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Anywhere, Inc provides customized travel experiences for families, couples, solo travelers and millennials

What started out as an after-college travel adventure in Central America has turned into a multi-million dollar travel and tourism business with over 200,000 adventurers served globally by Anywhere, Inc, a hybrid travel agency co-founded by CEO, Zachary B. Smith, Zach Headshotand CTO, Anthony Landis. Anthony Headshot (1)Currently a team of 30+ global travel professionals, Anywhere, Inc provides customized travel experiences for families, couples, solo travelers and millennials in Costa Rica, Peru, Belize, Panama, Guatemala, Cuba and Ecuador with goals to expand to Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and East Africa in early 2018。

Meeting on an aerial tram in the rainforest in 2005, Smith and Landis hit it off and began officially working together as a team in 2006.  Smith was managing two rudimentary Costa Rica travel websites for an ex-pat and seeing the business potential with Landis’ help, returned to Oregon where he convinced family and friends to invest allowing the team to build Anywhere Costa Rica into the go-to Costa Rica travel website.


Building on this success, Smith and Landis continued to expand to surrounding countries with individual travel businesses (anywhere+country.com) before re-establishing as a singular US-based company in 2012. Logo

Combining the power of each individual country-focused travel website into one unified entity, they officially re-launched as one cohesive company, Anywhere, Inc in 2016. Anywhere, Inc’s projected growth includes adding at least five new countries per year, with a goal to grow to 100 million transactions in 5 years.



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