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American film director, writer and producer, @BryanSinger & Creator/Actor @JohnCabrera present ‘H+ THE DIGITAL SERIES.’ Have you seen it? #Geeksunite

By Joy A. Kennelly

In case you can't find anything on TV you want to watch, or have no plans and are just chilling looking for something innovative and unique to watch online, look no further. Received this information from a couple of publicists awhile ago and have been meaning to share it with you for quite some time.

From American film director, writer and producer, Bryan Singer ("The X Men," "The Usual Suspects"), director Stewart Hendler (“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”), and written and created by John Cabrera (“Gilmore Girls”) and Cosimo De Tommaso, the highly anticipated live-action web series “H+ The Digital Series” takes viewers on an episodic, apocalyptic journey where technology has gone horrifically wrong.

Image002Originally premiering on YouTube on August 8th and at Comic Con this past July, the series, H+, stars an acclaimed international cast, including Alexis Denisof (“The Avengers”), Hannah Simone ("New Girl"), David Clayton Rogers (“Jane By Design"), Hannah Herzsprung ("Das wahre Leben" / "Life Actually") and Sean Gunn (“Gilmore Girls").   

You haven't missed out though because the show was created with the ability for an audience to create their own playlists, to group character story arcs, geography, chronology, etc and curate content on your own Youtube pages/social media.

It's completely non-linear and each of the 48 five-minute episodes can be watched in any order.

Isn't that cool?

The series takes viewers on a journey into an apocalyptic future where technology has begun to spiral out of control and 33% of the world give up cell phones and laptops in favor of a stunning new device by H+ Nano Teoranta, an innovative technology company that connects the internet to the human mind 24 hours a day.

I would never do this, but I know some tech heads who might find it fun.:)

As mentioned earlier, H+ is created, written and executive produced by John Cabrera (“Gilmore Girls”). What's cool about the YouTube format, is that it allows for viewers to have direct contact and conversation with John as they are watching.

Don't ask me how, just try it!:) Here's the trailer to give you a taste. It's really, really well done!



Best known for his 5 year role as “Brian Fuller” in the Emmy Award-winning show “Gilmore Girls,” Cabrera who has also appeared on “Without a Trace,” “Numb3rs” and “CSI” has been working on making H+ a reality for the past 6 years. 

The Miami native graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Acting and co-founded the theater company “Collaboraction” and was awarded the Joseph Jefferson Award Citation for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Cabrera also wrote and directed web series “The Homes” an indie rock musical road trip starring Chelsea Kane. In his spare time, Cabrera is an avid rock climber and has a background in computer programming and design which garners him respect in the social media digital universe.

I know I'm impressed, aren't you? What's fun for me with this series, is that Bryan Singer had a short film in my short film festival years ago and it's exciting to see people I knew back in the day continue to succeed. I wish them both much success with this show.

Fans can subscribe to the “H+ The Digital Series” channel on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/HPlusDigitalSeries).  Viewers have access to exclusive content which provides insight into the origins of "HPlus" and details about this ambitious and innovative digital series.  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about it ok? 



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