Jared Gudstadt showcased his popular Jingle Punks viral video of The Strokes cover
My first apple pie (threw in dried cranberries)

@TheJoyWriter's Social Media Seminar Panel @MIHollywood April 7 Recap

By Joy A. Kennelly

Last week's Social Media Seminar I produced with the Musicians Institute on the overview of numerous social media platforms was a blast to moderate. Everyone who attended was raving too over the quality of information presented.

We also enjoyed KabobNRoll and KnockOutTaco Food Truck's delicious food before the panel began. Who knows who will show up next week?!

Kotacotruck2 It was great to finally meet all the panelists in person and see others I haven't seen since Social Media Week last year. Extremely talented, creative, smart and humble...

  Green room6

L-R Evan Lowenstein, Jared Gutstadt, Joy Kennelly, Terra Naomi, Vladimir Vukicevic

Their official bios are posted below to give you more information on their backgrounds and expertise. I read each as they walked out on stage to join the panel and then they each took turns sharing their perspective on social media which was excellent.


MIPanelPost1Photo Credit Michael Twigg

All the panelists were swarmed after the panel with eager audience members continuing their questions and interest in their companies and careers also. Two attendees even wrote into the Artist and Career Services Department after to share their thoughts:

Robb A. "Honestly, I thought the Social Media Seminar was great! I will happily attend the rest of them..."

Remi S.  "I'm so glad I attended this most interesting seminar..."

It was personally very gratifying to have several attendees come up to me and thank me for organizing the series.

Even Musicians Institute staff and faculty commented on how much they learned and enjoyed the session. I knew they would!

Green room with todd
L-R Jared Gutstadt, Evan Lowenstein, Todd Berhorst, Joy Kennelly, Terra Naomi, Vladimir Vukicevic

When you read their bios here below you will see why I was so confident. I add my quick highlights in italics after each:

Evan Lowenstein

Founder & CEO

Recently named to Digital Media Wire’s list of 25 Execs to Watch in Digital Entertainment for 2011, Evan Lowenstein launched StageIt with the goal of creating a web-based platform that would empower artists to deliver and monetize interactive live experiences. While overseeing all aspects of this groundbreaking company as CEO, Lowenstein relies on his nearly 20 years of experience in the music industry as a recording artist, award-winning writer and executive.

Most recently, Lowenstein founded and served as President of HookUp Feed, a premier social networking and mobile marketing company where he still remains as a senior advisor.    

Previously, he hosted USA Network’s Character Road Trip, a weekly series providing viewers with a peek into the greatest "characters" the country has to offer. Lowenstein was also a recording and touring artist with pop/rock band Evan and Jaron who scored three Top 40 hits, including the Top 10 song Crazy For This Girl.

Evan shared a video of StageIt in action showcasing he and his twin brother, Jaron performing in their living room which raised over $1,000 using his program.  His in-depth knowledge of the music business both as a performer and executive was very informative and well-received. His swag included a sticker stating "Show us your Tips." LOL

Jared Gutstadt

Founder - Jingle Punks to Composer, Co-Founder/CEO JinglePunks (composer: Pawn StarsAmerican PickersReal Housewives of Atlanta; JinglePunks placements: Entourage/HBO, 90210/CW, Jackass 3D/film)

Jared Gutstadt is an American music Entrepreneur and C.E.O. of Jingle Punks Music. Jingle Punks Music has been featured in Billboard, Wired, Variety, and his company was named "one of America's most promising start ups" by Business Week.

Jared started Jingle Punks Music after spending a decade balancing a dual career as an editor by day and rockstar by night. After years cutting and composing for many of the TV industry's top networks, it was apparent to Jared that the media had a ravenous appetite for dynamic music collections that would change and grow to reflect cultural trends. Jared also found that the way in which a library is made accessible to a client also would determine how often such a collection would be used. Because a source such as this did not exist he knew there was an enormous opportunity for him to take the lead.

Jared is also the lead singer in two very well known indie bands who now gets his live fix speaking on industry panels mentoring at conferences and keeping a busy schedule of school and Apple store appearances.

Jared's music background as a composer is something he applies to his business and was very happy to share a recent viral marketing success Jingle Punks experienced with an orchestral remake of a Strokes song. This video blew up the Twittersphere and helped raise their profile in numerous ways.

He generously passed out swag to all attendees who asked questions and spoke to him after. I grabbed a Jingle Punks bobble head.:)

Terra Naomi

Terra Naomi became YouTube’s first breakout music star when she launched her innovative “Virtual Summer Tour” from her Hollywood apartment in 2006 & scored an accidental viral hit with her song “Say It’s Possible.” Naomi was the only new artist to perform in Al Gore’s Live Earth at Wembley Stadium after an invitation from the man himself & has toured/performed with The Fray, Martha Wainwright, Tyler Hilton, Sara Bareilles, Corinne Bailey Rae & Natasha Bedingfield.

After releasing her album 'Under the Influence' on Island Universal Records & touring the UK, Terra performed at the newly resurrected Lilith Fair, alongside artists including Colbie Caillat, Miranda Lambert, A Fine Frenzy, Sarah McLachlan & Heart. With songs in several feature films, TV shows such as “Private Practice” & “American Idol,” & a new album in the works, produced by John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz) Terra Naomi is ready to break through to the mainstream in an organic, authentic way.

Terra Naomi has created her own music for years and shared her experiences finding accidental success on YouTube before YouTube was even an everyday channel for everyone. She also shared she bakes cookies for fans in order to raise money to self-fund her music.

Terra is performing at Hotel Cafe on April 19 and decided to go old school passing out postcards promoting her show.

Vladimir Vukicevic

 Vladimir Vukicevic is an entrepreneur and established thought leader in the world of social media and innovation. He has taught Fortune 500 companies how to apply innovative technology, combined pop culture with management theory on his blog, and is the co-founder of RocketHub.

Vlad is the co-author of The Crowdfunding Manifesto, a popular foundational resource for musicians and other artists. Vlad and the RocketHub team share a bold vision: that crowdsourcing funds and brand engagement is the new path to creative empowerment.

 Vlad's company experienced media success on ABC just before the panel and flew all the way in from New York to share his perspective on crowdfunding. RocketHub connects brands and fans with entrepreneurs and creatives seeking funding which was a popular topic.

World Renowned Photographer, Bo Bridges, has 'followed the snow' documenting the seminal moments of Olympiads Jonny Mosely and Picabo Street and has captured athletes Serena Williams, Lance Armstrong, Derek Jeter and Taylor Mays in their respective excellence, to name only a few.

His photographs have been featured in Sports Illustrated, Surfer, Maxim and Fortune Magazines and his ad credits are lengthy; notably ESPN, Gatorade, Coke and Pepsi, Ford, Nike, NBC, Discovery, Sony, Oakley and Interscope Records. Whether it's action sports, fashion, music, or an ad campaign, Bo Bridges delivers the stamp of an Artist with his use of natural light, impossible angles and unique perspectives.


MIPanel1Photo Credit Michael Twigg

Bo Bridges showcased images of Snoop Dogg and the Pussy Cat Dolls on-stage during the panel which you can see here if you look closely. He is an amazing photographer and personal friend I was happy to include that night.

The Musicians Institute Marketing Department has written a comprehensive blog on all the speakers and the discussion of the panel which I will share when it's available.

Look forward to having you join us April 21 to hear our next illustrious panel at the Musicians Institute at 7:30pm. You will walk away entertained, informed, and happy you came.

Buy tickets and read more information here: http://socialmediaseminarseries.eventbrite.com


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