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Life in #Atlanta and @RealMenCook fundraiser featuring @Baisdenlive, @RepJohnLewis and many more #AfricanAmerican #Charity

By Joy A. Kennelly

Always tell when I'm happy because I feel like blogging. Now that I've wrapped up work for my International Celebrity Stylist client, it's nice to have a little free time before the next opportunity. Couple things bubbling which are promising.

I've also moved to a much nicer neighborhood in a beautifully furnished house with a very sweet, respectful room-mate who's hardly ever home which makes life great too.:) 

Even my daisy plant is happier and keeps blooming as if it too agrees.

2012-06-19 12.08.48

Now that I'm ITP (Inside the Perimeter) vs. (OTP) Outside the Perimeter which in LA is like living in the South Bay vs. Hollywood, I'm much happier too because it's so much faster and easier to get to events and places I want, or need, to go. 

Traffic in Atlanta is sometimes worse than LA and every little bit of time you can shave off really helps. It's the difference between going out and staying in sometimes.

Just off the phone with a friend who was debating on whether to join me at an event launching Aeromexico's flights between Atlanta and Mexico City tonight. When he heard it might be Downtown he wasn't interested claiming too much traffic, but then as soon as he heard it was closer after all, said he'd consider it.

See what I mean? LOL


Recently I was invited to participate in the Real Men Cook Atlanta event honoring Fathers on Father's Day at the Georgia World Congress Center which was a real treat. What a fantastic complex near Phipps Arena. I liked the walkability between the different venues and as I left, enjoyed seeing an Atlanta Hawk mascot posing with fans outside.

2012-06-17 15.24.01

Radio Host Michael Baisden (pictured left) came and shared how much fathers mean to children which I felt was especially poignant when so many children nowadays are growing up fatherless. Here he is talking about it with the press at his book signing after.

Atlanta treasure,  Congressman John Lewis (pictured below) has been serving as Honorary Chair and cook for many years which I thought was really amazing and wonderful given his government responsibilities.  No wonder he's so beloved!:)2012-06-17 15.47.49

A fantastic drum line lead us into the hall boistorously and loudly which was a lot of fun. Such precision and control!  2012-06-17 14.55.11

Sweet father's serving delicious soul food to all of us were part of this wonderful fundraiser as pictured here. 2012-06-17 14.56.46

I'm hoping to receive better shots from the organizers, but couldn't wait to share because it really was special. We don't have events like this in Los Angeles that I recall which is one of the reasons I was curious to attend and learn what it was all about. 

Plus, I'm a sucker for real soul food cooking.:)  2012-06-17 15.26.13

Here's the official Real Men Cook description to give you the depth and breadth of what they're doing for men around fatherhood here in Atlanta, and across the nation:

The Crusade
Real Men Charities, Inc. presents Real Men Cook events as a national crusade to positively change the way 
the world views men in relationship to their families and the community.

The crusade includes events, which take place all on the same day, Father’s Day; in Atlanta, Chicago, Benton Harbor (MI), Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington, DC.

The Crusaders
Volunteer cooks are the most valued crusaders in this movement to change the world. Local managers, nonprofit partners and radio partners are also essential to Real Men Charities, Inc.

2012-06-17 15.20.35 2012-06-17 15.32.10

2012-06-17 15.52.02















The Reality

Can an Event Change the World? Day by day, year by year, first by claiming Father’s Day in major cities and with national media attention, myths are destroyed, hope is restored, perspectives repositioned, appreciation is expressed, examples are magnified, young men strive to be real men and mature men stand up to be counted; families, no matter the configuration, begin to celebrate themselves and those who try to make a difference. 

Women love it.  2012-06-17 15.39.44

No Child is Left Behind
No child need feel empty on Father’s Day. Families attend the event and women are the number one purchasers of event tickets. Entire families celebrate beyond the biological father, and grandfathers, brothers, coaches and teachers. Reflection is placed on real men past or present. Children are celebrated, activities are planned for them and during the campaign, they benefit by the positive images, messages and role models, who happen to be every day men making a difference.

So, there you have it. How I spent Father's Day and other tidbits.

Hope you enjoyed the read! 


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