marketing, Tracie Kriete, to join Georgia Production Partnership's "Plugged in Producing" Panel (say that fast three times:) at the Rome International Film Festival, considered by Moviemaker Magazine as “one of the outstanding film festivals in the southeast” and “one of twenty film festivals worth the submission fee.”  Theatre2

Now, for those of you who have never heard of Georgia Production Partnership (GPP), it is a "not-for-profit coalition of companies and individuals who are active in the state’s film, video, music, and interactive game industries. (They do) whatever it takes to promote film and television production in Georgia. You might say that the most important achievement to date has been our contribution to the Georgia tax incentives bill.  GPP has worked tirelessly on the formulation and passage of, what is officially called, The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act of 2008."

Now what does this mean to you as a filmmaker with a budget of $500,000 or more? You are eligible for a transferrable 30% tax credit for qualified production and post-production expenditures if you shoot in the state of Georgia. I don't know all the details, but you can learn more if you click the link above. I do know it has turned Georgia into one of the top five TV and film production locations to shoot however.

Did you know Denzel Washington is coming to Georgia with Director Robert Zemeckis to film Flight? Or that Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are coming here to shoot Us and Them? Also, Cameron Diaz, Chris Rock and JLo have been here shooting What To Expect When You're Expecting.

Pretty fun, eh? But I digress. Back to the Rome International Film Festival and our experience visiting the city of Rome, GA

DowntownI convinced my CA2GA girlfriends, Brenda and Anne, and my new screenwriter friend, MH Witten,  All of usto join me for the day and this gorgeous building below was our first view of the festival site. There is such history in Georgia we love driving anywhere.

Heritage hallWhen we arrived in the room where we would be speaking, initially I was worried my friends would comprise the entire audience, but pretty soon people started trickling in and we ended up with a good-sized crowd.

Here's the pictures and bios of our moderator and my fellow panelists in order of our appearance:


Moderator: Tracie Kriete, MSM:Tracie is the Director of Marketing for North Avenue Post.  She has worked in the digital landscape since 1997. Her expertise lies in social media, search, SEM/SEO, video, display, sales strategy/execution, oine marketing, and graphic design to name a few.  Currently she is on the Speaker Series Committee for GPP, MembershipCommittee for AIMA, Membership Committee for DMA, Founder/President of WIIM, and freelances online reputation management for a variety of clients.

Panel6L.C. Crowley: L.C. Crowley is a writer, producer and director with a diverse background in music videos, television and lm. In 2006 he produced and directed the feature-length documentary Birds of Eden, which explores therole played by African-American spiritual music in the tiny Alabama hamlet of Gee's Bend. He has also directed commercials for a wide range of brands including Coca-Cola, Toyota, AT&T, and General Electric. 

Crowley now is based out of School of Humans, the bi-coastal entertainment label he founded in 2009. There, Crowley has executive-produced, written and directed myriad projects including Funny By Nature, featuring Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garafalo, and Judah Friedlander in conjunction with General Electric. And Stu You Should Know, a multiplatform series for Discovery Networks starring hit-podcasters Josh and Chuck. Crowley has also directed several music videos, recently helming the critically-acclaimed "Close To You" for popular indie-rock artist Ben Sollee.

David Warren: David is an Atlanta based producer and location scout. He is a Texas lm school grad who did time in LA with Spelling and Hallmark. In the "ATL" he made his bones producing for Cartoon Network. Some highlights were the Adult Swim Launch Campaign, The Star Wars: Clone Wars Launch Campaign, and the doing time in a haunted prison with the Scooby Doo Villains. Currently, he is juggling commercials, features, and television series and developing three original reality series.  

Joy Kennelly Joy A. Kennelly is an Award-Winning Social Media Strategist, Producer, Personal Publicist and Founder of The Joy Writer. Using her expertise in social media on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Hootsuite, etc., she has successfully integrated and incorporated over one hundred additional regional online social networking sites into publicity for numerous clients in entertainment, travel, technology, and fashion, as well as, in promoting and supporting numerous political candidates and social causes.

Joy began her publicity career at Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) marketing the visual effects team of THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS starring Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer. At SPI, she founded, produced and began serving as the Executive Director of the Short Pictures International Film Festival (SPIFF) for four years. 

SPIFF began as an internal screening event for SPI employees and quickly grew into an internationally acclaimed film festival. MTV, HBO, and William Morris agents scouted the films she personally helped select and screen. Many films which premiered at SPIFF went on to appear at other prestigious film festivals around the world, including Cannes Film Festival. She also produced an online film festival called ME Fest for Penton Media which drew 100,000 hits in less than three weeks in 1999.

Joy has presented classes and produced seminars on social media at The Musicians Institute, American Cinematheque, and at conferences throughout the US. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA. 

(Since this is my blog I allowed for a little longer bio because some might not know my film background and I am qualified to discuss producing, especially from a publicity standpoint. The others credits stand alone. I think these guys on my panel are about to become huge if you must know...)

What I enjoyed about our panel discussion is we all came at this topic from different perspectives (branded entertainment, TV producing, film) and together we were able to provide a wide spectrum of information many appreciated hearing. 

Panel4 - good Everyone is so talented and humble here in GA I really enjoyed the entire experience. The gentleman speaking to us above is the Film Editor for Paste Magazine. That reminds me, I need to touch base with him!:)

(I will also have some exciting news to share very soon regarding one of the panelists too! Stay tuned.) 

PanelHere's all of us with the Festival Director, Harry Musselwhite, after the panel discussion. Casting Director, Shay Bentley-Griffin, who is a board member of the Rome International Film Festival and GPP, was also in attendance and it was a pleasure to meet her after reading about her involvement in creating GPP in the September issue of Atlanta Magazine. (Click the link for the full story.)

I also enjoyed the interaction that occurred with the audience during our talk. Even MH, my screenwriter friend, had a chance to contribute her insights on participating in a Burbank, CA screenwriting pitch fest. I was surprised to hear how many people who attended her event weren't even in the business, but wealthy people wanting to get involved in film.

Don't they know the risk?:) And where are they now?:)

Very interesting filmmakers in the audience too. One guy (whose email I have misplaced - please email me again if you're reading this!) began making films after his sister died two years ago. He just submitted his first documentary to Sundance. Good luck!

Another was a high school student who had won an award for his film and was heading off to college on a full scholarship. Many others were accomplished and had produced numerous films too.

Award-winning filmmaker, James Kicklighter, was in our audience too. Check out his credits on IMDB: Impressive filmmakers coming out of Georgia, I'm telling you!

What I enjoyed about the Rome Int'l Film Festival was there also appeared to be many first time filmmakers whose films were accepted which we watched later on in the day. They may not have been tightly edited or the best produced, but the fact their voice was being seen and heard was cool.

Festival brochuresThere were also a few very well made films which we especially enjoyed. Click here to download the program for the entire roster. Many zombie films (which, us being girls, skipped.:) and more which looked entertaining if their trailers on the official site are any indication.

Grow! was all about sustainable farming and was very interesting. A wee bit long, but it was a topic I enjoyed learning about. Had no idea it even existed, but apparently it's huge and my new friend from the panel, David Warren of Maglev Media, actually is pitching a very cool reality show concept on it.   Another documentary we enjoyed watching was Fanning the Fire. If you like bluegrass, then you will enjoy this one too! Very well-made. After exploring Rome's main street drag and enjoying dinner at one of their famous chicken wing places, we popped into the Zombie after-party for a few minutes before heading back home.

After-partyNow, if you're curious about what Rome, GA looks like, continue on because I'm going to post my pictorial essay from here on. Enjoy! 

TrioThis is the three of us CA2GA girls in the lobby of the renovated theatre. It had a distinct smell of smoke due to there being a fire there a few years back apparently. Beautiful old-style theatre. One of the attendants, an older African-American woman, kept saying, You girls are Charlie's Angels. You're Charlie's Angels.:)

Mary HelenHere's MH enjoying the shops. Such quaint stores and restuarants! She and I met at my writing group and since she's pursuing screenwriting I invited her to join us knowing she'd appreciate the opportunity. She drove too which was an added bonus since she knew where to go!:)

TheatreBuildings Buildings2 Buildings3 Brenda and anne Bulldogs Me Restuarant Window2 Window Skate Beer Me2 Anne Buildings4 Tattoo Buildings5 All in all, it was a wonderful time with new and old friends speaking the language of storytelling. 

Atlanta vs. California Part II and Fashion's Night Out Atlanta coming soon... @FNOnyc can't wait!

By Joy A. Kennelly


Last night was fun spending time with LA friends who have moved here before us and were celebrating a milestone birthday. It's nice to affirm we've all made the right decision and to hear stories of how dead it is back home in LA for others in the entertainment industry.

I don't know when those who still live there and want to work in film and TV will realize this fact, but Atlanta is slowly, but surely, becoming the new Hollywood what with 12 films in production this September alone and 23 TV productions considering bringing business to Atlanta too now. 

Ever since other Southern states have ended their tax incentives (dumb move which they will realize after it's too late), all the work is shifting here and those of us established, or becoming established, will stand to benefit the most once everything truly ramps up.

It's been interesting to hear the perspective of locals who feel like outsiders are coming in to take advantage of them by virtue of the fact this is a work-to-hire state and there is no union involved. I disagree and said so, but unless you've lived outside your comfort zone to experience something new it's hard for people to understand all movement can be forward movement if you go with the flow.

That's what I'm learning to do out here. Things move a little slower, people speak slower, there's a genuine interest in holding real conversations; there truly is something to Southern hospitality which I've experienced everywhere I go; men are Southern gentlemen who open doors, hug hello and good-bye, and stand aside to let us ladies enter elevators; and lights take forever to turn green.

My only pet peeve out here are the lights and traffic at rush hour which I thought for sure I'd left behind once and for all. I may have to call John Lewis and ask him to look into this issue.:) I met him during Jane Harmon's pre-Inaugural breakfast gathering and look forward to connecting with him again down the road. Also, want to meet the rest of our state representatives because it's nice to know you're in a state where real issues matter and business is supported.


I love the fact there is a dynamic fashion scene too. Just researched all of Atlanta's Fashion's Night Out events and love the fact there are going to be some red carpet events and other high-end fashion shows I will hopefully be sharing with you soon. 

I was beginning to think my days of attending red carpet, fashion, and celebrity filled events had drawn to a close now that I've moved here, but am pleasantly relieved to see that is not the case. It just takes a little bit to tap into, but it's definitely here and probably even more high-end than Los Angeles simply by virtue of the fact it's East Coast and closer to NY.

Here's a link to my previous fashion coverage of all the LA Fashion Weeks I've attended over the years in case you're curious what the LA fashion scene is like: and for video coverage check out my last Actress client, Yari DeLeon attending Sue Wong's private garden collection this past March: 


Can't wait to see and participate in Atlanta's fashion scene! 

California vs. Georgia - NO Comparison. #GA RULES!:) #in

By Joy A. Kennelly

After reading this article on the latest insanity imposed by CA legislators (a crime for hotels to have flat sheets - read the full article here: NANNY STATE MADNESS: CALIFORNIA‘S PROPOSED ’FITTED SHEET’ LAW)

I realized this epitomizes what I hate the most about CA and why I left even though I'm a 2nd Generation Native. Sheer madness of over-regulation, over-taxation and a myriad of other issues best stated by friend, Jody Eldred, here:

"I am SO glad they are FINALLY addressing this. It has been ruining our state. Illegal immigration, crime, a ruinous business climate, borderline bankruptcy, housing foreclosures, some of the highest unemployment in America, horrible schools, amoral values run amuck, the porn industry capital of the world, climbing abortion rates, torn up highways and streets... these PALE in comparison to the valiant efforts of our state legislators in this noble cause."

My thoughts exactly. 

It's soooo nice to be living in a state that has it's government head on straight and leave behind a state that is like an immature, out-of-touch teenager who thinks the world revolves around their every thought.

Oh, and let's not forget the desire to be the first green state and in so doing, driving business out of LA in droves, raising taxes, creating the third highest unemployment in the country, and a state that doesn't have a budget, is deep in debt to the tune of $26 billion, raids city coffers to pay for what they can't afford, and has no leadership.

Those of us who grew up in CA remember the first time now Governor Jerry Brown was in office and know he has no better idea of how to lead this state now than when he did the first time! Even Gavin Newsom agreed with me which was an anomaly since I would normally never agree with anything he says.

Here's an excerpt of my Letter to the Editor of the LA Times which never ran, but holds true even today: "CA has been primarily a Democrat-run state for many, many years and we wouldn't be in this mess if there wasn't such a state-imposed government chokehold on the ability of businesses to operate here.

I'm a 2nd generation native CA and grew up in the 70's with a father who believed in solar energy, raising our own food, recycling, composting and everything else eco. I remember our state as one everyone wanted to come to and CA being called the 'Golden State.'

Since that time it has progressively (and I use that word intentionally) gone downhill. Recently, a potential celebrity facialist client explained the reason she wanted to hire me to market her business was because 30% of her rich clientele had left the state.

We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, businesses are fleeing to TX, AZ, and anywhere else they aren't taxed to death, both of my sisters have left and my parents and many others have, or plan to, leave also.

Governor Brown, as someone bought and paid for by the unions, those of us ... in CA look forward to the time you truly act independently and make the tough decisions to pull our state away from the brink of disaster."

It will never happen, but one can dream right? Now on the flip-side, Georgia has the following going for it:

"Domestically, our state tax rate is very competitive, and state law mandates that Georgia’s budget is continuously balanced. Both the legislative and executive branches of state government has worked for years to create and maintain an excellent environment for business growth and success. 

Examples include passage of the single factor corporate tax apportionment, integrated plant theory for sales and use tax exemption, improvements to the existing BEST Job Tax Credits and the creation of new tax credits for strategic industry growth. 

In addition, Georgia is a right-to-work state with a highly skilled workforceworld-class universities and technical colleges. For 2010, Georgia has maintained its longtime Standard & Poor’s rating of AAA, a Moody’s AAA credit rating and a Fitch AAA rating. 

If you want to know how business-friendly Georgia’s climate can be, simply look around the state. It’s home to some of the world’s most recognized corporations, including Georgia-grown Coca-ColaCNN and The Home Depot.

These three native companies are joined by at least a dozen other of the world’s most well-recognized firms in taking advantage of what the state has to offer. Among them: UPS (above), Delta Air Lines, AFLAC Insurance, Newell Rubbermaid, CIBA Vision, Gulfstream Aerospace and most recently NCR."

So nice to live in a state where those in leadership are adults and have business as an aspect to treasure, support and encourage, rather than kill, drive out-of-state, or out-of-business.

If you want to learn more about Georgia, then check out these sites:, and 

I debated between Texas and Georgia, but the reason I went with Georgia is because my friend is here and loved it; I needed more lush scenery than the arid desert-like conditions of Texas; I loved the churches out here having admired them from afar for many years; and I thought I would know within three months whether or not I wanted to stay.

I knew within a week this is where I am supposed to be. It just feels right. I'm dating, there's more opportunities to create and find work, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I love the trees and scenery. My grandmother is from Georgia and a part of me feels like I've come home in some odd way.

What I struggle with now is wanting all my friends in CA to move out here, and then not wanting anyone to spoil my experience because then I would be responsible for helping them acclimate as my friend has me.

However, maybe in time when I feel more settled and ready to be hospitable, it won't matter as much. But until I can drive to the Perimeter Center Mall and not drive around lost for 15 minutes or so looking for a simple store I know is there without having to rely on my GPS to get me back on track, I think for now I am enjoying the freedom from any expectations of the people I left behind.

Sometimes a fresh start is just that. Fresh. No attachments. No entanglements. No past responsibilities to drag you down. No dead end relationships to hurt you any more. No mean people to gossip and attack you any more.

A fresh start with fresh possibilities.

Just nice, down-to-earth Southern people who, upon hearing I'm new to Georgia, say with a warm smile and sincerity in their voice, "Welcome to Georgia." 

Thank you. I do feel welcome here and appreciate your Southern hospitality.

Means a lot.:)

@MIHollywood @JinglePunks @RocketHub #Social Media Panel blogs & April 21 @Facebook Panel Speakers & Tickets

By Joy A. Kennelly

Normally when I attend conferences I take dictation and microblog what the speakers are saying while they are speaking. I couldn't do that while moderating which is why I'm very happy to share the Musicians Institute's comprehensive blog coverage of all the speakers on April 7th's social media panel which addressed viral marketing with videos, live concerts utilizing StageIt, YouTube, Facebook, personal vs. professional publicity and so much more.

Click the picture below to be stunned and amazed at the wisdom coming from these mere mortals with extreme talent, creativity and intelligence:

Blog header
And for those who didn't get to click the pic above,  you can click here:

Jingle Punks has another fun blog post and Facebook Fan Page highlighting our event as well which you can review here:

Blog_header - jingle punks
And for those who again, didn't understand to click the pic, click here:

They included more of the funny pictures taken that night which you can like here:

I'm in the camp of Jingle Punks where you can combine fun in business and life. Those who think those two can't work together, guess you haven't read Richard Branson's bio. You know, the Virgin Atlantic CEO, right?

Read his thoughts on life: 

Maybe it will change your mind.:)

And RocketHub has posted their blog coverage of our panel together too which is a nice quick overview of the most salient points which you can read by clicking the RocketHub logo or title below:


Musicians Institute Hosts The State of The New Music Industry Discussion


7:30pm - 9:00pm Musicians Institute 

This week's panel on Thursday, April 21, which I'm moderating again, covers everything you ever wanted to learn about Facebook. Speakers on this week's Facebook Marketing panel include: 

Brad Rockstar
Brad Bogus, Member of SXSW showcased band “Audio Runner” & Social Media Architect for “Speak Social
Joseph Yi VP Marketing Reward Me
Joseph Yi, Social Media & Marketing Solutions Manager – GAGA Sports & Entertainment/VPMarketing – RewardMe 
Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott, Co-Founder/President of La Famos PR & Branding firm and a Musicians Institute Music Business Teacher 
Britton Sparkman - sm
Britton Sparkman, co-founder and lead guitar player for Red Circle Underground are speaking at this week's Facebook marketing panel

You can buy tickets for the April 21 panel, or any of the ensuing panels below:

Come early to enjoy Chef Jack Harding's simply great gourmet food at his Clean Street Food Truck 5:30pm - 7:30pm across from the Concert Hall.  Jharding

The Joy Writer & Musicians Institute Social Media Seminar Panelists Announced Today



Social Media Expert, Joy A. Kennelly, of The Joy Writer, and the Musicians Institute are pleased to announce the panelists confirmed to speak during their Social Media Seminar Series 2011. The five-part instructional seminar series is designed to teach the how-to’s of social media and online marketing. 

The seminars will be held Thursday’s April 7 and 21, May 5 and 19, and June 2, 2011, from 7:30 to 9pm in the Concert Hall of the Musicians Institute located at 6752 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90028

Confirmed Panelists include: 

Founder/CEO, Stageit, Evan Lowenstein, recently named to Digital Media Wire's list of 25 Execs to Watch in Digital Entertainment for 2011 (April 7)

CEO/Co-Founder, Jingle Punks, Jared Gutstadt, named one of "America's Most Promising Startups" by Business Week (April 7)

Co-Founder/CTO, Rockethub, Vladimir Vukicevic, which has been called a "renaissance style of fundraising" by American Songwriter (April 7)

SXSW performer, Audio Runner Band Member & Social Media Architect with Speak Social, Brad Bogus (April 21)

Social Media & Marketing Solutions, Manager GAGA Sports & Entertainment/VP Marketing RewardMeS, Joseph Yi (April 21)

COO/Executive Producer/Host,, Amanda Coolong (May 5)

Photographer/Author/Web Strategist, Kris Krug (May 19)

Managing Partner of TAG Strategic and former Senior VP of Digital Development and Distribution for EMI Music, Ted Cohen (June 2)

More panelists to be announced. 

Each hour and a half program, moderated by Kennelly, will focus on the basics of the social networking tools currently available and feature panels with high-profile entertainment industry executives and technology experts discussing how to utilize current social media platforms, upgrade social media skills and how to brand and market your company, your label or yourself online.

For more details or to buy tickets:

#American Cinematheque & #Social Network Live Present: #Social Networking Seminar for the Film Community November 16, 2010 at 7:30pm #AMCINSNL

By Joy A. Kennelly

  Please note Tickets are available for purchase on Fandango under American CInematheque by clicking this link or at the box office.

Co-presented with Social Network Live

Social Networking Seminar for The Film Community: Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Agents, Studio Executives

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 7:30pm American Cinematheque Egyptian Theatre

You can’t escape the words "social networks" if you engage in any media format. What are these tools and why does every professional need to use them? Social Media Strategist, Joy A. Kennelly of The Joy Writer will moderate a panel of experts discussing everything from the basics of using social networking tools to creative techniques and tips for more advanced users.

Topics include the latest tools, trends and platforms available to filmmakers, agents, talent and studio executives. Learn how to brand, manage, market and develop a fan base for you or a project with experts in the field.

Panelists include: Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood  Anne-thompson-pic

Born and raised in New York, Anne Thompson has been a contributor to the New York Times, Washington Post, The Observer, and Wired. She has served as film columnist at Variety, and deputy editor of, where her daily blog, “Thompson on Hollywood,” launched in March 2007.  Anne was the Deputy Film Editor at The Hollywood Reporter, the West Coast Editor of Premiere, a Senior Writer at Entertainment Weekly, and West Coast Editor for Film Comment.  She wrote the film industry column “Risky Business” for L.A. Weekly and the Los Angeles Times syndicate.

Follow her on Twitter @akstanwyck

American Cinematheque’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Margot Gerber;   Margot_Gerber

Margot Gerber runs digital strategy for the American Cinematheque's brand (Aero and Egyptian Theatres), as well as release campaigns for foreign and independent films. She has worked for the past 20 years in marketing, publicity and advertising and just when she began to lose interest in traditional publicity, new opportunities arose in the digital arena that captured her imagination. She now spends a disproportionate amount of her time online, monitoring social media.

Follow American Cinematheque on Twitter: @sidgrauman

Founder & CEO of MomentFeed, Rob Reed;  Rob Reed pic

Rob Reed is the founder of MomentFeed, a provider of location-based marketing solutions. The company's Location Engagement Analytics (LEA) platform aggregates data from multiple LBS sources and provides a familiar analytics dashboard for companies with hundreds or thousands of locations to monitor. In addition, MomentFeed provides key insights and reporting on the LBS industry as a whole. Rob is also the founder of, a blog covering social media, geolocation, and sustainability, which has been syndicated to more than 200 blogs including The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Treehugger.

Follow MomentFeed on Twitter: @momentfeed

Take Parts Community, Alliances & Digital Lead  Waiting for ‘Superman’ campaign, Wendy Cohen WCohen_041107
Waiting For Superman banner

 A native of Montreal, Wendy Cohen began her film career as the Programmer and Outreach Coordinator for the Media That Matters Film Festival. As the Manager of Community and Alliances at Participant Media since 2007, Wendy has developed innovative online initiatives for numerous films including Charlie Wilson’s War; and currently runs the digital social action campaign for Waiting for 'Superman,’ a documentary on the American education system. Wendy was the first Community Manager for The Huffington Post in New York City. She believes the combination of storytelling with online activism can lead to great social change.

Follow TakePart on Twitter: @TakePart

and Founder of Film Threat and "Nerdlebrity" Chris Gore. Chris Gore pic

Chris Gore is a writer, filmmaker and a television personality who has built a solid reputation as a hilariously outspoken voice in the film world. As a teenager, Chris founded the legendary Film Threat, which began as a fanzine. He is the author of several books including The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, The Complete DVD Book and The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made. In addition to being a noted speaker and author, he is the film expert on the G4TV’s Attack of the Show where his weekly movie review segment DVDuesday is among the most popular.

Follow him on Twitter: @ThatChrisGore

Panel Moderator: Joy A. Kennelly of The Joy Writer Joy's headshot

Joy Kennelly's award-winning social media marketing and publicity experience includes page one Google blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), and creative business strategies across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & more) for clients in entertainment, travel, technology, fashion, and politics. Past clients include: the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chef David Linville, The Shore Restaurant & Lounge, Original Long Beach Lobster Festival, fine artist Gali Rotstein, Actor Domiziano Arcangeli, Penton Media, the American Institute of Architects, and more. She has presented classes and seminars on social media at Musicians Institute, American Cinematheque, and at conferences throughout the US.

Follow The Joy Writer on Twitter @thejoywriter

EgyptianTheatreBlockLogo - Eventbrite

$20 general admission and $15 student/senior. 

Tickets are available here:

You can also purchase them at the box office Tuesday night.

American Cinematheque Egyptian Theatre is located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

For more information, please call 310 714-2077.  Look forward to having you join us!

Follow the hashtag #AMCINSNL on Twitter to hear what attendees are sharing.

Checkin on Foursquare when you arrive!

Co-producing a Social Networking Panel with the #American Cinematheque on 11/3. Teaching "The Social Media Toolkit" at #Musicians Institute on 11/10

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been so busy since moving back to Hollywood and I love it. Events I've been working on since the summer are coming to fruition and it's really been fun to collaborate with both the American Cinematheque and the Musicians Institute.

Here's the brief rundown of two upcoming events with more details to come soon.

My American Cinematheque Event on November 3, 2010

I'm co-producing a social media panel presentation on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 7:30pm with the American Cinematheque entitled: Social Networking for the Film Community: Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Agents, Studio Executives

Here's the blurb in case you'd like to attend:

"You can't escape the words "social networks" if you engage in any media format. What are these tools and why does every professional need to use? Social Media Strategist, Joy A. Kennelly of The Joy Writer will moderate a panel of experts discussing everything from the basics of using social networking tools to creative techniques and tips for more advanced users.

Our amazing speakers confirmed to date include: American Cinematheque's very own Digital Marketing Strategist, Margot Gerber, Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood, Pelago makers of Whrrl, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Heather Meeker;
Take Part Community, Alliances & Digital Lead on the Waiting for Superman campaign, Wendy Cohen, with additional panelists to be announced.  Topics will include the latest tools, trends and platforms available to filmmakers, agents, talent and studio executives. Learn how to brand, manage, market and develop a fan base for you or a project with experts in the field.
Tickets: $20 general admission and $15 student/senior.
Location: American Cinematheque Egyptian Theatre 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
For more info, please call: 310 714-2077.

In case you haven't heard of Waiting for Superman, here's the official trailer. I can't wait to see it!
Save the date! More information on our panel & panelists to follow!

Mi logo


I'm beginning to discover that I love teaching and sharing my knowledge of Social Media to help others move forward in their careers. It's very rewarding to see student's and attendees grasp online marketing concepts I've shared over the last few weeks and months.

Now I have the opportunity to teach past and present students, faculty and teachers, basically anyone who is part of the Musicians Institute, the tips and tools of using social media focusing on three platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Hootsuite.

Here's the blurb describing the class in case you're interested. It's also on the main Musicians Institute website!  

ACS Presents "The Social Media Tool Kit" with Joy Kennelly

On Wednesday, November 10 at 3:00pm in ACS-201 (Artist and Career Services building, second floor), MI’s Artist and Career Services Department presents “The Social Media Tool Kit,” an interactive workshop with award-winning Social Media Strategist Joy Kennelly. Learn the basics of social networking tools to promote your band and/or brand, including setting up Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite accounts. This is ideal for the beginner who wants to take it to the next level - bring your laptops!

Joy Kennelly's social media marketing expertise includes working with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and over 100 regional online marketing sites to enhance search engine optimization (SEO), increase attendance at events, and develop business on behalf of clients in entertainment, travel, technology, fashion, and politics. Joy’s clients have included VOX DJs, the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Shore Restaurant & Lounge, filmmaker Damien Earl Matthias, the Original Long Beach Lobster Festival, fine artist Gali Rotstein, the American Institute of Architects, and more. She has presented classes and seminars on social media at MI, American Cinematheque, and at conferences throughout the US.

The Musicians Institute Artist and Career Services team and I plan to do another Social Media panel with the general public invited next.
Stay tuned.:)


Missed LA Fashion Week - too busy with Technology events

By Joy A. Kennelly

Every so often LA Fashion Week falls at the same time as a technology conference I want to attend and I have to make a choice.

This season was no different.

With my recent move back to Hollywood, attending BlogWorld Expo and Digital Hollywood, plus producing a Social Media Seminar with American Cinematheque,  teaching Social Media at the Musicians Institute, and miscellaneous speaking and business opportunities, I just wasn't able to fit anything else in or pursue fashion shows.

Next time.:)

#Social Media Optimization Summits, #Social Media Week, #Start-up Mixer, & #Musicians Institute - Part III Final Wrap-up

By Joy A. Kennelly

Now that my life is settling down a bit, I finally have the time to write about my recent experiences at the Social Media Optimization Summits in Dallas, TX, the recent seminars I attended during Social Media Week here in Los Angeles, the Start-up mixer at Wokcano in Santa Monica I enjoyed, and teaching Social Media and Fan Management at the Musicians Institute.

What some people don't realize, but I'll keep reminding them until they understand this fact, is believe it or not, there are women interested and involved in technology contrary to the young Meetup leader who thought women in the audience at a recent tech event meant we were there solely to look for a husband. lol

Can you believe it? He was a little drunk so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for speaking without thinking. Kinda like Jerry Brown allowing his associate to call Meg Whitman a "whore" and then his not apologizing for them during the Gubernatorial debate last night.


DUMB and Sexist! I'm really tempted to call Jerry's number and bawl him out since NOW continues to support him. Why? I don't know. Blind adherence to their "religion" I suppose.

But I digress...

Now to give you a little of my tech history. I've been around this industry since the 90's when the dot com craze first hit and produced a very successful online film festival called Media & Entertainment Festival (affectionately nicknamed ME Fest) for Penton Media back in the day.

I have friends who have produced, marketed, and sponsored tech events which I always attend and also keep up-to-date on information by reading and attending conferences. In fact, heading to Las Vegas tomorrow to hit blogWorld too.

I've been incorporating digital marketing into my PR & Marketing strategy for clients for over ten years. I also used to attend all the tech events VIC (Venice Interactive Community) threw and still fondly remember the HUGE party held at the Skirball Center just before the tech crash.

Anyone else remember?:)

If my recent positive experience at Wokcano for the Start-up meeting is any indication of the growth of tech again, I'm sure LA is primed to explode. I enjoyed hearing Investor Mark Suster of GRP Partners sound a rallying cry to tech heads in Los Angeles to stand their ground and refuse to leave for SFO & Seattle to help build up our LA Infrastructure for bigger long-term growth.

I micro-blogged during his talk (editing out his profanity) and you can review that here:

#Mark Suster of GRP Partners speaking @Wokcano

The common thread out of the talks I attended during the Dallas conference seemed to be:

1. Listen to your audience to hear what they're saying about you and your brand

2.Create a strategy based on that research

3. Then contribute.

Here's some highlights of the people I heard once my talk was over.

Jodi Gersh spoke on the Power of Place and analyzed a variety of geo-location tools out there. Her favorite is GoWalla, whereas Jason Falls enjoys Whrrl.

P1000870 I'm giving Whrrl a whirl although GoWalla is intriguing because of the passport aspect since I love to travel and it would be fun to have a place to showcase my trips while I'm out and about.

I liked having the Geo-Location overview from a marketing person's perspective because then the following week during Social Media Week in Los Angeles, I was able to hear some of the CEO's of even newer geo-location services share their presentations on what made their geo-location service better than the others.

If you click here, and here, it will lead you to my micro-blog coverage of that series on Geo-Location Marketing which was sponsored by Moment Feed. Great evening.

Completely different perspectives and different ways of presenting information, but that's what makes Social Media so interesting. It's constantly evolving due to the creativity and technology utilized by people all over the world.

P1000869 It's not just about Foursquare people!:) Even though there are now 3 million users using it, this entire type of marketing really isn't mainstream just yet which is limiting it's reach and visibility.

Jodi mentioned even more options too: Foodspotting, footfeed, tri-out, aroundme,, and to be honest, I haven't had the time to check them out. If you do, let me know what you think.

I ducked in and out of a few Social Media Optimization Summits seminars to make sure I heard as much as possible and if my notes are scarce, that's why.


I popped into Jun Loayza's "How to Implement Ambassador "Experience" Campaigns who stuck with corporate examples for his talk. I never gathered whether or not he was behind the strategies presented, or merely sharing other's successes as examples.

Here's one of his case studies for review. Click the highlighted name to learn more about the actual social media activities for this successful Ford Fiesta launch:


11 mil social network impressions

2.5 mil shares

11k videos 15k tweets 13k photos

38% gen y

What I enjoyed about his presentation was the direct ROI examples. People still have trouble understanding the value of social media vs. traditional public relations thinking they're separate and don't support each other, but I have never found that to be the case.

Traditional media relations is currently fueled by social media believe it or not. Sometimes the first place journalists learn about what's hot is on social networks. They also regularly read blogs, and constantly comb the internet looking for stories of interest.

I remind people of this all the time, because I have numerous journalists, civic leaders, celebrities, publicists, and others who pop in to read my blog due to my coverage of such a wide variety of topics. I never want to be focused on only one subject because I have a wide interest in all kinds of things and consider my blog more of a magazine style format, than an analysis of just one topic.

Again, I digress.

Back to examples of Ambassador campaigns that worked courtesy of Jun Loayza:

1.      Sharpie Squad -

2.      Red Bull University -

3.      The Dew Crew -

4.      Charmin – Enjoy the Go

As always, Fashion is on the cutting edge of social media and Jun shared how his company had helped create the LG campaign using popular fashion bloggers to spread the news. (Where was my invite? LOL)

P1000885 Apparently, Jun's company,, (according to him,) is recommended over Technorati  to find bloggers (which I find hard to believe knowing the CEO of Technorati and learning in another seminar Technorati is considered the 4th largest social network, but hey, Jun may be right among a certain tech demographic...)

His bottom line was determine what you want to accomplish, find the influencers who will help you achieve your goals, and then implement the strategy to achieve your goals. I asked what a band could do to and was given some good ideas which I'll be able to share with my students.


I attended the luncheon where I heard a few speakers including Shashi Bellamkonda from Network Solutions who discussed optional trends in New Media.

He basically gave a bunch of links and a quick highlight of each. You can find it on the company site here somewhere (I don't have time to research it for you.:):

P1000889 The speaker I most enjoyed hearing present was Erica Campbell, Senior Manager of New Media Marketing for Rent - Video & Photo Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure which you can review here:

Video & Photo Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure
View more presentations from Erica Campbell. Be warned, there are 175 slides and trust me, she had to talk REALLY, REALLY fast to go through all of them in the three hours allotted for her chat.
That said, it was great and even though this was applied to the apartment rental industry, the principles apply across the board to any industry and her presentation is excellent.
And I'll close with this speaker since you're probably tired of reading so much data all at once, right?:) Now you know what I feel like after attending all these conferences and seminars! lol

Strategic Planning by Jenn Kane Co.

KD Paine Measurement Checklist:

1.      What are your objectives?

2.      What audiences are you targeting?

3.      How would you prioritize these audiences?

a.      Media, influencers, bloggers, competitors, etc.

b.      Prioritize how you’ll reach them.

4.      What are your Key Performance Indicators?

a.      If this is really working, then>>>>

5.      What is the right measurement tool?

a.      Where will you know you’ve achieved this?

                                          i. – free! Use with Kids

                                         ii.     Peoplebrowsr

                                        iii.     Alterian

                                        iv.     Raidan6

                                         v.     Klout

                                        vi.     PR Newswire

                                      vii.     Jive


Setting Benchmarks

               To define “Return,” ask:

a.      What are we measuring, and why?

b.      What does success look like?

c.      How will we know when we get there?

d.      Are there incremental milestones worth noting?

There's more, but you should hire Kane Consulting since that's all I have time to cover at the moment. Sorry. :) I enjoyed her talk because I've utilitized a lot of her suggestions as a leader of goal setting groups over the years.

I really enjoyed my experience in Dallas, TX because I was able to hear from a wide variety of speakers from all over the country and everyone was very interesting. Kudos to Tami for putting on a great conference which is sure to only grow as word gets out.
Now here's a great video of the Social Media Week seminar I attended at the House of Blues P1000921
I learned a lot and had other information confirmed to share with my students.
I'm teaching Social Media & Fan Management in the Musicians Institute's Music Business Program and am delighted to be working with such ambitious entrepreneurial students.
My kind of people!
Okay, that's all for now. Gotta run. I have a store launch to attend with my friend. Let me know what you think of what I've written!

My news, #Shopzilla, #The Joule, and touring Dallas, TX - Part II

By Joy A. Kennelly

Quick Update

It's been a crazy few weeks. Had to find and buy a car, find and move into a new place, and started teaching Social Media & Fan Management at the Musicians Institute.

Whew! All good though. Very happy with all the positive changes in my life. Now I'm prepping to attend BlogWorld if all goes well.

Social Media Optimization Summits continued

Finally have a moment to write more about my experience in Dallas and Los Angeles surrounding Social Media conferences I spoke during and attended. Here's a link back to Part 1 in case you've forgotten what I wrote before:

I spoke during Family Pro's Social Media Optimization Summits   and taught: Beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: Introducing, Combining, and Leveraging New Opportunities to Boost Your Brand.

I'm currently working on another  fun foodie/holiday festival launch for John Forrester & Associates utilizing these tools and tactics and if all goes well, you should be seeing O Entertainment's Annual Long Beach Oktoberfest in the top ten searches of Google soon.  

Wait! It's already there.:) Well, what do you know....Trust me, this strategy works. It's extremely time consuming, but definitely worth it.

Shopzilla Plug

Oh, before I get too much into everything, here's a fun video of the tech company I worked for during the summer called Shopzilla. Know it?

Cool group of people and brilliant tech business. Here's the employees and management as you've probably never seen them before. lol I enjoyed seeing all the people/friends I made goofing around in this.

Everyone really is that fun to be around too. My former boss, Robin, is the rocker chick and my buddy, Britton, is rocking out with her around 1 minute in. He's part of the talented band Red Circle Underground so this "acting" came naturally.:)

Here's just one of the fun monthly company-wide activities I worked on while I was there. All the children of employees in the company were given art supplies to create Shopzilla posters. Other times I worked on a huge Mexican Fiesta, a Carnival complete with a live camel and a beach party.

I love tech companies.:) Always have, always will.

Here's a few examples of the kid's design creativity of Shopzilla's logo, and what they received as a gift for participating.

IMG_0122 IMG_0123
Adorable, eh? I wish I could have stayed on, but they needed someone with Human Resources experience which I don't have, nor ever want to learn. LOL

Great company though... One I admire and wish well!

The Joule in Dallas, TX

I had the privilege of staying at The Joule, in the heart of Downtown Dallas, as their guest during the Social Media Optimization Summits which was absolutely delightful.  I highly recommend this hip, boutique hotel as a central location for anyone doing business in Dallas, looking for an excellent restaurant to entertain guests, host an event poolside or inside privately, or attend a hip nightclub to dance and socialize.

Here's a quick peek into why I enjoyed my stay so much:

My beautifully appointed room.


The Joule's beautiful poule high up in the city offers great views. A very popular happy hour venue too.


Pool 2
These two professional pictures were provided by The Joule. The others are mine. Please don't use without permission.

Lobby 2

Meeting rooms.

Wine shop on-site in the entryway to the delicious Charlie Palmer restuarant. Click their name to see some of the cuisine, learn about the chef and the venue.
  My dessert was delicious and just the right size.

Here's some professional shots of the Joule Penthouse & PM Nightlife Lounge. For more information and to review even more images, please click on the links. 

They're both so opulent and you'll love what you see! I was very impressed with my experience there and give it a 4.5 star rating.:)
Penthouse Library 1
Penthouse Living Room
Penthouse Master Bedroom 2
PM 1
PM 3

My Quick Dallas Tour

Every time I travel to a conference or Food & Wine Festival, I like to take in some of the local sites to gain a better idea of what the city is about above and beyond the event I'm attending. This trip was no  different. Every moment I had free, I walked, rode the metro, or explored because I love traveling and having new experiences.

Similar to LA's Downtown, Dallas streets were rather empty of people walking around, but I never felt unsafe. I only wish I had more time since there's a few museums and art galleries I would have liked to see.

But that's for another trip. Enjoy my visual essay. I will write up the Social Media Optimization Summits Conference next because I took notes and want to share now that I finally have the time.

Thanks for reviewing!


Bye Dallas. I may be back!:)

#Hermosa Beach Patch Resident Spotlight on #Dr. Alice Villalobos I wrote is live!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Here's a quick introduction from the Hermosa Beach Patch site itself. You can read the article in its entirety there. This is a new style of writing for me and I'd love to hear your thoughts! Dr. Alice is an amazing woman and it was my personal pleasure to interview her after knowing her as a neighbor for a few years.

I was so impressed after interviewing her and learning more about her contributions to the veterinary world, I nominated her for the first Daily Breeze's Women of Distinction Awards Gala. And guess what? She was selected!

I can't say much more because they're now writing an article on her life I believe and we may not find out until the awards banquet on November 4, 2010 what she's been awarded or nominated for exactly; but I can say I'm thrilled she will receive recognition in her own South Bay community because she absolutely deserves it.

What an inspiring woman! On so many levels.

Well, enough of me blabbing about Dr. Alice Villalobos. Here's an excerpt from my Resident Profile article on her to entice you to read the full article on Hermosa Beach Patch - lots of fun pictures I shot too.:)

Resident Spotlight: Dr. Alice

The world-renowned veterinary oncologist behind a measurement chart for owners of pets with cancer finds herself most at peace during downtime in Hermosa Beach.

"When I've mentioned Dr. Alice's name at dinner parties with other animal lovers, everyone has heard of her," said Rolling Hills Estates-based Equestrian Designery owner Diane Barber, who was mentioned in Villalobos' book "Canines and Felines - Geriatric Oncology: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond" after her geriatric chocolate Labrador was put down.

Click here: Resident Spotlight: Dr. Alice for the rest of the article. Don't forget to leave a comment! She's reading them and would love to hear from you...

Me too!:)

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Social Media Optimization Summits, The Joule review & update Part 1 #OptSum

By Joy A. Kennelly

It's taken me a bit to process my speaking experience at the Social Media Optimization Summits, catch up on work, and take a break from attending the various Social Media Week seminars I'm attending to write this long-promised blog wrap-up.

First, Social Media Optimization Summits in Dallas, TX. I was very fortunate to be treated to a very luxurious hotel experience at The Joule upon arrival. I told my Facebook friends I felt like I was staying at my rich boyfriend's bachelor pad it was so well-appointed.

Here's a few pix to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

My favorite amenity - a jacuzzi! Needless to say, took advantage of it as soon as I arrived.

There's a bunch more which I'll share later, but wanted to give you a peek early.:) Nice, eh? This is how I roll. LOL

I didn't get much sleep that night and woke up at 4am (CA time) to dash off to hear Keynote Speaker, Brian Solis speak on the Conversation Prism. He definitely is worth the big bucks because of the depth and breadth of his knowledge.

Here's some quick pix I grabbed during his talk to show you what I'm talking about:


Brian said, "Executives don’t care about transparency & authenticity – money & bottom line is their question." 1. How much? 2. What is the opportunity cost? 3. How does this perform? 4. How do we benefit? 5. What’s the ROI? 6. Who’s going to lead this and who will support them?

 7 steps (missed one - ask him.:)

1. Who – brand personality, it’s mission & purpose 2. What -3. When  4. Where  5. Why 6. To what extent

If you want to take a Social Media Audit, according to Brian you need to consider the following:

Volume, frequency, sentiment, share of voice, questions, concerns, challenges, options

What value are you providing? What conversations deal with your brand?

He researchs this information for corporations using numerous analytical tools on a 30 day period: Share of Voice, Share of Conversation, Conversations Requiring Response, Sentiment, Potential Impression/Reach, Looming Crises/Opportunities, Recurring Themes – for brand, product 30 day analysis

 1.     Once he's done that he determines keywords and searches each network using these parameters. Now do you see why I say he's deep and wide?:)

  1. Document the frequency of conversations in each network
  2. Document the frequency of competitive conversations in each network – establish the benchmark
  3. Document the number of appearances of your brand and competitor’s  brand in the overall landscape
  4. Establish a share of voice and share of conversation benchmark – You vs. competition vs. conversation
  5. Log sentiment: positive, neutral, negative – document recurring themes and notable commentary (Most of the time neutral. Important to move from neutral to positive. Q & A.)
  6. Determine potential impressions compared to existing referrals & traffic (Blog measurement –
  7. Assess missed opportunities and potential crises. More than you imagine.
  8. Organize conversations by departments who should responded. Participation is marketing.

There's a bunch more information he presented, but you should have attended the OptSum conference, or hire Brian.

Just saying...:)

I was too distracted dealing with a business situation back home, fighting lack of sleep and mentally preparing for my talk that I didn't attend many other seminars that day.

My presentation: Beyond Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin: Introducing, Combining and Leveraging New Opportunities to Boost Your Brand was well-received which was gratifying.

Watching everyone else's presentations the next day gave me some great insights into how I can build on my power-point presentation to increase value. Always improving!:)

Here's a shot I took of the crowd to show how easy it is to instantaneously upload information to Posterous, my other The Joy Writer blog site.

Opt Sum 

I had this picture taken the next day because it had the logo of the seminar and it's a better angle.:)

Here's a few other pix from that day, but sorry, didn't take many notes.

This is Jason Falls giving an in-depth workshop on how to SEO your corporate blog. Lots of hands-on action in this conference! Jennifer Kane (below) was really dynamic!

I have to run, but I'll share more later.

My Past Event Producing Experience in the Entertainment Industry

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently, I had the good fortune of re-connecting with a couple of good friends I haven't seen in many years who I knew through my short film festival, SPIFF. (If you click the link you can read about the first one I produced.)

Here, in short, is how it grew from a two-day screening at Sony Pictures Imageworks into an internationally recognized film festival. Because some of you don't know this side of me...


Hollywood, CA       1996 – 2001

I was the Founder/Producer. As such, I did the following with my wonderful volunteers:

Pioneered, produced and publicized (internationally & regionally) 4 successful annual film festivals and 16 supporting events in LA. 

Oversaw staff, filmmakers, judges, budgets, celebrities, festival programming, vendor negotiations, copywriters, publicist & on-site.

Scouted and selected films, talent, theatres and venues. You can read about some of the unique Los Angeles venues where I held SPIFF and other events in my past event producing promo here: Download Jkpresskit07.6-1

Branded festival name and image (SPIFF) world-wide including Mexico, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Northern Ireland and in Hollywood; HBO, MTV and others scouted & procured SPIFF films.

Secured high-level product placement & sponsorship: Lee Apparel, The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Apple Computers, Saturn, The Omni Hotel, World Café, Eastman Kodak, Crest National, and others with my volunteer team.

Notable Participants included: Actor Forest Whittaker

and SPIFF Honoree, Actor Eriq LaSalle;  Director Jason Reitman (UP IN THE AIR, JUNO, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING,)

and Randal Kleiser (GREASE, BLUE LAGOON), Comedy Director/Writer /Producer and Stop-Motion Animator Corky Quakenbush;

UPN's former Senior Vice President of Comedy and current NBC VP of Talent Development, Kelly Edwards; Entertainment/Law Attorney Jonathan Handel, and Bill O'Reilly (before he was The O'Reilly Factor), among others.

I still stay in touch with some of these people, but need to get back in touch with some others.:) Was remembering some good times and thought you'd appreciate this peek into my background. After SPIFF I went on to produce an online film festival for Penton Media during the height of the craze and made a bunch of money before pursuing another career.

Might have to start event producing again real soon.

SBE boys can't have all the fun in Hollywood, now can they?:)

#Social Media Optimization Summits with Social Media Experts, #Joy Kennelly, #Brian Solis, #Mack Collier, #Jason Falls and more

  September 16 -17, 2010, Dallas, TX

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Visit to find out more about the event.  

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                  J_Kennelly_1085 new_1

You’re aware of (and probably use) many of the new media opportunities out there to promote your message and brand; but did you know that there are literally hundreds more platforms out there that could be highly effective for your particular business and promotional efforts?  Imagine how much more effective your marketing could be just by using a few more of the opportunities out there; then envision the entirely new dimensions of success you could achieve by leveraging them together toward an exponentially supercharged result!  Attend this session and dramatically expand your awareness and knowledge of the online promotional opportunities available today and what they can do for you!

You’ll learn: how to search engine optimize your press releases to make the appear higher in Google rankings; how to promote your efforts using over 100 online calendars and other great online marketing channels; how to coordinate and leverage your efforts across multiple platforms (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, etc.) and gain the biggest possible promotional push and more!

Sign up via Joy's VIP Registration Page to receive your discount (scroll to the bottom.)

#Personal Branding by #Joy Kennelly, #Seth Godin, and #Dan Schwabel - Introduction #in

By Joy A. Kennelly

After recently experiencing poor leadership in an organization, I began a search to discover what quantifies great leadership and what qualities are common among those who are great leaders.

I focused in on creative leaders and how they lead because of my personal entertainment and fashion background and my own perspective as a leader.

That, and watching the fun times Bret Michaels and Sharon Osbourne had working together on their Celebrity Apprentice Team projects which helped me realize they are leaders even though they don't fit the corporate world's mold of leadership. They actually have fun doing what they're doing which is my main motivation in everything I do too.

This will be a series of posts on some of the things I've learned thus far on those who are successful in branding themselves as leaders others should follow.

My first stop was Borders where I researched the top selling leadership, marketing and success gurus. What I discovered was there were a few prolific authors who rose to the top of this genre like Seth Godin, Robin Sharma, and John C. Maxwell to name a few.

Because I've been tested reading 900 words a minute and am a voracious reader whose personal library would quickly outgrow anywhere I live, I then went to the library to check out books by these men.

I don't know if its gender bias, or if female leadership books fall into a different section of the bookshelf, but I found it interesting there weren't that many, or any, in the leadership category.

I've always worked best with men so it doesn't bother me too much not to read some fluffy female's perspective, but I am still curious to hear if there are any female leadership books out there! Sorry ladies, you know some of you can be fluffy and all warm & cozy don't deny it. lol

My dad wanted boys growing up so we were raised completely different than most little girls and as a result are very independent socially, mentally and relationally. Plus, living and traveling overseas as a child apparently affects the way I look at things too according to Third Culture Kid research.

Or maybe even more telling, we didn't have a TV in the house until I was a Junior in High School and only then because I won it selling the most candy bars (with my sister's help) in a school contest. Not being bombarded by commercials and other society programming of what a girl is supposed to be in your formative years does tend to make you think differently than the average female living in the US I'm learning.

That said, if any of you reading this have any recommendations for female leadership books, please leave a comment as I would love to hear. I am a woman after all and do love learning from everyone.

Moving right along.

After collecting a stack of books to read and starting to read them, I then began searching for others who exhibited leadership qualities with something to say in the online realm in this regard as that's an area of focus for me also as a Social Media Strategist.

The guy who stood out to me immediately was Personal Branding Guru, Dan Schawbel. I'm sure there are others, but his profile and information caught my eye because of his age and his command of personal branding in the corporate world and online space.

In addition to reading and watching webinars, I also plan to start interviewing creative leaders in fashion, entertainment, food, and publishing which should be very interesting. I've also been invited to interview influential Hermosa Beach residents for Patch Hermosa which I'll announce here once they're published.

So, in the ensuing posts I'll be sharing what I've learned thus far and what I know about creative leadership having helped numerous people create their own personal brands as Actors, Fine Artists, Screenwriters, Filmmakers and others.

I'm breaking it up into separate posts because there's a lot of content and I want to give you a more in-depth analysis without overwhelming you with content.

More to come. Stay tuned...

John Wooden, Boston Celtics All Star Paul Pierce and Vice Chairman & CEO of McDonald’s Jim Skinner -Today just keeps getting better and better

By Joy A. Kennelly

May I just say after such a hard week last week, this week has simply been fantabulous!

Ever feel like you're just getting better and better in all areas of your life? That's how I've felt yesterday and today. Maybe I have so many friends praying for me God is showing me some grace, or maybe there are other positive factors at play.

Whatever it is, I'll take it!

Got a lot accomplished today which is always a good feeling. Then received a call for possible consulting work which is encouraging. Then, as if it couldn't get any better, got approved to attend the inaugural John Wooden Pyramid of Success Awards as a guest of Bank of Manhattan.

The event will be held at HAX (Hangar Athletic Exchange), which is a gorgeous facility and really wonderful place for sports. I visited there during the Super Bowl and here's some pix I took then.

Have to admit, none of these names mean anything to me because I don't follow sports, but since they were on the wall, I'm sure some sports fans will be excited to see them:





There's a specialty store on-site too with one-of-a-kind sneaks which I guess is also a big deal. Not into tennies myself, but some of my guy friends were impressed.:)

This is Jason Olive who gave us the tour.

IMG_5619 IMG_5620 I think this was a Michael Jordan shoe, but it's been so long I can't remember. Anyone recognize it?


Here's the invite copy to my unexpected wonderful experience: "The inaugural event will honor not only legendary basketball coach John Wooden, but also Boston Celtics All Star Paul Pierce and Vice Chairman and CEO of McDonald’s Jim Skinner.  This promises to be a memorable and entertaining evening."

You betcha! Even me, who is not into sports, am delighted to be included in this event because I have enjoyed hearing Coach Wooden speak on an online Ted seminar.

I am sure I will walk away inspired, encouraged and thrilled. Thank you John! Thank you Bank of Manhattan! YEAH!:)

Hotel De Anza, SES Conference Keynote Clay Shirky, Resume Bucket review

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today, I made my ResumeBucket tech friend Paras' day Paras when I gave him one of the Facebook promo cards worth $50 in ad space on Facebook and one of the orange t-shirts they were giving away at the recent San Jose Search Engine Strategy Conference held last week. (He's my Starbucks "office mate". lol)

(For those of you who don't know, "Search Engine Strategies (SES) is the leading global conference & expo series that educates delegates on search engine marketing (SEM), including optimization (SEO) and advertising strategies, tactics and best practices. SES Search Marketing Events provide instruction from the industry's top Search experts, including representatives of the Search Engines themselves.")

Back to Paras and his t-shirt. This is bad, but my mind just went blank on what the t-shirts were promoting! You know the one don't you? It says, "No Magic, Just Method". Remember? Sorry company, but know Paras is wearing it proudly in the tech community within Los Angeles so you're getting some buzz down here even if it's not on this blog. :)

I, personally, am loving my "best of the web since 1994" t-shirt that Best of the Web Directory was giving away. If someone doesn't read the back where it gives the company name I kinda wonder if people think I'm a porn star or something else to earn this title.

Oh baby. LOL

In any case, on a more serious note...

I was so happy my good friend Erica suggested I attend this tech conference because I finally felt like I was around "my people". There were people blogging during the sessions, walking around tweeting, talking on their phones, checking email, social networking on Facebook and LinkedIn, you name it, they were doing it and it was great to see.

All my professional career as a public relations specialist I've always focused more on a client's online presence - helping them create websites, blogging about their activities, making press releases Search Engine Optimized, and everything else this conference discussed as part of Search Engine Strategies.

The only problem is I was doing it in a vacuum. I didn't have any tech people to compare my experiences to and didn't realize it was a viable pursuit. I knew what I was doing was helping my clients, but because I was billing myself as a traditional publicist where media relations is king, not someone with diverse tech skills and background like I have, it was always frustrating.

When I would talk to other publicists their world revolved around getting hits in mainstream media and it was like we were talking a foreign language. They didn't get what I do and I didn't want to do what they did. I loved the challenge of spreading my client's name throughout the web organically through social communities and all the other ways I use the web to increase Search Engine Optimization.

I would be thrilled when I got my clients to the top ten searches of Google (every single time) and yet they wouldn't understand (or appreciate) the value. To be honest, perhaps I didn't either back then, but I still knew it was good. I just didn't understand how I made it happen, but after attending this conference now I do (which I'll go into in more detail later.)

Everything I've been doing intuitively because I understand the tech side of marketing on the web was affirmed by the speakers of such a well-respected tech conference. Finally learned there are actual interactive agencies that specialize in this style of marketing. I finally feel like I'm not crazy for valuing a service I was offering to clients that they rarely valued!

If only I knew then what I know now! So as I told Erica, it was worth attending the SES Conference just to gain this affirmation that I wasn't crazy. It felt really good to be around smart, like-minded people, learn new things and have other information confirmed that I was doing it right even when I didn't realize it.

This trip was such a spur of the moment decision I ended up driving up to save money and was happy to have my car to explore once I arrived in San Jose. The first couple of nights I stayed at a bargain hotel, but then I was treated to a night at the Hotel De Anza which made all the difference in my whole experience.

When you're in a conference listening to speakers all day, walking the expo floor and attending parties, your hotel room becomes a haven from the real world. This hotel was no exception. Allow me this small detour before I get into the body of the conference because this was a special treat and deserves some attention.

If you've never been to San Jose, CA, it's a completely different experience than San Francisco. It also has the beautiful old architecture intermingled with modern, but there's just a different feel to the air that's hard to explain - kind of like "brains grown here." People are relaxed and casual, but also extremely smart. (At least the ones I met.)

Granted I was attending a conference, but even exploring the city prior to the start of the conference gave me that impression. I arrived around 8:30pm and by the time I found Santana Row, a popular shopping experience complete with numerous nice restaurants and Hotel Valencia, I was bummed to learn all the restaurants closed at 10pm!

That was the only downside of my trip because I was looking forward to a really nice meal that night after driving so long, but had to settle for a roadside diner (which shall go nameless to prevent anyone else from ever going there. Yes, it was that bad. lol)

Which is why it was such a treat to stay at the Hotel De Anza. Pure class. Private and intimate, just the way I like it. That's what you get when you stay at a hotel built in the 1930's. I loved all the special touches and art deco art work displayed elegantly throughout.

Here's some pix to give you an idea why Paul McCartney has stayed here twice and numerous other celebs have too (too many to list actually! I was really surprised on one hand, but on the other... this really is a haven from the world):

Hotel DeAnza PCT FountianPenthouse Living RoomIMG_7197 

My Tour Guide, Stephen. He's been at the Hotel De Anza for eleven years which is rather unusual in the hotel industry, but as he explained, he's held a wide variety of jobs here.There's always something new to learn he said which I appreciated.

IMG_7200 IMG_7201

IMG_7203 IMG_7202

IMG_7207 IMG_7204 IMG_7224 IMG_7177 IMG_7179 IMG_7182 IMG_7184 IMG_7185 These pix are a mix of the Penthouse suite (can you tell which ones are the Penthouse and where I stayed? I'm not complaining though, trust me!) and my room which I lazed in all evening rather than go out like all my friends. I needed some chill time and this was perfect.

If my hair hadn't been so mussed from my jacuzzi tub experience and my robe so comfy, I might have wandered downstairs to the free pantry that was open from 10pm till 2am if you want a late-night snack. Isn't this the coolest architecture and decoration? I just love places with a history. IMG_7212

IMG_7209  IMG_7211  IMG_7213 IMG_7214 IMG_7215 IMG_7216 IMG_7218 IMG_7220 IMG_7222 IMG_7225 Some of the pix are from the jazz club area which apparently is very popular. Again, relaxing in my room and missed it.:) This hotel is very popular site for weddings and the Penthouse is often used by the bridal party. Can you see why? They also host a lot of special events.

However, what I like about their hosting special events vs. a larger hotel like a Marriott (where I've never had a good night's rest due to their thin walls, loud guests, and uncomfortable beds), this is a boutique hotel which makes the guests a little more inclined to privacy and discretion.

In case you're looking for a conference room to host a private board meeting, check this one out. IMG_7226 There are others downstairs of varying sizes which are nice too. What's great about this place is that it's only a few minutes away from the HP Pavilion, which apparently is the number one indoor arena in the country where the San Jose Sharks play.

Lots of good concerts and sports coming up so check it out! Hotel De Anza is also offering quite a few special weekend getaways including one in the wine country. I highly recommend staying here if your travels take you to San Jose. And if you're curious about their history - shoot me an email and I'll send over the pdf to you. Fascinating slice of Americana.

Now, for the techies and those curious how I do the things I do with the web, here's some highlights from the SES Conference for your reading pleasure.

What I liked about this conference was the fact that a lot of the seminars and keynotes were open to everyone attending, not just the people who had paid for the entire conference. Also, they had special side tracks that they allowed everyone to attend which I found extremely interesting since some of them dealt with social networking of which I am a huge user.

I have to admit, really, really, really enjoyed Keynote Speaker, Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, because in my mind he nailed it when he said right now everyone uses the internet "in the public, but not for the public" meaning my blog is for my readers, but not really for everyone in the world, they just happen to find me and read it.

Here's a cool link where you can read another person's highlights, although I don't think they capture exactly the essence, but it will give you an overview and an example of a cool tool:

Here's another blogger's take from a previous conference, but on the same topic with Clay which will give you a deeper understanding called the Fast Forward blog. Oh, and here's one where they interviewed him after his keynote to discuss the shift in Web 2.0 user behavior which is presented by Deon Designs.  And here's another business overview by Search Engine Guide.

What I'm finding interesting in all their coverage is that our perspectives on this keynote speech are completely different. From my perspective, as someone actively involved in social media (over 2000 "friends" on Facebook now, almost the same on MySpace, and almost 500 connections on LinkedIn) and blogging (having been a blogger for over five years), I heard Clay's message as someone who is a user, not just a marketer.

As a result, different things resonated with me than I'm finding do with others who are looking at this from a clearly clinical viewpoint. Back to my point of "in the public, but not for the public"... In addition the examples Clay gave mentioned by others, the one I enjoyed and totally related to, was the young fashionista in Asia who normally blogged about fashion.

However, when her country experienced a take-over that the government was trying to keep quiet she began posting pictures of the uprising which drew international attention because she was one of the few covering this "news". To her, it was just part of her life and she was just sharing it with her friends.

When she got bored with the uprising, she posted a picture of her newest Hello Kitty (I believe that was the reference, correct me if I'm wrong) accessory and completely ignored the uprising because she was over it. 

Well, that angered her new readers who demanded she post more pictures and news since she was one of the few sources actually sharing information at that point. Clay then posted an image of her blog where she rants about this being her blog and her doing whatever she pleases with it (or words to that effect.)

I had to laugh out loud over that one because I know some of you reading this are waiting for me to blast Obamacare some more, talk Hermosa politics, or discuss my feelings about the Six Man Volleyball Festival, but tonight, I don't feel like writing about that and since this is my blog....:)

Clay totally gets the mentality that we're not writing for others, we're writing for ourselves. As a result, we're going to write about what pleases us, not our readers (much to the chagrin of marketers everywhere.)

He gave this perfect example of a review of the t-shirt- Three Wolves Howling at the Moon. Read the link to hear the story - great explanation and well worth the read.

However, the way I look at it, it's more authentic and real this way which draws readers who will read whatever we write about because they know they're going to hear our truth even when they don't agree with it.

That's one thing about politics and other issues that I may not agree with. I ALWAYS want to hear the other side which is why so many of my previous boyfriends and current friends are DEMS. I'd rather have the intellectual stimulation (even though I probably will never change to their side and vice versa) than only hang out with people who are just like me.


Granted, I've just said how wonderful it felt to be around all the techies this past week, but I'm sure if it was the only environment I experienced 24/7 I would get bored real quick. I love being around like-minded people for the support and understanding, but I crave challenges and interesting new things too much to stay put for too long.

Back to the conference.

One of the things that really surprised me when I arrived at the conference is all the education offered in social media. You can actually get a certificate now on social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and I had to laugh at that because to me it's bogus and contrived.

Social Media is all about the person's persona, voice and relationships. It's not something you can learn unless you're simply learning how to use the tools, not how to actually function organically. I had to ask Clay's opinion on whether or not he felt there needs to be certification to "legitimaze" someone's social media experience.

He totally agreed with me that in this stage of the game, it's way too early since it's still evolving. To me, it's kind of like kindergarten for internet newbies. You feel better because you have a certificate, but do you really know how to use what you've learned?

Does this make sense? Not to get all philosophical on you, but I hate to think I have to go to school to learn what I and so many others do naturally - build a community.

I think if you're a marketer, you're a marketer and it's something you're born with. It's your personality type. You either get it, or you don't. It can't be taught. Otherwise, it comes across as false and that doesn't ring true in this new age of internet community.

Okay, I'm ranting, but this really is something that bugs me which is why I'm raising this as an issue to think about. Oh, and want to know why it's taking me so long to write everything I've learned? Because I'm very thorough and there's an internet PR workshop one of my traditional PR organizations is offering this Thursday that I pitched myself to as a speaker.

Why should I give away everything I know and have learned to have picked up and shared by those they have invited to speak? I know one man in particular reads my blog because I took his new media class at UCLA Extension a few years back. Maybe he's not a regular reader any more, but still. Got to protect some of my expertise. LOL

So, do you feel comfortable and like you understand Clay Shirky's idea that we're living in a socially connected world which you either join in and participate in appropriately, or move out of the way as others who get it take over?

I hope so. More to come I promise. Just bear with me because it takes me hours to write these blogs and I am job hunting which is also very time consuming.

Enjoy your night!

Thanks for praying; Free Life International, Beach Cities Professionals

By Joy A. Kennelly

Tony is recovering in stable condition at the hospital which is a huge relief. Apparently, he could have died, but the doctors caught the blockage in the nick of time (his ex-wife demanded he go to the hospital which basically saved his life! Got to love her for that.)

He is one of my friends from church and my Free Life International business. Unfortunately, he won't be able to join us in Ontario for the huge launch event they're hosting for our latest weight loss product this Saturday (which you're all invited to! Click here for the location nearest you.), but I'm sure he'll hear all about it from us soon enough.

Makes you really appreciate taking care of your health because we think drinking GoChi Juice really helped him with its anti-inflammatory and healthy immune functions. Go to my website here to see all the scientific back-up for it's amazing health benefits yourself!

I can't wait to try the new weight loss drinks because I'm ready to shed some poundage in time for the inauguration. Maybe combined with Jenny Craig... We'll see. I know I talk a lot about weight loss, but this year I think I'm going to really do it.:)

I must say, being part of my SoCal Business Networking International Beach Cities Professional chapter located in the wonderful Manhattan Country Club has really inspired me to do a lot of things differently this year with my business.

I've always helped other people create their marketing image, but felt I didn't really need a brochure or other marketing materials myself because I normally generate business through word-of-mouth referrals. Other people have usually talked me up and I didn't have to.

However, attending weekly business meetings where each time I must share something that sets me apart from other PR firms in the area and really acknowledging my successes publicly in verbal fashion has made me realize it's time to step up my game and create my own marketing materials to give to people to read and pass on too.

What's cool is my group has so many great people who have been screened and reviewed by our very thorough, discriminating membership committee, I have numerous resources to turn to for help in this area.

My "Power Team" partner, Ryan Gagajena of My Website Design Source, is going to help me revamp and re-design my current website to make it easier for me to update and utilize which has been bothering me forever.

If any of you have websites that you haven't been able to update because it's too complicated, or requires additional web assistance that you simply don't have the time or money to do so, then I highly recommend contacting Ryan for his services. He's also an expert in e-commerce site building. Great person to know.:)

I also love the fact that we have so many professionals in our group who are tops in their field because then you're learning from really quality people on the way they present their businesses. When you work independently, you don't always have the opportunity to share resources and information as readily as you might in the corporate world which is the other reason I love my Beach Cities Professionals Group.

Also, when I have questions on how to handle an account, or whatever issue related to my business I can ask any of the qualified professionals in my group who have successfully been running their companies, services, projects for advice which is freely given.

My other "Power Partner", Chuck Weiner of Computing Solutions, is always giving us little bits of cool information pertaining to our computers which is invaluable. Recently, he announced the basically free Quick Books that Staples was offering and numerous people took advantage of this generous rebate opportunity just because of his generous insider advice.

This week he offered free online back-up of all our computer hard drives which is something I'm definitely taking him up on. He's been doing this type work for over 30 years and really knows his computer stuff - if you need help, call him!He's confidential, accurate and takes care of you.

That's all for now. Just had to share because even though getting up early is one of my least favorite things to do, I have to say this BNI experience is changing my life, the way I do business and growing my business exponentially!

Have a great week and get thee to a local BNI chapter - my chapter, Beach Cities Professionals, meets every Tuesday at 7am -8:30am at the Manhattan Country Club. Visitors pay $10 per visit and if your industry isn't listed in the membership on the site, we'd love to have you come and check us out! Most visitors who've visited normally join. We're that good.:)

Now to get back to work. Have a good week everyone!

Time again for the amazing Women's Conference! Maria Shriver & Governor Arnold hosting

By Joy A. Kennelly

This has to be my absolute FAVORITE event of any that I attend all year long. I walk away exhausted, yet inspired, encouraged, supported and overjoyed to have participated. It's thrilling to be surrounded by such amazing successful men and women who are making a difference in the world today.

Here's their press release which I'm copying and pasting here to allow you to see what I'm talking about. Bono! Live! Warren Buffet! Live! Condoleezza Rice! Live! Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright! Live! and so many more.

Read on and see.

I might not agree with all their philosophies, but that's what makes this conference so interesting. I love to hear other's viewpoints to allow me to stretch my own. Otherwise, it would be rather boring wouldn't it?

Now without further ado, enjoy the read.


Maria Shriver to Be Joined by Condoleezza Rice, Bono, Warren Buffet,Jennifer Lopez and 14,000 Women for The Women’s Conference 2008

WHAT: Hosted by California First Lady Maria Shriver and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
The Women’s Conference is the nation’s premier forum for women. Its mission is to inspire, empower and educate women from all walks of life to be Architects of Change in their own lives,in their communities and around the world. Every year, the non-partisan Women’s Conference gathers the world’s greatest hearts and minds to address the topics and concerns that matter to women. For more details, visit:

WHEN: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 6:30 a.m. – Press Check-in and Credential Pick-up Begins

WHERE: Long Beach Convention Center: 300 East Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, 90802 Media parking in Shoreline Drive Parking Lot (Shoreline & Linden)

WHO: A roster of more than 70 world opinion leaders. Participant and program highlights:

· MSNBC’s Chris Matthews moderates a main-stage conversation on leadership and the
economy between Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffet.

· Maria Shriver presents the 2008 Minerva Awards to Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King,Betty Chinn, Louise Hay, and Ivelise Markovits during an afternoon ceremony featuring remarks by Bono and a special musical performance by Bonnie Raitt.

· CNN’s Campbell Brown moderates a main-stage conversation on leadership, legacy and life with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi.

· Inside Edition Anchor Deborah Norville moderates a conversation on men who use their voices to change the world between Michael J. Fox and philanthropist/hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons.

· CNN’s Christiane Amanpour moderates a conversation on changing the world with former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, The Experience Corp CEO Cecilia Maria Attias, Human Rights Advocate Cherie Blair, and Executive Director of Secretariat of Liberia Cerue Konah Garlo.

· NPR’s Farai Chideya moderates a conversation on being a woman warrior with Gloria Steinem and Children’s Defense Fund Founder and CEO Marian Wright Edelman.

NOTES: Pool feed available for all main stage presentations. Footage is restricted to news programming only; no more than 120 seconds of footage may be broadcast.

The Women’s Conference 2008
Fact Sheet

· The mission of The Women’s Conference is to inspire, empower and educate women from all walks of life to be Architects of Change in their own lives, in their communities and around the world.

· The Women’s Conference event is the nation’s premier forum for women where the world’s greatest hearts and minds gather every year to unite thousands of diverse women – 14,000 in person and many more online – with a shared conversation and a collective sense of purpose.

· The Women’s Conference covers the timely topics that matter to women today and the key concerns that matter to them every day – family and parenting, religion and spirituality,service and activism, business and entrepreneurship, money and finance, news and politics, environment and conservation, health and fitness, and style and beauty.

· The theme of The Women’s Conference 2008 – Be Who You Are. Feel it. Live it. Pass it On. – is a call to action that is meant to encourage all women to discover their unique and authentic purpose, passion and power to transform themselves and the world around them.

o This call to action will be delivered by a world-class roster of more than 70 newsmakers, visionaries and opinion leaders who will engage in "once-in-a-lifetime conversations" that will remind us that we are not alone in our quest to lead an authentic life and that the power to be an Architect of Change lies within each one of us.

o This year’s line-up of speakers and participants will be led by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Christiane Amanpour, Bono, Warren Buffet, Sister Joan Chittister, Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Matthews, Indra Nooyi and Gloria Steinem.

· Full-day passes to The Women’s Conference 2008 sold out in a historic, record-breaking time of three hours – beating last year’s record of three days.

· In response to this surging demand, The Women's Conference has taken a number of steps to make the conference more accessible to all women in California and around the world:

o Night at The Village – This year, The Women’s Conference is offering a new "opening night" event called Night at The Village that will provide 10,000 women with nourishment and empowerment for the body, mind and soul.

· Night at The Village will transform the Long Beach Convention Center’s exhibit hall into over 160,000 square feet of interactive experiences, connecting women with information, shopping, food and fun.

· The first-annual event will feature a conversation with Rachael Ray, book signings with prominent authors including Maria Shriver, Billie Jean King, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned experts with advice on beauty, cooking, fitness and fashion, exciting shopping boutiques, useful green lifestyle products and information, and much more.

· Tickets for Night at The Village are still available for purchase at;

o Tickets are $20 per person purchased in advance and $25 per person at the door.

o Tickets are limited and are expected to sell out.

o Afternoon Session Tickets – Again this year, we will be reconfiguring the main arena’s floor seating in the afternoon, which will allow us to expand seating capacity and offer a separately-ticketed Afternoon Session featuring the 5th Annual Minerva Awards presentation hosted by Maria Shriver, remarks by Bono, and a special musical performance by Grammy Award Winner Bonnie Raitt.

· $40 tickets are still available at; however, tickets for the Afternoon Session are limited and are expected to sell out.

o – Significant portions of The Women’s Conference 2008 will be broadcast live all-day at and Maria Shriver has set the ambitious goal of amassing an online audience of One Million Women on the Web to watch the live webcast.

· The Women’s Conference’s brand-new website allows the conference to reach out beyond the walls of the convention center and touch women with its message of empowerment all over the world.

· At, women can be virtual conference participants via the Live Webcast, as well as WE Empower online community members anywhere, anytime.

o Additionally, The Women’s Conference is making use of available broadcast technology and media partnerships to reach beyond the walls of the convention center and empower women everywhere. In addition to the Live Webcast at, The Women’s Conference will be available through: · Cable television broadcasts on the California Channel and satellite television broadcasts to all participating California community colleges and universities, national women’s colleges, national women’s museums, national association of women businesses, military mobilization stations and corporate partners;

· Web broadcasts on and;

· SIRIUS and XM satellite radio broadcasts; and

· Audio and video podcasts of conference highlights online at shortly after the conference.

Hope you'll consider coming out!

What a relaxing Sunday - new friends, great food, cool music - funny searches

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today was a great day. Hit the Taste of Santa Monica with my new friend Virginia from my Elite Singles by The Shore group, who ironically enough knows that drunk guy who wouldn't leave my bed the other morning. That made us both laugh. Meetup is just too small a community. LOL

The other funny thing is that someone just Googled the online networking group I was part of with the words Right Wing to find my blog. Never been called that before - EVER. Made me LOL too. People are too funny. I guess compared to some people I am, but I prefer the word moderate.

In any case, I'm tired of the political talk. Time to move on. Now I just find it humorous. That's the thing with me. I'm Irish and I get real angry when people push me too far, but once I'm angry and express myself it's over and I forget about it.

Sometimes the people I get mad at don't forget and I really probably should apologize to that woman.

Later.... HA!

Back to something more happy. Taste of Santa Monica was DELISH! The weather was just right - not too hot, not too cold although a little overcast, but that made all the colors of everything really pop. Plus, the variety of food was wonderful. My faves were Chez Jay, Hotcakes Bakes, The Lobster, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Angelato Cafe and El Cholo. Don't I have plebian taste? LOL Can't help it. I'm not a foodie, but love food.

What was really cool to learn just a bit ago is that Virginia has the same photographic eye as I do (even better actually, but she's a professional whereas I'm just playing around. That said, it seems people like my pix.) We even took the same shots of certain things.

What a cool thing to find because that's the reason I normally take all the pix. No one has the same storytelling eye as me until now. I'm so happy about that. YEAH! Here's some of my shots from today. If you join my group, then you'll see Virginia's talents.






Alicia and marne
The girl in the pic above on the left is my friend Alicia I haven't seen in years! I bumped into another old friend, Leslie, there too which was fun. She had helped me with a few of my parties at World Cafe and The Mix back in the day. Very fun day.
Forgot to mention, I got invited to speak to students at USC regarding integrated marketing. We'll see what happens with that. Very happy about that too.

Very soon I will be able to share with you what all I've been working on which is a lot. Very happy with the way things are playing out there too. Can't wait to share. Think you'll like it too. May even surprise you. Stay tuned.

Oops, Entourage is on. Really must go. (I love the Ari character.)

Then out to hear Naked Rhythm - I worked all weekend and need a break. This band performed for Sting's birthday and I'm really curious to hear them.

Have a good one.

I resigned the group. Enough with one-sided, vitriolic attacks on anyone who thinks differently.

Just wasn't worth the headache since the leader believes the same way as this woman and allowed the discussion to continue unchecked for so long. Granted she was in a conference, but that's no excuse. I'm over one-sided political discussions on networking boards that proclaim to be for entertainment networking and always turn to politics.

Granted, most people in entertainment are Democrats, but that doesn't mean it needs to be part of a networking group that claims to be professional. Enough already! Didn't they learn that religion and politics are two topics that shouldn't be discussed in polite company?

I'm moving on from this. Next!

The Shore Restaurant and Lounge September Music Calendar

 The Shore Restaurant and Lounge

1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach,  CA 90254

310 376-0414


  Opened in March 2006, The Shore Restaurant and Lounge reflects the casual elegance of the South Bay, CA through its beautiful atmosphere and quality dining by Executive Chef David Linville, formerly of The Standard Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel and Mastros Beverly Hills. Chef Linville serves internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine.

Chef & food He was one of the top Private Yacht Chefs in 2007 for numerous A-List Celebrities and others who appreciate his quality, down-home cooking.

 Many famous celebrities including Actor Benicio Del Toro and the Lakers, LA Kings, LA Clippers, LA Galaxy Soccer Team players also enjoy the excellent food menu prepared by Chef Linville, the Shore’s well rounded international wine list, and beachside ambiance. Chef david- best After 10pm, The Shore also offers live music, dancing and top quality DJ’s.

  The Shore’s In-house Music Stylist and Co-Owner, Jason Baran, is responsible for creating a vibe and social scene that has the beach jammin’ weekly. With his finger on the musical pulse of Los Angeles, Jason books quality bands that have a national following rarely seen in Hermosa Beach, CA.

The Shore Restaurant and Lounge is located at 1320 Hermosa Ave in Hermosa Beach, CA. For more information, please call 310 376-0414 and review: Publicity provided by The Joy Writer PR & Marketing 310 714-2077 thejoywriterpublicity at gmail dot com

 The Shore Restaurant and Lounge

September Music Calendar

 Wednesday, 9/10/08 Dirty Heads ( 10:00pm

 For more than four years, Dirty Heads have been making fans up and down the west coast with their distinctive brand of reggae, hip-hop and folk-influenced party music. Dirtyheadspr

For Bottle Service, call 310 376-0414

Sunday, 9/14/08 Naked Rhythm ( 10:00pm

Naked Rhythm, a modern world-music phenomenon is currently garnering acclaim with their fresh culture-fusing sound and philosophy, and is highly sought after for their groundbreaking approach to peace. They have performed private concerts for celebrities like Sting (who endorsed their album), Robert Downey Jr., The Black Eyed Peas, and others. It's no surprise that their debut album, Frequency, recently released by Caravan Records, is taking the public by storm and enjoying heavy radio play.

Naked rhythm

For Bottle Service, call 310 376-0414

Wednesday, 9/17/08 Cipes and the People ( 10:00pm

Pop-Rock-Reggae Debut from Popular Actor/Voiceover Artist, now musician, Greg Cipes, the driving, creative force behind Cipes and The People, is an extraordinary “triple threat” musician, artist and performer. Cipes is a singer, songwriter, and powerful live performer with mesmerizing and uplifting music in addition to an actor/voiceover artist. He spent 3 years with Greg Whitman (producer) making the Cipes and The People album, which is a potent collection of Pop, Rock and Reggae. 

Cipes water photo

Cipes is also unique because he has a shared consciousness POINT OF VIEW. His self-declared “Conscious Revolution” (and title for the album) is his attempt to unite people’s disparate beliefs.

For Bottle Service, call 310 376-0414

Wednesday, 9/24/08 The White Buffalo ( 10:00pm

The White Buffalo is quite possibly a legend in the making. A throwback to the time of hard touring, hard drinking artists who really lived what they sang about. Everything about him is big, from his imposing physical size to his amazing vocal range. He’s as comfortable playing in a dive bar as he is in front of thousands in a European arena. With only an EP out, but literally hundreds of songs written and more coming all the time, the future is exciting for a guy who has that much raw talent.

Whitebuffalopr- sm

For Bottle Service, call 310 376-0414

All other nights:

Tuesday – Naked Music – Pro jam Session

Thursday – DJ Dini and Ricky Rocks on Drums

DJ DINI aka Chris Rondini is a well rounded DJs playing Tuesday and Sundays at The Shore. With 13 years of DJing experience this prolific party rocker electrifies crowds with his musical styling of a mix of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, 80s and House.

Ricky Rocks brings DJing to a whole new level by combining live drums with house/hip hop music and giving the music a live feel. Ricky has played at some of the biggest nightclubs/convention centers around the world and has had a chance to be a part of the Hot Import Nights tour, which tours worldwide. 

He has also performed for/with some of the industries most well known celebrities including Jimmy Buffet, R. Kelly, Constantine Maroulis of American Idol, playmate DJ Colleen Shannon, DJ Spider, and several times with Tommy Lee/DJ Areo. He has also shared the stage/toured with acts such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, Trapt, Shinedown, Collective Soul, Buckcherry, & Marty Casey & The Lovehammers.


Friday – DJ Whitematic

DJ Whitematic spins party breaks, classic and exclusives. He is a self-proclaimed party rocker spinning the best mix of 80's, Rock, Mashups, Electro/House, Reggae, Top 40, and Hip Hop.

Saturday – DJ Quasar

Sunday – DJ Dini


New Photo Album for Elite Singles by The Shore

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been very busy planning and implementing numerous events for the new Elite Singles by The Shore in addition to all my regular publicity efforts and behind the scenes planning for additional events. SO! Just check out my new photo album if you want to see who and how I have fun with new and old friends and where.

Join us!

We need more handsome men to take pictures with! LOL But seriously now, men are welcome. We need some suggestions on manly events ok?


Recent South Bay Professional Connection Hospitality Appreciation Evening

By Joy A. Kennelly

You are curious about our recent South Bay Professional Connection "Hospitality Appreciation Evening" at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge this past week or you wouldn't have clicked on the link right?

So, without further ado... here's some pix and information on who graciously attended, and who our wonderful sponsors/participants were.

We had a great response from a variety of quality hotels from all over Los Angeles because we were fortunate to have someone who works with all the hotels through her concierge job circulating our invite on our behalf in addition to all the personal, hand-delivered invitations The Shore guys and I passed out, and all the emails I sent out.

Here's our invite just in case you're curious what got everyone so excited! Doesn't Brittney, our graphic designer on this invitation, do nice work?  She was truly a lifesaver the night of the event too.

Thank you Brittney!
Thshore- hospitality invite

Table shot
Apparently a lot of people liked it because some of the hotels that responded included: Ayres Hotel, Indigo Hotel, LAX Marriott, Loews Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Ritz Carlton, La Quinta Inn, Torrance Marriott, The Grafton on Sunset, Doubletree Hotel, Foghorn Harbor Inn, AM Resorts, Hawthorn Suites, Hampton Inn & Suites, The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club, LAX Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn Express, The Westin LA and numerous others. Thanks for coming everyone!

Johanna & Molly
These lovely ladies, Johanna and Molly, were on hand to welcome all guests including those representing Enterprise, Express Shuttle, and Air Canada which was a lot of fun.

Here's some more pix from the evening.

I also invited some of my new BNI buds to attend because then they could see The Shore in action too. You might recognize some of these professionals seeing as they're locals.

Dayla, torrance, leslie

JC, the Redondo Beach Fireman on the far left of this shot is married to Dayla of UBS Financial Services (in yellow) and we all teased him about being the only guy in the shot. The other ladies represent the local Marriotts (Torrance and LAX respectively.)

Trio Another fellow BNI'er, Gayle of Redondo Beach based G Body Therapy, joined JC & Dayla later on. Isn't that a beautiful dress she's wearing? Courtesy of our local Hermosa Fiesta thank you very much.

I took advantage of her massage therapy services the next day with much satisfaction. Felt like a new woman and may have to go back soon since my neck & back injury still isn't completely healed. Highly recommend her! Tell her I sent you!
Air canada gang
Here's some of the Air Canada folks and others who came out to join us. Mike Sribney, the co-owner of The Shore, is Canadian and enjoyed catching up with them.

Isn't this a cute shot of he and his new wife, Kristina? I think they're a cute couple and very nice to boot. Say that with a Canadian accent ok?
Mike & kristina2
Group shot

I shot this pic just as the evening was beginning and the guy in blue is Stephen Haller, a local Redondo Beach resident, who represents Loews Santa Monica.

We had a great mix of Owners, General Managers, Sales Directors, Concierges, Catering Directors, Event Directors, Executive Assistants and everyone really connected on a personal, yet professional level.

One of my good friends, and event planner buddy who I've known for years since we produced a charity event together over at Luxe Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills when she was working there, Lana Leazer now Sales Director for Globiwest Hospitality Group, complimented my by saying this was one of the first hospitality oriented events where people actually let their guard down and were honest and friendly with others in the business.

Coming from her, I count that as high praise. Here's a pic of us goofing around together. She was trying to teach me the Paris Hilton/Nicole Ritchie pose, but I just didn't get it. Oh well, it's funny regardless right?
Me & lana
Abby's group
We actually had quite a fun bunch of people show up courtesy of Abigail Fernandez, Catering Director of the beautiful Portofino Inn and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach. Ironically, a lot of the guys who came out were the winners of the free manicures courtesy of the new Hermosa Beach Elegant Nails & Spa sponsor. Thanks Rebecca!

Here's some of the happy winners.
Abby & winner
Carlos westin winner  Jeremy o winner Winner Winners And we had more winners too.

Bside players winners B-Side Players were performing later that evening and joined the raffle as our guests too. They won the $50 framing gift certificate courtesy of Lisa's Gallery over in Manhattan Beach.

Thanks Jay & Linda!

Dei winner

IMG_2831 Local Manhattan Beach husband and wife hoteliers, Jim & Deidre, joined us and won a Dreadstar CD and amazing car detailing respectively.
IMG_2830 This gentleman won the free hour fitness training from Debbie Dmirdijian (sorry Debbie, I'm ruining your last name!)

Bartender with gochi
Cardex These handsome guys came out from Cardex and enjoyed Chef David Linville's cheesy fries along with their specialty Cocktail drink.
Dayla & guests
Chef serving food Chef made the rounds as he always does bearing foodie gifts for everyone which were a big hit. Notice the silver Equinox goody bag hanging from Lana's arm.

They, and Skechers, graciously provided bags that also included donations from our local Hermosa Beach businesses, Paciugo Gelato, Brix 1601, The Comedy & Magic Club, Pedone's Pizzeria, Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Breathe Activewear, and Manhattan Beach Business group, and Stylist Carmen Butts of The Loft, Barbie K, Iduna Medical Aesthetics, among many others.

Redondo Beach based Seeking Sitters service missed the goody bags due to our error. I'm giving them an extra plug here because I'm sure you all might have kids and would welcome a resource that provides easy, safe, reliable babysitting solutions.

Go to or call Michelle James at 424 634-1018 for more information.

Thank you sponsors one and all. If I forgot anyone, my sincere apologies, just know you are appreciated!

Okay, I think that's all. Thank you everyone for coming. This won't be the last time we hold a hospitality evening and look forward to meeting more of you in the near future.

Last night at The Shore's Kick Off Party for the Hermosa Shorts Fest!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Okay, I cheated. I snuck out before uploading the pix to watch some shorts over at the Hermosa Shorts Festival, but I'm back because I remember now why I don't produce short festivals any more. Nothing against the filmmakers or anyone else, I'm just so burnt out after having done that for five years of my life I just can't watch another one no matter how good they are!

That said, I had a GREAT time at the kick off party last night. When I first arrived it was very quiet and I was a little worried, but I shouldn't have been. Before long the place was packed with happy people enjoying all the aps Chef Dave was sending out and all the drinks Mike and Heather were serving.

I was running between the red carpet and the main room all night gathering people together for pix which was fun. Here's some for your enjoyment now, but we do have others coming since they had a photographer stationed at the red carpet who got some great shots:

Hermosa shorts entry-2

Who likes Short Shorts? We like Short Shorts! Remember that old commercial?

This is the calm before the storm as event staff waits for filmmakers and other special guests to arrive on the red carpet for their close-up.

Annalise & friend enjoying shrip -sm
Annalise came back and brought a friend to enjoy Chef Dave's cooking after joining us recently for a tasting party for her engineer group's special event consideration.

Group food shot sm

These guys liked it too. The guy on the left distributes short films and was looking for fresh talent.

Alana & Mandy2

Alana and Mandy, just some of the cute waitresses from The Shore. They're the sweetest, nicest girls.

Bar2 Mike, the bartender, is the nicest guy too. Everyone at The Shore is nice.

Bar scene2  
Tom listens intently to some of the filmmakers while Actor Patrick Kilpatrick does the same in the background.

Bar scene1sm
Mike was busy all night long!

This was a light summertime snack someone ordered - caprese salad anyone?

Chef & food2
Hungry? asks Chef Dave. How about some of my signature stuffed mushrooms, filet mignon or salad?

Chef & melissa2
Chef Dave & Melissa Todd, host/model with a new look.

Chef with tattoos2
Our Chef David Linville is one bad ass. He does martial arts training six days a week. Don't mess with him!

Kit & tom2 City Council Member, Kit Bobko, and Tom Kearney.

Me & kit2 - best Me and Kit. He always makes me smile because he's so handsome and nice. Wouldn't you get involved in politics too? Thanks for coming Kit!

Joy & Joy1-sm Me with Jazz Singer, Joy Rushing. We're the Joy's of Hermosa Beach. She's performed all over Los Angeles and is one of my friends down here.

Mel & friend2 Host/Model, Melissa Todd, with her best friend whose name unfortunately escapes me. Thanks for coming Melissa!

Chef, brian, tom2
Chef David Linville, The Shore's Bostonian General Manager, Brian Kelleher, and Hermosa Shorts Festival Director, Tom Kearney

Chef, mk, ms2
Chef came out of the kitchen to have fun on the red carpet with City Council Member, Michael Keegan, who arrived later and The Shore Co-Owner, Mike Sribney. Michael Keegan owns Manhattan Bread & Bagel over in Manhattan Beach so when you're in need of some of the best, go there.

Below, Mike Sribney (who also owns Pedone's Pizzeria voted Best Pizza in the South Bay by both the Daily Breeze and The Easy Reader) is joined by his lovely wife, Kristina, and Actor Domiziano Arcangeli.

Christine, mike, domi2

Actor Domiziano Arcangeli, recent recipient of the Golden Halo Award, was surrounded by beautiful women of the Hermosa Shorts Festival.

Domi with women-sm
 Equinox Corporate Executive, Shayline; Actress Melinda Bennett; Kiwanis Member, Pat Love; Volunteer Extraordinary, Vicki Hanson; and Hermosa Shorts Co-Founder, Maura Kearney.

Filmmakers2 Happy attendees.

Happy waiter2 Happy waiter.:)

Jr, pete & sienna2
Happy Hermosa Beach Mayor, JR Reviczky, and City Council Member, Pete Tucker and his lovely wife, Sienna all came to support the Hermosa Shorts Festival. Thanks for coming!

Patrick & guest2 

Happy Actor/Producer, Patrick Kilpatrick with a beautiful fan. Thanks for coming Patrick! He and I have been friends for a long time. He was one of the original board members of my shorts fest, Short Pictures International Film Festival years ago. Very good guy.

Cop & christina2

Even a happy po po came to check out the Hermosa Shorts Festival. Keep him busy Kristina!:)
Almost all of Hermosa Beach City Council came to show support. Back row - City Council Members, Kit Bobko, Mayor JR Reviczky, Peter Tucker and his wife, Sienna. Front row - Hermosa Shorts Festival Founders, Tom & Maura Kearney, Beach Cities Health District Board Member, Joanne Edgerton (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong),The Shore Co-Owners, Kristina and Mike Sribney and Actor/Producer, Patrick Kilpatrick.

We have another pic with more people that I'll upload once I receive it too ok? Below are the Owners, Jason & Mike, with Kristina, Melissa and Patrick. We all agreed, Jason was the hardest working man of the evening.

Owners, mel, pat2  

Me & sam2

Former City Council Member/Mayor, Sam Edgerton, even came out to show his support. He sat on Hermosa Beach City Council for 16 years.

Tom & art - sm Another former City Council Member (and probably Mayor too - sorry I don't remember, but if you tell me Art, I'll change this), Art Yoon, enjoyed receiving the special goody bags Equinox prepared for everyone.

Equinox & sribney2 Speaking of Equinox, here's the Equinox team, Veronica, Larry, and Shayline along with The Shore Co-Owner Mike Sribney and his lovely wife, Kristina.

Thank you Larry! Thank you Equinox! I'll be curious to see how many people turn in their golf ball gifts for their free one week pass.

James playing guitar2
James McKenna entertained everyone acoustically until about 9pm then the dueling drummer/DJ began kickin' it up a notch. After that everyone was dancing and just having a blast. Even the LA Kings came in towards the end. Very nice hunky guys. My camera battery died and I really didn't want to disturb their privacy so it's just as well.
Drummer & dancing2 Crowd2 Group3

I caught HB Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Carla Merriman, on her way out to snap this shot with Mike and Larry.
Mike, carla, larry2 Tom & guests
Tom did not mind his job as Festival Director one bit last night despite having recently had foot surgery to mend a ripped Achilles I believe. Whatever it is, it was extremely painful. The injury, not posing with these beautiful women. Probably made the pain go away a little more too, right Tom? :)

Rox & guests-sm
In the pic above is Tom's surgeon on the left and Roxanne Messina Captor in red, who used to run the SFO International Film Festival, Ken Unger on her right, and her friends, Harold and his wife, on her left.

Roxanne had a film showcased in last year's Hermosa Shorts Festival featuring Harry Shearer and Shelly Long and is good friends with Francis Ford Coppola if I remember correctly. We've been friends for awhile, but I'm tired so bear with me.
Larry & roxanne2
Don't you love Larry's shirt? The body is a temple - Attract worshipers. I'll worship you Larry! LOL He's the GM of Equinox and such a great guy. We're going to start doing more events together soon. Can't wait!

Roxanne teaches yoga and other classes at Equinox when she's not busy writing and doing entertainment stuff. I'm sure she's quite good at yoga because she was a dancer all her life too. Very interesting woman.

Tom, joy, domi, chef, patrick, maura3-best

These folks are fun and interesting too. Tom, Joy, Domiziano, Patrick, Chef, and Maura.

And with this pic, I close.

Tom & Maura
Hermosa Beach Shorts Festival Founders and Husband and Wife team, Tom & Maura Kearney - some great people who are making Hermosa Beach popular with filmmakers and the world.

Don't forget, this Sunday is a free beach screening of all the best shorts of the festival as soon as the sun goes down. Also, there's a closing night party at the Hermosa Beach Community Center where all the films are screening at 10pm Saturday night.

You know where you'll find me!:)

Have a good one everyone. Hope you are enjoying the Olympics! . Very cool to have so many South Bay residents competing in the Olympics this year too!

Oh, and here's a few links to websites with the results of the International Surf Festival last weekend too in case you're curious: (The Beach Reporter) and (The Easy Reader)

Enjoy the read!

Just have to share! MD quits medicine to blog full-time since it's more money!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Very funny news that is actually quite inspiring. We've been discussing blogging on my online women's newsletter and my friend Jennifer posted a link to The New York Times article entitled, "My Son, the Blogger: An M.D. Trades in Medicine for Apple Rumors."

Read it and weep. Now if only people would pay me a lot of money to write about the gossip and politics of Hermosa Beach I could draw a six-figure income also!

Enjoy the read. Very interesting my dear Watson.

South Bay Professional Connection Surfrider Benefit at the Shore adds new celebrity guests!


 WHAT: The South Bay Professional Connection (SBPC) announces a Tasting Party at The Shore Restaurant featuring Executive Chef David Linville’s menu of fresh, internationally inspired California comfort food from 5:30pm – 8:00pm on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in Hermosa Beach, CA. TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look” finalist, Melissa Todd, a Redondo Beach native, will host the evening and raffle drawing. Goody bags will be given to the top 20 winners of the SBPC networking questionnaire contest open to all attendees. 100% of the $20 suggested entry fee donation will be given to The Surfrider Foundation. (

 WHO: Chef David Linville, Chef david- best TV Land’s She’s Got the Look Finalist, Melissa Todd, and special guests,Tank Top Pic 4 E-Mail Fitness Model Brenda Kelly, and Actor Patrick Kilpatrick

WHEN: Tonight, Wednesday, June 25, 2008 5:30pm – 8:00pm

WHERE: The Shore Restaurant 

1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

WHY: The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Surfrider_foundation_southbay_logo 

The South Bay Professional Connection’s (TSBPC) mission is to promote the interests of the South Bay as a whole to the media, the public, businesses, and residents.

For more information, please contact Publicist, Joy A. Kennelly 310 714-2077






South Bay Professional Connection (SBPC) Announces June 25 Surfrider Benefit at The Shore with TVLand's She's Got the Look, Melissa Todd, hosting

By Joy A. Kennelly


The Team Pic

Hosted by TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look” Finalist, Melissa Todd; Evening benefits The Surfrider FoundationSurfrider_foundation_southbay_logo

South Bay, CA The South Bay Professional Connection (SBPC) announces a Tasting Party at The Shore Restaurant featuring Executive Chef David Linville’s menu of fresh, internationally inspired California comfort cuisine from 5:30pm – 8:00pm on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in Hermosa Beach, CA.

TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look” finalist, Melissa Todd, a Redondo Beach native, will host the evening and raffle drawing. 100% of the $20 suggested entry fee donation will be given to The Surfrider Foundation. Goody bags will be given to the top 20 winners of the SBPC networking questionnaire contest open to all attendees.

The Shore’s Executive Chef Dave’s Chef david- best Tasting menu includes: Garlic Shrimp sauteed in compound butter with goat cheese crustinis; Shrimp Crimini Mushrooms stuffed with spinach, shallots and smoked bacon; a Greek Trio served with hummus, tapenade, tiziki and toasted pita; Ginger Soy Marinated Poki served with shaved Japanese pickled cucumbers and fried wontons; Buttermilk and Tabasco marinated Southern Fried chicken with Belgium waffles and maple syrup; Parmesan crusted New Zealand lollipop lamb chops in port wine reduction; Crab Cakes served with Dijon cream sauce, and Mac & Cheese with Amsterdam imported cheese enhanced by a well-rounded international wine list. “It’s all about the food,” says Chef Dave. “I love the South Bay because people care more about enjoying my food than they do about being seen.”

An experienced TV host/model, Melissa Tank Top Pic 4 E-Mail Todd, will host the raffle offering a $50 Gift Certificate to The Shore, a designer dress donated by local retailer Luna G’s Personal Stylist, Greycie Baran, among other items. Melissa will be available for guest’s questions and comments about her appearance on TV Land’s show, “She’s Got the Look,” throughout the evening.

Surfrider Foundation information will be available for interested guests to review and additional donations will be accepted throughout the evening.

The Shore is located at 1320 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 and is open Monday through Friday: 5:00pm - 1:45am and Saturday and Sunday: 1:00pm - 1:45am. Executive Chef David Linville, formerly with Standard Hotel Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel, Mastros Beverly Hills, and St. Regis Hotel, offers an internationally inspired California comfort cuisine menu. For more information, please review: or call 310 376-0414.


The South Bay Professional Connection’s (TSBPC) mission is to promote the interests of the South Bay as a whole to the media, the public, businesses, and residents. TSBPC provides a wide variety of community, professional, social and business opportunities for professional groups, companies, and others interested in connecting with South Bay businesses, residents, visitors, and cultural, entertainment and educational institutions.


“She’s Got the Look” model, Melissa Todd, a sexy 38-year-old originally from Redondo Beach, CA, is a finalist on TV Land’s new series, in collaboration with Wilhelmina Models, Inc., which seeks to discover a sophisticated, beautiful and confident woman 35 or older to become the next great supermodel. Prior to her TV Land appearance, Melissa enjoyed an active hosting career as an on-camera host for the Hallmark Channel, Toyota Corp., LA Fitness and a PBS cooking show among others, in addition to commercial & film appearances. She has also graced the covers of Shape, Muscle and Fitness Magazines.

ABOUT THE SURFRIDER FOUNDATION Surfrider_foundation_southbay_logo

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 50,000 members and 80 chapters worldwide. or call Nancy Hastings 310 995-7873.


Opened in March 2006, The Shore Restaurant and Lounge reflects the casual elegance of the South Bay, CA through its beautiful atmosphere and quality dining by Executive Chef David Linville, formerly of The Standard Sunset Strip, Viceroy Hotel and Mastros Beverly Hills. Dining at The Shore allows guests to feel relaxed and catered to as if transported to a faraway locale while enjoying fresh, internationally inspired CA comfort cuisine. Scallops

Many famous celebrities and sports players from the Lakers, LA Kings, LA Clippers, LA Galaxy Soccer Team also enjoy the 11 plasma/projection screens, well rounded international wine list, and beachside ambiance. After 10pm, The Shore also offers live music, dancing and top quality DJ's. For more information, please review: or call 310 376-0414.

(Look for our scallop ad in the local papers!)

Joy Kennelly's Surfrider Fdn promotion & Miami photo blog coverage for your review.

This is an old blog post I wrote in June '08, and in reading it again I realized it is a showcase of what I have done in the past to promote clients through blogging and provide photo essay examples of my travel coverage as well.

I've edited out other information to make this focused on topics I support and love- i.e. Surfrider Foundation and art in Miami.

Enjoy the read.

By Joy A. Kennelly

Ever since returning from Miami I've been going through something of a life/career transition. While vacationing I had the epiphany that although I will always love art and am still open to representing artists, it's not what I want to focus my entire business on any more.

With the economy the way it is...

Here's a quote from a recent NY Times article entitled: Gatekeepers to the Art World, "As contemporary art’s Armory Show in New York concludes this weekend and the auctions unfold later this spring, many are watching to see what impact the sliding economy will have on the art market.

Mary Parr, a director at Cheim & Read in Chelsea, noted that if real estate slows noticeably, the art market follows suit about six months later. High-end collectors, she said, 'don’t get affected as quickly.'

A springtime thaw in prices may well trickle down to the gallery’s front desk. When the public, perhaps of necessity transformed into eligible customers, pushes open those chilly opaque doors, will gallerinas finally look up and smile?"

Click the link here for the entire article. VEERRRRRYYYY Interesting.

That's all I'll say about that. Plus, the other reason to go back to a more diverse client roster is I miss the variety I've always enjoyed. There's something to be said for being a generalist or jack of all trades. I still love artists though! Art rules!

Oh, and since you've been so patient, here's some of my architecture and art pictures from my vacation in Miami, FL.

I've been very busy with producing another event for my South Bay Professional Connection starring Hermosa Beach's own amazing Chef David Linville of The Shore Restaurant, and TVLand's She's Got the Look Finalist, Melissa Todd, a native of Redondo Beach, CA (she's the tall blonde sitting down wearing a black dress to the left of Kim Alexis.) TVLand\'s She\'s Got the Lookwhich will benefit Surfrider Foundation. More details soon.

Now here's Miami and South Beach... I recommend hitting the Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Bass Museum of Art, Ocean Drive (of course! I especially loved visiting Ritz Carlton and the Delano), the Miami Design District and the Lincoln Road art and cafe scene. Very cool.




For More Information: Joy A. Kennelly


thejoywriterpublicity(at) gmail (dot) com



With a Networking Celebration on Thursday, May 29, 2008 5:30pm – 7:00pm

South Bay, CAThe South Bay Professional Connection announces the Grand Opening of CA Associates Employment Specialists’ and Verch Insurance Services’ new El Segundo offices with a night of Networking and Celebration on Thursday, May 29, 2008 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

As part of the Grand Opening Celebration, California Associates‘ Career Coach, Sonja McColgan, will offer resume critiques, information on industry trends and interview techniques while Verch Insurance Specialists will offer complete insurance analysis. Appetizers will be provided by Shark’s Cove Hermosa Beach, CA. A portion of the proceeds from GoChi Juice shots poured will benefit the Brent Verch Memorial Fund. The new El Segundo offices are located at 425 Main Street, El Segundo, CA 90245. RSVP to CA Associates: 310.416.8797.

“We chose to move to Downtown El Segundo because it has been voted the ‘Most Business Friendly,’” says Verch Insurance Services Founder/Owner, Darold P. Verch. Verch Insurance Services is a multi-line, family owned agency with 40 years experience specializing in all types of insurance. For more information, please review: or call 310 322-1626.

California Associates Employment Specialists focus on placing candidates in Media, Technology, Accounting, Engineering, Human Resources, Fitness, Sales & Marketing, Administration and Entertainment. For more information, refer to: or call 310.416.8797.

The Brent Verch Memorial Fund was created to honor Brent Verch and his life’s desire to support his three young niece’s college education. For more information, please refer to:

The South Bay Professional Connection’s (TSBPC) mission is to promote the interest of the South Bay as a whole to the media, the public, businesses, and residents. For more information, please contact Joy A. Kennelly via 310 714-2077 or tsbpc2008 (at) gmail (dot) com.


If you're interested in an update of my weekend...

By Joy A. Kennelly

and the latest with my clients, please go to: (or just search for Goji on and visit my professional blog: where I highlight Charles Zigman's success with his book series entitled World's Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films (and Legend)of Jean Gabin: Volumes One and Two.

I've just spent hours updating both sites and they will help explain the latest and the greatest. I don't want to take too much attention away from Haiti right now (check out the great comment I received from someone who actually lives and works there on my last blog post! The power of the internet!), but did want to bring people up-to-date on me and my business adventures because I promised I would share.

Also, on another note, we're hosting an informational GoChi Juice meeting this Thursday, April 17, at good 'ole Club 705 in Hermosa Beach if you care to join us. All the details are here. Hope to see you there! If you can't make it, but want to try GoChi Juice, you may also purchase here on my other website: (I know. I have a lot, but they all serve different purposes!)

I'm especially proud of all the information on Beverly on my The Joy Writer PR site and the photo albums on our Goji site. I'm looking pretty ragged by the end of the weekend, but hey, it was worth it. Over 3,000 people attended and it was great to meet the owners of FreeLife International and hear their vision for the future.

I met a lot of great people, learned a lot of great information, made some new friends, had fun visiting all the Scottsdale galleries pitching my client, Beverly Bigwood, (they have some wonderful galleries there and the lighting is fantastic), and enjoyed viewing all the great public art Phoenix has to offer.

Fed my mind, my spirit, and my emotions! Plus, got to finally meet someone I had only met through my blog! Never in a million years did I think I'd be going to PHX, but when it happened, I just had to call Dharma.

We really enjoyed hanging out and catching up. She's very interesting and has a whole book series she's working on. We both like to write which is why we became friends. Thanks Dharma! Had a great time visiting the galleries with you!

Okay, that's all for now. Really must get out of the house and take care of some errands and work on some other projects like getting my phone/fax to work again now that I've moved it and pitching Travel Tray!

Got into a real spring cleaning mode when I returned from my trip and threw out and am donating a ton of stuff! Very cathartic. You know what they say, Out with the old, in with the new!

Have a good one everyone!

Keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

I'm back from PHX - did you miss me? GOCHI!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just returned from a three-day intensive GoChi Conference for FreeLife, Int'l in Phoenix, AZ and missed our hot spell fortunately. Now that I know more about the product and the company - update soon! And yes, I'm getting serious about it now because I finally feel comfortable with the quality of the company, the product, and the business side of it.

Thanks for checking in. I've missed blogging, but also enjoyed the break.

More later...

The South Bay Professional Connection and the Holocaust memorial

By Joy A. Kennelly   

Last night's South Bay Professional Connection had a great turn-out. You can read all about it here on This is Hermosa. Next month we're moving to another South Bay location so stay tuned!

Now, on a more serious note, I received this via email and thought it bore posting.

Let us never forget.


  Please read the little cartoon carefully, it's powerful.

    In Memoriam

It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This is being posted in memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russian Peoples looking the other way.

Now, more than ever, with Iran, among others, claiming the Holocaust to be 'a myth,' it is  imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again.

Never forget.

What a fun, productive day...

By Joy A. Kennelly

The Office totally cracks me up! Anyone else like this totally whacked out show? Reminds me of some people I know. Too funny. I LOVE Steve Carell.

Today's Day Spa event at A Fresh Face Skincare was fun. Victoria, the owner, is so beautiful and sweet she's a pleasure to work with. Her massage therapist, Tanne I believe is how you spell his name, is very skilled with his hands, just came over from Trilogy Spa, and very sweet too. The best part? Tanne's massages are only $45/hour! He's very good too.

AND!!!! There is a wonderful two-hour special that Victoria is offering that is just amazing. Check this out:

  • Warm ex-foliating foot massage
  • Ex-foliating hand treatment with warm paraffin dip
  • 30-minute Aromatherapy Massage
  • Aromatherapy deep cleansing facial
  • Relaxing Scalp Massage

All this for only $99! Can you believe it?  This special and the nice people who provide these services make me almost want to work on the front desk! Just kidding.  Maybe. Maybe not! It's fun to be out and about with people rather than stuck working behind a computer all day.

Although I do get paid well to do that and enjoy my clients. Got a lot of work done on their behalf before dashing out, but more to do! And I'm lovin' it! I love shaping and building people's careers to help them achieve success.

In any case back to my Day Spa day. Introduced a lot of new people to the wonders of GoChi, learned how to mix a mean GoChi/ Vodka (we forgot to buy tonic! LOL) drinks, and enjoyed a wonderful hot stone treatment for my achey breaky back and a photo-sensitive light treatment for some of my dark spots/freckles.

I'll keep you posted on the dark spot situation if you're interested. Like you care. LOL. I am curious though because I've never tried this before. Learning all kinds of new beauty, health things hanging out with my new friends.

Speaking of hanging out, bought some new bras the other day and man, what a difference new lingerie makes! I feel like a new woman! LOL My silhouette now rivals that of my friend Shana's new boobs.  (TMI I know, but I just felt like sharing and making you laugh.)

I've been way too serious lately and I just don't feel like it any more. Time for fun! I'm happy, why shouldn't my blog be? :)

Have a great night. Now back to Celebrity Apprentice.