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Recently visited #SiliconValley and heard fascinating #China & #US panels @SiliconDragon #Tech #Startups

Here's my pictorial essay of the recent @LATravelMassive mixer - make sure to click the link for more!

By Joy A. Kennelly


Recently attended the fun LA Travel Massive mixer over at Gracias Madre and enjoyed meeting fellow travelers in a really beautiful outdoor garden setting.

Lots and lots and LOTS of travel bloggers, an occasional professional travel journalist and travel professional too which made for fun conversation. I know citizen journalism is on the upswing, but I have a degree in journalism, am a published writer off my blog and find I respect those who are published offline a little more which is my own personal bias.

I'll admit it, I'm a travel writing snob.:) Working on it though because so many blogs are very, very interesting to read I'm finding. Plus, it's nice to connect with other writers period.

Moving  on, it was a fun event hosted by Mexico City and there was an amazing raffle which this travel/fashion blogger won. I'm so jealous! lol Aren't you?  P1070686

In any case, the event was fun, informative, tasty, and well run. It's nice to have an LA Chapter that is active.

I also enjoyed seeing the changes taking place in the WeHo Design District since I really hadn't been there since moving back from Las Vegas.

So without further ado, enjoy these (sometimes blurry, I apologize in advance) pix from the mixer here.

And for the record, I have been writing comments next to each photo, but a millennial told me he just scans the photos, doesn't read captions which has made me write more copy in the header now.

Let me know which you like better. Thanks.


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