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@tiffanypollard says, "New York" and Kai happened one night!


Aren't they the greatest? Digging the medieval looks my two new friends, "New York" aka Tiffany and Kai are sporting for tonight's shoot.

This kinda stuff cracks me up! I am surrounded by creativity in a stunning modern mansion high in the hills of Hollywood across the street from an Oscar-winning Director.

We're feeling inspired now!:)

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Dear Oprah - I'm going to miss you

Dear Oprah,

I know I haven't watched your show as regularly as some of your more faithful fans. I've only written you a few times too. I only buy your magazines when I find the topic of interest. I never made it out to watch your show in person even though it was on my bucket list.

However, your influence in my life as a strong female role-model is written on my life forever. Here's my quick love letter to you for all you've done for so many women, men and me over the years.

I think it's wonderful how you have lived an abundant life despite your childhood experiences and shown people how to live their abundant lives too. I also have always enjoyed your interviews with celebrities because you humanize them and allow us to see sides of public figures they don't normally reveal because they trust you.

Although I don't always agree with your politics, I do love you! I'm going to miss turning you on when I am home working and just wanted to say God bless you.

Thank you for your dedication, diligence, grace, humility, confidence, business sense, humor, sophistication, motivation, exhortations, positive messages, surprises, love, honesty, fashion, responsiblity, strength, empowerment, belief in others, encouragement, excitement, joy, support, tears, heart, insights, advice, wisdom, patience, inspiration, influence, role modeling, generosity, and so much more.

We will miss you. Thank you! Now I must find another tissue because I need to wipe my tears again. 

God bless,

Joy Kennelly

Your infrequent fan

@jtimberlake & @ladygaga are hilarious on #SNL pic


I knew this was one finale I didn't want to miss. LOLing all the time... Here's a link to Justin Timberlake's official presentation if you missed any part or just want to relive the humor of one of the highest watched SNL shows in 7 years!

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Sarah Folkman's "Glider" is my favorite artist at Corey Helford Gallery & Derek Goes of Goes Photography is my favorite photojournalist right now #art


It's oil on rosewood and I love how she incorporates the wood's artistry into her work.

My friend, Janet Gervers of Jag Media, and I liked this picture of hers too. Corey Helford Gallery Director has exquisite taste and always brings it. They will be celebrating their five year anniversary in July. Mark your calendars to attend this not to be missed celebration.

Me & Janet art show
Picture courtesy of Derek Goes of Goes Photography. Isn't this a cool effect? I had no idea how talented and experienced Derek was when we met because he's so low-key and gentle in person. His style of photography is so casual and nonchalent as if he's not really shooting which makes you relax.

Check out his website again here: or email him here: derek(at)goesphotography(dot)com

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@USA_Network enjoyed Character Project @thebrigvenice - thanks!


What I love about LA is you can drive through any neighborhood and stumble upon something interesting and out-of-the-ordinary happening.

Today, I drove from Santa Monica to Venice heading home and decided, on a whim, to visit Abbot Kinney since I hadn't driven down it in awhile and was curious what it was like during a Saturday day.

As I was getting ready to leave the Blvd, I looked over and there, smack dab in the parking lot of The Brig, was this huge green container which you see in the pic.

Naturally, it caught my attention and I had to pull over to find out what it was all about.

Turns out USA Network, RSA Films, Ridley & Tony Scott are presenting Character Project - 8 Directors. 8 short films. Every character has a story.

When I saw Ridley & Tony's name combined with Vanity Fair attached I broke my rule of avoiding short films, parked and enjoyed three quickies.:)

Great promotion by "The All-New CT Hybrid and Lexus" (or is that a Lexus? Hard to tell.) and a fun way to spend a couple minutes.

I caught Fish, which foodies would love as it traces a day in the life of Chef Jon Shook, "best known for his carnivore-pleasing creations at the L.A. Hotspot Animal;" Monster Slayer by Caskey which was whimsical; and Perfect by Amie Steir which had a cute plot twist.

It's a traveling show and if you're lucky enough to live in Chicago, you will be able to catch the tour Sat & Sun, June 4th & 5th at the Hancock Building from 10am - 7pm.

The rest of us Angelenos can still catch it till 8pm tonight and again, tomorrow from 10am - 8pm at The Brig in Venice.

For those of you out-of-state, USA Network doesn't want you to miss out either. Catch it online at

I plan to watch the rest of the short films later tonight when I return from my art evening before catching the SNL finale and Lady GaGa.:)

I love days like this. A little film, a little fashion, a little fitness, a little art, and a little boob tube. All I'm missing is a little music. My kind of relaxing weekend.

Now if only I had someone special to spend it with life would be complete.:)

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Simple Swimwear fashion show @Shape_Magazine Bikini Tour


This is so cute. The announcer is telling us who wore the bikini on what cover and then a fun fact on the healthy eating habits of each star as the models parade around in the cold weather.:)

Fuscia and orange together and salmon seems popular, red is "such a vibrant color," ruffles, string bikinis, "solids are so great" and asymmetrical sundresses in white or crochet graced the runway.

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@Shape_Magazine Bikini Body Tour is buzzing with activity in Santa Monica


I just won a Philips Bikini Perfect Grooming Kit. Now I have "spa-at-home convenience, easy-to-use attachments for triming, shaping and shaving that is safe, smooth and painless." Just what I always wanted! Lol My donation when I did the spin to win helps support skin cancer research. Funny though, no organization name given and no volunteer knew either. Hmmmm If you hurry, you can catch the 3pm bikini fashion show or the Equinox final work-outs.

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Torrance Armed Forces Day again - remembering our vets


And seeing some cool machinery up close and personal. Guess it's today and tomorrow with the big armed forces parade on Saturday.

My friend Brenda and I went last year, but this year am hitting Shape's bikini event at Santa Monica because I'm a sucker for a goodie bag.:)

Then, a little volunteer mtg for LA Film Fest followed by an art opening. What's your skd?

Happy Friday!

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Gleam Body Make-up Launch Party at Redbury - #sexy!:)


Had such a nice time. This pic is for all the males who read my blog.:) And for the ladies, just think, you can have Body Gleam in light, dark and darker applications to create a smooth, even skin tone that is soft and flawless.

I'm happy to finally have a product to make my legs stop looking like Casper the Ghost myself.:)

Must go. After two cosmos a little tipsy and am enjoying a few sliders to help sober up.

Buy Gleam here:

I love how I'm meeting more and more empowered, motivated, accomplished female entrepreneurs! It's about time! I was getting lonely at the top. TOTALLY KIDDING!!!

Have a good one. I am. I needed a fun night like this. Thanks ladies!

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Makeup Artist Melanie Mills' Gleam Body Radiance Launch party


Melanie Mills was the head makeup artist for Dancing with the Stars and couldn't find a good body makeup for dancers which is why she created this.

My long-time Hairstylist friend, Danny LeClair of Studio DNA, says, "Gleam Body Radiance is a finishing lotion which gives the skin a velvety sheen which helps bring out your natural beauty."

We tried it and recommend Light Gold and Rose Gold for blondes and redheads. Whereas, Bronze Gold and Dark Gold are good for all other skin tones.

Danny carries Melanie's wonderful products at either of his two Studio DNA locations, Santa Monica and Hollywood. He and I have known each other since Yelp launched using his salon as a venue. Good fun!

You might recognize my petite redhead actress friend, Megan Duffy, as she is appearing on Torchwood across from Bill Pullman.


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We're all just dancing now! Such a fun volunteer gig #FMSC


I volunteered with Journey last year with Feed My Starving Children and it really makes you feel good to know you're helping children eat all around the world.

This shift we packed 79 boxes which equals 17,064. Total for the weekend? We all packed 154,000!!!

46 is how many children we have prepared to feed a child a meal a day for an entire year. God bless all the world and especially the poor and the hungry.

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Happy volunteers helping Feed My Starving Children


Go to for more information if you want to donate or host a similar event at your venue!

Tons of fun and time flies cuz there's a DJ playing music with infectious beats. And just think, we've packed 150,000 packages of food over this weekend at Journey of Faith which will be distributed all over the world!

They gave out 127 million packages last year alone. Help Feed My Starving Children! Wonderful charity!

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Nutrition Health & Sport's Open House today now!


Really nice people. I recognized one of the female bodybuilders from an art opening at a Beverly Hills gallery which escapes me. Not Gagosian, the one on Wilshire with great art too. It was a photography exhibit of all these amazing body builders who then came out and posed for the guests.

Awesome party. Wish I could remember the name. Mayor Villaroigosa attended...

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"Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." words to live by...

By Joy A. Kennelly

What I always find interesting is watching group think in action; whether it be in school, work, TV, film, or on any of the social media platforms I regularly frequent. Makes me wonder where critical thinking has gone in our society when basic truths that are easily proven accurate are disregarded because no one wants to rock the boat, research their beliefs, or go against the common opinion.

Even when it's wrong.

Now I understand where Bob Lefsetz is coming from when he challenges musicians to create a revolution. I find that young people today that I have met seem shocked when anyone stands up against the status quo, or speaks out against group think.

I'm finding it more and more on Facebook, Yelp, and now even Posterous which is nothing more than censorship in its worst form. Where's public discourse?  Where's the opportunity to explore opinions other's might hold to see how well your own hold up against scrutiny or discussion? Where's the freedom and competition to do business when only certain businesses are allowed?

Isn't this what America is built upon? Isn't this what our original founders came to America to enjoy? Freedom of speech, opportunity and religion? I find it disturbing when only one side is allowed to be represented and will always speak out.

I find when I do, sometimes I help change people's opinions, sometimes I help others to be bolder, and sometimes I help others to understand the other side a little better. 

Then other times, I see close-minded, small-minded and insecure people who can do nothing more than attack me and others on the internet, before running away to hide from a response for fear of someone actually challenging them or causing them to actually think. 

It's rather humorous actually which is why I don't mind because their cowardice and pettiness reflects more on them than it ever will me. What you see is what you get and that's why I continue to have liberal friends as well as conservative ones. They know I'm fair and they can trust me to always speak the truth. Even when they may not agree with me.

There's a mutual respect.

If we continue to be a PC society and only allow one side to have a voice, then pretty soon we won't be America. I encourage all start-ups, social media sites, newspapers, media in general, and others who hold sway over the general public's information business offerings, politics and education to consider the fact we are a stronger, better educated, more accepting and better prepared country as a whole when there is balance in information and opportunity.

Accept the fact you may not always agree with someone else. That's life. Get on with it. Value diversity of opinion and thought because often those in society who challenge status quo create greater opportunities than those who don't. 

There are other ways of doing things than your own if you open your mind and your heart to it. We are all unique and special. Allow your uniqueness to shine through and stop allowing yourself to be cowed into submission by group think and doing something just because everyone else is doing it. 

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't make it right. Only safe.

Live dangerously. Speak out against injustice. Live with the consequences of your decisions. Accept responsiblity. Stop blaming others for your lack of success.

Create your own. 

You will find those who agree with you and support your decisions. And generally they are the leaders who have withstood criticism, blame, personal attacks, and everything else those who live in fear and group think will throw at you to keep you down.

But when you get past the personal disappointment of experiencing those cowards for who they really are, then you begin to live a life that is on a different level with more evolved, more intelligent, more courageous, more satisfied people who are on the same level and path as you.

Or, as Henry David Thoreau so eloquently stated it, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them." 

Don't be one of those men (or women.) Live your life. Be fully human and alive. Be fair and respectful. Make tough decisions and stick to them. Those who disagree now will always come around later. I've seen it happen time and again.

Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels.:)

And lastly, be bold. 

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

I read that quote years ago and love it to this day. It's been true in my life and so many others. I'm not sure who wrote it, but it's brilliant which is why I'm sharing it here today.

That's all. Now enjoy your day. That's an order.:)