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#The King's Speech review - BRILLIANT! A MUST SEE!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Okay, now that you know how I really feel about The King's Speech I guess I can stop writing right?:) But seriously, if you haven't seen this film yet, you owe it to yourself to see brilliant filmmaking - the directing, the cinematography and of course, the amazing acting combined with an interesting, well-written script is fascinating and inspiring.

It deserves all the accolades it's received all across the board:

"Irresistibly entertaining." Newsweek

"One of the Best Movies of the Year." Rolling Stone

"A Film That Makes Your Spirit Soar." Wall Street Journal

"The Best Film of the Year. A Masterpiece." The New York Observer

Especially since it seems to be based on a true story. I always love behind the scenes of the British royalty because it's so foreign and mysterious. Remember The Queen with Helen Mirren? Another brilliant film!  But I digress.(Rent it if you haven't seen it yet. You owe it to yourself to see that historical piece too. Excellent!)

Here's the trailer in case you don't know which film I'm referring to when I say The King's Speech or if you live across the pond (coming to the UK this January 2011 - DO NOT MISS IT!):

All I have to say is, no wonder The King's Speech won the Toronto International Film Festival's People's Choice Award this year. (Click the link for a great write-up which also includes an excerpt from the Hollywood Reporter which is quite flattering to Actor Colin Firth. Plus, there's more pix and another vignette for you to enjoy.)

Who knew  history was so interesting? Colin Firth makes the character come alive and is simply brilliant. This? This is an actor. He puts so many other actors to shame if he doesn't win an Oscar for this role then the Academy needs to pull their heads out and realize no one in The Social Network even comes close to his brilliance. He inhabits this man and as the Hollywood Reporter so eloquently stated,

"Firth doesn't just make a British king vulnerable and insecure, he shows the fierce courage and stamina beneath the insecurities that will see him through his kingship."

Read more:

If you click the link above with his name you will reach his IMDB profile. Read his bio. Colins actually quite interesting a person apart from his acting and someone I would love to meet someday. I like people who have interesting lives and don't just play interesting characters with nothing substantial to show for themselves once they're off screen.

Same with Geoffrey Rush. Brilliant actor and man on so many levels.

Years ago, when I was catering to pay the bills, I had the privilege of welcoming him to one of the posh holiday parties the company I was working for was hosting at someone's private mansion in the Hollywood Hills I believe. Doesn't matter where. I was the greeter which I always enjoyed doing because you're the first person guests see when they arrive and are feeling a little nervous. I had to make sure everyone knew where everyone was, take their coats and bring them into the party.

When Geoffrey entered the room I couldn't help but tell him how much I enjoyed his acting (something you're not necessarily supposed to do, but I couldn't stop myself I like his work so much.) He was sooo gracious. I'll never forget this. He took my hand in his, looked me in the eyes and said, oh so humbly, "Thank you very much." Made my whole night!

I used to meet some great people back then. Made the rest of the job palatable. I still see friends I used to work with at various functions around town and wonder if they will ever leave that world. It can be addictive on so many levels. The gourmet food, the fancy parties at amazing venues and private mansions, constantly surrounded by celebrities others only read about, a peek at a life many are dreaming of, but few will achieve. There's always some who break through, but others remain chained to this menial role and it's sad.

Enough of that though. Back to the movie! You didn't sign up to hear this other stuff... I just felt like sharing since that's been on my mind.

Actor Guy Pearce was a pleasant surprise. Whereas Colin Firth's role as King George VI is hesitant, conflicted, emotional, angry, regal, dedicated and condescending, Guy Pearce as his brother, plays a more devil may care, rogue, and selfish man who willingly abdicates the throne for a twice-divorced woman, Wallace Simpson. I remember learning that story somewhere and not believing it to be true, but it is.

Such a scandal!

I learned of Guy's abilities when I was working for a small development company that specialized in Australian scripts and as a subsequence, their actors as well. The woman I worked for had a brilliant eye for talent, but I doubt she's produced anything ever because she was only an expert at development. Production? Not so much. My co-workers and I used to say we'd write a script about our experience working with her because of all the interesting people and things that would happen.

I'll never forget the mob type guy coming in while I was there demanding payment for an old limo bill and pounding the desk while she sat there calmly looking him in the eye telling him he would get it when the rest were paid. I believe she was somehow connected to the mob and as a result, felt nothing she did or didn't pay would ever have any consequences. Her Dad was very wealthy and funded her company too.

That's Hollywood for you. Nice woman, but screwed up. Aren't we all?

Back to the film. Actress Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actresses since she is so impeccable in whatever role she plays. Pure class and so wonderful as Colin's wife in the film. It was so nice  to see her sweet, determined devotion to the man who would become king, speech impediment or not. You never got the feeling she was with him for anything other than pure love.

Watching this film was so inspiring. I too, have had a critical father and could totally relate to the feelings expressed by Colin in his every expression and stammer whenever around his father. However, don't get me wrong, this film wasn't all serious and a downer which is why it's so wonderful. There were moments of pure hilarity as Geoffrey gets Colin to swear to loosen him up. SO FUNNY! I really loved watching the friendship and trust develop between the two as Geoffrey worked with him as his speech therapist. I wish I had a man like the character Lionel, Geoffrey played, in my corner to cheer me on, believe in me, encourage me, challenge me, and support me like he did for King George VI.

I hate to break the ending, but must say it was fascinating to see they continued to remain friends for a very long time. A friendship between a commoner and the man who became king. What an honor, what a feat, and what a privilege to gain such trust as to be part of the royal families inner circle. I can only dream of being that type of friend to my friends, celebrity or not. I want that trust and deep level of friendship in my life, don't you?

So, I hope you don't mind the little meanderings into my personal life as I shared my observations of this film, but it truly is an inspiring, entertaining, intriguing, fascinating peek into a world many of us can only imagine. You must see this film.

And that's all she wrote. Leave me a comment if you've seen it and agree. And also if you see it based on my review and tell me what you think! Love to hear.


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My love affair with cars began after high school. What about you?

By Joy A. Kennelly Been thinking about cars a lot lately since I see so many cool classics and hot cars driving around and thought you'd enjoy hearing about my first car since unlike a lot of people growing up I wasn't given a car, but paid $300 of my hard earned Marie Callender hostess paycheck to get one. My Dad used to have a mechanic friend he trusted and Dad helped me buy it from him. Ready for what it was? A '68 Chevy Impala, gold, V8 engine. Man, did that car haul! I'll never forget driving up to the mountains with a bunch of friends and the police driving by speaking into a bullhorn saying, "Slow down!" really loudly. Lol My love of speed started early I guess. My speedometer was broken and I never knew how fast I was going. I remember driving by other cars trying to read their speedometers as I sped past hoping I would have a gauge, but as you probably realize that was pretty dumb and never worked. Fortunately, never got a ticket though.:) I used to get stopped by guys all the time asking me if I wanted to sell it and if I'd been smart I would have sold it asap and saved myself a bunch of headaches.:) I'll also never forget driving it down to MX to some cheap auto place that was supposed to paint it cheap. I don't remember all the particulars, but do remember going back to pick it up, it not being done and being so upset. I then got a flat tire and had to drive home on the spare donut tire. Lol Man, how silly looking back now. As it was I drove into the ground until the floorboard had a hole in it and almost lost a tire on the freeway. After that episode, ended up selling it to my uncle for $100. He was another mechanic who loved to teach me about cars as he constantly repaired whatever I was driving. As a result, I probably know more about cars than the average female, but trust me, it wasn't by choice, but necessity.

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#Marc Jacobs Bookmark - very cool bookstore

This is only one of two Marc Jacobs Bookstores. Rare, alternative, hard-to-find books - rock, gay, fashion, old classy, photography, art, Hollywood hell raisers.

Say hi to Jeremy. Isn't his straight edge tattoo under his eye cool? You may remember him cuz he grew up down in Hermosa.

LA launch of the photography book, Men & Women of Marc Jacobs, which Brian Smith shot of all Marc Jacobs' employees all over the world will be here signing next Wednesday, December 15, 6pm - 8pm.

Join them for champagne and schmoozing. After party is at Roosevelt Hotel and there will be blown up images showcased too.

The book, Locals Only, CA skateboarding from '75 - '78 by Hugh Holland who will be signing next Monday, December 20 at 6pm - 8pm. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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Sleeping is incidental, #Pratesi sheets are meant for living

I love it! Is this the best slogan or what? Somebody on Melrose Place has to go straight to bed with their clients, they've decided to do it. You have to come in just to meet the staff. They're hysterical!

Oh, and the Dreaming in Fashion blogger was here. I bet she goes home and dreams in Pratesi.:)

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#Los Feliz Village Holiday Festival 12/4 Wrap up, #The Avenues Holiday Walk tonight, 12/10 and #Hermosa Beach Snow Fest Sat, 12/11

By Joy A. Kennelly

Here's a pictorial essay of my recent experience attending the recent Los Feliz Village Holiday Festival last Saturday with friends. If you're looking for hip, cool and eclectic gifts for Christmas, then you really must shop in Los Feliz because all the stores offer such unique items I don't think you'll find elsewhere. If you scroll back through some of my other posts beginning 12/4/2010 you can find all the pix I took during the actual event which I'm not repeating here because I have lots of new ones to share. Those pix highlight all the cool fashion, gifts and cars too.

What was fun to see this year at the Los Feliz Holiday Village were all the little children attending the Christmas tree lighting. I don't remember seeing so many children there in years past, but based on the ages looks like many are new to the neighborhood? Aren't they the cutest?! And what an awesome, authentic Santa! No baby Jesus to be found, but that's par for the course in a city "holiday" festival. I miss Christmas celebrations though.:(

I'll keep attending because have to say, I'm having the best time this season because I love the hustle and bustle of everyone hanging out have a great time at all the various celebrations around Los Angeles. I also love each cities unique and eclectic vibe. You really get a sense of what the area is about by what they focus on in each celebration.  Los Feliz? Eclectic, unusual and interesting mix of all things sub-culture I think.: ) Hermosa Beach's Snow Fest is all about snow & snowboarding ironically enough (I know, the beach right?! But Mammoth is a sponsor and that's a perfect fit for this active community.) 

The Avenues in West Hollywood is all about fashion, art and design. Make sure to pop by my friend's newly re-located luxury home linens store, Patresi. I hear their cashmere blankets are a hot seller at this time of year. Doesn't that sound luscious? Here's where they're located visually to make them easier to find. Just know tonight the entire street is going to be decorated and very festive! Elizabeth is serving champagne and cookies so make sure to pop in and say hi. Their new address is: 8405 Melrose Place closest street is Orlando. Stroke something lovely for me...:)

I've listed a few other "Holiday" (or as I will always call them, Christmas) event invitations at the end of this blog, which you may want to visit tonight and tomorrow. All the details are below. Maybe I'll see you there too. Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy all the holiday memories of Los Feliz Holiday Village!

All rights reserved on images and are courtesy of Globalink Media. Please do not copy without giving credit. Thanks!

Here's the invitation for two other events I know you'll like if you can make it:


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Last night's concerts at The Mint with #Mr. Adventures, #Assemble the Skyline and #Natural Incense

By Joy A. Kennelly

Last night was great seeing all my student's hard work putting together a live show at The Mint come to fruition. I haven't been to the Mint in over 15 years and it has an excellent sound system and engineer. Much better than the Viper Room surprisingly. No offense, just stating the truth. I may have to check out more bands there now.:)

Here's some polaroids one of my students took for her website, Teenage Waste, which she graciously shared with me. Really cool camera and pix. She's really talented and I see her going far. I see good things for all my students actually. Here's the link to another student's site One Night A Year Productions where bands can submit themselves for management. And another student's event marketing site called Event You where you can list your upcoming concerts and events.

I feel a little like Mama Joy watching her kids succeed.:)

Moving right along, here's the bands in their order of appearance shot in the green room.

Mr. Adventures - Missed hearing them as I was writing late, but they look like they were probably really good.:) Click the link and you can see them perform live at the Green Door.

Assemble the Skyline was playing when I arrived. They are a lot of fun to watch since they're so high energy and passionate when they perform. I had a chance to speak to the drummer for a little bit afterwards. Turns out they're Musicians Institute graduates, met there and have been playing together ever since. I'm extremely impressed by the caliber of musician who graduates from this school. They're driven, focused, talented, and have the tools necessary to go for their dreams.

They're performing live at the Roxy in January. If you click the link on their name that should lead you to their latest music video as well.

The final band to perform came all the way from Santa Barbara and was called Natural Incense. They were more reggae-inspired and I really liked their lyrics and music. More mellow groove style.

It was an enjoyable break from my Christmas parties and events. I always forget how much I like hearing live music. Must do this more often...

Have a great day!








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#Martin Lawrence Galleries is

Just had the most delightful conversation with one of their fine art consultants who explained even in this economy people are still buying art.

They have one of the largest collections of Andy Warhol. If you look straight ahead you can see one of John Wayne. They even have Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and also up and coming artists like French Artist Philippe Bertho and Russian Artist, Liudmila Kondakova and many others.

They have numerous galleries all over the US, even Maui. Who knew? Rich tourists shop wherever they go.
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Nightlight International Jewelry helps women escape prostitution

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this charity offers intervention for sexually exploited women.

Unique gifts created by these women help develop dignity and empower them to live and work in their community.

By buying their jewelry you can make a lasting difference in a woman's life. Here's the website: Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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#Ecclesia's alternative Christmas market benefit - shop & help people around the world

It breaks my heart to learn of all the need around the world through this market which benefits such charities as, helping to prevent human trafficking. Come by and shop at Ecclesia located on the corner of Hollywood and Wilcox in the old Pacific Theatre
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#Wacko's has #Will Ryan & the Cactus County Cowboys performing

We just left Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop which was a huge hit among the vintage crowd for the Blushing Santa rum punch among other things.:)

I love Wacko's - much more creative and eclectic than Aah's by far and they have this cool art gallery called La Luz de Jesus Gallery tucked in the corner.

I've always wondered where this gallery is and now I know! Make sure to visit. 4633 Hollywood Blvd or Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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