#Hermosa Beach vs. #Venice Beach - A (cautionary) Tale of Two Cities 1st Friday and First Thursday events
#AYSO Soccer - growing up playing soccer in light of the #World Cup Games

#Food Trucks may be good for business in #Hermosa Beach First Thursday - counterpoint

By Joy A. Kennelly

After taking a long walk tonight I realized there is another marketing viewpoint to consider on whether or not food trucks should be allowed to camp out during the Hermosa Beach First Thursday event that I hadn't thought of earlier.

Not that it's going to happen, or has even happened, but I'm projecting ahead because it will most likely become an issue in the future if certain truck vendors have their way.:)

Part of the benefit of having so many food trucks participating in Abbot Kinney 1st Friday is the fact they most likely promote their location to their demographics which increases attendance for free to Venice shop owners.

It also provides a draw for foodies who might have tried all the Venice restaurants and wouldn't have come out otherwise. They also provide an inexpensive alternative to some of the higher end restaurant/bars.

That said, when we were there all the bars/restaurants had lines out the door they were so popular too. There was definitely a mutually beneficial relationship going on between the food trucks and the bars/restaurants.

I also noticed quite a few shops were closed during 1st Friday and this was explained because  many didn't find a benefit in the event any more. Many shop owners have expressed that same sentiment during the annual Fiesta Day event in Hermosa, but perhaps this year was different?

I don't know - ask the Hermosa and Venice shop keepers yourself.:)

And for those who are visual, click here to begin to review all my pix from our experience this past 1st Friday: Fiore Designs - I'm in a flower kind of mood & this smells great.


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Hermosa Beach is a wonderful and vibrant place to live and work.

Joy Kennelly

Not to be picky, but if that is true, why does your name indicate orthodontist Manhattan Beach? Do you have an office in Hermosa? Or just trying to show support?:) Thanks for reading...

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