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Le @DinerEnBlancLA returns this Thursday, 8/27 to Los Angeles - Secret location! #Foodies #TravelTuesday

In light of the new Steve Jobs film here's some stories and comics to make you chuckle #Tech #Apple

By Joy A. Kennelly
Years ago when I was transitioning from one career to another I began catering to pay the bills. I worked for some of the most prestigious catering companies and ate some of the most delicious food I'd ever tasted up to that point which turned me into the foodie I am today.

I also worked during some of the most amazing red carpet events too like the private Hollywood Foreign Press pre-Oscar party, a private party at the home of the Architectural Digest publisher or editor, I forget which, but I do know he had the most amazing art collection and stunning home; numerous Academy parties; a private party at Paramount Studios for Grease; and my favorite, serving Adrien Brody during the Oscar's Governor's Ball after he had so famously kissed Halle Berry.

Having worked the event, I missed the kiss and had no idea who he was, just knew all night long, celebrities kept coming over to congratulate him. If you look closely in the pictures they always take of the hundreds of staff you'll see me.:)

But I'll never forget seeing Oprah when she came into the media tent where I was serving and seeing her up close and personal for a few treasured moments while she stood for photographers shooting her picture. 

The reason I'm telling you all of this is because I also happened to see Aaron Sorkin outside grabbing a smoke after he won an Emmy for the West Wing too and was able to tell him I loved his writing. He was so jazzed and excited I'll never forget him.

Which leads me to the film he just wrote about Steve Jobs| Here's the trailer - it looks amazing! 



I really wanted to see the sneak preview, but will have to wait like everyone else unless a publicist for the film reads my blog and takes pity on this huge fan and lets me and my Mom come to another one. Mom is the Apple queen - everything is Apple and she's more tech savvy in certain things than me! She's takes almost every Apple online and in person class they offer, watches the press presentations, and tells everyone she meets how wonderful Apple is!

Love her tech fascination. We often sit next to each other sharing what we're learning when I visit. Ironic, eh? A woman in her 70's interested in tech, but those are the genes I have flowing through my blood.:)

Now, because I have to run, and too much typing isn't good for me, here's some fun cartoons I promised earlier. Enjoy!

Unnamed (3)

Unnamed (2)

Thought 6


Unnamed (1)


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