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@GWRnews Guinness World Record-Holding Cheese Carver, Sarah the Cheese Lady, more popular than @theJennGarner's @ButterMovie

MV5BMTQxMjY1NzI4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTg4MTMzOA@@._V1_SX214_Received a pitch for a cheese carver which was so cute I had to post it because it instantly reminded me of Jennifer Garner's film, Butter, which apparently didn't do so well. I don't know why...

Maybe because the plot was so unbelievable?

As one commenter posted, "Why would anyone want to cheat on Jennifer Garner?" Or maybe, butter carvers take themselves very seriously and didn't like being made fun of?

Remember this film? I want to rent it now!


Well in case you didn't know, food carving is alive and well in Middle America folks. And here to tell us all about it is Cheese Carver, Sarah Kaufman, affectionately known as The Cheese Lady. She is so accomplished at this she set a a Guinness World Record for making art out of cheese. 

In 2011, Sarah Kaufmann earned a Guinness World Record for creating the world’s largest cheese carving. Her 925-pound cheese roller coaster was created on site at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Pigs on Rollercoaster

Mount-Rushmore-and-SarahSarah Kaufmann’s cheese-carving achievements continue to mount and make history—literally.  During the 2013 President’s Day weekend, she recreated historic Mount Rushmore out of 160 pounds of cheddar cheese at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square, in New York City.    

Sarah Kaufmann’s sculptures promote cheese at public events around the country. After 17 years of creating  deliciously artistic cheese carvings at venues such as supermarkets, state fairs, sporting events and food shows, fans of The Cheese Lady not only appreciate her art, but also her medium—Wisconsin and American-produced cheeses.

Her work is carved live on location, displayed, and then most often, it is eaten. The Cheese Lady wouldn’t have it any other way. "My audiences can have their art and eat it, too!" laughs Kaufmann. (Kinda gross to me, but I'm not a Cheese Head, so what do I know?:)

The Wisconsin native is serious about her work and brings a unique set of credentials to her carvings.  A former creative director at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board with a degree in commercial art, she now works as a freelance artist devoted to spreading the word about quality American cheesemaking.

Sarah-and-Cows-at-state-fairAs she creates whimsical cheese carvings using her ceramic wire loop tools at public events, she also educates and informs her audience about the art and traditions of cheesemaking. When not cheese-carving live at events, she creates commissioned cheese sculptures for weddings, birthdays, tailgate parties and celebrations of all kinds at her studio and ships them across the US.

ShoeIn addition to her record-earning 925-pound roller coaster and the recent Mount Rushmore sculpture created from 160 pounds of cheddar, Sarah Kaufmann’s "cheese gallery" of carvings numbers well over one thousand including: a 40-pound high-heeled shoe, a 300-pound Green Bay Packer, a 600-pound aircraft carrier, a 1,900-pound astronaut, a 2,400-pound dairy cow and hundreds more.   


Calendar of Appearances:

May 17,18 - Madison WI - HyVee Grand Opening

June 19 - Park City, Utah - Smith's Supermarket

June 26 - 29 - Easley, South Carolina - Sam's Club Grand Opening

For more information about Sarah Kaufmann, The Cheese Lady, and to view hundreds of sculptures visit her website at  


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