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Are you Mad as Hell about the TSA Groping you and your family? Submit yourself to this new show!

New CBS talk show, to be hosted by an Emmy Award winning celebrity host, is actively seeking people who are MAD AS HELL, about the way the TSA is treating people at airports.

Are you sick of the harassing and rude TSA agents at the airport that have taken it too far? Do you feel like the agency is treating us like criminals in a police state? Have you, yourself, been a victim of the TSA's inconsistent bullying, and have been singled out to be groped, molested, or treated indecently. Has your child or other family member been mistreated and rough handled by the TSA in the name of safety, and you just can't take it anymore!?

If you have a story to tell about how the TSA has mistreated you or your loved ones, and you are sick and tired of it, let us know! Please also send a photo of yourself, along with a phone number to reach you at. Share your story with us, and we will be reaching out soon.


You have to be a member to sign up, but it might be worth it to do so. Jeff Probst is the host. Read the following article for more information:

Breaking news: Jeff Probst of 'Survivor' to host talk show in fall 2012

Our @stonyfield "cow" girls say "Come on in to our fun farm!"


Lots of fun activities for kids and adults alike! Chef Gino is preparing delicious recipes with our plain Greek Oikos yogurt. We also have lots of free organic yogurt samples. Create your own fun photo flip book and video you can enter into the Stonyfield Family contest on the company site to win a trip to a dairy farm and more.

Trace your hand on our handprint wall and we'll donate a dollar to

And for kids, learn all about organic farming from Gert, the cow.:) All this while you enjoy amazing blues and zydeco music, BBQ, and more!

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Make sure to say hi to @stonyfield's Gert the Cow @wholefoodsmarket #eco #children #fun #organic


Gert, (yogurt, get it?) welcomes all of you today. Lots of fun eco activities for children to experience and enjoy while adults and kids alike dig into Stonyfield Organic Yogurt.

Gert the cow is 100% organic and poops, farts, and moos with lots of cool facts too. Perfect for kids, right?:)

Do not pull the tail!:)

Kids can plant seeds, collect a growth chart designed by Eric Carle, Chop Chop Magazines, and more goodies.

We're here till 1pm. Come on down! Whole Foods
Plaza El Segundo
760 S. Sepulveda
El Segundo, CA 90245
310 333-1900

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Sometimes you just want your @stonyfield smoothie when you want it!:) #kids #organic #eco


These two were both wanting the smoothie and the baby won.:) What I like about Stonyfield yogurt is the fact it's designed specifically for each growth range of your child.

Vitamins, whole organic milk, and more to help create healthy bones, brain, eye and nerve development in babies, toddlers, and kids.

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Get your @stonyfield #organic, #kosher yogurt in #Santa Monica on Main Street #eco #health


Today we're offering Yo Baby Smoothies, Yo Baby, Yo Kid, Yo Toddler yogurt which is half the sugar, double the protein, made with whole milk designed specifically for children's growth.

For the adults, we're offering Greek "Oikos" yogurt in a variety of flavors. Coupons, goodies, growth charts and more! Pop by, sample a flavor, and say hi!

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Leave it to Oliver's Cafe Chef David Linville and Sous Chef Tyler Gugliotta to whip up @Stonyfield Greek yogurt in a dish tonight just for me


Popped into Oliver's Cafe to drop off some Stonyfield Farm organic Greek Yogurt after working all day.

My favorite South Bay Chefs whipped up this pistachio crusted seabass served with a greek cucumber, heirloom tomato, fennel and shaved red onion salad enhanced with our Stonyfield authenic Greek Oikos yogurt tzatziki just for me!

Can't wait to dive in, but first I must share this with all the foodies and wine lovers who read my blog.

Chef David and Tyler have a wonderful Roth Estate Vineyards wine pairing dinner beginning Wednesday, June 29th at 6:30pm. Hurry and sign up on Open Table where you will find all the details because seats are going fast. As for me? I'm enjoying my sea bass!
I love having Chef's for friends.:)

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Can't wait to start the @Stonyfield Farms' Family #Love Fest in LA tomorrow! Delicious yogurt! #healthy #eco #fun


Stonyfield Farms is an amazing socially and environmentally responsible company who makes out-of-this-world delicious organic yogurt products.

This is so silly, but I got choked up realizing working on this project is actually doing something to save our planet and children's health.

I will be sharing more in the ensuing days, but just know if you haven't tried Stonyfield Farms yogurts yet you will soon AND you will be asking yourself why you haven't indulged yourself sooner!

Back to scheduling our packed week. Hope to see you at our LoveFest all over Los Angeles! We are ending up at the Long Beach Blues and Bayou Festival at the Rainbow Lagoon on June 25 and 26.

Buy a ticket and come get a taste of yummy! See ya!

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Welcome to the jungle #PDR #Hawthorne


Listening to "This Has Gotta be a Good Life" and it's perfect for this scene. For a day that started out icky, sure is ending nicely.

Sometimes all you need is to work with a sexy guy like Michael Vartan, joke around with a funny guy like Chi McBride and enjoy some positive ocean ions to turn your entire day around.

Girls, am I right, or am I right?:)

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Chalk Artist, Julio Jimenez #art before indie folk/ jazz trio Smithfield Bargain #Culver City #music


If you hurry, you can catch musicians performing in front of Starbucks, Ford's Filling Station and Native Foods.

Also, the final chalk artwork of Julio Jimenez. Culver City's city-wide block party runs until 9pm formally and all hours informally.:)


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Make sure to visit @heidifahringer Optometrist for Sire's Crown #eco eyewear


Very cool. Aren't these guys handsome wearing their Sire's Crown eco eyewear? And Heidi vibing with her Paul Smith? On the right, Matt's wearing North American cedar glasses which is one of the newer styles. Chris on the left, one of the partners, is wearing buffalo horn which you can't buy yet. They will carry it later because they're focusing on wood now. Matt's favorite, "without question," is olive ash burl. Italian ebony is the most popular. If you want to change up your look, then check out Dr. Heidi's optometry office located on 3840 Main Street in Culver City.

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@lovemytianello Nothing beats home cooked Mexican food delivered fresh daily! Thanks Rosa! #in


Having a lot of fun teaching Tianello CEO, Steve Barraza, Graphic Designer, Joe and Web Manager, Jamie, my secrets to successful social media campaigns.

Isn't this great food? Rosa has been bringing her specialties to Tianello for the past eleven years. Such a sweetie.

And delicious food too!

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Downtown Culver City Third Wednesday Summer Series Kicks Off Tonight! 5pm - 9pm Culver & Washington


Culver City is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles because it's so culturally diverse with amazing art galleries, a major film studio in the heart of Downtown, old-fashioned movie theatres that play a great selection of unique cinema, historic landmarks like the Culver Hotel, and an amazing collection of delicious restaurants, fashionable clothing stores and more.


Really looking forward to popping over there tonight to hear Folk/Jazz trio Smithfield Bargain, hit the closing reception of WWA Gallery's exhibit, watch the amazing chalk artist, Julio Jimenez, and shop and dine at all the cute places scattered throughut the city.

If you've never visited Culver City then tonight's the night to see it in all it's hip, eclectic, interesting state.



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@HuffPost - Why is your connection to my @Twitter so invasive? Just curious #twitter #HuffPo

Authorize The Huffington Post to use your account?

The Huffington Post

By The Huffington Post

The Internet Newspaper on Politics

Cancel, and return to app

This application will be able to:

  • HP: Read Tweets from your timeline. - Me: You can do that anyway. Read it! You might actually learn something about what the other side thinks.
  • HP: See who you follow, and follow new people. - Me: If you want to, go ahead. That's what Twitter is all about.
  • HP: Update your profile. - Me: Now you're crossing a line. Sorry, I don't need your help here.
  • HP: Post Tweets for you. - Me: No thank you. I'll post my own tweets thank you very much. If you're trying to say you'll post the tweets of the articles I like on your site, then that's something else, but you're not saying that now are you?
  • HP: Access your direct messages until June 30th, 2011. - Me: This is really none of your business. You can't look in my underwear drawer either so don't bother asking.:)

Just thought you'd like to know what we think when you ask us to "allow" you to access our Twitter accounts. Yours is one of the more invasive "allow" requests I've come across lately.

Why is that? 

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All my #Social Media/Fan Mgmt students @MIHollywood


Keep your eyes on these kids. They are going places and soon you will know their names too!

Check out my fan page "likes" to see some of their creative endeavors:

I haven't had time to tweet out all their pages, but they're in my favorites section. If you like what you see, like them too!

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New friends #Martian Ranch & Vineyard in Los Alamos


By Joy A. Kennelly
Erica invited me to volunteer with her at the Taste of the Nation charity fundraiser benefiting Share Our Strength and we've all decided this is our favorite foodie event ever!

So nice to help a worthy cause and have a jolly good time at the same time!
Nan and Liz from Martian Ranch & Vineyard invite you to try their flight of wine available at Bristol Farm, LA Wine House and Avant Tapas & Wine Bar in Buellton, CA.

If you like red, try syrah. If you like white, try grenache blanc. I tried the grenache rose which was delicious.

Better run. The waiter races are about to begin!

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Comedian Randy & Jason Sklar goofing around on the Creekstone Farms #Totn


These guys are so funny! I first saw them at the Aspen Comedy Fest years ago when they were just getting started and it's so fun to see how popular they've become.

My favorite redhead comic, Kathy Griffin, is prompting the twins to pimp out their radio show. LA Weekly Food Critic Jonathan Gold and Top Chef Master Chef Border Grill Mary Sue Milliken are on next with Kathy for the Creekstone Farms Chef Showdown.

I feel like I'm around foodie royalty! LOL. Currently enjoying Pazzo Gelato! This is the best volunteer gig ever! We have to try everything for our wineries to make sure they get to try the best of the best. May I just say I love my life?:)

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#Share Our Strength: Making No Kid Hungry A Reality #Culver City #charity #Foodie


Almost one in four children in America today struggle with hunger. Through the No Kid Hungry Campaign, Share Our Strength is working together with civic leaders, government officials, faith and private community groups to help families with resources to help them.

This organization has raised more than $300 million since it began and has supported more than 1,000 anti-hunger organizations through such fundraisers as today's Taste Of The Nation event in Culver City.

Go to or to learn more and see how you can attend or help.

Mozza and Short Order with Nancy Silverton/Matt Molina, Street & Border Grill with Mary Sue Miliken & Susan Feniger, FIG Restaurant with Raymond Garcia, Simon LA with Kerry Simon/Marius Blin, Basement Tavern with Brad Twigg, Grassini Family Vineyards and much more!

Gotta run.

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8th Annual Hermosa Beach Art Walk Organizers & featured Artist, Grant Searcey welcome y'all with LA Film Fest Guides too!:)


Come join my favorite art friends at the final day of the 8th Annual Hermosa Beach Art Walk today from 10am -5pm.

Amazing local artists, fun food trucks, great live music and you can even pick up a LA Film Fest Guide at the Information Booth.

All the details are available at:

Tell 'em Joy sent you and says hi! Featured: Sam Perrotti, Ken Klade, Sienna Tucker, Artist Grant Searcey, and Jeff Duclos

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Hermosa Beach Art Walk final day today! Don't miss it!


Seeing all my old art buddies! Pop by 10am - 5pm. Lots of live music - so cute, the Craig Greely's Family Theater Dancers, Island Breeze, Tres Hombres who plays all over the South Bay. Gotta come see Sam Perrotti dance!:)

Featured Artist, Grant Sercey, my favorite art lover and supporter, Ken Klade, emerging artist, Chandu Baheti who Sienna Tucker raves about (booth 83), a fun silent Chinese Auction with great gifts, even food trucks! Naan Stop Indian food, and Don Chow Tacos. Gotta love it! Free and family friendly. Young at Art features water coloring, and other fun events. Hermosa Beach mural project is offering signed and numbered Museum Quality Reproductions of the original Artist's rendering of Hermosa Beach Murals Project's first mural. Very cool!

Support the quality side of Hermosa and buy some art. Really nice event.

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Pratesi is the only place with LA Film Festival Guides on Melrose Place #film


By Joy A. Kennelly

Visit Liz to grab an LA Film Festival Guide from the only store on Melrose Place to carry them. Located at 8405 Melrose Place, Liz is also happy to showcase their luxury Italian linens and summer sale when you pop in.

You never know who you might bump into at Pratesi. Rumor has it celebrities and filmmakers alike love the luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets and towels, cashmere blankets and throws, and the new Pratesi terry cloth beach collection available in all the hottest colors.

And for those looking to expand their linen closet, you will especially appreciate select items available at 65% off. Pratesi linens are enjoyed by guests at the Montage, L' Ermitage, and other exclusive boutique and luxury hotels around the world.

Italian elegance at its best. Or as the late Mr. Pratesi always said, "Pratesi linens are made for living. Sleeping is incidental." Pratesi
8405 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069
323 653-2425 Free parking is available in the back

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Look what @CulverHotel is doing at Downtown Culver City's Third Wednesdays starting June 15th 5pm - 9pm

Culver Hotel Promo
I adore Culver City which is why I am so happy to be working on the promotion of their Third Wednesday events this summer. Join the rest of the Los Angeles and discover what makes Downtown Culver City so special every Third Wednesday from 5pm - 9pm.

While you're there, enjoy live music, shop's sales, discounts at restaurants and much more! All the details here:

Band on stage
Bar scene
Outdoor cafe scene

@adampertman posing with his book, Adoption Nation, @jeaniemadsengallery


By Joy A.Kennelly

So interesting to hear Executive Director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, Adam Pertman, of "Adoption Nation How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming Our Families --and America speak on his book tonight.

"Adoption Nation is the Silent Spring of adoption. It is, quite simply, the most important book ever written on the subject." Former Executive Director, National Adoption Foundation.

What I like is that he's a former senior journalist at The Boston Globe which makes his writing very easy to read and listen to being read. Very poetic.

I also like reading that James McBride, another author I admire and have read his book, The Color of Water, endorses it with this quote: "Adoption Nation is a wonderful resource, deep and insightful..."

Also, another man I admired, Dave Thomas, the late founder of Wendy's and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, wrote, "Adoption Nation is a powerful book that's a joy to read."

I'm surprised to read even Bastard Nation, the Adoptee Rights Organization, and American Adoption Congress' former president also endorses it.

This experience is bringing up a lot of emotions and I'm finding it hard to speak to many people as a result. Conversation is swirling around me over Woody Allen's new film, Midnight in Paris, which I would normally jump into, but not tonight. It is fun to relive it vicariously though.

Scanning the chapter on birthparents I like what I read on how balanced his observations and reporting is. I can recommend reading it after seeing that.

Heavy sigh. I need to leave now. I vant to be alone.:) Have a great weekend.

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@jeaniemadsengallery hearing @adampertman discuss his new book, #Adoption Nation


Adam Pertman says, "Adoption isn't about somebody else, it's about all of us." I love that sentiment.

Interesting, he says adoption is still the last "slur" is accepted by society. Breaks my heart to hear that. I wish people who write TV, films, and other influencing material would consider speaking to those of us in adoption before writing their stories.

The room is filled with people who have direct connection to adoption.

Where are you? If you missed this evening, you can still pick up his book, Adoption Nation, on Amazon.

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