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@LaurenConrad @TonyHawk @CassadeePope @BethanyHamilton @TravisPastrana & other celebs team up to fight drug use in youth via @NaturalHigh

I was recently approached regarding this great program and because I'm now focusing my pro bono blogging efforts on causes I support, I wanted to share this with you.

Here's what she sent me regarding Natural High:


In honor of Red Ribbon Month, notable celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Tony Hawk, Cassadee Pope, Bethany Hamilton, Travis Pastrana, Terry Kennedy, and Paul Rodriguez Jr. are teaming up to fight drug use in youth across the country through an innovative organization called Natural High.

You can view all of their videos for the cause here: http://www.naturalhigh.tv/

Here's one I selected in honor of my SoCal Beach upbringing and all the surfers I knew growing up:


And for all the fashionistas or The Hills fans, here's Lauren Conrad's Natural High video cuz I really like what she has to say too:


And for all those into music, here's Hey Monday's Cassadee Pope sharing her natural high:


The Natural High DVD Series is distributed freely to more than 14,000 schools across the nation (more than 6 million students per year). Here's a breakdown which showcases that it costs JUST PENNIES to reach youth with the Natural High message, far less expensive than the devastating costs of addiction/rehab, etc.    



Estimated Youth Reached


320 schools



160 schools



81 schools



32 schools



16 schools



8 schools



3 schools


For these mere pennies, Natural High is able to achieve the following results: 

  •        83% of educators report a change in their students’ perception about drugs and alcohol.
  •        85% of students participating in the program have reported that having a natural high will       help fight the temptation of drugs and alcohol.
  •        140,000 educators are currently in the Natural High network across the US.
  •        6 million youth see the Natural High video annually.
  •        77% of youth report that the film encouraged them to find a natural high and reject drugs        and alcohol.
  •       All 50 states use this video.
  •       80,000 people and growing have pledged to live naturally high.

In honor of Red Ribbon Month, Natural High is launching a campaign to help today’s youth find their “natural high” so that they have a reason to say no to an artificial high with a goal of reaching 12 million youth by 2015.

Interested parties can donate or fundraise to help bring the Natural High program to every student across the country: http://www.stayclassy.org/la-jolla/events/natural-high-kicks-off-october-red-ribbon-month-fundraiser/e20669

Like Natural High on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livenaturallyhigh

Follow @NaturalHigh on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/naturalhigh

Learn more on their website here:  http://www.naturalhigh.org


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