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#Manhattan Beach UP Movie on the beach

Beverly Hills did #Fashion Night Out right!

By Joy A. Kennelly

This was the first (and last) time I go somewhere without some type of camera. It was killing me all night long!

There were so many great fashions & people watching and art to share! Now you'll just have to read about it instead.

The fashionistas were out in full on Melrose Ave for the Marc Jacobs stores; Diane Von Furstenberg had amazing dresses.

Of course.

Have to admit, watching a size zero woman try on one of my favorite dresses in the store and complain she didn't like how it looked when she was stunning wearing it reminded me why I avoid being friends with neurotic, anorexic women!:)

Enjoyed visiting my favorite stationary store, Soolip, which has the most amazing hand-crafted wrapping paper and gift items curated (there's no other for it since many look like art) by the wonderful owner, Wanda Wen, who I met attending the Lexus event in Beverly Hills awhile back courtesy my friend Elizabeth.

Turns out Wanda's recently written a book entitled, The Art of Gift Wrapping, published by Random House, runs an annual A Soolip Wedding (high-end bridal show), and is writing another book!

Such a talented lady. We had a delightful chat and may work together if all goes well.

Also enjoyed visiting her neighboring store, The Clothespin, run by the designer, a former model in the 70's. I looked at her and said you look familiar.

She said, Well, I'm a celebrity, I should.:) She's been covered in the LA Times and on numerous TV shows. It was a lot of fun chatting with her. Beautiful vintage fabrics, dresses, and other hand-crafted items.

Now the show stopper of the night was Beverly Hills though! It just says something when they close down Rodeo Drive in both directions and put such a great big Ferris wheel in the center of the street.

It says, there's a party here and you're all invited!

We ran to Tiffany's first which was stunning. Delightful baubles, ok yellow diamonds if you really must know.:)

Gorgeous diamond rings, many of which have been on vision boards I've created in the past.

It was also fun to pop in and out of all the haute couture stores too.

We enjoyed Harry Winston's, Roberto Cavalli, and many more.

Walking by the Luxe Rodeo Boutique Hotel reminded me of the many exclusive events I've attended on-site during past Oscar seasons, and also two wonderful events I threw there with friends.

Fun, fun, fun memories!

I love Beverly Hills because you never know who you might run into. Tonight was no exception.

Larry King and his wife were patiently taking pictures with adoring fans while they waited for the light to change.

A little farther down the street Kelly Osbourne was in a group of people being photographed by paparazzi.

The streets were teeming with all kinds of people and it was a lot of fun.

As I told my good friends, Melinda Augustina and Mary, who brought me there, "Fashion makes me happy."

And that's all she wrote. Happy Friday! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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