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#Hermosa Beach Patch Resident Spotlight on #Dr. Alice Villalobos I wrote is live!

By Joy A. Kennelly

Here's a quick introduction from the Hermosa Beach Patch site itself. You can read the article in its entirety there. This is a new style of writing for me and I'd love to hear your thoughts! Dr. Alice is an amazing woman and it was my personal pleasure to interview her after knowing her as a neighbor for a few years.

I was so impressed after interviewing her and learning more about her contributions to the veterinary world, I nominated her for the first Daily Breeze's Women of Distinction Awards Gala. And guess what? She was selected!

I can't say much more because they're now writing an article on her life I believe and we may not find out until the awards banquet on November 4, 2010 what she's been awarded or nominated for exactly; but I can say I'm thrilled she will receive recognition in her own South Bay community because she absolutely deserves it.

What an inspiring woman! On so many levels.

Well, enough of me blabbing about Dr. Alice Villalobos. Here's an excerpt from my Resident Profile article on her to entice you to read the full article on Hermosa Beach Patch - lots of fun pictures I shot too.:)

Resident Spotlight: Dr. Alice

The world-renowned veterinary oncologist behind a measurement chart for owners of pets with cancer finds herself most at peace during downtime in Hermosa Beach.

"When I've mentioned Dr. Alice's name at dinner parties with other animal lovers, everyone has heard of her," said Rolling Hills Estates-based Equestrian Designery owner Diane Barber, who was mentioned in Villalobos' book "Canines and Felines - Geriatric Oncology: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond" after her geriatric chocolate Labrador was put down.

Click here: Resident Spotlight: Dr. Alice for the rest of the article. Don't forget to leave a comment! She's reading them and would love to hear from you...

Me too!:)

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