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#C3 VisionLab #SOA 2010 - State of the Arts Symposium was brilliant!

Absolutely hated to leave and miss the final panel on Trans-Cultural Creation: The Global Landscape of Arts & Media, but my good friend, Patti's birthday party is calling my name.

I love LA Center Studios and have known the guys who run it since it opened. You have to go check it out if you never have - it's an amazing complex and home to many creative endeavors & film projects! Gotta run! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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Conscious Creativity & Creative Activism @ #In #C3:VisionLAB

Moderator, Kathy Eldon, pres & founder Creative Visions Fdn.


Tom Shadyac, producer/director, Ace Ventura, Liar, Liar, Patch Adams, Bruce Almighty - he's hilarious!

I heard him speak before when Bruce Almighty came out.

He says we've commodized art and realized his hypocrisy riding the Hollywood wave. He's now walking his talk in avery rich way now according to Kathy Eldon.


Ken Kragen - this is the We are the World & Hands Across America producer who got his start managing The Limelighters (sp?) and Harry Chapin.

"When in doubt, do something." Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin got Carter to sign a bill dealing with homeless. He was always talking about the plight of the homeless and the media didn't want to reveal it back then.

"It's easier to accomplish the impossible than the ordinary." Ken Kragen

Ken managed all kinds of amazing musicians and pulled them altogether for We Are The World in 3 days.

Read his book if you want to learn the amazing backstory and brilliant marketing concepts.

Kathe Eldon calls her panelists and everyone who takes a stand creatively - creative activist!

Jill Gurr, Create Now, script supervisor for 18 years, wrote scripts and wanted to give back after traveling all over the world in this life career.

LA is the gang capital of the year, we have the highest incarceration rate, we have the highest homeless and runaways according to Jill.

The arts give these traumatized children a safe place to express their emotions and help them which Jill has dedicated her life to for the past 14 years.

Create Now is an amazing charity! Check them out! They match volunteers with kids 2 - 25, help you develop your curriculum, and create community peace projects - peace murals.

Great place to find kids to help. Her group was 1 of 4 chosen to create a global interchange of the arts! Amazing woman!

Marc Scarpa, Director/Exec Prod, Earthday 40th Anniversary which reached a BILLION people, GRAMMY LIVE! And so much more.

He considers himself a geek from a very young age. He specializes in live, participatory events like the Tibetan Freedom Festivals '96, '97, '98.

Mainstream media wasn't covering these and he produced this as the first largest online broadcast event which was on dial up!

He said this allowed non-profits to get their message out & engage an audience in remote locations around the world.

Sandra de Castro Buffington, Dirctor of Hollywood, Health & Society at USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center

Grew up bi-cultural between the states and Brazil and very remote areas. She was very traumatized by viewing 4 revolutions, but also had a fascination with the simplicity of these lives too.

She got into entertainment to incorporate health into their lives around the world. She works with Hollywood writers to make their health stories accurate by providing access to health experts and offering panels of people telling stories about health issues.

She says 2/3 of people learn something of health from TV and she says accuracy is imperative.

Adrian Sexton, co-founder & CEO at New Medici and Past Exec, VP Digital, Participant Media

He worked on "Monster's Ball", "Crash", "Standard Operating Procedure" and "An Inconvenient Truth."

He's discussing the need to channel free thinking. Tying media to an action. "How do you become a millionaire in Hollywood? Enter as a billionaire." This drew big laughs.

You have to find the way to get people involved to make it viral and matter to people. How can we sustain this beyond? He doesn't think we'll go to theaters in ten years and DVD s will be non-existent.

Brilliant panel!

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#The Prayer sculpture by Rebecca Setareh

There's a whole interactive exhibit upstairs and also fine art. The Dome is outside and happens at 6pm & 8pm.

I got my feet wet in this world working for Sony Pictures Imageworks years back and I love seeing how its continued to evolve.

My computer geek friends really are artists in their own realm. This is a very cool, "progressive" and "futuristic" conference intersecting science with art with story telling!

Love it! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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#Immersive Media, Art & Entertainment panel @ C3 Amazing panel line-up! #in #C3

Brilliant futurist thinking. Love that there are more women on this panel too! Go females!

Now, all we need are more minorities and this will really be a well-rounded discussion on future creativity. I know, how many minorities are really in power though? And why is that?
Hollywood - you consider yourself liberal and open-minded - reflect it then. Stop excluding diverse voices because we are a community of all kinds of people - not just white males. OK?

Now I'll get off my soapbox & back to the conference.

Panelists include:

Charlotte Huggins, Producer, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Wild Safari 3D - Board Member of PGA New Media Council too. They're capturing everything in 3D for Journey film.

She's doing a 3D movie with Blue Man Group, a war film, and she feels eventually everything will be interscopic.

Brian Selzer, Ogmento (Augmented Reality) one of the first companies to be VC funded.

He's created games, films and did Super Dudes. He believes games are a motivational tool. He managed all of Marvel's mobile business.

Augmented is a mixed reality experience. Hold up Iphone to the world to have whatever the computer sees lay over it. GPS coordinates tell you what you're looking at and you could interact with an avatar.

He thinks it's going to get crazy fast with people wearing googles all the time (I'm paraphrasing - bear with me - cutting edge concepts!)

Evonne Heyning, COO, Amoration, Consultant, "Second Life" she focuses on sharing whatever is happening now with the whole world - streaming, virtual, pre-vis, etc.

"Metaverse" -she combines all the various online worlds to create a game for over 100 non-profits to draw more volunteers, create a virtual town hall and create a dynamic interaction.

Very cool.

Mary T. Duda, CEO/President of VirtuePlay - she's an acclaimed Multimedia Producer - Disney World's EPCOT Grand Opening.

She is adamant about putting ethics in the virtual world. (This drew applause.) Racing on the moon game - applying true physics and real moon attributes to open children's minds to possibilities while having fun.

Kenji Williams, an award winning filmmaker, music producer, theatrical show director, and classically-trained violinist. Creator of Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) in collaboration with NASA!

Amazing people here today.

Kenji will be performing tonight at the world renowned Bella Gaia Dome Show for SOA 2010 Attendees. He says this expresses how the earth is alive & connect emotionally while immersing yourself in this world.

He tours this program all over the world for a wide, diverse audience.

Last, but not least, Jennifer Oullette, Director, Science & Entertainment Exchange and author of The Calculus Diet. She likes to merge story telling with. science.

Her organization brings together scientists and artists, producers, writers, directors together to create together. Brilliant!

The brain learns in a 3D environment and adding that 3d dimension has been shown to greatly enhance learning ability.

There's science in everything now. It not only enables these technologies, but enhance the story line. War of the Worlds is being studied due to a virus and people's reaction which gave a real world experience that they weren't able to replicate due to human response.

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Arts & Media in the Digital Age panel #C3

Moderator Alexandra Sokol, Co-Director c3:VisionLABtm & Executive Producer


Ben Mendelson, Interactive Television Association

Phil Lelyveld, Consumer 3D Experience Lab, Entertainment Technology Ctr @ USC

Alex Barkaloff, Excec Prod, Lionsgate (Digital)

Lee Helper, Partner BH Impact & Channel Labs Don Levy, SVP Communications Sony Pictures Entertainment (I worked under his direction publicizing "The Ghost and The Darkness" years ago at Sony Pictures Imageworks)

Alison Savitch, President, PGA - New Media Committee (also one of the Founders of Visual Effects Society) She provides "ancillary" markets support and just ratified credits! Michael Kripalani, President, Oceanhouse Media, founder of Presto Studios (Mist3 videogame) Started virtual company, publish all Louise Hayes and Dr Suess projects - adapting books to these new formats. BRILLIANCE!

He's a HUGE fan of the Apple and IPad delivering over 100 aps this year alone. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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Who says LA is a cultural wasteland? Not anyone @ #C3!:)

I just met Ken Kragen, Producer, Creator of "Hands Across America." I read his book years ago and told him I always remembered "the power of 3" when promoting something.

I also see my old Sony Picture Imageworks' boss, Don Levy, is speaking today too. This is a power house of talent & brilliance. I'm so happy to be here! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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#The Evolution of the Arts & Media: Past, Present & Future #C3 #in

Moderator, Pamela Smith of Mythworks

Panelists (right to left)

Art Writer/Theorist, Art Center College of Design, M.A. Greenstein

Artist "Fear No Art" Andre Miripolsky

Actor/Director, LeVar Burton (Roots, Star Trek, Reading Rainbow)

Executive Director, Arts for LA, Danielle Brazell

LA Opera Marketing Director, Jean Oelrich

Oviation TV VP Marketing, Gaynor Strachan - Chun (the only nat'l TV station dedicated to the arts)

This is going to definitely be interesting. Can't wait!

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#Franklin Londin's 3D interactive photography display & me

Franklin Londin is an Academy Award winning computer animator for his work on Titanic and Spiderman2, as well as, a member of the Stereo Club of SoCal.

I don't know what the last thing has to do with this display, but it's very cool 3D images.

If you want this at one of your events, go to Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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#Surfrider Foundation's & #BP Oil Spill update

Found these web sites which detail more what Surfrider is suggesting in response to the BP Oil Spill.

State of the Spill Week 8

Not the Answer

Oil Spill Hits the Gulf Coast: Take Action Now

And what the LA Times thinks about it. I love this one the best:

Obama's speech: There's a pipe spewing a gazillion gobs of oil into the gulf, so let's build more windmills

And the follow up - I tweeted this out too!:)

Comments Blog Because sometimes the comments are the best part

I really don't think a 20 billion slush fund is the best way to handle this tragedy though. None of the grandstanding in today's trial is going to "plug the damn hole." Nor is the fact Obama refused to accept the European countries who had offered to help us to begin with like the Dutch. Why aren't there more experts on the task force?

And what's up with the Coast Guard stopping Governor Bobby Jindal's relief efforts?

Bobby Jindal is my hero. Move over Obama - there's a true leader in charge and he's kicking butt and taking names.

That's all. Yay Lakers!:)

#Surfrider Foundation's reaction to the #BP Oil Spill - worst eco disaster in our history

By Joy A. Kennelly

If you've been reading my blog, or following my philanthropic activities for any length of time, you will know I have supported Surfrider Foundation in numerous ways over the years.

I've held fund-raisers on their behalf, like this one: SBPC's Surfrider Benefit/Tasting Party at The Shore hosted by She's Got the Look Finalist, Melissa Todd

By Joy A. Kennelly


Click here for the entire story.

I've covered and volunteered for their big 25th year anniversary event: 

Surfrider 25th Anniversary Gala raised $150k! Incubus, Pearl Jam & Actor David Chokachi honored

By Joy A. Kennelly

(W)anted to share the wonderful 25th Anniversary Surfrider Foundation fundraiser myself, and two of my friends, Angelique Chacon and Erica Forrette, volunteered for this past Friday evening.

We had the best time! Here's a little photo essay of our time there:10035_151446883599_568603599_2663008_7987744_s

IMG_7825 This is what it looked like when we arrived. There was a "blue" carpet in honor of the occasion.

25th-Anniversary-JPG HI RES

You can click Surfrider 25th Anniversary Gala raised $150k! Incubus, Pearl Jam & Actor David Chokachi honored to read my event coverage of the entire event because it really was amazing.

I've also attended local chapter meetings to learn more about what they're doing to protect the ocean because I love the ocean so much too having grown up on the Strand and in the South Bay. I never joined though because it didn't really jive with how I view ecology and helping people.

However, I am still shocked that their main way of responding to the LARGEST ECO DISASTER IN OUR HISTORY!!!! is to participate in a nation-wide event called Hands Across the Sand to protest off-shore drilling.

Forget the fact that right now most of our oil comes from the Gulf of Mexico, fisherman's lives are devastated by the BP Oil Spill, and volunteers are needed to help clean up the beaches, no, this eco group has decided a passive protest of simply holding hands is the best way to help this situation.

When Eco/Green initiatives supersede saving human lives and our wildlife and the ocean they claim to care about and want to protect, that's when I call this activity stupid, misguided, waste of time, total waste of volunteerism, and a blight on the eco landscape. 

I know it's hugely popular and many people are expected, but I just had to express my devil's advocate opinion because there's so much that all the hand-holding volunteers could actually do to help our ocean rather than stand in a line protesting. Why not protest BP's refusal to accept more help now? Why not write letters or protest Obama's handling of this disaster and demand safety inspections that are actually followed? Why not storm Congress and demand they do something to help our LA wildlife and oceans more? Why not ask that the moratorium be lifted since over 40,000 people's lives are also being devastated? Why not boycott BP gas stations?

Here's a link to a website called Volunteer Louisiana to register as a volunteer when they're ready to have more, or when the volunteers get tired of holding hands and actually want to do something tangible to help right now.

What if every single volunteer donated $10 to support American citizens struggling in the after-math of this horrific oil spill? Here's some guidelines to consider if you decide to go this route:

"Confirm the Need before Collecting

Donors should be wary of anyone who claims that "everything is needed." Many groups have been disappointed that their efforts and the goods they collected were not appreciated. A community hit by a disaster, however, does not have the time, manpower or money to dispose of unneeded donations. Get precise information and confirm the need before collecting any donated goods."

And here's a way to research how you can donate to a reputable organization:

"The National Donations Management Network is a FEMA supported system that is managed by The Aid Matrix Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, with offices in Germany and India. More than 35,000 leading business, nonprofit and government partners leverage our solutions to mobilize more than $1.5 billion in aid annually, worldwide. The donated goods, money and services impact the lives of more than 65 million people. Donations needed in Louisiana by VOAD are listed on Aid Matrix and partners can respond to those needs. ("

And here's information on the organization that was established to help with this:

The Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center (LA BEOC) was activated on April 28, 2010 response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to facilitate offers of assistance to the United States Coast Guard and BP, in the event that their efforts to contain the spill 48 miles off the coast of Louisiana were unsuccessful. The exploration well is located in the Mississippi Canyon Block 252, operated by British Petroleum (BP) and owned by Transocean Ltd.

On April 20, 2010, an explosion occurred on the rig, resulting in the tragic deaths of 11 workers and many more injured who were subsequently rescued at sea. On April 22, 2010, the rig sank into the Gulf of Mexico, leaving a damaged riser spilling an estimated 5,000 barrels of crude oil into the Gulf every day.

This incident has been declared a “spill of national significance” by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (AND ONE OF THE LARGEST ECO DISASTERS OF OUR TIME BY ALL OTHERS!) and a full-scale emergency response plan has been launched by the responsible party – BP – and the U.S. Coast Guard in an effort to contain the oil spill, cap the undersea well, and mitigate the consequences to the gulf coast. Louisiana and other Gulf States stand ready to assist the BP-Coast Guard response efforts when called upon to do so.

For the most current information on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, please visit  or

For the most recent updates on the oil slick projections, please visit here

I'm sure this hand holding event will be wonderful and just another example of the power of the eco peeps, but c'mon! There's so much more you could be doing than simply standing holding hands ACROSS the sand. You could be raising money, helping LA fishermen and their families in some capacity, pressuring BP & President Obama to do more, protecting our wildlife and oceans.

Heavy Sigh. I just don't understand eco people sometimes... CEO Darryl Jung covering #Digital LookBooks - Bootstrapping Branding at #FashionCampLA

By Joy A. Kennelly

Darryl works with small to medium companies and is a true tech geek.:) When he looks at a site he likes to look at their source code. That is total geek and he admits it.

Branding - How It's Being Done

1) Develop a marketing message. Problem is its all over the Internet and it is scattered.

2) Important to blast your message across all social network platforms.

60-80% of web processes fail because of the lack of communication among all the web team involved in building a web site, especially in the corporate world.

Your web team could include a designer - they make it pretty; the developer will make it work; data center - to make it not break.

To short cut the project - have a web designer who can design and develop and then have someone do the backend.

Clashe provides templates to make it easy for someone to create their own web site.

Macala, the Producer of Fashion Camp LA, shared her example of creating a geocampaign for Cynthia Rowley's bridal line to aggegrate all social networks and content on Clashe in a very short time.

DM News, Women's Wear Daily, Coco Perez, and other media outlets ran with the launch event. So much so, there were more media than general attendees at the event.

57% social impact - blog posts, discussion forums, Twitter and videos covering this.

Revenue was created for the manufacturers, designers and others in this single online space which held all the social networks and content (images, blogs, and copy) in one place.

Cynthia, for those who don't know, provides designs across the spectrum and is brilliant. I believe the Actress Renee Zillwegger (sp?) wears her gowns all the time.

This is also great for new brides, designers, stylists, models or retailers to create a one stop site - it's flexible and easy to use.

I like this because it pulls together all your content t might normally be all over the internet if you're non-tech capable allowing you to focus on your brand and marketing.

What's also great is you can also use this content on other sites because it's portable.

They can create a "landing page" to allow you to create email newsletters etc.

Sense of Fashion is a place where you can have your ecommerce store built and then bring that over to

To monitor engagement, you can pay a lot of money for 360, or you can track things on Google and Twitter.

Foursquare led on all Cynthia Rowley strategy to launch a line. Macala & Crosby were able to do this in such a short turn-around quite successfully generating mainstream publicity.

Brilliant marketing by having the retailer, the designer and manufacturer partner to offer discounts and prizes for those who "checked in" via Foursquare.

Macala says you really can't do this alone, partnerships are the way to go in the digital age arena. Right now clashe markets for you and they're working to create a separate domain.

Madison focuses on trade shows and focuses on sales reps which are two great tools for buyers and designers to utilize to find what you need.
Macala is encouraging people to launch lines because the entry level is lower now.

Darryl says clashe distributes content, showcases your work, and gives you the ability to integrate a retail component.

Macala is working closely with Darryl to increase SEO and leverage your web visibility.

You can contact Darryl Jung, the founder, via email @ if you have questions or see more at

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#Fashioning Technology Author, #Syuzi Pakhchyam sharing her talk on code, cloth & culture @ #FashionCampLA

By Joy A. Kennelly

Check out her site "Fashioning Technology" on Ning. She's discussing the interaction of fashion & technology.

She says there's a fabric out there now that comes out of an aresol (sp?) can called Fabrican in liquid form.

Freedom of Creation creates 3D objects and is then printed on 3D printers. You can fabricate anything using this technology and one designer created shoes.

Now she's discussing incorporating technology into clothing to control our digital environments.

Conductive thread and conductive fabric creates washable clothing. Due to it being an open source platform it gives you the ability to create your fabrics to do anything.

Garments might feel and look the same in the future, but behave very differently. Currently, a "climate dress" is able to monitor the climate levels and will flicker when the carbon monoxide levels are too high.

I bet Al Gore created that too. LOL

Walking City by Ying Gao is a great example of this if you care to Google it.

When I was speaking to Syuzi earlier she says music stars like GaGa and Rhianna have used this technology in their stage appearances, but its primarily to make their clothes light up.

Or, remember the Tweetdress? Imogene Heap wore this dress to the Grammys and her collar displayed everyone's tweets.

But that's not really the best example because it was simply an add-on, not incorporated into the fabric.

NikePlus is a great example. My 73 year old mom actually bought a pair because she's our GadgetGrandma.:) She understands computers better than I do in some ways!

This shoe has the ability to track your runs, allows you to compete virtually with other runners, and all kinds of other statistical information taken from a chip that is inserted into the sole of your shoe.

Look it up. You will find it fascinating if you haven't seen it before.

When I was in college this concept was being discussed and its fun to see real world examples today.

"Future of fashion is an opportunity to create new relationships and experiences - with each other, our physical environments & material worlds."

You can learn more on her web site at
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#Crosby Noricks of speaking on #6 Digital Fashion PR Trends was excellent! #FashionCampLA

By Joy A. Kennelly

Crosby's created an online fashion trend magazine called PRCouture which explains the trends, insights and tools of fashion.

6 Digital Fashion PR Trends

It's crucial now to understand all the places you have to market yourself.

Brands as publisher

Retailers are becoming publishers and publishers are incorporating retail shopping.

H & M and Forever 21 are good examples as is Lucky Brand. They're all making an interactive concept beyond the blog.

The blog is key and retailers are inviting fashion bloggers to blog on their brands. Ex eat, sleep, denim

What I Wore did guest blogging to launch Loft and re-blog is reaching out to other sites.

This is fabulous for bloggers and companies. She says there's a huge pool of fashion bloggers, myself included, who would love to write and extend the value of the post across numerous online networks.

Shop is a great example.

The New Professional

Brands are using Look Book to create contests to develop new ads, in-store experiences, and using bloggers as fashion models wearing their clothes.

(She's speaking so fast please excuse any miscommunication, she's great!)

Style bloggers were having their images used by brands and there was no opt and the only ones who benefited were the brand, not the bloggers since there was no link back to the original blog content.

The blog is key and retailers are inviting fashion bloggers to blog on their brands. Ex eat, sleep, denim

What I Wore did guest blogging to launch Loft and re-blog is reaching out to other sites.

This is fabulous for bloggers and companies. She says there's a huge pool of fashion bloggers, myself included, who would love to write and extend the value of the post across numerous online networks.

Shop is a great example.

Experience drives relationships
Fashion Bloggers are now looking for unique experiences to create loyalty and stories about your product.

So true! I hate receiving a press release and images from a publicist asking me to write for free because as a marketing professional I have a lot of added value that the average blogger doesn't and blogging takes a long time to accurately offer high SEO and proper info.

Social shopping

Crosby's talking about incorporating bloggers and others into extending your brand and reaching out to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc

This creates real-time marketing like what Levi's did. People appreciate why brands are good for them, and that's why brands are incorporating how your friends like the styles, creating live chats to help someone make an educated decision, and incorporating Facebook "like" button to drive traffic to the brand.

Providing opportunities for the consumer to interact with your brand and then you plan your products according to what customers actually want.

Twig, launching soon, which will feed to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Local vs global

Brands are negotiating the balance between global message compared to local strategic outreach.

Gap has created a special section in their site that's focused on an area. Beauty brands are doing it too, like Lush, to make it more relevant and keep the experience of value.

Interesting concept. Check out GapCanadaPR - some brands are cross-promoting across global and local outreaches to keep the viability of the brand and make content pertinent.

The fashion film
Now this I get. She says many are creating short fashion films to tell a story about the brand. I've seen this at numerous events and Crosby saw it at the LaJolla Fim Fest.

She considers it a beautiful and powerful way to showcase the fashion and tell the vision of the brand.

I believe BMW does this already. Crosby says the films she saw were 3-8 minutes in length and some were about the definition of the brand, some were how the filmmaker used the designer, and some were abstract or experimental, or simply a story in time.

This is a brilliant way to create a viral tool. That's what a recent designer (Dolce Gabana I believe) did with models playing a soccer game wearing the designs that my Stylist friend, Alejandro Pereza, styled.
Very cool.

Crosby thinks the breakdown of the wall between designers/brands and real people creates the opportunity for how things are actually worn by people. Showing real content out of the showroom and having it seen in the real world.

Crosby has a great section on her site called, Show Me the Pretty, where people can ask questions that are circulated to 25 PR professionals for their perspective.

I think she's brilliant and highly suggest checking out So glad I came today!

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#Zugara CEO Matt Szymczyk - #Augmented Reality talk #FashionCampLA

Augmented Reality is the real world augmented by computer data. Not Virtual Reality or 2nd Life.

AR is the future of how we will interact with info - IronMan2 is a good example.

It skyrocketed first two quarters alone - over-saturation now, people using it as a utility.

Works across all marketing channels. Muscle Milk with Shaq is an example of AR packaging in a webcam experience.

All you need is a computer and a regular web cam. It activates the animation. Sometimes just an image will do it.

AR downloads are a barrier for consumers.

Online - largest reach, adoption of video chat & flash-based AR

Kiosk -based AR growing
Limited scale/reach, but exploding because of the highest tech capabilities. Especially in events.

Mobile - limited, but growing in the future.

AR doesn't work for every brand or product. Esquire is an example of how it didn't work -
Not interactive.

USPS is actually a good example of using AR. Google it to see a step-by-step example.

OOH - PSA in Amsterdam is another example Matt used. I love Europe. They're always cutting edge.

POP - Lego's Kiosks is Matt's favorite example. So easy a child can do it. They hold up the toy box and the code creates an animation of what the toy looks like fully assembled.

Ray-Ban is a fun example for fashion. Tissot leveraged their online execution for a window display. Passersby were given interactive bracelets to hold up to the window display to see what the virtual watch would look like.

Adidas' shoes is very cool too. Imagine the Apple computer ad with Fergie to get an idea or Google it.

London Fashion Week did it too. Rather odd to be honest. But hey, that's fashion right?:)

Now they're making clothing interactive with AR. Very cool video. I'll try to share it later.

Matt has created a web cam social shopper. Shopping is a social, community-oriented experience vs. Online shopping which is very unemotional and solo.

45% online consumers abandon their shopping carts, 20% return rate and more negative aspects.

Matt has created a very cool application which creates an interactive experience of trying clothes on virtually.

I had heard of this years ago at a law/tech conference at UCLA and always wondered when it was going to happen.

You are literally trying on clothes virtually which you can share online on Facebook for feedback from your friends thus creating a social experience to overcome the barrier.

I would totally use this because I always want my friend's opinions and often text them images of what I'm considering buying for their feedback. I also already post to FB when I'm shopping. Very cool.

ZugStar combines AR with video conferencing - works with any broadband. I could definitely see Stylists using this for clients when they're traveling or attending fashion shows their clients aren't attending.

Matt says the next big thing is seeing full-motion body tracking with an avg web cam and you will be able to interact fully.

Mobile will fix hardware, processing power issues, issues accessing API's. Connected TVs will become a powerful medium.

This I'm curious to see because I heard a CAA agent predict this over ten years ago. I think it's close, but will take time to teach people how to use it since some people don't even know how to use simple social media platforms.

However, fashion stylists will be able to embrace this very quickly for clients and that's very interesting. Fashion is ahead of the curve in many ways.

Potential legal issues are the privacy issues, but chat is opt-in and between people you know. Matt believes this whole experience is about three years out although he's doing it now with certain clients.

Clothes are tried on in 2D, but there's work to make it a 3D actual trying on of clothes, vs just holding them up to you. Matt says you'll not be able to replicate texture, but it's good for color and style.

This presentation will be available on Slide Share.

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