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@Tacori sparkled @SAGawards on Defiance star @juliebenz & Breaking Bad Actress @betsy_brandt

Defiance star Julie Benz sparkled on the red carpet in TACORI at the Entertainment Weekly Screen Actors Guild Awards Pre-Party at Chateau Marmont. 961
The actress wore a TACORI 18K White Gold .65ct Diamond Ring (#FR811, $4,340; seen below:
While Betsy Brandt glowed in TACORI jewelry on the red carpet of the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles the next afternoon. 
The Breaking Bad actress wore a TACORI White and Pink Gold .42ct Diamond Ring (#FR805, $3,850), a pair of White and Pink Gold .33ct Diamond Earrings (#FE624, $3,390) and a white and Pink Gold .51ct Diamond Pendant (#FP624, $4,380; seen below.



969 971

While attending @sundancefest Celebrities visit UGG Australia & Hint Water gifting suites. See 'em here.:)

By Joy A. Kennelly

Still working on my social media wrap-up ebook for your reading pleasure, but keep receiving these fun images from the Sundance Film Festival which I thought you would enjoy while you wait. Recognize anyone?


Before leaving on a plane straight for the inauguration, Jennifer Hudson picked up a pair of UGG headphone earmuffs at The UGG Lounge, Sundance Film Festival.

Image002 (1)

Radcliffe & McHall hanging at the UGG Lounge. Others who popped in were: 

o    Alicia Keys

o   Michael Cera

o   Naomi Watts

o   Michael C. Hall

o   Brie Larson

o   Abigail Spencer

o   Arden Myrin

o   Shailene Woodley

While other celebrities enjoyed Hint Water wearing audacious hats.:)


PsIe-q4Pw8RiIM2D0BxwMasexbRAk0YJaJUPARh6y6E,bAfFfi0pHdChfvw0-zU7TPAYKd7eJsHfWsLiYR24afs,WarVTcLnGIAxEcqUFzjiKeYFsL3cPHa0UR3cx7-E51QJames Franco leaving the Sundance Miami Lounge with HINT Water in hand.



D7SsglU9h2WdemJbUMxNpqpdb3BkAxMnFHB9txZKsic,KRUAAPZYY4pDQO7tsMhtyJ2Sx2Oq9T_2otVGTP_qgkQ,4bxPzxSIAzuQxI3GrrWLNHqTAnUudLL9JXYxS8yNjJkJoey Lauren Adams had the best one!:) Although Keri Russell's hat was pretty cute too. CkszbGACr2sdJtHAv_b79JwHGfo9DJ__hPyaieVfRZ4













Here she is at the Sundance Variety Lounge quenching her thirst with HINT Blackberry Water. Sounds yummy!:) Courtney Love liked it too!


Golden Globes vs. Los Angeles Travel Show. Decisions, decisions...:)

By Joy A. Kennelly

Hard to believe it's been a year since I produced a Golden Globes party in Atlanta, GA. The difference about living in GA vs. CA during awards season is that in the South, they don't really care about all this and it's rare you see much about Hollywood or entertainment on the news at all. 

Whereas here in Los Angeles, this is all you see 24/7. Doesn't matter which news show you watch, if it's based here, they cover entertainment and cover it often! I was going through withdrawals living in GA which is why I decided to produce the party along with another woman.

It was a lot of fun and drew a great crowd. 

What's ironic about this year is I almost forgot when the Golden Globes were happening because I'm so excited to attend the Los Angeles Travel Show! Ironic, huh? Not to say I don't want to watch the Golden Globes, but I see so much coverage living here again, I didn't see the need to host a party per se.

I'm looking forward to hearing Rick Steves speak, seeing Chris Harrison of The Bachelor speak on all the romantic getaways and how they're selected, learning about the travel apps available, and then just gathering information on all the amazing places I want to explore. Great R & D.:)

I've planned my trip to Long Beach to arrive home in time to watch the Golden Globes because it's still one of my favorite awards shows of the season, especially with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting. Nice to see comedic women in charge for once.

Way to go Hollywood Foreign Press!:)

So, if you're unaware of what I'm talking about since you don't live in LA, here's a little commercial to introduce you to the Golden Globes. Enjoy!


New Media Expo was extremely informative. #VegasTech is inspiring! Ebook coming soon! #nmx

By Joy A. Kennelly

I am an info addict and love to learn. As a result, traveling to Vegas to attend the New Media Expo and listen to multiple lectures on blogging, marketing, expanding readership, improving my writing and videos, and more, was perfect.

I'm in the process of sorting, compiling and writing about my experiences to share some of the knowledge I gained over the past three days, but if you're interested in the full conference coverage, I encourage you to consider ordering the complete audio and visual offerings when they become available on the official website:

Also really enjoyed learning more about the startup scene in Vegas and was very impressed. If you're not following my fan page, please consider doing so as I will be uploading pix from my Vegas experiences there first. 

You can "like" me here:

Please be patient. It was a lot to take in and I have a lot to share which takes time to prepare. Plus, editing pix takes a bit too, but I'm hurrying!:)

Silicon Beach Fest wrap-up, Marki Costello host workshop review, and New Media Expo #Tech #Hollywood #Vegas

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been writing this wrap-up in my head for weeks and finally have time to put my thoughts down "on paper" so to speak. I had conflicted thoughts after attending the free Marki Costello hosting workshop introduction and needed time to process how to present it.

Plus, had to wait on some pix and other stuff; then the holidays came and have to admit, got distracted with all my fun events.:) 

My goal in attending the New Media Expo in Vegas next week is to learn how to create a more regular blogging schedule, develop more quality content for you, my faithful readers, and monetize the hell out of this thing. Also, meet some new collaborators, see friends I only know virtually and learn and network.

I've been blogging for seven years and it's time. Just heard one fashion blogger receives $50,000 from brands sponsoring her blogs and that's my goal!

Isn't it for everyone who blogs?:)

What I love about the tech community in Los Angeles is the openness to new ideas, new people, new concepts and new opportunities. What I found fascinating was to juxtapose the two events, Marki's hosting class vs. Silicon Beach Fest since I attended both the same day.

I was torn because I missed all the morning meetings I really wanted to hear, but I had signed up for Marki's class awhile ago and was very curious what she is like in person having interviewed her for my blog awhile back. 

Marki is just as blunt in person as she is over the phone or on TV. When she saw me and another older person in the audience she pointedly asked if either of us were guests, or there for the seminar. The guy left, but I stayed and made a point of introducing myself as her recent interviewer because I knew she felt I didn't belong. LOL

Guess hosting is a super young person's game since she controls the funnel according to her. What cracks me up is she says she's a walking conflict of interest proudly as if that's a good thing! LOL She says only people who take her class will ever become hosts because there's very few talent managers who focus on hosting which she does and E! requires all their hosts go through her class.

What I found very interesting, because I had no idea this was true even in this realm, is the fact even in hosting, your brand is key. What I really liked hearing is how Marki helps her clients shape and develop their concept, provides a safe environment for people to practice and refine their skills, shoots a demo reel you can use to find representation or shop yourself around, and introduces you to key people.

I think she's worked really hard to get to where she is today and respect her for that. However, the conflict of interest really bothers me. In no other industry is this accepted as the norm. Why Hollywood? But I don't really care in the long run because I don't intend to be a host for any entertainment channel, but if they come to me, I won't turn it down. LOL

What was fascinating to me after leaving her workshop, where the funnel for talent is so narrow and difficult almost impossible, to then enter the Silicon Beach Fest where the skies the limit, anyone with a good idea or skills can find success if they work hard, and everyone is so supportive and accepting of everyone regardless of what they look like or what age they are, was the huge contrast in approach.

Completely different vibe to be honest. It wasn't, You can't do this without me and must pay me hundreds of dollars before I help you because I control your destiny like I felt at Marki's workshop.

It was, Here let me help you. I've found success, here's how I did it, and I can help you find it too.


The irony of the entire experience was to hear Marki say all the networks constantly want her to find new talent from the web where people are just out doing their own thing. So, be encouraged host wannabe. You can make it in Hollywood too. Just think outside the box, do your own thing, believe in yourself, and pursue your dreams.

You never know what might happen!:) Disruption in the entertainment industry is happening and the old guard is just trying to protect what they feel they control, but it can't last forever.

Change is inevitable. It just is. Either go with it, or die. Simple as that.

Here's some pix highlighting Silicon Beach Fest, but first, a word from our sponsors...:)

2012-11-09 15.40.32 2012-11-09 15.40.01






2012-11-09 15.39.38What is fun about being back in Los Angeles is I often run into people I know and this event was no exception. Everyone in tech knows our fearless leader, Kevin Winston of Digital LA, because he wears a red shirt wherever he goes. He has created an incredible tech community and constantly holds amazing seminars, parties, and events like this one.  

 2012-11-09 17.13.02But if you're in tech here in Los Angeles, you already know this.:) My new friend, Espree, pictured with Kevin held an excellent seminar on finding a developer which included a friend, John Shiple, who I had no idea was so accomplished until this seminar!  2012-11-09 16.22.37

We had met years ago at a friend's BBQ and enjoyed karaoke most of the night never once talking business. LOL You can check out his website here:

  2012-11-09 15.39.19
 Bumped into other new friends, recognize these guys?:) The entire event was held at the amazing iola in Hollywood and it was fun to finally see what this co-work venue is like after hearing about it during Social Media Week. The seminars were held throughout the first floor and upper spaces too.

 Here's some more pix to give you the vibe.  2012-11-09 18.37.01 

2012-11-09 18.55.02 2012-11-09 15.39.05  2012-11-09 15.38.41  2012-11-09 15.38.11 2012-11-09 17.21.25

  2012-11-09 18.42.28  2012-11-09 15.36.42There were a lot of new businesses hosting parties, lots of great seminars, sponsors set up with tables, meetings with friends I've met at other tech events, and it was fun to bounce between seminars listening to what everyone had to say.

It truly lived up to the claim, "LA's first startup - entertainment community fest, with more than 2,500 attendees attending panels, workshops, demo days, pitch fests, hackathon, beach sports and more."    2012-11-09 19.36.43
Here's some of the fun people I met. The guy on the left and the girl on the right have a very cool company which showcased attendee's Twitter feed throughout the night. She also runs a very cool music newsletter/website called Fusicology. Click the name to learn more because it's been around forever and has the best collection of news, events, fun festivals and more. She's hilarious!

Everyone was a ton of fun. Such a difference than the life and death feel to Marki's seminar. Sad, but true.

Speaking of Hollywood, remember this show? That was what was on Sunset Boulevard as I ran between sessions. Even played tourist for a quick minute.:)     2012-11-09 18.20.55

2012-11-09 18.19.35
Back to tech.

Now do you see why Forbes Magazine wrote up Silicon Beach Fest in an article entitled, 6 Reasons Los Angeles is now booming with Startups? There's so much support, camaraderie, innovation, talent and funding it's crazy!


And catch this aticle too in case you don't believe me or Forbes: "The Startup Genome Ranks The World’s Top Startup Ecosystems: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv & L.A. Lead The Way "   2012-11-09 19.43.54

After a full day of sessions, we were all invited to visit some tech companies and I chose to check out Deviant Art because I love art. Isn't this a great entryway? Check out the owner and his dog too. Here's some highlights from the presentation and office visit. 

2012-11-09 20.19.16 2012-11-09 19.53.12  2012-11-09 19.55.25 2012-11-09 19.56.12  2012-11-09 20.21.22 2012-11-09 20.20.35  2012-11-09 20.22.222012-11-09 20.21.522012-11-09 20.20.52  2012-11-09 20.21.37   Scott Perry
 Wouldn't you like to work here? I would! Scott Perry of Sperry Media is holding the cute swag Deviant Art gave away. If you don't know him, here's something I lifted from an article about him by "As president of Sperry Media, Scott Perry works with nearly every single label to create online marketing campaigns for across a network of 40 key indie store web sites nationwide and handles the street marketing efforts for lifestyle and entertainment companies at over 400 record and lifestyle stores." I had wanted to hear his session specifically because it really interested me, but arrived too late. Darn it!:)

I won the door raffle at Deviant Art and am still trying to decide what piece of art I would like to own. I want it to be special because it will reflect this very cool time attending Silicon Beach Fest. I was hoping to have something to share with you by now, but with 23 million artists they offer on this site, it's rather difficult to choose just one. Now I understand why people hire art agents or whatever they're called.  2012-11-09 20.22.22

I'm now looking forward to attending New Media Expo next week. Here's a blurb describing it I stole from Digital LA who probably stole it from the website: "New Media Expo presented by BlogWorld is Jan 6-8, 2013 in Las Vegas. This is the world's largest conference & tradeshow for Web TV & Video creators, plus Bloggers, Podcasters and Social Media innovators!

Enjoy 3 value-packed days of sessions, networking and cutting-edge knowledge from over 170 speakers that will bring your online content quality, marketing, audience and monetization to a whole new level."  


I've gone one time before and couldn't attend last year because I was living in Atlanta. Really looking forward to attending and will share more later. Thanks for reading!