@thejgold @LAWeeklyFood @musicconnection Time again for the Original Long Beach Lobster Festival September 9-11, 2011 Rainbow Lagoon #foodies #in
Thanks @Cision! Enjoy @HughJackman and Deborra-Lee Furness in @WorldVision's promo and sneak peek of my Jeffrey @FashionCares review. #fashionista #faminenomore #charity

Don't miss "Summer in the Shade" at Grant Park - last day is Sunday, August 28 11am - 6:30pm #festival #in

By Joy A. Kennelly

Today my friends and I hit the unique Summer in the Shade Festival at Grant Park, Atlanta's oldest park, which was very fun. Lots of great jewelry (make sure to visit our friend's booth, Christine Chandler Designs - look for the mermaid logo), clever and interesting art, yummy food, kid's activities like face painting, dress up, performers and lots of sponsors giving away free goodies.

Rather than talk about it only though, here's my pictorial essay for your viewing pleasure... Go tomorrow and if you do, tell our friends Christine and Trace you read about them in my blog.:)

PondJust an example of the beauty of this park. Love all the trees and pathways.

AnnieFoodWide variety of food vendors available too. And for those who like food & wine festivals, there's always Corks and Forks sponsored by Lincoln. 

Corks & forks

Corks & forks3 Corks & forks2 Corks & forks4 Me KidsThis was one of my favorite booths because it was so artistic. The owner makes the most unique eco gifts for kids and adults. Aren't they adorable? Check out Sharon's website here: www.twostixthestore.com and her book, Sweater Renewal.

Crazy car art2

These car artists cracked us up because they're giving Dennis Woodruff back in LA a run for his money. Don't you agree?:)  

Crazy car artCrazy car art3Moving right along...

Make sure to visit Christine Chandler Designs and Greg Turco Photography. Very clever, beautiful and interesting leather and pearl jewelry and still photography. Click the links to buy online!


Or visit in person tomorrow. They're both on the inner circle above the kids and food row far enough away from the music stage you won't be annoyed.:) For some reason, the festival organizers think attendees like listening to Krishna music followed by punk rock. Very odd!

I'm so glad O Entertainment, Inc, the company I work with promoting all their Los Angeles festivals, believes in having Zydeco and Cajun music at their festivals. Makes people want to stick around, shop, dance, eat and creates a very enjoyable festival experience overall.

Don't miss their upcoming Original Long Beach Lobster Festival coming up September 9-11, 2011 at the Rainbow Lagoon! Best lobster in Southern California and great music!

Note to Summer in the Shade organizers- may want to focus on presenting "enjoyable" unique music, rather than just unique. The current music performed today doesn't fit your festival's overall vibe or level of vendors at all! May even draw more people who actually want to buy if you choose music people want to listen to, rather than can't wait to get away from...

Just saying... Otherwise, perfect event! 

CTOur friends, Christine and Trace, enjoyed themselves. Check 'em out here, or online at www.etsy.com/shop/christinechandler.

That's all folks. Very fun day. Night!


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