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My rabid Republican friend, Lizzie, rolling calls in costume

I attended Meg's Rally today and got all fired up to go roll calls again today to get out the vote.

Met the blogger behind Gay - he's been political since he's been gay. Just kidding. Lol Since a child. He's so passionate about supporting Meg and Carly, we've had a great time talking politics in between rolling calls getting out the vote.

I probably won't hear from my liberal friends until after the election. If we're still friends after Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina win! LOL

I was planning to go as Nancy Pelosi for Halloween, but will probably just wear Meg Whitman sandwich boards to bug people. :)

I'm sorry, I've been calling now for about two and a half hours and am getting punchy!!!!

Vote for Meg Whitman for Governor and Carly Fiorina for Senator! Brown is so dumb he wants to bring Gray Davis back in as his lead guy! Didn't we recall him? Yes we did! Who gets recalled? Bad politicians!

Stop repeating the same mistake and stop electing Democrats who are only going to continue to drive CA into the ground due to excessive taxes and government regulations!

Meg and Carly will create good jobs for Californians, cut spending in Sacramento and fix our K-12 public education system. I learned today only 50% of our students graduate high school! That's appalling.

Take back our state and vote new leadership into office. What can it hurt? It will only help, but voting for Boxer or Brown is a vote for same 'ole, same 'ole and our economy will continue to dive into the abyss.

We will continue to lose businesses to TX and other business friendly states. Our state has 600,000 unemployed and Boxer promised 400,000 new jobs when she passed the stimulus. Hello? What's wrong with this picture?

Take back CA and vote for Meg & Carly!!!!
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Social Networking Seminar for The Film Community: Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Agents, Studio Executives now November 16 at #American Cinematheque

By Joy A. Kennelly

As promised, here's the new date and new panelists for my co-production with the American Cinematheque! All the details on our new panel, date and tickets are below.  EgyptianTheatreBlockLogo Very pleased to announce we were able to confirm two new panelists, Founder & CEO of MomentFeed, Rob Reed and Founder of Film Threat and "Nerdlebrity" Chris Gore

Heather Meeker had another speaking engagement on our new date, but we plan to work together again in the near future to introduce you to Whrrl.

Please note Tickets are available for purchase on Fandango under American CInematheque. The direct link I've been providing has a glitch which we are working on resolving. Sorry for the confusion.

We look forward to having you join us for what we're sure will be a very informative and fun evening. And now, without further ado....

Co-presented with Social Network Live

Social Networking Seminar for The Film Community: Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Agents, Studio Executives

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 7:30pm American Cinematheque Egyptian Theatre

You can’t escape the words "social networks" if you engage in any media format. What are these tools and why does every professional need to use them? Social Media Strategist, Joy A. Kennelly of The Joy Writer will moderate a panel of experts discussing everything from the basics of using social networking tools to creative techniques and tips for more advanced users.

Panelists include: Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood; Anne-thompson-pic
American Cinematheque’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Margot GerberEgyptianTheatreBlockLogo - Eventbrite

Founder & CEO of MomentFeed, Rob Reed;  Rob Reed pic
Take Parts Community, Alliances & Digital Lead  Waiting for ‘Superman’ campaign, Wendy Cohen WCohen_041107
Waiting For Superman banner
and Founder of Film Threat and "Nerdlebrity" Chris Gore. Chris Gore pic
Topics include the latest tools, trends and platforms available to filmmakers, agents, talent and studio executives. Learn how to brand, manage, market and develop a fan base for you or a project with experts in the field.

$20 general admission and $15 student/senior.  Go to, look for American Cinematheque Egyptian Theater and then search for Social Networking Seminar for the Film Community (they might say Filmmakers, but it's for the Film Community.)

American Cinematheque

Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Boulevard,

Hollywood, CA 90028

For more information, please call 310 714-2077.  Look forward to having you join us!

Co-producing a Social Networking Panel with the #American Cinematheque on 11/3. Teaching "The Social Media Toolkit" at #Musicians Institute on 11/10

By Joy A. Kennelly

I've been so busy since moving back to Hollywood and I love it. Events I've been working on since the summer are coming to fruition and it's really been fun to collaborate with both the American Cinematheque and the Musicians Institute.

Here's the brief rundown of two upcoming events with more details to come soon.

My American Cinematheque Event on November 3, 2010

I'm co-producing a social media panel presentation on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 7:30pm with the American Cinematheque entitled: Social Networking for the Film Community: Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, Agents, Studio Executives

Here's the blurb in case you'd like to attend:

"You can't escape the words "social networks" if you engage in any media format. What are these tools and why does every professional need to use? Social Media Strategist, Joy A. Kennelly of The Joy Writer will moderate a panel of experts discussing everything from the basics of using social networking tools to creative techniques and tips for more advanced users.

Our amazing speakers confirmed to date include: American Cinematheque's very own Digital Marketing Strategist, Margot Gerber, Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood, Pelago makers of Whrrl, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Heather Meeker;
Take Part Community, Alliances & Digital Lead on the Waiting for Superman campaign, Wendy Cohen, with additional panelists to be announced.  Topics will include the latest tools, trends and platforms available to filmmakers, agents, talent and studio executives. Learn how to brand, manage, market and develop a fan base for you or a project with experts in the field.
Tickets: $20 general admission and $15 student/senior.
Location: American Cinematheque Egyptian Theatre 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
For more info, please call: 310 714-2077.

In case you haven't heard of Waiting for Superman, here's the official trailer. I can't wait to see it!
Save the date! More information on our panel & panelists to follow!

Mi logo


I'm beginning to discover that I love teaching and sharing my knowledge of Social Media to help others move forward in their careers. It's very rewarding to see student's and attendees grasp online marketing concepts I've shared over the last few weeks and months.

Now I have the opportunity to teach past and present students, faculty and teachers, basically anyone who is part of the Musicians Institute, the tips and tools of using social media focusing on three platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Hootsuite.

Here's the blurb describing the class in case you're interested. It's also on the main Musicians Institute website!  

ACS Presents "The Social Media Tool Kit" with Joy Kennelly

On Wednesday, November 10 at 3:00pm in ACS-201 (Artist and Career Services building, second floor), MI’s Artist and Career Services Department presents “The Social Media Tool Kit,” an interactive workshop with award-winning Social Media Strategist Joy Kennelly. Learn the basics of social networking tools to promote your band and/or brand, including setting up Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite accounts. This is ideal for the beginner who wants to take it to the next level - bring your laptops!

Joy Kennelly's social media marketing expertise includes working with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and over 100 regional online marketing sites to enhance search engine optimization (SEO), increase attendance at events, and develop business on behalf of clients in entertainment, travel, technology, fashion, and politics. Joy’s clients have included VOX DJs, the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Shore Restaurant & Lounge, filmmaker Damien Earl Matthias, the Original Long Beach Lobster Festival, fine artist Gali Rotstein, the American Institute of Architects, and more. She has presented classes and seminars on social media at MI, American Cinematheque, and at conferences throughout the US.

The Musicians Institute Artist and Career Services team and I plan to do another Social Media panel with the general public invited next.
Stay tuned.:)


Now here's a billboard CA would never tire of

Any candidate promising jobs has my vote. Screw extra green taxation until people are employed again. And I mean that in the most genteel, polite manner possible.

Right now CA is drowning due to excessive taxes by Boxer. Do you really care if we reduce emissions by a half of a percent when there's over 600,000 unemployed and businesses are leaving CA every month?

Vote differently and see what kind of result it brings our state. If it doesn't change, then vote your party again.

But it's time for real change and that doesn't mean same 'ole, same 'ole tired lifetime politicians with the same tax and spend story Boxer is giving.

Mix it up a little! What could it hurt? It might even help! Give another party a chance and see.
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#Dennis Woodruff live and in person in a spacesuit near you. :)

One of the filmmakers in my film festival years back created a great black and white film on Dennis Woodruff called Idling Brando.

Now here he is live and in person peddling his three films as a spaceman. If you want to learn more, go to his official site:

Help a filmmaker out and buy a film while you're there.:) He left me alone when I told him I'd give him a plug.

Now back to work.:)
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Missed LA Fashion Week - too busy with Technology events

By Joy A. Kennelly

Every so often LA Fashion Week falls at the same time as a technology conference I want to attend and I have to make a choice.

This season was no different.

With my recent move back to Hollywood, attending BlogWorld Expo and Digital Hollywood, plus producing a Social Media Seminar with American Cinematheque,  teaching Social Media at the Musicians Institute, and miscellaneous speaking and business opportunities, I just wasn't able to fit anything else in or pursue fashion shows.

Next time.:)

#Digital Hollywood "The Video Dinner" Over-the-Top Connected TV Dinner Part I

My friend Bruce Eisen (currently at DISH) who I know from my film festival days when he was at Cinema Now, is on this panel tonight which is fun to see.

Google TV & YouTube, Sony Electronics Inc, NBC/Universal, DISH Network, LG Electronics are represented discussing the latest advances in the intersection of TV & Internet.

50,000 consumers are watching TV on mobile today and average 24 minutes viewing per day. 30% of TV viewing schedule is when the consumers want to watch. LG

Consumers are interested in access to content. NBC

Niche content (Haiti earthquake, Pakistan floods, etc) is now providing consumers the choice of watching whatever they want, when they want. Personalized content king. YouTube

When there's too many choices then there's a need for curation. Content providers, filmmakers, etc have never had a better opportunity to succeed. The long tail is happening with movies, TV, and music. LG

Very few people are making money at it now though. Ton of content available on YouTube and DISH online - people are watching what was on TV when they want it. But in terms of democratizing it, I don't see that happening any time soon.

2 billion views a week and they're monetized. YouTube

Despite content being on demand, people watch it continually and it is played according to a playlist getting a linear experience. Sony


Official Quote just provided by Shalini: "Networks with < 1% share of viewership together account for 50% of total viewership on TV Internet/YouTube extends this tail even further out." YouTube

DISH is arguing vigorously against that.

Hulu viewing habits - people were watching because they missed something and the other reason is discovery. I want to discover what someone told me about and the other is roaming around to find it.

Ketchup TV (France) - Fringe has this groundswell of people who think it's great, but if you miss the beginning you're lost. The value of Ketchup TV allows you to start over whenever you want - beginning of season, or show. Monetizing this and last season.

Example, GLEE, people can generate revenue that's not ad based or subscription based by charging people to watch episodes they missed and you can now make revenues in other ways. LG


YouTube has the distribution now to generate revenue. The ad model is picking up and doing very well.

Google TV side - too early because it just launched. Their goal is get more users - up to 10-20 million users because then you can make money. GOOGLE

DISH is the only paid TV company which has done a deal with Google TV. It will disrupt their core business, and how they'll make money they don't know, but will figure it out. DISH

DISH has done amazing work that flies in the face of the industry. They embraced Slingbox.

Fox & Cablevision has been having a retransmission battle. FOX turned off their subscriptions during the play-offs. The FCC provided play-by-play on Twitter. Our gov't dollars at work. LG

(Much laughter!)

Business/Tech Challenges to having so many devices/platforms coming up after the break.




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Why voting for Judges is important

All these issues were recently voted on by judges and Christians are losing rights all over.

Why more Christians don't vote is beyond me. Your values are being undermined and limited which is why it's crucial to make your voice heard.

Judicial Activists are getting into office who vote their opinions vs Strict Judicial Contructionists who vote in accordance with the Constitution.

Do you want someone who just does what they want? Or protects our rights as citizens based on the Constitution? There's a judge wanting to remove our right to vote on judges! Don't let them take away our right to vote.

CA Supreme Court Judges:

Carlos Moreno - Judicial activist
Ming Chin & Tani Cantil - Sakauye - more constitutional, but still they're very liberal.

Court of Appeals:

Here's an example how this affects Christians. Walter Croskey determined home schooling was unconstitutional, but had the integrity to change his ruling when challenged.

Research your judges cuz they will affect your rights!

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Two ways Christians can vote their values & more

Did you know 12 billion every month goes to paying interest to our debt! Think of what we could do with that money to help people.

Proverbs talks about being a slave to the debtor and we're exactly in that mess. We owe so much to China did you notice we don't call them out for evils they're doing now? Like forced abortions to control their population, attacks on Christians, human rights issues and more. Why?

It is so important to vote!

"Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual - or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country." Samuel Adams (and no, I'm not referring to the beer beach people.:)

Did you know you can change history by one vote? "During the American Revolution there was such anti-British sentiment among the colonies that a bill was presented to the Continental Congress that would have abolished English as the official American language and would have replaced it with German. The bill was defeated by one vote."

Check out to understand the history of Biblical values. Over 1 million Christians have signed it and I encourage you to review this information.

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#Election Forum Journey of Faith style

It wouldn't be a church event without goodies.:) If you want to learn how to vote with a Christian worldview, there's still time for you to come to Journey of Faith located at 1243 Artesia Blvd in the Harbor Building upstairs, third floor.

This is a non-partisan presentation of the candidates and issues by Craig Huey who analyzes everyone and everything.

Meg Whitman has a 75% Christian worldview whereas Jerry "whore calling" Brown has an 8% rating! Just love this session and will have news to share later.

In the meantime, today's message by Pastor Glenn was great. I love hearing Pastor's embrace artists and recognize God loves us too.:)

We are called and should accept this fact. If God calls you to do something, do it wholeheartedly!
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I love me some #HubPages... Fo' sure! My #Ipad is so fun!

By Joy Kennelly

Here's my HubPages raffle prize in all its glory. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you... the Ipad!

I've never even owned a Mac or an Iphone and am excited to see what the hype is all about.
This prize was totally unexpected and so appreciated.

I had just been saying I needed something small and light I could take with me to conferences and couldn't afford to buy something just yet.

Very happy!:)

Check out too if you're a writer and want to make some extra money. "HubPages is among the top 60 Websites in the world in terms of US traffic. Every month, over 28 million visitors read what HubPages writers have published and many writers earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars in supplemental income." (From the official blogworld show directory.)

I signed up with them over the summer, and plan to start submitting articles soon. I saw a couple other blogger sites I had joined over the summer as well at the conference. I enjoyed meeting the reps who answered all my questions (and gave great t-shirts.:)

I was just approved by Social Spark and will apparently receive products and other stuff to review from them soon apparently.

How fun!

May I just say, it is good to be a blogger?! Especially at BlogWorld Expo, "the First and Only Industry-wide Conference, Tradeshow & Media Event for New Media."

Next year I'll have to attend the conference, but this year I only had time to check out the exhibit floor quickly. Great opening night party too!

I love techies. They're smart, creative, innovative, forward thinking and most importantly, friendly and helpful without attitude, because that's their personality type generally.

Very enjoyable experience all the way around. Saw a bunch of new friends from the Dallas conference, others I'd met at SES , and others I've simply connected with through Facebook.

I had no idea what a big deal some of them were in this realm until I saw what they were speaking on.:)

Bought Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett's book, ProBlogger Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, which has been on my "to read list" for awhile.

Can't wait to learn more ways to increase my visibility, influence and earning power doing something I love - blogging.

However today, back to reality. I have to continue unpacking and am not looking forward to it. I'm looking at stuff from the business I closed and to be honest, it's a little depressing!

I miss it a little bit, but am much happier on my new career path which is still forming.

I listened to an interview with the founder of Veggie Tails last night as I drove home and was encouraged to hear although that business ended due to dishonest business dealings which decimated him emotionally, spiritually, and financially, God took him out of the ruble and created something even better,

I'm enjoying God's hand on my life right now and feel like I'm in His will which is a great feeling. I don't know what my future holds, but I definitely know who holds my future.

And it feels good. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

Have a great weekend everybody! I sure plan to (once this icky unpacking is done.:)

Sending everyone a big hug and good wishes to go forth and prosper! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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And the sky opened up to bless #Las Vegas...and me!:)

Guess my good luck music, John Mayer, worked big time today! I was lost and had just gotten on the fwy to drive home when I received the call I had won the Hub Pages raffle to win an Ipad.

Driving home so happy! Now, if only I win a Kodak camera I will have accomplished all my dreams.:)
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#Social Media Optimization Summits, #Social Media Week, #Start-up Mixer, & #Musicians Institute - Part III Final Wrap-up

By Joy A. Kennelly

Now that my life is settling down a bit, I finally have the time to write about my recent experiences at the Social Media Optimization Summits in Dallas, TX, the recent seminars I attended during Social Media Week here in Los Angeles, the Start-up mixer at Wokcano in Santa Monica I enjoyed, and teaching Social Media and Fan Management at the Musicians Institute.

What some people don't realize, but I'll keep reminding them until they understand this fact, is believe it or not, there are women interested and involved in technology contrary to the young Meetup leader who thought women in the audience at a recent tech event meant we were there solely to look for a husband. lol

Can you believe it? He was a little drunk so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for speaking without thinking. Kinda like Jerry Brown allowing his associate to call Meg Whitman a "whore" and then his not apologizing for them during the Gubernatorial debate last night.


DUMB and Sexist! I'm really tempted to call Jerry's number and bawl him out since NOW continues to support him. Why? I don't know. Blind adherence to their "religion" I suppose.

But I digress...

Now to give you a little of my tech history. I've been around this industry since the 90's when the dot com craze first hit and produced a very successful online film festival called Media & Entertainment Festival (affectionately nicknamed ME Fest) for Penton Media back in the day.

I have friends who have produced, marketed, and sponsored tech events which I always attend and also keep up-to-date on information by reading and attending conferences. In fact, heading to Las Vegas tomorrow to hit blogWorld too.

I've been incorporating digital marketing into my PR & Marketing strategy for clients for over ten years. I also used to attend all the tech events VIC (Venice Interactive Community) threw and still fondly remember the HUGE party held at the Skirball Center just before the tech crash.

Anyone else remember?:)

If my recent positive experience at Wokcano for the Start-up meeting is any indication of the growth of tech again, I'm sure LA is primed to explode. I enjoyed hearing Investor Mark Suster of GRP Partners sound a rallying cry to tech heads in Los Angeles to stand their ground and refuse to leave for SFO & Seattle to help build up our LA Infrastructure for bigger long-term growth.

I micro-blogged during his talk (editing out his profanity) and you can review that here:

#Mark Suster of GRP Partners speaking @Wokcano

The common thread out of the talks I attended during the Dallas conference seemed to be:

1. Listen to your audience to hear what they're saying about you and your brand

2.Create a strategy based on that research

3. Then contribute.

Here's some highlights of the people I heard once my talk was over.

Jodi Gersh spoke on the Power of Place and analyzed a variety of geo-location tools out there. Her favorite is GoWalla, whereas Jason Falls enjoys Whrrl.

P1000870 I'm giving Whrrl a whirl although GoWalla is intriguing because of the passport aspect since I love to travel and it would be fun to have a place to showcase my trips while I'm out and about.

I liked having the Geo-Location overview from a marketing person's perspective because then the following week during Social Media Week in Los Angeles, I was able to hear some of the CEO's of even newer geo-location services share their presentations on what made their geo-location service better than the others.

If you click here, and here, it will lead you to my micro-blog coverage of that series on Geo-Location Marketing which was sponsored by Moment Feed. Great evening.

Completely different perspectives and different ways of presenting information, but that's what makes Social Media so interesting. It's constantly evolving due to the creativity and technology utilized by people all over the world.

P1000869 It's not just about Foursquare people!:) Even though there are now 3 million users using it, this entire type of marketing really isn't mainstream just yet which is limiting it's reach and visibility.

Jodi mentioned even more options too: Foodspotting, footfeed, tri-out, aroundme,, and to be honest, I haven't had the time to check them out. If you do, let me know what you think.

I ducked in and out of a few Social Media Optimization Summits seminars to make sure I heard as much as possible and if my notes are scarce, that's why.


I popped into Jun Loayza's "How to Implement Ambassador "Experience" Campaigns who stuck with corporate examples for his talk. I never gathered whether or not he was behind the strategies presented, or merely sharing other's successes as examples.

Here's one of his case studies for review. Click the highlighted name to learn more about the actual social media activities for this successful Ford Fiesta launch:


11 mil social network impressions

2.5 mil shares

11k videos 15k tweets 13k photos

38% gen y

What I enjoyed about his presentation was the direct ROI examples. People still have trouble understanding the value of social media vs. traditional public relations thinking they're separate and don't support each other, but I have never found that to be the case.

Traditional media relations is currently fueled by social media believe it or not. Sometimes the first place journalists learn about what's hot is on social networks. They also regularly read blogs, and constantly comb the internet looking for stories of interest.

I remind people of this all the time, because I have numerous journalists, civic leaders, celebrities, publicists, and others who pop in to read my blog due to my coverage of such a wide variety of topics. I never want to be focused on only one subject because I have a wide interest in all kinds of things and consider my blog more of a magazine style format, than an analysis of just one topic.

Again, I digress.

Back to examples of Ambassador campaigns that worked courtesy of Jun Loayza:

1.      Sharpie Squad -

2.      Red Bull University -

3.      The Dew Crew -

4.      Charmin – Enjoy the Go

As always, Fashion is on the cutting edge of social media and Jun shared how his company had helped create the LG campaign using popular fashion bloggers to spread the news. (Where was my invite? LOL)

P1000885 Apparently, Jun's company,, (according to him,) is recommended over Technorati  to find bloggers (which I find hard to believe knowing the CEO of Technorati and learning in another seminar Technorati is considered the 4th largest social network, but hey, Jun may be right among a certain tech demographic...)

His bottom line was determine what you want to accomplish, find the influencers who will help you achieve your goals, and then implement the strategy to achieve your goals. I asked what a band could do to and was given some good ideas which I'll be able to share with my students.


I attended the luncheon where I heard a few speakers including Shashi Bellamkonda from Network Solutions who discussed optional trends in New Media.

He basically gave a bunch of links and a quick highlight of each. You can find it on the company site here somewhere (I don't have time to research it for you.:):

P1000889 The speaker I most enjoyed hearing present was Erica Campbell, Senior Manager of New Media Marketing for Rent - Video & Photo Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure which you can review here:

Video & Photo Sharing for Optimum Growth & Brand Exposure
View more presentations from Erica Campbell. Be warned, there are 175 slides and trust me, she had to talk REALLY, REALLY fast to go through all of them in the three hours allotted for her chat.
That said, it was great and even though this was applied to the apartment rental industry, the principles apply across the board to any industry and her presentation is excellent.
And I'll close with this speaker since you're probably tired of reading so much data all at once, right?:) Now you know what I feel like after attending all these conferences and seminars! lol

Strategic Planning by Jenn Kane Co.

KD Paine Measurement Checklist:

1.      What are your objectives?

2.      What audiences are you targeting?

3.      How would you prioritize these audiences?

a.      Media, influencers, bloggers, competitors, etc.

b.      Prioritize how you’ll reach them.

4.      What are your Key Performance Indicators?

a.      If this is really working, then>>>>

5.      What is the right measurement tool?

a.      Where will you know you’ve achieved this?

                                          i. – free! Use with Kids

                                         ii.     Peoplebrowsr

                                        iii.     Alterian

                                        iv.     Raidan6

                                         v.     Klout

                                        vi.     PR Newswire

                                      vii.     Jive


Setting Benchmarks

               To define “Return,” ask:

a.      What are we measuring, and why?

b.      What does success look like?

c.      How will we know when we get there?

d.      Are there incremental milestones worth noting?

There's more, but you should hire Kane Consulting since that's all I have time to cover at the moment. Sorry. :) I enjoyed her talk because I've utilitized a lot of her suggestions as a leader of goal setting groups over the years.

I really enjoyed my experience in Dallas, TX because I was able to hear from a wide variety of speakers from all over the country and everyone was very interesting. Kudos to Tami for putting on a great conference which is sure to only grow as word gets out.
Now here's a great video of the Social Media Week seminar I attended at the House of Blues P1000921
I learned a lot and had other information confirmed to share with my students.
I'm teaching Social Media & Fan Management in the Musicians Institute's Music Business Program and am delighted to be working with such ambitious entrepreneurial students.
My kind of people!
Okay, that's all for now. Gotta run. I have a store launch to attend with my friend. Let me know what you think of what I've written!

My news, #Shopzilla, #The Joule, and touring Dallas, TX - Part II

By Joy A. Kennelly

Quick Update

It's been a crazy few weeks. Had to find and buy a car, find and move into a new place, and started teaching Social Media & Fan Management at the Musicians Institute.

Whew! All good though. Very happy with all the positive changes in my life. Now I'm prepping to attend BlogWorld if all goes well.

Social Media Optimization Summits continued

Finally have a moment to write more about my experience in Dallas and Los Angeles surrounding Social Media conferences I spoke during and attended. Here's a link back to Part 1 in case you've forgotten what I wrote before:

I spoke during Family Pro's Social Media Optimization Summits   and taught: Beyond Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: Introducing, Combining, and Leveraging New Opportunities to Boost Your Brand.

I'm currently working on another  fun foodie/holiday festival launch for John Forrester & Associates utilizing these tools and tactics and if all goes well, you should be seeing O Entertainment's Annual Long Beach Oktoberfest in the top ten searches of Google soon.  

Wait! It's already there.:) Well, what do you know....Trust me, this strategy works. It's extremely time consuming, but definitely worth it.

Shopzilla Plug

Oh, before I get too much into everything, here's a fun video of the tech company I worked for during the summer called Shopzilla. Know it?

Cool group of people and brilliant tech business. Here's the employees and management as you've probably never seen them before. lol I enjoyed seeing all the people/friends I made goofing around in this.

Everyone really is that fun to be around too. My former boss, Robin, is the rocker chick and my buddy, Britton, is rocking out with her around 1 minute in. He's part of the talented band Red Circle Underground so this "acting" came naturally.:)

Here's just one of the fun monthly company-wide activities I worked on while I was there. All the children of employees in the company were given art supplies to create Shopzilla posters. Other times I worked on a huge Mexican Fiesta, a Carnival complete with a live camel and a beach party.

I love tech companies.:) Always have, always will.

Here's a few examples of the kid's design creativity of Shopzilla's logo, and what they received as a gift for participating.

IMG_0122 IMG_0123
Adorable, eh? I wish I could have stayed on, but they needed someone with Human Resources experience which I don't have, nor ever want to learn. LOL

Great company though... One I admire and wish well!

The Joule in Dallas, TX

I had the privilege of staying at The Joule, in the heart of Downtown Dallas, as their guest during the Social Media Optimization Summits which was absolutely delightful.  I highly recommend this hip, boutique hotel as a central location for anyone doing business in Dallas, looking for an excellent restaurant to entertain guests, host an event poolside or inside privately, or attend a hip nightclub to dance and socialize.

Here's a quick peek into why I enjoyed my stay so much:

My beautifully appointed room.


The Joule's beautiful poule high up in the city offers great views. A very popular happy hour venue too.


Pool 2
These two professional pictures were provided by The Joule. The others are mine. Please don't use without permission.

Lobby 2

Meeting rooms.

Wine shop on-site in the entryway to the delicious Charlie Palmer restuarant. Click their name to see some of the cuisine, learn about the chef and the venue.
  My dessert was delicious and just the right size.

Here's some professional shots of the Joule Penthouse & PM Nightlife Lounge. For more information and to review even more images, please click on the links. 

They're both so opulent and you'll love what you see! I was very impressed with my experience there and give it a 4.5 star rating.:)
Penthouse Library 1
Penthouse Living Room
Penthouse Master Bedroom 2
PM 1
PM 3

My Quick Dallas Tour

Every time I travel to a conference or Food & Wine Festival, I like to take in some of the local sites to gain a better idea of what the city is about above and beyond the event I'm attending. This trip was no  different. Every moment I had free, I walked, rode the metro, or explored because I love traveling and having new experiences.

Similar to LA's Downtown, Dallas streets were rather empty of people walking around, but I never felt unsafe. I only wish I had more time since there's a few museums and art galleries I would have liked to see.

But that's for another trip. Enjoy my visual essay. I will write up the Social Media Optimization Summits Conference next because I took notes and want to share now that I finally have the time.

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Bye Dallas. I may be back!:)