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Sarah Folkman's "Glider" is my favorite artist at Corey Helford Gallery & Derek Goes of Goes Photography is my favorite photojournalist right now #art

It's oil on rosewood and I love how she incorporates the wood's artistry into her work. My friend, Janet Gervers of Jag Media, and I liked this picture of hers too. Corey Helford Gallery Director has exquisite taste and always... Read more →

@USA_Network enjoyed Character Project @thebrigvenice - thanks!

What I love about LA is you can drive through any neighborhood and stumble upon something interesting and out-of-the-ordinary happening. Today, I drove from Santa Monica to Venice heading home and decided, on a whim, to visit Abbot Kinney since... Read more →

Makeup Artist Melanie Mills' Gleam Body Radiance Launch party

Melanie Mills was the head makeup artist for Dancing with the Stars and couldn't find a good body makeup for dancers which is why she created this. My long-time Hairstylist friend, Danny LeClair of Studio DNA, says, "Gleam Body Radiance... Read more →