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Aaron Anastasi, Biography - Actor, Writer, Musician, Author, Coach...

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Aaron Anastasi Photo Credit David Muller

Southern Californian native, Aaron Anastasi, was born to an Italian father with Middle Eastern ancestry, and an Italian mother with Eastern European ancestry. His father, a lifetime saw filer tradesman, and his mother, a career secretary, Aaron was the first person in his family to graduate college as the second son of seven boys.

Spending the majority of his younger years in and around Huntington Beach, California, Anastasi's early years were filled with surfing, playing guitar, and performing music. In high school, Anastasi trained, acted, and sang in a number of music theater productions. 

A talented singer-songwriter and vocal coach, his music career took off when he was in college, and for many years Anastasi spent summers and weekends touring widely, performing music, sketch, and stand-up comedy with his band, including, most notably, Nathan Chapman, two-time Grammy Award winning producer of Taylor Swift, who played guitar on Anastasi’s debut album, Star Seven.

Academics came naturally to Anastasi. After high school he received a Humanities BA degree from Lee University and achieved a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, where he studied philosophy, psychology, and theology.

After Anastasi stopped performing music, he co-founded several successful music-oriented businesses, including an online singing lesson course entitled Superior Singing Method, with long-time best friend, Chas Smith, a fellow musician and college roommate. With over 50M views and 500K subscribers on YouTube, Superior Singing Method became world-renowned, being ranked the #1 online singing program for over a decade.

Anastasi's academic training proved invaluable when he began coaching clients in industry-leading roles ranging from TV and film directors, to Netflix and Google executives, to TED Talk speakers and Billboard-charting artists. He credits EST Founder, Werner Erhard, as well as Byron Katie, founder of The Work, and philosopher Martin Heidegger, with the transformational style he employs which is also based on his extensive ongoing reading of personal development and leadership materials, of which he is unashamedly obsessed.

Taking his own coaching advice, Anastasi has limited his executive coaching to a small, exclusive, high-profile clientele in order to fully pursue his passion for acting.

He also published two books in the self-development genre: The Voice of Your Dreams: Turn Down The Voices of Limitation, and Turn Up The Volume of Success, which landed at #18 on the Amazon bestseller list, and Your Prosperous Mind: Discover What You Really Want, What’s Holding You Back, and How To Get New Results.

Aaron Anastasi headshotAnastasi’s most recent credits include, “Detective Banks” – a seasoned, no-nonsense character on season four of Carl Weber’s The Family Business. He also co-stars in the Ryan Murphy ProductionsMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, playing a physician, and is featured asLyle,” a Hare Krishna, on Gaslit, starring Julia Roberts & Sean Penn, on STARZ.

After shaving his head as an experiment, Anastasi’s career spiked, booking four dramatic roles back-to-back including his appearance as “Adrian” on Marvel's Runaways, as well as an efficient paramedic on 9-1-1 and Bosch, and a recurring role on The Baxters

A prolific creator, Anastasi has also written, produced, and starred in the episodic web series entitled Adam & Jamero, produced 3 documentaries, and played a vigilante ex-cop in the film, Vigilance, which he wrote, produced and starred in, along with a few one-hour drama thrillers in various levels of development.

Anastasi honed his acting skills under Actor Cress Williams of Black Lightning fame, multi-Emmy-award-nominated director, Robert Allen Ackerman, acting coach Lesly Kahn of Lesly Kahn & Company, Graham Shiels of Graham Shiels Studios and renowned dialect coach, Bob Corff of Corff Voice Studios.

Anastasi resides with his wife, Martha Anastasi, (m. 2013) in Los Angeles, California.

Re-Opening mockumentary is a must see! Aaron Anastasi & his wife enjoyed it last night. #Comedy #PandemicHumor #Mockumentary

By Joy A. Kennelly

It was only a matter of time before someone came out with a comedy mocking everything we've all gone through with the pandemic and Re-Opening kills it!

PostcardIf you can read this, you have better eyes than me, but suffice it to say, some comedy and film heavyweights were involved in creating this gem of a film. You may recognize the directors' Chris Guerra from The Groundlings Main Company and Matthew John Koppin.

Official synopsis: "RE-OPENING is a fully-improvised lockdown mockumentary following the cast and crew of a struggling theater (All Voice IS Theater) in Pigeon Valley, Tennessee. They attempt to prepare the theater to reopen to the public after months of lockdown, encountering setbacks along the way."

This was an 6 month, 18 day shoot and Kelsey Cooke co-wrote it along with Chris & Matthew and she also produced it. But wait, there's more! She also stars in it!

Here's some of the cast on the red carpet last night. This was a huge ensemble cast and so many talented people participated who aren't reflected in this picture. 20220318_193521

L-R Casey Hime as the nerdy Bryce, Amanda Lehan-Canto as the mean stage manager with a heart of gold, Chris Kleckner as the sentimental CDC code enforcer, Karen Maruyama as the hilarious tour guide, Kelsey Cooke as the shy single mom who shines, Chris Guerra as the emotional play director and Matthew John Koppin, the filmmaker.

That's only a smattering of the talented people who make this film so hysterical. Here's the trailer where you can see everyone involved...

If you want to look back at the past two years of the pandemic, laugh at all the hoops we all jumped through, and see some very funny people in action, then you will enjoy this film! 

AA & MA Red CarpetActor Aaron Anastasi and his lovely wife Martha attended the screening last night at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills and we met a lot of the cast prior which was very fun. I posted more pix on my Facebook page here.

20220318_191105 20220318_193120

In the Q & A afterwards, the filmmakers shared that the people in TN were very gracious to work with and one guy allowed them to use his theater for free because he had once taken a class at the Groundlings. 20220318_213707

They actually shot in the Groundlings theater too while it was being renovated and also in the Burbank Historical Society Museum. 

So many venues were able to upgrade their facilities including the Fine Arts Theater and it looks stunning now. Here's Aaron and Martha again against the plush red theater backdrop. Her look was a huge hit. AA & MA red

If you want to see Re-Opening yourself, you can catch it next week streaming at the Malibu Film Festival which states, "Malibu Film Foundation is proud to present the 22nd annual Malibu Film Festival virtual edition March 20-27. All access pass is only $4.99.

WATCH and VOTE on your favorite Malibu Film Festival official selections available on our streaming partner XOLO ( Proceeds benefit the XOLO sanctuary of Los Angeles, a permanent home animals in need." 

Actor Aaron Anastasi attended Dr. Anna Guanche's ribbon cutting ceremony at Bella Skin Institute

By Joy A. Kennelly

So yesterday, this happened... IMG_1934
Actor Aaron Anastasi and I attended Dr. Anna Guanche's ribbon cutting at her new Bella Skin Institute in the heart of the City of Beverly Hills. She is known for her Bella Miracle Cream and Bella Cosmeceuticals and amazing treatments for celebrities and others.

Dr. Anna Guanche's Ribbon Cutting at Bella Skin InstituteOthers in attendance included Actor/Director/Producer Jerry O'Connell, Actress/Producer Kate Linder, various members of the Beverly Hills Chamber and Beverly Hills City Council and of course the belle of the ball, Dr. Anna Guanche and her team, family, friends and clients.

Scroll down to see more pictures from the celebration.

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Now to prepare for the rest of the month's activities...

.@JohnMayer performing #SobRock concert at the @LAForum next week #music

By Joy A. Kennelly

image from've been a fan of John Mayer's music for a long time and over the course of the pandemic dove deep into his repertoire which I was surprised was so deep and thoughtful. I know everyone enjoys Daughters, Gravity and other familiar songs, but if you really delve into his musical history, you learn he's much deeper and more talented as a guitarist than one might think.

But rather than take my word for it, read Esquire's article which analyzed all his albums to date. Every John Mayer Album, ranked 

image from have to admit, often, when I couldn't sleep due to pandemic whirling brain, I would turn on one of his albums, lay in bed listening and before I knew it, his singing had calmed my brain and body to sleep. I must have listened to his music like this almost half the pandemic. It was the only thing that would calm my brain down enough to rest.

He also made me laugh all the time when I would see his silly videos, listen to his interviews or watch him goof around on his Instagram live show, Current Mood. Here's an example of a toned down one he did during the height of the pandemic that I particularly enjoyed. He just had a way of putting things into perspective that was calming, funny and insightful.

He's a sensitive, multi-talented musician and I think has had a bad rap for a long time about his dating life long beyond necessary. Kinda makes me think Pete Davidson is experiencing a little of the same, only with a little Kanye thrown in to make it more about the whole love triangle than just Pete's dating life which is why he's not getting as blasted as John did in years past.

John Mayer is my favorite geek. There I've said it. I like nerds. I just do. Especially when they're funny, kind, intelligent, knowledgeable and interested in a wide variety of topics and cultural things, in addition to being extremely talented at playing music. Oh, and cute too.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about being a talented geek. Don't you love the Marvin Gaye vibe?? And who doesn't love a dancing panda or two? 

That's why I'm excited to fly to Vegas and see him perform at the MGM Grand this weekend with my good friend Julie who is just as excited as I am to enjoy his new music. One of my favorite songs is New Light which I'm happy he added to the Sob Rock collection. It always makes me dance and is just silly fun. Have you seen this? Isn't he just the biggest lovable geek you ever did see? He cracks me up in this one every single time I watch it.

Here Are the Best Twitter Reactions to John Mayer’s Wacky ‘New Light’ Video courtesy Billboard Magazine

He's gotten a wee bit more sophisticated with his music videos for Sob Rock which you can enjoy here.

Wild Blue is his favorite song on the album and it's so reminiscent of 70's rock I grew up on it's a walk down memory lane. It's unusual to find someone younger who enjoys 70's and 80's music, but apparently his mother influenced his taste growing up. I'm not complaining, are you?

All this to say, if you're a big John Mayer fan like me, I have 2 tickets available in Sec 207, Row 15, Seats 4-5 to his concert at the LA Forum on March 15 which you can purchase on Ticketmaster. And if I don't sell them, guess I'm seeing him twice! Anyone care to join me? You'll only have to pay for us to park. And the ticket will be on me.

Just think, this could be you in the audience listening to some John Mayer banter live and in person... 


.@Eminem aka The Shady/Aftermath/Interscope artist is now #1 awarded musician for singles by @RIAA

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today announced 73.5 million new Gold & Platinum Program certifications for Eminem. image from

The Shady/Aftermath/Interscope artist is now the number one awarded musician for singles in the program’s history and one of only seven artists in any genre or era with three or more Diamond Album Awards.

Eminem’s combined six RIAA Diamond awards – three albums and three singles – vault him into music’s stratosphere and cement his place as one of the most accomplished artists in history. With today’s 73.5 million new award units, Eminem’s RIAA Award career total is now 227.5 million – 166 million single certifications and 61.5 million album certifications. 

Not too shabby for a white rapper, eh?:)