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By Joy A. Kennelly

Tonight I heard the most humble, down-to-earth, amazing young woman speak at a female networking event for entreprenuers and was blown away. Most times when I hear 20 somethings at previous conferences they're rather vapid and annoying, but Nanxi Liu of Enplug impressed the hell out of me.

Then, just now, looking her up on Linkedin, I was blown away even more. I don't know why Forbes or any of the tech, entreprenuer, women-focused magazines aren't writing about her which is why I decided to tell everyone they have to interview this girl.

She's that impressive to me.

I've been an entreprenuer pretty much my entire life and fought to find the training I've needed to run my businesses. I counted up recently and figured out I've run 3 businesses so far since college, generally five years at a time. Plus, I've worked with over 30 clients if memory holds true which was also great training ground. Each one taught me something different and after closing my PR & DIgital Marketing firm in December it's been exciting to consider what's next.

After listening to Nanxi speak and reading somewhere that you become like the five people you spend the most time with, I've made a conscious decision to upgrade my circles. Listening to her story has only confirmed this decision. You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with

Here's an article on this very topic in case you've never heard this before and care to learn: You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With

Enough about me though, here's some information on Nanxi:


She's since graduated Berkley and here's some information I grabbed off her wordpress blog called

Hope you don't mind Nanxi!:) Read her Linkedin profile too:

Now, in her own words, here's some of her accomplishments to date (more on her Linkedin profile fyi.)

Enplug Co-founded this rapidly-growing tech company that is building the first real-time advertising platform for the physical world.

Nanoly The biotechnology company I founded while in college. We’re developing a polymer that enables vaccines to survive without refrigeration. Company is a recipient of The Dell Social Innovation Awards.  Also received awards from NASA, National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, Duke University, Cornell University, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego.

Fonite An advanced caller-ID system for your smartphone. Your go-to site for quick, inexpensive, and easy romantic ideas. We’ve also interview celebrities to share their romantic ideas with us.

Collection of Piano Music Currently writing a collection of 10 piano pieces to publish. I’m halfway there!

My Pageant Coach (in progress) My best friend Vivian, who is also my partner for The Romantically Challenged, and I are building a pageant consultation business. We’ve both won a bunch of pageants and thought we could help others with our experience.

Events I host various events from dance performances to political forums to movie screenings throughout the year. Come hang out with me! Funny spam blocker my friends and I made for the Yahoo University Hacking Competition.

GGWith.Me Game site that my friends and I made for AngelHack hacking competition.

CrimeFighter An Android app I built with friends to help report crime on college campuses. We won UC Berkeley’s “Big Ideas for Improving Student Life.”

RootMusic My friends and I created the first Root Music Facebook app. With our app, you can upload and post up to 2 hours of music on your friends’ Facebook wall.

Now are you impressed? You'll be even more impressed when you read her Linkedin profile. I swear you will:

I realized a few months back that I needed to take a break from mentoring women through my Goal Gals Group and begin focusing on finding mentors for myself. Hearing Nanxi share who all she has mentoring her makes that only more of a focus of mine. 

I liked her approach to pursuing things too. Don't just focus on one company, one opportunity, pursue all and be happy when you land one. That's where I'm at also. I am pursuing many different avenues and feel that the one that is ultimately right will fall into place when the time is right.

Time to find more people who will mentor, invest and launch me into the next phase I've also decided after hearing her speak tonight. I've not been this inspired by a female entreprenuer in years! I really do hope some of the publications I've highlighted choose to interview her. 

And no, I'm not her publicist. Just someone who likes to encourage and support those I believe in and admire. And I definitely admire her. 

That's all. Thanks for reading. 


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