I miss Chris Tomlin and thought I'd share this song with you
Don't forget! Tonight's Presidential debate!

In honor of tonight's #debates courtesy of @HubSpot @pizzahut @bostonmarket @joshhafer @JetBlue @BarackObama & @MittRomney -Enjoy!:)

By Joy A. Kennelly

If you're new to social media and want a great resource, you MUST start reading and following Hubspot.com. I have loved their information for years and really enjoyed reading the book, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead WHAT EVERY BUSINESS CAN LEARN FROM THE MOST ICONIC BAND IN HISTORY by David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot.

If you're a band or a musician, that book should be a must-read for you. Don't worry, lots of short chapters, easy-to-understand information, and if you like the Grateful Dead, bonus!:)

In any case, just wanted to remind you tonight is the debate. I think I heard Obama might even show up this time. LOL 

Oh, and for those making a party of it, here's some food suggestions. Pizza, anyone?

 Or, what about Boston Market?


Or for those who like liquor with their debates...


"Along with launch of its left wing and right wing bourbons, the Heaven Hills Distillery also launched two separate Facebook pages in support of each position. And for every Facebook like they receive, Heaven Hill Distilleries is also donating $1 to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I like that a lot! 

Or, print this out and follow along in the bar or at home. It will make the lies told easier to take.

486792_10151130452618600_75593351_nOr for those who like coffee, you've probably heard 7/11 store is offering red and blue cups for the election? Apparently, their sales have actually have predicted past elections, but what I found funny is when Stephen Colbert, or was it Jon Stewart, who said it wasn't accurate because Mormons don't drink coffee! LOL

And my favorite ad because I hear people say this all the time...


Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33707/8-Clever-Ways-Brands-Are-Newsjacking-the-Election-for-Marketing.aspx#ixzz29Vi6FZjs 

So! Enjoy the debate. I plan to watch the first bit and then am escaping to my Bible Study because I need to keep a good perspective on this election.:)

And for all my Democrat friends reading this, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'm sure this picture is scaring you to death! LOL I was shocked to see how many South Bay homes proudly displayed these signs. Hmm...

2012-10-14 15.32.10


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