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By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently, I had the wonderful experience of staying on a farm in the middle of Montana literally out in the middle of nowhere. It took over an hour to get into town and that was partly on dirt and gravel roads. It was heaven to be away from the smog, traffic, and certain things in LA.

P1130844While there, we had the opportunity to experience the most amazing wild caught salmon and organic skirt steak shipped directly to our door courtesy the publicist for Greensbury Market, an online grocery store with the most amazing array of fresh meats. Our order arrived frozen within a few days and as the publicist mentioned, it was in perfect condition.

You can order your own cuts here: https://www.greensbury.com/

Greensbury Market Sockeye Salmon
Greensbury Sockeye Salmon

Having gone to school in Seattle and worked for numerous catering companies in the area that served salmon, I knew what good salmon tasted like, but this was even better tasting because of the wildness of the flavor. I prepared it with a sweet soy sauce and served it broiled with wild rice on the side. Have to admit, was so hungry and this smelled so good, completely forgot to take pictures! My bad!

I had to hit the road prior to experiencing the skirt steak, but my friend enjoyed it a few days later with her husband cooking it with onions and said it was quite delicious. Here's how Greensbury prepared it - doesn't it make you hungry?

Skirt steak tacosI was impressed at how fresh everything was and the ease in receiving this deep in the prairie. I'm sure it will be even easier to receive it in  your neighborhood! Here's a little video that describes their story: 


USDA Organic


Our organic meat satisfies all USDA organic regulatory standards. This means our cattle have year-round access to the outdoors, are never subject to genetic engineering, are fed certified organic feed, and raised on certified organic land.

Grass Fed


Our cattle are raised on small, family-run farms where they enjoy a grass-fed and grass-finished diet. They freely roam and are fed only grass and forage for their entire lives.

Humanely Raised


Our cattle live their lives the way nature intended. They spend the duration of their lives freely roaming on open pastures and are even provided with optional shelter in cases of inclement weather.

Vegetarian Fed


Our chickens are raised on feed that is made entirely from plant materials and free of animal by-products.

Wild Caught


Our seafood is sourced from oceans and fisheries that are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or rated either “Green” or “Yellow” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Sustainably Raised


Our animals are raised in a manner that conserves natural resources and biodiversity using systems and techniques that conserve and protect the environment.

If this resonates with you, then check out there website and order something today: https://www.greensbury.com/


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