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Black Friday Shopping! Check out @RaymondWeil watches like these lucky celebs: @ChrisRock, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Josh Charles

By Joy A. Kennelly

Appears Swiss Watchmaker, Raymond Weil, knows quality when they see it as they partnered with the Labyrinth Theater Company on their annual signature benefit "Celebrity Charades" recently. This charity event features four celebrity teams that participated in a fearsome and hilarious speed charades competition to support the Labyrinth Theater Company’s 2011/12 season.

Hearing this makes me want to go see a play there! Check 'em out here: http://labtheater.org/ The theme for this year’s event followed that of a horse race and was titled Celebrity Charades 2011: Down and Derby.  Players included:   Josh Charles courtesy Photo Credits: Christopher Vanderyajt
Chris rock

Josh Charles, Michelle Trachtenberg (Photo Credits: Christopher Vanderyajt), Chris RockPhilip Seymour Hoffman (Photo Credits: Bill Menzel), Tom Colicchio, Jesse L. Martin, Daphne Rubin-VegaBob Balaban, Bobby Cannavale, Cynthia Rowley and Kristen Wiig

Each celebrity player was gifted a RAYMOND WEIL timepiece. 

Labyrinth Theater Company is one of the nation’s leading ensemble theater companies driven by a diverse group of over 120 actors, directors, playwrights and designers from a wide array of cultural perspectives. 

RAYMOND WEIL, both nationally and internationally, has created a strong presence in the arts.  A sponsor for the last four years of Brit Awards, a supporter of American Idol and a VH1 Save The Music sponsor, RAYMOND WEIL takes pride in the support of new and emerging talent within the theater business. 

 Sponsoring Labyrinth Theater Company was the ideal partnership with not only a strong non-profit organization, but actors and actresses, that all hold the same core beliefs. RAYMOND WEIL prides itself in aestheticism, watch making know-how and creativity, the core values that consolidate the basis of the brand’s philosophy.

(This blog copy has been brought to you by Raymond Weil.  No celebrities were hurt in the making of this blog post. No gifts were exchanged either, although I did ask.:) I know I could look wistfully into the camera moving my wrist around just like that model did in their ad. I just know it!:)

Because you know, ‘‘ Precision Is My Inspiration ’’ too!:)

Happy Shopping!


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