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My Covid story #MedicalFreedom #Natural #Immunity

By Joy A. Kennelly

My friend recently encouraged me to write more blogs again so here I am. I sit and watch the hysteria surrounding omicron, which still has such a small death rate in LA County, Barbara is forced to include Long Beach and Pasadena Health Departments, and I wonder when intelligent people will ever review the actual stats vs simply continue their group think.

So here, join me in educating yourself on how dangerous this current virus strain really is, and then let's chat:

If we use straight logic, based on the fact LA County has 3,898,747 people and the majority are white and Latino, let's figure out the math when only 30 deaths have been reported in the past 7 days. Let's see 30 deaths divided by 3,898,747 population = .000007% chance of dying under this latest virus.

I think I'll take those chances. What you all don't seem to realize is, how much money TV advertisers make on fear mongering. How much money people who feed into this fear make. How much the DRUG COMPANIES MAKE! 

Do you seriously think we will ever get to an end of this pandemic when our hapless Governor still believes he deserves emergency powers that all other governors across the US have given up? Do you seriously believe that teachers unions who control everything this public school system runs on will give up their power? 

It only happens when we all collectively say,

I'm tired of living in fear.

I'm tired of believing lies.

I'm tired of not seeing family and friend's faces and not freely hugging people when I love them.

I'm tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle that contributes to lowering my immunity and makes me more at risk for catching anything.

I'm tired of seeing children growing up thinking wearing a mask is normal.

I'm tired of feeling like breathing fresh air is bad for you when in fact, the opposite is true. (You are 13x more likely to develop a lung infection wearing a mask constantly.)

I'm tired of avoiding certain situations or not being hired because I refuse to get a vaccine that has over ONE MILLION ADVERSE REACTIONS and OVER THIRTY THOUSAND DEATHS! And this is only 1% of all issues reported according to

Yes, there are a lot of cases. Yes, our ER's are overcrowded. But did you ever stop to think that maybe they're overcrowded because people have been conditioned to think getting a cold now is going to cause death? 

I sat outside the Little Company of Mary ER on Saturday trying to find relief for a topical chemotherapy treatment that was excruciatingly painful because my dermatologist's phone system didn't connect to their emergency lines.

I saw firsthand how many people are crowding the ER. And you know what I saw? People throwing up, mothers and children fighting colds, a dislocated shoulder, heart issues, you name it, it was there. And I sat among them, outside, waiting to be called. And you know what? I'm not sick.

And you know why? Because I take zinc, drink OJ, take a multi-vitamin that has lots of Vit D, C and I eat tons of veggies. I also eat some bad foods, but I've also started juicing celery, carrots, raspberries, lemon, ginger and whatever else I feel like trying, like cucumbers. It may not taste the best because I'm still experimenting, but I feel strong and healthy after. It helps lower my blood pressure and helps with my blurry vision so I will keep doing it.

And here's another story you won't see in the news. 

I caught covid in January 2020. How do I know it was that? Because my Dr told me later, after it was announced that that was what I had when he couldn't figure it out. I apparently gave it to him. We both laughed and ironically, we both survived. Fancy that. A 99.9% recovery rate and yet the world shut down.

I will admit, it was terrifying not being able to breathe, wondering when the coughing would stop and ultimately cracking 2 ribs (very painful), and visiting ER's and Urgent Cares almost nightly. I was also put on steroids, had a breathalyzer, and had breathing exercises to do, which I did at home. Alone. With no medical treatment at a hospital. You know what kicked it for me? Taking OregoResp which you can find online.

And lo and behold, not only have I survived, but I haven't had a serious illness like that in 2 years. I've had days where I had the horrible headache that accompanies Covid, but you know how I killed it? Taking Advil, sleeping, taking zinc and drinking lots of fluids. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Good as new after that simple treatment.

And you know what else is funny? Even the CDC revealed recently there is NO data to suggest that anyone who has had covid is at risk to catch it again, or spread it. But do you know who does? Vaccinated people. Why on earth do you think we have such a high rate of infection when supposedly so many people are vaccinated? 

Can we all collectively agree that often we turn our brains off, go with the flow, believe the media, believe the government, yet, remember when the government used to say cigarettes were ok? If you look back at our recent history, there are dozens of examples of where the government told Americans something was safe and then it turned out it wasn't.

Why do you think Blacks are so against getting the vaccine? Because they have been tested on for most of their history and it's been negative and deadly. Why do  you think Hispanics aren't getting it? Because they didn't believe the hype, continued to hold quinceaneras, and all their huge family gatherings, thus creating their own herd immunity. How do I know this? Because at the height of all this, I lived in Hawthorne and saw it happen firsthand. I also have Hispanic friends who shared this truth too.

So, all this to say, Barbara Ferrer gots to go. Please join me in signing the petition to fire this woman who doesn't have a medical degree, has caused numerous deaths, illnesses, and yet has no plan for us to ever get out of this. We need new leadership. We need a medical professional in charge here in LA County and someone who isn't so caught up in social justice, that she's not reflecting the actual demographics of this state, this city, this population.