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Me and my good friend, Ara, enjoying MDR's live music w/ #Frankie Avalon

With all the seniors. LOL "You, send me. Honest you do, you send me." And then there was Venus and Cupid - all the oldies, but goodies.

Why I know this music - don't know. Must be my mom listening to it while I was growing up, or watching old black & white Gidget movies when I was home sick from school. LOL

James Darren's still got it. Love me some jazz every so often. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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Stumbled upon #Molly Ringwald's book signing

Getting The Pretty Back - she was at Casa Del Mar, my other favorite Santa Monica hotel. This is what I love about LA. One moment I'm dancing to Bollywood music with friends on the pier with tons of other enthusiastic music lovers, the next I've stumbled upon a fun celebrity sighting.

I should have a show and just take people with me wherever I go because something fun always happens spontaneously! I'm the walking paparazzi whose nice to stars. LOL Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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704 Strand - my childhood home

Only it didn't look like this growing up! It's the one in the middle.

One of our neighbors used to have a cannon they would fire off into the sand from the roof. Good times. Good times. :)

We sold that place and very soon after it burnt to the ground in a freak electrical storm where lightning struck.

That's why it doesn't look like the humble abode I once knew. I will always remember sleeping in the living room one time watching the moon on the ocean. We all were water babies and grew up swimming in the ocean. I love Manhattan Beach. Clean water, nice people, quaint shopping and beautiful surroundings.

Resting before check-out which should be crazy. Of course, right when the sun comes out. I may just have to take a swim before hitting the after-party.:)

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#Trans Am Champion, Tomy Drissi, is a Mentor today!

"Great being here, as usual Wells Fargo is doing something good for children, and I wanted to help my buddy, Mark Wilhelm," says Tomy. "I grew up an inner-city kid in the Crenshaw district and it's really great to be able to come back & help out as much as I can."

The latest movie sponsor on their car, "Wall Street - Money never sleeps" opens 9/24 world-wide only in theaters.

Mark, the Wells Fargo rep, is a Board Member of PS I Love You and they are one of the largest sponsors of charities in the community. The kids are eating this up! I can't take close-ups of the kids for their privacy. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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#PS I Love You - Beach blanket bingo

Not really, but this is really wonderful to see. We've taken over about a mile of the coast and kids are having a great time swimming, playing soccer, doing face painting, flying kites, having mini days of beauty, getting massages, eating lots of pizza and snacks, playing all kinds of games and just relaxing. So fun. It's funny. Almost all females volunteering, while guys play volleyball at a different event. Manhattan Beach is packed with activity even though it's rather overcast.

Having a great time! Wish you volunteered too!:) Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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Check out what Beso offers today! A kiss of fashion, interior design & beauty for everyone.

By Joy A. Kennelly

Just found this fun shopping site called Beso with all kinds of beauty, home design and fashion for all my stylist, fashionista, metrosexual, & PR friends who enjoy shopping online, or are always looking for the latest thing.

This is especially great for all my celebrity friends and acquaintances who want to have the typical shopping experience without the fans. (Like I have personal celebrity friends with that high a profile, but it sounded good didn't it? LOL) That said, if you happen to have an annoying Hispanic who hovers around like I do occasionally, you can also shop unencumbered while comparing multiple stores all at once.

Love it!

Now, I'm not a big online shopper because I like to try things on first and often shop to get out of the house and AWAY from the computer. That said, I know a lot of people who love online shopping. And the way they talk about it makes me want to try it now.

Plus, now that I see there are home furnishings and bath products available too...:)

Here's a few online shopping tips based on my shopaholic friend's advice to me.

1. Make sure you check each company's return policy.

2. See how quickly they ship and compare shipping fees. Some offer free shipping and returns too.

3. See if there are any special discounts for shopping regularly. You may want to ask because sometimes these discounts are hard to find, but are offered.

4. Check out where your friends are shopping online and see if they're happy with the selection, price and customer service.

5. Keep checking on the item you like because there might be a sale if you wait long enough (and your size isn't common.)

6. Lastly, if you receive a credit on an item you've returned, keep track because the company may miss it in the future and you'll lose money if you're not staying on top of this.

Not to out anyone, but I know a friend who almost daily ordered from her favorite online company without a hitch until recently. She is a true fashionista and has spent hundreds of dollars feeding her passion. It didn't hurt she found a site where everything is extremely cute and also extremely inexpensive.

Well, this one time she ordered three pairs of shoes from there and only received two. The company balked at replacing the missing pair at first, but her persistence has paid off and she received the missing pair soon after. (This was not a Beso shopping site by the way.:)

Needless to say, now she'll be back to shopping there daily again now that she's a happy camper. She said out of the multiple orders she's placed this was the first time something like this had ever happened which is a good ratio.

Remember, the customer is always right and if they don't understand that, shop elsewhere.:)

That's the beauty of Beso. If you don't like one company, you can always find another that you do immediately. And the variety and price comparison is amazing. At least to me since I don't normally shop online.

Here's a sample of just some of the brands available through this site (note: there are men and women's fashions offered - I'm just selecting the images I happen to like and think my friends might like too.:):

Sunglasses Marc Jacobs

Mens' v-neck

James Perse 

Steve madden sandals

Steve Madden

Thigh high boots

Christian Louboutin

White dress
Diane von Furstenberg

Dolman sleeve top
C & C California

Bathing suit
Dolce Vita

Pink bag
Kate Spade

Juicy Couture Pave Heart Headband Juicy Couture

Logger shoe

Cute guy Ralph Lauren


J Brand

Flannel shirt

Ben Sherman


William Sonoma

Bedroom set

Bedroom Sets





Jewelry and Watches.

Nail polish
Beauty products

Trust me, if you want it, it's here. I better get back to my other stuff now although this has been fun sharing my wish list with you. Do you think they sell the male models too? :) Everything has its price...

Check it out and let me know what you think. And to all my retailer friends like Klean Spa, they may consider showcasing your online store here if you have an interest, but I don't know for sure. It never hurts to look into though, right? Think of the exposure!:)

Happy Shopping!