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Dear Oprah - I'm going to miss you

Dear Oprah,

I know I haven't watched your show as regularly as some of your more faithful fans. I've only written you a few times too. I only buy your magazines when I find the topic of interest. I never made it out to watch your show in person even though it was on my bucket list.

However, your influence in my life as a strong female role-model is written on my life forever. Here's my quick love letter to you for all you've done for so many women, men and me over the years.

I think it's wonderful how you have lived an abundant life despite your childhood experiences and shown people how to live their abundant lives too. I also have always enjoyed your interviews with celebrities because you humanize them and allow us to see sides of public figures they don't normally reveal because they trust you.

Although I don't always agree with your politics, I do love you! I'm going to miss turning you on when I am home working and just wanted to say God bless you.

Thank you for your dedication, diligence, grace, humility, confidence, business sense, humor, sophistication, motivation, exhortations, positive messages, surprises, love, honesty, fashion, responsiblity, strength, empowerment, belief in others, encouragement, excitement, joy, support, tears, heart, insights, advice, wisdom, patience, inspiration, influence, role modeling, generosity, and so much more.

We will miss you. Thank you! Now I must find another tissue because I need to wipe my tears again. 

God bless,

Joy Kennelly

Your infrequent fan


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