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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Summer #reading, #eating, #fashion & #art suggestions

By Joy A. Kennelly

I don't know about you, but I'm totally not in the mood to work today. AT ALL! I'm already in a holiday mindset and ready to party (which to me means dancing and being around fun people - not getting drunk!), although I doubt this kinda fun will happen while I'm living here in Atlanta. LOL

It's time like these that I miss the beach. You could walk out your door and be surrounded by people enjoying themselves in the sun. Maybe a little too much alcohol, but still having fun in beautiful weather. 

2012-05-22 17.51.03I miss the spontaneity and easy access to private, high-end parties I enjoyed back home. Out here they charge for everything, you have to drive everywhere to find fun, and I rarely hear of any sponsored parties which is a big bummer. 

I may have to change that and create my own. Or move. lol

Life can be so much simpler people.

Have enjoyed receiving some fun summer goodies in the mail though which I thought you might enjoy learning about because they're new to market and healthy too!2012-05-18 13.05.15

Gluten free, low calorie ice cream anyone?  2012-05-19 16.04.392012-05-18 12.53.03I invited some friends over to do a taste test and we recommend the Pumpkin Spice, Maple Vanilla, any of the Chocolates except mint (weird taste) and like the pints over the bars since they're rather icey and the chocolate falls off.

All good though on a hot summer day!

Especially if you're watching your weight and trying to stay healthy. It is available at select grocery chains including Whole Foods and Kroger, or buy it online here:

Another mailed gift was Bai as seen here. Now because it's healthy, have to admit I was dreading my first sip, but Bai is delightful! Like drinking water, but with a much better flavor and good for you too!

2012-05-22 18.16.39 Unlike most of its competitors, Bai and Bai5 is 100% natural and made from the most super of all superfruits, the coffeefruit.  Every bottle is packed with all the daily antioxidants we need and more. It comes in all these great flavors too! Nice alternative to carbonated drinks. Add a splash of bubbly water and you've just created a low cal soda.:)Bai bottlesAnd for your summer reading, here's an interesting book you may enjoy if you're a Sopranos fan or want to read about the crazy Hollywood life of an actor. Asylum_cov

I tried to read it, but couldn't get past the foul language. Now that I'm not living in Hollywood I rarely hear the "F" word and it's jarring to see it in print constantly.

That said, I truly admire him for being brave enough to bare his soul like he's doing and share his intense personal struggles. I'm sure many will enjoy it which is why I'm sharing it here. 

On another note, I was thrilled to receive this travel handbook in the mail:  TWH7I've been a travel blogger for quite some time and am looking forward to branching out beyond my blog as a travel writer since I love to travel! I've been to 27 countries, most of the U.S. and feel most at home out on the road. It's the kind of book you need to really concentrate to gather all the information which is why I'm taking my time reading it.

Really enjoying it!

Although I don't get out much nowadays since the girlfriends I was hanging out with are all in steady, happy dating relationships now and I don't like to go out alone, I did manage to attend a recent fashion mixer with a guy friend which was fun. It was held on the 27th floor of the Melia Hotel during a thunderstorm which you can see here:

2012-05-17 20.28.08 2012-05-17 20.58.22Everyone was having fun and photogs were everywhere. I met some interesting designers, saw people I knew from the Atlanta scene (not my group, just the scene.:), and enjoyed the vendor's booths.

  2012-05-17 20.35.05
2012-05-17 20.46.082012-05-17 21.28.20This female clothing designer, Nicole, has a  plus-size clothing line called and was very nice. I need to call her.:) Michelle, the girl with the orange handbag, does handbags obviously. Interesting crowd.

It was funny to read Jezebel Magazine later that week and seeing the bowtie designer guy we'd met featured.  2012-05-21 21.29.26 Yes, guys do dress like this in the South, especially if they like horse racing. I like the look personally.:)

Check out his site: Brier & Moss if you're in the market for a great bow-tie. He's a real go-getter.

Oh, as an aside, did you happen to catch Lindsey Lohan in the dress my client, Yari DeLeon wore to The Lincoln Lawyer premiere? Who wore it better? LOL

2012-05-20 22.24.54 256039992
We laugh every time I send her an example of another celebrity wearing this design. Sexy, isn't it?:)

Just discovered my favorite art magazine, Whitehot Magazine by my art bud, Noah Becker (you are my bud even though you may not remember me Noah.LOL) also covered my new Atlanta artist friend, Yun Bai aka Yunny Bunny. She's Asian and creates the most beautiful art from porn.

I know, yeah right?! But seriously, read the following article and scroll to the bottom to see her work, if you didn't know, wouldn't you agree they're beautiful? Oh, and be forewarned, there is bad language in this interview which you can read here:

What is this world coming to?:) I have to admit, just skimmed it, but really do like her art and her as a person. Very creative, warm and funny!

So, that's a wrap folks. Enjoy your holiday responsibly and remember the real reason we're celebrating this weekend. Image016
Thank a veteran we can enjoy such a weekend as this! Happy Memorial Day! 

#Style by @NicoleJanowicz, #Fashion Flash with @Jaime_King @DitaVonTeese, #Foodie Fun with @AdrianGrenier

By Joy A. Kennelly

Int'l Stylist, Nicole Janowicz Update

Been busy behind the scenes and finally able to take a break to blog. 

I love working with Int'l Celebrity/Wedding Stylist, Nicole Janowicz, and am learning sometimes things I would normally be shouting about on the rooftops need to be kept under wraps a lot longer than anticipated.:)

I can tell you this though. Nicole has re-connected with Director Dago Gonzalez of Veneno Inc. whom she worked with on Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: World Tour Video Elements, Slash, Slash Performanceand dancers for Paulina Rubio: Nada Puede Cambiarme,  and the Spice Girls: World Tour Video Elements. 

See, it's not all Backstreet Boys and weddings all the time with her! She does other entertaining projects too!:) She is currently styling for two major World Tours with Dago and having a ball.

It's always fun when you work with people you like and who respect your work. Rare in this town, but when you find it it's a treasure which may explain why Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese and so many others keep their same teams film after film.

Remember my blog post on teams with Entourage Actor Adrian Grenier? Here's the link in case you missed it the first go round: Importance of building a team: Why Adrian Grenier, Willow Smith and Gary Oldman are successful.

In any case, back to Nicole. So, if you don't hear anything from me about her, just know great things are perculating behind-the-scenes as we work diligently together.

Her latest Huffington Post article entitled: How To Create A Consistent Style From Wedding Ceremony To Reception is live too.

Here's a brief intro to pique your interest by Nicole Janowicz: "On April 1st, I made an appearance at the "Unveiled Bridal Style Revealed" event in Beverly Hills, Calif., held at the exquisite Beverly Canon Gardens. "Unveiled" is an outdoor bridal event that brings together the best event professionals, resources, and designs for couples to enjoy as they plan for their big day.

I am not married nor am I engaged. Thus, I can only imagine what it must feel like for newly betrothed couples when the engagement haze wears off, and the reality of creating a wedding becomes, well... real. Venues, food, guests, invitations... the details and decisions are seemingly endless. Bridal events, like "Unveiled," are an invaluable resource for couples. They are like the Barneys New York women's shoe department of weddings: the best the industry has to offer, in one place, and with smiling, friendly people waiting to chat and help!

My team and I were on-site to talk with brides about all things wedding fashion and style including: upcoming trends, choosing your wedding gown, choosing bridesmaids dresses to compliment every personality and figure, how to style your groom and groomsmen, and much more.

AJ and Rochelle McLean Engagement Photo 2

One bride in particular asked my advice on how to wear different ceremony and reception dresses, while maintaining a consistent style. My conversation with said bride inspired this article because I know she is not the only woman grappling how to wear two different dresses, while maintaining one overall look.

So, let's talk it out..." Click here to continue reading:

I can also tell you she's been invited to speak before the Wedding Industry Professional Association sometime next month. Still nailing down the particulars, but it will be great. The organzier is very good at what she does and we're excited to participate. (I know, I said "we," but I get excited with my clients, what can I say?:)

Other things are bubbling and will be announced in due time. SO! That's the latest with Nicole.


Since you've been patient, I thought I would share some fashion highlights I've been receiving from other publicists because now that summer is upon us it's fun to see what all the stars are wearing and doing.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this highlight of Actress Jaime King wearing since Nicole has styled her in the past for LADirect Magazine (purchased years back by another publication.)

Isn't this a cute headband and look? Jaime looks like such a Southern belle I love it.

171Jaime King wore on a recent episode of Hart of Dixie! The model turned actress sparkled in a glam crystal headband ($225); www.shopbando.com172




My friends and I love Austin and really beautiful jewelry there. Have you heard of another Jamie named Jamie Pope? Well, Jamie decided to design her own jewelry line when she couldn't find what she liked and tcreated the Liz James collection.

Have to say, fashionista's everywhere are happy she's designing if this picture is any indication:

127If a trip to Austin isn't in your plans any time soon, shop her designs online here:

Now, since it's getting sunnier and sunnier, here's some fun shades called Lumete which means a precious object used for protection and luck, and lumen, meaning light.

One of our favorite strip tease artists, Dita Von Teese, (I know the PC term is Burlesque, but let's call a spade a spade people.:), loves 'em. If you can believe it, I actually saw her perform at a private birthday for an 80 plus year old mom of a very wealthy son's party up in Rolling Hills Estates years back.

Dita is good at what she does! The men in the crowd were cheering and all the rest of us were just amazed the mom had agreed to this performance.:)

Doesn't Dita look glamourous and mysterious in her "summer sunnies" as the publicist calls  'em? Love this look!

Dita Von Teese wearing Lumete Ulula Sunglasses

 Check them out online too here:


Oh, and I also received the news two cool people I've written about in the past, Entourage Actor, Adrian Grenier, and Stonyfield Farm chairman Gary Hirshberg were at the recent opening of a new natural and organic restaurant at Chelsea Piers last night, Chelsea’s Table, which Gary also founded.

Aren't they cute?:) Hey Adrian, Nicole would love to work with you if you're not already with a stylist!:)

Photo credit: Brian Ach /AP Images for Chelsea's Table

Chelsea’s Table features natural, organic and local ingredients in a fast-casual atmosphere proving that “healthy fast food” is not an oxymoron. (Just like Stonyfield Farm's organic yogurt I had the fun time promoting last year. You can view all the fun pix from the Family Love Fest here in my blog: just keep clicking.:)

Gary and Adrian formed their friendship two years back when Adrian launched his eco-media platform SHFT ( which supports environmentally conscious and sustainable living. 


You can view more info about Chelsea’s Table here:

Okay, that's all for now. I'm hungry and dinner's calling. Hope you enjoyed the read!