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Los Angeles Tech Scene alive and well; travel in Vegas going strong too! #LATechSummit #SBF #Vegas

By Joy A. Kennelly

Had a really great week, so much so, slept in till 11:30am this morning after waking up for a few hours earlier. Do I feel rested!:) 


Drove out to LA to attend back-to-back tech conferences, Silicon Beach Fest Hollywood, Idea to Screen and LA Tech Summit which were phenomenal.

You can read my pre-conference write-up of all three events on Tech Zulu here:

Saw lots of old friends from the scene, made some great new professional connections, and learned a lot too. Plus, had a great time socializing.

I will write more in-depth coverage on those events at a later date, but wanted to give a shout out to the organizers, Digital LA, Tech Zulu, David Beebe Productions and Cornerstone Media, for really amazing conferences asap.

  P1030894 P1030877 P1030920

I'm excited to bring some of my connections to Vegas and Silicon Beach to expand the tech scene in general in a positive manner to benefit all entreprenuers.

Technology is quickly changing the way so many aspects of our lives and these conferences were insights into this reality.  

I will say that one of my favorite personal highlights of attending LA Tech Summit was being hugged by Mayor Garcetti after telling him I was a Republican, but I love him and what he's saying he's going to do for LA.P1030931

What a sharp contrast to our last loser Mayor Villaragosa! 

Mayor Garcetti was described as the perfect Mayor for LA because of his Russian Jewish and Mexican background and many more unique aspects of his life, but I love his true belief in LA becoming great again.

As a native Californian who has escaped to Las Vegas for the lower cost of living, among other reasons, it would be so refreshing to see many of the things he discussed actually take effect, like lowering taxes, increasing traffic flow, keeping filming in Los Angeles, and building out more of the tech scene, among many other goals.  P1030930

We'll see, but for now, let me continue to have my love affair with him because it's not often I agree with a Democrat! LOL Although a majority of my friends and colleagues are liberals for the record. Surprised you, eh? Yes, I am a big believer in hearing all view points, not just what is parrotted among certain groups.

Part of the reason I campaigned to get two Democrats into office in Hermosa Beach a few years back thus sealing my fate of ever working with the Republican party because that's verbotten, but I stand by my efforts because it really helped Hermosa and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

(Here's the blog post I wrote when my candidates I campaigned for won:

The way I look at it, there's value to a variety of opinions, values and creeds. Pick what works, support it and make change happen. Don't get me started on Obamacare though. That my dear, is a sinking ship ala the Titantic and no amount of spin will change my mind.

I hope it dies and the plan Heritage Foundation has offered is considered instead (read it here: and

But enough politics. It's Saturday after all, right?:) 


I'm sitting in a cute new coffee shop near where I live called Avery's Coffee as I normally do. Really great people run this place, husband and wife, Sherman and Linda, and today is the Shopping Village launch with lots of fun activities happening thoughout the weekend.

Just met "Elvis" and heard Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame perform too. Come on down cuz it continues tomorrow too!  9401 West Sahara Ave near Fort Apache easily accessible via Summerlin Parkway, Rampart exit.1463960_10151895892548600_843988451_n Here's some pix from today:

This is what I love about Vegas. The entertainers are very supportive of their community and often participate in activities that benefit Vegas.

Recently, I attended the Luxury Travel Exchange conference which took place at the Sands Convention Center and was treated to a front row experience of a performance by Rock of Ages both at the event and later that night live and in person. (A little raunchy for me, but overall very fun and enjoyable entertainment.)

P1030168The conference itself was extremely informative and I enjoyed hearing "Big Data" mentioned by one travel professional as key to understanding the luxury traveler. It was amazing to see how technology has allowed travel operators to understand their clientelle so minutely down to their income, their likes and dislikes, what countries are most popular, what services are appreciated, which ones don't matter and more.

What I was also surprised to hear as the biggest feedback of luxury travelers, was the simple follow-up to ask how their trip was very important. Simple courtesy appears to go a long way!

There's a lot more to share, but I have been working on my fan page and this post all day and need to get out!

Enjoy my pictorial essay of the entire Luxury Travel Expo here:

And while you're there, like my fan page!:)


About Time a review and more. Enjoy the read and please see this film!:) cc: @Lukebuckmaster

By Joy A. Kennelly

I'm always glad I'm not a film critic, nor required to see film for a living, because then I feel you lose some of your wonderment and love of filmmaking due to becoming jaded. I know it happened after I ran a short film festival for five years and it took me years to recover.

Now, without that pressure or requirement, I see films I want to see, when I want to see them, and skip those I have no interest in, or desire to waste my time with.

As a result, you almost always see me sitting alone during a romcom, action, or psychological thriller because oftentimes I see films spur of the moment and rarely plan ahead. It's whatever strikes my mood or psyche at the moment.


I also like to see films the first weekend they open to avoid being tainted by what critics and everyone else says about them, wanting my experience to be as pure as possible.

That's why I also will sit in the closer rows of a theater to get away from people who talk and text or otherwise annoy me. I avoid hearing people's chatter as they leave at the end of a movie by sitting through all the credits too.

Plus, I like to read where a film was shot, which of my friends or colleagues might have participated, what elements and departments were required, and what music was played to set the mood. (Normally I'm oftentimes the only person left in the theater, although lately, more and more people stay too.)

In other words, I absorb the movie going experience.

That is why, when I read an Australian critic's view of About Time, I felt almost personally affronted by his casual dismissal of a film I really enjoyed. I felt his desire to have it be more logical and factual on the essence of time travel stripped it of it's magical and lovely qualities.


Yes, going back in time to improve upon your courting techniques is silly, and perhaps manipulative, but haven't you ever wished you could retract something you said, or something (or someone) you did?:) I know I have which is why I was swept away into this make believe world happily and without reservation.

I go to the movies to escape reality, not face it like so many others might when they make their ticket choices. I want to be transported to another place and time and forget whatever is going on in my life at the moment. Perhaps that's why my decisions to see a film aren't pre-meditated or planned ahead, but impulse decisions.

This past week has been filled with doctor visits, DMV frustrations and important business decisions to be made which became overwhelming in my physical state. Now that I've received medication, wise counsel, and good next steps, I feel much more balanced and ready to face whatever life might throw at me yet again.

(Never let a doctor scare you into having an unnecessary surgery and always get a second opinion is all I have to say. Surgery isn't happening any time soon or ever, if all goes as expected. Whew!:)

I needed an escape from my reality Friday. After a missed connection with a friend to attend a party together that night, decided it was time to see a film and forget about my life for a few hours.

About Time sounded intriguing, I've always liked the Director's other films and Rachel McAdams film choices so off I went.  Photo11

I hate reviews which tell you all the scenes you will love if seen in the theater apart from someone else describing them and won't do that now to you.

However, suffice it to say, I loved the dorky courting and bedding, difficult love decision, hilarious wedding, and family relationships that aren't normally explored in film any more.

Family relationships that is.

It's like people come into this world without families and none of their relationships matter in storytelling lately. To watch the love between the father and the son in this film was truly beautiful and heartwarming. I have always loved Bill Nighy's acting and even more so after seeing him in this film.


Who can forget him as the fading pop star in Love Actually? Or in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

He is nuanced, loving, wry and conveys so much simply by virtue of his expressive face and lanky body.

I was enchanted watching him in About Time as I always am. He embodied wisdom, wit, charm and love in ways not normally reflected in film, expect perhaps in The Way, Way Back (another film I adored and recommend you see.)

I also loved the dorky ginger haired Domhnall Gleeson because it was fun to see what men go through when they like someone and the way he loved and cared for his family and friends.  Photo3

I had originally thought the film was simply another love story between Rachel McAdams and his character, and was pleasantly surprised to learn she played a rather minor part in the overall theme.

This film was more about life choices and decisions we make within our families which impact our whole lives which may be why it resonated with me so deeply. I rarely cry, but actually left the theatre and cried all the way home (all 15 minutes) which felt good to release all my pent-up emotions.

Every so often we all need a good cry to move through our current situations and get rid of toxins. The next day I felt much better I assure you.:)

Yes, it's a syrupy love story too, but it's so much more than that and the time travel is used sparingly enough to make it special and fun to watch. I also loved watching the love story between Rachel and Domhnall develop because it's fun to live vicariously.

Who doesn't want to fall in love with love?:) Photo12

Because as the film says, "For me, it was always going to be all about love."

I hope you take the time to see it and share your thoughts below. I would love to hear. But don't just take my word for it, Britist Actress Emma Watson loved it too!:)  

@EmWatson London ยท "I had IMPOSSIBLY high expectations for @AboutTimeUK (being a Richard Curtis maniac) - but it was one of the best films I've seen this year."

I do think it's a chick flick and more women will get it than men, if my new Australian film critic Twitter "friend" is any indication, but I do hope men will see it too simply for the father/son relationship. If you had a good relationship with your father it may resonate with you more, but even if yours is strained, it's still beautiful and heartwarming.

I loved this film.

And to motivate you even more, here's the trailer: