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@FarmSanctuary Fundraiser review featuring @kevin_nealon @colbiecaillat @jencoolidge and more

By Joy A. Kennelly 

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Farm Sanctuary's Fundraiser featuring Colbie Caillat QYArrModjWaTqSW9xzqwhM7SG9R0nS5oUarDdrt1Uwo,p2QMquuVxvFxG685kOaxybQxnT7I1mhlJGcFpRlvdTUand Kevin Nealon among others at the Peterson Auto Musuem.599486_10151433293843600_1904172986_n If you've never been to the musuem, here's a taste of what to expect when you first arrive.

Image003 Image002Image001Now to be honest, as soon as I read this event featured a special acoustic performance by Grammy award winner COLBIE CAILLAT, I decided I'd like to attend.

Plus, I've always appreciated Kevin Nealon's humor and since he was host, I was sure it would be a fun time. Who could resist an invitation with their cute faces? Or these farm animals as seen above?

Once I arrived however, I was drawn into the cause, Farm Sanctuary, America’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization. A friend had always recommended I see the documentary, Forks over Knives, which features Farm Sanctuary and I was curious as a result.

Everyone I met that night was so passionate about protecting farm animals and many were vegans, something I've never considered, but found very fascinating due to their passion. Plus, everyone looked so fit and thin the lifestyle kinda spoke for itself. 

As my friend Patti said, "It doesn't matter what people are passionate about, as long as they have a passion for something." Which I had to agree with because even though all the charities I will support financially have always involved children, I'm always open to learning about new charities and supporting causes by writing about them because I feel it's nice to raise awareness.

Apparently, so did these celebrities since so many turned out in support. Recognize anyone?:)

1841_10151433301548600_218847890_nJennifer Coolidge, one of my favorite comedic idols, whom you may recognize her from American Pie and Legally Blonde, but I will always remember her from Best in Show.

Brilliant comedic timing and a very nice person to boot. She was cracking us up on the red carpet. Who hasn't worn a coat to an event to hide bra straps?:)

She wasn't the only female actress to show up though, you may recognize these women too.

527619_10151433296878600_286090677_nKelly Thiebaud of General Hospital fame was there.

Here's Gene Baur (whom I accidentally called Jack:), president of Farm Sanctuary, with Sarah Dawson of Survivor Philippines fame, and Ady Gil. Sarah shared she was a fifth generation vegan and attributed part of her success on Survivor to this fact. Who knew?:)

What I found interesting was many of the men in attendance dressed for the farm aspect of the event while the ladies read cocktail and wore evening wear. Don't you wish Michael Vartan was back on TV? 

579332_10151433301813600_923747103_n 392583_10151433298038600_1732563451_nAnd you may recognize Mackenzie Astin from his days on "Facts of Life" or maybe even the fact he's the son of Patty Duke or Sean Astin's younger brother, but regardless,  isn't he dapper? Lovin' the bow tie.

Lm1S51i99Fc11Xwe4CK6F5ltCTKCBnJVhLaE97cn144And the woman of the hour, Colbie Caillat, who is very tall.   259851_10151433296643600_356251812_n Just because I know I have a lot of male readers, here's another pic of her just for you guys.:) 

526655_10151433293838600_431406935_nHere was the schedule for the evening. We munched on delicious Veggie Grill fare for dinner and at first it took me a minute to recognize everything was vegetarian until I saw the "chicken wings" because they didn't look like any6026_10151433304028600_2014187203_n  chicken wing I had ever seen. This one was my favorite, All Hail The Kale salad.7880_10151433303908600_400515344_n

IeykCImGo6xubeT-qqNZNP5StP6_7ES8pZzznxtqMNY,tgP4pHE7i72G9eeR7G3l1a82FUpI4zJeFTrCt-pCDGkYummy, eh? Very flavorful and nothing like I had tasted before. A self-proclaimed "Vegan Boss" told me his favorite site for vegan recipes is called, what else?

When I asked him to choose his favorite veggie to descrbe himself, he said, Kale because it's green, leafy and awesome! Everyone was real kick back and fun. People were dancing, playing poker, eating, buying raffle tickets and more the entire night.

If you look closely you will see Reid Ewing (Modern Family) who became a fan of Farm Sanctuary after rescuing a homeless chicken; Torrance Coombs (The Tudors/Heartland/Just cast in “Kill For Me”) and Alyssa Campanella (Miss USA 2011) posing; Edwin Hodge (Cougar Town, NCIS) Ciddy Fonteboa (Horror Haiku) who told me she had been involved in a very abusive marriage and once she got out of it, she became a vegan because anything that overpowers should never ever happen. She made it so vivid, it brought tears to my eyes.

522426_10151434587473600_1346496184_n 579359_10151434587383600_420809777_n
  380382_10151434584848600_977753005_n 8803_10151434590663600_1236109132_n  401982_10151434590618600_1500283474_n  521527_10151433305233600_1540372650_n  484709_10151433302583600_1399939379_n  308098_10151434579738600_471547998_n 63916_10151434581078600_1766243895_n  FajrPJ2ydKXRX5_vfKU7goDzZ4nZ4LDKgD7orZHjdSU  150876_10151433306698600_776339090_n  300718_10151434587378600_1815161440_n
   _OV2JnM9WbDljsIsYHBSxsLbxtt1-KlJyRdiNAMyK5M 402578_10151433306043600_775535915_n 
549890_10151434587613600_1131812180_n  579033_10151434583643600_1269339166_n  ZlP59qkZ64EPsMn9WVGeVo6aSoLNvvXevB5F3yAGhTs,C2lj0fLnqgOs_Nw7TwBJtnon4jLSNc4oHdDpgnipw4o GCByzp-stiRO-yd77VIK3a2g_gJwHbNNHZ2WXFU3PKo578109_10151433304998600_1777828909_n
559201_10151433306018600_2101890967_n  Kty5k4nroexzRRW7OUqSdn9Y0WE905WwqvI4WhctIvI 579858_10151433302543600_2076188593_n

Pretty soon it was time for the main event, Colbie performing.

Now if you're like me, you love Spotify and the ability to create a "radio" station that tailors to the kinds of music you like. I'm such a fan of Colbie's music, I have a Colbie Caillat station since it's the best music to write to.

If you're not familiar with her music, here's a new song she just created along with Gavin DeGraw for the film, Safe Haven:

 She's on tour, but her website/fan page hasn't listed dates and/or cities otherwise I'd tell you where. In any case, it was really fun to have this private, intimate party with a few hundred cool people who really love this cause and her music.

Farm Sanctuary President, Gene Baur said a few words, Kevin Nealon entertained us encouraging us all to give the gift of a cow, and then Colbie came on to perform.

543159_10151434595803600_974361770_n599763_10151434595133600_2128197825_n RY4FoGpL8jQIMZPi6St-MCXCEGQ9dHKHBFx2WS6GVgw
1DZaHEa0smJVm55RRgs-Ksi-qsH3CasUClhBWxiXKI4 7LQVuSMdOQdCabt9aoTXFdvUSbpTDLd6RsRU-lhaNjI
8vW4767XHlscLDumzlRwmriYF_wGb2LU8dDIQF3TdQI165409_10151434600488600_1299376956_n Kk05U5ZIHs38kLyhPMxgsONq_75UcZ8iJKBsJut34Js 

Taz3uA_Z4i6SWgQN8Va84WF1CJj-sPoc7zgZGiEo6eQ PV-dSwb_Rm8PkLvdkoXkYubbAPaoN7KY5Pq4s_mX4xQ,F5PwQQAu-PAipmDdv0GWF3sUbRF5inLhPqFt4aJRYg8
Now, if you're like me and city born and bred, there's still hope for us. Farm Sanctuary's 26-acre Southern California Shelter is located on a beautiful hacienda ranch in Acton, just 45 minutes from Hollywood.

In addition to providing shelter for more than 100 animals, Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres offers one-hour guided tours on Sundays and group tours are available by appointment. 

Their sanctuary gift shop is open before and after tours. Visitors will find educational materials, as well as a variety of items available for purchase including apparel, books, and souvenirs.

For Visitor Center hours and tour times, please click here.

Doesn't this sound fun? Who doesn't want to see Charlotte in her own habitat? In any case, the evening was a great eye opener and has made me realize areas of my life where I can adjust my diet too.

My next step is to watch Forks Over Knives. Here's the trailer in case you're not familiar with it:


Eat healthy! Save an animal! Buy a Cow! Or a Pig! Or even a Chicken! Better than a dog and you don't even have to care for it, Farm Sanctuary does it for you.

So with that, I wish you all a vegetarian good night!:)


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