@Fashioncares Wrap-up Part Two - All the #fashion you could want! Atlanta Fashion's Night Out here I come...
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@theellenshow Can't wait to see Angie Johnson 9/13 @Derekjhair - Hope @MBFashionweek was a blast! #sneakpreview #adele #fashion

By Joy A. Kennelly

Been busy the past few days. Enjoyed checking out Dragon Con (totally not my scene, but fun to observe nonetheless. Amazing costumes which I'll post another time.); Betsey Johnson's fashion show was young, flirty and fun, especially since I was sitting next to the fabulous Derek J, Owner of The J Spot Salon, and Real Housewives of Atlanta fame (I don't know what it is about celebrities. They find me, or I find them without either of us trying. Never fails.:)

Then poked my head into the amazing "A Night to Remember" Fashion Show SCAD Fundraiser honoring Bethann Hardison, one of the first African American models from the 70's who is still going strong, and featuring the handsome Tyson Beckford too. (Make sure to click the link for all the scoop.:)

I loved how the entire show of 20 plus models walking were African American except for one white model and the DJ was playing great 70's music like Barry White, Teddy Pendergrass and more great old school R & B. Visually stunning.


Click here for more photos and celebrity sightings of which there were many: http://freddyo.com/tyson-beckford-comes-to-atlanta-for-a-night-to-remember/celebrity-events/ 

And finally, what I started out to write...

Thank you Ellen for honoring our military like you plan to do on September 13 and showcase U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson and Sidewinder. Here's the sneak peek as promised...




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