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Iron Man 2 rocks!

By Joy Kennelly

I've never watched any of these type films before, but am hooked now! Totally loved this film and can't wait for the next one.

Now that's Big Hollywood filmmaking. I loved all the visual effects having worked for Sony Pictures Imageworks back in the day. This was an awesome film! I know, calm down, but you gotta realize it was a total rush and I'm still on it. I loved seeing Scarlett kick butt and Robert Downey Jr was brilliant as usual. He's one of my favorite actors. I generally try to see anything he's in because I know I'll leave satisfied and like I got my money's worth.:) Today was no exception. Sexy, strong, smart, yet vulnerable, guys are a huge turn-on. But I digress.

The only character which was hard for me was Sam Rockwell's. He reminded me of Tom Hanks partner in Bosom Buddies. I missed his style from that Gong movie he was in. Musta been the glasses which tweaked it for me.

Remember that film? It was excellent. Always wondered if it was real or not. You too?

Jon Favreau is a brilliant Director and it was fun to watch him on-screen too. Especially when he kept trying to kill Mickey Rourke.

Mickey was amazing. I've never seen any of his films and must now go rent his previous work.
He kinda reminded me of my former actor client a bit too.

Gwyneth's role was predictable, but fun to watch as boss woman. Although this rang a little false, but hey, what do you expect?

This is big Hollywood over-the-top filmmaking after all.

Oh, and don't leave before the end of the credits roll. (I never do anyway, but for those of you who do...) You'll be glad you waited. The entire audience gasped and cheered at the end of my screening. LOVED IT!!! Total escapism and just what the doctor ordered (if a doctor would order escaping your own reality. Lol)

Enjoy your weekend! I am.
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