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What I love about LA is you can drive through any neighborhood and stumble upon something interesting and out-of-the-ordinary happening.

Today, I drove from Santa Monica to Venice heading home and decided, on a whim, to visit Abbot Kinney since I hadn't driven down it in awhile and was curious what it was like during a Saturday day.

As I was getting ready to leave the Blvd, I looked over and there, smack dab in the parking lot of The Brig, was this huge green container which you see in the pic.

Naturally, it caught my attention and I had to pull over to find out what it was all about.

Turns out USA Network, RSA Films, Ridley & Tony Scott are presenting Character Project - 8 Directors. 8 short films. Every character has a story.

When I saw Ridley & Tony's name combined with Vanity Fair attached I broke my rule of avoiding short films, parked and enjoyed three quickies.:)

Great promotion by "The All-New CT Hybrid and Lexus" (or is that a Lexus? Hard to tell.) and a fun way to spend a couple minutes.

I caught Fish, which foodies would love as it traces a day in the life of Chef Jon Shook, "best known for his carnivore-pleasing creations at the L.A. Hotspot Animal;" Monster Slayer by Caskey which was whimsical; and Perfect by Amie Steir which had a cute plot twist.

It's a traveling show and if you're lucky enough to live in Chicago, you will be able to catch the tour Sat & Sun, June 4th & 5th at the Hancock Building from 10am - 7pm.

The rest of us Angelenos can still catch it till 8pm tonight and again, tomorrow from 10am - 8pm at The Brig in Venice.

For those of you out-of-state, USA Network doesn't want you to miss out either. Catch it online at

I plan to watch the rest of the short films later tonight when I return from my art evening before catching the SNL finale and Lady GaGa.:)

I love days like this. A little film, a little fashion, a little fitness, a little art, and a little boob tube. All I'm missing is a little music. My kind of relaxing weekend.

Now if only I had someone special to spend it with life would be complete.:)

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