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#Sharefest 9th Annual Evening of Community Fundraiser Nov 2. Deadline Mon, Oct. 29 to RSVP!


Sharefest develops comprehensive programs and services that strengthen communities and meet the needs in the lives of children and families. Please RSVP by Monday, October 29 to support Sharefest's 9th Annual Fundraiser on November 2. All the details above. 

Here's why it's so important:

This has probably been the most difficult year we have ever faced ... however, due to Sharefest's work, our school–comprised of 100 precent 'at-risk kids–has thrived! Thanks to Sharefest we've had our largest graduating class and our highest percentage of proficiency on the California High School Exit Exams.


@LaurenConrad @TonyHawk @CassadeePope @BethanyHamilton @TravisPastrana & other celebs team up to fight drug use in youth via @NaturalHigh

I was recently approached regarding this great program and because I'm now focusing my pro bono blogging efforts on causes I support, I wanted to share this with you.

Here's what she sent me regarding Natural High:


In honor of Red Ribbon Month, notable celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Tony Hawk, Cassadee Pope, Bethany Hamilton, Travis Pastrana, Terry Kennedy, and Paul Rodriguez Jr. are teaming up to fight drug use in youth across the country through an innovative organization called Natural High.

You can view all of their videos for the cause here:

Here's one I selected in honor of my SoCal Beach upbringing and all the surfers I knew growing up:


And for all the fashionistas or The Hills fans, here's Lauren Conrad's Natural High video cuz I really like what she has to say too:


And for all those into music, here's Hey Monday's Cassadee Pope sharing her natural high:


The Natural High DVD Series is distributed freely to more than 14,000 schools across the nation (more than 6 million students per year). Here's a breakdown which showcases that it costs JUST PENNIES to reach youth with the Natural High message, far less expensive than the devastating costs of addiction/rehab, etc.    



Estimated Youth Reached


320 schools



160 schools



81 schools



32 schools



16 schools



8 schools



3 schools


For these mere pennies, Natural High is able to achieve the following results: 

  •        83% of educators report a change in their students’ perception about drugs and alcohol.
  •        85% of students participating in the program have reported that having a natural high will       help fight the temptation of drugs and alcohol.
  •        140,000 educators are currently in the Natural High network across the US.
  •        6 million youth see the Natural High video annually.
  •        77% of youth report that the film encouraged them to find a natural high and reject drugs        and alcohol.
  •       All 50 states use this video.
  •       80,000 people and growing have pledged to live naturally high.

In honor of Red Ribbon Month, Natural High is launching a campaign to help today’s youth find their “natural high” so that they have a reason to say no to an artificial high with a goal of reaching 12 million youth by 2015.

Interested parties can donate or fundraise to help bring the Natural High program to every student across the country:

Like Natural High on Facebook:

Follow @NaturalHigh on Twitter:

Learn more on their website here:

@MPTVFund Fundraiser, @KingdomComeDoc Screening, Furne One and @AlexisMonsanto #Fashion Shows wrap-up!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Had a great couple of days and now that the final Presidential debate is over feel like sharing. Hope you watched and have registered to vote if you live in CA cuz today is the final day! You have until midnight to do so here:

Moving right along...

Really enjoyed learning more about the Motion Picture TV Fund this past Saturday night because so often it's easy to only see the selfish, greedy, evil side of Hollywood and there really is a sweet, caring, loving side to it as well as evidenced by the power house turn-out at this private fundraiser.

I was very inspired listening to the stories of those who had benefited from the services and lived on campus as read by actors. It was all I could do not to take pix, but if you read the Hollywood Reporter in the upcoming days, I'm sure you'll see an eyeful.:) Here's one of my favorites though which he shared with his fans.


It was also very inspiring to see the level of people involved in caring for the elderly and infirm of Hollywood.













Go here: to see who I'm talking about, or check this out. Recognize anyone?:)

I've only considered the church as caring because that's what I've grown up with and have experience with, but to see Hollywood in action was very humbling and inspiring on so many levels.

What I loved hearing the most from the evening, above and beyond all the stories of people who have benefited, was the fact we are all one community. This was repeated throughout the night. We are our brother's keeper.

Loved that sentiment! As I said on Facebook, God bless you and God bless Hollywood! And I don't say that lightly!:) Very moved and inspired...

Another Hollywood event I enjoyed attending recently was the Kingdom Come screening hosted by Paste Magazine and my friend, Michael Dunaway. Recognize this man? (This fun pic is courtesy the talented Comic, Shelby Bond with the rest from this event graciously provided by Filmmaker/Photographer, Clinton H. Wallace of Photomundo, International.)


Daniel Gilles 23








Kingdom Come is a documentary about the making of Broken Kingdom, by new filmmaker, yet accomplished Actor, Daniel Gillies and his lovely wife, Actress, Rachel Leigh Cook.

What was enjoyable about this doc, was hearing all the other stories of successful filmmakers and actors sharing their experiences with their efforts to create films intermixed too. So true!

Very fun night. Here's a few other interesting folks in attendance.


Illeana Douglas 20
Illeana Douglas

Jennie Garth 15 Dania Ramirez 17 














Jennie Garth and Dania Rameriz

Rachel Leigh Cook 53
Rachel Leigh Cook, Joel Michaely, Clinton Wallace, Daniel Gillies, Arjay Smith

Moving right along.

I've been super busy and wasn't able to immerse myself in this season's LA Fashion Week as much as I would have liked, but did manage to see my two favorite Filipino designers, Furne One and Alexis Monsanto. 

Last time I had covered their shows, their work really wasn't as popular in Hollywood, but both designers have exploded on the Hollywood scene which I wasn't expecting at all! Congrats to both of them!

I have never seen such a large, excited crowd fill the Vibiana before. You may remember these blog stories I wrote about my last experience, or if you haven't check it out:

Here's Alexis Monsanto's press release information:

"Alexis Monsanto is an emerging fashion star whose A-list clientele has included talent such as: Drew Barrymore and Kate Beckinsale, and whose designs have also been worn by Charlize Theron, Felicity Huffman, Kara DioGuardi, Jordin Sparks, Laura Kaepler (Miss America 2012), Oscar-nominated Robin Fryday (2012) and Kimberly Rivers Roberts (2009), world renowned soprano Sumi Jo, and cast members of the popular ABC-TV hit series, “Revenge,” among many others."

He says, “I embrace a style that is irreverent, unafraid, existential and provocative. With fashion, I aspire to create challenges for myself, while creating a whimsical world for my client. Ideally, they’ll tap into a form of expression that would otherwise seem unattainable. I am inspired by everything in my life, from the cold black objectivity of commerce to the warm subjective embrace of the muses."

Here's a few pix from the official photographer, Christian Del Rosario, which you can see in their entirety here. You can see my take on each fashion show event overall on my Facebook Fan page here and here.

In the meantime, enjoy my video coverage of the final procession for both shows. Please watch with the sound off for "optimal" viewing.:)


And just found my Sue Wong Fashion Show video which you can enjoy here too.

  So, I think that about wraps up my latest adventures now that I've been back in Los Angeles.

On a closing note, since people ask me all the time what the biggest difference between living in GA versus now being back in CA, what I have come to recognize is the fact I know more people in Los Angeles and have a good reputation out here whereas I had to start from the ground up in Atlanta which is extremely difficult.

When I saw Monsanto at the fashion show, he acknowledged me from the stage and was delighted to see me at his show. I receive invites to private events others aren't included in by virtue of the professional and personal relationships I've carefully, and successfully, built over the years.

It just feels good to know, even though I was gone for a year, I wasn't forgotten. I feel more and more as time goes by I'm getting back into my groove slowly, but surely. As one friend pointed out, when I shared all the difficulties I went through in GA with my car, my health, my job and living situtations, she said, it was like I was Jonah running away from Ninevah and God wanted me back here in Hollywood.

I feel that very clearly now. I enjoyed a taping of one of my favorite music shows today and was seated in front of the judges which made me realize how lucky I am to have experiences like this so easily. 

Hollywood is a special place and now that I've spent a year away from it, I appreciate it now more than ever. So, that's all. I just felt like sharing.

Hope you enjoyed reviewing some of my adventures with me. I'm sure there are more ahead! 

Have a great week! 

In honor of tonight's #debates courtesy of @HubSpot @pizzahut @bostonmarket @joshhafer @JetBlue @BarackObama & @MittRomney -Enjoy!:)

By Joy A. Kennelly

If you're new to social media and want a great resource, you MUST start reading and following I have loved their information for years and really enjoyed reading the book, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead WHAT EVERY BUSINESS CAN LEARN FROM THE MOST ICONIC BAND IN HISTORY by David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot.

If you're a band or a musician, that book should be a must-read for you. Don't worry, lots of short chapters, easy-to-understand information, and if you like the Grateful Dead, bonus!:)

In any case, just wanted to remind you tonight is the debate. I think I heard Obama might even show up this time. LOL 

Oh, and for those making a party of it, here's some food suggestions. Pizza, anyone?

 Or, what about Boston Market?


Or for those who like liquor with their debates...


"Along with launch of its left wing and right wing bourbons, the Heaven Hills Distillery also launched two separate Facebook pages in support of each position. And for every Facebook like they receive, Heaven Hill Distilleries is also donating $1 to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I like that a lot! 

Or, print this out and follow along in the bar or at home. It will make the lies told easier to take.

486792_10151130452618600_75593351_nOr for those who like coffee, you've probably heard 7/11 store is offering red and blue cups for the election? Apparently, their sales have actually have predicted past elections, but what I found funny is when Stephen Colbert, or was it Jon Stewart, who said it wasn't accurate because Mormons don't drink coffee! LOL

And my favorite ad because I hear people say this all the time...


Read more: 

So! Enjoy the debate. I plan to watch the first bit and then am escaping to my Bible Study because I need to keep a good perspective on this election.:)

And for all my Democrat friends reading this, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'm sure this picture is scaring you to death! LOL I was shocked to see how many South Bay homes proudly displayed these signs. Hmm...

2012-10-14 15.32.10

Kingdom Come screening and Silicon Beach Tech Crawl

I've just uploaded some pix of the recent Kingdom Come documentary screening held at Harmony Gold and experiences at the recent Silicon Beach Tech Crawl on my Facebook Fan Page here:

Will probably write a real blog review of Kingdom Come when I have time. My photographer friend, Clinton H. Wallace, gave me some great shots from the red carpet and event which I want to share.

In the meantime, follow me on my fan page ( as I plan to upload more pix and information in the upcoming days you might enjoy as well.

Just between you and me... The Oscars chose the wrong host this year and other random thoughts.

Sometimes I deliberately don't blog about something because I know people want to hear what I think just to mess with 'em. I've been blogging for so long I really don't want everyone knowing my every thought like I used to when I first started out and didn't know any better. Like my recent HS reunion. Won't hear about it on here. Sorry, just won't. 

I do find it fascinating that the blog I wrote condemning The Hangover II still gets so much traffic though. I wonder if they're reading it to change and grow? Or simply to be mad I would slam it so hard?

Somebody had to say something, right?

Last night at the Bible Study I attended, the leader was talking about our identity as women and said one of the things we do is civilize situations. Well, maybe Hollywood needs to be civilized then since it's so male-dominated. Especially since now the Oscars are talking about having 'ole whasshisname host from The Family Guy and Ted. 

Why on earth are they stooping into the gutter to have such an anti-semitic, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-everything kinda of person degrade the ceremony like that? I don't get it. I know it's been dragging in the ratings lately, but do the powers-that-be really think this is the way to pull it out?

Have you seen what comes out of that guy's mouth and brain? It's mean. It's despicable. It's not funny. I grew up with such comic greats as Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett, Johnny Carson, etc and they were hilarious. My Dad had some of their comedy albums and we would listen to them often.

I know times have changed, but being mean doesn't have to be part of the comedic equation. Now, I just turn the channel to avoid The Family Guy and stopped following their writer, Steve Marmel, when I got fed up with his stupid, mean, angry political grandstanding, but I can't avoid this mentality if I have any thought of watching the Oscars now.

What a drag.

I think this is a stupid move on the part of the Academy. If James Franco and Anne Hathaway didn't save it... Maybe if the voting wasn't so esoteric and the people voting were younger. Right now, it's primarily white, over-60 males. What do they know about what's current? Entertaining? Insightful? Unique?

They probably don't even read blogs, have a Twitter account, or a Facebook account for that matter. How can they say they're keeping up with the Zeitgeist of the land when they're so far removed from the pulse of America? Or are they so vain as to think only their opinions matter?

I don't get it!

Why are there still so few minorities and women represented too while we're at it? We're not living in the dark ages, but sometimes it feels like in Hollywood we are! Please, please, please, reconsider this decision to have 'ole whasshisname host this year. I don't even want to say his name I hate his style of attack so much.

Get fresher, more diverse blood into the voting pool. Allow for more interesting voices to be heard for once. Actually care about your audience, rather than the egos of those running the show. Otherwise, end up a dying relic we used to watch, but will stop because it's always the same 'ole, same 'ole.

Why do you think the Emmy's are so boring? Modern Family, Jon Stewart, and a bunch of cable shows few watch always win. If you want to only appeal to your cloistered community, why bother televising it? If you forget who your audience is and don't care about your audience, then you only have yourself to blame when it dies a slow, boring death.

I really hate to think this could happen to the Oscars because I really like watching it for the most part. Although if whasshisname hosts, may have to boycott. Replace him with Ricky Gervais already! Then you'll really have your audience.:)

Just not mean, spiteful, angry, anti-semitic attempts of humor like the guy you've chosen is known for please. Life is hard enough as it is. We don't need the last bastion of Hollywood glamour ruined by some TV guy. And Ted doesn't count. More gross humor the level a 13 year old immature boy would like.

Somebody has to say the emperor has no clothes because no one else is! Although a few people I know are starting a boycott campaign of Seth which is why I thought I'd help raise awareness too. Stop the madness! Replace this guy and get someone with decency and real humor!

And that's all she wrote.

#Foodie, #Fashion, #Film Fun in Los Angeles with @supperclub_la, @LloydKlein, @ChakaKhan, @SueWongFashion, & more

By Joy A. Kennelly

Here's a pictorial essay of some of the fun events I've attended in the past few weeks for your viewing pleasure. First up, the Supperclub LA.

If you go tomorrow, they're offering 50% off on ALL dinners this Saturday, October 6th ONLY! This includes a four-course meal, complimentary shot, performances and the Club action afterwards. This excludes additional alcohol and gratuity.

Regular dinners are $75 and the experience starts at 7:45pm this Saturday. Please call 323-466-1900 to reserve your recline dining seating and mention Valentine Group to get your 50% off. Tell 'em Joy sent you too.:) Hope you can go! We had a great time when we were there!

Supperclub dinner ad - August2012cropped

Photo (30)
My friend Debra & I enjoying the single life!:)
Photo (31)
We were all pretty cold and started goofing around with the sheet cuz it cracked us up.

 Photo (32)

It's very atmospheric and totally unlike any place I've been to in LA before.
Who knew this is what lies behind the old Vogue Theater doors? Stunning, eh? LOTS OF FUN! 

It's definitely a one-of-a-kind experience and one I recommend if you like really unusual, artsy, funky kinds of performances. Just be prepared for the unexpected is all I have to say. Totally felt like a vaudeville circus act which was extremely entertaining. Plus, the DJ is amazing and the food was delicious.

Very fun time! We did take pix with men who attended too, but these were all my friends sent me.:)

Next up, attended the wildly entertaining Lloyd Klein fashion show at Lure up in Hollywood hosted by Janice Dickenson, AnnaLynne McCord, and Lloyd Klein himself. What was fun about that event was seeing all my fashion friends who I only see at fashion events and being part of such a unique way to showcase a line. (More pix later I promise!)

Where else would you also get to hear Chaka Khan sing Happy Birthday to a guy named Mohammad?:) All while mixing and mingling with really interesting people, admiring Hotties on Ducatti's and meeting actors like hunky Geno Segers? (If he's single, tell him so am I!:)

Or always eclectic, Bai Ling? Janice Dickenson is always my favorite wild card though! You never know what's going to come out of her mouth, or what she'll do next. She's crazy fun.

(All photos courtesy Clinton H. Wallace of Photomundo International.)

 Chaka Khan 55

Chaka Khan with Designer, Lloyd Klein in the middle, and a guest
LloydKlein_Ducati 60
Just one of the hotties on a Ducati



Chaka Khan 53
Chaka Khan! I grew up singing along to her music, especially Through the Fire, and it was a thrill to see her!

I personally took some pix which I'll share next time from all these experiences, but wanted to get this blog out since I've been promising it for sooooo long!

Another really fun fashion event I was invited to attend was Sue Wong's fashion show held at the Conga Room in LA Live in conjunction with the HD Fest (or something like that. I'm not their publicist and was more interested in the fashion to be honest. However, it was very cool!)  Sue Wong 11

Iconic Fashion Designer, Sue Wong
Sue Wong Fashion Show 20   Sue Wong Fashion Show 25SueWong__8764 (Again all photos courtesy Clinton H. Wallace of Photomundo International.)Sue Wong Fashion Show 22
Sue Wong Fashion Show 26Sue Wong Fashion Show 21


Lauren_ Fashion Show 28
Just one of the many celebrity guests in attendance. Meet Lauren Mayhew, an actress and singer, who you will soon see on Dexter! Visit her fan page to learn more of this amazing talent: She's wearing a Sue Wong design in honor of the occasion.
  Sue Wong 12



Sue Wong Fashion Show 24
Lovely wedding dresses were the highlight of the Grand Finale as Sue Wong came down to applause.

Alien_8906 LittleShop_DementiaBack_001LG sponsored a special after-party and we all enjoyed delicious food and talked shop with all the filmmakers who were there as well. You may recognize some of these guys if you're into Horror.:)

My photographer friend, Clinton H. Wallace, took all the shots for me at both parties and wanted me to make sure you knew about his new 3D horror film collection called: 3-D Collection: Dementia 13/Little Shop of Horrors

He just had a screening with Warner Bros and is doing quite well with his filmmaking career as well. Click here to see pix:[email protected]/7789628436/in/photostream/ 

We first met when I was working with Actor/Producer, Domiziano ArcangeliClinton was one of the first photographers to shoot him before Domi became as well known as he is today. Always have a soft spot for him as a result.:) GezaDecsy_8917 Aren't these guys fun? They're both producers and/or directors Clinton knows. L Geza Decsy R John Michael Elfers 

I always enjoy hanging out with Clinton because he knows everybody in town and always includes me in his conversations. Plus, he's super laid back, does his job really well and rarely complains (unlike some photographers I've worked with in the past, or know casually.) 

Oh, and in honor of my high school reunion taking place this weekend, I thought I'd close out with a picture of some of us taken in elementary school because many of us grew up attending all the same schools together. Can you tell which one is me?:) Recognize anyone else?

251316_853083646382_933192348_nHave a great night! Off to see my Atlanta artist friend, Yunny Bunny, who is out here in Los Angeles showcasing her work at the amazing art & music show downtown.


Twitter lesson: The art of making your articles go viral using social media tools

By Joy A. Kennelly

I see this happening a lot which is why I decided to share some tips on what makes an article go viral and how to facilitate it happening more effectively. 

There are quite a few social media platforms that allow you to schedule your tweets ahead of time with new ones coming out daily. I prefer Hootsuite because it's been the most user friendly and has the largest scope, although have to admit, the pop-ups asking me to upgrade every. single. time. I check in to use it becomes a little annoying after awhile. There should be an opt out button.:)

However, overall, they're a very dynamic program. Others I have seen include Tweet Deck, but I didn't like that one because you had to download it on to your desktop the last time I tried it. I like a service I don't have to download.

Not only can you schedule your tweets weeks and months in advance with either service, it automatically shortens the url you post using a select coding process which you're able to track to see how many people are opening what you're sharing.

So, I've given you two programs to check out and they have videos on their sites which will explain further how to utilize their programs, or contact a sales rep for an even more guided tour.

That wasn't really what I wanted to discuss however. 

Here's what people don't realize is needed to truly make their articles go viral and spread online. You have to make it as easy as possible to share them first of all. When I go to a website and hit the share button, I want my Twitter account to receive the title of the article, a short link to the article itself and space to add a comment or if someone RT (retweets) my post, space then too.

Brevity is key on Twitter and especially when you're sharing information. I happen to read very fast and can scan a Twitter feed very quickly to see what is important, what are the trending topics, what is the zeitgeist of the day, but not everyone has the time or ability to do this.

Make it easy for your reader. You want to give them the title of the article, a shortened link to the actual article, perhaps add your Twitter handle ie via @GoalGalsLA (my newest Twitter account - follow me!:) But don't take over the entire Tweet!

Share This is rather an effective tool I've seen used a lot, but I haven't personally applied it since I'm not technical, just marketing savvy. Also, AddThis is very popular. I'm actually going to upgrade my blog sharing capabilities after this week because it's time.

I know it's hard to grasp everything in social media when you're first starting out because it's constantly changing and evolving. I happen to love that fact about Technology myself, but admit, I get frustrated too because I often need help applying what I know works simply because I find Typepad a little difficult to maneuver on my own too. I'm always reaching out to their customer support for help when I can't figure something out. 

So I get it. You may be at that level too, but whoever you're working with should be able to address these issues for you and there's always customer service on the actual social media platform sharing tool too. I find too, when I let the information simmer awhile sometimes it makes more sense when I come back to it and am not stressing so hard to understand a new topic.

Basically, put yourself in the shoes of the person reading whatever you're trying to get across. Make it simple, interesting, provocative, and tell the reader why they need to read your article. I can't say it enough. Include the title, a shortened url, and space for comments and RTing.

NEVER say - Check out my article and then link to your generic website leaving the reader to guess which is the important article you want them to read. People don't have the time to guess and if this is done consistently, Twitter followers will discount what you have to say because it's the same link over and over again.


Twitter  is for those with short attention spans. Catch 'em! Be personal, yet appropriate. Be funny, yet pertinent. Be truthful. Be engaging. Be grateful. Be generous. 

I think I'm going to create a presentation on this because it seems to be a real hole in the dialog about Twitter. That's all for now. Gotta run. 

As soon as I get back, I plan to write-up all my latest events. It just takes longer than I have right now and wanted to express this asap!:)