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My Past Event Producing Experience in the Entertainment Industry

By Joy A. Kennelly

Recently, I had the good fortune of re-connecting with a couple of good friends I haven't seen in many years who I knew through my short film festival, SPIFF. (If you click the link you can read about the first one I produced.)

Here, in short, is how it grew from a two-day screening at Sony Pictures Imageworks into an internationally recognized film festival. Because some of you don't know this side of me...


Hollywood, CA       1996 – 2001

I was the Founder/Producer. As such, I did the following with my wonderful volunteers:

Pioneered, produced and publicized (internationally & regionally) 4 successful annual film festivals and 16 supporting events in LA. 

Oversaw staff, filmmakers, judges, budgets, celebrities, festival programming, vendor negotiations, copywriters, publicist & on-site.

Scouted and selected films, talent, theatres and venues. You can read about some of the unique Los Angeles venues where I held SPIFF and other events in my past event producing promo here: Download Jkpresskit07.6-1

Branded festival name and image (SPIFF) world-wide including Mexico, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Northern Ireland and in Hollywood; HBO, MTV and others scouted & procured SPIFF films.

Secured high-level product placement & sponsorship: Lee Apparel, The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Apple Computers, Saturn, The Omni Hotel, World Café, Eastman Kodak, Crest National, and others with my volunteer team.

Notable Participants included: Actor Forest Whittaker

and SPIFF Honoree, Actor Eriq LaSalle;  Director Jason Reitman (UP IN THE AIR, JUNO, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING,)

and Randal Kleiser (GREASE, BLUE LAGOON), Comedy Director/Writer /Producer and Stop-Motion Animator Corky Quakenbush;

UPN's former Senior Vice President of Comedy and current NBC VP of Talent Development, Kelly Edwards; Entertainment/Law Attorney Jonathan Handel, and Bill O'Reilly (before he was The O'Reilly Factor), among others.

I still stay in touch with some of these people, but need to get back in touch with some others.:) Was remembering some good times and thought you'd appreciate this peek into my background. After SPIFF I went on to produce an online film festival for Penton Media during the height of the dot.com craze and made a bunch of money before pursuing another career.

Might have to start event producing again real soon.

SBE boys can't have all the fun in Hollywood, now can they?:)


Ana Vick

I agree! They can't have all the fun. You should do another event soon & I can help ;) Hope to get together again soon, been too long!

Joy Kennelly

Definitely Ana. You have skills that complement mine and I think we'd be a power house team.

Talk soon!

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