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My interview with @LiveGrey Co-Founder and @thisismkg Founder, Maneesh Goyal -

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently, I met with Maneesh K. Goyal, one of the Co-Founders of the cool new website,, also founder of MKG, an experiential brand marketing firm. We chatted over tea at the local King's Road Cafe and discovered we shared a lot in common.


He started MKG after pursuing life in a completely different career and subsequently has launched Live in the Grey this January with a partner named David Munczinski who was a fellow at Wharton Leadership.

Knowing since 2000, Gallup polls regularly indicate more than half of American workers are unhappy with their jobs, Maneesh and David decided to start a movement where success was redefined.

Where work was play and lives were changed.


Thus, Live in the Grey was born. 

To quote the official site: "Live in the Grey is a place on the web to experience this philosophy through simple interviews, stories and blog posts and a community of contributors."

(Having been an entreprenuer almost my entire life, I really resonanted with what he was saying, especially now as I prepare to launch Joy's Travel Adventures both as an online social community for women interested in travel and fashion, as well as, a travel web series.) 

Live in the Grey is a place for members to explore, take risks, find support and mentorship, learn from others who have gone before, and boasted 6,000 members nation-wide at the time of our tea.

What was encouraging to hear is that those who take the risk to pursue their life's passion generally discover 2 - 4 years after they make the switch, they look back and are happy they did it.


Maneesh said, "You can't look at success and fulfillment without looking at how your profession plays into it. You can't live in this realm by yourself."

He also shared people's biggest challenge to overcome was fear, but then reminded me, "Fear can be defeated."

He encourages every entreprenuer who is blocked by fear, or wanting to be around like-minded individuals, to consider joining Live in the Grey where you won't be alone and will have examples of other people who have done it too.

"The power of the fulfilled life is game changing!" Maneesh responded when asked what happens to people who make the leap.

Here's a little video that may help explain it better too:


If this is speaking to you, then you can sign up here:

And if you'd like to join me on my journey, then please consider signing up for Joy's Travel Adventure to stay in the loop here:

Thanks as always for popping by! Appreciate it!


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