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#Social Media Optimization Summits with Social Media Experts, #Joy Kennelly, #Brian Solis, #Mack Collier, #Jason Falls and more

  September 16 -17, 2010, Dallas, TX

“See it. Hear it. Do it.”

Are you ready to put social media to work successfully in your organization? Join over 900 forward-thinking professionals and business owners who are rolling up their sleeves to get social media working for them. Over 34 hands-on, in-depth workshops will be taught by Top National Social Media Experts like Brian Solis, Mack Collier, Jason Falls, Joy Kennelly, and many more. Walk away with all the critical, new Internet marketing and communication skills and strategies necessary to apply the power of social media to your business immediately!

Bring your laptop to each session and experience hands-on demonstrations and interaction with all our instructors as they share step-by-step exercises and real-world case studies. You will learn key concepts on integrating social media, online public relations, website design and function, search engine optimization, email, mobile and video marketing, and more. Everything you need to know to survive thrive in today’s business environment!

      Social Media Optimization Summits is only $400 per person because you are a VIP of Joy A. Kennelly!

Visit www.OptimizationSummits.com to find out more about the event.  

Sign up via Joy's VIP Registration Page to receive your discount!

                  J_Kennelly_1085 new_1

You’re aware of (and probably use) many of the new media opportunities out there to promote your message and brand; but did you know that there are literally hundreds more platforms out there that could be highly effective for your particular business and promotional efforts?  Imagine how much more effective your marketing could be just by using a few more of the opportunities out there; then envision the entirely new dimensions of success you could achieve by leveraging them together toward an exponentially supercharged result!  Attend this session and dramatically expand your awareness and knowledge of the online promotional opportunities available today and what they can do for you!

You’ll learn: how to search engine optimize your press releases to make the appear higher in Google rankings; how to promote your efforts using over 100 online calendars and other great online marketing channels; how to coordinate and leverage your efforts across multiple platforms (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, etc.) and gain the biggest possible promotional push and more!

Sign up via Joy's VIP Registration Page to receive your discount (scroll to the bottom.)


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