@kimkardashian and @KrisHumphries Do you have to drive home my point on the lack of commitment in today's society so quickly? #72DayDivorce @KeepinUpWKris Wake up to what you're doing to your girls!
@Sears @ENews @Ryan Seacrest Is @KimKardashian really the best brand image? #Divorce's impact on society from an economic, sociological, and emotional perspective

Mawwiage is serious business. A contract. @Sears @ENews @ryanseacrest @kimkardashian @krisjenner @krishumphries

By Joy A. Kennelly

My heart physically hurts in my chest over the state of marriage in society today. I haven't felt this heart ache since the pain I felt over the drunken, out-of-control Six Man Volleyball Tournament in Manhattan Beach years back when I worked diligently to change it for future generations to a more sane environment.

It literally breaks my heart that people like Kim Kardashian are throwing their marriage away rather than work things out. I have seen, read and heard so many stories of marriages that were on the brink of divorce that God was able to bring healing to, it's painful to hear her story and others. I know, it's stupid to be so caught up over a celebrity, but she impacts the society we live in whether you want to admit it or not.

Again, I've never been married, but I have avoided marriage with many guys I've loved because I knew we'd never last as a married couple. I remember dating one guy for three years and finally going to couples therapy to see if we could save our relationship or should get married. Even the counselor said we weren't right for each other.:)

Ever sincethat time I always swore I would attend pre-marital counseling with whomever I did fall in love with and become engaged to just to make sure I was making the right decision for the long-term success of my marriage. I know it doesn't always work out even if you get counseling though, but at least it's a step in the right direction. More than what Kim took apparently.

Here's one resource Associate Pastor Charles Qualls recommends: "PREPARE/ENRICH is the leading relationship inventory and couples assessment tool. Scientifically validatedas a foundational program for premarital counseling, marriage enrichment, couples therapy, marriage mentoring and marriage education. PREPARE/ENRICH automatically tailors the content of the relationship assessment to fit each couple's unique relationship stage and family structure."

He's written numerous books on the subject too which you can see here

There's a myriad of issues that can affect a relationship you won't know until you're in it, but to casually end something simply because of the no-fault divorce rulings in this day and age rather than work through it as I feel Kim Kardashian is doing, breaks my heart because she influences so many young people today.

I've decided I have to let this go or suffer a heart attack it bothers me so much. I know, stupid, but for some reason the flippant manner in which Kris Jenner is "handling" this "business proposition" only indicates to me this "marriage" was never taken seriously and that bothers me too.

I wish Bruce Jenner would step up for once and speak words of advice into this situation. He's been married to Kris, who hasn't been the easiest woman in the world to be married to, yet he's done it for years and years and years. He's got to be doing something right and have some words of wisdom on how to deal with being married to a Kardashian, right?

I still feel Kris Jenner needs to step back from her manager role and simply be Kim's mother for once. It's like they're a machine and since this cog has broken, they're just picking up and creating a new business cog without any remorse, any effort, and any acknowledgement of the mockery they've made of the sanctity of marriage, or the impact this stupidity will have on impressionable young girls who look up to her as a role-model

(Why? I have no idea, but know they do for a fact.)

If, Kris Jenner, you are a Christ follower as you say you are, then live your life according to the Bible not E! and recognize God hates divorce. Share this with your daughter too. Here's an article which goes into greater detail if you're interested: 

Divorce is a Sin! Jesus plainly taught that divorce only happens... “because of the hardness of your hearts” (Matthew 19:8).

Yes Kim, it's painful to see your immature husband acting out right after you're married. Yes Kim, his being messy when you're OCD is upsetting. Yes Kim, not wanting to leave your career in CA for the cold winters of MN is an issue, but is this really worth breaking up over? I've seen worse issues and people come out the other side fine!

Grow up! Honor your vows. Be different than all the other celebrities who so casually throw away marriage like it's an old blanket they don't feel will keep them warm any longer. If you truly follow Christ, then live differently. Even in the public eye. Maybe more so! 

Consider pursuing this avenue: Marriage Savers is a Proven Way to Increase the Success of Marriage, Reduce Divorce Rates, and Provide a Better Environment for Children to Thrive.

I have seen so many marriages turn around by the grace of God when they were considered a loss I have faith God can do a miracle in any relationship. I've seen, heard and read about too many not to. I've also watched my parent's marriage and seen them weather many storms together the 40 plus years they've been married. 

I can remember going away to summer camp after high school and praying they'd stay married until I returned it was such a rocky road back then, but they love each other and even though it's not the  lovey dovey relationship I know my Mom would like, they are each other's rock.

I guess that's why my heart breaks when I see people divorce. I know the horrible statistics for children's future success as the unintentional victims of divorce and it's painful to read here in this article: The Effects of Divorce on America


"Richardson and McCabe (2001) conducted a study on the impact of parental divorce, conflict, and intimacy with parents during the adolescent stage. In their study, Richardson and McCabe pointed out that adolescence is a time of change and divorce can be an added stressor that can impact adjustment. Conflict within the home negatively impacts interpersonal relationships. Previous research has shown that parent-child relationships are predictors for young adult interpersonal relationships.

Richardson and McCabe measured seven aspects: life satisfaction, depression, anxiety, stress, opposite-sex relations, same-sex relations, and self-concept. 167 undergraduate students participated in the study. They found that participants from a divorced home had lower life satisfaction, higher anxiety, and poorer same-sex relations as compared to participants form intact homes. Overall, divorce and inter-parental conflict was found to impact adjustment."

And here's the legal aspects: The Effects of Divorce on Society

Is this really the direction we want to continue to live as a society? I totally agree with Comedian Rob Delaney about suing Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian to stay married. Have you seen it?

Kim Kardashian Divorce Lawsuit: Comedian Explains Rob Delaney says Kim should 'reconsider' Kris Humphries divorce.

'"I'm suing Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest and E! Entertainment Television and Comcast for perpetrating what we now know to be a hoax, their marriage,"' he told MTV News on Tuesday. '"It can't be real. I want them to stay married. I want them to stick it out, so as an incentive, I am suing them for monetary damages — but only $18 million, not a lot. That's just what she was paid for the wedding episodes themselves."'

I hope he's serious. Someone, even a comedian, needs to be the voice of reason in this stupid "reality" play. Don't you agree?


Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Could Put Show in Peril

This is the best news I could have read on this topic. I really hope they take it off the air for awhile at least to give time for Kim to actually deal with the consequences of her actions in private rather than in public. At a certain point, the show must not always go on and this is detrimental to society as a whole.

If you're a role-model for young people, then be a good role-model. Not a greedy, money-focused family because that's how this has played out. I used to really enjoy watching the show as my guilty pleasure because it's fun to see the mishaps, fights and issues they've dealt with, but divorce is too serious an issue to dramatize and play out before the cameras.

If all involved are serious about this not merely being an opportunity for everyone to make millions, then do the right thing for once and take this show off the air indefinitely. Let's see how the family survives away from the spotlight and see if Kris Jenner becomes more a mother, than a machine like she comes across so often lately.

This truly, truly, truly breaks my heart. I have cried over this and hope at least one person will look at their own marriage a little differently as a result.  



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