Thoughts on #TheArtist'sWay, #Trauma, #Brainspotting and #EMDR this President's Day

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've started doing The Artist's Way book by Julia Cameron again with an online group of 400 other people (which each week drops lower fortunately) and I have to say, after running these types of groups myself years back, this go-round I find more resistance to actually doing the reading and exercises than I ever did before.

Julia says that's a good thing because it means it will have a deeper impact on your creativity, but after two weeks of not wanting to take myself on an "artist date" I find I finally want to do it. Today, the Zilker Botanical Garden has free admission and since I've never been, I thought that would be a nice treat. The weather is brisk, but sunny and clear too. 

I'm still big on researching the brain and how trauma affects our lives. I listened to a Harvard expert discuss stress and trauma's effects on the brain on the Good Life Project Podcast which I enjoyed. You can listen too on Spotify here. Here's the episode blurb for reference.

"Dr. Aditi Nerurkar, author of The Five Resets: Rewire Your Brain and Body for Less Stress and More Resilience, shares how to reframe our relationship with stress. She explains why feeling overwhelmed is a common human experience, not a personal failure. Simple, science-backed techniques like breathing, social connection, journaling, and eliminating multitasking can help our minds and bodies reset.

Dr. Nerurkar offers realistic ways to introduce ease into our days through small, sustainable steps. Learn how to "do better" so you can start to "feel better" and thrive."

I've been practicing some of the things she discussed and have seen my blood pressure slowly lower. It's still high, but I have reason to believe once I've addressed and healed all the trauma in my brain, it might go down too. 

Last week with my trained EMDR & Brain spotting Therapist, I learned that we have 3 parts to our brain, the frontal lobe, a middle section, and the cortex. When we have trauma, our frontal lobe where we have rational thinking, is short-circuited and prevented from acting properly because the trauma is blocking our middle brain from reaching the rational part of our brain.

(I'm putting this in very simple terms, but if you click the links I've provided above, those go into much more detail.)

People have 4 different responses to trauma which divides into 2 forces - Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn. Fight or Flight is one type of response and Freeze or Fawn is another example of how people choose to deal with their trauma.

Fight reaction is where you blow up or react in a way that is highly exaggerated in comparison to the actual incident. One of my former therapists described it as reacting at a level 10 to an incident that people who aren't traumatized might react at a much lower level. The goal of therapy is to reduce the reaction to a more normal level.

Flight is commonly seen in leaving jobs, places you live, and other situations because you need to escape because you're emotionally unable or unaware of how to deal with stressful situations. It's something I've done a lot, moving from state to state and job to job because I haven't been aware of this being a reaction to stress and trauma.

Now that I'm aware, I can work on it. 

What I find interesting is observing how many other people live with trauma unaware of how it's affecting their lives because nobody has ever shared with them that these patterns are caused by trauma. What you don't know, you can't heal. 

I'm reading Miss Independent A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start Investing and Grow Your Own Wealth by Nicole Lapin and she had a very traumatic upbringing. As soon as she mentioned in the book that she had moved numerous times, I understood trauma was her life experience even before she shared a horrifying story from her childhood.

The book is really easy to read and I highly recommend it if you want to understand finances through a female perspective. (I'm not just saying this because I get credit if you buy her book or any of the books I'm mentioning too.:)

The other two reactions Fawn or Freeze I've never really experienced. Fawn would be telling someone nice things about them to get them to leave you alone. I watched this in a video of a girl trapped in an Uber with a creepy guy who wanted to date her. She kept telling him he was a nice guy and she was flattered, but she needed to get out now. That just made my skin crawl.

Freeze is pretty self-explanatory. If something bad is happening, you just freeze and are unable to say or do anything or leave because your body's response to this danger is to freeze.

I look back at my life and I can see so many times where I just ran away from situations in my home life. When I was very young like 10 years old or less, I was mad at my Mom and packed up a bag to run away leaving the house crying. I got to the end of the block of our home in Hermosa Beach before turning around and coming home. LOL

Another time, we were living in Kenya, Africa at a missionary boarding school while my Dad taught school back in the 80s and I decided to run away for some reason. I distinctly remember walking on the dirt road out of the compound and seeing huge black and white Colobus monkeys swinging from the trees as I walked. Here's what they look like because it's hard to describe. Aren't they amazing?

 I eventually returned home and ironically, when my African friends learned of my running way, they all thought I was shab, a slang term at the time for cool, or at least that's what I remember. LOL

As I grew older, I remember running away on holidays. My Dad would want the house to be perfect when my youngest sister would come to visit with her family and inevitably, he would take out his stress on me and demand I leave.

I still remember driving to Santa Barbara one Thanksgiving because I had asked if we could have something other than water at the dinner table for once. Real stupid stuff, but it would cause stress and my Dad's way to deal with it was to tell me to leave.

We've had a very complicated relationship my entire life and it's a miracle how far we've come. Not perfect now by any means, but much closer since my Mom died. You always love your parents even when it's not a good relationship because it's what you've grown up with and you don't know anything else. 

As I've grown and healed through therapy, the way I've dealt with situations and people has also grown and changed. Behaviors that I would normally put up with, I don't anymore. Gaslighting, negating my feelings, blaming, and other normal activities for a narcissist, just don't sit well and I've begun to narrow my circle more and more.

What I am beginning to realize and welcome living in Austin, TX is that sometimes God pulls you away from everything and everyone you've ever known so you learn about yourself and draw closer to God because He's all you have.

Boundaries become firmer on what you will or will not accept in a friendship or relationship. What used to be acceptable because it was familiar or comfortable, becomes uncomfortable and not acceptable. I recently told a "friend" that our "friendship" had run it's course after one last especially hurtful situation. I'm done pretending something feels good when it doesn't. 

I'm at the point in my life where I'd rather be all alone without friends or family than have toxicity in my life. I'm enjoying my peaceful life right now. I feel more creative than I have in years. And I feel that I'm focusing on what makes me happy, not what makes others happy. It's strange to be promoting my work vs my client's work, but it's also really exciting to hear positive responses and have supportive friends encourage me to keep going. 

When you are surrounded by noise, distractions, or political unrest that consumes your attention, it's hard to listen to your own still small voice whispering what you need, want, and desire. As the noise, distractions, and politics fade away, then the voice becomes louder and if you listen to it, ultimately, it replaces all the others.

I felt compelled to write after spending a few unsettling minutes on Twitter reading. I wanted to get back to my thoughts and back into my body. Writing does that for me. Other forms of self-expression might do it for you - baking, painting, sculpting, swimming, etc. 

All I know is, as the popular song on TikTok says, I think I like my little life.

Not much going on at the moment, but I feel that's going to change as I continue to pursue The Artist's Way course and reading. And pursue my therapy with brain spotting and EMDR.  I'll keep you posted.:)

Now to get ready to enjoy the botanical garden and explore Austin

The Wife - resound the battle cry - We are women, hear us roar! #writers #writing #women #Woke

By Joy A. Kennelly

As I sit in the WGA Library, surrounded by people reading scripts, tapping away on their computers, in a completely silent (for a change) area that is entirely focused on writers and writing, it seems fitting to write the review of The Wife that's been spinning around my head ever since I watched the "Explosive" performance by Glenn Close, an actress, and person I have admired for many years. 

In case you're not aware of what The Wife is about, here's the official trailer. 

It appears Sony Pictures Classics has taken over the international film elegance that once was the stronghold of the Weinstein Company and I'm excited to watch even more after the cinematic treat this film was on so many levels. My first thought watching this film was of so many women I've seen over the years who sublimate their own creative desires to "serve" their husbands, a role I never have desired, or seen myself doing.


(Which is probably why I'm single, but there have to be other kinds of marriages out there that don't require this, right?:)

However, I also have seen this with men who remain married to women they would rather than not be married to because they don't want to deal with the divorce aftermath and their marriages die a miserable death as a result of this passive killing of a life they once vowed in front of their friends, family, and God, to love, cherish and honor, or whatever their vows were.

I wish all those couples would watch this film and see the intense fury and result of burying their own desires and the cost it ultimately takes on the marriage, their lives, and their family's lives. I think it applies to any relationship or life choice where you don't anticipate all the other ramifications you'll experience by going with the flow, ignoring your own desires and figuring it's the best you can expect in life.

I met a young woman today who chose to place her 2nd child in an open adoption to preserve her own life and the life of her older child from an abusive relationship. That life choice has had unexpected ramifications on her eldest daughter that no one would have anticipated, but this birth mother is handling her decision and open adoption with grace, empathy, courage while seeking wisdom from others who have had a similar life choice, like me and many of the others she's interviewing in her quest for truth in her own adoption experience.

Then there's a man I met online who confessed he's secretly married to a woman he has claimed is merely his baby mama (my terms, not his.:) and his fear of divorcing her because he's tired of divorce, he has young children with this woman and it's a risk when you're a public figure on what will be accepted, private and more. Who knows if this person was even real, but the dialog we had seemed very honest and vulnerable. I pray for him and his marriage and hope he finds his way. I just can't be with married men and for my sake, wish he wasn't, but can't wish for his marriage to end either.

That's for God and him to decide.

But I digress. The Wife resonated with me on so many levels because as a writer, I've felt blocked for the last few years and haven't felt like expressing anything because my life was in such turmoil it wouldn't have come out cohesively or been believed.

However, writers must write as the film so eloquently explains and it was heartbreaking to see this character give up her dream of writing to be with a man who was so weak and self-indulgent and cowardly he couldn't acknowledge her, even when he had a major platform to do so. I loved watching the dynamic of the husband and wife grow and evolve as Glenn Close recognizes that her husband will not ever recognize her beyond what he'd done over the years. I don't want to ruin this film because I truly believe you must see it and experience it to feel the full visceral blow to the gut this film delivers.

The setting is stunningly majestic and unique which makes it even more awe-inspiring. The insidious biographer, played by Christian Slater, is cloying, manipulative, and like the snake in the Garden of Eden tempting and taunting Glenn's character to crack and admit something she has kept hidden for years. She refuses to take the bait, but then the son is enticed and beguiled in an ever-tightening web of unraveling that ultimately brings about the demise of the callow, arrogant, fool of a man who believes he is actually worthy of all the acclaim by virtue he has convinced himself of this for the entire 40 years of their marriage.

The fact that their marriage is based on an illicit affair and ruined one woman's life is only the start of what apparently became a pattern of a man who has such low self-worth he needs extra validation to prove himself worthy of all the outside critical acclaim for "his" work.

That he has the gall to act like he's a superior writer to his son is beyond belief, especially when the content of the son's prose is revealed. That the father doesn't see the obvious relationship that is staring him in the face in written form as his own husband/wife relationship is even more of an example of what a failed writer he truly is because most writers I know and enjoy reading are the most observant, critically thinking, interesting people I've ever met.

Most CEO's read voraciously and are well-versed on a variety of topics, although they do tend to have their favorite topics. It's probably why I resonate with leaders most. I like intelligent, funny, warm-hearted men who think for themselves and are willing to take a stand, no matter how unpopular. 

This movie brought up so much for me because I feel the past few years I was relegated to the coat carrying wife role by virtue of the tech culture refusing to accept women on an even playing field and always relegating females in tech to beauty or fashion or sex type roles, rather than worthy leaders of building profitable businesses that will develop other businesses and leaders in the process.

This film awoke something in me that has lain dormant since leaving the tech industry, but like Glenn's character has slowly been awakening to the fact I'm worthy of a life I choose.

A desire for more. A desire to go after what I want again. A desire to be seen. To be heard and to receive credit where credit is due. It's why it's hard to listen to my Dad when I know he still believes the 1950's adage that I won't survive in this world unless I take some stupid job and just keep my head down and do what it takes to get by.

I'm sorry, but like Glenn's character, I'm over just getting by. I'm over just surviving. I need a change and as these new days of 2019 roll around I realize I'm feeling more and more clear on what I will and will not accept in my life, my living conditions, my career, and my family.

And it feels good.

The Wife may be seen by some as a cry for help, but I see it also as a warrior cry ready for a battle that won't be stifled, put down, condescended to, or repressed any longer. I highly recommend seeing this film if you're in need of a major kick in the butt to get your life together and take control of what's important. 

Because if you don't walk away from Glenn Close's performance moved, changed and enlightened, I don't know what will do so. She's an amazing actress and completely deserved her Golden Globe which I am so glad was given to her because I would not have heard of the film otherwise. Unfortunately, it appears many others are unaware as well since the matinee film I attended only had 5 people  in the auditorium.

That's why I'm encouraging you to take the time to go see this film and support Glenn Close because you will be so glad you've seen her brilliant performance come Oscar time. This is actually one Oscars I wish I could attend because there's so many amazing films being recognized and artist's performances I thoroughly enjoyed it would be a pleasure to see this up close and in person. I would love to be able to tell Glenn Close I championed her cause or tell Lady Gaga how moved I was by her performance and music. Or tell Bradley Cooper he was robbed.:)

However, it will probably not happen so for now, I will tell the world my thoughts as I am prone to do, in writing. And if you're still reading my writing after all these years away, thank you. I promise to write more. I have a lot more to say and feel like I'm just getting started again. So I leave you with this song by Pink as it exemplifies the spirit with which I write this and share my thoughts with you musically...


Or this version if you prefer:


Have a good one. Happy Saturday.


Photo L.A. Announces Participating Galleries Opening Night Preview To Honor #JoAnnCallis and to Benefit Venice Arts on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Photo L.A. Announces Participating Galleries
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Barker Hangar

Announcing our "Vegas Escape" #travel video #JoysTravelAdventures - see the side of #Vegas only locals know

By Joy A.Kennelly

Very happy to share our completed "Vegas Escape" travel video with everyone. We had so many people help make this a reality and wanted to give them a shout out here, in addition to on our YouTube Channel. 

But first, without further ado, please enjoy a side of Vegas only locals know and that I reveal here in our "Vegas Escape" travel video:


I want to first thank Francis Vincent, my cameraman of Production Central Group, for catching my vision and coming alongside me to film all over Las Vegas in the quick five-day shoot we did together. It was great to have his son, Winston, and my good friend, Shawana, participate too.

We worked together so well, I'd love to go back to shoot a longer version whenever we find funding.

And now in no particular order, here are more of the wonderful companies, people and places who helped create this show with their support. Please visit their locations and tell them Joy's Travel Adventures introduced you to their services!


Las Vegas News Bureau 
Wynn / Encore Las Vegas 
The Smith Center 
MGM Resorts International
Tivoli Village 
Faiss Foley Warren PR 
Fashion Show Mall 
Marc Abelman, Arts B18 District
Las Vegas Canoe & Kayak Club
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area 
Lake Las Vegas Westin 
Michelle Olds, Lake Las Vegas
The Arts Factory
Happy Panda Toys 
Big Ern’s BBQ
Sonrisa Grill 
Artist Q – Wang Viva 
Las Vegas Skate Co 
Tesoro Imports
Winky Designs 
Cathay Las Vegas 
Jessica Galindo Fine Art & Leather Couture 
Chill Spot
Megan Barker, Singer/Songwriter 
Downtown Project
Downtown Container Park 
Jana's Red Room 
Island Girls Designs
Chris Builder, The Stratosphere 
City of Las Vegas 
Peace Art Studio 
Mingo Calloso, George Harris, Mingo Kitchen & Lounge

And if you want to visit the people we interviewed, here's their info too. Big thank you to all of them. We were sorry we couldn't include everyone we interviewed and hope to include them in the future:


Karen Sanders, Tourquoise Door 
Chef Robert Solano, Mingo Kitchen & Lounge & Mundo
Marty Walsh, Trifecta Gallery
Javier Anaya, Pinches Tacos 
Leslie Marroquin, Garden Grill 
Chef Roy Bass, Those Guys Pies

Lastly, big shout out to my Editor, Dustin Elkin, for his patience with all my tweaking and requests to pack in as much as possible to showcase everything I wanted to share with viewers. He took raw footage, b-roll, and captured my vision in his own unique way after I explained what I was going for.

I loved how he was able to get the edits to fit the beats of the songs I chose because I'm not an editor and would never have been able to do this on my own. He also had to work with technical difficulties presented with audio on all my interviews and standups which he overcame with Francis gracefully and without complaint.

We included footage from some of my past shoots and I want to thank and recognize those folks as well:


Dustin Elkin, Editor
Nelson Brann, Videographer/Editor, Film-Alchemy
Mike Tringe & Sara Akhteh, CreatorUp
Tony Le, Videographer
Steph Belsky, Associate Producer

I hope we thanked everyone and if anyone feels left out, please let me know and I'll include you because we want everyone who helped us to be recognized.

I love the music we included and want to throw out a big thank you to the artists as well. They really helped set the tone, pace and vibe. I have loved their music since first hearing it and couldn't wait to share it with the rest of the world because it's so fun and hip:


"Happy" is a song written, produced, and performed by American singer and producer Pharrell Williams from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album.

"Angel in Blue Jeans" is a song recorded by American rock band Train for their seventh studio album Bulletproof Picasso. The song was written by Pat Monahan, Amund Bjørklund, and Espen Lind, and was produced by the latter two as well as Butch Walker.

"Stolen Dance" is a song by German duo Milky Chance and was released by Lichtdicht Records and Republic Records on 9 May 2014.

"Do I Wanna Know?" is a song by English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys from their fifth studio album AM.

" Rather Be " is track #1 on the album Rather Be by British group Clean Bandit and features vocals from Jess Glynne. It was written by Napier, James John / Patterson, Jack Robert / Marshall, Nicole.

And last, but definitely not least: 


My Parents, Pat & Dianne Kennelly, for their loving financial support and belief in me

Here's to the future and creating the website for Joy's Travel Adventures next.

Stay tuned. More to come. The adventure is just beginning!

@KeepinOnFilm - one #music doc you must see! #Jazz #TerryClark @QuincyDJones @JustinKauflin

By Joy A. Kennelly


Even though my hands hurt and I still need to write about my experiences at MAGIC, I feel compelled to share my heart about this achingly beautiful story about a loving relationship between a jazz great, Terry Clark and a blind pianst, Justin Kauflin, called Keep On Keepin' on.

If you are following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you have seen my many posts, but it's not enough room to share how much this film has deeply, deeply moved me and my desire to see the world feel how this film made the whole audience feel. 


If there's one word to describe it, it's just love.

Love between Terry Clark and all his students, but especially blind pianist, Justin Kauflin, Quincy Jones and the two Aussies who spent years of their lives honoring a man Alan Hicks (the Director) played drums with, Terry Clark, to create this award-winning documentary, shot by Cinematographer, Adam Hart.

I sat in my seat next to three other women I've never met before and we were all weeping by the end. I alternated between tears and smiling throughout the entire film because there were so many aspects that moved me and made me laugh. I wasn't alone either.

We were so blessed to actually hear how they made this film and the influence Terry Clark has had on their lives in a special live performance by Justin and Q & A with all three - Justin, Adam & Alan sharing their struggle to capture their mentor and friend. (I taped both songs, but can't figure out how to transfer from my phone to my computer since I'm tired. Maybe tomorrow.:)

Crew  of Keep on

Terry is in his 90's now, had to have both his legs amputated, yet continues to inspire and love young musicians with even more vigor now that the poison has left his body. He's influenced the lives of so many jazz performers like Wynston Marsalis, Dianne Reeves, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis and the star of the film, blind pianst Justin Kauflin (seen here with his guide dog, Candy, and Cinematographer/Executive Producer, Adam Hart.

Adam & JustinHere's the official trailer to give you a peek into what's in store if you take the time next weekend to see Keep on Keepin' On at either Arclight in Hollywood, or Landmark Theatre in West LA (which we all hope you really do!:) 

Official trailer

I grew up with a father who played all kinds of music for us. I heard Duke Ellington who Terry played with, and a whole slew of amazing, eclectic musicians which has shaped and molded my love of music since a child. 

That's why I loved this film so much because it tells you the history of jazz through the eyes of a man who lived with many, many musicians I admire. When I was in my jazz phase I would go to every Al Jarreau live concert I could get to and heard David Sanborn open for him, but the most amazing opening act, who I didn't really understand or appreciate at the time, was Miles Davis. He was opening for Al on a New Year's Eve and I took my friend Carol, who shares the same New Year's Eve birthday as I do, and we loved it.

Talk about a great memory.

I grew up in the South Bay and my sister was very much into the punk and ska scene which I grew to appreciate because of her influence. I also have always loved R & B, classical, and love music of all genres because each reminds me of a special time in my life.

Jazz is part of our rich American history. I hope you will enjoy this film from all the different levels I did and leave a comment if you saw it this weekend, or next weekend. Also, buy Terry Clark's book which is his autobiography available here if you don't have a screening in your city.

I'd love to hear if you do. I feel with all the horrible news in the world, like the numerous beheadings, wars, and more, the world needs a little more love like this film brings to everyone who has seen it. 

And with this, I must bid you adieu and Good Night.

Sweet dreams.

I'm taking one of my painkillers and I know I will.:)


Welcome to Atlanta! My experiences with @samsung #Summer Splash, #Alon Bakery Market, @Comcastcares, @comcastbill @ATTCustomerCare #OC BBQ Bonanza @louiegiglio @Christomlin @passioncity and more...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Well, well, well. This blog post has been a long time coming now hasn't it? Upon arriving in Atlanta I had nothing but internet and phone troubles and am on my 3rd phone now, a Samsung Galaxy, and still experiencing battery failures, GPS screw-ups, and other hassles, but hey, whatever! (Samsung if you're reading this, hit me up. I hate this fast battery drain and need help!:)

Otherwise, life is grand out here in Hotlanta! I love the Southern hospitality and the weather is growing on me.

I do mean, HOT, HOT, HOT!:) It took me almost a week to acclimate and realize the more time I spent in air conditioning, the less time I will spend passing out or dripping wet.:) Temperatures haven't varied much from the 90's except for the occasional rain storm when the weather drops to around 80, but the balmy nights more than make up for the scorching days.

To break the heat, my friend and I decided to hit Sandy Spring's Summer Splash and inner tube down the Chattahoochee River with the rest of Georgia. I believe I heard rumor about 4000 people went? It's the 4th Annual Summer Splash and was so relaxing and fun.

Click here to see the photo album our local Sandy Springs Patch created:

It was so much fun going down the sporadic rapids and just lazily floating down a river with the most beautiful scenery we have seen in a long time. Nice people along the way too. I would have taken pix, but didn't bring my phone because I was worried about tipping over and losing it.

I caught this one at the end though. Isn't this scenery just gorgeous? LOVE IT! I've added more of my pix to the official Patch site which you can click on above to view.Getting out at Paces FerryDespite numerous promises by Comcast and AT & T to have switched our service by August 8, we are still without wireless in the house which has required me to camp out at various cafes around town until August 18.

We dislike both companies' customer service and service overall because they keep changing everything constantly and require my roomie Brenda to sit for hours on the phone while they do who knows what behind the scenes to make the switch, but when you live surrounded by trees you're somewhat limited on your choices.

Comcast Bill and ATT Customer Care help us out here! We can't deal with the incompentence of your companies much longer... Seriously!:)

That said, it's been fun to sit in various cafes and observe how people dress, speak, chat and interact while I'm working. My favorite cafes to date are Alon Bakery Market (seen below, but for the full impact, click the link!:) and Caribou Coffee, which is comfy cozy, and there's always Starbucks too.

Weird there is no Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf out here, but lots of interesting cafes still left to explore. Isn't Alon adorable? Reminds of a much bigger Joan's on Third back home.Alon Bakery

Alon Bakery2
I have been busy promoting our upcoming OC BBQ Bonanza at the Fountain Valley Sports Complex taking place August 18 - 21 across the internet and inviting foodie bloggers and media to attend our private press event on August 18, 2011 in addition to looking for work and exploring Atlanta. 

Bbq1 - smallClick the link here: for more information. We're offering special discounts to military, children and everyone else too. Plus, there's an amazing VIP Rib Village open to the public where you can buy all the ribs, drinks, and sides you want to enjoy in an exclusive area during the festival.

More details here:

If you fit the media/blogger catetory and are interested in covering this as press, please send an email to: vipribvillage (at) gmail (dot) com with a link to your site, your media outlet, what you cover and we'll send you information if you qualify. 

Other than that, real quick, I am thoroughly enjoying being out here. I was getting so bored in CA having grown up there. Now? Everything is new and fun to explore with my two CA girlfriends, Brenda and Anne, who moved out before me. We call ourselves the CA2GA girls (get it?:) and plot all kinds of fun adventures together.

Here's a pic from our recent excursion to the High Museum of Art which I particularly love because it's like art is imitating life, or is it the other way around? You tell me...:)Us at the HIGHWe're still getting asked why we moved out here, but rather than go into everything here in this particular blog, I'm going to write one specifically addressing it later. For now, just know the men are friendlier and nicer; Atlanta is extremely sophisticated and cosmopolitan contrary to the myopic belief in LA; there's plenty of opportunity to create a new life and find work; I've found a wonderful writing group:  lead by a real dynamo with amazing writers and a publishing company attached; the art scene is eclectic and varied; the food is some of the best in the nation; the music scene beats LA hands down; too many quaint towns and homes to see; lots and lots of gorgeous nature; more faith-oriented people than CA by a long shot (19% vs. 38%); there's always something going on and it's the positive change I was needing.

So much happier!:) And with that, I'm off!

Tonight is Passion City Church with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin and I need a little nappie poo today after my busy week last week.:) Enjoy this song by Chris!


@LAFashionWeek & @stylesmith Present ‘Los Feliz Fashion Festival’ Debut @LosFelizFaire on Hollywood Blvd. Sunday, July 24th 11am - 10pm #in

‘Los Feliz Fashion Festival’ Debuts on Hollywood Blvd. on Sunday, July 24th 11am - 10pm

LOS FELIZ VILLAGE (Los Angeles, CA), July 7, 2011-  The Los Feliz Village Street Fair today announced that their hotly anticipated new co-located event, the ‘Los Feliz Fashion Festival’ will debut on Sunday, July 24th.  The Los Feliz Fashion Festival, to be located in the heart of the Fair, will feature the original creations of over 35 clothing, jewelry and accessories designers, including: 

MNKR Clothing, Sri Lalita Clothing, Three Apparel, Della, Nikki Montoya, Geisha de Guadalupe, Lotus B., Evalyn Black, White Sycamore, Artisan LA Jewelry, Marion Romann, Artzgraf Creations, Flea Market Girl, Liza Shtromberg, Fluxus, 50 Dresses, Cowgirl Heaven, and  Dominique Ansari.

Also, look for a ‘Vintage Marketplace’ including A Current Affair, Bows and Arrows and Ozzie Dots.

Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with these creative designers, and score special deals in this exciting outdoor, “trunk show” style environment.  Also look for runway shows, a ‘Make Over’ booth sponsored by POP, a Photo Booth sponsored by Modelwire Network, and a few surprise elements!

The festival will feature a unique fashion show wherein local fashion bloggers will partner with local designers to style and model an extremely fun show - not done before in Los Angeles. Following a theme, a Los Angeles based production group will showcase a never seen before fashion concept - premiering at the Los Feliz Fashion Fest.

The Los Feliz Fashion Festival is being produced on behalf of the Los Feliz Street Fair by Style Entrepreneur Kelsi Smith, fashion blogger at Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Founder of the popular networking association of Los Angeles style and beauty bloggers, Two Point Oh! LA, and her multi- faceted production and branding company: Stylesmith.

Kelsi Smith commenting on the Los Feliz Fashion Festival said: “We are so excited to showcase these fantastic L.A. designers, all of which have been hand-picked to represent what is so wonderful about the design community here: unique, creative and unequivocally L.A.”

“Los Feliz Village has a well deserved reputation as one of the leading style meccas in Los Angeles,” added Chris Serrano, President of the Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District, “We encourage the public to come out, experience the Fashion and all the other wonderful elements of our Fair!”

Hollywood Boulevard between Vermont Avenue and Hillhurst Avenue.  

Sunday, July 24th 11AM – 10PM

Get There
Sunset/ Vermont Metro stop.  

None, unless you want to buy local creations on sale at the festival. All outdoor fashion shows and concerts are FREE.

Fashion Show Schedule

Download event flyer.

Sponsors of the Los Feliz Fashion Festival include: Two Point Oh! LA,, Stylesmith, Modelwire Network, USnaps, POP Beauty, Works of Art, Pop Chips, Vitamin Water and the Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District. Producers are also grateful to Council member Tom LaBonge and Council President Eric Garcetti for their great support of this event.

Additional features of the Los Feliz Village Street Fair include: Live music, dancing, drinks, artistic exhibits, ‘Green Scene’ Eco showcase, ‘Mind Body Spirit’ pavilion, a chalk art display, and a full carnival for kids.

For a more info, please visit 

About the Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District

Los Feliz Village Business Improvement District, "LFVBID" is dedicated to improving and promoting businesses in the area of Los Angeles known as Los Feliz Village. "Los Feliz" is Spanish for "The Happy Ones," which perfectly describes the atmosphere of this eclectic village within Los Angeles. Los Feliz Village is nestled below the east Hollywood Hills and is adjacent to Atwater Village and Silver lake. Los Feliz is an endlessly fascinating "walking neighborhood," a rarity in Los Angeles, occupied by many Hollywood celebrities, artists, writers and business professionals. Los Feliz Village boasts some of the most diverse and interesting shops and restaurants in all of Los Angeles.

Patrons come from all over the world to enjoy the hip clothing stores, cutting-edge cuisine and local entertainment. Los Feliz Village is home to trendsetters and tastemakers of all ages. Learn more at:

About Stylesmith:

Stylesmith is a multi faceted, full service production company. Style guru Kelsi Smith offers services with bucket-fulls of effortless style, From event production, to branding, to photography, styling, writing and her specialisation: digital strategy; Stylesmith is a one stop shop for style.


Media Contacts:

John Forrester (323) 702-3684  john (at) johnforrester (dot) com or,

Kelsi Smith, Stylesmith (323) 578-4166  kelsi (at) stylesmithonline (dot) com


Sarah Folkman's "Glider" is my favorite artist at Corey Helford Gallery & Derek Goes of Goes Photography is my favorite photojournalist right now #art


It's oil on rosewood and I love how she incorporates the wood's artistry into her work.

My friend, Janet Gervers of Jag Media, and I liked this picture of hers too. Corey Helford Gallery Director has exquisite taste and always brings it. They will be celebrating their five year anniversary in July. Mark your calendars to attend this not to be missed celebration.

Me & Janet art show
Picture courtesy of Derek Goes of Goes Photography. Isn't this a cool effect? I had no idea how talented and experienced Derek was when we met because he's so low-key and gentle in person. His style of photography is so casual and nonchalent as if he's not really shooting which makes you relax.

Check out his website again here: or email him here: derek(at)goesphotography(dot)com

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My news, #Shopzilla, #The Joule, and touring Dallas, TX - Part II

By Joy A. Kennelly

Quick Update

It's been a crazy few weeks. Had to find and buy a car, find and move into a new place, and started teaching Social Media & Fan Management at the Musicians Institute.

Whew! All good though. Very happy with all the positive changes in my life. Now I'm prepping to attend BlogWorld if all goes well.

Social Media Optimization Summits continued

Finally have a moment to write more about my experience in Dallas and Los Angeles surrounding Social Media conferences I spoke during and attended. Here's a link back to Part 1 in case you've forgotten what I wrote before:

I spoke during Family Pro's Social Media Optimization Summits   and taught: Beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: Introducing, Combining, and Leveraging New Opportunities to Boost Your Brand.

I'm currently working on another  fun foodie/holiday festival launch for John Forrester & Associates utilizing these tools and tactics and if all goes well, you should be seeing O Entertainment's Annual Long Beach Oktoberfest in the top ten searches of Google soon.  

Wait! It's already there.:) Well, what do you know....Trust me, this strategy works. It's extremely time consuming, but definitely worth it.

Shopzilla Plug

Oh, before I get too much into everything, here's a fun video of the tech company I worked for during the summer called Shopzilla. Know it?

Cool group of people and brilliant tech business. Here's the employees and management as you've probably never seen them before. lol I enjoyed seeing all the people/friends I made goofing around in this.

Everyone really is that fun to be around too. My former boss, Robin, is the rocker chick and my buddy, Britton, is rocking out with her around 1 minute in. He's part of the talented band Red Circle Underground so this "acting" came naturally.:)

Here's just one of the fun monthly company-wide activities I worked on while I was there. All the children of employees in the company were given art supplies to create Shopzilla posters. Other times I worked on a huge Mexican Fiesta, a Carnival complete with a live camel and a beach party.

I love tech companies.:) Always have, always will.

Here's a few examples of the kid's design creativity of Shopzilla's logo, and what they received as a gift for participating.

IMG_0122 IMG_0123
Adorable, eh? I wish I could have stayed on, but they needed someone with Human Resources experience which I don't have, nor ever want to learn. LOL

Great company though... One I admire and wish well!

The Joule in Dallas, TX

I had the privilege of staying at The Joule, in the heart of Downtown Dallas, as their guest during the Social Media Optimization Summits which was absolutely delightful.  I highly recommend this hip, boutique hotel as a central location for anyone doing business in Dallas, looking for an excellent restaurant to entertain guests, host an event poolside or inside privately, or attend a hip nightclub to dance and socialize.

Here's a quick peek into why I enjoyed my stay so much:

My beautifully appointed room.


The Joule's beautiful poule high up in the city offers great views. A very popular happy hour venue too.


Pool 2
These two professional pictures were provided by The Joule. The others are mine. Please don't use without permission.

Lobby 2

Meeting rooms.

Wine shop on-site in the entryway to the delicious Charlie Palmer restuarant. Click their name to see some of the cuisine, learn about the chef and the venue.
  My dessert was delicious and just the right size.

Here's some professional shots of the Joule Penthouse & PM Nightlife Lounge. For more information and to review even more images, please click on the links. 

They're both so opulent and you'll love what you see! I was very impressed with my experience there and give it a 4.5 star rating.:)
Penthouse Library 1
Penthouse Living Room
Penthouse Master Bedroom 2
PM 1
PM 3

My Quick Dallas Tour

Every time I travel to a conference or Food & Wine Festival, I like to take in some of the local sites to gain a better idea of what the city is about above and beyond the event I'm attending. This trip was no  different. Every moment I had free, I walked, rode the metro, or explored because I love traveling and having new experiences.

Similar to LA's Downtown, Dallas streets were rather empty of people walking around, but I never felt unsafe. I only wish I had more time since there's a few museums and art galleries I would have liked to see.

But that's for another trip. Enjoy my visual essay. I will write up the Social Media Optimization Summits Conference next because I took notes and want to share now that I finally have the time.

Thanks for reviewing!


Bye Dallas. I may be back!:)

#Fashion, Food and Wine Festival of #Volleyball Champions at #Raleigh Studios in #Manhattan Beach with #Dig4Kids final wrap-up

By Joy A. Kennelly

This past weekend was so packed with fun activities it's taken awhile to compile pix and information to share with you. John Mayer is amazing in concert fyi.:)

So! Without further ado... (All Photos Courtesy Photographer, Angelique Chacon.)

Last Saturday night I attended the Food, Fashion & Wine Festival honoring three amazing Volleyball Champions as part of the Dinner of Champions presented by The Trade Coach and

Brad Jacobson & Eric Fonoimoana
produced by Brad Jacobson of Civic Couch (l) and Olympic Gold Medalist, Eric Fonoimoana (r) aka "the Body" and Founder of Dig4Kids, the beneficiary of the evening.

Now here's the Beach Volleyball greats who were honored:

Linda Hanley
Linda Hanley aka Linda Robertson who has a great sense of humor and an amazing athletic career. Definitely a female trend setter on many levels. (She was wearing the jacket because it was freezing in the windy NY Backlot of Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach. Heat lamps next year please!:)

NY Backlot And the next honoree...
Chris Marlowe
Chris Marlowe aka "CI" who you might recognize if you happen to live in CO or enjoy basketball since he's the Denver Nuggets play-by-play announcer for the NBA. He's a talker!:)

Steve Obradovich
and Steve Obradovich aka "OB." What made me laugh is that those who introduced him said, You either love him or you hate him, no in between. The first beach volleyball ball buster.:)

They all are so talented and amazing athletes. It was wonderful to hear their life stories and see the videos Fox created to showcase them visually. It was also fun to see Manhattan Beach over the years and know that I've watched the very same volleyball games from that very same beach that thousands of spectators have also over the years.IMG_6467  Prior to the event launching we enjoyed a little street art by Artist Andy Brown.
IMG_6447 OB bought one of Artist Andy Brown's pieces Andy created during the evening which Chris "Geeter" McGee later auctioned  off.

IMG_6557 IMG_6593 Here Geeter's being teased by Chris Marlowe for shutting down the AVP's which Geeter also was able to joke about too (even though it must be hard to lose the job you love so much. He's so talented I'm sure he'll find something good again soon.)

Not only were these three amazing Olympic and other award-winning tournament volleyball athletes honored, there were also these amazing athlete pros in attendance (Sinjin Smith, Mike O'hara, Brent Frohoff, Gene Selznic, Larry Rundle, Barbra Fontana, Jim Menges (seen here in a clip from his risque acceptance speech at last year's event.)

Tim Hovland Tim Hovland (I believe that's him in this pic) introducing one of the honorees with some pretty funny stories, Mike Dodd, the recent, now former, AVP Commissioner, IMG_6584 and former professional volleyball player in his own right.  Mike Lambert and  Eliza Cost & Eric Fonoimoana Eric Fonoimoana shown here with his wife, Eliza Cost.

Before the main events began, guests wandered throughout the NY Backlot enjoying delicious local South Bay Cuisine and drinks.


IMG_6442  IMG_6441 
Our first stop, Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach.:)

IMG_6453 Lisa Hemmat of Lido di Manhattan Beach served delicious appetizers too. You might recognize her from Chef Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares show this past Spring.

IMG_6460This bar and El Gringo's tacos were a big hit with many guests too.

Bob Meistrell Body Glove CEO was in attendance (seen below with Angelique Chacon), as were numerous media & residents. IMG_6456 

Manhattan Beach City Council Members, Wayne Powell, Mayor Pro Tem, Richard Montgomery, & Mayor Mitch Ward enjoyed themselves too.

IMG_6445 Richard with last year's honoree, Jim Megnes.

 The biggest highlight of the pre-show was a really great fashion show. I can say that because I've covered numerous fashion shows for LA Fashion Week for the past few years.

 High quality all the way. Just ask the guys.

I've never seen any fashion show have so many whistles blown, cat calls, and hooping and hollering males. It was hilarious! They calmed down a little once they realized the girls would just keep coming out looking gorgeous. LOL

Here's a sample of the models wearing Body Glove bikinis, Meghan Fabulous dresses & cover-ups, sexy heels by Michael Antonio and jewelry by Lost Bird. I believe there were a few other designers represented, but unfortunately don't have that information available. (If you know, leave a comment and I'll incorporate it later

Volleyball Player/DJ Jeff A. Murrell kept the night moving while Miss CA Nicole Johnson introduced the entire show. IMG_6471
IMG_6477 IMG_6487
IMG_6500 IMG_6502 IMG_6507

My favorite designer of the evening was Meghan Fabulous and her latest designs. Aren't these beautiful dresses and cover-ups? I love her ethnic influences.

IMG_6516 IMG_6522 IMG_6528 IMG_6532
IMG_6536 IMG_6541  IMG_6547 IMG_6549
You can see more of the fashion show and pictures from the entire evening on Facebook at the 5th Annual Dinner of Champions Fan Page.

IMG_6560 Eric officially welcomed everyone to the honoree part of the evening before turning it back over to Geeter who teased, hugged, and welcomed the honorees up after their video had shown all their athletic achievements (of which there were many!) Numerous athletes were invited to reminisce about the honorees too.

IMG_6564 IMG_6602

IMG_6567 IMG_6568 IMG_6569 

IMG_6587 IMG_6588
IMG_6590 IMG_6591  IMG_6594 IMG_6612
We were so cold by the end we ducked out while OB was talking which is why I don't have more pictures of his experience, but I'm sure it was great too! 

You can see more pictures of the fashion show Angelique took here:

If you'd like to become a fan of this event to be kept in the loop for next year, click here:





Artist #Lindsey Nobel's back from a successful show in New York

By Joy A. Kennelly

Thought you might enjoy a little art in your day and my new friend, Artist, Lindsey Nobel's work is especially interesting. You may view more of her work in her Malibu studio upon appointment only. Let me know if you're interested and I'll hook you up if you're good.:)

Seriously though, you can set up appointments through her online gallery here:

She just returned from New York City where her work was exhibited in the Swell Show. These first two pieces are my absolute favorites and the rest are great too.

  Lindsey Blue Original copy
Tranquilty in Chaos #1 2008
#5 Edited 

Here's Lindsey herself showcasing some of her other work which was featured in an art book too.

Lindsey nobel 

Again her online gallery, with all her work and contact information is here: Look her up, make an appointment, and tell her Joy sent you!

Great way to enjoy the day at the beach, and pick up some amazing art for your walls too.

Scottsdale Culinary Festival, Scottsdale Mondrian, Downtown tour

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling back to Scottsdale, AZ to attend the 31st Annual Culinary Festival with Chef David Linville and his colleague, Chef Jake. I say back because I was there a year ago this past September for another conference in Phoenix.

A very kind friend had taken the time to show me Scottsdale's art galleries during a conference break at that time which helped me gain my bearings this time around. Thanks Dharma! Here's a sampling of some of the art galleries I visited this go round. Love their work, don't you? This one is called The Signature Gallery and Charles Pabst's work really spoke to me.

His collection is called Peace. Can you see why? Click on the link for more close-up images.
Art Art2 This gallery's artists were a little more whimsical and I enjoyed their work too. Isn't it fun? This gallery is called Leslie Levy Fine Art, Inc.Art43  Art3
 Art4 I also visited LeKAE Gallery which I especially liked due to the variety of blown glass art and fine art. Turns out a publicist friend of mine had represented them years back. I have good taste in art if I do say so myself. Art5 Art6
Art7 Art8 Art9 This is one of my favorite flowers, isn't it gorgeous as a painting?
Art11 Art12
This trip to Arizona I knew a little bit better what to expect and packed lots of allergy medicine. If you're allergic to dust like I am, be warned that it's very prevalent out there because you're in the desert.

Chef David Linville was participating in the Cooks & Corks event that Saturday which meant since we arrived on Friday, we were free to enjoy the Eat, Drink, Be Pretty party happening that evening --a great way to start the weekend.

Here's a Cooks & Cork promo to whet your appetite. If you look closely, you'll see Chef Dave in the corner near the pretty blonde lady.
Due to my previous writing experience for the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau, I had met representatives from the Scottsdale Convention & Visitor's Bureau a few years ago who had been emailing me interesting information on Scottsdale for months.

It felt good to finally take advantage of what this western town had to offer. And I do mean Western. They have horse drawn carriages giving tours of Downtown Scottsdale, numerous western art galleries and all kinds of western statues, memorabilia and museums. I didn't have time to check them all out, but here's a few pictorial highlights.
Downtown3 Downtwon
There is also a trolley service that runs daily until about 6pm, but I didn't take any pix - just imagine an old-fashioned San Francisco trolley and you've imagined correctly. Here's their routing. Trolley I wish the City of Hermosa Beach would do something like this because it's a nice way to get around town quickly and easily.

Now this is a community who supports their Downtown business district!Three hour free parking, free trolley service, and lots of cute shops, art galleries in addition to the bars and restaurants. Even caught a Farmer's Market while we were there. Farmers mktFarmers mkt2 Shopping Sale

Sale2 Statue
Statue3 Statue4
Very balanced Downtown experience which was very pleasant and fun to explore.

In talking to people who had traveled to Scottsdale before I knew that Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa was a place I wanted to visit. However, I was way too busy to go and also had received a wonderful invitation to experience the Mondrian Scottsdale which I couldn't refuse.

Having enjoyed the hip stylish ambiance of the Mondrian Los Angeles numerous times and the DelAno Miami this past Spring, I knew it was a perfect place to enjoy Scottsdale's Sexy Single's Scene. Say that fast three times.

According to the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau's press release and I quote, "Hollywood “It” girls like Jessica Alba, Kristin Cavallari and Vanessa Minnillo have relaxed and partied alongside celebrity hunks Nick Lachey and Brody Jenner at Mondrian Scottsdale.

The hotel also played host to Vice President Al Gore, who celebrated his win of the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming awareness at the urban resort.
(You really must click the link to Al Gore's visit for a fun recap of that event.)

After staying there, I can see why it's so popular! What a lovely, lovely, lovely relaxing place to stay. I was hoping to have some official pix to share with you, but since I don't, enjoy the ones I took here ok?

My room, thank you very much. Isn't it to die for?:) I love modern contemporary spaces like this. Crisp and clean. Minimal, just like I like my men. HA HA!
Mondrian3 Not one, but two flat screen TV's - and don't you just love the sitting room area? So relaxing, I can't begin to tell you.

The bed was so comfortable I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. Forgetting I was allergic to down, I have to admit I did wake up rather congested, but that's my own fault.

And to be honest, worth every dream filled delicious moments of sleep. I haven't slept that well in ages! Feather top mattresses make you feel like you're weightless they're so comfortable.
Mondrian When I arrived there was vibey music playing loudly for guests enjoying the pool which was right outside my room making me wonder if it would be playing all night. Be warned, there is a party element due to the sophisticated stylish space geared towards young hipsters, but the hotel is always very accommodating which makes it fine.

When my room service arrived, the sweet girl assured me the music would end when the pool closed at dusk. Room service is one of those special treats I never get tired of. Especially when the person delivering your food is courteous, timely and professional like she was. My food was delivered hot and was very delicious.

She was right about the music ending soon. I was able to catch a quick catnap before getting ready for our evening out with a quick bath in this amazingly long tub. I'm tall for a woman - 5'10" to be exact and this was the first time I felt I could stretch all the way out and really relax in a tub. Amazing!
Mondrian6 Mondrian5
I liked the tile work and floral trim pattern which was repeated throughout the hotel in pathways and elsewhere. There was also a shower, another sink and mirror and toilet in an entirely separate adjacent area which was nice because if I'd been sharing it would have been easy for both of us to get ready.
As it was, I was solo on this trip. The chefs were staying off premise, but did enjoy the club and private bar with me afterwards before continuing their nightlife excursions long after I went to bed. Allergies always wipe me out and I need my rest.

Here we are in the hotel lobby that night.
Dave & jake2 Both of these guys have been Hollywood insiders for years and appreciated the sexy vibe and atmosphere of this property as much as I did.

Chef David Linville worked for the Standard Hotel in Hollywood which has been described as a "Chic Mecca" by Vanity Fair, while Chef Jake throws amazing private parties with models as live food decorations up in Santa Barbara, CA, in addition to cooking for a variety of celebrity clients who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.
Me2 I know, crazy to be wearing a jacket, but again, allergies kicking my butt make me cold. Plus, it does get a little chilly at night in Scottsdale.

I'm wearing what Project Runway Style Guru, Tim Gunn, refers to as a faux fur chubby coat in his book,
Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (Tim Gunn's Guide to Style) if I remember correctly. Read it and let me know if I got that one right.

In any case, here's some highlights from the actual Scottsdale Culinary Festival Eat, Drink, Be Pretty event we also attended earlier that night. What an amazing event. Scottsdale truly has some of the most beautiful people I've seen in a long time and they know how to party!:)
Absolut Our first stop, the Absolut Vodka bar, what can we say? Gotta love an Absolut pear vodka and soda. I really don't drink that much, but when I do, I enjoy a nice sweet drink.
Cute bags Fruits & Passions Bodycare Fragrances Home was passing out products and these cute bags which were all the rage that night. Perfect for the beach or pool. Bliss Spa had wonderful spa items to share too. The oxygen mask is so soothing and refreshing.
Fest Fest2 Fest21
Fest11 Dave6
Sexy devil, isn't he ladies? Whoops, did I just say that? I am his publicist after all. Guess I'm supposed to say that, but glad I mean it.
Fest3 Fest4 Fest5 Fest8 Fest9 Fest16 Lots of fashion shows going on inside and outside on the premises which was fun to watch.
Fest22 And of course, wine tasting and dining. I liked this "New Age" wine the best because it was sweet and carbonated - an adult pop. My mom's from Ohio, can you tell?
Plate Upon arrival you were given this plastic plate with attached cutlery and this cute souvenir wine glass you used throughout the evening while marking off the biz card with the amount of wine you had enjoyed.

These two women were the most unflappable organizers I've ever met. Kudos to you two for pulling off such a wonderful event with such gracious smiles and spirt.
Fest18 On the way out we all received a beautiful red rose and program. Here's a close up for your viewing pleasure.
Cover Brochures
Here's some highlights from the next day too. This was the calm before the storm. Imagine it packed with people later on all wining and dining and you will be right.Signage2
Setting up Setting up3 Setting up4 Setting up2 Setting up6
Setting up7 Signage
David Chef David Linville prepared CA Style Gazpacho. This weekend, he will be appearing at Grand Food & Wine Affair in Houston, TX. I make sure he keeps a busy schedule!

Back to the Scottsdale Mondrian. The next day I woke up early and decided to start my day by taking advantage of the Olympic size pool. Isn't this wonderful? I basically had it all to myself except for two business men discussing stocks in the hot tub and we mutually ignored each other.

Too early to schmooze and it's understood you want privacy when you stay at a place like this which is why I enjoyed my experience there so much.
Mondrian Mondrian2 Mondrian3 This cabana space beats any I've seen at any of the luxury hotels I've visited in Hollywood hands down. Fireplace, flat screen TV anyone?
Mondrian4 Later on in the day, I'm sure this would have been packed with guests, but for that moment in time, it was all mine. Pure relaxation and so peaceful. I loved it.
Mondrian18 After swimming a few laps, showering and packing up, I went down to enjoy breakfast at the restaurant on site.
Mondrian17 Here's a little tour to the restaurant.
Mondrian19 Care for a ride? Numerous sports cars were lined up last night because this was the place to be after the Eat, Drink and Be Pretty event. We saw quite a few people from that event had wandered over as we were leaving.
Mondrian15 Just outside the front lobby. Isn't that inviting? I enjoyed the pink and Western accents throughout the lobby too.
Mondrian13 Mondrian11
Mondrian10 Mondrian9
Mondrian12 I loved how this room glowed with a soft pink light. So welcoming and sexy!
Mondrian5 And for a completely different motif, check out the restaurant. I believe it's Asia de Cuba, but am afraid I forget which one I visited. Isn't it fun?
Mondrian6 Mondrian8 Mondrian7 I didn't see anyone famous while staying there, but that wasn't the reason I chose to stay here. I appreciate quality, excellence and exquisite surroundings which this property definitely offers. The food was delicious and the ambiance perfect.

I would wager to say, almost more than my local LA version, but having never stayed there, only attended private parties, I can't say for sure.

Maybe that will be my next visit....

Here's some highlights of our drive home. The scenery is visually stunning, although have to admit after awhile it begins to all look the same. That said, I thought some of you who have never driven this route might appreciate seeing this great land through my eyes.

Best Dinasor  Musuem2 We didn't have time to stop and visit, but there is a General George S. Patton Museum out in the middle of nowhere you might want to catch. Apparently, the cafe next door is where Chef Anthony Bourdain stopped during one of his road trip shows.

Could be a fun rest stop. We wouldn't know, although we did share some food there.
Musuem3 Musuem4 Musuem5 Mtns3 There are windmills as far as the eye can see in certain sections of the freeway. If you can believe it, I took these pix while driving because we were only going 20 mph since Coachella was happening that weekend nearby too. Everyone was driving home at the same time. We made pretty good time considering the amount of people who attend that music festival each year.
Finally, we arrived in Los Angeles and were greeted by the most amazing sunset. (For the record, I did not take these pix. lol) I love LA. No matter where I travel and live, I will always call California home. Sunset Sunset2

Questionable Politicians, taxation problems and all.:) That's all.

I hope you've enjoyed my tour of Scottsdale, AZ and have been enticed to visit this fascinating desert community. It's a quick getaway from Los Angeles and worth at least vacationing there once in your lifetime.

Have a good evening everyone. Thanks for stopping by. If you do stay at the Mondrian, tell 'em Joy sent you.:)

Highlights from DC Trip for the Inauguration - in no particular order

By Joy A. Kennelly

First art I saw in DC by Artist, GA Gardner.
Another art gallery Another art gallery2
Another art gallery3 That one painting of Obama reminded me of a cross between Bill Cosby and Obama.:)
Another art gallery4 Another art gallery5 Another art gallery6 Art3 Sign Art2 Art4 Art6
Piano Me
Art10 Art11 Art gallery Art gallery2 Art gallery3 Building Building2 Building3 City street2 City street Billy joel Kissinger
Nat'l portrait gallery3 Natl art gallery Nat'l portrait gallery4 O me an mccain Whittaker Bush & clinton Joan Nat'l portrait gallery5 Nat'l portrait gallery2
City street3 City street4
Dar bldg Vendor Obama signs Statue Vendor2 Vendor3 Vendor4 Corcoran gallery Corcoran gallery2 Jon stewart Obama signs2 Me & white house White house2 White house Washington memorial Washington memorial2

Mie n yu

More to come soon. Have a good one.

My long, up and down, fun, sometimes sad, interesting day

By Joy A. Kennelly

Finally have to laugh at something Bill Maher said on his show just now. He apparently is showcasing countries where he suggests people should move to should McCain become President. Now that is stupid, but what made me laugh is when he said, go to India to visit your old job. So true!

Then he mocked Ghandi a little further into the segment and fortunately people agreed it was in poor taste and didn't laugh. Now he's mocking John McCain's war hero treatment comparing it to Tina Turner. I don't know about you, but that's poor taste.

But what do we expect? He's Bill Maher. Crass, sarcastic, full of himself, the biggest head on a body I've ever seen in person (even bigger than Dick Clark!), and blasphemous.

May he rot in hell.

Oops! Did I just say that?

Oh, ha ha. That's comedy.

Or is it? You tell me. It works for him and his show.

Why not at him?

I'm waiting for Entourage and was just curious about his show having never watched it before. Now that I have, I don't have to ever again. Is it always so one-sided? And they say Fox Channel is one-sided! Are comedians only liberal? Are things only funny when it's bashing things that you're against?

Just curious.

I love it. The Republican guest is countering Bill's determination that there needs to be more negative campaigning saying that's what caused the Democrats to lose in the past. Maybe he'll listen.

One can only hope.

Sometimes I feel like Hollywood is so high school where bullies are allowed free rein because those in power are so afraid of losing their jobs to counter something they personally disagree with they go with the flow even though they'd rather not.

Maybe that's why I like Entourage so much. Tells it like it is. For the most part. Gotta watch.

That was a good show. Nice way to end my day. Chris Rock is on now and is too funny. VERY crass, but too funny. Said Desperate Housewives should be renamed Ungrateful Bitches. Too funny.

Hit a non-profit organization's art event earlier today, but just couldn't get into the art exercise designed to relax all the participants and left early in tears from the last one when we were supposed to paint a place we felt safe.

Guess I don't feel safe anywhere right now. Hopefully that will change soon though. I think my safety is being out on the town. HA!

Probably won't be back to that organization actually. Too many memories I don't feel like remembering any more.

Time to move on. I need to ask the other non-profit who always invites me to their annual picnic to stop inviting me too. I'm over remembering that experience too.

Mooooving on. Moooooving on.

What was funny driving there was the van full of young boys who kept trying to get my attention at the stop light. Cougar power. Hellooooo.

Made me a little uncomfortable when I realized they looked like they were 14. Reminded me of the hilarious young boys in Sex Drive which I just saw last night. If you can get past the crassness, it's actually really funny and has a good ending considering it's crassness.

Totally predictable, but sometimes predictable is good. Felt good to just laugh. I think I have a very sick sense of humor for a Christian. Sorry. Can't help it.

That's where I first heard Fall Out Boy's song, I Don't Care. Still lovin' it. Click on the link for the video. When it comes on in your car scream along to it and you'll experience what it's like in my car when I hear it. I. Don't. CARE!

Totally the way I'm feeling. Never quite understood why people like rock music like AC/DC and today for some reason, I love it. There's something primal about screaming along with the music that releases tension I guess. Highway to Hell - especially when you start thinking that's where you're driving.

Laughing is helping though. I love Chris Rock because he totally just tells it like it is. Especially about sex. HILARIOUS! Did I say that? He is not funny at all. I don't know anything about what he's telling.

Or do I?

I enjoyed watching Fashion Designer Joy Han's Voom Fashion Show earlier tonight Downtown. I loved the title "Conservatively Liberal", the girls picketing for Joy Han for President, and the election pins that were passed out. I also liked the fashion - bright colors, lots of designs related to the 60's and 70's.

Once I upload all the pix I'll share them with you. I have some from the UCLA wine & cheese tasting too.

I visited the Santa Monica Arts Studio Open House after the fashion show. I took some pix of my new potential artist client's work and met her in person for the first time. Love her work.

Also saw a few people I know. Some I don't want to know any more, but that's par for the course as I roll. Oh well.

Mooooving on. Moooving on.

Now I'm going to mooooveeee on to bed. Want to watch Joe the Plumber on Huckabee's show. Go Joe!

Oh, and because I can't leave you without at least one Obama thing, here's a video I received tonight that I found very interesting. It's a letter written to the editor by a Cuban American who lived under Fidel Castro.

Interesting comparison. Take it or leave it.

I'm tired. Maybe I'll think differently when I wake up tomorrow.

Interesting, Huckabee has two people on who registered to vote 100 times each with ACORN. People who claim ACORN is innocent are crazy!

Now I'm going to bed. Enough already.


Huckabee, Obama, McCain, AVP's, & The Shore Restaurant and Lounge

By Joy A. Kennelly

Watching the new Huckabee Show - did you know it existed? I didn't till now. Very interesting. Geraldine Ferraro,  Dave Ramsey, and cute Elizabeth Hasselbeck were on it.

I've put a link to Whoopi Goldberg's opinion on racism that Elizabeth counteracts tearfully on The View. It is worth watching if you're curious about another perspective than mine. Dave is actually a Christian financial guy who has a very popular radio program.

Huckabee was asking what everyone recommended for the financial situation which I've not been listening to very closely, but wanted to tell you what type of guests he had on. The VP of Fox Business referred people to the Community Reinvestment Act to see what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were originally designed to accomplish. Click on the link if you're curious.

This is too cute. Huckabee's closing his show with what sounds like a church band what with all the guitars, doing a cover of Only in America sung a little off-key and not very passionately. Too cute. Go Huckabee. Guess he's clinging to his church roots.

Oh, and because some don't always read comments, I'm reposting some key links a friend sent me that you might not have heard or read before re: Obama's connection to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and his personal pay-out (above others who've been statesmen longer!)

I'm doing it here because generally whatever I link to rises to the top of Google and this is important. Democrats, I dare you to watch and read this then comment:

Explosive Video, Fannie Mae CEO calling Obama and the Dems the "Family" and "Conscience" of Fannie Mae

And from Investor's Business Daily, The Real Culprits In This Meltdown

From a blog called, HotAir - Whose policies led to the credit crisis?

And the Holy Grail of the newspaper world, The New York Times, from September 11, 2003 New Agency Proposed to Oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Okay, enough of that. It is Saturday after all, but didn't want to leave that thought from yesterday just hanging there. Oh, and by the way, I really enjoyed hearing Obama speak during the debate last night. Surprised me at his knowledge of foreign relations, but did feel like I was being lectured by a college professor vs. someone with actual life experience as I felt when listening to McCain.

It's going to definitely be interested. Can't wait for the Palin/Biden debate next. I'm becoming my parents - help!

Here's some pix from fun events I've either attended, or thrown recently. The first is last Sunday's AVP's Men's championships with the recent Olympic athletes (whose names I don't know, but enjoyed viewing nonetheless. Oh, you can find out more by clicking on the link. Sorry, not that into sports, just hot guys. Especially shirtless ones. Now do you know why I love living near the beach? lol)

If you scroll down the pix fast enough it's almost you were watching them play!:) I thought this year's seating arrangements for the MB AVP's were the best ever. Lots of available viewing and seating for everyone.

Thank you AVP organizers!

Avp - best
Avp & Pier

Here's some highlights. One night I hit two back-to-back with a client and then had to dash down to The Shore for another one. Needless to say, I was emotionally, physically and mentally drained by the end of the night.

One particular event was to raise awareness for Project Reina which keeps African American and Latina women and girls HIV/AIDS free through the promotion of education, prevention and wellness. Go to for more information.

Actress Gina Ravera (The Closer, ER) started this movement and was on hand to promote the artist's work and her project. If I had known who she was (she's much smaller in person), I would have taken her pic too, but didn't open the press kit till just now. That's a bummer too because I really like The Closer. Oh well...

Signage pr

Outside This was such an elegant event it was really pleasant. Hated to leave.

Bmw4 Bmw1Bmw straightBrian2Group shotPartyChefLarry, will & friend


This was The Shore's BMW/Equinox USC v. OSU football game viewing party. Bummer for USC. We're an equal opportunity venue and will be hosting UCLA's Alumni Association on October 16 at The Shore for a wine tasting. All are welcome!

Okay, I think that's all for now!:)

Last night at San Pedro's Art Walk - interesting art, characters and buildings

By Joy A. Kennelly

Last night I took a break and finally hit the San Pedro Art Walk that I've wanted to visit since last March when my friend Susan first told me about it.

I had also met some of the artists over at another art gallery in Redondo Beach and was definitely intrigued to see what they were doing over there since everyone was talking it up so much. I really never go over to San Pedro because it always seems a little dangerous.

I met my friend Susan at her beautiful art gallery type office space called Medea Gallery who is currently showcasing Artist Robert Lyn Nelson. Susan is a consultant for Master Communications, a local post production house with an Emmy-Award winning staff, located inside there.

Here's the website if you're in need of their services and want to learn more:

Medea with susan

This is a picture taken inside their offices - isn't it a pretty setting? I met Susan through another Ladies Who Brunch friend and we've stayed in touch ever since, but this was the first time for us to physically get together which was fun.

While she did some business with a prospective client, I used the time to dash around and visit as many galleries as possible. Then we connected to enjoy some of them together.

Here's a little quick pictorial tour sans some gallery names since you'll just have to go there yourself to find what you like and because I'm being lazy.:)

Art & patron

Susan and art
Me & art
There were quite a few random street performances too which made it fun as you walk around.
Belly dancers Book store
Lots of really interesting old buildings too. This sign I would take home with me if I could. I loved it!
Eat sleep read
I also loved this old theater. Apparently, this is where some of the World Festival of Sacred Music will take place which I think I might want to hit also.
Warner grand theatre
Susan at theatre
Artwork on sidewalk
The above artist is really talented and because he doesn't have a website I'm going to give him a plug here for you to contact him on where to find him since this was just a streetside exhibit. His name is Tom Phillips and his number is 310 386-8795. Very sweet, humble man and extremely talented.
Entryway to gallery
This was one of the featured artists named Arturo Sandoval of Gallery Azul. His artwork is so unique and the building was too. Very nice people running the place too. In fact, the whole night was so unpretentious and quirky it was a lot of fun. More in a bit.
Quite a few Hermosa Beach artists have work/art lofts in San Pedro on 4th Street and this is an example of someone who was leaving for the night via the rickety old freight elevator in that building.
Artists in the loft
I liked the way these artists described/announced themselves. Looks like one is missing, doesn't it?
Sam arno This is Artist, Sam Arno. Isn't his work nice?
Visions poster
We caught the tail end of this particular exhibit and everyone was in tear down mode. Here's a list and some info in case you want to see some of their work.
Art commentary
I loved this sign too. BUY MORE ART!!!!
This woman was extremely happy to meet me because we shared freckles. To be honest, I was a little taken aback to meet someone so friendly who insisted we could be sisters, but what the hey, when you're traveling you go with the local vibe. Nice to know there are still real people in LA.
Office Office2
Apparently due to the holiday, this was a very slow night for the art walk. What I enjoyed though was seeing a huge variety of ages, lots of kids, skater punks, and all kinds of characters out enjoying the evening. Nikko's mom and susan
This woman is the mother of the owner of Niko's where we ended up stopping to grab a bite and she's quite a character. Susan bonded with her and is probably going to see her again since she works nearby.

Just too fun - the whole evening was rather serendipitious with us never knowing who would pop up next to make us smile and laugh. BTW, the food and service is really good at Niko's Pizzeria too.

Here's who helped us and some of what we ordered.
Niko's employee

Susan & me - best
Niko's pizza
Once you've eaten, why not pop over to the local tattoo parlor and grab some ink? Just kidding. There are such interesting businesses, restaurants and old buildings here you really do feel like you've traveled to a totally different part of LA.
Ship shape tattoo
Indoor skateboarding anyone?
Sunken city
And thus ends, the walking tour of San Pedro's Art Walk district. We hope you will consider joining us next time and visit these artists because there really are talented people there!

It did still feel a little unsettling at times because everything is spread out and often times you're walking on an almost deserted street, but if you go with a few friends and earlier, I think you'll enjoy yourself very much.

Have a good one!

Recent South Bay Professional Connection Hospitality Appreciation Evening

By Joy A. Kennelly

You are curious about our recent South Bay Professional Connection "Hospitality Appreciation Evening" at The Shore Restaurant and Lounge this past week or you wouldn't have clicked on the link right?

So, without further ado... here's some pix and information on who graciously attended, and who our wonderful sponsors/participants were.

We had a great response from a variety of quality hotels from all over Los Angeles because we were fortunate to have someone who works with all the hotels through her concierge job circulating our invite on our behalf in addition to all the personal, hand-delivered invitations The Shore guys and I passed out, and all the emails I sent out.

Here's our invite just in case you're curious what got everyone so excited! Doesn't Brittney, our graphic designer on this invitation, do nice work?  She was truly a lifesaver the night of the event too.

Thank you Brittney!
Thshore- hospitality invite

Table shot
Apparently a lot of people liked it because some of the hotels that responded included: Ayres Hotel, Indigo Hotel, LAX Marriott, Loews Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Ritz Carlton, La Quinta Inn, Torrance Marriott, The Grafton on Sunset, Doubletree Hotel, Foghorn Harbor Inn, AM Resorts, Hawthorn Suites, Hampton Inn & Suites, The Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club, LAX Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn Express, The Westin LA and numerous others. Thanks for coming everyone!

Johanna & Molly
These lovely ladies, Johanna and Molly, were on hand to welcome all guests including those representing Enterprise, Express Shuttle, and Air Canada which was a lot of fun.

Here's some more pix from the evening.

I also invited some of my new BNI buds to attend because then they could see The Shore in action too. You might recognize some of these professionals seeing as they're locals.

Dayla, torrance, leslie

JC, the Redondo Beach Fireman on the far left of this shot is married to Dayla of UBS Financial Services (in yellow) and we all teased him about being the only guy in the shot. The other ladies represent the local Marriotts (Torrance and LAX respectively.)

Trio Another fellow BNI'er, Gayle of Redondo Beach based G Body Therapy, joined JC & Dayla later on. Isn't that a beautiful dress she's wearing? Courtesy of our local Hermosa Fiesta thank you very much.

I took advantage of her massage therapy services the next day with much satisfaction. Felt like a new woman and may have to go back soon since my neck & back injury still isn't completely healed. Highly recommend her! Tell her I sent you!
Air canada gang
Here's some of the Air Canada folks and others who came out to join us. Mike Sribney, the co-owner of The Shore, is Canadian and enjoyed catching up with them.

Isn't this a cute shot of he and his new wife, Kristina? I think they're a cute couple and very nice to boot. Say that with a Canadian accent ok?
Mike & kristina2
Group shot

I shot this pic just as the evening was beginning and the guy in blue is Stephen Haller, a local Redondo Beach resident, who represents Loews Santa Monica.

We had a great mix of Owners, General Managers, Sales Directors, Concierges, Catering Directors, Event Directors, Executive Assistants and everyone really connected on a personal, yet professional level.

One of my good friends, and event planner buddy who I've known for years since we produced a charity event together over at Luxe Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills when she was working there, Lana Leazer now Sales Director for Globiwest Hospitality Group, complimented my by saying this was one of the first hospitality oriented events where people actually let their guard down and were honest and friendly with others in the business.

Coming from her, I count that as high praise. Here's a pic of us goofing around together. She was trying to teach me the Paris Hilton/Nicole Ritchie pose, but I just didn't get it. Oh well, it's funny regardless right?
Me & lana
Abby's group
We actually had quite a fun bunch of people show up courtesy of Abigail Fernandez, Catering Director of the beautiful Portofino Inn and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach. Ironically, a lot of the guys who came out were the winners of the free manicures courtesy of the new Hermosa Beach Elegant Nails & Spa sponsor. Thanks Rebecca!

Here's some of the happy winners.
Abby & winner
Carlos westin winner  Jeremy o winner Winner Winners And we had more winners too.

Bside players winners B-Side Players were performing later that evening and joined the raffle as our guests too. They won the $50 framing gift certificate courtesy of Lisa's Gallery over in Manhattan Beach.

Thanks Jay & Linda!

Dei winner

IMG_2831 Local Manhattan Beach husband and wife hoteliers, Jim & Deidre, joined us and won a Dreadstar CD and amazing car detailing respectively.
IMG_2830 This gentleman won the free hour fitness training from Debbie Dmirdijian (sorry Debbie, I'm ruining your last name!)

Bartender with gochi
Cardex These handsome guys came out from Cardex and enjoyed Chef David Linville's cheesy fries along with their specialty Cocktail drink.
Dayla & guests
Chef serving food Chef made the rounds as he always does bearing foodie gifts for everyone which were a big hit. Notice the silver Equinox goody bag hanging from Lana's arm.

They, and Skechers, graciously provided bags that also included donations from our local Hermosa Beach businesses, Paciugo Gelato, Brix 1601, The Comedy & Magic Club, Pedone's Pizzeria, Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Breathe Activewear, and Manhattan Beach Business group, and Stylist Carmen Butts of The Loft, Barbie K, Iduna Medical Aesthetics, among many others.

Redondo Beach based Seeking Sitters service missed the goody bags due to our error. I'm giving them an extra plug here because I'm sure you all might have kids and would welcome a resource that provides easy, safe, reliable babysitting solutions.

Go to or call Michelle James at 424 634-1018 for more information.

Thank you sponsors one and all. If I forgot anyone, my sincere apologies, just know you are appreciated!

Okay, I think that's all. Thank you everyone for coming. This won't be the last time we hold a hospitality evening and look forward to meeting more of you in the near future.

I can't get enough of Coldplay's Viva La Vida! What about you?

By Joy A. Kennelly

I don't know what it is about that Coldplay song, Viva La Vida, but it always makes me speed extremely fast with the song loudly blaring with all my windows down.

Every single time.

Especially on quiet streets with 35 mph speed limits - I blast down going around 60 mph. It's like my little rebellion. I can't help it. It's like great music is my speed. Don't tell.:) It has to be the aggressively strumming violins and the chorus where I can sing at the top of my lungs to release stress.

Doesn't hurt to drive a sports car too, but that won't be for long. Plus, that song doesn't come on too often unfortunately... or fortunately.

I heard it on the way to church and then when I got out. Fortunately, it was early and hardly anyone was out on the streets. I promise to stop. Really I do.

I think if I play this song at home I'd drive my neighbor crazy playing it over and over again. Especially when I don't know all the words and only belt out the chorus. Can you relate? There is just something about that song. I just love it. It's kind of primal scream therapy or something.

Now to listen to the rest of the album. I know, what's taking me so long? If I like one song, then I don't want to ruin it with another one till I'm saturated with my favorite first.

Big sigh. It's like cheating on a boyfriend. Not that I have or will. Cheat that is, or have a boyfriend for that matter, but still - I love Viva La Vida and Coldplay!

Now, moving right along. Want to hear what I learned in church today? If not, stop reading, but if you're curious enjoy the read.

The skit was right on target as always - about driving while talking on your cell and the ensuing ticket the dad received that the wife found out about through their innocent young daughter. Too funny! I especially liked it when the dad said, "It's a ridiculous law anyway." To which I said loudly, "Amen" making people laugh.

I hate not being able to talk as I drive. Now I'm afraid to put my mascara and makeup on while driving, paint my toes, shave my legs, eat food, steer with one knee while I put my hair up in a ponytail, or anything at all! Not fair.

(Oh, and for those who don't get my sense of humor - that is sarcasm people.)

Today's sermon by Pastor Jim Mackinga of Bay Cities Community Church is called:

Avoiding the Potholes in Life

James - Practical Christian Living

Part 16

Mistakes We Can Easily Make

1. Hurting Others With Words We Say.

James 4:11a

   11 -12Don't bad-mouth each other, friends. It's God's Word, his Message, his Royal Rule, that takes a beating in that kind of talk.

I wish a former client would read this and realize that as Pastor Jim said today, "Slander is the revenge of a coward." Slander is defined as, "a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name."

Hopefully the threatening letter I sent will shut her up once and for all. It's not my fault if the public and the media doesn't find someone of interest. It just isn't. Either they like you and want more of you, or not. Brutal truth. I don't understand it either, but that's the breaks with PR folks.

I do the same type of publicity for every client and sometimes they hit, and other times, they just don't. No matter how much I want them to, or will them to, or how hard I pitch. Especially when they stop right when they should be pushing forward because they're at a tipping point, but run out of money. Oh well.

PR can be somewhat luck of the draw - if you want guaranteed placement... Buy advertising.

But I digress. Just a sore point that's all. I'm not innocent of talking badly about people either, but it does hurt when you think someone would be happy with everything you accomplished together (which was a lot of work to get her to the point she is today - trust me!)

What's weird is that I've generally only had this trouble with certain female artists. Not all, just some who think they're more than they really are.

Oh dear, is that talking bad about someone? Darn it. It's hard isn't it? Okay, this really is all. I promise.

Thinking lovely thoughts, lovely thoughts, lovely thoughts...

Ephesians 4:31:

   31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior.

Colossians 3:8:
8 But now is the time to get rid of anger, rage, malicious behavior, slander, and dirty language.

(Now Pastor Jim was meddling. Just kidding. I forgot the Bible doesn't want us swearing. Duh! Just a little reminder that Christians are supposed to live differently than the world.)

2. Improper Response to God's Law & Word.

James 4:11b

If you criticize and judge each other, then you are criticizing and judging God’s law. But your job is to obey the law, not to judge whether it applies to you.

Matthew 22:35-40:
35 One of them, an expert in religious law, tried to trap him with this question: 36 “Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law of Moses?”

   37 Jesus replied,

“‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.[b] 40

The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”

Now this chapter was very convicting because as Pastor Jim pointed out, if we really are doing God's will, we will view everyone through God's eyes and love them as He does. Jim did admit it's harder with some people than others. Truer words have never been spoken. Ha!

3. Have a Wrong View of God Himself.

James 4:12:
12 God alone, who gave the law, is the Judge. He alone has the power to save or to destroy. So what right do you have to judge your neighbor? (God doesn't need your help judging. Get it? LOL)

James 2:8:

   8 Yes indeed, it is good when you obey the royal law as found in the Scriptures: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”[a]

Philippians 2:3-4:

   3 Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.

This verse is the hardest to live out, but I'm trying. Care to join me?

How To Be Careful

  1. Continue to be concerned with your words.
  2. Learn to Submit to God's word.
  3. Understand who's really in control.
  4. Stop arrogance in every way you can.
Okay, that's all for today. May the reading of God's word bless and keep you until we meet again. Isn't that a nice closing? I've only heard it in Presbyterian churches, and I like it.

Happy Sunday! Now to get some work done.

I'm excited The Shore Restaurant and Lounge has a bunch of cool events coming up which I need to prep for. Just met with the organizers of the Hermosa Beach Shorts Fest and they will be hosting their Kick Off Party at the Shore on August 7 from 7pm - closing.

Plus,Actor Domiziano Arcangeli's Golden Halo Award for Acting Achievement from the Southern CA Motion Pictures Arts Council is right around the corner, August 4. Oy!

And you're all invited to everything too ok? See ya there! 

Just real quick...Surf Memorial Fundraiser, Rosebud the pig's Quinceantero (sp?)

By Joy A. Kennelly

I was in a car accident this morning (not my fault) so please say a prayer that my back will heal quickly and this will get resolved easily. That's all I will say about that. Thank you though.

Enjoy these pix of my friend, Laura and her pig, Rosebud's 15th Birthday party and quick shots of the wonderful Surf Memorial Fundraiser held at Sangria's this weekend in Hermosa Beach that I visited briefly:                                                         Rosebud's pedicure - sm Tiara rose - sm
Soulful rosebud -sm  
Laura & rosebud - smSolo cake - smRosebud3 - sm


Face on rose - sm Ron newman -sm

Surfboard - smSurf Memorial Fundraiser Event Manager, Ken Hartley, a member of Leadership Hermosa, who, with his wife, Event Co-Chair, Dorothy M. Forba-Hartley, and many others, spent hours producing the wonderful Surf Memorial Fundraiser. This is only one of the many auction items available to bid on which were all valued at $60,000 total.
 Money shot - sm

Leadership Hermosa Event Chair, Ryan McCormick; Leroy's son, John Grannis; me, Joy Kennelly; Director of Public Works, Rick Morgan; Owner of Sangria, Kevin Barry, host restaurant of the Surf Memorial Fundraiser; Artist who will create the Surf Memorial and painted all the beautiful paintings behind us, Phil Roberts, that were auctioned: Dewey Weber's son, Shea Weber

(I believe I have the order correct, but if I'm wrong, please correct me. Very honored to be in such esteemed company. Don't you love all the flip flops? Wouldn't see that in Hollywood! Perfect though because I didn't want to wear heels because of my accident.)

Here's some close-ups of the absolutely gorgeous paintings that were on sale in the auction today. I sure hope they went for a lot. This is, of course, not actual size. Photographer, Leroy Grannis, (sitting in the water) shot this picture of Dewey Weber just as this is painted. Dewey surfing is what the Surf Memorial Statue is based on:

Phil roberts2 - sm
Phil roberts1 -sm

Phil roberts3 - sm  Phil roberts4 - sm

Joy Kennelly's Surfrider Fdn promotion & Miami photo blog coverage for your review.

This is an old blog post I wrote in June '08, and in reading it again I realized it is a showcase of what I have done in the past to promote clients through blogging and provide photo essay examples of my travel coverage as well.

I've edited out other information to make this focused on topics I support and love- i.e. Surfrider Foundation and art in Miami.

Enjoy the read.

By Joy A. Kennelly

Ever since returning from Miami I've been going through something of a life/career transition. While vacationing I had the epiphany that although I will always love art and am still open to representing artists, it's not what I want to focus my entire business on any more.

With the economy the way it is...

Here's a quote from a recent NY Times article entitled: Gatekeepers to the Art World, "As contemporary art’s Armory Show in New York concludes this weekend and the auctions unfold later this spring, many are watching to see what impact the sliding economy will have on the art market.

Mary Parr, a director at Cheim & Read in Chelsea, noted that if real estate slows noticeably, the art market follows suit about six months later. High-end collectors, she said, 'don’t get affected as quickly.'

A springtime thaw in prices may well trickle down to the gallery’s front desk. When the public, perhaps of necessity transformed into eligible customers, pushes open those chilly opaque doors, will gallerinas finally look up and smile?"

Click the link here for the entire article. VEERRRRRYYYY Interesting.

That's all I'll say about that. Plus, the other reason to go back to a more diverse client roster is I miss the variety I've always enjoyed. There's something to be said for being a generalist or jack of all trades. I still love artists though! Art rules!

Oh, and since you've been so patient, here's some of my architecture and art pictures from my vacation in Miami, FL.

I've been very busy with producing another event for my South Bay Professional Connection starring Hermosa Beach's own amazing Chef David Linville of The Shore Restaurant, and TVLand's She's Got the Look Finalist, Melissa Todd, a native of Redondo Beach, CA (she's the tall blonde sitting down wearing a black dress to the left of Kim Alexis.) TVLand\'s She\'s Got the Lookwhich will benefit Surfrider Foundation. More details soon.

Now here's Miami and South Beach... I recommend hitting the Jewish Holocaust Memorial, Bass Museum of Art, Ocean Drive (of course! I especially loved visiting Ritz Carlton and the Delano), the Miami Design District and the Lincoln Road art and cafe scene. Very cool.


Pix from GenArt, Fashion Week, Cambria & Big Sur - Finally!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Finally uploaded all my pix and have them ready to be seen. Just know, this is a new camera, I haven't read the owner's manual and as a result, some of the pix aren't the best quality, but others are wonderful (if I d say so myself. LOL) Enjoy my picture diary!

Genart_fashion_show Okay, here's a bad one, but at least now you know what I meant by the stationary fashion show at GenArt's recent event. I had taken a bunch of other pics, but ended up deleting them to accommodate my scenery shots up north.


This girl totally reminded me of Kate Bosworth, doesn't she? These was real rain droplets and I thought it was such a clever display.

One of my good friends, Lana, and her brother, Erwin I believe, joined us at the GenArt event which was a lot of fun. I always have a great time with both of them!

My good friends, Lana and Melinda, joined me at the GenArt event. Oy vey! I look so pregnant and I'm so not, but boy do I feel comfortable wearing this top. Got to buy a belt.


Lana has some crazy pants just like me. Now my pants have someone to go out with on the town! LOL

Here's one of the shows I caught during LA Fashion Week by Joseph Domingo. I always love to see what the hair stylists will create to go with the clothes as much as I enjoy the fashion.


Is this wild hair or what? This is what the runway looks like at the end. This show had some really pretty dresses with unusual adornments and piping which I liked.

Sorry, had more, but again, deleted them to find space for my vacation pix since I forgot to buy a larger memory card. My bad!


This was the first place I walked to in Cambria because it sounded so unusual... Nitt Witt Ridge. Don't you agree? Of course, it didn't open till 10am and I was there much earlier. Next time I'll take a tour.

This trip, it was Hearst Castle tours instead.


This is the view from the top of Hearst Castle. Again, wish I had a telephoto lens, but I think you grasp a little of the splendor of the view right?


This is one of the side entrances to the castle. Can you believe it? How grand!


This is the first pool you come to and it's called Neptune's Pool. Once a year all the staff get to enjoy a huge pool party where they can invite their friends up to enjoy spending time with them.

A lot of the surrounding statues were especially created for Mr. Hearst and shipped in from Italy and all over the world. See the man standing in the top? Apparently, when this statue arrived it was too big so they chopped off his feet to fit it inside that area! Isn't that funny.

Also, if I'm remembering correctly, Mr. Getty copied a lot of what Mr. Hearst did with his smaller museum over in Malibu. Oh, those rich people. Always trying to keep up with one another.:)

Wouldn't you just love to swim here? Absolutely stunning.


Here's another shot of the same pool, but looking back up towards the castle itself. So regal, I just loved it! The stark white of the statues contrasts so beautifully with the clear water and blue tiles of the pool.


This is just one of the many gardens Mr. Hearst had planted. The building you see behind was one of the guest houses he built for guests that weren't invited to stay in the "big house," but enjoyed a beautiful setting nonetheless.

What I found fascinating is that every plant and trees were brought into this area and weren't here normally. What an undertaking and how beautiful now.


This the main Hearst Castle entrance. I thought my shot of this was unique, but as I look up the information, it's so not. Oh well, I tried.:)

It's nice though, right?

Here's another one straight on...

Isn't the color of the sky incredible? I did not digitally enhance it either. Just naturally beautiful. The balcony is where Mr. Hearst would watch his guests having fun. What I thought was so funny is that he was really against unmarried couples shacking up together, but personally kept a mistress for 34 years.

Her name was Marion Davies and they had adjoining rooms on the third floor where no one else was allowed to enter. I enjoyed my Tour #2 because then we toured that area also. Lots of small, winding staircases with small rooms and lots of beautiful furnishings.

Click here for some of the amazing statistics and an overview of the entire Castle property.


Here's some examples of the furnishings and his extensive art collection. Sorry this one is blurry, but you weren't allowed to use a flash. The ceilings and wall coverings were over the top too!


Isn't this just so delicate and feminine? If I could have taken t with me, I would have.:) I love pink.


This is the master dining room where everyone ate together. Again, sorry it's so blurry. According to our fast talking gay tour guide (why do they love this job so much? Just kidding. It's a gay man's dream! LOL), the longer that you stayed at Hearst Castle, the farther you would be seated away from Mr. Hearst who sat in the middle across from Marion.

One of the famous old time stars, either Carey Grant or someone else who I've forgotten, said if he was sat any further away he'd be sitting outside! One of those stars was invited back 40 times. Others were never invited back.

Oh, another interesting character twist of Mr. Hearst is that he hated his guests to get drunk. Sound familiar? HA!

He would lock up the liquor cabinet until the evening to make sure he kept things under control. Isn't that funny? I bet some  old time alcoholics weren't too happy about having their booze controlled once they realized they'd have to wait to imbibe. LOL Maybe some began packing their own just in case...:)


Tour number 1 takes you to Mr. Hearst's huge private theatre. Just like one of the grand theatres you would see Downtown LA today. Very ornate and gaudy.

This statue is one of many that graced the walls to help with acoustics I believe. We were able to enjoy home movies playing on the big screen in this room.

Mr. Hearst, because he owned so many newspapers, was always receiving films ahead of the general public and began throwing his lavish parties to entice people to drive the four hours up from LA to sit and review them with him.

Oftentimes many of the actors, actresses, directors and writers of the films were included. There was a whole mezzanine floor with shared bedrooms set up just for starlets to stay in so the gentlemen would have pleasant female  company while visiting. What that life must have been like back then. Can you imagine?

Actress Katherine Hepburn has been quoted as saying her one regret is that she didn't take up Mr. Hearst's offer to come visit his "little ranch." Now do you see why?

Both tours I took ended up in this amazing Roman style inside covered pool room. Now according to my outspoken first tour guide, oftentimes midnight love trysts occurred in the steam room. A note slipped into a pocket, a furtive glance and the next thing you know...

The bottom of the pool, although flat, creates an optical illusion and looks curved when you look straight into it. Just directly above the lamp in the foreground is a ledge where people could dive into the 10 foot deep part of the pool.

What I loved about the National Geographic movie, Hearst Castle Building the Dream which is part of Tour 1 is that it follows one starlets experience staying there and you see the place come alive with action.

You also follow little Hearst as he travels with his mother when he's only 10 years old all over Europe where art first captures his heart. Apparently, he wanted his Dad to buy the Louvre after visiting France. His mother had a great deal of influence over him and when his father died, he left his entire estate to his wife since he knew young William would squander his fortune.

Thus, when William wanted to buy something, he would have to ask his mother's permission and she would use that opportunity to make him stop dating some undesirable woman, or give up something in exchange.

Some tour guides surmise that Marion Davies played a mother figure to him. She was an amazing lady all on her own - Actress, Real Estate Investor etc etc! What I loved learning about William Randolph Hearst is that he loved and appreciated strong, career-minded females.

His architect who worked with him almost day and night to build his vision, was a female residential architect named Julia Morgan. She was also another extraordinary woman of that time and in addition to creating Hearst Castle, created and oversaw over 800 other projects in California and Hawaii. She worked nearly 28 years on Hearst Castle and numerous other residences for both Mr. Hearst and Ms. Davies.

A very humble Victorian woman, she requested all her private papers be burned upon her death, but fortunately for us, her relative refused and that's why we know what we know today. Click on her name if you want to learn more about her. Quite an extraordinary woman.

Julia_morgans_desk Here's a picture of the small studio she used when she would come to stay and oversee the project. Isn't this amazing? Such a small location for such a grand scale project, but I guess she was out in the field for a large part of this.

Notice the old timey phone too on the desk.


This is the back courtyard where she would cross to go to her "office." The backside of Hearst Castle isn't as finished as the front and the tape on the tour bus taking you back down to the bottom of the hill lets you know that if you'd like to donate you can donate to the Friends of Hearst Castle foundation.

They host some amazing special events at the Castle and if you want to enjoy some with other philanthropic minded individuals, click here for more details. Really sounds like fun. I wouldn't mind going to a few myself? Anyone care to join me?



There is only one kitchen in the entire Castle and this is it. I took these pix for my chef friends.:) I can only imagine how many people were responsible to make the wonderful meals for all the guests and workers who came to the hill.



Isn't the attention to detail adorable?


This is the pantry. I ended up touring with a family of five on this tour because I mistakenly joined them and when I figured out I was in the wrong place it was too late. They were nice about it and it was great to have the entire castle to ourselves while touring, rather than the huge group I would have been with otherwise.

You can take private tours for about $600 if I remember correctly and you're allowed to invite up to six guests with you which is actually fairly reasonable since it covers the entire castle tours on a private basis.

Click here for information on all the tours available.


I can't remember which room this is (they all blur together after awhile, but maybe it's the library. I think that's right.) William was kicked out of Harvard is one of the stories told.


This is the "Gold Room" where the infamous gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper, used to stay as a guest. It's up in the top spier of the castle (is that what the towers are called? Well, that's what I'm trying to say.) and is very small, but really pretty with the sun shining through.

Click here for a list of some of the other important people who stayed here.


This is an example of the ornate ceilings Hearst was fond of. This is also the chandelier that hangs in the Gold Room. Everything is so ornate and gaudy and so of the time, I just loved it. Not to my taste for my own personal space, but definitely something admirable in this setting.


Tour 2 ends in the same pool house just from a different viewpoint. Click here for some Behind the Scenes info on the beautiful details involved in this room and all the others.

Now do you see why this was so refreshing and just what I needed? I love art and visionary men. When the two come together... It's a beautiful thing.


The other fun thing to do while visiting Cambria and Hearst Castle is to check out all the Elephant Seals that love to laze around in the sun along the coastline. It's just a few miles past Hearst Castle and the turn-off is clearly marked. There are walking trails to allow you to walk and view closer.

There are hundreds of seals like this and they make the funniest sounds. They also seem to do the Michael Jackson moon walk as they push themselves across the sand to get back into the water.

Certain areas were quite stinky perhaps from a dead one, but otherwise, it's very pleasant although when I was there it was bitter cold and windy. These next few shots are blurry because it was too cold to stand and get a good shot!


Isn't it rugged? Just love the different seascapes Northern CA offers.


This could be further up, or in Cambria, I don't remember.


The next day I drove up to Big Sur. I had been told it was only 25 miles away, but it was actually more like 100. However, it was well worth the drive.

Stunning vistas like this all up and down the Northern coast. You really must see it for yourself because I'm not doing this half the justice.



This is my final shot heading home from Big Sur and thus ends our tour. I hope you've enjoyed your visit and make plans to come back and see me again real soon.

We'll leave a light on for you...:)

Have I convinced you now to make the trip? I'll even go back up with you! Only this time I might suggest staying at the Cambria Pines Lodge based on the referral of another friend, Jaimi Blakely who just hosted a writer's retreat there.

According to Jaimi, Cambria Pines Lodge has "24 acresthat you can hike and a free drink at their bar and a free breakfast buffet every morning. There's an organic garden on the property where they grow a lot of their own produce.

When you call Cambria Pines Lodge, say that you want their current special.Usually, the specials are from $69-$89 depending on the season. (Such a deal!) Also, if you register to receive the weekly email from, then you will see frequent specials listed that are in that area (from San Luis Obispo to Monterey).

"Jaimi" loves Black Cat Bistro and Robin's for dinner and Indigo Moon for lunch or a casual dinner. "She" heard that the Thai place is great, too, but hasn't been yet."

Okay, that's really all. Cambria isn't that big so you can find the perfect place for you just by walking through the town once. I did it in 30 minutes or so from where I was staying. It's that small. Totally reminds me of what Hermosa Beach was like so long, long, long ago...:) I'm not that old, but I can imagine.

Enjoy your Sunday. I need to get outside now.

Big Sur, Post Ranch Inn, Cambria, Hearst Castle, ya da ya da

By Joy A. Kennelly

Remind me not to drink a 24oz iced coffee from McDonald's again without asking for decaf. OY! Although I'm very tired, I can't sleep because of the caffeine coursing through my veins. Hopefully by writing, my brain will calm down and I can get some sleep. Busy week ahead.

If you've never been to Cambria, or Big Sur, you must put those locations on your must see places in California before you die. I was referred to the Bridge Street Inn Youth Hostel there years back by a good friend and always thought I'd make it up there one of these years.

Well, 2008 was the year. I was planning to hit a fam trip to Mexico, but certain things prevented me from taking full advantage of the week long escape. As a result, I opted for a shorter, yet just as satisfying, quick getaway which I so desperately needed.

Only four hours away from Los Angeles in time, but light years away in style and tempo I fell in love with the quaint small town of Cambria upon arriving. My youth hostel was a former church parsonage complete with bunkbeds, international guests, and children.

I wasn't expecting children for some reason and normally wouldn't have minded except for the fact the little boy who was only a room away woke up frequently throughout the night, first from a nightmare and then with a coughing fit which went on for quite a bit. Needless to say, I didn't get much rest.

My German bunk mate however, was smart and used ear plugs. I haven't traveled in so long that I forgot I even had them, or that I should consider using them. She, on the other hand, had been traveling for the past few weeks in much noisier places than this and was quite prepared. She is very cool and is going to hook me up with some art galleries in Munich. Thanks Jessica if you're reading this!

I also enjoyed meeting a very entertaining English chap and spontaneously had asked to go to dinner with him upon returning from touring Hearst Castle because I was so excited to share my day with someone after being alone within a group for so long.

I never invite men I don't know to dinner and didn't really know what to expect, but we had a very nice meal together. I'm very clueless on picking up clues that a man might be interested in me unless they hit me over the head with a shovel (actually a kiss normally is my first realization that there's even an attraction!), and didn't realize that might be the case when he invited me back to the hostel for a glass of wine which I should have accepted.

My loss. All because I really wanted to find a coffee house to see what the nightlife was like in Cambria. I should have just gone back with him because there 'aint no nightlife in Cambria. This small town's streets roll up about 9, 9:30pm! And I thought the South Bay was dead at night! Totally cracked me up.

What I loved about Cambria is that on my way home I popped into one of the quaint, naughty gift stores called "Dirty Laundry" run by two gay business partners and had a very entertaining chat with one of the gays, I mean guys. (Joseph, if you're reading this you know I love you man.:)

In any case, Joseph explained that similar to Hermosa Beach, there really wasn't a lot of stuff going on so people were very political up there too. Apparently there's a very strong conservative Christian contingency and at the other end of the spectrum, a very strong lesbian contingency. Needless to say, I'm not moving up there any time soon. LOL!

He explained too that SLO - (pronounced SLOW and the abbreviation of San Luis Obispo over 1/2 hour away) had a great entertaining Farmer's Market complete with live music and lots of socializing every Thursday evening which was basically the only "nightlife" apart from college bars in the area.

Again, not moving up there any time soon. It really is quaint and beautiful though. I think next time I might upgrade my lodging to the local B & B because although I really enjoyed meeting everyone who stayed there and it's very reasonable, I think I've outgrown the hostel environment.

Plus, this particular place was a little too eco-conscious for me - no paper towels, no paper napkins, bathroom sinks using recycled water from the clean water in the back of the toilet tank, and lots of recycling (it boggles the mind how many ways trash can be sorted!)

Plus, I just want to be able to sleep at night in the privacy of my own space while enjoying the company of others at breakfast or in the evenings. However, it's very popular and I recommend it if you're on a tight budget and can sleep well anywhere.

I just didn't know what to expect and it came so highly recommended I thought it might be a little more plush than it was. A youth hostel though - what did I really expect? Great for the serious traveler! Not the weekend wannabe traveler like I was this past weekend.

I've become spoiled and need basic creature comforts like heat in my room, peace and quiet, and no children waking me up in the middle of the night (unless they are mine and right now I don't have one-- at least not living with me.)

What cracked me up is the hours all the stores and galleries kept too up there. 10:30am open and 4:00pm or 5:00pm closing, or in the case of one place, whenever she felt like it! I caught the West end of the village the first day before racing off to take two tours of Hearst Castle and see the 45 minute movie.

I was really glad I saw both tours with the movie because it really put all the pieces together nicely. If you have the time and have never gone, I highly recommend Tour 1 and 3 together with time in between to sit and catch the film. That way you are introduced to the basic overview, get a deeper insight and then see more of the castle in perspective.

I was so disappointed my dinner companion, Roger, didn't want to see my pix, but hey, English bluntness being as it may, I appreciated his honesty. Once I have them downloaded, I'll share them with you. What cracked me up is that he had offered to give me his extra memory card for my camera, but when I didn't return for a glass of wine, the offer was withdrawn. I am so clueless sometimes. OY!

The last day I drove up to Big Sur to re-visit all the places I had stayed nine years ago while pregnant with my son. It was up there that I had made my decision to pursue having an open adoption and as a result, this place has special memories and feelings for me.

I wasn't sure it would be like what I remembered or not and drove the winding road up not knowing what to expect. I felt like I was on a pilgrimage of sorts because I had fallen in love with the magic of the redwoods and beautiful locations and wondered what might have changed in nine years time.

Although there had been threats of rain, instead I drove up the winding single lane highway for most of the way in a deep fog. It was so thick you couldn't see over the cliffs to the gorgeous scenery below. I wondered if I had imagined it being as gorgeous because I couldn't see anything.

Soon I burst into bright sunshine and there ahead of me was a beautiful, breathtaking expanse of the greenest blue water I'd ever seen with ragged rocks jutting out all over the ocean and coastline. It was absolutely stunning. My little camera can't capture half the beauty, but hopefully you'll see it in person one day.

There was the coolest old timey bridge too in the far distance around one of the windy curves and I really wished I could have taken a picture to show you. However, since my memory card was full, it was either delete more, or just commit it to my personal memory which I chose instead.

As I got closer and closer to Big Sur it all came flooding back. I had made this same trip nine years ago for a long Thanksgiving weekend getaway with my good friend and fellow birthmother, Emily. She had inherited some money and opted to treat me to a weekend I will never forget as a special treat for being pregnant.

She is/was one of the main reasons I chose adoption because she shared her very personal and oftentimes, painful story of her own open adoption. She helped me to see it could be done and really was the best choice for me and my child at the time painful though it was.

She had booked two different locations for us to experience. I'm really glad because the first was very basic and not really to our liking at all. It was the State Park accommodations and when I visited this trip, it was still going strong. Nice gift store and cafe too.

We then had moved over to Post Ranch Inn and to this day that is my favorite of all places I have stayed  before or since. I was dying to go back and see if my memories were true. We had the best time there. Everyone got to know us since we stayed so long. Plus, I was 5 months pregnant and Emily was a real character which made us stand out from other guests.

It also helped that we were the youngest ones staying there since it was, if I remember correctly, about $400 a night back then and up towards $1500 a night for certain rooms now. Pure, pure, pure luxury. If you are looking for the ultimate place to run away and hide for rest and relaxation away from everything, then look no further.

Post Ranch Inn is small, intimate, eco-friendly and very well-suited to the quality of life that is Big Sur. It's easy to miss if you're not looking because it's set far away from the road with a sign that isn't easily visible in certain directions. The long, winding road up to the main area is open and inviting with a small pond and beautiful meadows. We saw deer one morning grazing.

When we were staying there a Los Angeles Magazine writer was covering the Post Ranch Inn for the first time and often looked at us like what the hell are they doing here since we were so out of place among all the rich and famous.

If I remember properly we were there while Jon Favreau was there. We didn't want to bug him, but it was fun to see that we were enjoying the type of life that a celebrity would too.

I kind of secretly hoped some of the same staff would still be there and remember me, but that was a dream. However, everything else was just as I remembered. You can't just enter the property to look, but you can go to dine in their well-appointed restaurant with amazing cliff views of the entire ocean through the floor to ceiling glass enclosed dining area. STUNNING! And the food is delicious too.

I chose to enjoy my lunch there and everything came rushing back while I was sitting eating. I almost remembered what I had been wearing the memories were so strong. I distinctly remembered wavering on what to do with my unborn child because I wasn't ready to parent, but also wasn't prepared to never see him again.

It was at Post Ranch Inn that I had the time to sort out all my thoughts and feelings once and for all to make the decision I felt was best for my son at the time. He may never visit Big Sur, but I hope one day he does if only to appreciate the tremendous beauty and peace this area gives to those who visit.

I remembered going to the infinity pool and meeting some fun couple we promised to stay in touch with, but never did. I remembered the gorgeous slate covered bathrooms and comfortable, yet stylish room with beautiful furnishings. Hearing satellite radio for the first time. Having the best massages by their trained staff.

Eating the best meals there and all over Big Sur. We had visited Ventana Inn for dinner one night and bumped into one of my old classmates, Judy Holstein. She used to beat me up and I blurted that out when she introduced herself because she recognized me. We both laughed and she apologized for years past. She of course is totally different and we really enjoyed seeing each other again.

She was up visiting on her honeymoon with her new husband. We caught up and spent a great time reminiscing old times. For all I know, she still lives here in the South Bay, but we never stayed in touch after that random visit.

When I visited the Ventana Inn this time the reception staff were extremely gracious and gave me all kinds of materials and information. Turns out if you're a CA resident you get a special discount during the off-season and it's only $275 a night. Apparently April is generally quite booked as a result since it's the last month before high-season.

I love this place too because it's so pretty, but in a totally different way. Whereas Post is small, spread out and extremely private; Ventana is more like a standard luxury hotel that is more compact, but with only 20 more rooms.

They have a wonderful day spa on site called The Spa whichy was very popular as I was walking in to reception. Everyone, men and women were walking by just wearing robes like this was normal attire while on vacation. I guess it is!

I enjoyed visiting one of the art galleries on my way in to town too. It's called Coast Galleries and is one of four this owner owns throughout the country. However, he's ready to retire and all 27 acres are currently on the market. Know anyone with money to burn, but a true eco heart? Send them his way.

I hope whoever buys it keeps the gallery going at least because this owner has the best art collection. Many interesting pieces and it would be so sad to lose it. However, may the best bid win. I would love to see my artists represented in there!

Back in Cambria there is another wonderful gallery that has very wonderful art on display with the most helpful, informative, kind woman manning the upstairs gallery named Lili. If you go, tell her I sent you and say hello. She knows everything there is to know about the artists and their fascinating backgrounds and work. Sorry, I don't know where her card is right now and will have to tell you later.

I can't wait to share all the details with my artists! If you want to know too, either call her, or hire me!:)
I think the caffeine is finely out of my blood and I'm tired, or else my brain has stopped wanting to write any more, so I think I will bid you adieu and write more later.

Have a great Monday morning and seriously consider making a trip to Big Sur and Cambria. Trust me, you'll be so happy you did! I am a new woman after this brief respite.

Ready for my next trip! Where to go, where to go? It's in my blood now. Gotta start hitting more places from my travel Bucket List.:)

Have a good one. TTFN.

Best time last night...Ace Gallery was over the top!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Have a bunch of morning meetings which prevents me writing more in this blog, but check out my blog because I just wrote the art review of the amazing, eclectic, celebrity filled, over the top Ace Gallery show, and I do mean show, I went to earlier this evening.

Enjoy the read!

New event invite and other stuff...

By Joy A. Kennelly

In addition to everything else I was doing this week: i.e. attending two major art events (LA Art Show and art LA), taking new business meetings, working another freelance gig, house-sitting, and normal pro bono work for Hermosa Beach; I've also been putting together a big networking Pre-Valentine's Day Party for Spa Riviera which will take place Thursday, February 7 from 6pm - 9pm located at: 1611 South Catalina Ave., Lower Level L41, Redondo Beach.

No wonder I've been so tired!

Download 27invitefinal.doc - Click on that link for the complete invite. I am still learning how best to upload certain items and apologize this is so rudimentary. I will upload this properly once I figure out how to do so.

On another note, I think I need to clarify that I have a very quirky sense of humor and sometimes it doesn't translate well via writing. My apologies to anyone who is offended.

Also, the opinions expressed here are solely my own and should not reflect on my pastor, my church, my friends, my business partners, or anyone else I mention here as something they necessarily agree with. Oftentimes, they don't, but we agree to disagree. I just don't want you to think poorly of them - just think poorly of me ok? LOL

I've been watching this art series by PBS called art:21 which is very interesting.

Here's their welcome statement:      

"welcome to art:21

“Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century” is the only series on television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States, and it uses the medium of television to provide an experience of the visual arts that goes far beyond a gallery visit. Fascinating and intimate footage allows the viewer to observe the artists at work, watch their process as they transform inspiration         into art, and hear their thoughts as they grapple with the physical and visual challenges of achieving their artistic visions."

It's really been fascinating to learn all these contemporary artist's thought processes and what inspires and influences their art. I'm realizing more and more, that I'm more of an artist than I realized. My writing is my way of expressing part of my artistic side and my vision boarding aka treasure mapping is another.

I've also realized that there's so much more I can learn about art and artists by taking some art classes just for my personal pleasure. My heart really sang the last time I did. I've been wanting to re-paint one  large canvas forever yet know that I'm not disciplined enough to paint without the structure of a class setting.

It was very fun to see that numerous artists had pictures pulled from magazines too as inspiration. It was so nice to realize I'm not crazy, just creative! I love being around smart, creative, inspiring people.

That's why this weekend was fun. I went back to the LA Art Show again and really took my time this go-round. Last time I had been in a hurry because I needed to get home in time to take care of the dog I was babysitting and rushed through.

I'll give a full report on this show next week. I just need some space to sleep on my thoughts and feelings. I'll let you know.

Oh, and I do like the City Council people even though I don't always agree with their decisions. I just need the space to meet some new people at my event which is why I said what I did. No hard feelings ok? You probably would love a break from me too! Plus, everyone is going to be gone anyway so it's a moot point.

Enjoy your evening sans Desperate Housewives. Man, I wish these producers/CEO's realize how much they're screwing with their customers. Not a good position to be in. We need the escape ok? Get it together and stop stone-walling. Enough's enough.

I WANT MY DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!! Ok, now I feel better.

Good night everyone.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Did anyone else think that Yahoo's news stating that certain shows were going off the air "Thanks to the Writer's Strike" was a little condescending and snotty? To me that title was implying that the writers were only to blame whereas there lays so much more "blame" on the "other side."

If I were the Writer's Guild strike leaders, I would pursue all the fan club members of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and any other popular shows that have gone off the air recently because of the strike. I would galvanize them to start picketing in protest for their shows to go back on the air. I would join it! It worked down here. I'm sure it would work in Hollywood!

Once people in power and advertisers see that even the general public is sick of this hold-out too, then maybe, just maybe, things would move along. It's so sad. I miss my shows! Marc Cherry - do something! Save us! We need Desperate Housewives or some of us will become them too!:)

On another note, I think the death of Heath Ledger is very sad too, but I sure wish the media would give his family a break from the scrutiny. I think it was just accidental. He was such a very cool guy it seems, definitely a talented actor, and it's so sad he died so young. Enough said.

I have had SUCH a busy week! It's been fun, but a little much. And the thing is, it's not over yet, tomorrow is a big Town Hall regarding what they plan to do to Upper Pier Ave in my little city. What's sad is that the residents have been so ignored and stamped down for so many years by Sam Edgerton, the city council member residents believe is most responsible for these issues, and others.

Now, they're afraid of any new changes (even though we need them) because of what happened when residents allowed Pier Plaza to come in. Overrun by drunks and punks with no end in sight.

Apparently one more restaurant down here, Il Boccaccio, which was the recipient of the Southern California Restaurant Writers' Association Awards five years in a row, is being taken over by the Newman family that controls Sharkeez which means it's only a matter of time before it too gets turned into a nightclub since that's the m.o. down here.

Isn't that sad? Another real restaurant bites the dust and for what? More bar/nightclub action! Can you believe that this little 1 mile city has 16 bars and now even more? An alcoholic's heaven! Gangs and everything else that comes with allowing your city to turn into "Barmosa."

Whatever happened to our wonderful surf history? I moved back for the beach, not the bars. If I wanted Hollywood, I would have stayed there. I wonder what some of the celebs who live down here think about all this?

Anyone know Jimmy Kimmel? Rumor has it he lives here, but I doubt he cares. Why should he? He's kind of a crass guy himself, but doesn't he have a 13 year old? Oh yeah, that's right he was encouraging his underage minor to have sex if I remember correctly. Oh man am I opinionated! But I'm sure there's some of you who agree with my estimation of him to. You can't all be amoral can you?:)

And people wonder why I rant? I rant because I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take my little slice of heaven turning into a slum any more! People - join the cause!:) We are Sober and Sexy! I heard that term from a party promoter the other day and love it! Isn't it funny? Maybe one day that will be hot because Sloppy Drunks only go with Stupid. Sloppy Drunk and Stupid right?

Although as I've been reminded again and again by people on This is Hermosa, not all people who drink are alcoholics. And even some of those who are, are proud of it and not going to change. So be it! I'm happy for you...:) I'm still going to encourage attending AA to anyone who will listen though! It's the Al-Anon in me.:)

Moving right along. I was at dinner tonight locally and bumped into a couple I met at the HB Chamber Mixer last night who were gathered with a bunch of friends. They were discussing the Downtown issues which was interesting to overhear to say the least.

They're not too happy about everything either. I will be curious to see if they show up tomorrow. I hope so! Did learn they watch the video of these meetings though. You never know who's watching turns out.

They too thought it was a ridiculous waste of time devoted to determining whether or not the man with the stinky, piss-filled yard of huge Newfoundlands should be allowed to keep three vs. two of them too. More time was spent on this issue than ever spent on human's urinating on Pier Plaza I bet. But that's because "Bars good. All residents who complain crazy." Check out the story here.

The HB Chamber Mixer was interesting. The food, (when it came out, albeit rarely!), was quite delicious. Apparently a chef has been brought on to serve a higher quality of food on Monday nights to raise the quality of people who visit, but it doesn't seem like a good fit. Isn't Monday Night Football coming up soon? I'm totally clueless re: sports though so I could be wrong. High end food with sports fans at an obvious sports bar for locals? Not.

I just found it extremely curious why there weren't servers bringing out food, only the chef making the food herself and bringing it out herself too. Doesn't The North End Bar serve food? Check out the menu! If so, wouldn't they have servers on staff especially when they knew there would be a big crowd?

Or maybe they weren't expecting so many people. I did hear it was the first time in three years or so this bar had ever hosted a chamber mixer, but that's just another example of the HB Chamber defending one of their own if I may be so bold. Gotta support the due payers...

I couldn't finish my drink because I was so hungry I was afraid I'd get drunk. Lightweight, I know, but generally there are enough appetizers floating around I don't get drunk when I enjoy my one drink of the night.

I did see lots of cute young guys, certain City Council members there (but of course! Even Sam Edgerton, the big, bad, bossy attorney who has bullied the city council for the past 16 years and is no longer on council, was there surprisingly enough) and the council wife I've been commenting on was there too, understandably pissed off.

See what I mean? I told you people down here read this blog! Totally cracks me up still. Hi Sienna! Love ya, don't want to be ya.  Come on. Let's kiss and make up. I'm really not so bad once you get to know me. I'm just a little more out-spoken than others about your proclivity for the limelight (not that there's anything wrong with it. You have backed out a little now that you're aware of it. See, I'm helping you. Just some friendly PR advice on controlling your public persona by limiting over-exposure in the media.)

I'm sure you talk about me too. What were you whispering to your glaring friend? I just present my opinions to a wider audience. That's all. Who knows? Maybe they'll create a reality show on the wives of Hermosa Beach city council members and others?

If OC Housewives is a success, why not another one on a Bunch of Bleached Blonde Broads at the Beach? (Say that fast three times in a row.) I can just see it now. Maybe I should pitch it to my bud. He likes these kind of concepts. There was one older blonde woman who donated a ton of money this week who wears the most interesting eyewear. I thanked her for her gift because it was very thoughtful. Possibly political, but right now who cares?

Or better yet... Couldn't you just see a Mrs. Hermosa beauty contest? We all know who'd enter that one! I'm sure we'd have some other very pretty women entering too. I still want to do a Mr. Hermosa contest too. Can't you see it now ladies? All these young hotties parading around in their bathing suits for our viewing pleasure? Too fun.

In any case, a woman can dream right? Summer is almost here so I won't have to dream much longer. I am glad we have the rain though because it's nice to have the variety in season (even if it's just a week.)

Back to my rant though. I do because I care. Isn't it an interesting fact that bars in the HB Restaurant Association donate a bunch of money to lots of charities and organizations in town? However, in the grand scheme of things, does that give them the right to drive our beach community into the ground as compensation? Sorry, hate to break it to you, but bribes, excuse me, "donations," only go so far tavern owners. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so either.

I'm so tired. All the dogs I've been around lately have kicked up my allergies - probably the weather too. I slept for a few hours today, but still need to go to sleep early now. I now have a couple of new clients to take care of, with more pending so I need my health.

Talk at ya... I'm hitting the LA Art Show one more time tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reviewing the pieces I liked again. There's some amazing art there. Last night's art LA show? Not as much because there are a lot more emerging artists intent on shocking people (which isn't my thing.) I like beauty in my art.

However, not to say that if I visited the art LA galleries individually I wouldn't have liked the art, but to see it all at once was a little assaulting to my sensibilities (especially when I'm sleep deprived.) Although an art gallery owner I met the night before and bumped into again last night, really liked it because she thought that night was more edgy and provocative.

Then her friend piped in to say the LA Art Show is more interested in proving who's better than the other. His reference was a little more provocative including a male genitalia comparison, but since I've recently been chided by yet another person that I've been too vulgar in the past, I'm trying to clean it up. Be more ladylike... You know what I'm talking about though right? LOL

My vulgarity so to speak was to prove a point and catch people's attention which it did and I think continues to do. Different strokes for different folks people and that was the myspace outreach anyway. Now that my friends want to give me a New York makeover, I guess I better clean it up a little more to match the new hair and clothes.

February is the month for a new me. Just in time for Valentine's Day and all the other love stuff I'm busy planning.:) You must save February 7 on your calendar! More to come later, but just know it's going to be a lot of fun. And you're all invited.

Come make a LOVE connection or business connection at Spa Riviera in the Hollywood Riviera in Redondo Beach, CA. Internationally renowned for Microdermabrasion Expert, Tony Cutrona. People come from all over the United States to experience his gentle, yet firm touch. Sparivieralogobevel1

Also, learn about Himalayan Goji Juice, the super food touted by Time Magazine and medically certified to increase your sex drive (among other 37 other wonderful health benefits. Check out Frequently Asked Questions here.)

Be there for the launch of the South Bay Professional Connection, designed for people who like having fun while doing business in a healthy, happy way.

Come too, for the free spa demo treatments, great free spa give-aways, amazing appetizers and desserts, and other goodies. Plus, meet all the fun people who've been invited. Like you!

(Except if you're on Hermosa Beach City Council - we're booked. I need a break from your glaring/smiling faces - just like you need one from mine.:)

Go support a bar. They need it right now. I'll invite you next go round. I promise. Not that you'll show, but you'll be more welcome then ok?

Now even my mom is chiming in! LOL

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just have to share because this makes me laugh even more! My mom just read all my blog and also the This is Hermosa site. For the most part she was very impressed with the headway we're making, but she wanted me to stop calling people stupid. Now I know she's reading it too - OY! I better really watch myself now! LOL

Okay, I'm hearing it from my pastor on Sunday mornings, from the Bible, and now my Mom. I will do my best to be more respectful to those in leadership, but I can't promise anything. It really is absolutely ridiculous to me. How blind are the people involved in the Downtown Hermosa Beach issue to the facts and how they come across? I just don't get it.

On another note, the LA Art Show last night was simply wonderful. I'm going to give it a proper review later, but really must get some work done. Amazing, amazing art; wonderful food and drinks; sophisticated, elegant crowd; and my favorite actor, Owen Wilson, wandering around. What more could a girl ask for?

I so wanted to go up to him and ask if the art here beat A Night at the Museum (which, if you haven't seen, it's absolutely hilarious - even for adults. I saw it twice. "I won't quit you!" Totally fun romp.), but I refrained. Although it was difficult since I kept seeing him. Often alone too.

If you know him, tell him I said hi and wish him much love. JUST KIDDING. Like he would even care. I did want to ask if he read my "Ode to Owen Wilson" blog post on his attempted suicide though, but I highly, highly, highly doubt it. But then again, you never know! (If you click on that link, scroll to the bottom.)

Okay, now I really must get to creating. Take care.

Check out later on for the entire art show review ok? Thanks!

Just thought you'd like to know small town stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly

What totally cracks me up about living down here in the South Bay are all the yahoos who think the Downtown Hermosa Beach restaurants aka bars don't cost the city money, reputation, or anything else. The absolute, sheer stupidity of it all continues to amaze me. What planet are some of these people on?

It totally cracks me up! I have been blogging away on This is Hermosa because that's where I'm most passionate right now. If you want to jump in and see what I'm talking about, then I highly recommend reading Surfing the Whitewash thread on that site. It's an article written by a great writer who actually is a very accomplished screenwriter too. It's very comprehensive and funny, but also sad because it's so true of this area.

It's hard to reason with 30 year olds who don't see the long-term impact on anything other than their ability to get drunk regularly. However, for those of us who actually foresee the future results of this blind adherence to the status quo, we really don't want another Palm Springs, Rhode Island, etc happening here.

What saddens me is wondering if something catastrophic is going to have to happen to wake certain people up. They seem to think it's ok that our assaults are higher than the neighboring cities a mile away. They seem to think it's ok that we're known as a party town with complete disregard for our amazing 100 year heritage. They also seem to think that the only businesses that can flourish down here are bars. If that's the case, then I don't want to live here any longer.

What's funny to me is how stinky some of these places are too. Total dumps, but residents are defending them to high heaven because apparently their five senses are deadened by all the alcohol they consume, or something. I just don't get it.

Aren't people supposed to grow out of college once they actually graduate? When do boys become men down here? Or is this just a beach thing? I guess I don't understand my own hometown now that's it's been taken over by people blindly toeing the party line - bars good, retail bad. Drunks no cost money, residents all crazy.

What's also funny is that people really do read this blog who live in the area. This totally cracks me up. That's why I always post a lot of scripture occasionally just to make them back off a little. Sorry if it's too much, but just know that's usually when I'm feeling especially scrutinized and claustrophobic. I need air to gather my thoughts.

However, if you ever do want to see what's rolling around in my head and you're not the Mayor Pro Tiem, the Mayor, a recently elected city council member, or one who's been around forever, then please visit my adoption blog and my professional blog. I'm starting to go there to expound on other subjects and share other stuff because I want my friends to catch up and enjoy my ramblings. Not people I don't always agree with or like.

I do have a much bigger life than the stupidity of the Hermosa Beach alcohol gang, but feel it better suited elsewhere. However, I will share here that I'm attending the most wonderful art event tonight and I can't wait. It's called the LA Art Show and it's going to be huge. Anyone who's anyone in the art world will be there. What to wear?

Here's the blurb from the website:

The Los Angeles Art Show, one of the most prestigious expositions in America, is proud to present the 13th annual exhibition showcasing a myriad of fine art from the 17th century to the present. In addition, this year the Los Angeles Art Show will be joined by the IFPDA’s 23rd Annual Los Angeles       Fine Print Fair.  Over 125 distinguished international and US galleries will come together to showcase the finest examples of works in the year’s most anticipated art show. 

Collectively, more than 10,000 significant paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, and prints will be available for purchase and will be vetted for provenance and authenticity through the event’s organizer, the Fine Art Dealers Association.  Whether you are a novice collector, an art appreciator, or a seasoned connoisseur, the Los Angeles Art Show is an inspirational event, not to be missed.

Then tomorrow night I have another amazing art event that evening. I've already blogged about it on my other blog, but got the two confused. Tonight is the one I'm writing about.I was invited as a journalist because certain people actually respect my opinion and writings. HA HA!

Tomorrow is the one I'm just attending as a guest. Why the organizers pack it all into one week I don't know, but this one benefits the Hammer Museum project and should be quite wonderful too. I'll give you the lowdown of my experiences on my professional site, The Joy Writer PR blog.

I've started house-sitting my friend's dog and last night the heater went out. So I trucked him back to my place. Needless to say, I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked getting up to let him out often and worrying if his occasional barking was bothering the neighbors.

Hopefully tonight the heater will work and everything will be good. I'm so busy right now I really need the sleep. Plus, the dog hair is really making me allergic. I'd rather he stay over at his home because then it's simpler all the way around. He's such a lovey dog it's worth the allergies almost.

I met the most amazing artist yesterday. Her love story of finding the man of her dreams was so wonderful. She's such a gifted, charming, warm artist too. Really want to work with her. I love evolved, sensitive, intelligent, savvy artists who are independent. Not dependent on their husband's approval. Ick!

Meeting with another gallery tomorrow to discuss potential business too. I'm realizing it's time to focus on art and just immerse myself in this world until I get tired of it. It's such a nice contrast to politics and entertainment it really makes me feel good. I need that creative outlet. Plus, they can all intersect at different times when appropriate.

Otherwise, busy putting together a pre-Valentine mixer with some friends for a local spa for my new South Bay Professional Connection group. More details on that soon. If everything I have planned goes according to schedule we're all going to have a lot of fun networking and socializing to do. I'll keep you posted.

I'm doing the dry run in Redondo and then moving this group around. Should be good. I'm interested in meeting more interesting people down here and bringing them out from Hollywood & Santa Monica too. Can't wait.

I just hope that those I've asked for feedbacks on Hermosa Beach bars will hurry up and give me feedback though because it's hard to have to visit everywhere when they know it all already. Cough it up people. You'll have fun, I promise. I just need some feedback to move this along faster.

Okay, that's all. I need to go make sure the dog is ok and get more work accomplished. Great meetings all week long. It's just getting better and better! More on my filmmaker guy soon I promise. Still waiting on some things and then ready to rock-n-roll.

Pictorial coverage of Artist Gali Rotstein's fantastic Art Opening!

By Joy A. Kennelly

For those of you who missed attending Artist Gali Rotstein's fantastic Art Opening, here's some pictures of the evening. I'm posting some of the ones of just me and my friends who attended because I've uploaded all of Gali and everyone else on my site. Tons of fun to see. Click over and tell me your thoughts!

Here's just a quick snapshot of the event, but to understand the depth and breadth of who all attended, please go to my professional blog here.  There's a bunch more pix with industry execs, fashion people, celebs, other artists, lots and lots of friends and art lovers. Check it out!

Galis_art_opening_january_12_2008_2 Gali_deb_shana_n_joy_2Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_25

Galis_art_opening_january_12_2008_4 Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_24
Galis_art_opening_january_12_2008_5 Galis_art_opening_january_12_2008_6 Galis_art_opening_january_12_2008_7 Galis_art_opening_january_12_2008_8 Galis_art_opening_january_12_2008_9 Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_11Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_12 Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_13 Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_23Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_15 Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_22 Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_16Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_20Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_21Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_26Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_27Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_28Galis_art_opening_january_12_200_29


By Joy A. Kennelly

I know that's shouting, but that's what I feel like doing because we just had the most amazing art show in the world if I do say so myself!

Bergamot Station was PACKED! I've never seen anything like it. My friends said it was like a huge New Year's Eve party there were so many people. There had to be over 2500 people milling around the art complex and through our art show.

There were so many other art galleries open it was like one huge party. I LOVED IT! I really needed a night like tonight. Pure fun, excitement and blow-out party. Totally my type of experience. I LOVE HUGE CROWDS!

Santa Monica's art scene just EXPLODED!!!! tonight. I think we're on the verge of seeing something that has never been seen before in LA... It was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to show you the pictures.

I had so many friends show up. Gali had lots of friends show up too. Daniel from Project Runway was hanging out with us. There were so many celebs, agents, industry execs, art lovers, hippies, artistic types - totally my type of crowd.

Go Girl Energy Drink was a huge hit. Can't wait to plan another event with the brand. My friend Rick is a famous extreme sport event producer and we have such fun ideas for them. We shall see.

Gali's art was a HUGE hit. I think she looked absolutely stunning wearing Susan Landau's jewelry with her new artistic haircut all dressed in black. Simply stunning. We simply had the best time tonight. It was like having a house party for all 1,000 of our personal friends at once.

So many of my friends came out it was great to see them. Some I haven't seen in months which made it even more of a special treat. I'm just so happy. DJ Sooze was awesome and kept us grooving all night long.

There were live bands over at Gallery 16 that LA Weekly sponsored which also brought in all the crowds. The big fat nude guy was a little gross and most of the art wasn't that interesting, but it was still a fun vibe.

This evening's art opening event I think tops even my Grafton on Sunset VIP sponsor party from when I was throwing film festivals. That was a party people still talk about to this day because of the flaming dessert and amazing cajun food brought in straight from New Orleans just for me and my guests.

I love throwing events and think I'm going to focus on doing more because it's so me. I've missed it sooooo much and had no idea how much until tonight. Joy likes to party (isn't there a song like that? My rapper friend always sings it to me...)

Now I'm absolutely exhausted. Time to hit the hay. More later.

Just know if you didn't go, you missed a great party and art scene. It's not too late to see the art since it will be hanging until March 9, 2008 in the Lois Lambert Gallery. Gotta check it out...

That's all for now.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome....

Updates on Artist Gali Rotstein's Art Opening

By Joy A. Kennelly

My client, Gali Rotstein's Art Opening is turning out really well. Happy_invite We now have a great sugar-free energy drink called Go Girl and hopefully an organic vodka soon - we're calling these drinks, "Mother's Little Helpers" - doncha love it!? Here's the latest update.

Save the dates! January 12, 2008 6pm - 9pm & January 20, 2008 2pm - 5pm                                             

January is all about Artist Gali Rotstein!

Please join us for  the launch of emerging LA Artist, Gali Rotstein, at  Bergamot Station in the Lois Lambert Gallery. A portion of the evening's proceeds benefit Children's Action Network, a charity dedicated to finding homes for the more than 114,000 foster children in the U.S. waiting for an adoptive family.

DJ Sooze spins while you admire and buy amazing art, enjoy gourmet Joseph Schmidt Chocolates, sip "Mother's Little Helper" drinks and enjoy the evening with a wide variety of industry types, art lovers, celebs, and friends. Dirtydishes


            The entire Lois Lambert Gallery Group '08 Exhibit will run January 12 - March 9, 2008.

Bergamot Station is going to be a major art scene on January 12th!  Celebrate Gali's launch at Lois Lambert Gallery, and then pop over to visit LA Weekly's sponsored gallery and other galleries hosting receptions too.

SAVE THE DATE - JANUARY 20, 2008 2pm - 5pm

Don't miss Gali's sculptures, Freeway Freeway and Once Upon A Time, on display during the New Members Exhibit  at the Municipal Art Gallery which runs January 18 - April 20, 2008 located at 4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

The Opening Reception is January 20,  2008, 2 - 5 p.m. This exhibit coincides with the Main Gallery exhibits, Spirits of Los Angeles and Tropical: Art of Brazil, Cuba & Haiti.


Look forward to seeing you!


Check out my friend Kevin's photos - very stunning and fun too

By Joy A. Kennelly

My friend Kevin Painchaud runs the Media Network Group and their mission is "To provide opportunity and contacts to people who strive for excellence in their chosen field." Kevin's a great guy - very smart, very connected, very funny, very nice which is why his group has been so successful for so long. (He doesn't know I'm saying this about him right now, but you can tell him if you know him.)

SO! He just returned from Italy and Ireland and sent us all this really cool photo tour of his recent trip with his friend that he set to music. Click here to watch it. He has such a great eye some of the pictures are quite stunning. Others are just silly and fun like him.

Enjoy! Just wanted to share because I've missed hearing from him via his regular email newsletters. It's nice to have my bud home. We've known each other for many years and he's a great guy.

Welcome back Kevin!

Yeah! School is finally over! I'm getting my life back...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just had my last final exam presentation tonight at UCLA and I am so happy school is over for now. I need a break! Although I've really loved meeting all the cool speakers, getting to know Julian and Henri, my teachers/mentors, better and learning new things about the industry as it is today, but I just need some down time to enjoy Christmas and party a little.

This whole semester I couldn't really go to any of my usual social events because everything in Hollywood normally falls in the middle of the week vs. the weekend and I was too busy. I miss socializing! Tonight to celebrate the end, my friend Julie was gracious enough to meet me for a little impromptu bar hopping of our own in glorious Hermosa Beach.

We were curious about North End Bar having heard so many terrible things about the place that we decided to check it out first. Here's a quote from one web site:

"Worth Noting: Cursory research on the joint turns up a sketchy crime history in the neighborhood, so try not to bumble about hammered in the wee hours."
Interesting, eh? Otherwise all the locals have nothing but great things to say except for one resident and perhaps others a little less vocal about the noise, urination, bottles in their yards, fighting, etc. after the bar closes. Wonder what the outcome of the meeting with good 'ole Police Chief Saveli was? Inquiring minds want to know...

As we walked into the bar, there was a loud disagreement going on among some of the patrons with the young couple leaving in a huff, while the guy yelling at them remained at the counter nursing his liquor. Very exciting stuff and we just walked in on it! The female bartender was very nice, but she wasn't spilling. Who knew what kind of show we would have had if we'd only arrived a few minutes earlier! :)

Because their kitchen closed at 9pm and we were hungry we opted to go Downtown to find a place still serving. I had been so pumped up earlier I hadn't been hungry, but after my presentation I was starving. We ended up at Union Cattle for some nibbles and it was very pleasant.

Very quiet, but perhaps it was because we were downstairs vs. the upstairs bar, but we weren't there for that so it didn't really matter. I had presented my ideas for publicizing the City of Hermosa Beach in front of three PR experts as part of my final exam and was excited to share the outcome with Julie.

One of the gentleman, when I was through presenting my 18 page report, said, "In all my years of doing public relations, I've never heard of anything like this ever." Made me feel good like we were all on the right track. I'm going to be contacting him in the next few days for ideas on how to proceed based on what I've started since last July with the media and government officials . We shall see!

I have one more class ending tomorrow night which will be a little sad to end because I've really made some good friends there, but I am ready for a break! Me and some friends are planning a get-together at this weekend's Christmas boat parade in Belmont Shores which should be fun.

S'mores anyone?

I say you can never have too much chocolate. That's my drug of choice. You can have your alcohol. Not my thing since sometimes it gives me acid reflux. Bummer. Just depends on the quality though so I do enjoy certain drinks, but am not a lush - that's for sure!

Now that class is over I will have time to write about more of the speakers I heard in my other class taught by Henri Bollinger who were quite good too. I really love learning and meeting new people which is the only thing that kept me committed to attending class regularly when there were so many cool events going on in Hollywood.

However, the way my fine artist client, Gali Rotstein's Art Opening in January is shaping up I think we're going to kick off the New Year first class all the way. More details to come, but save Saturday, January 12, 2008 because it's going to knock your socks off.

Lois Lambert Gallery themselves are inviting over 4,000 guests! Then there's my list, Gali's list, Children's Action Network's high-profile entertainment industry list, all the other artist's who are included in this Group '08 show, and all the media relations I've done - this is going to be one of the better parties Bergamot Station has enjoyed in a long time if I do say so myself.

Plus, rumor has it there are other BS galleries throwing their own openings, so come early and stay late. Oh, and most important... BUY ART!!!! You know I have to say that or I wouldn't be doing my job as Gali's publicist right? There will be plenty to choose from, but buy Gali's first ok? Sometimes I make myself LOL.

I hope you LOL too.

Stay tuned, more to come...

Sharefest, Groundlings, bibi davidson, Gali Rotstein, Bay Cities Community Church, Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving

By Joy A. Kennelly

This has been one packed weekend. I love times like this because I am very social and love being around lots of new people. I also like my time alone, but I needed to be around people to help deal with what I'm working through.

Hit the Sharefest Fundraiser Friday night which was a lot of fun. I was expecting to see more single guys there, but it was lots of single women and married couples. The fun part was seeing people I grew up with down here that I haven't seen in years and years because I was living in Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Some had changed and some hadn't changed at all. I also saw some people I wasn't expecting which was very surprising, but nice nonetheless. Maybe a little painful in light of the circumstances, but I dealt with it. I also enjoyed finally meeting Steve Napolitano face-to-face because I'd been contacting him regarding Hermosa Beach's crime for so long. Very nice, funny guy. Is he single? Just teasing.

I have been so cooped up working and going to classes so much I really haven't been out socializing like I normally do and man I was in rare form that night. I had my friends laughing the entire time we were greeting because I kept cutting jokes and making fun the whole time. When I'm on fire, I'm on fire. Can't help it.

My Dad has a great sense of humor and taught us to always see the humor in life. Plus, it makes you feel good to laugh right? I really needed to that night. It was fun to get dressed up too. I'm very casual and rarely dress up for work since I work from home and live a block from the beach, but love going out all decked out. Even curled my hair! Texas style if you get my lift...

I encourage everyone to come to next year's fundraiser for Sharefest because they have the best auction items - trips to exotic locations like Bali (two people bid $6,500 and each won!), amazing packages of products, great Christmas gifts, lots of stuff I was so impressed to see.

I've gone to a lot of silent auctions and this was the most extensive group of products I've seen in a long time - Laker tickets, some famous basketball player signed some sports shoes, and on and on. Very cool. Once I remember how to upload pix I'll put them in a special folder for you to see. I'm so impressed with the guys who created this entire organization - what dynamos! The entire South Bay really owes them a huge debt of gratitude for all their non-profit ventures to help the community.

Lots of people came out which was fun. I could have sworn this one guy came who looked like he was straight out of The Sopranos, only in a bright blue fedora and suit. Very handsome, distinguished gentleman who definitely wanted to be noticed. You were definitely noticed! :) There was a great mix of people. The place was packed. What a nice venue too.

The Marriott has really changed since I used to go there to dance in college with my friend Sheri. One time I wore my long African dress just because I felt like kicking back and not worrying about what guys thought. We had more fun that evening! She and I greeted people as they came in like we were the hotel greeters and then danced all night long with the guys we'd been joking around with. One guy told Sheri I looked like a dove on the dance floor. Fun memory. I love dancing. How about you?

As Sharefest volunteers we helped until the program started and then were able to join the large crowd for a nice dinner.  More auctioning went on and then the keynote speaker, Karen Ledebur began to speak. 

Here's a little blurb from her bio:

"Kären also served as Associate Director for Corporate Planning and Development for the Beach Cities Health District in Redondo Beach. Her work there transformed the Health District from a behind-the-scenes grant making organization to the dynamic public health entity it is today."

I thought she'd speak about change from more of a business perspective, but instead she shared her personal story of survival and how God had touched her life through the hardships. She used pennies as an example of the need for us to make change in our lives. It was interesting and very encouraging, but went a little long. Just being honest.

I think when you're "on" for the public (like we had been as greeters,) it's very tiring and around 9:30pm Deb and I cut out. She had volunteered with me and it was great fun to have one of my best friends to hang out with. Stephanie, my new friend from Bible Study, was there too and she's so stylish! Hardly recognize her when I see her not wearing her scrubs because that's such a unisex and plain garb.

Anyway, it was a really fun evening and exactly what I needed.

Saturday hit my final Groundlings class which was also fun, but a little sad because it was going to be the last time I saw some of these people since they're jamming on to the next workshop right now whereas I'm going to wait till January.

It's ok though because I think when you work with new people in an improv setting you learn new ways of acting with people that makes you stronger in that type work. I may be wrong, but it just seems like this change will be good. Plus, a chance to make new friends!

We all went out afterwards for drinks and apps to celebrate completing the class. I haven't been drinking in a few months and the martini I had went straight to my head immediately. Today I've been fighting a head-ache all day which makes me feel like the buzz just isn't worth it in the long run. Now maybe if I was back in my floozy days I might do it more, but now...

After a bit, dashed off to my client, bibi davidson's art opening which I believe was a huge success. So many of my friends showed up (even my former client, Domiziano Arcangeli, made a rare Santa Monica appearance) and bibi's studio was constantly packed with people. I think her space more so than some of the other artists...I was very happy to see that because I'd been doing so much publicity and inviting people it made it all worthwhile.

I'm hoping some papers I invited might have popped in too since I had a nice email from an editor indicating he liked the information I'd been sending out. We'll see.

I'm going to do a photo spread  and wrap up of that even in my other professional blog - thejoywriterpr which I started on wordpress. Again, once I figure out how to upload the pix. I'm hoping it's just like riding a bike and I'll remember right away. They are a lot of fun. bibi is such a character. I think she and her art are great.

Then Glen, my new bud, and I popped over to Bergamot Station to check out all the openings over there. Of course, James Gray Gallery had the best party as always. This one was a fundraiser for Artists for Human Rights. It was nice to see the Gallery Director and say hello. Also spoke for a bit to Artist, Stephen Bennett.

Both Glen and I could swear he was painting over the photographs he took of indigenous people, but Stephen says he paints from memory and off the pic, not on the pic. It's almost too perfect though, but whatever. I don't really care either way. It's very cool any way he creates the images - check out his link and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Then quickly ran over to Tarryn Teresa's Gallery. The more I understand about the art world, the more I'm impressed with Tarryn and Claressinka for doing what they're doing with this very cool gallery space. They're both so young and beautiful sometimes it's hard to believe that they, and Elizabeth, their counter-part, actually run this wonderful gallery. Kudos girlfriends! Keep up the good work on bringing interesting art to a younger, hip generation like you do so well.

Lastly we hit Lois Lambert's Gallery since Gali Rotstein, my other artist client, will be holding an exhibit there in January 2008. She's part of the Group '08 show and has four really cool pieces of art that will be on display. You'll have to save January 12 on your calendar and plan to join us ok? She's going to be huge, mark my words. And I'm not just saying that. Big time art people agree with me. I just have good taste what can I say? :)

Back to LLG. It was a little uncomfortable to walk in and see someone who I'd stopped being friends with years back, but we agreed to act as if the other didn't exist and I walked past without incident. It was only a matter of time before we saw each other again since she was the one who introduced me to the whole art world years back and she's the one who originally brought me to Bergamot. Oh well, thanks for the education, right? LOL

Life's too short to hold grudges, but to those of you who do, God bless you richly. I don't live like that, but if you must - hope it's working for you. LOL I guess I've just had too much therapy and healing to allow petty things hold me back any more.

I will get through the pettiness that's going on right now too, but have to admit that I was crying all morning over some of it. It just seemed like it was too much to bear any more, but my good friends I called loved me through it. My new pedicure helped too. Plus, I was able to go to a really cool Thanksgiving celebration today with Glen and his roomie Phil which really lifted my spirits.

I think it was just Jim's message on rejection really got to me. I don't cry very easily, but I just sat there crying for most of his message. However, I'm in a total different head space now. I'm glad I have good people in my life. I hope you do too. Again, life's too short to waste it on mean people.

All day was healing actually. Jim's sermon was great as always. Here's the notes since you might not have made it this morning. May it bless you as much as it blessed me - I'll tell you more about this amazing feast celebrating peace and world harmony called Snow Goose after the message.

The Answer to Rejection

"How God Wants us to Deal With Pain"

Why Rejection is so painful
(The lie - that other's opinions can determine our value.)

1. It's a form of relational murder. (Murder is the ultimate ending of a relationship. Hate is prolonged suicide.)

Matthew 5:21-23:


    21"You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, 'Do not murder,[a] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.' 22But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother[b]will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, 'Raca,[c]' is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell.

2. It's an attack on our God given value. (People feel if they can remove your value then they can disrespect you, but God says you have value and you matter.)

1 John 3:2:
2Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears,[a]we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

Romans 8:17:
17Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.

1 John 4:10:
10This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for[a] our sins.

Wisdom in dealing with rejection - know where true acceptance is found.

1. It's not based on my performance.

Titus 3:5 & 7
5he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, 7so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.

2. It's not based on the approval of others.

Proverbs 29:25:

    25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare,
       but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.

Psalm 56:11:

    11 in God I trust; I will not be afraid.
       What can man do to me?

Matthew 10:28:
28Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

3. It is based on my relationship to Christ.

Romans 8:1:

Life Through the Spirit

    1Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,[a]

Romans 5:8:
8But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

9Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through him! 10For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life! 11Not only is this so, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.

Since God Accepts Me - the truth is

1. It doesn't matter what others think of me.

Romans 8:31:

    31What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

2. He has assigned to me eternal value.

Romans 8:32:
32He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

3. No one can cause God to reject me.

Romans 8:35-37:
35Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36As it is written:
   "For your sake we face death all day long;
      we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered."[a] 37No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

4. Nothing I do will cause God to reject me.

Romans 8:38-39:
38For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Steps in dealing with rejection

1. Never let approval of others control you.

Galatians 6:10:
10Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Galatians 1:10:

    10Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.

2. Grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Psalm 9:10:

    10 Those who know your name will trust in you,
       for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

3. Graciously accept others as God requires.

Romans 15:7:

    7Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

End note - People who don't fear rejection have a greater capacity to love.

Amen and amen. The special music by Steve Jordan was especially nice today too. He really does have a great voice. Sorry about being petty last week SJ. We're family so... Okay, that's the sermon from today. Hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something. I know I did. Really touched my heart today.

Another event that touched my heart today was the special Thanksgiving feast called Snow Goose my friend Glen invited me to attend today. 

Here's info from the web site:

Our Mission
To promote a celebration of peace, harmony and abundance through a festive atmosphere that embraces the beauty and solidarity among all people.
Our Goal
To implement one thousand locations with a thousand people at each site by 2012 and one million locations by 2026, moving our collective human-being-consciousness into another frequency of dreaming, thinking, and doing. Remember, we were all indigenous people at one time and wild and free and directly connected to the lifeforce of Creation. We can do this. We really can!
Our Vision
In 1992 Victor Villaseñor was giving a talk in a bookstore packed full of people in Portland, Oregon on his latest book Rain of Gold, when a local native asked him what was he going to do about Columbus.
Thanksgiving Ceremony
We’re asking each of you, to take a personal pledge that where ever you are, who ever you’re with, with or without a candle – at sunset, on Thanksgiving, you will take a moment to send peace and harmony through out the whole world.
Starting Your Own
It's easy. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. So contact your local church, your local grammar school, high school, and/or college. Get your local Rotarians and/or Soroptimists involved. Any service group that's inclusive and comes from the heart. Get together and have an old-fashion potluck on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Now imagine around 1,000 people spreading love and good will around the world at dusk tonight holding candles after hearing a great rendition of Amazing Grace. What a great way to spend today! That's what we did! Can't you just see it in your mind? All races, all ages, all socioeconomic reflected today.

We arrived at this huge estate owned by the host, Author Victor Villasenor, around 2pm, enjoyed a great turkey potluck dinner and then heard a great Latin Orchestra perform and watched people salsa dance for two hours before this ceremony. I love days like this that are totally unique and community-oriented. Lots of great music, great food, great dancing, and good times.

Plus, peace and good will to one and all. So, now I'm going to watch the American Music Awards so you have a good one y'all. Today can't get much better! Lovin' the music! One of these years I want to attend the show!

Good night and God bless.

Money, Money, Money! I won the pitching contest!

By Joy A. Kennelly

As a publicist, when you're pitching the media you have very limited time to get your point across. As a result, you learn to speak quickly, succinctly and cover all your bases in a minute or less.

That training came in handy today when I participated in the pitching contest in front of 3 venture capitalists judges during the final day of StartupLA which was a great "unconference" as they like to call it!

I've never, ever pitched a product in person like that before in front of an audience no less and it was a little intimidating to say the least, but afterwards I knew I'd nailed it. I was affirmed by the judges who said I'd done a great job which made me hopeful that I'd won, but still unsure because there were a couple others I felt were good too. I was so nervous my face was twitching during the judge's critique! I hope no one else saw that!:)

I wasn't able to stay because I had my class and asked a friend to accept on my behalf in the event I did win. She agreed as long as the main organizer agreed and she was fine with it so I raced off to Hollywood.

I was on such a high! It was like all these years of toiling away behind the scenes had paid off and I was validated as a professional in front of my peers. I've sold things since I was a child and am extremely competitive. As a result, when I came to the event today it was with the sole purpose of winning. I didn't even know there was a prize, but when I came out of my class I had 2 messages telling me I'd won a $1,000!

How cool is that? What a great event! I know how much work goes into organizing events having produced numerous events over the years. The speakers and sessions they produced were very impressive. I hope you make the next one!

I caught the tail end of Jason Calacanis' speech the night before and he totally cracked us up with his blunt observations on what it's like to be an entrepreneur. Anyone who's been doing this for any length of time could totally relate. He was a riot! If you EVER get the chance to hear him speak, do. You won't regret it at all.

He runs Mahalo along with Mark Jeffrey and it seems like it's a very cool company. A human driven search engine I believe - very cool.

StartupLA was very interesting because there were so many tech people and I haven't seen that many since the early days of the tech boom. People who are involved in the tech world are always extremely creative, extremely bright and extremely driven which I just love being around.

It was a great experience and I highly, highly recommend you attend the next one when it happens. I met some amazing VC's, heard some great speakers, saw people I haven't seen in a while, and met some cool entrepreneurs. Very fun and informative. Loved it!

Now to collect my money. Still can't believe I won a $1,000 doing what I do all the time! I'm thinking I should hire myself out to help entrepreneurs sell their ideas to VC's as a business! Couldn't you just see it now? I could pitch people's businesses at various VC contests (if such beasts even exist), win the prize money and take a commission off the money funded!

We'll see. Stranger things have happened, eh? I just got a call from someone whose work I highly respect and it came out of the blue. Could be a new direction for me and I'm all for it. For those of you interested in learning what it was I pitched, here's my winning 60 second pitch about Travel Play Company  and the Travel Tray in a nutshell (give or take a few things because I was in the zone and can't really remember everything!)

$1,000 60 second winning pitch

My name is Joy Kennelly and I've been involved in PR & Marketing for the past 10 years. Recently I was hired to represent Travel Play Company and the Travel Tray for children. (I had a sample of the product and pulled it out to show how it worked and what it looked like.) This helps children keep their food and toys in their laps when traveling.

It retails for $19.95 or $24 and is manufactured for $3, but with mass production can be reduced to $1.50. The main target market we see this product sold to is the auto industry, next is the airline industry and basically anyone who has children. We've sold 1,000 pieces to date with minimal advertising support.

The company is looking to sell the patent, license the product or sell the company. I see it as a company in a box because it's ready to go with the right funding.

Okay, now I'm fuzzy. I think that's all I said - correct me if I'm wrong. I was so nervous! Anyway, it was a great experience and I'm eager to do it again for other companies and products. I love competition! Plus, I love the money! We shall see!

BTW, Travel Play really is for sale as is the patent. Contact me if you're interested. (the contact button is messed up and you really do need to contact me for any info ok? Thanks!)

Let's make a deal!

There was a minor mis-connect afterwards which prevented me from taking the check home tonight, but I've been assured the "check is in the mail." Can't wait! Pretty cool for a minute's work, eh?

After that, dashed downtown to the Murakami exhibit at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. It was the perfect way to wind down because it was like walking through another world. At one point I felt like I entered a whacked out It's A Small World from Disneyland it was so absolutely wild.

Another room felt like Wizard of Oz on drugs... Huge almost 2 story fantastical Anime sculptures, HUGE floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall paintings filled with bold colors, wild crazy images and lots of detail.

It was a little overwhelming after the day I'd been having. Almost too much sensory overload because the Geffen is a HUGE almost warehouse like space with lots of large rooms filled with lots of amazing, over-the-top pieces of art as sculptures, paintings, installations, media etc. I LOVED IT!

If you see only one art show this year, please make the effort to see this one. It will blow you away. I can only imagine what the curator and programmer went through to pull this all together.

I've never seen such variety of work on such a large scale ever. It was like walking through a crazy mixed up world of Japanese Anime art that someone crazy had come up with, but not in a scary way, more like a great big adult playhouse if this makes sense.

This exhibit is absolutely brilliant in my humble opinion. I'm going to go back to see it when there aren't so many people around, however, with the turn-out tonight I'm sure the crowds aren't going away any time soon. I think all MOCA's members came out for this event it was so packed! People watching was at a high because of it being Halloween weekend - lots of costumes, interesting people and children too!

My friend and I arrived on the early side and there were still lines out the doors for the video room and the Louis Vuitton store. Simply breathtaking and awe-inspiring to think all that art came from one person. I was blown away and I'm sure you will be too. Check it out and let me know what you think!

You have to like modern art obviously! I believe I heard rumor it's the only US Exhibit Murakami is holding. The show runs through February 11, 2008 - Run, don't walk to see this exhibit. You'll be glad you did.

Afterwards enjoyed great fish and chips at The Village Idiot courtesy of my good friend Adrienne of Magnolia PR who celebrated my win with me. She's had some great wins for clients recently too and as soon as she sends me the tear sheets I'll share it with you. She and I work really well together and she's going to help me spread the word on Travel Play Company too which will be great!

Okay, that's all for now. Have a good one!

At long last, Gali's gallery debut(s)! Moving, moving, moving

By Joy A. Kennelly

I'm very happy to announce that Gali Rotstein of the Ken and Gali Rotstein's has been accepted to not one, but five gallerys! Of course, she can't accept all five offers, but it was so nice to see her work validated by so many fine gallery directors.

Each one was unique in what they were known for and specialized in which made it extremely difficult to narrow the choice down. Especially when she liked the people so much. However, at this point in her art career it was important to select a path that will lead her in the ultimate direction she wants to have.

So! I'm happy to announce that you will finally be able to see Gali's work for yourself up close and personal at the infamous Bergamot Station's very own world renowned Lois Lambert Gallery whose director, Lois Lambert herself, is known internationally as an authority on functional art. The other name for the gallery is Gallery of Functional Art or GFA. It's the perfect place for Gali to debut because her artwork fits so well in this genre.

Mark your calendars now because Gali's art debut and grand art opening with GFA as part of Group '08 is Saturday, January 12, 2008 and will run through March 9, 2008.  She's thrilled to be part of the prestigious Bergamot Station and Lois Lambert's Gallery as her Los Angeles debut for Requiem for a Housewife.

The other announcement I am able to finally make is that Sara Cannon, curator of the equally prestigious Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, went to visit Gali's home studio awhile back, saw her work and said, (a direct quote) "I really like her exuberance and talent....I would like to show her when I get the right show." Isn't that wonderful news too? Sara's gallery is strictly for exhibition which is why there is no conflict with GFA. Oh, the things I'm learning about the art world.

There are some really cool galleries in town and Gali was accepted by three others, which out of courtesy I will keep nameless until the time is right. Just know they have excellent taste in art and I may be sharing a new artist's work with them soon which I'm sure they'll love just as much. Then I'll be talking them up too!

In the meantime let's just bask in the light of Gali's glow as a successful new emerging LA artist, shall we? Like I said about Esther, you think your friends are talented, but worry you're biased when they're your friends. That's why it's nice to have outside confirmation of what you believe in your heart to be true of their talent.

I knew when I visited Gali the first night we met to begin working together and a piece of her art made me cry because it was so stunning, I was looking at true talent. Now to go conquer the rest of the world with her art!

She's really great to work with because she comes up with great ideas and contacts which help make my job easier. Same with Audrey and her Back to College for A Day seminar series. However, they know I work hard with what and who I know, and how I do it too!:)

Audrey's a real go-getter too and I believe that all her hard work is going to pay off! I hope you will consider attending at least one lecture on Saturday, October 27, 2007 and enjoy the intellectual stimulation! I've heard keeping your brain moving helps fight off Alzheimer's which is a good thing.

Otherwise, on a personal front, I'm moving this weekend. Never in all my years of renting apartments have I EVER met such an apt nazi as the lady I met today. You would have thought I was trying to buy the building with all the documentation she requested. NEVER, EVER, EVER have I had a building manager request two years of tax returns, my bank deposits for the past year, proof of payment, $200 deposit etc, etc, you would have thought I had to give my firstborn son the way she was going at it.

Needless to say, I didn't end up applying there after all. I had jumped through some of the hoops, but give me a frickin' break lady. Some of this is none of your damn business. Six months records should be sufficient and if it's not, then I'm not meant to be there. Can you imagine what she would have been like as a landlord? Maybe she's had bad experiences with other beach rentals, but I've moved A LOT in my past and I've NEVER met someone like her.

I point blank asked her if the owner of the building would rather have the apartment sit empty for a month while she tried to find someone else who would give her all the data she was requesting to which she became indignant. I doubt anyone else has ever challenged her like I did, but I hate record keeping and it was a big pain in the tukis just to get together everything I got for her to begin with.

Oh well, I'm in a new Bible Study presented by Crown Financial  which was offered through King's Harbor Church  which will hopefully get that area of my business and life under control. Tonight was cool because Pastor Henry lead the group and I've never met him before. Very nice, caring man. Good people in the group too.

One of my friends from Bay Cities was so excited to hear I was taking this class because it so changed her life so many years back. Another friend of mine had taken it too and everyone speaks so highly of the way you learn and grow through doing it. I can't wait!

I had a pretty rough summer with my back injury and hardly working as a result, but God was faithful and provided for me. Now to get my life back on track in more ways than one. Speaking of churches, I'm singing this Sunday at the 9:30am and 11:00am service at Bay Cities Community Church's Lomita Campus located at  2043 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717.

This is a rare Southern California appearance of me singing so you better get there early or the crowds will be overwhelming. JUST KIDDING! I don't think many people even know I sing to be honest. I haven't sung in a while, but I'm looking forward to it, albeit a little nervous. Would love to see your smiling faces in the audience if you feel so inspired to drive on down and check out the Lomita campus.

This particular church building has such a cool story (which to make sure is accurate you'll have to verify with Pastor Jim.) Apparently a few years back Jim was approached by a missions organization who saw his vision to reach the people of the South Bay and felt lead to donate their entire property of 3.5 acres including the buildings and everything to Bay Cities as a gift!

Can you imagine the value of that property and just receiving it as a gift? Well, they did! Apparently the church needed some work which men from the church helped rebuild. What a labor of love. Now it's so beautiful you feel like you're in a Beverly Hills home it's so pretty  - beautiful tile work, modern fixtures, gorgeous, spacious kitchen, and a great community space.

The grounds are beautiful too with lots of grass for children who attend the little school to play on. I was blown away as he was telling me the story. Now I have to be honest, my heart belongs to the Redondo Beach church because that's where my sister had her wedding reception. I have fond memories of that time. Plus, a lot of the friends I've made attend those services at the Redondo Beach location at the cute women's community center (located at 400 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.) which we call church.

However, I've decided that it's important to be a servant and do what the pastor's wife asks of you when I'm not really singing that often. Plus, the beauty part is that now I'm able to sleep in a little longer because we have a later call time. God knew I'm going to be exhausted from moving (where is to be determined, but come hell or high water I plan to leave this current place on Sunday to keep my commitment to leave and allow the new renters to move in in a timely fashion.)

They're so eager to move here they had mail sent here already and also came by to measure the space earlier this week - back off babes! Now that I'm moving stuff into the living room to make it easier to move, my place seems spacious! My Dad was very sweet and came to help me break down a big piece of furniture to make it easier to transport today. I love my Dad. He's a good man. I have good neighbors too. Two have offered to help me move which is so kind.

I'm going to miss all my fun neighbors, but am hopeful they will still come to my parties and invite me to theirs, or at least say hi once in a while.  I had a good run here, but it's time to do something different to allow me to save money.

I'm beginning to hate to move. First for me. Normally I enjoy the excitement, but now... Enough! Apparently they did a study once of people who've traveled a lot as children and it's very common to move a lot, have multiple jobs and lots of variety in their lives. However now, maybe God is slowing me down or something.

So, all in all, a good day overall. I'm thrilled for Gali and the potential for her career. She's worked very hard for a very long time and deserves this acceptance. Better buy her art now because pretty soon you're not going to be able to afford it - mark my words!

And with that, good night.

Back to College for a Day, Harvest Home, my adoption story, A Window Between Worlds, Gali Rotstein

By Joy A. Kennelly

Yesterday was very serendipitous to say the least. I did more media relations for Back to College for A Day --which is coming along nicely, thank you for asking. The Washington Post reporter I pitched today found my press release very interesting, but was hoping for a more local angle.

I'm hoping she'll see this as a national trend and pick up the story regardless of the fact this educational program takes place on the West Coast. The courses offered in Audrey's program are perfect for that paper - politics, law, health, media.

I've hit a number of newspapers and online calendar listings which should help generate interest. We've also decided to allow people to sign up for individual seminars in case you can't stay for the entire day.

Here's the info again in case you've missed it taken from my posting on Experience LA:                                                                                                                                                                                    Back to College For A Day

Admission: Special introductory rate of $125 covers four lectures, lunch and parking. Individual seminars available at $40 each includes parking.                                                                               

Services: Lunch is included in the program fee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Description: Back to College For A Day debuts Saturday, October 27, 2007 from 9:30am – 4:00pm at Mt. St. Mary’s College – Chalon campus located at 12001 Chalon Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90049.

Back To College For A Day features renowned speakers, compelling topics and like-minded people who share the joy of learning and want to enjoy a day of intellectual and social stimulation. Special introductory rate of $125 covers four lectures presented by well-respected professors from Pomona, UCLA, and Pitzer, lunch and parking. Individual seminars offered including parking for $40.00. Advance registration required.

Lectures include:

1) Bias in the Media: Are You Getting the Real Story? - Tim Groeling, UCLA. Winner of the Copenhaven Award for Teaching with Technology; Author of When Politicians Attack: Party Cohesion and the Media.

2) The Coming Pandemic: Why Influenza is a Major Threat - Ralph Robinson, UCLA. Nominated three times for the UCLA Luckman Distinguished Teaching Award for Outstanding Lecturer; Consultant on bioterrorism for KPCC’s "Life and Times" and other news broadcasts.

3) The U.S. Congress in the American Political System - David Menefee-Libey, Pomona College. Four-time recipient of Pomona’s Wig Distinguished Teaching Award; Author of The Triumph of Campaign-Centered Politics.

4) Police States Past and Present – Andre Wakefield, Pitzer College. Author The Disordered Police State.

For more information visit or call (818) 704-4207                                                                                                      
What's really nice about working with Audrey is that she really respects my expertise and advice which is so refreshing. She gave me the biggest compliment today by telling me she found me highly ethical and honest which I take as a huge compliment because that is something I strive to be in all areas of my life.

It's gotten me in trouble sometimes because sometimes it would be easier to lie, but I just find I'd rather take the fall-out by being honest than worry what I've said that's incorrect down the road. It's just a simpler, nicer way to live.

Okay, enough self-congratulations. What else was I going to say before I run out to my meeting. Actually, I can say audition since I'm not working with any actors right now and have finished my other client work. I think it's fun to audition because it's outside my normal realm, it gets me out of my head, and it's fun to be using other sides of who I am.

I'm still a publicist first and foremost, but this is something I do because it brings me happiness. When it becomes work, then I'll probably quit. What's fun to realize is that a lot of billionaires have fun doing what they do too! Branson of Virgin Airlines builds businesses because it's fun and challenging for him.

I feel the same way when I begin to work with a new client. I love the challenge of breaking them in to the media, establishing their brand, and making their press releases newsworthy. I love seeing my clients develop confidence as they see the results of our efforts together. I also love to see them move up in their careers or aspirations because of my help and guidance. Lastly, I love working as a team to see goals turn into fruition. That brings me a lot of pleasure.

So, as I was saying, yesterday, did some media relations work, went to an appointment and then met a friend for lunch over at Rose Cafe in Venice. I haven't eaten there since 1999 or so and forgot how cute and cozy it is. The food is good too.

We caught up on what we've been doing in the year that we've seen each other and she's just glowing with happiness at having found her true path in life as a Theta Healer/Teacher. (Sorry if that's not accurate Moira, I'm in a rush and am not sure what your exact title is.) She's like a whole new person she's so happy! I'm happy for her too!

She's moving so offered to introduce me to her landlord and gave me the address. When we parted I thought I'd drive by to see the place and see my old neighborhood, but got lost and never did see it. Just as well, I ended up driving by a building that houses A Window Between Worlds. This non-profit teaches women and children in battered women's shelters art as a healing tool. They're all over country now which is great!

I had volunteered there while pregnant and just had to see if they were still around. When I rang the bell, it was indeed the same place and they welcomed me to join them even though they were all at lunch.

Walking up the stairs to the main office area brought back a wave of emotions. I had volunteered there 9 years ago. It was there that I surrendered to the decision that since I couldn't find a family I liked well enough to raise my son that maybe God wanted me to raise him myself. I would be a single parent.

It wasn't what I wanted at all to do, but felt I had to just resign myself to that fate. The epiphany came while I had been participating as a "model" for A Window Between World's TV news coverage they had arranged to showcase how the guided art programs are run and help women. All of sudden, during the demonstration I burst into tears and began sobbing.

It was like a huge dam had broken and all the sorrow, pain, and heartache of this entire pregnancy just came gushing forth. Cathy, the director, was very kind and gentle with me and lead me to a quiet place to journal my thoughts and feelings to gain composure. I don't know if they ever ran that news cast or not, but I was amazed at how the art lesson had been so healing to me personally.

As I journaled I just turned over all my pain and confusion about my son and just accepted that God's will might be for me to raise my son after all. At the time I didn't know I was having a boy, but I did know I wanted my child to grow up with all the benefits of a two-parent, stable household which I didn't feel I would be able to provide at that time.

Many women are single parents and I admire them. I just know for me, it wasn't a path I was ready or able to travel down. That day, after surrendering my will to God's will, I walked back to Harvest Home and there was a package waiting for me from the couple I would ultimately choose to adopt and raise my son.

All the women living in the maternity home with me were all involved in my search process by this time because I'd been looking for almost six months. When I opened the package, there was the soon-to-be adoptive couple's application, lots of pictures, and a video they had created to introduce themselves to me.

All the women clamored for me to watch it so we gathered in the living room and began to watch together. I think that day I wished I had more privacy because everyone kept telling me this couples the one, they're perfect for you. I didn't want to believe it. I was prepared now to raise my child and now the idea of adoption seemed real scary.

However, I knew this couple was the one when I spoke to them both on the phone and they answered all my list of questions. And as a journalism minor in college, I had a long list of questions. I asked to speak to references and spoke to them too. I spoke to the adoptive mom's family members.

I then called a very good friend at the time and asked her advice. She prayed with me and encouraged me to accept this as a reality. I knew it needed to be done, but it was hard now that it was so close to Eli being born.

I found this couple one month before Eli was born. It's a miracle that they passed the home inspection in such a short time. That's why when people are so amazed that celebrities seem to dash right through adoption issues, I know it can be done. The couple who adopted my son weren't wealthy, just good people who would be loving, honest, caring parents.

I think people who judge adoptive parent's suitability for this role can sense when the situation is right. God moves too! When I first began searching for adoptive parents, I sent letters out to all the adoptive agencies I knew around the country asking them for parents who would fit the criteria of what I was looking for.

When I had exhausted that route, I sent out letters to all my friends at various churches around the country asking them to refer good people to my attorney for consideration. It was through one of those letters that a couple attending my friend's church in Texas remembered Amy & Jeff, my adoptive couple, from a Bible Study they had attended with them years back.

They contacted Amy and told her about me. She called Jeff who was doing military duty in Florida and said, "How'd you like to adopt a child?" Now they were content with being childless, but there was always a part of them that had wanted a child. They knew that when the time was right, God would bring them a child.

There was nothing physically wrong with either of them, they just weren't able to conceive naturally. Rather than go through in vitro, they just waited on God. Jeff is a tall, handsome African-American man, and Amy is a petite, attractive blonde woman. I had had a vision of both of them (faceless, but their other physical characteristics very vivid in my head) when I was sending out letters around the country which I normally never have.

However, I do have very vivid dreams! This morning I dreamt that a very handsome, dark almost Italian looking man gave me the best bear hug ever when he saw me. It was hard to wake up after that dream!

Back to my story. Okay, so Amy and Jeff are contacted out of the blue to adopt a child they've never met and have never prepared for. That's what is so amazing to me! There were so many couples I read their profiles whose whole lives revolved around wanting children in their lives. Amy & Jeff were content either way which I really liked that about them.

I didn't want a couple who would idealize my child because that puts a lot of pressure on a child. I also wanted an inter-racial couple because I knew Eli would have an easier time of it if he didn't feel even more out of place in a family that really didn't look like him. What's so weird is that Eli looks so much like Amy and Jeff people never even think to ask if he's adopted which I think is great!

I really couldn't ask for better adoptive parents. They're secure in our relationship and their relationship with Eli. We get along really well. I love them and am so happy I found them. God is good!

That's why going back to Harvest Home this past weekend and seeing what my life was like only 9 years ago; then finding A Window Between Worlds again after all the time; driving down my old street and looking for places there was so mind-blowing. It's like God feels I'm ready to deal with all this emotion and can move beyond it now.

What was so interesting about visiting A Window Between Worlds yesterday is that the walls are covered with art and now I represent Gali Rotstein, a fine artist! Never in a million years would I ever have said my life would lead to art, but here I am.

I guess working with Gali is another way to heal because she appreciates and respects my work when some others haven't in the past. That is important to me with the people I choose to work with. I need to feel like they will ultimately become friends because I look at each relationship in a long-term fashion and I only like working with friends!

I've tried working for people who don't want to be friends and it's just too disheartening and defeating. I can't do it. My work is part of my life and my life is part of my work so it has to mesh. So, there you have it.

I need to run, but thanks for stopping by... More client news soon!

Britney Spears, Art party

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just caught Britney's new video and highlights. So glad to hear she's reconnecting with her mom and sister. She needs family right now more than ever. I think the radio station that was having people bid on when she was going to commit suicide was terrible and deserves to have a heavy fine from the FCC (if that's possible.)

Why do people think it's funny to laugh at another's troubles? Yes they're famous, but does that make them any less human? I've never understood that attitude. Here's an interesting LA Times article with their take on what's happening. And this one's my favorite - Jimmy Kimmel's take on Chris Crocker, Britney's Super Fan, and his video. Too funny.

I do think Jimmy's girlfriend Sarah was a little snide in her riff, but that's old news so who cares right?

Otherwise, life is good. The art party last night was very eclectic and electric - lots of interesting types of people I don't normally see out and about. Got some good advice and a great Kerastase hair product too. Can't wait to get my hair done! You should have been there.

I'm bummed because my friend Vince has canceled his party due to too many Halloween and Octoberfest parties. Oh well. Maybe I can finally catch a movie! Been dying to see the new Jodi Foster film, The Brave One, and a bunch of others like Into the Wild.

My friend Shana saw Into the Wild and says it's amazing. The music by Eddie Vedder really sets the tone and the cinematography is stunning. I think Sean Penn is going to be the next Robert Redford type director if I go by what she described. Or the next greatest Sean Penn director!:)

So, that's all. I wish I could tell you more, but there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes, but until  confirmed in writing...mum's the word.

Hope you're having a good one!

Fun art event tonight - care to join me & my friends?

 (This is posting crazy, but I have to run to church so just read it and realize it looked better on the email ok?)

You are invited to the exclusive Saints & Sinners art show at

Cush Salon, featuring the artwork of Hector Rodriguez.

Mingle with LA's elite artists, stylists, and fashionistas and enjoy light refreshments.

 When: Sunday, October 7th at 7 p.m.

Where: Cush Salon 171 S. Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA

310 360-7963

About Hector and his artwork:

Hairstylist, entrepreneur, artist. This self-taught painter finds his inspiration by fusing his love of pop culture with his Mexican heritage. He creates new dimensions through digital manipulation, layering of images and colours. No longer limited by humanity and hairstyling as his canvas, Hector is free to express his unique view of the world as he sees it, manifesting in the pop-surrealistic images that he creates.

Hector has joined forces with silversmith ENZO (Hector Fernandez) of Made In Moon to create jewelry inspired by his art.

About Cush Salon:

Located on posh Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills, Cush Salon is devoted to quality customer service and a sleek, elegant setting (complete with a cafe) for luxurious hair treatments by their staff of expert stylists.  Experience warm, friendly service and beautiful results.

Guests may bid on silent auction goods from Kerastase and more! Live art models inspired by Hector's designs will also be on display. Cush-invited makeup artist Veronica Lane to add her expert creativity to the mix. Spoken word by Poetry Vizion. Musician Dino Saldo will perform and DJ D Nastee will be spinning tunes throughout the event.

Proceeds from the silent auction will go to our sponsor SmileTrain, a charity devoted to providing surgery for children in need.

Kerastase gift bags will also be given out to the first 50 guests to RSVP.

This event brought to you courtesy of my good friend and colleague - Adrienne Dorsey of Magnolia PR.

Oh happy day...Random Sharp Objects, Harvest Home, LA Louver

By Joy A. Kennelly

I must share that although I'm not big on live theatre, my friend Esther Friedman's show, Random Sharp Objects, last night was really quite good - almost surprisingly so because I had no idea what to expect at all. I've linked to the review so you can learn more. I think it runs two more weeks so catch it if you can.

I've known her for years and have never seen her perform except in the infamous "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" commercial where she's giggling with friends in a limo.

We bumped into each other again at the Independent Television Festival where she and her friend were there as finalists for something or something like that (I forget and since I'm not their publicist and just sharing as a friend I don't have to get it right! Esther - add a comment at the end with the correct info ok?)

To make them both feel good I spoke to the publicist manning the red carpet at the festival and enabled them to do some publicity shots with I think one of their producers (again, not sure of the facts, just sharing as a friend) which can be seen here. They were thrilled and it made me feel good to help them out.

Ever since then she's been inviting me to see her show, but I have been so busy I wasn't traveling to Hollywood too much. I had a night free last night and since the theatre was right down the street from my good friend Shana, I thought what the hey.

I'm so glad I did! I'd had a very emotionally stressful morning and the play was funny. It was also very poignant too. Here's the blurb on the play from the postcard so you can check it out:

"Esther grew up mixed up 1/2 white, 1/2 black, 1/2 Jewish, 1/2 Christian. She must deal with her past to change her future. Hali comes form a good Jewish middle class home with some loose floor boards. She explores why she never fit in and sought her thrills outside.

In Random Sharp Objects these two women examine their lives, seeking answers to such profound questions as why Hali is attracted to bums and why Esther does not date black men. Together they peel the onion of illusions."

Here's a quote from Esther in the Jewish Journal article written on the play too:

"The play has proved cathartic for both actresses. 'I kept many of these stories secret for years, because they were so painful," Friedman says. "But keeping secrets can kill your spirit.'"

I could so relate to Esther's story! It was kind of comforting to realize I'm not the only one with these life experiences and to be honest I almost cried when I left the theatre it moved me so much. Esther really captures and shares what life was like growing up mixed in New York inhabiting all the characters of her family so well.

I especially loved the diatribe on her padunk-a-dunk (butt) which until this play I had actually never noticed! Not only because I'm a woman and don't make it a habit to check out other women's behinds, but also because Esther is so much more than her butt! However, it was very interesting to see what kind of issues were raised growing up because of her shape. Also, her mixed heritage.

I highly recommend checking it out if you can. She's an undiscovered talent who deserves a closer look. Sending you lots of love Esther! Hali, her counter-point, is great too! Here's some love for you too ok?

Enjoyed visiting with Shana afterward and introducing her to my South Bay girlfriend. Shana keeps promising me she'll come visit me, but I doubt it! Too far and she's way too busy too. (how do you like all the "too's"?)

Today hit the Harvest Home reunion which was interesting. Hard to believe I ever lived there to be honest, but it's the truth. Saw some old friends, made some new ones and also received a video on the place which I intend to share around. It's cool to see they have their marketing together.

A flood of memories came rushing back - the sewing classes, the nutrition classes, the birthing classes, having to cook for 10 women at least once a week, the chores, the room I lived in, my thoughts and dreams for the couple who would adopt my son, and the discipline and growing up I did there too. Also remembering producing my film festival from there! What chaos that part was. A lot went on there for me in more ways than one.

I'll never forget hating the 10pm curfew and having to do chores even when I was sick because they wanted me to experience what it would be like to have a child and be sick and responsible for the welfare of my household. I also remember all the times I had to run to the hospital for various complications - all the flus I had and all the sadness of that time.

My life is so completely different now it's amazing. God is good!

Drove around looking at some potential new places afterwards and then popped into LA Louver to check out their art on display. Hard to believe such an amazing art gallery is in Venice, CA within walking distance to the beach. Quite stunning venue. I love modern, contemporary style.

My favorite artist's pieces were Michael C. McMillen's sign painters' enamel;  Charles Garabedian's Willie Snake which is so huge it takes up almost one entire wall of the cavernous space;  Don Suggs Arc of Hours; Dan Ho's My Green Dreams (he isn't listed for some reason); and my favorite, Rebecca Campbell's Tangle , which I was surprised was so inexpensive comparatively. 

I was expecting a much higher price point because it's so visually arresting. Her other smaller works are wonderful and clustered together next to this huge piece which measures 102 x 76.5. 

I think she's absolutely brilliant and extremely gifted as an artist. Such variety in style and her images are so life-like. I would have Tangle in my house in a heartbeat if I had the type of house this piece deserves. It's so expansive and draws you in to take a closer look. One feels like you're peeking in on a real person taking a nap it's so life-like. You definitely must go to see this piece if you have time. They don't showcase the current exhibits online so you need to go visit regardless!

There was also a David Hockney on display in the reception area that is fun. For some reason though I resonated most with Rebecca Campbell's work. The entire gallery is filled with amazing artists and you'd do yourself a huge favor if you took the time to visit. Highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Okay, that's all. Just had to share. I need to hurry up and get ready to go out. Chow baby! 

9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life and other thoughts...

By Joy A. Kennelly

Sometimes you just need a good friend to tell it like it is and remind you that God is in control, not you. I keep saying I'm turning my life over to His will and His leading in my life, but deep down inside I keep thinking that means I'll still get to play in Hollywood with all my friends I've known for years and years.

Not so. I was reminded tonight by my good friend that when one door closes, another opens. Right now it seems like God is closing the door for me to do more personal publicity for actors and it's very sad to me. I LOVE that kind of work. I love helping people brand themselves and create business and opportunities from that identity.

I LOVE IT! It makes me very happy and I think I'm good at it. Others do too, but they can't afford my services (at least the ones I'm meeting. Maybe I need to meet more better ones. Ya think?)

For whatever reason though, it's just not happening right now and I have to accept that fact as a fact and stop living in denial. Maybe I'll go back to doing it down the road, but for now... Not happening. I'm beginning to realize I don't really know what God wants for my life anymore.

That's why my friend telling me she knows I have a gift for publicity and that maybe God wants to use my talents in representing the South Bay is a little overwhelming, but also encouraging. Maybe this is the right direction to take.

I have to admit though. When I think about living AND working down here I feel like I'm going to be bored out of my skull! What is going on at night other than bars and happy hours? Will someone please tell me? Lots of stuff to do on the weekends and during the day, but nights? WHAT IS THERE TO DO - ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE SINGLE???

Maybe I need to start planning some parties and get some events going or something. I don't know, but I do know that if I am going to stay down here I need to entertain myself. I can't deal with the thought that the highlight of my night is going to be meeting a friend of mine down at Barnes & Nobles and seeing what the latest mags are. I'll shrivel up and die! Not that there's anything wrong with it, but not all the time!

No wonder people drink so much down here. LOL. They're bored! I'm bored! Oh well. I need to stop ragging on my little home town and start doing something to make it more fun. I'm sure there's other people like me who would love to do stuff at night too.

I can only hit Java Man so often too. Love that place, but have to say, the customer service with some of the guys working there has gotten kind of bad. I don't know why. I'm not tipping any different than I have in the past. I am ordering the same stuff. I don't know. Just an fyi, mr. owner guy. Especially the Sunday closing crew. What's up their butt?

I was so bored I threw an impromptu night BBQ on Tuesday and all nine people I invited showed up. That was with two hours notice. I think they're bored too. This community needs something pulling the singles and those without children of the town together outside of bars. Just a thought.

I'm tired. Just felt like blogging. It's been awhile because I've been busy and other stuff taking up my time, but I miss sharing. Maybe it's a little too personal, but I always hope that perhaps other people will relate to what I've written and will be comforted or encouraged to know they're not alone feeling the way they do.

One of the things the former shrink from the Women of Faith conference I attended last weekend said is, "When we reveal, then we heal." (This was a very fun conference, but kind of Christian lite so you had to be there which is why I'm not covering it. Check out the link for more details. It's good, just not what I expected. Laughed a lot though!)

Back to my original thought - "When we reveal, we heal." I know, trite phrase, but it was also echoed in this book I bought that weekend by Christian clinical psychologist, Dr. Henry Cloud, entitled 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life.

I kept trying to read bits and pieces of the book over the breaks because it had such an intriguing title and he's such a great author on numerous topics. I almost didn't get it because I still have a gift card from the women's retreat I attended and was going to get it later, but then I read his counseling of an overweight patient about how to effectively lose weight - one pound at a time, one week at a time (more details in the book - read it! It's really great. This is my 2nd time reading it now.) which was a concept I hadn't really grasped because I'm the "I want it now and if I can't have it right now why bother" type person.

However, that idea really resonated with me and since reading the book I've joined a gym again. Time to hit the ground running so to speak. Maybe I'll eat more salads now too. Maybe Weight Watchers is next? Who knows? :)

Back to the book though, I digress. What Dr. Cloud explains is that there are 9 certain traits and characteristics of successful people that he was able to analyze after meeting so many "de ja vu" people.
He calls them that because he kept meeting people who reminded him of other people and he thought maybe he'd met them before because there were so many similarities, but then he realized these people all addressed life in the same successful  way. That's the genesis of the book. I highly, highly recommend it. It's easy to read, lots of examples with real people not celebrities which would make you think you can't attain that life, and very informative.

There's a little study guide that goes along with it and if you bought the two together at the conference I was attending you got a discount - I bought both.:) Now I'm starting to read the daily step by step guide to changing your life in 30 days. It's very scriptural so if that's not your thing don't bother. But if you are interested in hearing God's perspective on you and your dreams, then get it. I'm enjoying reading it too.

Speaking of goal setting... A few of my friends and I are going to start the Goal Gals back up again real soon. (It's something I created back in the mid-90's which my friend Cynthia named when she was part of it where I get groups of people together to accomplish goals in three month increments.)

I'm excited about starting again because I always get so much support in groups like this and accomplish so much more than I would by myself. It's a good time to start too because pretty soon I'm going to be very busy again. I'm very excited that my producer/writer/mentor friend, Marcia, is going to help me create my adoption doc because I'm just way too close to be objective. Should be least I hope!

I'm also looking forward to taking Chris Howard's seminar again next weekend. He takes everything that's taught on goal setting and just kicks it up to a whole other level. I was so inspired last time I attended can't wait to attend this one. I think you can still sign up for free. Check it out. If you're a conference attender like I am!:)

I'm still loving working with my artist client, Gali Rotstein. She's creating some really cool new art pieces and is busy in the studio. I'm busy pitching her to more and more galleries. We have some pending, but until things are confirmed I can't really discuss them here. Just know as soon as we know, you will know. There's also a very cool women's magazine (one of my favorites actually) interested in her story too and if I get her that hit, it will be major! Say a prayer!:)

Otherwise, wrapped the car gig last week (although they're not done, but I was - HA HA) and have been busy catching up on things this week as a result. I don't know how people work 9am - 5pm. I really don't. It's so machine like. But the money's nice I guess. However, according to my Henry Cloud book, it's more important to do something that makes your heart sing.

So, I'm off to read more and learn what's going to make my heart sing! Have a good one all.

Don't be a stranger.

Enjoy the read.

Artist Gali Rotstein Requiem For A Housewife Artist Statement & Release

REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE, Gali Rotstein, Artist Statement

A filmmaker came to interview artists about being an artist. According to her perspective, to be an artist one must look like an artist, live like an artist, starve like an artist, and work only 20% of your life for paint supplies and a roof for a very long time. I have worked and married outside of the art world and now that my resources afford me to live like a well-fed artist, my art constitutes as a “hobby.”

I was not interviewed.

Why do I have to fight the Housewife stigma in order to be accepted as an artist? Why can’t a Housewife be an artist in SOHO? Why do I hate the term “Housewife” so? Is it feminism? Am I disgruntled? It’s not only on Mondays that I cringe to be called Housewife. But what is wrong with the word? Why have we cloaked it in terms “Stay-at-Home Mom,” or “Primary Care Giver?” What does Housewife really mean? And why, why did I have to fight for the right to a studio? Why was it so hard to allocate the rent?

I am ANGRY. My vagina has been held hostage in the complicated relationship of marriage. I am CLEVER. I have used my vagina in the complicated relationship of marriage. I am BLESSED. My vagina has given birth to my pride and joy. I am FORTUNATE to have a vagina.

What is the perception of a Housewife? I don’t cook, I can. I don’t clean, I can. I am at my daughter’s side shadowing her like a net under a trapeze artist. I am a partner to my husband, navigating together a life that I take pride in. I have fed. I have nurtured. I have loved. I am Loved. I have solved conflict and created some battles. I get an occasional manicure. I have made us a home. And I relish in its walls.

I am a CEO. I am a CFO. I am COO. Am I a housed wife? Is this not enough? Is that all there is?

So I paint a REQUIEM to the word HOUSEWIFE.



Featured On EXTRA Entertainment News Magazine (for a  look at her work hanging on the walls of a famous celebrity click the link)

Los Angeles, CA

… Artist Gali Rotstein’s REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE art series explores the issues surrounding today’s modern housewife. Why do women still hate the term “Housewife” so? Why is it cloaked in terms like “Stay-at-Home Mom” or “Primary Care Giver?” What does Housewife really mean? All this and more is examined in Gali’s REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE which was recently featured on EXTRA as part of a special EXTRA design make-over of a celebrity’s production office by Interior Designer Leslie Sachs of Breathing Room Design.

Gali Rotstein’s art goes against the creed of “less is more.” She chooses to use multiple sources of light and perspectives to create three dimensional multi-layered, sculpture-like paintings. She expresses herself through drawing, painting, photography, and assemblage from found and discarded objects, natural elements such as twigs and moss, and ordinary man-made objects such as wires and light bulbs. “My heaven is in the junkyard and hardware store,” says Gali. Her art is as multi-layered as her story telling which she does through her work and with her sense of humor.

Her creative influences as a child were significant since she was surrounded by the work of such influential contemporary artists as Nathan Oliveira, Elmer Bischoff, Wayne Thiebaud, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, David Park, Selden Gile, Christo, Richard Diebenkorn, and Anselm Kiefer -- all collected by her art collector father, Naftali Zisman. Family friends and Israeli artists Raffi Kaiser, Menachem Gueffen and Menashe Kadishman were also collected by her parents.

It wasn’t until after running three successful start-up businesses, writing a children’s book series, overcoming a serious illness and experiencing a life-defining moment that she finally came to terms with her untapped childhood passion as a fine artist.

In one short year after moving into her own studio for the first time, she created her first series, HOME. Completed in 2005, HOME was shown as part of the Santa Monica Fine Art Studios Open House in November 2005 and seven pieces, (half the show) sold in one night -- a coup for a totally unknown artist.

Through Gali’s latest series, REQUIEM FOR A HOUSEWIFE, she is expelling her war against the word and all it implies; which, for all practical terms, and despite her successful ventures in business and other artistic endeavors, she feels she is.   


Dirty Dishes






She’s currently working on her next collection, Planet SOS, which deals with the current “crisis” atmosphere in the United States. This body of work will also include sculptures and three-dimensional paintings.

Bergamot Station - great place to see art

By Joy A. Kennelly

Yesterday I took off for Bergamot Station. I wanted to explore that complex during the day since I've normally only gone there for art opening events at night and hadn't seen all of them as a result.  Here's a blurb from the web site to introduce you to this space if you've never been there before:

Bergamot Station is Southern California's largest art gallery complex and cultural center, located on eight acres in the heart of Santa Monica featuring contemporary art galleries, The Santa Monica Museum of Art, architecture and design firms, a cafe, and a frame shop.

I'm so glad I went! I don't care what anyone says, but personally art really restores and refreshes my soul. At one point during a visit to one gallery, Hunsaker/Schlesinger Fine Art, I was moved to tears by the poignancy and simplicity of one painting Lora, the owner, was sharing with me. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the artist or I would tell you.

All the artwork in her gallery is quite stunning and she has excellent taste. She's a delightful woman too and enjoyed sharing her favorite pieces that she keeps in her office for display. She made me laugh because every time I saw a piece I liked in her display book she would say it was in her office. I told her it must be delightful to be surrounded by such beautiful art all day.

If you go to her site, check out these in particular as they're a few of my favorites:

Cindy Craig Isn't that ring just stunning? All her work has such fine detail and is so realistic you think you're looking at a photograph. The Costco painting made me laugh and think of my mom because that's her favorite place to shop. My mom calls it the $100 club because she can't leave there without spending that much money. You really must see these up and close and personal to fully appreciate the work.

Guy Diehl  Is another favorite of mine. I love realistic still life that looks like you could pick up the object right out of the picture.

Christopher Murphy I love this kind of artistry. I think that's why I love Gali, my client's work so much. There's a pathos, yet humor about each of these people that makes you want to know their life stories. Why are they looking like that? What's going on behind the scenes? Who are they?

Robert Ginder I don't know what it is about his work, but I just love it. I know, I say the word love a lot about art, but I do. It just speaks to my soul and shows me something so special and lovely. The fruit, I want to eat. The home, I want to visit. It's so reminiscent of homes I grew up near as a child.

Robert Graham I had the privilege of writing about all the artists of the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels (which I should find to share with you someday.) Robert Graham had designed the huge bronze doors and I actually met him at that time. Here's a little blurb from the web site on his work for this massive project:

"Church doors symbolize a bridge over which we may travel back and forth across the ages on our journey of faith. The great Bronze Doors, situated on the southeast side of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, were designed by the Mexican born, Los Angeles sculptor, Robert Graham. Nearly five years in the making, they were built by some 150 artists.

Graham divided the 30' X 30' space for the South Doors into five, geometrically balanced shapes. First he apportioned the height and width into thirds, and took the top third as the tympanum (ornamental space). The remaining two-third was divided again into thirds, forming the two large, L-shaped doors surrounding two inner doors. He created a door within a door, with four separate parts that operate in various configurations as they open and close.

Though most great doors into cathedrals are full of images of holy men and women and biblical stories from the Old and New Testaments, Graham's doors are different than any Christian worship space in the world. Graham considers that these other doors were "history books and storytelling books," in an age before printing or before general literacy. The need for this depiction is no longer necessary. Rather, he preferred to create images that are 'culturally recognizable.'"

I forgot I had that art writing experience. Now that I remember - it was very cool. It was truly special to be there before the Cathedral opened and hear straight from the artist their reasonings for why they created what they had, the materials and work that went into it. There are some amazing artist's work at the Cathedral.

I know the church has a lot of bad press going on about it right now, but you can not say that Catholics don't know how to build amazing cathedrals. I believe our Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is truly one of our finest architectural and artistic location in the downtown area even though often overshadowed by Gehry's Disney Hall. They're two completely different styles and appeal to different people. I happen to love architecture and admire the handiwork of all styles though.

I encourage you to take a trip downtown one day soon and see all the intricate tapestries hanging on the walls, the beautiful fountain as you enter with words of life spilling out of the water (if I remember correctly), the wonderful sculptures in the garden and inside, the olive trees planted in the courtyard, and the amazing altar hand-crafted by an artisan. The beauty of this place alone will humble your soul and bring peace to your mind.

Try to go when it's quiet though to fully get the whole experience. I have to sigh just remembering it. I really must find what I wrote about it because it will really give you a taste of it if you've never gone. But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, Bergamot Station and Hunsaker/Schlesinger.

Hunsaker/Schlesinger Gallery Owner, Lora has launched the careers of numerous well-known artists by virtue of appearing in her gallery. Her work has such depth and range I enjoyed spending time getting to know her and her taste. I highly, highly recommend making her gallery one of your must see galleries when you plan your visit. Tell her I sent you...:)

Currently hanging are two new artists with two very different styles - Michael Brunswick and Kathrin Burmester. I believe she's planning to have an art opening soon so give her a call to get on her mailing list or schedule an appointment: 310 828-1133.

What I love about Bergamot is that there is such a variety of work you are never bored. I've traveled all over the world with my family and alone and we always visited museums everywhere we went. I've been to the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum, and numerous museums all across the U.S. and especially New York. I LOVE ART! What can I say?

I had to visit the Santa Monica Museum of Art because an artist friend works there, but unfortunately she wasn't there. They have an interesting collection of feminist artists under the title Identity Theft which makes me think they might be open to considering my artist client, Gali Rotstein's work too. Who knows?:) I think I've seen of the artist's work on display at other local museums as well.

Tarryn Teresa's Gallery has very erotic images on display, but they're so artistic it's not offensive at all. I love artwork that tips the edge a little. Colleen Mulligan's artwork was really lovely and definitely worth a visit too. Very unusual which I liked. Better hurry though, the exhibit ends August 11.

Frank Pictures Gallery was enjoyable because they're showing a Latina artist so you see a completely different perspective than usual. Very interesting objects too. Definitely worth a visit.

Ikon Ltd Gallery is very powerful. You almost feel like your senses are assaulted by the contemporary art visuals it is so strong. I think I've seen some of their works displayed somewhere in the Downtown Art Scene. I used to have an artist friend who would invite me all the time and since we stopped hanging out I haven't gone as often, but now I think I am going to.

William Turner Gallery
has Michel Tabori on display and it was very peaceful to look at these large-scale mixed media and resin on canvas pieces.  Very geometrical and modern, yet soothing in some way.

Frank Lloyd Gallery
is very high-end and not open to any new artists. It was interesting and varied work. If you have an extra $96,000 lying around, then definitely go visit them.

Bobbie Greenfield Gallery This one is also very high-end. If you want to see Andy Warhol, Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Longo (one of my ABSOLUTE favorite artists) or other famous modern artists, then definitely visit this one. My artist client, Gali, grew up surrounded by such artists since her father is a well-respected collector of modern art. It was fun for me to see Wayne Thiebaud's work up close and personal since she said he influences her style. I find her work very reminiscent of Robert Longo personally.

Rosamund Felsen Gallery I think they like to make political statements because the show I went to years ago was all about the war in Ireland. That was a great art opening and I vividly remember the paintings on display even though it was years ago. Currently hanging is what seems to be African art. Renee Petropoulos calls her exhibit Social Arrangements which offered an auditory experience too. Very interesting.

What would a visit to Bergamot be without a visit to Shoshana Wayne's Gallery? Very interesting, unusual artwork by Terri Friedman is hanging there. I loved the variety of some of the other artists as well. Very unusual and interesting as I've said before. Highly recommend a visit. Extremely high end and lovely.

What I found interesting is that there's an architecture firm located on the premises too called, Pugh-Scarpa.  Although very environmentally friendly, they're much bigger than just being "green." Check out the web site for more information. Very cool work/art environment with interesting wood sculptures on display.

Craig Krull Gallery has Robin Mitchell hanging, but hurry because that exhibit ends August 9. I think all the artists there will be switched over soon so keep an eye out for their next art opening. They seem to be very high-end too. At least the attitude of the desk attendant would dictate it, but the other woman working there seemed very nice. I just don't understand snobby people. Never have. Never will.

Track 16 Gallery is very commercial in style, but a lot of fun to visit. It's one of the more celebrity-oriented galleries as far as I can tell and had a very funny intro statement from Eric Idle I believe about Glen Wexler's Private Life of Cows collection. Dennis Hopper curated Paul Joyce's Hollywoodland and the other artist, Gail Greenfield Randall, is seemingly there without any celebrity endorsement - she has very detailed cases filled with seemingly disparate objects on display together which somehow come together as one.

Wide variety of styles and expressions at this gallery, but again, hurry and visit since this exhibit closes August 4, 2007.

Another more commercial gallery where I've attended art openings before is James Gray Gallery. This is a huge gallery space with lots of interesting spaces to showcase your work. I ended up having a very long conversation with the gallery director, Heidi, who is extremely knowledgeable and sharp. She said that oftentimes work doesn't even get seen at her art openings before it's sold.

I liked the variety in style and genre of her gallery. She's having an art opening this Saturday night so pop by and tell her I say hi. It's always a good time. I think the last one I went to Dennis Hopper was there, but I can't really remember. She does have a database of 5,000 names though and really markets the artists who come through.

I'm interested in working with some Santa Ynez artists and think this might be a great space for them to consider. We'll see.

Ruth Barhofner Gallery
had some of the more interesting almost Asian inspired art that I've seen in a long time. Check out Carrie Leeb's Migration exhibit here.

I think it would be so fun to become an art consultant for an interior designer to help them find just the right piece for someone's home. I think I have a pretty good eye on what is good and would love to help artists in this way. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Can't you see it now?

Patricia Faure's Gallery has sculpture too which I liked to see. Check it out -you have time with this one as it's up till August 25.

Epoxy Box Gallery is big on eco art this exhibit and everything is very fun to look at because it's so whimsical and unusual. Here's the title of this exhibit "The 100% Dolphin-free Earth Friendly Shrink Your Carbon Footprint Color Me Green Energy Efficient Sustainable Art Show." Isn't that cute?

Her in-gallery store also has quite a collection of unusual jewelry and home decorative items which again, are very unusual. Of course, the chunky turquoise necklace I just loved was $950. What can I say? I have expensive taste.

Fig Gallery is another multi-room location with different series hanging in every room. Notice the Asian themed art? Very colorful and eclectic. Sorry if I'm repeating my adjectives too much. I haven't acquired the "appropriate" art lingo as of yet. I just know I like what I like and that's that. If it moves me, then it's good. Not to say this moved me, but still...

I look at art from two perspectives. The marketing side since that's my background, but also the emotional side because I find that if art moves me, then it will move others as well and it's generally very valuable. Gali's work really spoke to me which is one of the main reasons I agreed to work with her. Plus, she's such a warm, giving, amazing woman.

Yesterday she gave me this wonderful Cole Haan satchel to carry all my packages around with. Who does things like that any more? I want more people who are giving and loving in my life. As a result, I'm going to work on being more giving and loving too. Here that boys? There's a whole lot of love flooding your way.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed this little art tour of all the current exhibits going on at Bergamot. I think there's a few galleries I missed since they're hanging new installations. If you're from out-of-state (and even if you're from in-state!) and interested in modern, contemporary art at its finest, then this is one location you MUST visit. I can't recommend it enough.

There's always fun art openings, amazing art, interesting people, and a cool vibe just by virtue that you're visiting Santa Monica. Totally different people, totally different culture, totally different life and style.

I love the variety that Southern California offers all over Los Angeles. Take a trip. Take a ride. Take an escape into an art world that will ease your mind, soothe your spirit and lift your art experience into a whole new realm.

That's all. I just felt my regular readers deserved to read something other than this silly situation at the beach. There's a whole wide world beyond the beach mentality. I'm so glad I'm part of the world at large.

Take care and enjoy this glorious sunshine! Next review - the Melrose and La Brea art scene. Stay tuned.