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Pre-Oscar Gifting Suites recap - Luxury Experience & Co at Valerie's Part 1

By Joy A. Kennelly

No matter how times change, some things will always remain the same. By this, I'm referring to Pre-Oscar Gifting Suites. All the stars and wannabe stars flock to these like they've never received a gift in their life, or else that's just my impression having been to so many over the years, but seriously, they're the one time all of Hollywood mixes for a daytime party. Free gifts. Fun People. Glamour. Photos. Networking. An Oscar pre-party.

What's not to love?

I enjoyed attending two very different types of gifting suites during this past weekend. One that's been around for years and one that was new and both were unique and special in their own ways. 

Luxury Experience & Co and Valerie Beverly Hills presented a luxury gifting lounge honoring nominees and presenters during Oscars Weekend at the exclusive Valerie Beverly Hills located in the “Golden Triangle” in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. With quality and luxury in mind, LE & Co gifted celebrities an unparalleled level of style and sophistication in beauty, health, home, travel and wellness.

"Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty" actor Kirk Bovill, Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith, "Dollface" actor Gilles Marini, Amber Friendly (Apple TV’s “The Morning Show"), Tyler Perry's "The Have and the Have Nots" actor Celeste Thorson, Filmmaker/Actress Kathy Kolia, Actress/TV Host Caitlin O'Connor, John Singleton’s “Snowfall,” star Angela Lewis, Adrian Dev (Westworld, Mulan), and many others, which created a great mix of film and television talent.

DisplayNewton2 Adrian dev Dr Busso and Selling Sunset Star Amanza Smith Apple TV’s “The Morning Show_ Amber Friendly
The LE & Co experience combined the ultimate customized celebrity experience that featured Dr Busso, Nu Estestica Spa, Protege Footwear, Everlasting Comfort, Jewelry By Swoon, B GREAT, EcoSlay, Valerie Beverly Hills, MoreLife, Elixicure, Scott Porter, KAENA Wines, Batch & Bottle, Monkey Shoulder, Glenfiddich, Hendrick’s, Reyka Vodka and Icelandic Glacial.

Photo by @orelhafotos_Protege_31

  Photo by @orelhafotos_Protege_31

Photo by @orelhafotos_Protege_31

Protégé Footwear was a huge hit among women due to their mechanically engineered fit designed by Candace Chen, the Founder and CEO. A woman's heel is cupped at the heaviest weight of the body on the heel, with gel padding at the ball of the foot, interchangeable straps to vary the look and a toe grip that prevents your foot from awkwardly sliding forward.

I've ordered a pair and am very curious to see how I like the fit since I've had injuries in the past that prevent me from wearing most high heels. Plus, I don't need extra height, but these were too beautiful and interesting not to buy. 

LE & Co founder Melissa McAvoy, named 2019 Top Dynamic Women by Modern Luxury | Angeleno Magazine, toasted to the success of talent walking away from the event with incredible gifts, valuable new connections and a sense of celebration for the amazing past year in entertainment.

"We couldn't have asked for a better partner to host such a successful event with," McAvoy said of Valerie Beverly Hills. Taken from the Valerie's website and I quote:

"Valerie Beverly Hills is a cosmetic company and makeup boutique based exclusively out of Beverly Hills, California. A luxury brand prized for selling a unique line of high quality cosmetics, Valerie Beverly Hills offers an unparalleled beauty experience to its consumers.

Photo by @orelhafotos_Oscars Gifiting Lounge_24

Photo by @orelhafotos_Alyssa de Boisblanc_@alyssad_03Photo by @orelhafotos_Oscars Gifiting Lounge_50So cheers to all who attended, showcased their wares, and gave us a great memory. We enjoyed the experience. It was a great party and can't wait for the next one. And in the meantime, don't mind me. I'm grateful for my gift bag and seeing as it's one of my love languages, very happy now! Thank you Melissa and team! Great Pre-Oscar event!