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Just saw Silver Linings Playbook and recommend it highly (with reservations cuz it's not for everyone)

By Joy A. Kennelly

Whenever you deal with mental illness it's touchy and strikes a cord. Throw in crazy family relationships, a sex nympho acting out, betting, Eagles football, dancing, violent outbursts and you have the potential recipe for disaster. 

But not in the case of Silver Linings Playbook.

Throw in a little Robert DeNiro, a little Jennifer Lawrence, a dash of Julia Stiles mixed with Chris Tucker, a few East Indians, a delightful mom played BRILLIANTLY by Jacki Weaver and the ever surprising Bradley Cooper, and you create a film that is poignant, funny, captivating, moving and soul quenching.

Maybe I'm glossing it on a little thick, but I loved every minute of it because I could relate to so many aspects. It's not for everyone. It's a little dark. Not what you expect Bradley Cooper to be in whatsoever, but the warmth, love and realness makes it worth pushing through the dark to come out the other end to the light.

Plus, it has an awesome soundtrack.

As I walked away from the theater tonight I couldn't help but think, we all have a little crazy in us. It's how we work it out that sets us apart as humans. Some drink. Some do drugs. Some overeat. Some get violent. Some sleep around. Some hibernate.

But the bottom line is, we all want our craziness to be understood. We want someone else to be crazy enough to get us and in so doing, to love us just where we are at this moment in spite of ourselves.

It's when you recognize that your craziness isn't that crazy in light of someone else's crazy that you heal. I think that's why 12 step programs are so healing for so many. It's like you see yourself in others and realize if they're feeling what I'm feeling, or have done what I've done, then I must not be too crazy after all since I'm not alone.

I don't know if any of this will make sense, but I just felt like sharing because this movie touched me on a very deep level. I loved it's truth, honesty, rawness and sensitivity with a very difficult subject. You actually saw Bradley Cooper healing in front of your eyes which to me is a testament to his talent as an actor. He's not just another pretty face as I would have believed before, but someone with intensity, range of emotion and depth beyond his good looks.

I liked seeing this film before going to Thanksgiving with my family because it helped to see another family in action before the holidays. The love, the loyalty, the fighting, the making up, the trust, the caring, and the support. It's there in every family. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper. Robert DeNiro is brilliant as always playing the father.

I just love him. 

I also enjoyed seeing this film because it reminded me of my Philly friend because it's set there. A scrapper and I mean that in the most loving way.

So, if you've been waiting for the next Little Miss Sunshine movie that will come out of nowhere and knock you off your feet among the crowd of big studio films, look no further. I highly recommend it! It's excellent. I hope you see it and leave me a comment when you do.

(And for the record, I do moderate all comments. If you don't have the guts to leave your real name and email address, don't expect to be published. I can't believe there's still people stupid enough to try and hide beyind a pseudonym online any more!:)

Oh, and I have to give credit to Ellen for my decision to see it. I watched her interview Jennifer Lawrence and thought if Ellen likes it, so will I. 

And I was right.:)

Happy Thanksgiving! Drive safely and leave the light on...

And enjoy the trailer...



Wayne Faust

We saw this film last night in Bel Air, MD. I'm in agreement with everything you said, terrific film. Personally, this family resembles some close friends I had growing up. I should mention that they filmed this movie in my old neighborhood. The Llanerch Diner, at my high school, and the old Lansdowne Theater. That's a Feeling!

Joy Kennelly

Thanks for sharing your memories and opinion Wayne! So glad you liked it too. Wasn't it deep, yet poignant and funny all at the same time? OY!:) I keep forgetting to add Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic in this too, so here's that comment.
Have a great day!

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