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Update on International Stylist, @NicoleJanowicz, and Introducing @SPKofBeautyTV with @HollyFulger

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently received an article my recent client, International Stylist, Nicole Janowicz, had contributed to months ago when we were still working together. Thought you might enjoy reading it, expecially if you're planning for your own wedding.

CTW has licensing agreements with 1,000 additional newspapers and online journals and you may have read this story on one of those sites as well. 

I was very happy to help Nicole create her online presence on all the popular social media platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc); write all her marketing copy including press releases, email pitches (ad agencies, talent agencies, brands, schools and universities, media, celebrities and musicians), newsletters, and coverage in my blog; successfully pitch her to numerous fashion & wedding blogs as a contributing writer which resulted in her own Huffington Post blog, in addition to, national and international blog coverage; and speaking opportunities at FIDM San Diego and elsewhere.

All of our efforts ultimately helped find Nicole an agent at The Rex Agency before our contract ended. Very proud of this work and happy for her because this is what she needed to take her career to the next level.

Now she's busy with music styling for the Backstreet Boys and others, although she will do wedding styling on request. 

Here's a few examples of where she was featured in the article entitled, "If you’d like your silhouette to be a bit more streamlined, it helps to employ a few tricks. Here’s your guide to the best bridal shapewear to help you hide what lies beneath"

Brides 365 - If you’d like your silhouette to be a bit more streamlined, it helps to employ a few tricks. Here’s your guide to the best bridal shapewear to help you hide what lies beneath

Kissthebride_logo_top Logo
Nicole became engaged while writing wedding tips for her Huffington Post blog and all the other wedding blogs too, which I thought was sweet. RingI have another friend who was working for The Wedding Knott who became engaged soon after working there too.

Guess there's something to preparing for a wedding that just tips guys off you're ready? Or is it guys realize, they snooze, they lose?:)

Have to admit, laughed out loud when I saw these cards on Pinterest because they're the opposite side of the spectrum.



Currently working with the new web series, Speaking of Beauty with Holly Fulger, which will launch at the end of the month.

Speaking of Beauty - square - web largeActress, Writer, and Beauty Spokesperson, Holly Fulger (ELLEN, thirtysomething, ANYTHING BUT LOVE) is on a personal mission with her new web series, SPEAKING OF BEAUTY WITH HOLLY FULGER, to open a dialog among women to address their concerns and insecurities of aging, and ultimately, help women discover their inner-beauty, enhance their self-image, and feel more beautiful at every age.

“We don’t talk enough about beauty and the issues it brings up, to one another. I believe that is beginning to change” says Holly. “The older I become, the more I see that physical beauty is lovely to look at, but ultimately meaningless. Beauty is a reflection of who we are. It is, quite simply, our soul reflected outwardly.”

As she interviews some of her favorite role models and “everyday heroes” of all races, ages and backgrounds, each woman discusses their personal vision of beauty, the negative effects of media's "ideal woman", and how these perceptions influence their lives and their power as women. Holly takes a profound look at both the positive and negative aspects of being a woman and presents a platform for resolving the paradox of being "beautiful" and the power of being yourself.

Speaking of Beauty with Holly Fulger, Laurel Stevens, Melinda Augustina, Holly Fulger
L to R Interviewee, Laurel Steves; Producer, Melinda  Augustina; Creator/Host, Holly Fulger

Very excited about this very important conversation and to be working with such a great team of professionals. Holly is very inspirational and this is a topic that is long overdue.

I love this description of beauty by Audrey Hepburn which I will leave you with now.


Stay tuned! More to come soon, I promise! Click the link following to "Like" Speaking of Beauty with Holly Fulger on Facebook too! 


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