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Social Media Optimization Summits, The Joule review & update Part 1 #OptSum

By Joy A. Kennelly

It's taken me a bit to process my speaking experience at the Social Media Optimization Summits, catch up on work, and take a break from attending the various Social Media Week seminars I'm attending to write this long-promised blog wrap-up.

First, Social Media Optimization Summits in Dallas, TX. I was very fortunate to be treated to a very luxurious hotel experience at The Joule upon arrival. I told my Facebook friends I felt like I was staying at my rich boyfriend's bachelor pad it was so well-appointed.

Here's a few pix to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

My favorite amenity - a jacuzzi! Needless to say, took advantage of it as soon as I arrived.

There's a bunch more which I'll share later, but wanted to give you a peek early.:) Nice, eh? This is how I roll. LOL

I didn't get much sleep that night and woke up at 4am (CA time) to dash off to hear Keynote Speaker, Brian Solis speak on the Conversation Prism. He definitely is worth the big bucks because of the depth and breadth of his knowledge.

Here's some quick pix I grabbed during his talk to show you what I'm talking about:


Brian said, "Executives don’t care about transparency & authenticity – money & bottom line is their question." 1. How much? 2. What is the opportunity cost? 3. How does this perform? 4. How do we benefit? 5. What’s the ROI? 6. Who’s going to lead this and who will support them?

 7 steps (missed one - ask him.:)

1. Who – brand personality, it’s mission & purpose 2. What -3. When  4. Where  5. Why 6. To what extent

If you want to take a Social Media Audit, according to Brian you need to consider the following:

Volume, frequency, sentiment, share of voice, questions, concerns, challenges, options

What value are you providing? What conversations deal with your brand?

He researchs this information for corporations using numerous analytical tools on a 30 day period: Share of Voice, Share of Conversation, Conversations Requiring Response, Sentiment, Potential Impression/Reach, Looming Crises/Opportunities, Recurring Themes – for brand, product 30 day analysis

 1.     Once he's done that he determines keywords and searches each network using these parameters. Now do you see why I say he's deep and wide?:)

  1. Document the frequency of conversations in each network
  2. Document the frequency of competitive conversations in each network – establish the benchmark
  3. Document the number of appearances of your brand and competitor’s  brand in the overall landscape
  4. Establish a share of voice and share of conversation benchmark – You vs. competition vs. conversation
  5. Log sentiment: positive, neutral, negative – document recurring themes and notable commentary (Most of the time neutral. Important to move from neutral to positive. Q & A.)
  6. Determine potential impressions compared to existing referrals & traffic (Blog measurement –
  7. Assess missed opportunities and potential crises. More than you imagine.
  8. Organize conversations by departments who should responded. Participation is marketing.

There's a bunch more information he presented, but you should have attended the OptSum conference, or hire Brian.

Just saying...:)

I was too distracted dealing with a business situation back home, fighting lack of sleep and mentally preparing for my talk that I didn't attend many other seminars that day.

My presentation: Beyond Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin: Introducing, Combining and Leveraging New Opportunities to Boost Your Brand was well-received which was gratifying.

Watching everyone else's presentations the next day gave me some great insights into how I can build on my power-point presentation to increase value. Always improving!:)

Here's a shot I took of the crowd to show how easy it is to instantaneously upload information to Posterous, my other The Joy Writer blog site.

Opt Sum 

I had this picture taken the next day because it had the logo of the seminar and it's a better angle.:)

Here's a few other pix from that day, but sorry, didn't take many notes.

This is Jason Falls giving an in-depth workshop on how to SEO your corporate blog. Lots of hands-on action in this conference! Jennifer Kane (below) was really dynamic!

I have to run, but I'll share more later.


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