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Let's talk beauty. Can we do that as professional women and be taken seriously?:) #Beauty #Hairproducts #SwimSpray #Travel

By Joy A. Kennelly

61865-004-A58B1676Talking about beauty can go in so many directions. If you're a feminist, you're supposed to hate the superficiality of it all and look like Betty Friedan Friedan-bettyor Gloria Steinem. Heavy sigh.

If you're a model, or an actress, that's all you're supposed to think about because that's how you make a living.

But if you're an ordinary woman, living a normal life, often times it's a way of expressing your femininity and simply enjoying the simple pleasures of being a woman.

In other cases, it's a matter of establishing a new path in life that signifies the end of something that hurt you, like ending a marriage in divorce and then cutting off all your hair to be or feel like someone new.

Or in my case, ending a 16 year relationship/friendship and adding extensions, like I did this summer.

I like entering contests because I read somewhere that not enough people do and as a result, you often have a better chance of winning that you think you do. That's how I won an iPad, tickets to the Hollywood Bowl and this summer, my long hair extensions from the Hair Dreams Makeover contest.

Now you have to understand, I'm not a long hair girl. Ever since I was a child with hair down to my elbows and got a snarl the size of a baseball near my ear, my Mom cut off my hair and from then on my hair has always been shoulder length or shorter. 

Thinking back, I wonder how my Mom let my hair get that tangled without knowing it and making it stop sooner, but that's neither here nor there. I also will always wonder why she liked cutting all our hair really short like boys leading an African we were traveling near to think I was a boy while living and traveling in Africa. Thanks Mom. LOL I also had another African offer to buy me in marriage months later so there you have it.:)

Now I've known Danny and Aubrey of Studio DNA since the day Yelp launched in Santa Monica near their former salon and had my hair done there during Yelp's block party open house of all the businesses along the block; which was a whole lot of fun by the way. Yelp was clever at building community then and they're clever now.

   20150715_175656Aubrey of DNA Studios

Same with Danny and Aubrey - brilliant business men and lovely friends I adore. Visit their salon!

But I digress.

In any case, I had an absolute blast having my hair professionally extended by the wonderful David Matthew Reid over at the Santa Monica Dove Salon, their sister salon location.

Joy Kennelly & David Reid Before David Reid and Joy at The Doves Salon in Santa Monica 397547_853903734679406_415225058480953515_n

Before, immediately after (felt like an Atlanta Housewife in that one!) and then after we styled it more.

You can see all the pix and story here: HairDreams Hair Makeover Contest Winner Event  and here: Hair Dreams Makeover Part II Very fun experience and really lifted my spirits which I totally needed at that time.

My hair extensions became like a new pet I needed to take care of which took my mind off a lot of difficult things I was dealing with. I learned you're not supposed to wash it every day (like I was used to, having fine hair), and had to learn how to take care of coarse hair which felt sometimes like an alien object attached to my head.

I was given this wonderful Swim Spray by a publicist which helped make sure the chlorine didn't turn my hair green or make my skin smell which I'm sure avid swimmers will enjoy. It also helped my skin not be itchy. No wonder it won a Bronze award from the National Parenting Publications Association (NAPPA) 

Here's the official pitch: "Invented by a swimmer, SwimSpray is a 100% natural Vitamin C-based technology which solves the problems chlorine leaves behind – strong chlorine odor; dry, itchy, and irritated skin; bleached, straw-like hair; etc.  It was developed by a swimmer for swimmers." Read the inventor's story next. 


"'I was ready to give up swimming because of the post-workout chlorine smell I always had,'" says Andrew Chadeayne, PhD and inventor of SwimSpray.  After trying three or four other products in the market, Dr. Chadeayne, who holds a PhD in Chemistry from Cornell University, was determined to solve his problem.  After months of research, he developed the all-natural formula used in SwimSpray to neutralize the chlorine hair and skin.  

Dr. Chadeayne, a former Princeton University swimmer, was able to regain his collegiate form and become the 2011 U.S. Masters Swimming National Champion in the 200 Backstroke.  "'SwimSpray allowed me to swim as much as I wanted with none of the usual chlorine-related side effects.  I invented the product because, like many swimmers, I was tired of smelling like chlorine all the time.'"  

To be honest, with the summer being hot into September, so was I and was very happy with this product. You can buy it yourself here: and at select swim shop partners.

Now the next thing I had to deal with with my new extensions was my hair not feeling clean when I didn't have the 30 minutes or more it would take to dry it afterward and had to leave the house hoping it wasn't too noticeable. 

This too was solved by a fun publicist who sent me this pitch initially.

Unnamed"Showering is so last year! Who needs water and all that hassle, when you can just as easily spritz on some dry shampoo and be on your way. Save water for the fishes."

She nailed it so well I immediately asked her to send me samples and soon was experimenting with dry shampoos from RUSK, Marc Anthony True Professional and Macadamia Professional. Now indulge me as I share the specs because a friend asked me and I didn't know, but since I know women care about this, here's the official information:

Deep Shine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo

Deepshine® Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo instantly cleanses and revives hair between shampoos by absorbing excess oil and odor, leaving a fresh, clean scent.

HOW IT WORKS: Deepshine® Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo is formulated with ChromAveil™, a patented UV protection technology that helps preserve chemically-colored and natural hair color to extend the time between coloring sessions.


  • ChromAveil™ features a patented blend of ingredients known to protect chemically-colored hair and natural hair color from the damaging effects caused by exposure to sunlight.
  • Marine Nutrient Complex helps replenish hair’s natural balance using a unique combination of marine extracts, proteins and trace minerals.
  • Tapioca Starch absorbs oil and cleanses hair to deliver a velvety soft texture.
  • Prevents hair color from fading and extends time between coloring
  • Invisible application
  • Alcohol-free
  • Talc-free

The RUSK Deepshine® Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo is available at ULTA, Cosmoprof, or select salons. See for details.

 RUSK Deepshine® Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo 8oz …..………...SRP: $19.00

 RUSK Deepshine® Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo 2oz…..………...SRP: $7.00

Travel size too people! 

Now the next one, these are in no particular order by the way, is the 2ND DAY formula by Marc Anthony, developed with Nanotechnology and Zeolite to absorb oil without leaving a build-up or gritty texture. The highly porous nature of Zeolite acts as a filter, trapping excess oil on a 2ndDay_ClearDryShampoomolecular level so that your hair is clean and residue-free. (Don't you love the official pr language? So official!:)

A blend of Chamomile Extract, Stinging Nettle Extract and Pro Vitamin B5 offers added cleansing, conditioning and shine benefits so that your hair not only looks clean – it looks healthy. Plus, fewer washes equal richer color and less heavy oil equal extra volume. 

Availability: $7.99 at Rite-Aid and

And finally, my favorite out of all three, MACADAMIA PROFESSIONAL STYLE EXTEND DRY SHAMPOO, which of course is the most expensive, but when you see the ingredients you'll understand why.

  Style ExtendKEY BENEFITS

  • Absorbs excess oil, product build-up and odor
  • Instantly refreshes hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and fresh
  • Blends with all hair colors, leaving no powdery residue
  • Finish – Natural


  • Macadamia Oil – Omega 7, 5 and 3 fatty acids provide weightless moisture
  • Argan Oil – Omega 9 fatty acid repairs and strengthens
  • Rice & Potato Starches – absorbs excess oils & purifies hair
  • Volcanic Ash – absorbs and traps oils, debris and odors
  • Passion Flower Extract – provides antioxidant protection, and protects moisture balance
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – hydrates, smoothes and nourishes hair


  • Ideal for extending the life of your hair color or blow out and use instead of shampoo for the first few days. Shake can well. Spray 8-10 inches from hair, targeting the scalp. Wait a minute, then brush or work lightly into hair. Style as desired.


  • Color safe, cruelty-free and free of sulfates, gluten and parabens

FRAGRANCE:  Toasted Coconut Cream - really a big selling point!

TEXTURE:  All Textures

I actually used each product and discovered that on different days different ones worked better, but have to admit, the scent of toasted coconut cream won me over and the ingredients of the Rusk one both left my hair feeling the best and garnered the most compliments. The other one I could tell my hair wasn't clean almost immediately which was very unpleasant when you leave the house early morning and then don't return home till late evening.

I would recommend the Macadamia Professional Style and the Rusk Dry Shampoo if you're really busy and don't want to have to worry about your hair once you leave the house. I also like the fact all three are available in travel sizes. I believe they fit within the airline parameters too so pop one in and go!

 So thus ends our first soiree into my beauty firsts this summer.

Up next, Beauty and the Breast, otherwise known as my first visit to a plastic surgeon's office learning about breast surgery, vagina "enhancements" and my first spray tan. Oh, and my original breast cancer awareness effort with a photographer who shoots nude models and my inclusion in the Santa Ana Art Museum's breast cancer awareness exhibit featuring "Breast in a Bow."

Stay tuned. You won't want to miss this one.:)

(Author's Note: It has been pointed out that my reference to never being Jewish as referring to the feminists at the opening of my beauty article could be taken as anti-semitism, but that is wrong. It's simply stating that as a woman with Irish/German/Finnish genealogy who is a practicing Christian, I am not of Jewish lineage. This was meant simply as a joke. Nothing more, nothing less people.:)


How lack of gender bias growing up influenced me & why women matter in today's economy. #Tech

By Joy A. Kennelly

It always surprises me when I encounter gender bias in my professional life because growing up, I wasn't given that world view, nor were my sisters. My Dad always felt all three of us girls could do, and would do, anything boys do.

Not that I liked it at the time, but I do feel it's shaped me into the strong person I am today and why I'm able to overcome setbacks, financial hardship, injuries, and other issues that might have stopped someone less driven than myself a long time ago. 

It helps to surround myself with other strong women, read encouraging, inspiring books of women achievers, and participate in women-focused groups, conferences and other female-supportive endeavors. And have good doctors, therapists, etc.:)

We were raised working on my Dad's rentals - we painted, scraped, cleaned, gardened and were taught the value of doing a lot of the work yourself to increase profits, maintain control and develop stronger relationships with tenants.

We had to earn half our way into any extracurricular activity and were introduced to playing soccer at very young ages. We're all very competitive as a result and also extremely independent too. We were often pushed into activities that girls normally didn't have to learn on their own, but my Dad, being the man's man he is, thought nothing of it and encouraged us to try and do it.

Which we did.

And we continue to do to this day.

That's why when I hear men say, oh there weren't enough quality female teams applying to select more than one out of a group of 20, I say, really? REALLY?!

Every. single. time. I have ever pitched my travel company to anyone who has a female on their judging panel, they get the concept, they welcome us with open arms and they see us succeeding. 


Every. single. time. I pitch my travel company for women to anyone without a woman involved in any capacity, we get turned down. 


Now that makes it difficult when almost all the VC firms, accelerators, incubators etc have almost all men making decisions. Men do not understand how women buy, shop or influence buying decisions by virtue of their gender bias.

It is what it is, but I'm trying to help change it along with other women I admire like Geena Davis and her efforts fighting gender bias in media with her Geena Davis Institute called See Jane.10903461_841892865872200_939113823_a

It's also why I was also pleased to discover Micheal Silverstein of Boston Consulting Group and his books and research on women's value and influence in the marketplace.

61KjqtKvb4L._UX250_Here's his official bio in short taken from Wikipedia: 

"Michael Silverstein is a senior partner and managing director at The Boston Consulting Group. He was one of the founders of the firm's global consumer practice and is known for his expertise in consumer behavior,retail, and marketing, particularly as it relates to the female economy. 

He is the author of Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth,  Trading Up: The New American Luxury,Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer, Women Want More: How to Capture Your Share of the World's Largest Fastest-Growing Market and The Ten Trillion Dollar Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India. 

He is a regular contributor to Bloomberg Television."

When I approached him about sharing his findings with me about women and consumer spending he was so generous, I invited him to join my advisory board which he gladly did. Even writing this recommendation too in support of our endeavors for women in travel:

"Joy has identified an unsatisfied market niche. Women make a lot of purchase decisions on travel and have no source that helps them really identify their best option. Think of this idea as 'Angie's List' for travel. Joy has intent to be every bit as useful and commercial. Multiple revenue sources abound – fee for referral, subscription, preferred access, gift with purchase.

A very exciting idea needing next round of financing to prove or disprove. Women will love it when it is up and available."

So, think about it gentlemen. Who spends the most money in your household or family? Women. Who decides what to buy and plans your trips if you're married or in a relationship? Women. 

Why then would you not value our contribution to the economy or think there's not a market for what female founders are creating just because you're not in that field or industry?

I just don't get it.

And that's why, my friends, I'm seriously considering starting a magazine that will highlight female achievements, issues and contributions to society that won't be fashion, celebrity driven like half the mags of the world for women are creating more and more vapid women who are only concerned about their appearance and finding a man, or abortion.


Glamour Magazine Names Planned Parenthood Abortionist Woman of the Year - Really? Killing babies live is a career to aspire to? 

Nor so policy, political focused like MS in its one-sided approach to what women want and need in society. Not every female is a liberal MS Editors.:)

Nor something that is only age-focused, although balanced, like More magazine.

Just a magazine that encompasses all of women, in all races, all fields, all stages of their lives and champions those who are creating great companies that rarely are recognized by mainstream media, or if they are, it's about negative publicity which is rarely focused on when it's male.


Like Elizabeth Holmes who "founded Theranos in 2003 to make cheaper, easier-to-use blood tests. With a virtually painless prick of the finger and a few drops of blood, her labs can quickly run a multitude of tests at a fraction of the price of commercial labs." (Courtesy Forbes.)

There's so many more, but I have to run. I'm still just in the thinking stages, but feel very passionate about providing a magazine for my nieces and other young women who are being fed such garbage by traditional "female" magazines, it's a wonder any women get beyond their appearance or vagina these days.

We are worth more than our boobs, our legs, our hair and our vaginas contrary to popular belief men.

And Ladies, if you want to be empowered, then I would suggest attending Nicole Richie's women's conference this Sunday called Pearl xChangePearl-text3

Lots of great empowering speakers, some celebrity cache, and the opportunity to connect with other women and develop relationships to further your life as a whole. Take it for what it is, but at least it's a step in the right direction and looks like a lot of fun.:)


.@WTM_London 2015 Opening Day Huge Success! #WTM15 #Travel #TravelTrends

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